She’s madly in love with you. I can see it clearly, her eyes are smiling whenever you hold her hand. She’s there for you whenever you need someone to talk to. She will pick up the phone anytime and listen to your endless stories. She will forgive you every time. She will do everything for you to stay and fight for the relationship and dreams that you’ve built together. She would even sacrifice her own happiness for you. She would even travel long hours just to check if you’re okay because she cares about you, a lot. She loves you more than you’ll ever know. She’s perfect for you. You are lucky because you have her in your life. Don’t leave her.
—  baekebyan

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Author’s note: I’m not sure if this is what you wanted, but I hope it’s still good :)


He had finally convinced Seven to give him the address to Rika’s apartment (sure it had taken a little a lot of force, but he coughed it up eventually). Jumin swung the door open to see you in the arms of other person. Correction. The arms of another man.

“What the hell are you doing to her?”


“Shut up. Don’t talk to him,” the mysterious masked man whispered in our ear.

Jumin clenched his fists. He has MC… he’s touching MC

“Ah-ah, don’t take another step forward or I’ll blown this place to smithereens.”

“It’s okay, Jumin. Go get help! I’ll be fine.”

The man put his chin on top of her head. “Don’t worry. I’ll treat her like a princess while you’re gone.”

And that was it.

He couldn’t hold back anymore.

In one big step, he LUNGED at Unknown.

“I said don’t-“


Jumin hit him smack dab in the nose.

“Didn’t you learn not to take things that don’t belong to you? MC is mine, and mine alone.”

He pulled MC into his chest. “Did you hear me? You are mine.”

MC’s face turned bright red as she nodded. She looked back up at him and gave him a peck on the lips.

“Thank you.”

Jumin looked away, not wanting to give unknown the satisfaction of seeing him blush. (even though he was unconscious from Jumin’s punch)

“Let’s go, MC.”

i’m so fucking grateful to hayley kiyoko for unapologetically singing songs about girls & having romantic feelings for girls & girls being in love.

like, i honestly feel like she’s following in the footsteps of tegan & sara and in a lot of ways surpassing them. her unapologetic & brave use of she/her pronouns in her songs are groundbreaking and i am so grateful to her and the music she’s making.

like… when i was a struggling, abused 15-16 year old living in a homophobic household tegan & sara saved my life. their songs about loss & love & breaking up carried me through because i knew they were women like me. because i knew that those songs were written especially for women like us.

and i’m so glad that another lbpq female artist has come into popularity and will help this generation of gay & bi girls know they aren’t alone, their feelings aren’t invalid, that the things they’re feeling are normal and beautiful and okay.


Happy 22nd Birthday Halsey! 

“I need you to know you will always, always, always, have a safe place with me and I would do anything for any single one of you. I’m sorry I’m so emotional right now, it’s the first day of the tour and I’ve never played to this many people before. I know a lot of you came to see some badass girl in her little shorts run around the stage and I’d like to think i’m giving you some of that but right now you’re getting this sappy, emotional version of me but I just can’t help myself!” - Halsey’s Orlando speech 07.06.16

I made a promise,” he said.
“I made a promise to love her, forever, and lord knows I’m going too, because I mean what the hell is the point of love if you’re just going to throw it away when it gets hard? I’d rather spend every single day arguing and disagreeing with her until my last breath as long as that meant I still got to wake up to those coffee brown eyes because I swear to god looking at her made my mornings a whole lot more enjoyable. I want her, I want all of her, forever, no matter what.
—  Coffee brown eyes
Excerpt of a book I’ll never write

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Thank you for posting/reblogging a lot of Joni Mitchell. I love her w all of my heart.

Joni means so much to me! I don’t blog her nearly enough compared to how much I’ve loved her music for over 40 years. 

She’s so well known on tumblr as a young folkie (and her folky-ish Blue is indeed one of the best albums of 1971) that I’m afraid most people miss how daring and adventurous her music became in her 30s – as bold as anyone making music in the mid-to-late 70s. Hell, as bold as anyone in popular music, ever. She was blazing a thousand new paths.

