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Yay requests are open!! Okay so what if MC felt really sweet one day and decided to cook for RFA+ V and Saeran. But... there's a catch. She is REALLY bad at cooking. Like, horrible. And she just didn't know it. How would everyone react to the food? Who would let her down easy and who would just be really freaking blunt? Haha, hopefully I got this in on time. Thought this would be cute and funny. Thank you!! ❤❤❤ Love your writing~

It took a while for me to answer, but it’s finally here, as I promised, honey!

Hope this is what you wanted! ^^

RFA + Saeran and V with a MC who’s terrible at cooking


  • Look, he never, ever tasted brick before, but he’s pretty sure that’s the taste of it as he chews this… what is he chewing?
  • Okay, Zenny, time to show what a great acting is all about. If he can make it here, he can make it anywhere.
  • As he eats this, he wonders how such an adorable person like you can be responsible for something like this… please, somebody tell him what is this.
  • And seeing such a beautiful and pride smile coming from you, all he can do is swallow and smile… PAINFULLY!
  • “Oh Zenny, did you like it? Can I serve you some more?” “Sure, babe, let me just grab a beer first, I think this… meal goes great with beer.”
  • Beer, whisky, vodka… anything with alcohol enough to make him bear this until you reward him with the most adorable smile he has ever seen.


  • Okay, let’s gather around to watch the moment Yoosung finally feels confident about his cooking skills
  • Because maybe he isn’t that good, but YOU… you are in a completely different level!
  • Remember his omurice with a distorted face? He can’t even tell what you tried to draw with the ketchup.
  • “I loved the ketchup horse, MC.” “It’s a star!” Oh… “Because you’re a shooting star, right?” Ohhhh shit, you’re just too adorable.
  • Okay, guess he’ll have to teach you a thing or two about cooking.
  • If… he survives after he eats this. #prayforyoosungkim


  • Oh Jesus… why are you doing this to her?
  • You can’t just smile so sweetly and put something that she assumes it was supposed to be a cake in front of her
  • She appreciates the effort, but… it’s bad, it’s just… really bad.
  • “So, do you think the taste of coffee is too strong on this?” “You can barely feel it.” It’s not a lie, this doesn’t taste like coffee, it tastes like… all of her fears coming to haunt her.
  • Well, there’s a reason why you don’t handle the baking in the cafe.
  • As a cooker, you’re a great barista. Let’s keep it like this for now, okay?


  • This man has a personal chef for every meal he ever tasted in his life, he doesn’t know what is bad food
  • So he doesn’t realize this is bad, he thinks this is… exotic, peculiar, a commoner’s thing he needs to learn how to appreciate it.
  • But… HE. CAN’T! You told him this was a desert, but it doesn’t taste sweet at all!
  • “Jumin, I think I made a mistake…” “I don’t see how this is possible, but how come, darling?” “I think I used cat food in this, that’s why it’s blue.” He… doesn’t see the connection, but at least he got an explanation for the taste.
  • And… it happens that is the perfect excuse. “I see… so let’s give it to Elizabeth the 3rd, I’m sure she’ll like it.” He’s not lying, he’s pretty sure this will suit her taste.
  • CALL. THE. VET! She looks nauseous just with the smell of it.


  • As he chews this and forces himself to swallow, something clicks inside his mind: he has the perfect weapon in his hands.
  • Your killer (figuratively) adorable smile + your killer (maybe literally) cooking skills = the most epic pranks ever.
  • “This is amazing, MC! Hey, why don’t you do a portion of that for Jumin, Yoosung and Zen, huh?”
  • And he is delighting himself as none of these guys has balls to tell you this is awful because your smile is too cute and nobody wants to hurt your feelings.
  • “That was fun, MC. But I have to be honest, you… are not that good at cooking.” He’s waiting for a shocked expression, but instead he gains a smirk “I know.”
  • Scared? Feeling like an idiot? No, he’s proud… the student has become the master in pranks.


