Words can’t express my feelings right now. Grieving doesn’t seem right as I didn’t know Jay personally, but saying that I feel sorry for all her loved ones doesn’t either because it doesn’t express the sentiment I want to convey. I’ve been around a lot of people who lost a parent either when they were young or just starting adulthood, and I’m still not sure what’s worse. Both are horrible experiences and I can only find gratitude in the fact that Jay raised beautiful children who will support each other through this all. I don’t want to make this a post about “I know what you’re going through.” or anything of that sort. 

I only want to say that I respect Jay for all she’s done for her family, and just people in general as she seemed like a wonderful human being, and I respect any decision made by their family no matter what it is. I hope you all find some peace with each other.

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what's your opinion of mystery girl?

oooh boy, there’s a lot to unpack here

first of all, i fell absolutely in love with her design, i think it’s really cool and i love the added touch of having a rat on her shirt because as someone who’s been in the punk subculture for a long time, a lot of lgbt punk folk have pet rats.

however, i don’t like the way that lauren zuke slims down fat characters arbitrarily and that’s where me liking her design ends bc who has big arms and big boobs and hips and legs like that… and a flat stomach?

as for her character usage? i don’t like it, i don’t like that she was used without even letting her speak while pearl sexualized and chased her down with the thought that “shes over rose” when 1) mystery girl was a rose expy 2) pearl doesn’t care about humans and she’s likely to devalue this girl as evidenced by the fact that when she GOT to talk to her like she wanted?? she was SO condescending to her :/

mystery girl is a racebent rose expy and as a brown girl, she repeatedly got sexualized by a white character for a whole episode without even being able to speak…. and it’s an episode about pearls development and how she’s over it but we’re all wondering if this character is even coming back?? that seems baity to me :/

now on the race thing too; i don’t like how SU sexualizes their brown women, it seemed like she was supposed to be this “mysterious spicy bad ethnic girl”
fantasy for not just the white character but the white creators and it felt gross honestly??? i did colour pick mystery girl and she was a similar shade to greg’s sunburnt skin and idk what to say about that except that it seems like the creators wanted to make her brown but didn’t want to be called out on yet again more sexualisation of poc so they made her “ambiguous brown race” since the crewniverse gets off on excusing whitewashing

knowing how poorly zuke does with committing to making character designs of poc, it doesn’t surprise me that they’d do that either

either way, i hate the way she’s handled and i generally think she’d be really cool but certain aspects of her design bug me but it all comes down to one thing; zuke is notoriously bad at fat people and poc and should have never been in charge of mystery girl

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ok but imagine Dave sending Rose a snap of two rings and hes like "is this....good?" and Rose respond him seconds later with a snap pic with her and kanaya smiling "holy shit Dave yes do this" Tree mounths later Dave and karkat marry

thats p adorable..  when it comes to proposals i feel like whether its dave or karkat they would both feel pressured into doing something over the top given how much karkat loves his ridiculous romance novels and movies which involve these grandiose displays of affection and shit.  not only that but its like the ultimate show of sincerity PLUS potential soul shattering rejection so i feel like dave would be scared shitless over doing it. i think hed have a lot of false starts where he tries to do the dinner date cliche but ends up chickening out and rambling away on a tangent before he can get to the point. its not working so kanaya suggests he try a different approach so daves takes karkat on a trip down memory lane on the old meteor. theyre reliving memories of the three years they spent there and how their relationship progressed and having a Moment when dave trips over roses crusted over ancient shoe at the top of the stairs and falls all the way down. the box and the ring spill out of his pocket onto the floor and when karkat runs down to help, dave quickly tries to improv the proposal like he TOTALLY did it on purpose and like it wasnt the most fuckin unsmooth number ever attempted in the history of paradox space. theres a long heart wrenching moment for dave where karkat is stuck in a state of shock and when dave is sure he fucked it up big time and hes gonna say no karkat bursts into fuckin tears.

anyway thats one way i can see it going down

Incredibly sad about Johannah Deakin’s passing. Too young. Leaving behind too many lovelies. @felicitegrace @louist91 @lottietomlinson and the twins. I made this painting last year. Johannah would often comment on my art and that meant a lot to me. She always made me smile and I didn’t even know her. Imagine what she meant to the people who knew her. All the love to those who loved her. #ripjohannah

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would episodes like bottomless pit and little gift shop of horrors be considered filler? i love those episodes a lot so i hesitate to call them filler but i'm not sure what they add to the overall story (esp since all the stories in lgsoh were made up by stan lol)

So they’re the closest we get (especially the framing narrative of LGSOH which is this weird liminally-canon thing?)


  • People were speculating about how “Abaconings” foreshadowed the relationship between Stan and Ford before we even knew that Ford existed
  • Mabel saves the day in every story in LGSOH, which says so much about Stan’s relationship with her! He loves her so much!
  • Also he calls her ‘sweetie!’ That alone makes the episode crucial watching to me
  • “Voice Over” follows up on “Dipper Vs. Manliness” in terms of establishing how insecure Dipper is about his physical appearance
  • The pinball story is important Soos and Mystery Twins bonding, plus it deals with the idea of giving up something that’s important to you in order to help others, a theme that the show plays with a lot
  • For my money, the Truth Teeth story is really important character development for Mabel, as well as giving us a glimpse of Stan without all the hedging he normally hides behind. It was this episode that first made me suspect that Stan might have depression.
  • Even Stan’s stupid football story ends up containing a callback to his Tragic Backstory

Also they’re hilarious! Can any episode that involves renowned astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson voicing a hyper-intelligent pig really be considered filler? I don’t think so.

