Okay, but can we take a moment to appreciate that ep 9 of YOI took one of the most problematic relationship tropes in anime, aka the siscon character and smashed it into the ground?

Because the resolution to Michele’s overprotective and possessive behaviors stemmed from proper communication with his sister and the realization that true love is not keeping someone close and suffocating them but letting them go and loving them from afar. And despite Sara being sudden and harsh about it they both grew stronger for it and honestly that was the best possible conclusion to their relationship? The guy understanding that loving his sister means listening to her wishes and not just being selfish and self-righteous? Not to mention that he used those feelings to power that beautiful performance?

Like, most anime can’t even begin to do that and YOI pulled it off so well I actually cried a little while watching Michele skate and I really disliked the guy in the previous episode, but this was so healthy and good.

Ladies and gentlemen, more proof why Yuri on Ice is amazing and deserves all the love it gets.

~Lesson 1- Learning about Soul Unification <3

Page 20 (o.o wow)


So uh…. yeah. Less imagines, more talk. I’ve think it was about time to explain what Puppy was trying to do. I don’t know if such things are already existing, but I made up my own magic there. It’s Soul Unification. Yet, although it is explained partly at this page, Puppy only tried to make it happen. (You’ll see that later)
Mweh, I love these two so much. They are so interesting, soo, aahn <3

Don’t be disappointed, tho ;) I’ve got great plans from here on.

For now… enjoy this pervy Puppy. He loves his Sans <3 (Dang, gotta update the relationship chart soon <.<)


i think the reason ford is so gentle with the kids is not only because he loves them, but also he doesn’t want to mess up his relationship with them. he doesn’t want them to hate him. ford’s learned from his mistakes of being entirely self-centered and closed off to others’ suggestions that it ruins the relationships he held so dearly to the point of it being nearly irredeemable.

the kids are blank canvases and ford wants his relationship with them to be harmonious and gentle; to show that he is a good person. the kids don’t have any biases towards him as a living human because the only way they knew him was through the journal—a small snippet of his life.

the kids know ford as a nerdy science man who is usually busy doing important work, but is more than willing to sit down and play a tabletop dungeon rpg and let his niece go to town to beat up an asshole unicorn. the kids know ford as someone who seems a bit lost coming back home but is trying his best to adapt. the kids know ford as a fierce protector and will put his life before theirs.
from the kids perspective, they associate him with positive things. as for ford, this is the only thing he’s wanted for such a long time—to feel accepted and loved and validated; he has had so many people turn against him because of him shutting himself in but now that he’s learned from it, it seems a bit too late to make amends with those people.
the kids, however, love him unconditionally, and it makes ford finally truly feel loved. and he loves them unconditionally in return, being very gentle and careful of how he acts around them, not wanting to ruin his bond with anyone again, especially family so young, impressionable and innocent

“You’re beautiful,” he always says that, but I wasn’t having it. Beautiful is such a lousy word that he just says. I know that Im so much more than his overused “beautiful.” I’m gorgeous, elegant, lovely and so much more. It was a shame it took me a year of a toxic relationship from him to realize that. I looked him in his eyes that were no longer “home”. I took a breath and said,

“Beautiful does not define me, I’m so much more than your useless words.”

—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1183

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just wondering, we know why victor would love yuuri but we as viewers don't know why yuuri would love victor as a person, not just as his idol or coach :/ the show didn't do a good job of telling us what victor offers as a PERSON to yuuri, if yuuri has to do all the emotional work in a ship. i know fandom loves ships like this and thinks there's nothing wrong with it, but if yuuri has to teach victor everything then what does the relationship have to make it last

This is hard for me to respond to because my impressions are just… very different from yours, anon.

The show, in my opinion, has done an amazing job of showing how much Victor offers to Yuuri as a person and how Victor has gone from an idol and skater to someone genuinely important to Yuuri as a person beyond all of that.

I don’t see how Yuuri is doing all of the emotional work here. They’ve done different emotional work, yes, but Victor has certainly done his share. The show isn’t about Victor though, it’s about Yuuri, so of course we see more of Yuuri’s thoughts and tribulations.