Anyone who doesn’t know her album Hejira (1976), needs to check it out, stat. As Joni said in 2006,  “I suppose a lot of people could have written a lot of my other songs, but I feel the songs on Hejira could only have come from me.”

I love this 2015 pic from New York Magazine, by Norman Jean Roy.

Thanks for writing! 

And hey, anyone can also free to write me off anon, too. I never reply publicly without permission, and I really do enjoy knowing who I’m talking to. But drop me a line either way!

Of Roller Coasters & Churros

Author’s Note: This is for @charliebradbury1104! She wanted a cheering up so I decided to write her a little ficlet! I hope it’s not too late, babe! And I really hope you feel better!!! *hugs*

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: LOTS of Fluff

Originally posted by frozen-delight

“You sure you okay with this, Dean?”

Dean tore his eyes away from the roller coaster, feeling his heart drop when he saw it take off at almost a hundred miles an hour. 

You were feeling a bit down all morning, not leaving your bedroom back at the Bunker and Dean just couldn’t have that. As much as Dean loved teasing you and making you sulk just for kicks, he hated seeing you sad to the point where you hardly left your bedroom. 

So he had gone online and looked up any local amusement parks. There weren’t any but luckily for him, there was a far in town. He seized the opportunity and managed to get you to agree to go with him. 

“Think of it as a date,” he had suggested. 

What you didn’t know was that he had been finding an excuse to take you out. Without having Sam tag along. And tonight worked. Sam wanted to spend his day off in the library, fixing the lore books in the library, so that in itself worked in Dean’s favor.

“Uh, yeah…yeah.” He smiled widely at you. “I’m more than okay with this, Princess.” You turned around and missed the wide eyes that Dean sent your way, a silent plea that went unheard of. 

Of course he was going to agree to go on everything with you. It was about you to begin with. He wasn’t going to let his…fear of heights…get the best of him and ruin this perfect ‘date’ that he had planned out.

You squealed in excitement when the iron gates opened automatically, signalling you to step forward and into your assigned cart. Dean thought he was going to die. He was most sure of it. If it wasn’t a damn demon that ended his ‘little life’ it would be this godforsaken roller coaster.

“Is this thing safe?” You heard Dean ask one of the employees as he came by and checked your safety belts. “Ex-excuse me is this…”

The young employee kept on walking, ignoring Dean’s questions.

“Son of a bitch,” you heard him mutter as he tightened the belt tighter against him. “Son of a bitch.”

You smiled and put your hand over his, stopping his movements. “It’s okay, Dean. This is a safe ride. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be open.”

Dean scoffed and gave a small nod. You noticed a few dots of perspiration on his forehead and you let out a soft chuckle.

“Are you telling me that the Dean Winchester, one of the baddest hunters in the the world, is afraid of a silly little roller coaster?”

Dean managed a breathless laugh. “Kiddo, you have no idea.”

Needless to say, the ride took off. 

And Dean didn’t utter a single word.

He couldn’t. The wind had been knocked out of him, and the only thing he could do was press his head back and watch. Wide-eyed and everything.

By the time the ride stopped, you got off and pulled Dean along with you, talking animatedly about having a churro ASAP. All Dean did was smile and nod as he mentally tried to normalize his heart rate. 

You ate your churro in comfortable silence, watching passerby, a tiny smile on your face. 

Dean sat next to you and sighed with content. This was his goal all along. To have you smile. To have you laughing again. He didn’t know what had gotten you in the funk you were in earlier, but he sure as hell was happy that he was able to put that smile back onto your face.

You turned to him and wrapped an arm around his shoulder, pulling him in for a one-armed hug. “Thank you, Dean,” you muttered against his ear. “Thank you so much for a wonderful night. It was exactly what I needed.”

Dean smiled, pulling back slightly to look into your eyes. “Any time, kiddo. Just…” he eyed the roller coaster with pure loathing. “Don’t make me get on that demonic thing ever again.”

You laughed. “Deal.”

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Who's are your favorite loud character(s) and why?