#2 Two Years From Now

Timeline: As title suggests, it’s set about two years from now.
Genre: Fluff.
Prompt: A collection of ficlets, Lindsay and Jay “a year from now, two years from now, twenty years from now.

S/O: To my beautiful friend Tracey @dylanobrienstyler, who is always so kind as to check my fics for mistakes. I love her even more for it. She is an amazing writer, so please check out her work, or send her a Stydia prompt.

S/O to @allenting, because I based a lot of this off of our conversations, and truly she always gives me the best ideas.

There is a line in here, not exactly the same, but very much inspired by something Auggie says to Annie in 3x09 (Suffragete City) of CA. If you catch it, you’re my new favorite person.

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absolutely | taeyong

Genre: Art school!au | fluff, angst, lots of terms of endearment might as well have named her buttercup

Member: Taeyong / reader (3rd person perspective i guess??)

Word count: 4000+

Note: will probs add an epilogue?

Summary: “We can dance in the kitchen at 4am like we’re completely free.. Maybe we’re both a little bit naked, but we can work towards that.”

she would never tell him; but she loved to watch him dance.

It was like watching a swan skirting across the surface of the water, like his body was made of malleable material that stretched out until it was on the verge of breaking, and maybe even snapping. But always returned back to it’s original shape. Like a slinky that seemed like it’d reached too far.

Lee Taeyong is a slinky.

But of course, she’ll never tell him.

“You’re staring again.” Hyeri interrupts.

“Huh?” she replies, not tearing her eyes away from the sight of him dancing in the half darkened studio.

“Are you stalking him?” Hyeri continues, raising her perfectly plucked eyebrow, glancing through the single see through tile of glass in the door next to my head, “Or are you just gravitationally attracted to him wherever he is on this earth, like star crossed lovers or something- are you star crossed lovers?” she asks wide eyed, like she’s just caught the biggest fish of the century. If possible, her eyes widen even more, “Oh no, do you love him? Is it serious, should I call a doctor? A hypnotist? I can call aunt Edna-”

“What are you talking about?” she frowns, snapping herself out of her reverie and glancing up at her friend from where she’s slightly bent over to get a clear look at lee slinky.

“We’d have to drive to see her and that’d take like… three hours but she works wonders for people like you.” Hyeri continues, pushing her wild curls from her hair. “Maybe we could get a couple discount so I can get a hypnosis session too, there’s this guy-”

She loves Hyeri. Without a doubt, from the bottom of her heart to the ends of the world.

But at that very moment, she tunes her out.

The dance room is big, no question there because it has to hold up to thirty people at once, jumping and dancing and running around, but he’s completely alone. There’s only one dim light but I can still see his face clearly. The defined angles of his jaw and that the sweat he wipes off with the sleeve of his hoodie, before he throws it across the room in anger. He runs his fingers through his hair and sighs loudly, mumbling something about ‘still not being able to do it’.

He leans his elbows against the ballet bar in the middle of the room, facing the mirror with pure aggravation etched into the lines of his face. He’s breathing heavily, staring at himself in the reflection of the mirror. She glances at the clock in the room, it’s nearly midnight but she can tell he’ll be here for a few more hours.

“-and so I told him to leave me alone but- hey, are you even listening to me?” Hyeri snaps, pushing her by the shoulder. She stand up immediately, pushing Hyeri’s hand away with a frown.

“What were you saying?” she ask with a frown, adjusting the strap of her backpack and finally, finally tearing her eyes away from him.

Hyeri sighs, crossing her arms, “You’re staring.” she repeats, glancing into the dance room one more time. “I understand why.” she adds under her breath.

“Come on. Let’s get out of here, Johnny’s late and I sick of waiting.” she mutters angrily, holding her bag tighter around her shoulder, like she’s holding on to the last piece of her reverie (that being his dancing). She forces herself not to turn back to watch him. It’s almost like she’s addicted to him, the way he moves and spins (fuck, she wishes she could dance.)

Objectively all of this is hilarious; they don’t get along.

But that’s another story.

She shuffles awkwardly in her seat, crossing her legs and then uncrossing them. She scratches her head as Mr Lau opens a paper folder folder and uses his fingernails to scan through it. He sighs, “Just as I suspected.” He mumbles.

“Is everything okay Sir?” She asks quietly, crossing her arms and swallowing.

Mr Lau glance up at her and sighs again, Jesus it must be bad. He places the folder back on the table and interlaces his fingers, “You seem to have a problem.” he states.

“I do?” She frowns.

He nods, “You grades aren’t good enough.”, he states bluntly, “You’re not taking enough extra credit which means they’re being dragged down. We can’t allow you to continue into the next year of your education unless you pick up some extra credit classes.” he explains.

She stares, “But sir, I’ve already spoken to you about this before and you said it was fine for me not to take any. I don’t-”

“It was fine.” he agrees, “But your disability affects everything and not every employer will understand why you couldn’t take even one.” He pauses, “I understand that it’s difficult, which is why I’ve compiled a list of extra credits which have no reading or writing involved.” He assures, producing a sheet of paper and handing it to her.