Victor supports Yuuri and helps him grow. So much more so as a person than in coaching. Victor’s guidance and caring has made Yuuri grow in himself and that growth is what has affected his skating. Yuuri’s skating progress isn’t all from long practice and repetitive motions. If that were all it took for him he would have been succeeding long ago, as we know from Yuuko that Yuuri has spent hours practicing as a coping method for anxiety and skates over having human relationships.

It is the growth of the relationship with Victor that has moved Yuuri. It’s made him more confident, it’s made him yearn, it’s given him drive. Yuuri wants this now for a reason more than his own satisfaction, he wants it to prove himself to Victor and the world, to prove himself worthy of the emotions he’s gained during these past 9 episodes. And Victor’s careful attention has been the catalyst for all of that.

Yuuri cares about Victor because Victor is there for him. Victor believes in him and pushes him. Victor has confidence in him and treats him as someone beautiful, as someone already great, as someone who deserves love and attention, but he also treats him with the care of knowing that Yuuri needs to grow and process things at his own speed to understand.

He meets Yuuri where he is. Which is exactly what Yuuri needs in life. Yuuri doesn’t have to chase Victor and he doesn’t have to be pushed on by him. They can walk hand in hand together and that support is what was missing from his life. An equal.

And this all comes from Victor as a person. Yes, he does coach Yuuri as well, but that’s not how he’s teaching Yuuri. He’s teaching him heart to heart, as people first.

And Yuuri does teach Victor too. About what love and desperation truly are. But it’s certainly not one sided. There are so, so many reasons for them to both cherish one another.

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Opinions on Jess Mariano?

Haha do we have all night!?

Jess Mariano is my boy and I love him so much! I love broody teenager Jess who wreaks havoc and drives Luke mad but still manages to be charming. I love how he acts so tough on the outside but you can see just how much he’s struggling and really he’s just a scared little boy who has never had any love, or anyone to give him a chance.

I love his relationship with Luke. How it may start off rocky, but eventually he starts to let Luke in, to accept the love bit by bit, and yeah they still have issues but somehow they make it work and they put up with each other. I love that eventually he gets older, more mature and by the end of the series we see that he has grown up. He understands what Luke did for him, he appreciates him.

I love his relationship with Rory. How she’s the only one who really saw anything besides his ‘bad boy’ persona. How he lets his guard down with her, even if he’s not ready to do it for anyone else yet. I love that he encourages her and she encourages him. That they both needed to grow up and even though they both made bad decisions they never give up on each other. They may not have had the best timing, but in a relationship or not they will always be there for each other and love each other. I love their friendship as much as I love their romantic relationship.

I love that Jess figured himself out. By the end of season 3 he was so lost. His speech, ‘I can’t stay with Luke, I can’t stay in stars hollow, my mothers a whack job. I didn’t graduate high school. I don’t know what I’m going to do with the rest of my life.’ He was so lost and he had practically no one but he made it. He pulled himself together and even though he had no resources he made something of himself.

I love him in the revival. You see that despite it all he made a life for himself and he is a decent human being who cares for the people he loves and won’t let them lose their way either. He cares so much and he knows who he wants to be and he has expectations for the people he loves too and he won’t let them settle for less than he thinks they deserve.

He was dealt a poor hand but he turned himself around and I think that even though he doesn’t have that many episodes, his storyline and character development is one of the most interesting ones in the whole show. My only complaint is that he didn’t have enough scenes in the revival because I would watch an entire show based on him.

There are ten thousand more things I could say but this is already a mess so I’m just going to end it here.

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I would love to know what Lord John Grey is up to in the Modern Glasgow AU and what his relationship with Claire and Jaime is like. Are they friends or is it all very fraught?

Modern Glasgow AU

Claire snapped awake, reaching by reflex to the pillow next to her.


“Whatever we deny or embrace // For worse or for better // We belong, we belong, we belong together…”

Jamie’s ringtone.

Quickly she fumbled in the dark on her bedside table. Her phone screen read 2:26 AM.

A picture of Jamie – taken just the week before – flashed up on the screen.

Fingers trembling, she swiped to accept the call.



Instantly she was alert.

“Jamie? What’s wrong?”

“Claire. *Mo nighean donn,* I need to see you. Please. Please.”

Swallowing down panic, she quickly started a video call.

As she waited for his face to appear, she soothed him – using the same voice as she would with one of the children.

