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Can you help me identify some key differences between Echo and Delta in Jurassic World? Blue and Charlie I can identify by sight, but I often mix up the other two raptors.

Yeah! I think I’ll describe the others as well, just for any of my followers who are still confused. As a lot of the raptor scenes are dark as well, I’ll try to point out which scenes correspond to which raptor.

BLUE is obviously the most recognizable in the whole raptor squad pack, she has a bright blue stripe down her flank, and is a sort of greenish-grey colour. She can be seen in the following scenes:

When the pack turns on Owen (obviously)
She is the one who attacks Barry
She is one of the two that chases the mobile vet unit, along with Delta
She is the one who fought the Indominus with Rexy (obviously)
The only confirmed surviving raptor from Jurassic World
She was also the leader of the pack, and the oldest

DELTA is the second oldest in the pack. She is a dull green mottled colour. She has a dark spot on her eye and she has some distinct birdlike movements. She is the one typically depicted with round pupils, though this is never shown in the film. She can be seen during:

When the raptors attack the handler, she is the one on the left
She is the one that Hoskins develops a special interest in
She attacks the InGen merc at the back of the MVU, in front of Zach and Gray
She is the raptor that chases the MVU with Blue
She is the one that kills Hoskins
She is the one who is distracted by the Dilophosaurus hologram
She and Echo are the two that attack the Indominus after Blue is knocked out
She is thrown off the sceen by the Indominus, so she may still be alive

ECHO is the second youngest. Her distinguishing feature is a scar across her muzzle from challenging Blue as the leader of the pack, though this can be difficult to see in the movie. She most closely resembles the original Jurassic Park raptors; she’s mostly brownish, with blue and green marks on her back and face. She doesn’t have a prominent role in the film, but she can be recognized in these scenes:

She is the raptor that catches the loose pig, and subsequently causes the young handler to fall into the pen
She’s the only one not seen in the “pratt-keeping” sequence (probably because she’s devouring the pig)
She’s the one that growls at the handler through the cage bars
She attacks the Indominus with Delta after the Indominus knocks Blue out
She is the one that the Indominus throws into a grill, and is incinerated

CHARLIE is the youngest and most “puppy-like” of the four (she’s on the right in the above image). She’s bright green with thin, dark green stripes all across her body. She is also the absolute best and is extremely adorable. She appears in the following scenes:

She is the one who keeps hitting the other Velociraptors with her tail
During the “pratt-keeping” scene, she’s the one on the right
She’s the one that is blown up by a rocket, which she didn’t deserve, but whatever.

I know this turned out to be a pretty long answer, but I hope it helps you and any others that were confused about which raptors were which.


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its nice to see someone who loves pearl for a change.

I’m not familiar with the SU fandom but I know Pearl gets a lot of hate ;_; 

It’s so sad because despite making so many mistakes, Pearl’s faults stem from a deep rooted insecurity and desire to be useful? Also, what she said to Connie was monstrous but she holds Connie to the same standards she does herself; it’s what she told herself over and over for thousands of years and she’s unlearning all those unhealthy emotions. Why can’t people give her a chance? 

And she loves Steven so so so much, in the core she is full of love and care she breaks my fucking heart

I’m workig on a piece about BBHM.

Funny how White feminists are all OMG SO TERRIBLE. OMG. OMG OMGOMG flailing.

Flailing so hard I’ve seen-

Sanam (who is light skinned) been declared white and appropriative. (and oh how WW LOVE to think they found cultural appropriation amongst brown folks..clearly the one article the writer was so inflamed about the video they did 0 research).  Also missing the fact that Sanam is not a video star. Rihanna GAVE a non privileged person a pretty awesome fucking job.

I’ve seen Rihanna stripped of any agency despite her being part of the directors team.

I’ve seen lots of us WOC getting much side eye because we love it so hard.

OMG BLOOD…NOOO violence.

Now I’m reading some Kill Bill feminist stuff for contrast.

Interesting how not one of the SIX articles I’ve read so far bats an eyelash at a White woman killing pretty much all POC for so long.

Not one really touches that Uma Thurman did not have agency in the making of this, even though she was not the creator as Rihanna was the creator.

This isn’t what my piece is about, but I SEE YOU WW.