She scans through the list, woodwork, instrument and dance. “There are only three options.” She says with no distinct tone of voice, holding the paper up so that he could see; in case it was his first time.

He nods, “All the others were completely full and I was unable to get you in, but, if you do even one of these, you’ll have enough extra credit with consideration to your condition they won’t expect anymore.”

She shuffle in her seat again, leaning against. She takes a deep breath, frowning as he finger taps against the arm of the chair. “Just one of them?” She asks, holding her index finger up.

He nods, “Only one.”

She crosses woodwork off her list angrily with a black biro as she walks down the school halls. Mr Kim kicked her out of his class after she nearly chopped off his finger despite the fact that she warned him he might get hurt. He had then promptly kicked her out of his class and told her never to come back even though she told him she needed the extra credit.

She crosses instrument off her list because learning a new one requires reading notes and sheet music, something she finds beyond difficult. That left dancing. So she makes her way towards the dance room but doesn’t dare step in as she watches these trained dancers throw themselves across the room in the most silk like motions she’s ever seen. She knocks on the door, loud enough to be heard over the soft music and Mr Kang looks over. He points to her, “You’re late.” he states as she awkwardly shuffles into the dance room.

The dancers are stretching, lunging, bending their bodies at unfathomable angles, “Sorry I was-”

“Never mind.” he interrupts, waving his hand, “Go to the back and try your best to follow.” He says, not patronising but clearly not happy to have a beginner in his class.

She drops her bag to the floor in the corner of the room and shoves her hands in her hoodie pocket as she moves to the back of the square formation of students. She knows some of them and feels a hand on her shoulder, “What’s up buttercup?” Taeyong asks, wriggling his eyebrows.

She scoffs, “Not my grades apparently.” she mutters, bending down to reach her toes, “Mr Lau said I have to take an extra credit class to bring them up.” she explains.

Tae crosses his arms, “So you chose dance?” He asks incredulously.

She feigns offence, “What does that mean?”

He points to her, “the last time you danced you nearly took my eye out.”

She glares, “You were in my way!” She cries.

He rolls his eyes, “Why not do another extra credit? Something, I don’t know, safer?” He asks.

She raises an eyebrow, “The only other options were woodwork and instrument.” She explains.

He raises his arms, “And you still chose dance?”

Their relationship was interesting to say the least. On some level they hated each other, on another they were friends and on a final one they were neither but they were the only people who understood each other. The only ones who were perfectionist almost to the point of it being crippling and overworking themselves.

She glares at him. “Leave me alone.” she snaps, “Why are you even talking to me?” she asks suddenly, “You don’t even like me.”

He shrugs with a small smirk playing on his lips, “You’re fun to annoy.”

Mr Kang suddenly claps his hands and the students fall silent, “Okay class, get ready!”

Johnny rubs her back as they stand in the queue for the burrito truck only opposite the school in the freezing cold. Her breath comes out in a fog of mist and she wraps her arms around herself in her faux fur coat (Hyeri got it for her birthday.)

“-And then while we were dancing, he wouldn’t stop laughing at me. He kept saying I was doing it wrong and then everyone was staring at me and Mr Kang made me go to the front of the room and it was so embarrassing because everyone saw how bad I was I hate dancing!” She snarled through grit teeth, “I hate Lee Taeyong.” She adds as an afterthought.

Johnny laughs shivering as well, “He’s not that bad.” He assures.

She haves her arms, “Did you not hear anything I just said! He’s horrible!”

Johnny shakes his head, “You’re just annoyed you had to pick up an extra credit.” He points out smugly as the line moves forward.

There’s ice on car windows and a hint of possible snow in the perpetually grey sky. She wrinkles her nose, “Of course I’m annoyed, The Director said I wouldn’t have to- and my grades are fine.” she assures.

He rubs his hands together and breathes into them, “At least you don’t have to read or write in dance.” He mentions.

She huffs, “You make me sound like an idiot.” She mutters.

He rolls his eyes, “You’re dyslexic, not an imbecile.”

She doesn’t reply, only watches the stream of students that walk to and from their Art school carrying bags and books and shivering in the cold. She can see the window to the dance studios where the dancers swirl elegantly without stumbling and her hand balls into a fist. “I need to pass this class.” she finalises.

Johnny nods, rubbing her arm, “You could always practice? Heard it makes you perfect.” He smirks.

She nods, glancing back to the window and she smiles, “You’re right.” She mumbles, “You’re right!” She cries suddenly and he jumps, staring at her. “I need to go practice.” she announces with a gleam in her eyes that he can’t place.

He raises an eyebrow, “Right now? Don’t you want a burrito?” He asks, pointing to the truck.

She shakes her head with a smile, “Give it to Ten, tell him I’m sorry and I’ll skip on movie night.” She yells as she begins to cross the road.

Johnny huffs, “He takes things better when you say them.”

“You’re dating him!” She cries incredulously and then laughs, jogging towards the Arts School and sprints up the stairs through the large oak doors.

She was suddenly filled with this new motivation, like she’s had sixteen cups of coffee and she’s running on a sugar high. She runs past Hyeri who doesn’t even try to stop her but just shakes her head at her friend’s antics and laughs when the walking disaster nearly trips over a newly cleaned floor.