“Hush, Jamie. Just a second, and then I’ll see you. Hush.”

And then his tear-streaked face flooded her screen – and she disconnected the audio call.

At the sight of her, he visibly relaxed. But his eyes were still unfocused, his hair all messy from undoubtedly running it through his hands over and over.

Gaelic words flooded from his lips, his voice hoarse.

“Jamie,” she whispered, shifting to turn on the bedside lamp. “Tell me. Please. Are you in your hotel room?”

He nodded, swallowing. Clearly breathing hard.

Mentally she calculated how long it would take for her to drive from Glasgow to Sheffield at this hour of the night.

“Jamie, love. Tell me. Please.”

Never had she seen him so upset. And how her heart just *ached* that she couldn’t be there with him.

He swallowed, nostrils flared, struggling to find the words.

So she did what always worked best when Faith or Brianna or William or Fergus was upset – helped them visualize something warm, comfortable. Something happy, and safe.

She had learned the technique back in medical school, during her pediatric rotation – and had never, ever thought she’d need to use it on her husband – the most level-headed person she knew.

“Breathe, Jamie. Please breathe for me. Come back to me. Picture me there, holding you.”

She watched him pull off his tie, and then the long column of his throat swallowed.

He breathed in, and out. In, and out.

“Do you remember the night before you left, Jamie? When I cradled you so close to my heart?”

He nodded, eyes wide, wordless.

“And then you fell asleep inside of me, remember? And when we woke up – I told you that you are my forever.”

“Aye,” he croaked, blinking harshly. “Aye. I am. And ye are, for me. My soul is yours.”

She smiled – heartbeat beginning to slow. “Yes. And I love you, you proud Scot. How I love you so.”

He shut his eyes, pursed his lips, and inhaled hard.

Twenty seconds later he released his breath – opened his eyes – and cleared his throat.

“*Mo nighean donn,*” he rasped. “That I could lay my head on yer lap, lass, and have ye care for me. As I would care for you.”

She settled against the pillows, allowing the deep neck of her sleep shirt - *his* shirt, really – to fall over one shoulder.

“Tell me, Jamie. Please. You’re scaring me, love. Tell me what’s upset you so.”

Her image of him shifted – his face disappeared, and all she saw was the ceiling of his small but well-apportioned hotel room.

“One sec,” his muffled voice implored. “Hold on.”

And then he was back – his button-down gone, his sweat-soaked undershirt clinging to his chest.

“I wish I could kiss you,” she soothed. “Right there – right under your neck.”

He pushed down of his undershirt to show a fading bruise on his collarbone. “This is yours,” he breathed, voice soft, reverent.

She tilted her phone down and pushed back the neck of her own sleep shirt – exposing a dark spot blooming on the side of her breast. “And this is yours, Jamie. *I’m* yours.”

“Ye ken I’m always true to ye, Claire? That I’d rather die than play ye false?”

She peered closer into his pixelated blue eyes.

“I do, Jamie. I know you’re mine – every inch of you is mine. And every bit of me is yours.”

He nodded, considering. Turning the words over and over in his mind.

“Did something happen tonight?” she gently prompted. “Did a woman approach you?”

It certainly wouldn’t have been the first time. He’d been on the road for ten days, traveling with Lord John Grey – war hero, member of the House of Lords, handsome scion of a wealthy and powerful family, a very eligible bachelor, and more recently an accomplished author. Jamie had overseen publication of Lord Grey’s three previous books, all focusing on different aspects of life in World War II-era Britain. This new book told the stories of families who had sheltered in Tube stations during the Blitz – and it was already a runaway bestseller.

Which required Jamie to accompany Lord Grey on a six-city book tour in England. He spoke to a mix of veterans’ groups, literary agents, and historians, and always followed up with a book signing. Jamie was there to make sure that everything went smoothly – including the cocktail receptions that the publishing house hosted in each city.

Claire rarely travelled with him – the demands of her own job at the hospital, together with the need to care for their small army of Frasers, meant that Jamie was always on his own. Without fail, in almost every city a beautiful young woman would approach him toward the end of the evening and offer to provide him some entertainment for the rest of the night.

His retort was always the same – that he had to make an important phone call to his wife. And then he would - and they’d laugh about it.

But tonight, something was different. “No, Claire. Nothing like that.”

