Wanda going in your mind and seeing that your worst fear is Pietro not loving you

Wanda: Y/N, you…you like my brother?

Y/N: I’m sorry, I was going to tell you, but I-I didn’t want to risk your and I’s friendship. 

Wanda: You and Pietro dating and making him happy will only make me love you more. He’ll be so happy.

Y/N: I make him happy?

Wanda: He’s never been happier, my soon to be sister-in-law.



Pietro: REALLY?

Wanda: YEAH, I WENT IN HER MIND AND SHE LOVES YOU SOOOO MUCH! Just as much as you love her.

Pietro: Really?

Wanda: Really.

So the beginning scenes like when they first get yearbooks is really cute as far as lucaya friendship. Lucas and Maya are talking and just look like they are having fun idk. I hope Lucas and Maya develop a friendship tbh. There was a really cute topanga and Katy scene and Katy realized she had strong feelings for Shawn. Going into the whole Maya being Riley situation. Riley changed her image bc she was voted most likely to smile herself to death so she became kinda goth. Farkle also changed his image into a cooler person. Maya becomes perky Riley to get original Riley back so she can fix farkle. As she is playin Riley she realizes Riley doesn’t like Lucas on an emotional relationship level but doesn’t want to hurt her feelings so she doesn’t say anything. Farkle is the character that doesn’t change back. The message in this episode is by faaaarrrr my favorite message in an episode. And they didn’t put a lot of clarification in the lucaya win so I hope they come back to it. Make sure u tune in on Friday so ratings are high!

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Do you have any Steve & Soda friendship headcanons? (I'm Soda trash... And I just really love Steve & Soda's friendship.)

- Met at the park in their neighbourhood when they were in elementary school. Darry took Soda there. Steve was there alone throwing pebbles into the fountain

- Steve frequently tried to nudge / kick Soda awake when he’d fall asleep in class

- Soda once playfully towel whipped Steve’s ass and he was so caught off guard that he impulsively whipped around and punched Soda in the face and then was just like “O fuck o fuck sorry” 

- Soda shotguns when Steve races 

- Soda shotguns when they take their girls out on dates and the two girls have t sit in the backseats lmao 

- constantly roughhousing like they are 8 years old 

- Soda would ask his mom to pack Steve lunch sometimes because Steve’s mom would be so busy or withdrawn she’d forget too

- played strip poker with each other for fun and Soda lost so Steve made him run down the street naked 

- tells Soda that he needs to stop coddling Ponyboy “for his own good”; Soda always brushes him off 

- Steve never wonders what it’d be like to have a brother because Soda is it for him

-  Steve got Soda his job at the DX

- Steve has only ever cried in front of Soda (up until the moment he sees Dally gunned down & can’t hold it together) 

- constantly challenging each other and being competitive over dumb shit 

- when they’re not on the same team when the gang plays football, they are always riding each other’s asses and trying to tackle one another

- when Steve’s dad kicks him out, Steve usually doesn’t take any clothes with him, so he’ll borrow Soda’s. he has a few of Soda’s shirts at his house 

- Soda is constantly giving Steve advice about Evie / telling him when he’s being a stubborn asshole 

- Evie complains/rants about Steve to Soda while Steve is just sitting there rolling his eyes

- they can both go 0 to 100 real quick, so when one of them is too worked up, the other will try to get him to CHILL (it’s usually Soda trying to get Steve to chill)

- Soda has blasted music while Steve’s been trying to sleep off hangovers on his couch. He’ll start singing to Steve and annoying the fuck out of him until Steve just groans, gets up and chases him out the door, tackling him on the front lawn

- losing Mrs. & Mr. Curtis was a huge blow to him. they were like the parents he never had. 

- Steve loves Soda’s sugary chocolate cake the best 

- Soda gets drafted, so Steve enlists. He isn’t gonna let him go to the jungle alone

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how do you always end up picking such good reads?! it seems like you never come across a dull book... what's your secret? do you get recommendations from people or just have good intuition about books?

i’m really nosy about what other people read!! in the tumblr/goodreads age it’s not difficult to do but yeah – find people either online or in real life (or both!) and just stalk their intellectual development. share things with them; they’ll share things with you; go back to your respective corners & read. some cultures call this friendship

other things for picking up stray book recs: seeing who is nominated for prizes, both longlists and shortlists  (pulitzer, nobel, orange, booker, et. al), reading the footnotes of academic journal articles you like, reading interviews (especially “the art of ___” interviews in the paris review) of authors/artists/public voices you like, following “public intellectuals” (such a silly phrase but i can’t think of a different one) on twitter, keeping an eye on the pageturner section of the new yorker, reading lithub regularly, asking professors and teachers what they read.