She spends the rest of the evening in the dimly lit practice room with her hair scraped back into a bun and clear determination in her eyes. She falls one, twice, seventeen times and each time she sighs and gets back up. The soft music never ceases in the background and it’s dark outside but she glares at the mirrors before her, leaning against the ballet bar as she tries to steady her breath.

There’s sweat that drips down her forehead but she just wipes it off with the back of her hand and takes a sip of water. “What are you doing?” A voice echoes through the room.

She stops abruptly as she sees Taeyong reach out and turn the music down. She places her hands on her knees and shakes her head, “Do you need the room?” She asks breathlessly.

He frowns, cocking his head and drops his bag to the floor. “Yes.” he states, almost derisively. She nods, walking to the end of the ballet bar where her bag is situated. She takes another gulp of water and then swings the bag over her shoulder slipping on her shoes. Her hair is stuck to the sweat on her neck but she doesn’t care. “Your balance was off.” He states, walking towards her.

She frowns, “Why do you care?” She asks.

He rolls his eyes, “I don’t.”

And she walks out, not sparing him a second glance and he watches her leave with a slight smirk on his lips and curiosity in his eyes.

But he doesn’t say anything.

It becomes a routine. She has the room until he turns up, but sometimes he let’s her use it a little longer, watching her dance. His gaze is unnerving and scrutinising and every time he  makes an offhand comment about her balance or the position of her feet, he’s right. But she tells him to leave her alone.

This goes on for two weeks, until one day she turns up and he’s already there. “Oh.” She stops in her tracks, “Are you using it all evening?” She asks, itching her head.

He shakes his head, “No I just need to do some work but I can’t concentrate in the library.” He pauses, “You can dance, I won’t tell you when you’re doing it wrong.” He assures.

She scoffs, “So considerate.” she mocks.

He settles in the corner of the room by the music player with his laptop on his outstretched legs, a pen between his teeth and deft fingers that sort through various sheets of paper. She stands in front of the three large mirrors, her fingers wrapping around the ballet pole and she tries her best not to stare at him out of the corner of her eye.

Her phone connects to the speakers automatically and she presses play on on a softly melody and closes her eyes, taking a deep breath. “You’re doing it wrong.” Taeyong speaks up.

She opens her eyes to glare at him in the mirror, “I haven’t even started yet.” She says derisively.

He shrugs, “You’re already doing it wrong.”

She narrows her eyes at him, “You said you wouldn’t comment.” she points out.

He holds out his hands like he gives up and turns back to his computer. She shakes her head and sighs, turning back to the mirror. He back is straight and she tries to practice the move from earlier that is honestly too complicated to describe. But she loses her balance and nearly falls flat on her face.

He doesn’t say anything.

She does this three more times before she sighs in defeat, “Okay, what am I doing wrong?” She asks out loud.

He glances up and uses his pen to point to her legs. “You’re not bending your knees enough.” he states. She frowns, attempting to do so but he grunts from his spot on the floor, placing his computer to the side and standing up. “No not like that, you need to spread your legs.”

She rolls her eyes, “And how many girls have you said that to?” She asks reflexively, and then her cheeks flare up; she had not meant to say that out loud.

He breathes a laugh, “Hilarious.” he says sarcastically as he stops next to her. “Look-” he starts pushing her hands further apart on the bar, “You’re too tense, you’re making yourself too small, you’re supposed to take up lots of room otherwise this move doesn’t work.” he explains, tapping the back of her knee with his pen. “Feet apart.” he states and she follows his advice.

“God why is it so difficult.” She mutters.

He almost laughs, “It’s not hard, you just haven’t studied dance before.”

“Yeah, so it’s hard.” She states derisively.

He shrugs, “Well, now you’re doing it right so why don’t you try the move again.” And she does, and she nails it. He claps and it’s surprisingly sincere while he smiles knowingly, “See you can do it, just have faith in yourself.”

“Thank you for believing in me.” She says mockingly like she’s in a movie and he breathes a laugh.

The sun sets behind the grey clouds until it’s almost pitch black outside and frost begins to form on car windows as they spent the rest of the evening practising the dance Mr Kang has assigned them to learn and perform by the end of the term. She falls down four times and every time he helps her up. The fourth time however, they fall down together.

She drags him down when she trips and he hold onto her waist in an attempt to balance them but instead they just fall on top of each other. And like the typical movie scene this happens, their breathing heavily, staring into each other’s eyes.

She wants to kiss him. Fuck she really wants to kiss him

He hovers over her, “Maybe we should stop?” He whispers. But she doesn’t know if he means dancing or staring.

He swallows, tearing his eyes away from her and crawls to his feet. She shakes her head, not saying anything as she tries to regain her breath. There’s a silence where he doesn’t know what to say so she swallows and slowly sits up, “I still haven’t got it right.”

He grunts in disapproval, “You’re going to injure yourself.” he states, waving his hand in dismissal.

She leans back on the balls of her hand, “So are you.” she points out because she knows he’ll stay in the practice room until 5am if he has to.

He shrugs, “You’re an actor, not a dancer.” he pauses, smiling slightly “I’m also better than you in general.”

She rolls her eyes, crawling to her feet and resting her hands on her hips, “You’re a dick.”

He just cocks his head to look at her with softer eyes that she’s ever seen, “Go home buttercup.” he says quietly, “We can pick this up tomorrow.”

Johnny frowns, “So he’s not as bad as you thought?” He questions.