She yawned. “What, then?”

He licked his lips. “Tonight’s event was huge – a big reception done by the local historical society. John had to make a big speech – I could tell all day that he was nervous, because Rupert told me that the BBC would be sending someone to observe him. We’ve been approached to adapt his books into a television series.”

“That’s wonderful,” she mused. “But what does it matter?”

He sighed. “It went well – John was his usual charming self. And afterward, he invited me to meet him for a drink at the hotel bar.”

He paused. “I was so tired, Claire – but I could tell that he needed someone to talk to. And I should have said no – I should have just gone up to bed. But it’s my job to support him. So.”

Another pause. Jamie’s eyes darted back and forth, struggling to find the right words.

“So?” Claire asked after a while. “What happened?”

Jamie shrugged his shoulders. “I got to the bar – he was already tipsy after his speech, but now he was almost full-on drunk. And we chatted for a bit – I kept to my one whisky, but the man was throwing back gin and tonics like they were going out of style. And then – ”

He licked his lips. “Well. He lay his hand on top of mine, right there on the table – and asked me to spend the night wi’ him.”

“What?” Claire gaped. “What the hell? Are you serious?”

“Hush, Claire – ye dinna want to wake the bairns.”

“Who the fuck does he think he is?” she raged. “You’re the most married man on the face of the earth. Christ, Jamie, he’s been here to dinner and has met all the children!”

“I know, Claire. I know.”

“Well, what did you tell him, then?”

“I asked him - verra politely - to take his hand off me. Then I said no, I’m verra happily marrit. Then I paid for my drink, came upstairs, and called you straight away.”

“But I don’t understand, Jamie – why were you so upset? I’m sure he just had too much to drink – ”

“Ach – I’ve kent he’s gay for a long time. He doesna want it to be verra public, but I ken he broke up wi’ his partner right before the tour started, and he’s still reeling from that. Percy has been threatening to take it to the tabloids.”

“That’s terrible. But you still haven’t answered my question.”

He looked away.

“By the time I made it upstairs, I was shaking so badly. And I couldna understand why, at first - I mean, it was surprising for John to do that, but it’s happened to me wi’ those women before.” He paused - still not willing to meet her eyes.

“But now I understand why my mind just - just shut down, and couldna do anything except find a way to talk to ye, *mo chridhe*. Because it wasna *what* he said, so much as *how* he said it.”

“Which was?”

“He said – well. He said, ‘Were I to take you to my bed, Jamie – I could make you scream.’”

Claire squirmed underneath her duvet. “Well *that’s* a bit awkward.”

Jamie swallowed – eyes and voice so far away.

“Do ye remember what I told ye about the night my father died?”

Her brows furrowed, startled. “Yes – he died when he saw you in jail, after you were arrested at that independence rally.”

Jamie nodded. She could see his chest rapidly rising and falling.

“I was arrested by that sadistic bastard police captain. Captain Jonathan Randall. He beat me up – broke my nose. Held me captive.”

“Oh, love. Yes. I remember. But I don’t understand – ”

“He locked me in a cell, all by myself. Visited me every hour that night to kick me, and beat me some more. I was hungry, and cold, and alone, and in so much pain.”

“Jamie – please – you don’t need to tell me this,” she implored. “It’s all in the past, love. I don’t-”

“And one time when he came by – he said to me that it would all be over if I would make free of my body to him.”

Claire’s heart stopped. Ice flooded her veins.

“He said – he said nobody else would know, or care. And that he would make me scream.”

Tears sprang to Claire’s eyes.

Jamie’s voice was cold – he spoke in a monotone. Devoid of feeling.

Why hadn’t he ever told her?

It didn’t matter, not now. Tonight she needed to bring him back to her – to the present.


Still she only saw the side of his face, the vein in the side of his neck throbbing in terror.

“Jamie. I love you. Look at me.”

He looked back into the camera, fresh tears streaming down his face.

“I’m so sorry that happened to you. And I’m so, so sorry that bloody drunk writer brought it all back to you tonight. But you can’t – you can’t let it destroy you like this. He certainly didn’t mean it the same way that that bastard captain did.”

“I want you here with me,” he whispered, voice choked. “I want to feel ye close. I want to be inside you. To forget.”