I seent you.

Essentially: if it’s a woman killin all the darkies YAY STRONG FEMALE ROLE. FEMINIST> YEAH!

If it is a WOC, especially a Black woman…OMG SO TERRIBLE.

I seent you.


Amanda Peterson, ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ Star, Dead At Age 43

I watched this movie “Can’t Buy Me Love” so many times in the 90s on basic cable or Cinemax or Showtime, i don’t remember… but its a classic film with an inspiring message of redemption, acceptance, and true love. i feel compelled to write about this and post this on my blog even though its an 80s movie, but idk, i feel like other people must have watched this movie in the 90s like i did… whatever.. Amanda Peterson was a babe, she was gorgeous, and smart and her performance in this film really taught me a lot about emotions and like even though the script was pretty basic, there was a maturity and a depth to her performance that transcended the script and made what could have been a typical teen movie and elevated it into the classic film it is today. 


I’m going to fire up the VCR and pop in my VHS copy of “Can’t Buy Me Love” and watch it right now in your honor.  


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sorry if you've answered this before but what's your favorite thing about each fifth harmony girl?

although I could think a lot of good qualities I’m going to give my 2 favorite qualities and proceed to talk about why I love them individually ((PS: you can skip my long speech about each of them because rn I can’t find the right words so rip grammar, lauren wouldn’t be proud))

Ally: OPTIMISTIC // HAPPY.. Ally has the softest heart of all, everything inside her is just full of love and positivity, and there’s nothing more I wish in this world but for that spark inside of her to never fade away. She is magical. It’s very rare to find people like her, it’s like when a person gets walked on more than once, they just become bitter towards people, but Ally, she never complained about anything. Who knows how many times that girl got her heart broken, all we know is that she’s still here fighting for her happiness and to make other people happy. I admire her bravery.

Camila: EMOTIONALLY OPEN // COMPASSIONATE.. I don’t care if she speaks highly of her emotions most of the time, although some people find it annoying, I simply love that about her. She’s imaginative and her mind is full of colors, she is literally a walking piece of art. Her love for the fans since the beginning is obviously very special to her (and to me as well idek why I’m emo when it comes to her lmao) for God’s sake she even went against 2 security guards (from different events) just to hug fans.

Dinah: SELFLESS // EASY-GOING.. i. don’t. even. know. where. to. start . Dinah is that type of person you wish you have in your life (romantically or just friends) because she comes as a package, like, one day you can hang out with her and her family and watch her hilariously bully her siblings (it’s hilarious because when it’s just the two of you, you’re the one who gets bullied) then the other day you two can go on a road trip singing your lungs out to her/your favorite songs then bring the fun inside a diner or a mall. Yes, she may bully you sometimes but when someone else does it? All hell will break loose because you are her person and so she will protect you at all costs. Her love for her family and culture is something very inspiring. Did I mention how her dimples when she smiles make me want to stab my knee with a fork?

Lauren: HONEST // INTELLIGENT.. ((most of you probably know ever since I became a 5H fan I already have her name plastered on my forehead so..* sweats nervously*)) Lauren is a brutally honest person and I love that about her so much, although I get scared most of the time when the fandom is pushing her to the edge and I know it’s just a matter of time before she explodes and go back to ignoring the fandom for the next 3-5 days of her life then come back w/ “I love you nuggets!”. But you know what, I may not know her personally but she has to be one of kindest people I know, not only she cares about fans, she also cares about social issues, and that’s exactly what this generation needs. She always takes one for the team and not afraid to say what she really thinks, but the thing that made me super duper disgustingly in love with her is she’s a huge dork. It’s like sometimes her dorky side just comes out while she’s attempting to be all serious and intimidating. God damn that woman will be the death of my heart. And her melodious laugh rip bows-n-beanies maybe I’ll see you around.

Normani: CONFIDENT // PASSIONATE.. I’m a shy person, like literally when I perform on stage I’d have 3 mental breakdown first before I break dance jk jk. But seriously, as a shy person I could tell Normani is one as well when she’s around people she don’t know that much. What I love the most about her though, is when she gets on stage, her passion is spilling everywhere, she just lets go of everything and give her 100%. ((and I am always left jaw dropped, what’s new though)) She’s not only confident on stage but also confident to stand for herself and what she believes in. Her level of maturity is what amazes me, she’s funny and sassy around the girls, but when she’s alone? Damn, she can handle herself just fine. And also, she’s so so so kind, I want to sacrifice my soul to satan for her to get everything she had always wanted and live a happy life.