She shrugs, leaning back on the couch and shutting her eyes, “I don’t know. He’s being nice for now.”

Johnny pauses, “He’s honestly not that bad, just a bit rough around the edges.”

She waves him off, “Yeah yeah whatever.”

She realises that because she’s been spending so much time trying to pass this fucking extra credit, that she’s let everything else slide out of priority. It’s not until she’s back at her dorm about to fall asleep that there’s a sudden pressure that begins to crush her chest as she remembers the essay she hasn’t done, the song she hasn’t written and the lines she hasn’t memorised.

And this is how she finds herself in the campus library at 4 o'clock in the morning with the biggest cup of coffee she’s ever drunk before, still dressed in her pyjamas and lugging around some of the thickest textbooks in the library.

She nearly falls asleep twice, struggling to read the books that she’s seen other breeze through and almost decides to live as a nun before she feels her phone vibrate against the desk. She picks it up, barely noticing Taeyong’s name sprawled across the screen.


“Why are you in the library at quarter past four in the morning dressed like a tramp?” He asks unceremoniously. She looks up from her textbook and glances around the empty room. “Stop craning your neck like a giraffe I’m not there.”

She frowns, turning to look out of the window behind her. It looks over the courtyard and to the other side of the school where the dance studios are and she can see him standing by the window. He’s got a short sleeved white shirt and clings to his body and tracksuits that hang low on his hips. She swallows, maybe too loud because she sees him cock his head, “Cat got your tongue buttercup?” He asks and even from a distance she can see him smirk.

She rolls her eyes, “Hilarious.” She sneers, “but do you want to tell me why you’re practicing at 4 o'clock in the morning?” She questions.

Even though they’re on opposite ends of the school, both occupied and prioritising aspects of their lives that are objectively driving them crazy, they still seem to have the energy to converse like they’re normal human beings. “You know why.” He states.

He’s a perfectionist, just like her, that’s why. But at least she knows when to stop, when the nights of two hours sleep and the dead man walking act start get old and she pulls herself from this cycle of self destruction he’s gotten so used to.

There’s a comfortable silence as they stare at each other from a distance. She cocks her head, “Breakfast?” She asks.

He smiles, “Yes please.”

And her heart beats faster than the speed at which he runs to meet her. (Not that he shows he made any effort and she thinks the sweat is from all the dancing).

He takes her to a quaint out of the way cafe that surprisingly seems to be open so early but she doesn’t complain because she needs an escape from the Seoul winter that halts its threshold at the door.

They sit in a booth by wall, right underneath the heating and the waitress hands over two menus. Fuck. She opens it up and suddenly she’s bombarded with letters that muddle into incoherent sentences and words that don’t make sense- she’s getting a headache. “Are you okay?” He asks, noticing how pale she’s become.

She waves him off, “Yeah I’m just cold.” she pauses and he looks up.

He can see her eyes narrows and squint and he notices her swallow nervously. “Seriously, what’s wrong?” He asks again, sighing and folding the menu.

She doesn’t look up, “Nothing.” He kicks her leg, “Ow what the-”

“What’s wrong?” he repeats.

She glares at him, rubbing her shin, “Screw you that hurt.”

He rolls his eyes and before he can say anything, the waitress stops by their table. “What can I get you both?” She asks softly.

He hands her the menu, “I’ll have the ham and cheese toastie and an espresso.” He turns to look at the woman opposite him, “Same thing?” He asks.

“I’ll have the…” she pauses, struggling to read. She holds the menu out to the waitress, “What’s that one, I forgot my glasses.” She chuckles airily to cover the heart that pounds against her rib cage.

“That’s the full English breakfast.”  the waitress informs.

“Well I don’t want that.” She’s glaring at the menu, “Have you got anything with avocado’s and-”

“She’ll have the same as me, with avocados.” Taeyong interrupts, snatching her menu and handing it to the waitress. The waitress nods, walking away and this time she kicks Taeyong in the leg, “Ow what the-”

“That was so embarrassing why did you do that?” She demands angrily.

“Do what?” He frowns.

Her mouth gapes open, “Do what? I’m dyslexic I’m not illiterate!” She snaps and then her eyes go wide and fuck he knows now.

But he doesn’t act like he’s shocked or like he’s just found out. He shrugs, “Yeah I figured, you don’t wear glasses, that’s why I ordered for you.”

She stares at him and then shakes her head, “You’re unbelievable.” She scoffs, picking up her bag and storming out of the cafe. Something drops in his chest and he tries not to let it show but his heart is in his throat and he thinks he’s just fucked up.

She’s doesn’t turn up at the practice room for a week after that. She stays at her dorm, forcing herself to concentrate on the upcoming school play she’s starring in- she needs to memorise these lines perfectly because she cannot afford any mistakes.

It’s late one evening and she’s in the school theatre, alone, just after Johnny left to meet Ten for dinner. She’s seated in the middle of the stage, her head in her hands as she stares down at the script. “Why Mr… Ba… barrel?” She pauses, “Fuck; barrow.”

“You’re doing fine.” A voice calls.

She recognises it straight away but still glares through the stage lights into the seats to find him. He sitting in the second row, his arms crossed. “What do you want?” She asks.

He ignores her, “Read it again.” He orders.

She frowns and then sighs, realising he’s not going to leave. She looks back down at the script, “Why Mr Barrow you… in…com…pet…” he can feel the frustration radiating from her body.

