Okay, but can we honestly just give it up for The Flash writers? Because I don’t think I’ve ever seen Barry so openly sexual or confident in any of his previous relationships nor Iris so vulnerable and goofy, and this is a true testament to their friendship and the close bond that they formed growing up together. Honestly, the writers/producers could have really messed up their finally getting together like we’ve seen in so many other shows, but they really showed the closeness of these two just in how they communicate and have literally no walls up around each other. It’s beautiful.

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The guy I called my best friend doesn't care about me anymore but I'm still in friend love with him and I don't want him to be shallow with me. Would you please write something about that for me?

Friendships don’t just die
They can’t really age
Murder however
Is all too commonplace
So let me ask you
Please reply to my face
Why must you insist
On finding axes to raise
When I open my mouth
To offer you praise
Or a joke you would like
If you weren’t snapped
from old ways
So please, old friend
I care much for your smile
I miss it so dearly
Your grimace beckons bile
So why don’t you remind me
Once in a while
That friendships don’t die
And I’m not gonna be here
For you forever
So don’t waste my time.

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This is just out of sheer curiosity, but how do you two know each other? When I first started listening to the podcast, I thought you might have met through the show, but you keep referencing knowing each other for 17 years! I really admire your cross-country best friendship, especially since I'm about to graduate my undergrad and all my best friends are about to scatter in a similar way. If you don't mind sharing, how did Clarin come to be? :)

We met in college! I (claire) was a sophomore and Erin was a freshman. This was like, I think, 2000-2001? There was a cluster of people in Erin’s friend posse who were in a play that I wrote, so I got to know kind of the whole gang after that, and then the next semester I ended up moving into their dorm section, and we just clicked immediately.  If there’s such a thing as falling in friend-love with someone at first sight, that is how I felt about the girl in the olive khaki military surplus jumpsuit with an encyclopedic knowledge of The Monkees and Jane Austen.  She was just immediately my favorite person.  It really happened that fast. 

We were best friends all through college, and then she and her husband Jordan (also a friend of mine; I actually met him first) moved to Portland for a few years after they got married, so we got to see each other a lot.  Jordan’s best friend lives in Portland too, so there were a lot of years of beach trips and game nights and hanging out at our favorite bar drinking flaming Spanish coffees. 

A lot happened in those years; Jordan and I both lost parents.  It was really hard for a long time being so far apart for such a long time; Erin flew out to Portland in August 2015 to see my play, and we’ve seen each other twice since then - I was there last Thanksgiving and then she was here last May for her birthday when we got tattoos and interviewed Mike Beach - but before that, I think we hadn’t seen each other for at least four years, which was AWFUL.

One thing that’s been really amazing, though, is how the show and the podcast have like brought us even closer together, in a crazy way.  When you love someone so much but you’re apart for a long time, it feels like every time you talk you have to like cram everything in and do all the big life stuff - marriage, career, family drama, life, etc. - and all the little day-to-day stuff that really forms the foundation of a relationship can sort of be hard to keep up with.  So after S2 ended and Erin was like “Claire I’m hooked on this show COME BE HOOKED ON IT WITH ME” we were like Gchatting nonstop while I binged the first two seasons and exchanging HUNDREDS  of emails and talking on the phone for HOURS, and I know this might sound kind of silly but like this show had had such a huge impact on our relationship because it was this big fun thing we could share together.  And then the podcast being like a project we took on together that keeps us really connected all the time has been amazing.  It’s still like so, so hard to live this far apart, and we’re both 35 and you hit a point where you’re kind of like “…. unless a miracle happens we’re probably not ever going to live in the same city again.”  And there are times when that’s really difficult, because we love each other such a ridiculous amount.  But we also feel really lucky that we hung onto each other for this long.



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Hey, so I'm kinda watching Skam backward (season 3 first, then 2, then 1). And I'm up to ep 3 & not loving season 2 so far? Like, I know most people hate William and all, so I was prepared for that. But I was looking forward to all The Girls interaction, because that friendship group literally gives me life. But so far, I just see Noora being bitchy? Maybe I am just really susceptible to Vilde's kicked puppy look, but I'm starting to really not like Noora... is it just me? Or does it get better?