“Hush, love. Hush. I’m there with you, right now. Look down at your hand, Jamie. Your left hand. Tell me – what’s there?”

He drew in deep breaths through his mouth.

“Your ring.”

“That’s right. My ring. The one I put on your finger when we married. Do you remember?”

He nodded.

“And tell me, Jamie – what’s there, right by your thumb?”

“C. Your C. *You* are there, Claire,” he whispered.

“That’s right. Jamie, my love. I am with you always. And you are with me. See?”

She held up her right hand – watching him find the blurry J tattooed at the base of her own thumb.

He swallowed, choking back a sob.

“I love you so much.”

“Oh, I love *you* so much,” she whispered. “Focus on that. Focus on how much I love you. How beautiful our love is. How strong it makes us.”

He nodded.

“And how it will help you overcome anything. Even this.”

And then for a long while they just looked at each other – watched each other breathe. Wishing desperately that they were separated only by inches, rather than hundreds of miles.

Slowly, slowly Jamie relaxed. Grew more confident. Returned to himself.

“Do you want me to drive there? Give this Lord John a piece of my mind?”

He smiled. It was so, so beautiful to see.

“Nay bother. He probably won’t even remember it in the morning – God knows I certainly won’t remind him. *And* I’ll have to deal wi’ his hangover on the drive to Manchester tomorrow.”


His smile widened. “Ye’re finally making the proper Scottish noises, Claire. It’s taken ye long enough.”

She smiled back – heart so full of such strong love.

“Do you want me to stay on with you? I need to be up in a few hours, but you can watch me sleep. Almost like if I was next to you.”

“Aye - I’d like that. But it’s definitely no’ the same. Because if I was there - ye ken weel we wouldna be sleeping.”

She smiled - heart slowing - and blew him a kiss. Then she dimmed the light, tugged the pillow down, and settled on her side, bringing her phone along with her.

“Tell me how you’d hold me, if you were here right now.”

She drifted off to sleep at the soothing sound of his voice - rich with love, strong with promises. The stuff of her - their - dreams.

As dawn approached, one by one the wee Frasers crawled into bed with their Mama - first two-year-old Brianna, then three-year-old Faith, then eleven-year-old Fergus carrying one-year-old William. They waved a sleepy hello to their beloved Da - who smiled back his own quiet hello - and settled in with Mama and each other for a bit more rest.

Jamie watched the beautiful, peaceful faces of his family. Each face was his heart, in its own special way. Each one he loved more than his own life. And each one loved him more than he deserved.

And only then did Jamie finally, finally close his eyes.

OK I’m drunk but please permit me to ramble about Jumin x an Asexual MC for a little.

I was thinking about it more and his reaction to a MC coming out as Asexual and, further, feeling broken because of their lack of sex drive would provoke a very visceral reaction in him. He understands- because he doesn’t get it either. Romance, love, he associates these things with his father’s failed relationships and how, SINCE HE WAS A CHILD, he was sexualized by the women his father brought home. How they never really treated him like a child, and instead saw him as a thing to use.

A thing to claim.

Jumin doesn’t think about his problems, it’s how he deals with them, but when he does - when he’s forced to, by viewing Rika and V - don’t you think he’d feel a little bit broken? I’m sure he was jealous, and not in this hateful way… but in a way that wondered, “why can’t I find something like that?”

“Am I just so different that I can’t have something like that?”

“I’m I broken?”

And hearing an Asexual MC have those concerns - am I broken, am I somehow unlovable, why can’t I exist as something that has worth beyond a sexual use - I feel like he’d really connect with them in a way that borders on desperate. Because, by assuring the MC that they’re not broken… he is, in a way, assuring himself that he’s not broken too. That he has worth as more than a sexual object.

And he can’t stand the thought of the MC feeling that awful tightness that he feels in his own chest.

sorry I have a lot of emotions about jumin right now god I really love him. I just. I know what it’s like buddy. I should write him more.

Love Me or Leave Me

Summary: In which a palpable shift in your relationship forces Bucky to give you an ultimatum that breaks his heart.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,176 (including lyrics)

A/N: Inspired by Love Me or Leave Me by Little Mix

@avengerstories - I’d be lost without you and your editing assistance.

Originally posted by stanxstan

You used to tell me that you loved me once

What happened, what happened?