“Breathe buttercup, it’s just you and me.” He assures, standing from his seat and walking to the edge of the stage. His shoulders barely reach but he folds his arms and rests his head in his hands, watching her carefully.

She swallows, “You’re staring.” she points out.

He grins, that million watt grin that makes her legs shake and he cocks his head, “I like the view.” she breathes a laugh but he can still see the hurt in her eyes. “I’m sorry about what happened.”

She shrugs, waving him off, “It’s fine.”

“It’s not.” He says strongly.

“It’s not.” she agrees, “But hey, the world is still spinning on its axis and you and I are back to normal.” she shrugs.

He frowns, lifting himself onto the stage. He kneels in front of her and pauses. “What if I want something different?” his voice is quiet, like he’s trying to hide from her.

This time when she looks up, there’s something in her eyes that says she doesn’t quite understand or doesn’t quite want to. She swallows, her heart in her throat and her palms sweating so she rubs them on her jeans. “Something un-normal?” she frowns.

He breathes a laugh, “I mean-” he starts, shuffling closer until she can smell pine needles and fresh air and he tucks a strand of hair behind her ear. “Do you want to get breakfast?” he asks. Her heart nearly drops, but he keeps talking, “You know, after we spend the whole night together.”

She smirks, “Doing what exactly?”

He smiles, “Not being perfectionists for once.” he shrugs, “Pizza and beers in front of your shitty T.V. while we watch reruns of some drama. We can dance in the kitchen at 4am like we’re completely free.. Maybe we’re both a little bit naked, but we can work towards that.”

She laughs, “So you’re asking me out?”

He pauses, “Was that not clear?”

She laughs again, her eyes clinking and her nose wrinkling. He likes her laugh. “No it was clear, I was just making sure I wasn’t dreaming.”

He cocks his head, “So that’s a yes?”

She licks her lips and nods, “That’s an absolutely.”

He nods, trying to hide his smile. He shakes his head, “Come on buttercup, these lines aren’t going to memorise themselves.” he assures, picking up her script.

And they spend the rest of the evening laughing and dressing up in funny costumes. They dance on the stage but they’re not naked and it’s not 4am but he’s okay with that, as long as she smiles like that he’s okay with anything.

now that i’ve been sitting on desperate times thoughts for a few days, some guesses about the last two eps this season:

  • i’m torn about deaths.  we’ve had so many near misses in the last 2 seasons–it feels like the show is due for one.  but among the hephaestus crew, there are so many unresolved plotlines that character death would be thrown out the window
  • i think a death among the SI-5 crew is more likely–specifically kepler.  kepler’s had such a stranglehold on both crews that his death would shake up the power structure, and unlike j&m he hasn’t had anything resembling development.  j&m get focus episodes, build relationships, go through emotional trauma–kepler has  been Faux Affably Evil Douche Man since he stepped onto the hephaestus
  • if someone from the hephaestus crew dies, i think it would be hilbert–but i don’t think he’s going to die.  if anyone from the hephaestus crew kicks it, it’ll be in the last couple episodes of the series imo
  • i think it’s more likely that we get a big reveal with the alien contact.  is lovelace an alien?  is jacobi?  hell, we may even get answers about box 953–the knockout gas and the line that triggered eiffel’s memory was a callback to that episode (roughly: ”you can’t solve all your problems by knocking someone out, doc”/”people keep saying that, and yet my problems keep going away”)
  • also possible: the urania is knocked free of the hephaestus or rendered nonfunctional, extra trapping the crews together.
  • also also possible: the hephaestus crew (+ possibly j&m) somehow discovers that kepler knew about first contact in the 70s, and possibly find out goddard’s real agenda.  because we still don’t know that.  we know it has something to do with lovelace; we know it’s not about discovering aliens, because they’ve made first contact.  but the mini-episodes keep hinting at something big.  the season finale would be a good time for the crew to find out what that something is

Thank you gift for @ladykaguya for the Gargoyle Scepter skin she gave me with one of her extra Black Lion tickets.  <3  She didn’t ask for anything in return, but I wanted to do something esp cuz I’m dirt poor in game, and her Sylvari, Lady Kaguya is gorgeous.  Lady Kaguya is also an incredible artist, and her recently restarted GW2 blog deserves a look and lots of love.  

Now that I’ve taken a turn to paint something in a looser painting style, back to commissions!  The next one is is such a super cute idea and I’m very excited!  

Painted in Painttool Sai and Painttool Sai 2, on my Surface Pro 3.  (PTSai 2 is amazing, I just need to move all of my brushes and textures over but I’m lazy).

If you like my art, please support me by reblogging it!  Also, please don’t forget to vote 5 stars for my painting in the Guild Wars 2 Fan Forge here!


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Hi there! I really love your analyses of VK, and was wondering if you could explain Kaname's motivations? I've always found it hard to understand who he was and why he was doing things, from killing purebloods as an ancestor, to deciding to protect Yuuki, then back to trying to eliminate the purebloods? It doesn't have to be anything long (of course unless you want it to be!!) Thanks!

Aww well thank you! I can certainly try. In my opinion, Kaname is a lot like Yuuki. In the first arc, everyone painted her as this bright light of their life, a selfless person who would do anything for the people she loved, and while this wasn’t entirely untrue, Yuuki eventually revealed to Zero that she had ulterior motives for getting close to him - she wanted to become the person he was dependent on, so that she wouldn’t be alone. She does the same thing with Kaname in the second arc, when she wonders if it’s wrong to want someone by her side so she doesn’t have to spend eternity alone. 

