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so my best friend is straight and I'm bi i think but i mostly like girls and she knows i am like so madly in love with her and she talks to me like we are in a relationship and it confuses the shit out of me. she tells me that I'm like a drug to her and that she can't stay away, and she gets jealous so easily, and she is mad when i ignore her...but she likes guys. i just don't know anymore what to do.

You should ask your best friend why she acts like this with you around when she’s actually into guys cause it hurts you in a way which is understandable. If she’s truly you best friend she’ll understand that

so one of my best girl-friends is hardcore CHEATING on her boyfriend and she pretty much tells me everything. they’ve been together for almost 3 years now and he is MADLY in love with her and like i’m telling her to just break up with him and she doesn’t want to do it. so now i’m like in such an awkward spot because i feel so bad for that dude…



I am madly in LOVE with her.

Annamaria (@annimary3108) is a young woman from Menfi, a small village in the Agrigento province. She works with children and she is also an entertainer for birthday parties. She is madly in love with photography too. 

I asked her to tell me about her relationship with Italy, as well as she lives the mealtimes, which is traditionally very important in our land, and she told me: “Italy is for me a complete journey made of sea, mountains and city: all to discover of course, but especially my Sicily. I’m deeply in love with my country and so the Sicilian food is "by definition” delicious! The pasta, the bread and, above all, the pastries make the family meals like every day we had to prepare the Christmas lunch!” 

I also asked her to define her immediate future with a word, and she said Optimism. “The situation that Italy is experiencing requires a lot of optimism and I need it too, to be able to look forward.”

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If there's ever a remake of the Addams Family, you should be Morticia. I mean that as a huge compliment. Comparing you to the more natural version from the 60's series instead of the glamorous film version. You are honestly a beautiful human and I love that you are a poet. GAH you're awesome :)

Aw! I do take that as a huge compliment! Thank you. I absolutely love Morticia and was madly in love with both her demeanor and beauty during my childhood. I loved the 60’s Carolyn Jones version as well. You are so kind! Thank you, again — a Morticia compliment makes a girl like me feel so good!


Last year in France I minded a B&B for two weeks which had a bonus, this little super cute kitten named Liloo. I fell in love with her madly, completely infatuated with the tiny crazy ball of hair. When the owner came back, and I had to leave, I was in complete despair as I knew she didn’t care about the cat (her dog was actually severely depressed and psychologically damaged which was quite worrying). 

A few months ago I asked news about Liloo and I have been told that she had disappeared from the property only after a few days I left. Needless to say, this left me completely heartbroken. I hope she is still alive and well, she was so young at the time. I think about her so often, she would be the only reason why I would settle down. I should have kidnapped her. Damn it.
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She don’t leave make up after her kiss.

All the boys at night think that she’s theirs.

All the secrets that you keep might get spoken while you sleep.




Every night before I go to sleep.. I think about what it was like to kiss you.. And I see you this coming up weekend and I cannot wait to be able to kiss you again. I have missed you so much. And I’m so glad you’re moving closer to me.. I’m so glad we get to spend our two months together.

I’m madly in love with her.

Oh and tonight she was so adorable, it makes me fall in love with her more because she was so buzzed she was being so silly and funny.. And tonight on FaceTime she fell asleep within the ten minutes but that’s okay.

lyricsexplainlife 😍😍😍😍

There’s no smile brighter than hers. To this day I’m still madly in love with her infectious laugh and the way she accepted and cared for absolutely everyone she encountered. Without realizing it, she taught me so much about myself. I am so unbelievably grateful to have had such a close friendship with her for such a large portion of my life and there’s not a day that goes by that I’m not replaying memories of us in my head. I wish you weren’t dealt such undeserved sadness in your life. I don’t focus on that though because you were much more than the pain you felt. Whether you knew it or not, you were and still are a beautiful role model and the kindest soul I’ve ever encountered. I love you and I miss you so much.