“Y/N, I’m leaving.”

“Okay,” you reply distractedly, not bothering to look up from your laptop. The bright screen contrasts with the darkness of the room, illuminating the look of concentration on your face.

“I’ll be back soon.”

Your expression doesn’t waver when you reply with an, “Okay.“

Bucky stands in the doorway for a few extra seconds even though he’s already running late. He knows he should leave, but he can’t will himself to move. It takes a full minute for him to figure out why he has a nagging feeling that something’s off. He finally puts two and two together and he’s almost knocked off of his feet by the revelation.

He’s leaving and you don’t care.

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Hello! Long time fan here. I just caught up on your blog and saw that you mentioned that you identify as aro/ace. I apologize for the rudeness of the question, but I was wondering if you could tell us how you came to identify as such? Y'see, I'm questioning everything I thought I knew about myself, and I would very much appreciate hearing about your experience. Please do not hesitate to disregard this question if you'd rather not answer. Cheers!

Hi!! Well at first, in high school and at the start of college, I realized that I didn’t feel any distinction between the way I felt towards different genders. My first thought as an explanation was, “I must be bisexual.” I never really desired any romantic relationship like a lot of my friends did, but I didn’t think much of it–the classic “maybe I just have to wait and some day I will feel that way?” I loved spending time with people and making friends, but just in the platonic sense.

But then, this past spring, I realized, “huh, maybe my inability to distinguish how I feel towards different genders is not a sign that I am bisexual, but is actually because I just… don’t experience romantic or sexual attraction. I just am interested in platonic relationships.” And then a lot of stuff started making sense, haha.

I used to think I couldn’t be ace because i thought I had a crush on different people in high school, but I think, again, that was just me misidentifying my affection for people in a romantic sense, just because that’s what’s drilled into you as a kid you know? I’m still a Young Adult so I am not really 100% sure of any aspect of my identity, but the longer I have identified as aro/ace the more I have felt like it is truly what I am, and it’s the label I’m most comfortable with. It’s made me really happy seeing lots of you guys excited to see an aro/ace person just because it seems like there’s not many of us haha. I hope my story is able to help you!!!

yurio and yuuri are like the son and his stepdad. 

like at first yurio was salty af bc “he got viktor to coach him instead” smth like, “he stole dad from me”. 

and then on ep 9 we see him warming up on him, supporting him, u know, and its just like a son who’s seen that his stepdad can actually be like, “yea, he can be my dad too.”

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honestly instead of asking us to proof how real ziam is we should ask them to explain all the ziam moments and evidence if they're so convinced that zayn and liam are just platonic bro pals lol... they could start with i won't mind.. please @antis explain who exactly this song is about.. a love song about a committed relationship where zayn says 'I'm not allowed to talk about it'.. i'll wait

@ antis explain this? also explain how zayn’s entire album is literally all about liam? how ziam are mia at the same time? what about their tattoos? their couple jewelry? them being possibly (they are) engaged? explain their engagement rings? they STILL match outfits even though zayn isn’t in the band? how close ziam’s family is? how aunt zileh and all of zayn’s family like gay ziam couple posts on instagram? how much karen payne loves zayn? how happy liam/his parents was when he was called pakistani? how liam said he was in love with a man on twitter? why zayn/liam like ziam stuff in instagram and twitter? why zayn has a mandala which is a wedding tattoo? why liam has “we are the quite ones” tatted on him and there’s a quote literally of liam talking about him and zayn being the quite ones? why zayn was trying to walk? why liam has had a hard time literally siting down bc his ass was plowed by zayn the day before lmao? why ziam have had hickeys and scratch marks and their “girlfriends” are no where to be found? why vegas 2012 happened? why did ziam expose themselves saying they only kissed “once? why did zayn whisper brave when talking about liam? why did the ziam toothpaste kiss happen? why did ziam kiss on stage in front of hella people? why do ziam do sex innuendos on stage to each other? why are they jealous? why did liam HATE the zerrie engagement if they were only bro pals? ziam you & i on stage? what about i won’t mind? why did zayn’s dick twitch when hearing liam sing? why did liam’s dick twitch? why were their ppl on twitter saying they caught ziam grinding at a club? why have ziam been outed so many times? 

 but ziam are just bro pals yall………lmao 

You know how I know everything is going to be ok?