I didn’t type this individually for them because it’s going to be repetitive, but all of them are down to earth, socially aware, undoubtedly talented, and funny (there’s nothing more I love than people who can make me laugh tbh) the vibe they give me whenever they are around each other or in an interview never cease to make my heart flutter, they are genuine people.

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i was at the hyde park show and i can say without a doubt that she was the most emotional during you are in love. and i called my sister like right when i got home bc she lives in the states and went to a show in pennsylvania and she said she was not shaky or overly emotional during any of her songs. during you are in love her voice was a lot lower almost like she was trying to keep in tears or something. and it was shakier, but in a good way it seemed.

[Worlds Apart]

Series: Fairy Tail.
Pairing: Gajevy.
AU: City!AU.
Dedication: blanania

A/N: Happy Birthday Grace!! I wanted to write something for your city au because it was so cute and I know you liked it a lot. I hope you have the best day, you deserve to be spoiled. I love you!! <3 <3

Books littered the floor of Levy’s otherwise immaculate dorm room. The sound of pages turning crept into the silence. She’d read all of them numerous times, their content forever written into her very being. Honestly, at this point, the words weren’t even registering properly. Her eyes skimmed one page after the other, their meaning a dull throb in her mind. 

Beyond her dorm room – the great city of Crocus came alive with the sound of students flitting to class and the occasional car rushing by. The early hours of the morning were sacred to Levy. She had time to read and to think and to plan out her day. Today, however, she couldn’t lift a finger. Every now and then her eyes would slip to the dormant cell phone sitting by her elbow.

Why hadn’t he called her yet? Gajeel always called her in the morning, it was her only free time. The rest of Levy’s day belonged to classes and hours of studying. 

“Stupid Gajeel,” she muttered, “How could you forget me today of all days?”

The breeze rattled the blinds as it fluttered into the room. Every sound betrayed the silence and, with it, Levy’s hopes that Gajeel might call. Snatching her phone from the ground, she scrolled for his name and lingered over the dial option. Would it be weird if she called him? No, that’s not true. It wasn’t weird for a couple to call one and other. The last time she’d seen him, Levy had teased and tormented Gajeel about their childhood ‘wedding’. 

The result had been a boisterous confession.

When she’d returned to the city, Levy had thought their relationship would be different. That they’d keep in touch more and, well, that he might open up to her a little more. With a sigh, she locked her phone and rolled onto her back. Both arms spread wide onto the many surrounding books as her eyes roamed the ceiling. From where she lay, Levy could see the charm he’d made her dangling from the overhanging light. A metal chain hung from the frame and, swinging from the very end, was a crimson stone. It reminded her of his eyes.

She couldn’t stand it any longer. Rolling onto her front, Levy seized her phone and proceeded to dial her missing boyfriend. It was okay for her to miss him this much, wasn’t it? She missed her friends and called them, how was this any different? But then, this was Gajeel. It was too late to panic. His voice drawled through the speaker. He sounded exhausted.

“Um, Gajeel?”

Oi, Shrimp, what’re you calling me this early in the morning for?

“But… you always call me at this time.”

I do? 

Levy was dumbfounded. Inhaling a sharp breath, she balanced the phone between her cheek and shoulder and went about gathering the books she needed for class. All the while, Gajeel made it abundantly clear that he was exhausted with a string of yawns and sighs.

“If I’m such a bother,” she started, piling books on her desk, “Then I’ll just hang up and you can go back to sleep.”

That’d be great.

“Do you even know what day it is, Gajeel?”

It’s Thursday, he grumbled.

Levy blanched. “Yes, but it’s also my–” there was a beep and the call ended “–Birthday.” 

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Kick-Ass Chicks: Erika Vianey Jaime 

Smarts, style, and a sense of adventure—we can get on board with that (pun intended.) Youtuber  Erika Jaime has a taste for exploring, a killer Vans collection, and a positive attitude that makes you want to be her B.F.F. We got to know what makes Erika tick—including why Ellen Degeneres is her role model. 