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I feel like red coat will probably be cece but if that's the case I'm kinda confused cece going after Alison I can understand because they have a werid history but cece going after the rest of the girls I don't really understand because as far as we know the rest of the girls have no real past together

Charles doesn’t have a past with the girls either. That’s the thing. It’s almost like it’s all by association. Like they’re only going through this because of their friendships with Alison. I can’t fathom why all these people are going after the girls. Not this viciously. I think it’s awful. I’m thinking about what Andrew said when he got released from jail about how the girls will graduate just because everybody else wants them gone and I feel like that’s kind of true and it’s terrible because the things these girls have done are literally only because this person is making them and it’s tarnishing everything about them, nobody ever believes them. I think even know there are probably some cops on the Rosewood PD who probably don’t buy the story about ‘A’. 

These girls are somehow the most hated girls in Rosewood and there’s never really been any reason why…

          At this point u should expect nothing but comic sans and memes from me. I’ll make a new one when I actually have the time to do it, but I really wanted to get this out. ANYWAY the meme-like banner isn’t what’s important here. I’ve seen a lot of people doing stuff like this?? The positive thing with people roleplaying the same character as us and I think it’s a lovely idea considering all the feelings that comes with roleplaying the same character.

We have a connection, an indescribable one and I think we should embrace it in the form of friendship or support for one another. Besides let’s be honest, 2 is always better than one, so just imagine a shit ton of them!? So! Here this is, just like the Lydias, Stiles’ and Jacksons, here is a Legion of a ton of lovely and amazing Liams! Please reblog if you want to be added <3


timebcmb ofholes

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They have always acted like friends when the cameras are not on lol it's always been like this. They worry when the camera gets on

That’s true, and I totally agree with you. Man I am so freaking happy to see their friendship coming back to life though. Like when during their surprise video message when L put her arm around C, pulling her into their group. Like it’s nice seeing how L’s concern for making sure she felt apart of the celebration was more important than her fear of people being delusional. Same for C. I just really hope people don’t get crazy and potentially ruin this newfound comfort between them. They have such a beautiful friendship guys please let it live. 

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Possibly you'll know who am I... But, you say you're alone and I get it, but it's different. You have a lot of people who wants to be your friend. For example, I've writing you for months and just like a week ago you read my messages. And I know there's more people like me trying to be your friend. I don't have people like that in my life, no one wants to be my friend I never received support messages like you do, I mean, you can have friends, I just think, you don't want them or something...

I’m sorry but I actually find this really rude.
You don’t realise, nobody ever fucking talks to me anymore unless it’s convenient for them. Nobody ever wants to spend time with me, I put all this effort into friendships & it’s all for nothing. I am alone, I cannot tell you the last time I went out with one of my friends. I spent majority of my time alone. Of course I want friends.

Yeah, people on here want to be my friend but I’m sorry but it is a totally different thing. Internet friendships aren’t real life things & people usually get sick of me after 2 conversations.
I receive support messages because I have 65,000 people following me.

I don’t even know why I’m bothering explaining myself to you & I do know who you are & I’m kind of really hurt.

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I love how in the Rocket League videos it's pretty much non-stop apologies and compliments between Sips and Sjin, those two are such buds sometimes it's amazing

They mesh so well and their friendship is honestly the cutest thing. It’s a shame we’ve had to go so long without them playing anything together, but they always come back like nothing has changed and you can tell they genuinely just enjoy each others company. Like you said, they really are the best of buddies and I’m sure they always will be. ^-^

I don’t want a husband, wife, or other.
I don’t want marriage.
I don’t want kids.
I don’t want sex.
I don’t want a boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner.
I don’t romance and all that.
I’d be fine with cutesy things.
Like cuddling, hugs, cute nose and forehead kisses.
But I don’t want to have to call that person my boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, or other variations.
I just want someone I could spend the rest of ny life with.
But not through marriage.
I want a best friend for life.
A really close best friend.
I want a friendship as strong as Dan and Phil’s.
As strong as Tyler and Josh’s.
I just want a friend to spend the rest of my life with.
A friend who doesn’t care about sex.
Doesn’t care about starting a family.
I want someone like that.
But I probably won’t find someone like that.
Not with my luck.