Here are my TOP 3
 #1 we have Luan

I love Luan because she is so funny! she is literally my spirit animal i love puns.

#2 we have Luna

I like Luna because she is so chill and she has a beautiful voice ( tbh i feel she would be a stoner when she got older lol)


Lynn is a precious bean and i love her.i played a lot of sports when i was younger BUT soccer was my favorite.

hope that answered your question and thanks for asking !! 

Little rant on Margot Robbie

So I think we’ve all seen and heard that Margot Robbie is NOT a fan of jokerxharley. One of her main reasons is that she can’t understand why fans would love so much that Harley is so devoted to this guy who treats her so badly. I think one of the reasons, although not the only, that so many people love that about Harley is because it’s honestly relatable. I think at least once in our lives we’ve all experienced having strong feelings for someone who doesn’t reciprocate or doesn’t treat you the way you should be. I know first hand what that’s like and the emotions are blinding. I think that’s why a lot of us love that Harley is so devoted to the joker because we get it. Also I feel the fans who love jokerxharley get that they aren’t a normal couple and that they are two people who are NOT sane. I think what Margot Robbie is missing is that it’s not a normal “love story” and it shouldn’t be taken as the modern standard of a relationship.


Might as well make a hobby naming background characters.

Since some of the background characters are loved a lot, it kinda hurts that some of them don’t have a name. Well that’s where I come in. I present to you…Whitney! Wanted to name her from the person, she might have been inspired by… maybe. 

So reblog to spread the word of a new girl in town… Whitney!

P.S. Why she gets a name is cause FullHero18, wanted a name for her, and I couldn’t just pass up that opportunity.

The bottom right picture is a doodle from JCM-2/JCitricPache Check out his beautiful art, plus, if you can find it the full picture of the doodle has ALL the Background QTs really nice picture  JCM-2/JCitricPache:

Everything Comes Back To You

this is obviously based off Niall’s amazing new single!!

“If the whole world was watching, I’d still dance with you.”

The song was about her. Everything had been about her, ever since I saw her when I was a little boy. I was in love with her, even after moving away to be in the band. She was my inspiration for the countless songs that I wrote for the albums. Even now, after years of not seeing her, she was still my inspiration.

When I left home, I packed up my clothes in a bag and left without telling anyone a proper goodbye. I didn’t think the success of the band would get us this far, which tainted a lot of my relationships. I never got to tell her how I really felt about her, how her smile lit my world, and somehow she still makes me nervous looking at her pictures. I know I should have moved on, but there was just something about her that wouldn’t let me.

Now, for the first time in five years, I am back in my hometown to stay for a little while. I love being back because it’s like nothing has changed; I can hang out with my friends who wouldn’t care if I had five billion euros or 2, I could sleep until noon and get yelled at by my dad for being lazy, and I could go to the pub….our pub.

That’s where I first met her. We have known about each other for years, but we never got the chance to meet. We were teenagers back then, still stupid in our decisions, but the one decision she made that I will be forever grateful for is that she agreed to go out with me. Tonight, I’m going to the same pub that we met in, hoping that maybe she’ll be there.

When I walk in through the doors with my friends, I hear cheers of congratulations and welcome come from across the bar. People pool around me wanting to shake my hand and ask me when the album is coming. As I make my way through the crowd, I hear the familiar laugh that has been replaying in my head for years.

There she was, sitting in a booth with her same friends. Everything was just like it was when I left except…

There was an arm around her shoulders. The arm of another man that isn’t me. A gut-wrenching pain kicks me in my stomach and I suddenly feel like I’m about to throw up. I hear the whispers of my mates telling me to go say hi, but I can’t say anything in this moment. 

With knots in my stomach, I make my way over to her. How is it that I am still this nervous around her and it’s been five years since I’ve seen her? She takes a moment to recognize me, and when she does the look on her face calms my nerves. She scoots past the man that had his arm around her and hugs me. Her warm embrace is everything I wanted and needed in this moment and in the past years.