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“Thickums works out a lot. The skinny one doesn’t work out because she knows her sister won’t ever catch up with her.” - Jason

I’d love to see how Jason stans will come out and defend this one.


Here are some WIPs and the finished product of my birthday present for Cordelia this year. I decided to go the non-angsty route after what I did last year and instead make something I found to be really pretty.

Cordelia shares her birthday with the Tanabata festival in Japan, so I thought the yukata theme was really working. If you look closely, fans will notice that I tried to make the theme of the yukata Severa-themed, playing off of the Hot Spring Scramble DLC where Severa wear’s a yukata that’s Cordelia-themed.

This was a lot of fun to do and I feel like I finally got Cordelia just right.

(Also, the writing on her wish is supposed to say “love”, but I’m not sure how accurate I am with the characters.)

Happy birthday, Cordelia!

by a percentage vote of 51% to 49%

I officially WANT Da'Vonne to stay. she is a WOC. she is a game player. she is a super fan. she is willing to fight for her life in this game. I want to watch her and the others battle it out.

I love Meg so much, honestly. but at this point I’m willing to lose her for Da'Vonne.

And compared to Da'Vonne, I just feel like Meg wouldn’t want to win any HoHs because her social game is already really great and she probably wouldn’t want to ruin any relationships by winning an HOH.

I’m not gonna lie, being a POC, I REALLY want Day to stay. we need more POC and we got them so they gotta stay.

So sorry Meg. you gotta go.

I have been teaching Millie how to read using sight words and she is doing so well. She is pointing out words on signs and in books that she recognizes and with the proudest look on her face reading them to whoever is around to listen. I am so proud of her. She has the type of personality where she doesn’t want to do anything until she knows how to do it 100 percent perfect. She doesn’t like to be wrong, or to not know. A lot of times she will just shut down instead of even try or risk giving a wrong answer. But with a lot of encouraging words, and the reassurance that being wrong is OK we have made so much progress.I am so in love with her mind and spirit. She is special. She is brilliant.

 Reading is such a huge part of my life and it has been since I was a young child. I grew up surrounded by books, and people who loved books and words and one of my biggest goals as a mother is to raise humans who love books as much as I do. Teaching my oldest daughter to read is a really special and beautiful time for me. 

I love this parenting thing.

Happy birthday, Grandma! ❤️❤️❤️ we lost my Grandma Temer last February and she would have been 95 today. She was an amazing woman, who never looked or acted her age. She supported me in everything I wanted to do and never doubted me. I 100% believe she is my guardian angel now, I dream about her a lot. Here is she doing what she loved most: playing slot machines haha. 💕💕💕