The reason I bring this up in relation to Kaname is because I believe he was guilty of the same thing. A lot of his fans would say that Kaname loves and cares about humans and wanting to protect them, because he only took a little of their blood in the village while he was the ancestor, because he was researching a way to kill purebloods, because he wanted to become the parent metal and later finally did. But, like Yuuki’s caring for Zero, Kaname’s concern for the humans was mostly a front for his real motive which I believe was to end his own eternal life because of his inability to accept who he was. That’s not to say he didn’t also have concern for the humans during this period, just like Yuuki obviously did still care for Zero. But he had ulterior motives. Kaname’s research on how to kill purebloods came before the purebloods got really bad, which is why the Ancestress interrupts him and says that she doesn’t believe his research will be necessary. Specifically, Kaname was using himself as the guinea pig and figuring out that only a pureblood could kill another pureblood. This is how he came upon the idea to become the parent metal, which would require his life.

I mentioned Kaname’s inability to accept who he was and I think his Ancestor days are really what highlight this. Rather than joining the other progenitors, Kaname chooses to live among the humans, hiding who he really is, sneakily taking their blood in the middle of the night with syringes rather than using his fangs. When they discover what he did and call him a monster, he doesn’t deny this claim, and it is this view of him standing alone as they force him out that reminds Yuuki of Zero. I think it is because she recognizes the self-loathing that comes from being a vampire when you’d much rather be human. Later, the Ancestress questions him on not taking a blood slave yet, and says something to him about forgetting how to use his fangs, the exact same phrasing Kaname uses with Yuuki during the period where she refused to accept her vampire self. Again, a parallel is made between Kaname and a character who struggled with vampirism. 

Chapter 64 shows Kaname’s past through his own perspective, and there are three things he highlights. His research into killing purebloods which would require his own life, the Ancestress using her own instead which I believe created resentment in Kaname’s heart, and Kaname’s memory of the humans perception of him as a monster and the question that I think was a continuation of the Ancestress’ words to him, which is how many times he asked himself why he was born this way.

Kaname did not want to be a vampire. He did not want to be a pureblood. He romanticizes the idea of being human and pictures it as a life full of sunlight and happiness, in comparison to Yuuki’s view, which is that being human allowed her to experience happiness but she was also weak and powerless and a burden to those who cared for her. 

(More behind the cut.)

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Thank you for the lovely message, Anon!

It really means a lot to me, to know that Robin has helped you out when that black cloud surrounds you. She helps me a lot, too. It’s the reason this comic even started. I was in a losing battle with depression. That cloud filled my vision for years. And…I needed to see someone pull through it.

So I drew what I wanted to see. A cute, loving romance. And someone like Robin, who fights through her depression. Someone who took a risk to talk to that cutie at the comic shop. Someone who tries her hardest, and hey, sometimes it doesn’t work out, but she tries anyway.

I’m glad Robin and the rest of the gang help you out. Let’s keep pushing away that dark depression cloud! If Robin can do it, so can we!

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Are you seriously using his ''love'' for Junko as a legitimate, actual reason for him to be bi? It was just his hope/despair thing as well as brainwash, not genuine love for God's sake. ''he never admitted feeling attraction towards anyone in SDR2′s canon'' How about you go do his FTEs or Island Mode? Or are you going to ignore those parts of the game? Why do you feel the need for Komaeda to be in a m/f ship with a girl he felt no romantic or physical attraction to?

If everything was about hope/despair then his attraction towards males was just because Hinata and Izuru had a lot of hope too. I NEVER said he felt genuine love, just that he was attracted to her.

Yeah, of course I did his FTE, no way I’m ignoring those. This is everything he says:

He never says “I’m in love with you, Hinata.”, he states that he’s in love with his hope and that’s it.

Why does shipping happen then? Oh, fuck, if they didn’t show canon attraction shipping is wrong? 

…’Feel the need to’? Are you meaning it like I feel I need to ship Komaeda with a female for the sake of heteronormativity? I hope you’re not being serious.

calmisgood  asked:

The word of the day is.... 'golden' Have a wonderful day!

okay.  AU where Harry finds a stray golden retriever wandering around his neighborhood. It’s all scruffy and dirty and doesn’t have any tags, and after much chasing and struggle Harry manages to coax the dog into his car and get it over to the humane society.  He’s like all harried, and bursts through the door with this wonderful, overexcited dog on the makeshift leash he made out of a very pretty scarf, and then trips over his feet even more because of the extremely good-looking young man who is working behind the desk.  

It’s Louis, of course.  And Louis takes one look at Harry and bursts out laughing and says “you’re a cat person, huh?” and Harry blushes as he tries to keep the golden retriever from snout punching him in the face out of affection, and he’s like “I mean, I like dogs, too…” which makes Louis laugh even more.  

And even though Harry is more of a cat person, he’s accidentally gotten attached to the dog.  He keeps checking back in over the next few weeks, to see if anyone claimed it, and when he comes back to officially adopt it, Louis asks him on a date!!! 