“I heard your new song,” she smiles sweetly when she straightens up. Suddenly I don’t know how to talk to her or even speak. She has grown into a beautiful woman who would never give me another chance. Why can’t I just tell her about the song? Why can’t I tell her that she’s the one I’m singing about?

I nod my head and ask her how she likes it. After saying my hellos to the group, she hugs me again, and asks for a picture. I’m used to being asked for pictures, but when she asked, I wanted to melt into the floor. My heart has never beat so fast when she wrapped her arms around me. I feel her looking at me so I turn my head to look at her and smile. She tenderly kisses my cheek before I return to my friends.

Sitting in my bed, I look through Instagram scrolling unconsciously. My heart stops when I see a picture of her. She looking at me and I’m looking at her, a picture of something I didn’t know was taken. She was beautiful, smiling as if she truly meant it. I read her caption and my heart aches. She knows, she really knows.

“If the whole world was watching, I’d still dance with you.”

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what did you think about ash's post on insta?

I think that she is struggling and needs lots of love and support and understanding and not negative comments and remarks posted all over her social media. Everyone struggles, everyone has lows. She is sharing that with us. She’s always been honest about her struggles and the negativity and rumors that have been posted/spread on her social media is just rude and not helping the situation at all. Be positive. Show love. Show support. Show compassion. Show understanding! Ashlyn Harris is the real deal. She is honest. She is an amazing individual. Everyone needs to show some respect!

@calumhoodes the girls i live with have 2 cats and one of them had kittens! there’s 4 left and i really want to keep her but I don’t think i can. She doesn’t have a name currently but if i can keep her i would call her luuzy :-(

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Name 5 of your favorite studyblrs who have amazing layouts!!

I am gonna list a lot okay 

@studypetals and @cmpsbls // Have a very cute theme that they use very differently. You can see what kind of vibe they are trying to give off and a clear color scheme! (The organization + pages are also dreamy af.)

@studyquill // has a HARRY POTTER THEME (lets give jasmine an applause okay a+ theme right there) what I really love is her original posts page cuz it’s so organized and minimalistic? I like the dash of purple.

@elkstudies // Emma sets the trend of using Mediocre (by @/felinum all the themes they made are fantastic okay top notch stuff right there) She’s probably the best example of Mediocre I seen so far.

@studyplants // another example of a @/felinum theme! Adi’s theme gives off a very soft vibe ( gosh adi I always love your theme choices)

@arystudies // have a theme I used before (but it looks better on her rip) her personal messages and touches make u smile.

@/helicion // has really cute mountains omg and HER NEW PRINTABLES PAGE IS SO PRETTY?!? I dig dem fruits.

and lastly @lycheestudy and @katsdesk //  who have the same theme I do (maybe im just biased okay) I really like their touches of pink!

Other theme makers w/ a+ layout: @/sorrism  // @/ladmilk // @/shythemes // @/acuite // @/neonbikethemes // @/felinum // @/mrsthemes // @/odeysseus // @/alydae // @/cyantists

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10 for the oc thing :3

Overwatch OC Meme: #10 - Fluff

“When you said you were bringing ice cream, I assumed you meant you were bringing some for me, too!” 


Cage loves her ice cream. And Zarya knows it. 

and somehow I don’t think she cares if it melts a bit

Oh man, this drawing spawned about a hundred different ideas that I hope to draw eventually, all equally fluffy (but with better execution). I do love the thought that Zarya is super playful though, and I think she would be. 

She and Diana don’t see eye-to-eye at first, because of Zarya’s hate for Omnics, but there’s some winning-over to be had there. I think they’d end up spending a lot of the time at the gym together. :P 

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didn't Jack Casey have a cute gf? ❤️

It’s true, he used to! That OC actually wasn’t mine though, but belonged to my girlfriend at the time. After we broke up it didn’t feel right at all to keep using her, since she isn’t my character. I’ve also removed art of her, because I received complaint that my ex-gf’s OCs were still on my art blog. I’ve only kept the fanart made for her active for that reason.

I really love Casey though!! Both OCs in general and he means a lot to me and makes me happy. So I wanted to keep drawing him, even though he’s solo now :)