  • He looks at the plate and is all like… shiiiit this woman is into some gory stuff, huh? That’s why I love her.
  • But as he eats it, he’s starting to think maybe you hate him, why are you trying to poison him like this?
  • Then he sees you smiling and looking at him with so much excitement and… oh, poor thing. You have no idea how awful this is.
  • “This is good. Here, have some.” He makes you eat it and… okay, now you realize that is possible to make something taste raw and burnt at the same time.
  • “Oh, yeah, this is good. Why don’t you eat a little more, then?”  and now this is a game of who will give up first and admit this is garbage.
  • May the odds be forever in your favor, he ain’t giving up.


  • No, this isn’t bad.
  • He loves it, he’s grateful you put so much effort in something for him, so he eats with a smile in his face.
  • And plot twist: he’s not faking it!
  • You sound so happy! So he asks for more and has a feast out of this… spaghetti? Who knows?
  • “This is great just like you, my love. Can you teach me how to do that?” he does exactly like you say. You prove it and it tastes awful!
  •  But since he did it, you’ll eat everything and ask for more. 

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What's your favorite Animal Crossing furniture pieces or sets (acnl or happy home, since they differ)? I really love Ketchup's teapot (I have it customized to mint tea), Brewster's coffee cup, and I like the Gracie Sweets furniture a ton. The food furniture pieces are all really nice too.

im a big fan of the Rococo set and repainting it Gothic White

Sans and Papyrus are enjoying their first snow on the surface with Nice Cream (and ketchup).

I love that winter has pretty much become Undertale season for me and many friends of mine, since this was the season most of us played the game. The OST is a large part of my holiday playlist >w> Whenever I am out and it’s snowing I always got the Snowdin music playing and think of my fav Skelebros <3 I know this is a bit late, but I hope everyone had an awesome holiday!

The surface is GREAT… You humans have so many varieties of ketchup, I can’t wait to try them all!

Photo inspired by @linssins ‘s drawing (below), which has over 29k notes!!!

This was by far one of my most favorite photos to shoot… Ahhh the looks I got…

The original UT post can be found at !

52 Things I Love About You.

1) I love that you’re my ketchup 

2) I love when you smile with your pearly white teeth 

3) I love when you wear your glasses because you look absolutely gorgeous.

4) I love when you send me snapchats and say the dumbest things (but it’s cute)

5) I love when you tell me your problems and what’s wrong.

6) I love that you love taco bell because not a lot of people do

7) I love that you’re completely honest no matter how much it hurts

8) I love your puppy. im stealing it too

9) I love your eyes. The prettiest blue eyes

10) I love that you remind me of Hannah Hart

11) I love when you tell me your drunk stories lol

12) I love your voice. I can listen to you talk for days

13) I love when you sing

14) I love when you spell “favourite” or “colour”

15) I love when you laugh because it’s cute

16) I love when i can tell you something and you don’t think im weird

17) I love that when i compliment you, you won’t accept it

18) I love that we connected quickly

19) I love that we talk everyday

20) I love your clothes and how you can pull off anything

21) I love your snapbacks

22) I love when you scrub because you kill em

23) I love when you say YAS

24) I love how understanding you are

25) I love that we’ve been so close

26) I love that you can stand me when i’m annoying

27) I love that you’re my women crush Wednesday

28) I love that you love chicken quesadillas

29) I love your cover of Decode by Paramore

30) I love your sillyness

31) I love your brown hair

32) I love that you’re hard working

33) I love that you call me cute :3

34) I love that we’re miles away but still talk like we known each other forever

35) I love that you’re canadian

36) I love that you’re confident

37) i love that you’re always optimistic

38) I love that we can talk about numerous of things without getting bored

39) I love how you ask how my day was

40) I love your morning texts

41) I love your goodnight texts

42) I love seeing you happy

43) I love when you make me smile

44) I love that i’m your baja

45) I love that you’re you

46) I love your comfort

47) I love your sense of humor

48) I love that you love American Horror Story

49) I love your taste in music

50) I love your compliments you give me

51) I love you

52) I love that we’re best friends