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Meghan and phil are friendship goals/ a new platonic ship af. (They kind of look like siblings just a bit tho??!

i could see that a little yeah ! (especially since meghan has naturally brown hair)

that video really was so cute wasn’t it ~ i’ve wanted to see them collab again for such a long time and i love love love seeing phil make videos with other friends bc i feel like different sides of his personality come out that we don’t normally see :’)

I’ve realised I’m really not bad at making friendships at all, I’m just terrible at cultivating them. It’s like I have a giant geenhouse full of dying flowers but I only visit it to add a new plant.

Did my happiness plan really work this month? #July

Well, July’s plan was mostly about staying home and doing stuff by myself for me and others. 

I made lots of friendship bracelets for me and my friends. Making stuff to make others happy is always a good way to feel good about yourself and fix your mood. I liked staying for two hours or more making them and just listening to music. Maybe I won’t make as much in the next months’ plans  but I will definitely make some whenever i’m in the mood or want to clear my head. 

Also I decided to cross stitch for the people I love and the look on their faces when they saw what I’ve made for them was seriously the best. Cross stitching mostly helped me when I was freaking out about my relationship. It may not make sense bit knowing that every stitch will connect between four dots and then that’s it, this helped me calm down knowing that i’m in control and that there’s no mess, only squares and dots. I will definitely keep cross stitching my feelings for the rest of the year. 

I moved in about a year ago and I never had the time to put the stuff back on my wall till this month. The wall isn’t done yet so that’s something to keep doing for the rest of the year. I didn’t make me happier though, but at least it made me busy, and I like it when I have no time to think about my problems. 

Being kind instead of right was a little bit theoretical for me. I mean I can’t remember aa time when I actually remembered this and acted nicely instead of insisting that i’m right. but to be honest I was mostly nice to everyone this month. Being nice never failed to fix my mood so that’s something to keep doing.

I forgot to practice the love everything and everyone part of the plan. And I also was too lazy to meditate this month and always came up with excuses not to. I will keep trying and hopefully next month I won’t be as lazy. 

July was fun, I got an A- on my graduation project, got a job, my friend got married, I changed my hair color, I hanged out with friends and family a lot, I tried the metro for the first time, and I finally found a close place that make the best veggie burgers! 

I can’t be more thankful and grateful for the people around me and what I have. I’m truly blessed and I’m so happy I got this far and I now able to appreciate everything around me. Life being hard on me before was the best way to teach me to appreciate it when it’s a little bit better and to learn that happiness is earned and working for it is totally worth it. Still not quitting and I will be sticking to the plan till December. 

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1. what I first noticed about them

The first thing I ever heard about Bangtan was about Rapmon talking black actually, and it’s one of the reasons I kinda avoided getting into them for a while. I also noted that their rapper’s stage names were silly.

2. what I like about them

I’m not actually super into Bangtan at the moment but I do really love their music and I like that they’ve been growing musically and finding a more unique sound rather than just trying to do the typical hip-hop boy group debut song sound that they had back in the beginning. I also like Jimin and Taehyung and their friendship, it’s amazing and precious!

3. where they are on my bias list

They’re in that category of groups I used to stan hardcore but right now I’m not really keeping up with them although I kinda pay attention to what’s happening and am happy for them when they do well.

4. unpopular onion / what i think their flaw is

Oh man, I have a lot of unpopular opinions about Bangtan but I’m gonna restrain myself so I don’t make people too mad. If you wanna talk unpopular Bangtan opinions, message me privately and we can talk unpopular Bangtan opinions.

But to name one or too: Namjoon gets too much attention compared to the other members and it’s very frustrating to see him get a mixtape with multiple music videos plus multiple featurings and stuff while Jin’s still sitting at 9 seconds a song. Yes Namjoon is talented but so are the other members and I think it would be better to promote the group more as a group or at least more evenly rather than just push Namjoon. 