Summary of IE Ares Livestream 3

This one is a lot more enjoyable than the last one because the QA section is just funny and Hiroto’s seiyuu (Mizushima) is cute in general. I will say important things first about the outer code ep

Keyword next ep: “That person” finally returns…!

- In the old setting, Hiroto suppose to be Hitomiko’s older brother but now Hino changes it to her younger brother (Mizushima: it is The word of Godddd).
- Aliea gakuen changes to Eisei Gakuen
- The main theme of conflict happens in the team is “Conscience vs Scum”. I WAS LAUGHING SO HARD. Because Hino totally calls real Hiroto “kuzu” aka Scum, he was not implying anything or sugar coat anything at all. And I love this. “Looking forward to the drama between Tatsuya and Hiroto”, he said. I love how they keep Tatsuya’s personality anw.

Mizushima: but then you think about it, in original, he (Hiroto’s father) loves the son so much, but now he becomes like this.
Mo-chan: Yeah, it’s probably sad to a father like him when seeing his child like this. (hmmm…..)

- For the poll this time, we decide the Zeus’s uniform, and probably you guys already know what won so…Hino comments that A is simple, B is fashionable, C gives you an “aqua” vibe (because of the blue), and D is the most god-like.

Hino: you guys finally do it seriously
Mo-chan: Hey hey, everyone always does it seriously.

- Guest this time: Hiroto’s seiyuu!!! And then Hino makes him watch a Kidou episode that has nothing to do with Hiroto, nice.

- QA this time is fans sending question by imposing someone/something. We got Gouenji, Kidou, and then there is a fucking soccer ball.

NO BUT SERIOUSLY I LOVE THAT SOCCER BALL QUESTION. I cant remember clearly but it’s something along the line:

Soccer ball: I tried so hard…and people using me with destructive hissatsu, which hissatsu do you think is the most destructive to me?

Hino: *shows a picture of Gouenji kicking the ball and the ball screams “It’s hurttttt”* Fire Tornado.

QA: *imposing Kidou and Gouenji” Who is better, your sister or my sister? Hino: What is this? A siscon’s showdown. Anyway, it’s a tie (you just plays it safe, pls Hino) 

 Then there is qs about Gouenji hair and using wax….which Mizushima also comments that Tatsuya also uses wax when “henshin” (transform) into Gran…LMAO. AND HE KEEPS COMMENTING GRAN USING WAX WHEN WATCHING THE SCENE. 

 - I’m kinda ‘awwww’ when they show a scene where Tatsuya shows himself as Gran to Endou, and Mizushima is just “Im sorry, Im sorry, Endou-kun”. He laughed so hard when the scene “I like your eyes, Endou-kun” is showed though =]]]] 

 MIZUSHIMA LAUGHED AT EVERY DAMN SCENES where in ie3̉, Aliea gakuen people changes their names to their real name. Because he thinks it is funny. 

 For a little note: I’m not translating any interview for Ares anymore. Firstly, it is just a recap, secondly, it’s harder for me to read (it is easier for me to listen). I may or may not keep doing little summary like this, depends on whether I’m interested in it. I sometimes seeing people translating stuff from my tumblr into their languages. Feel free to do so without asking me, but please give a little note of where you have taken it from. (“Credit: mirikitakato”, like that). Thank you. I hope it sounds reasonable.

The weekend is almost here woohoo 😙✨A bunch of my prints are being restocked on my estore, (like in my bio ☝️️✨) since it got cleaned out last month 😱💞 One print is “Beyond the Rainbow”. She is especially close to my heart ❤️ She came at a time I was feeling so emotionally and artistically drained, when it felt like my art almost wasn’t for me anymore. 😔But she broke through those feelings and began a whole new style for me! My rainbow 🌈 children 😊💖I’ll never forget how liberated I felt when I painted her and how terrifed I was that people wouldn’t like her 😅I learned a lot about myself during that time and how art needs to be created from the soul no matter what the risks are. ✌️ And now I feel like this year has also been a turning point for me with my art and that I’ve found so much joy in sharing it. I’d love to hear your stories about how my art has affected you!!😍😊 because I think art connects us 💞#camilladerrico #popsurrealism #popmanga #poppainting #rainbow #colorful #art #artwork #surreal #beautiful #heart #oozing #colours #colors #beauty #anime #manga #connected #emotions #stories #oilpainting #daretobeyou #truth

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I've been following your blog, and it's amazing!! But I'd like to follow more Sonic blogs. Can you suggest more Sonic blogs to me?

Feel free to let me know if you already follow any of these blogs. ^^

@greenyvertekins knows damn near everything about the Sonic franchise - she ain’t known as the Sonic Encyclopedia for nothing - and she’s always capable of backing up her opinions no matter how popular or unpopular. She also loves the titular character of the series, so if you love the Blue Blur himself, you’ll probably love Verte’s posts about him. ^^

@benignmilitancy can provide a lot of analysis to what she has to say, and she makes some pretty great fanart too. Like Verte with Sonic, Benign loves Shadow, so if you’re a Shadow fan, you know where to look. And the sheer bubbly nature of her blog has a tendency to cheer people up, at least from my own experiences.

@kaotickanine is a loyal fan of Cream the Rabbit, and with that he has a lot of very interesting opinions about many things in the franchise. He also has a very creative side.

@nuttyrabbit is another person who can always back their words up. Most of Nutty’s posts relate to the Archie comics, so if you like those comics, then all the more reason to have a look.