Because Isak texted his mom. That just proves that it was never that he didn’t accept her, but he was afraid she wouldn’t accept him. He reached out- even before he learned about Even because he loves her and doesn’t want to give up a relationship with her and I know that it’s the same with Even



  • fam I already know this is going to mess me up big time
  • here goes nothing
  • this would be the realest relationship in the world
  • and by that I just mean that there’s no suga coating (see what I did there lol)
  • if Yoongi has an opinion about something, you’re hearing it honestly
  • which is one of the reasons I love him so much tbh
  • “Yoongi, what do you think about this dress?”
  • “It doesn’t look very flattering on you.”
  • but you can’t get upset with him. you asked
  • but even though his bluntness can seem harsh, it means that he gives really good advice
  • if you’re ever going through anything, he’ll always tell you exactly what he thinks about the situation
  • the down side to his tough exterior is that it will take him a while to open up to you
  • but once he does, you have to listen to him
  • he’s struggled with so much
  • I feel like he’s the type to bottle up his feelings
  • you need to be there for him always
  • well damn this got serious so quickly
  • let’s be happy shall we??
  • one he opens up to you, you’ll meet a whole new side of him that you never expected
  • I feel like even though he’s blunt and harsh at times, he’s actually really warm and caring on the inside
  • you slowly wake up to the fresh scent of your clean bed sheets
  • “Well good morning sleepy head.” Yoongi says in his low, raspy morning voice, as he runs his fingers through your hair
  • tired, you don’t say anything. instead, you wrap your arms around his naked torso and pull him closer to you
  • the two of you stay in bed for another hour or so, just cuddling and kissing and feeling one another’s embrace
  • when you finally get out of bed, you go to the kitchen and make some hot chocolate while he slips on a shirt and goes to the couch to fire up Netflix
  • these are what your lazy days with Yoongi are like: cuddling, warm drinks, endless movie marathons, you in nothing but an oversized sweater and underwear, and him in a t-shirt and his boxers
  • you wouldn’t have it any other way
  • yes, Yoongi sleeps in nothing but his boxers :))) source (skip to 5:20)
  • you can also expect many love songs written about you/for you
  • he would always want to share his love for music with you
  • he’s just not your typical romantic
  • he doesn’t care for the regular mushy stuff because to him, it comes off as fake
  • oh, and you’re just going to have to get over the fact that he will always love J-Hope more than he loves you
  • it’s just one of those things
  • but in conclusion, he just really loves you
  • he’d do anything for you
  • except you know, move
  • he doesn’t do that for anyone

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him texting you

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“well, you asked for my opinion.”

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“right here jagI”


The EQ is so anti OQ

It’s pretty much canon the Evil Queen (a vital part of Regina) never approved of R0bin, and I wonder what this might mean? It can’t just be because she was way out of his league (a thief), because the same would apply for Daniel - a stable boy - and yet she STILL resents Snow for indirectly causing her to lose him. 

But Robin? The Evil Queen, who is a part of Regina and has shown to care about Henry just the same, feels liberated that Regina is free of the relationship with H00d2. Forget the “love is weakness” babble, because she was very much interested in having Rumple by her side– even Regina brought their attraction up– to not be “alone,” and the EQ even seemed hurt he had only used her (which tbh she should have expected. anyway.), so how do we interpret this lack of sentimentalism toward the thief?

My take is (as always has been): it wasn’t true love. If it had been, like what Regina felt for Daniel, the evil queen would TOO be heartbroken and hate Zelena with the same passion she hates Snow and Charming (by extension). But no. What we saw was an Evil Queen that liked having a sister and her FIRST choice was NOT to kill her, regardless of what she did later.

The EQ has also talked about something very true: Regina’s self loathing, which she represents, and I love how that came out in this particular conversation involving H00d2, because even if the writers “meant” this relationship as a way to show Regina she could still find love, it also came at a great cost: her self worth as a woman. 

Why do we anti-OQ claim this? Because…
1) She was not chosen FIRST.
2) Regina struggled between going evil (vengeful) again or doing the right thing.
3) She became “the other woman.”
4) Horrible, rapey “my sister is pregnant with my boyfriend’s child” plot ensued.
5) Regina had to swallow it all up in “the name of love.”