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i was drunk last night and i messaged you at 12:32 about my ex, who i am madly in love with. today i texted her and told her that i loved her. i dont care if she loves me back, i just want her to know that she is loved. nobody makes me happier than she does. even if she is happy without me, i am happy that she is happy. i dont think we will wind up being together in the near future, hopefully ill meet her again in 10 years. sorry i didnt have anybody else to tell.

You’ll find your person, i promise. Maybe it’ll be her, maybe it won’t.

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I also feel the 10 doctor was madly in love with Rosr

(Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been away!) I do not know what to say to this, because I do think he loved her, but I would not say he was “madly in love”. I ship them, but not exactly romantically, for me the Doctor and any other companion will be more platonic than romantic. That is ofc my opinion only, I have nothing against the other view! :)

sharpen your blade (but no one escapes)

I was given this:

my prompt (it might be a little generic, so feel free to add whatever you’d like or change something) is Romanoff and Skye both have feeling for each other and Romanoff decides she’s going to tell her but before she can, the team (AOS team plus Avengers) go on a mission and Skye gets badly injured. Fluffy part is Romanoff eventually telling her :)

I took this and did a bit of a twist on it.  Also (because I’m madly in love with her) I chose to write Wanda Maximoff into the story, so this story is obviously chronologically after AoU and therefore doesn’t match up with the AoS timeline as well.

Also, my genuine apologies for how I write Natasha, since I don’t write her very often and therefore I’m pretty sure a lot of her is wrong.

After all that disclaimer, here’s my response to the prompt:


The first time they meet, Skye has just come back from Puerto Rico. Things are shaken up all around her, she’s despondent and broken, she spends an inordinate amount of time keeping herself from shattering the quarantine chamber with her fists.  She’s tired of everyone staring, of the medical tests, of her inability to sleep without seeing Trip shatter into hundreds of pieces right in front of her traitorous, horrified eyes.

She lies down.

She never wants to get up.

She wants to feel something.

She knows she’ll never feel anything again.


“What exactly happened?” Natasha asks as Melinda walks her down the hallway.

Melinda shrugs, as Tasha knew she would. “We still don’t have all the answers. Skye’s so confused and shaken by what occurred… we’re honestly just trying to clear her and get her out of quarantine.”

“And the agent you lost?”

Melinda stops, looking pensive. “He was a very good man.  A good agent.  A friend of Skye’s.”

“Has she told you what she experienced?”

Melinda shakes her head.

“Alien artifacts are tricky,” Tasha says.

“Skye is… she’s an 0-8-4,” Melinda says hesitantly. “I have no idea if that might play into what happened in the temple.”

Natasha shakes her head. “An 0-8-4 that’s a person?”

Melinda nods. “As far as we can tell, Skye’s the only one ever recorded.”

So she’s special, Natasha thinks as Melinda leads her into the lab and she comes face to face with the sleeping girl behind the glass.

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I fucked up. I ruined the one amazing thing in my life. Shes the most amazing, beautiful, talented, lovely, perfect girl I’ve ever fucking seen and met and I fucking blew it. She’ll never understand how much she means to me and never understand how much I care for her and love her. I fell so hard for this girl, and I don’t think she’ll ever understand what she’s done to me. Shes made me the happiest man alive, and she’ll never even know or realise that. I screwed up so badly and was afraid to tell her because I realised how madly in love with her I was, how amazing she was. I didn’t wanna hurt her, and I couldn’t bare to, and I couldn’t bare the thought of my life without her, and I still can’t. She deserves someone better then me, and I hope that whatever happens… I hope that she’ll be happy, because that’s all I’ve ever wanted…I just wanted her to smile.

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My gf partiedb4 we met. I didn't. Then we met&she stopped bc she met me. Thing is I want to go out all the time&now she doesn't bc she's over it. I can count the number of nights out(in my life) I've had on 1 hand. We moved in together. I'm madly in love just jealous of her past experiences vs mine. Forcibly sheltered for 18+ years. Ect. We've talked b4 & she says we will go out and have fun when we are older & we have plenty of time to do so but I feel like Im growing up2fast&im losing control.

Bring the party to you babe