Like I’m not even trying to shit on Sasusaku or anything, it’s my OTP I love this ship with all my heart but maybe I’m missing something? Because I just can’t find anything that tells me why Sakura likes Sasuke. Like I understand why he likes her, it’s even hinted to in the final chapters. When he remembers that image of him and his family the first time before he says that “perhaps she is holding on to ties of a broken past.” He imagined his family when he thought of how much she loved him because her love and desperation to connect with him reminds him of his family and the love they had for him and then after his fight with Naruto he even explains how team 7 was like a family to him and that he loved him. His love for Sakura was just a romantic love and if it wasn’t at the time it develops into one. And I get that, that love has a bases, it’s explained. But Sakura? Why does she love him? What is the bases of her love for him? I know that she does love him, she loves him a lot but why? We know that her crush on him that she had when she was younger developed into actual love but why? He infatuation with his cool demeanor she had before wasn’t the real thing but it became the real thing, but why? And even if it wasn’t just and infatuation and it was the real thing all along (but it isn’t, even Kakashi said her love for him has evolved.) but if it was why? What did she see in him that made her have these strong feelings of real love and create the bond that she had for him? It wasn’t that he was nice to her because he wasn’t, she even said that she thought he hated her, so why? Did she connect to him somehow? Over what? What is she connecting to? It’s already been established that she can’t connect to his pain and loneliness because she’s never experienced that before, she’s never experienced losing all of her ties, she’s always had friends and family that love her. So what is it that she understands about Sasuke that makes her love him? Like her love for him literally shaped the person that she is today and inspired her to become stronger but what started that love that made her endure so much and inspire her to become strong in the first place? Did he inspire her to become her own person and to stop hiding in Ino’s shadow? Did his strength and abilities inspire her to work on her own abilities? Does she just have this overwhelming need to take care of people and saw that he needed the most care? Like I would take all of those explanations but none of those are ever given as the reasons. Yeah she stepped out of Ino’s shadow because of her infatuation with him but it was just infatuation and we know it was just infatuation because of the very obvious character development she goes through in her feelings for him as they become closer on team 7 and she grows to try to understand him a bit more. And again if it wasn’t infatuation and it was the real thing then, why would Kishi write Kakashi saying that her love for him has changed and what would have even sparked that love in the first place when she was young? Like I just need Kishi to explain this. Idk maybe I’m missing something but I honestly cannot think of a single reason for her side of the bond between them, when everyone else has a reason for their bond. Naruto connected to him because he was alone like he was and because he saw him as his rival (plus the whole being brothers in a past life thing too.) and Kakashi had a bond with him because Sasuke reminded him of himself when he was younger. And Sasuke had a bond with Naruto, Kakashi and Sakura because Team 7 reminded him of the love his family had for him and helped to fill that void in his heart. But Sakura? What is team 7 giving her that she doesn’t already have? What if the foundation of the connection she has with Sasuke? Sakura’s bond with Sasuke is one of the main bonds focused on in the story but it just not explained. Like Kishi please explain I need to know.

Edit since people keep saying this: I know Kishi wrote Kakashi saying love doesn’t need a reason. But it seems like a lame excuse for not giving Sakura a reason because the line that love doesn’t need a reason is only applicable to Sakura’s end of the bond for Sasuke. The idea that love doesn’t need a reason is negated by the fact that he has taken the time to give every other character who’s bond is focused a reason for that strong bond. He gives every single one of them a reason for their love. All except Sakura who is the only character to not fit that pattern. Even Hinata is given a reason for liking Naruto and Naruto a reason for liking her (because they both give each other strength) Now i’m not trying to say their love is better or more important I’m just simply using them for an example of this pattern that Kishi set for chatacter’s whose bond is focused on to support the other examples I gave above. By going into detail to painstakingly give all these character’s reasons to love each other it makes extremely confusing for why he would not give Sakura one and then say a reason is not actually needed. Like Sasuke puts her through A LOT but she got through it because of her love for him and I just want to know what sparked that strong love that allowed her to go through that.

To conclude, I love Sasusaku, I really do. I just don’t understand why Kishi did not give Sakura a foundation for her love like he painstakingly did for all the other characters. I just want to know the reason behind this and I am posting this if anyone sees a reason that I might have missed. I just want to know the foundation for the very strong and very deep love she has for him and the fact that Kishi gave everyone else reasons makes me wonder why Sakura did not need one. Is her love supposed to be stronger than everyone else’s because it does not have a reason/foundation? But if that’s the case then why was it Naruto who was able to save him? Like I just wish it was explained a bit more is all.


My simself has a new favourite shirt, courtesy of elvination. You already know you’re awesome♥ But yeah. I have yet to locate her CC so I can send her to people, but I really wanna start playing her more :)

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Book blogs you like/rec?

My main bitches:

buttermybooks | bookphile | iprefertoread | girlthatreads | ifreakinlovebooks | magic-in-every-book | dukeofbookingham | duckduckbooks | beckisbookshelf

People I stalk from a distance and lovely lots:

the-shybooks | library-heaventilly-and-her-books | omfgbooks | teachingliteracy | ursula-uriarte | theboywhoreadsbooks | thebooker | thebookhangoverprettybooks and like a zillion other blogs

I just want to say to all my wonderful followers, thank you, if you’ve been following since I started and all new followers you’re all amazing.

I’ve been accused of stealing photos as of recently which is irritating, I just wanted to say that I don’t, and I’m sorry for any misunderstandings that may be communicated to people, but I don’t, I have a laptop now so I do make my own stuff.

My mum has a lot movie memorabilia and photos so I get some things from her, if I get anything off the internet I tag who’s it was originally, thank you for reading.

Lots of love ❤