So how can this relationship be anything else than the depiction of the quote: “In life there are people who are WRONG for you,” if even the Evil Queen can see that relationship wasn’t doing them any good? 

I believe if Regina had been truly in love with Robin and not just influenced and confused by what Tinkerbell told her, the Evil Queen, her OTHER HALF, would still be hurting for him and seeking vengeance the same way she’s been targeting Snow and Charming. 

When you love someone, you love them with ALL OF YOU, not just a part.

“Actions speak louder than words”

Even if EQ may have said “I loved him too,” the way she goes about him is vastly different from how she still feels the void in her heart for losing Daniel.

What do you think? Isn’t it telling how different she acts at the memory of each of them? 

autumn leaves

by suspendrs

“Brave?” Harry frowns, caught off guard. “No, not particularly.”


“You seem brave,” Louis decides, pushing off the wall and stepping on the butt of his cigarette. “You are strong, and you are not mean. That’s good,” he assures, touching Harry’s arm gently.

“Thank you, but that’s not true,” Harry smiles ruefully. “I’m really not anything special.”

Or, Harry is an American soldier in France during World War II, and Louis is a French waiter that doesn’t mean to fall in love with him.

Words: 27549, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Exo Reaction: When they fall in love internationally but have to leave

Xiumin :

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Xiumin would try to be logical about the situation, but his feelings would still get the best of him, and he’d try his hardest to make the relationship work, no matter what.

Luhan :

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Luhan would probably be really stressed out about the whole thing; on one hand, he wouldn’t want to leave at all, but he knew he had other responsibilities. However, on his time off, Luhan would be on the first plane back.

Kris :

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Honeslty, Kris is an emotional wreck, and I don’t think he’d be able to handle this situation very well. He’d at very irritionally, possibly to the point of trying to not go back to China. I think it would be whoever it was he fell for to show him reason and force him on the plane, with a promise of a lot of skype calls

Suho :

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I don’t see Suho confessing to the person he fell for at first sight. He’d probably be in silent anguish about her on the plane back and throughout his busy schedule. He would probably come back to that country, just to reminisce about her. But if he ran into her while there, I don’t see him holding back all those feelings.

Lay :

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Lay would take the whole situation very well. He wouldn’t be sad that he had to leave this girl behind, but he’d be very excited at this promise of a new adventure/future with her. He’d honestly be the sweetest, and I think he would make long distance work

Baekhyun :

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Baek would be another member who would be very happy about the whole thing; he’d absolutely love the fact that he’d found someone in another country. It would all be very exciting and fun for him, and he would be calling and texting literally nonstop when he was back in Korea.

Chen :

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Chen would be so happy to have met this person internationally, and he’d hate to have the leave, but Chen is also a very responsible person, and I see Exo taking first over most of his priorities. However, I think Chen would be extremely dedicated to making a long distance relationship work.

Chanyeol :

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Chanyeol is definitely the happy virus, but I see him being pretty angry that he has to get back on a plane to Korea and leave. He’d mainly just be very angry that this situation happened as it did, but after he got over that, he’d be such an amazing boyfriend, and he’d never fail to make his S/O stop smiling.

D.O :

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Sweet, sweet D.O. He would literally be the mos devoted person in the world; he would do absolutely everything in his power to clear his schedule as much as possible so he could visit whichever country over and over again. He’d be so so happy to have met the love of his life.

Tao :

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Talk about another emotional wreck. I think Tao would internalize a lot of his sadness about the long distance until it all exploded onto this person. He really wouldn’t mean for it to come out that way, but he would hold on to these emotions for so long. His s/o would have to be very level headed and bring him back to earth a lot.

Kai :

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Kim Jongin, my baby. He’d want to take care of this person for the rest of their life. He’d literally be the sweetest, kindest boyfriend. I think he would be really sad about the distance, but he’d never let that show around his s/o. especially since they hardly ever get to see each other.

Sehun :

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I think Sehun would be pretty moody about having to leave to go back to Korea. But, he’d also be very kind to his s/o, so I would expect tons of sweet, random little gifts sent and a lot of good morning texts and skype calls!

Yay my first Exo reaction I loved doing this! Thank you, anon, for requesting! Hope you liked it:)
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