Also Jungkook gets too many parts in Bangtan’s songs and Jin gets too few.

send me an idol/artist and i’ll tell you

I suspect I may be the first friend my ex-madame has really opened up to as an adult, and I can’t begin to explain how much it blows up my heart, like “yes, bitch, tell me about your weird-ass feelings, it’s TOTALLY COOL, I’ll even tell you about mine and it’s awesome and normal and the emotional equivalent of grilled cheese with tomato soup for us BOTH and rock the fuck on, I love you no matter what” and it’s just so hearts-for-eyes emoji, man, like I feel so honored and proud of her?

I know it’s really shitty for me to think like this, but I can’t help feel like I’m an accessory to people’s friendships. I’m not the friend people call first to find out if there’s anything worth doing. I’m the pity friend that gets invited because people feel bad. I’m always there but I don’t feel involved, I lack personality, interesting things to say. I just sit at the outside of the circle and when I do try to talk I get interrupted or talked over.

I wanna make a blanket fort and sleep the entire day away and maybe make personal connections where I don’t need to pretend to be someone else for it to work.

Or maybe just smile more

The following account is a 100% true story, not made up at all, I promise:

                So Maya and Kait were walking down the road one bright, summery day when they stumbled upon something that would change their lives forever. Literally stumbled, I mean—Kait, being the clumsy fool that she is, tripped over her own two feet and took Maya down with her as she fell to the ground.

                But like freaking destiny, there they were: two bright blue strips of fabric just at eye level of the two clumsy idiots, two pieces of fabric screaming to be picked up.

                So, thinking that they were just two really pretty friendship bracelets, the girls picked them up after they got up, brushing the dirt off their jeans first. But as soon as their hands touched the two braided beauties, they knew.

                These were no ordinary friendship bracelets. They were powerful, ancient objects—and magical ones. Strung with thread of every color blue known to mankind, they were beautiful, and were meant to be used for doing good. They could grant wishes, create rainbows and puppies and sunshine, and just generally make people super happy.

                So from that moment on, Maya and Kait spent their lives doing good. Clad in their matching friendship bracelets, they spent entire days granting wishes. Sometimes it was something as simple as poofing a puppy into existence for a little girl on the playground, other times it was something more serious, like making Destiel canon.

Yes everyone agreed that that was their most impressive work of good. Especially Cas and Dean.

                THE END 

submission by defiantcastiel


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positivity: suitsofarmor

suitsofarmor for the positivity meme:

REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! MAH REE!!!! The mama cat to my aunt bun. Here have a gif of us, tbh.

Too old and too tired for all of this shit.

Ree is talented and thoughtful and opinionated and I adore her. She’s such a strong person and I admire her so much. But even though she’s really strong and more than capable of handling herself, I’m still really protective of her. She deserves nothing but the best and she doesn’t always get the best and that makes me just want to hurt everything that even thinks of hurting her.

There’s a lot of shit Ree and I bond over- like grief, how you all are such little baby cupcakes on this site, and our faves are unfairly dead, jealousy even when we know better. It makes for a pretty strong bond and friendship tbh. She’s definitely one of those people where I want to promo her all the time but also want to keep her to myself because I want all her time and attention. She’s just such a good person and great friend and a wonderful RP partner, like I’m getting really emotional just thinking about it.

As for her Elijah, lbr, Ree is definitely one of the best out there. She’s so fucking careful and thoughtful and detailed. Every movement, every action, is thought out and based on careful consideration of canon. She’s really living in Elijah’s head and it makes every interaction emotional and deep and real. I always hear Elijah’s voice in my head at her replies.

If you aren’t following her you should be. If you aren’t her friend, you should want to be. If you’re a dick to her, you better knock it off because she’s really the last person who deserves it.

I was talking to my friend today and she was like “I’m not saying you should
dump him but you seem really unhappy” and u kno what? she’s right. I’m miserable and I probably should. he’s my friend but sometimes friendships just don’t work out, no matter how much the two people want it to

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Hey! Alan for the character ask-a-ma-bob! :)

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with:  No one really.

friendship them with:  Kayo, Bros. Ect ect.

general opinions: OMG an Alan that’s not just likable! One that’s freaking adorable!!!!! I get that some people still don’t like him, but c’mon! This incarnation of Alan is a SIGNIFICANT improvement over his previous ones.