Hey! well, a lot of people don’t like noora in season 2; a lot of people love her. it really depends on how you interpret her actions and whether or not you think they’re justifiable - season 2 is super controversial because it explores the extent you can be asshole, how your internal struggles affect other people’s lives, etc. etc. its easy to see both william and noora as inexcusable assholes - and its easy for other people to relate with them let out a big sigh of relief and think ok they’re not THAT bad and obviously THIS excuses THAT, etc.

not only that, but we’re seeing everything in this season from noora’s point of view. i really do think that the reason that noora can come off as unlikable and  'bitchy’ is because noora doesn’t like herself sometimes (as we all can relate to i think), and thinks that, yeah, she’s a bitch sometimes. those ‘kicked puppy looks’, not only from vilde but also from eskild and from william, all contribute to noora’s increasing dislike of herself and intense guilt. we’re meant to feeling what noora’s feeling - go through those cycles of happiness and sadness and guilt and fear all with her, just as we did with isak in season 3. so every time she does something bitchy, i think we can assume she recognizes it, too. not that that excuses any of her actions. or maybe it does - depends on the person watching.

so, i get why you could hate her, and i get why you could extremely relate to her and love her, and i get why you might be somewhere in between. i say stick through this season; the ideas that come up are actually pretty important, the subplot is worth it, and i personally really really loved all the interactions between the girls. your opinion on noora may change, or they may stay the same, but that’s a good thing about skam: you don’t have to like anyone. you just have to try and understand them.

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*hughughug* I've had some of the exact same friendship things. I'm so sorry. Do you have a drink of water handy? <3

I do. I’m drinking water and hugging a red panda plushy. It hurts like an ache. I was tagging her in things hoping for some kind of connection and it’s like I lost a part of myself months ago but I didn’t really realise it until today and my heart is broken.

I guess I know why she never mentioned the presents I sent now.

I know I’ll eventually be ok and I’ll look back on what she added to my life and just be… Ok. But that’s a while off I think, I used to have a big kind of… Queerplatonic, I think is the word? Some kind of crush but not crush… It was a complex friendship, or I thought it was. I’ll always love her and wish her the best. O guess we both changed.

Thank you for being so nice to me, and any others that have been nice to me during my mini meltdown. I don’t lose friends easily.

tbh like…….if they’d ever shown clary to actually have romantic feelings for simon before now cl.imon could be really cute?????? like if she’d always been into him and we’d been shown that but we never did, we were always shown that she just sees him as her best friend and it now feels like she’s rushing into something and convincing herself she wants it because it’s a distraction from the jace mess ??? and i really don’t blame her for trying to move on in any way she can but if it drags on for too long it could seriously damage their friendship and i hope that doesn’t happen


One of the best friend-breakup songs ever. It really evokes the celebratory, yet petty feeling that arises when you finally release yourself from a friendship that is not characterized by love and acceptance. It also is wonderful in how it portrays friendship with respect and intensity that romantic relationships typically get in songs. It makes me think of the Nosedive episode of Black Mirror for all these reasons. 

You claw, you fight, you lose
Got a doll that looks just like you
Remember when we used to say
“I love you” almost every day
I saw a light in you
Going out as I closed our window
You never liked me anyway

I don’t see the light I saw in you before
And now I don’t, and now I don’t
And now I don’t care anymore

Baby, believe me
If you had every chance
You’d destroy everything you love
If you don’t need me
Just let me go

You hate, you bite, you lose
After all, I just don’t like you
It’s nice that you say you like me
But only conditionally
Your voice, it had the perfect flow
It got lost when you gave it up though
‘Cause you want money
You want fame

I don’t see the light I saw in you before
And now I don’t, and now I don’t
And now I don’t care anymore

Baby, believe me
If you had every chance
You’d destroy everything you love
If you don’t need me
Just let me go

Baby, believe me
I don’t know how many times
You destroyed everything that you love
If you don’t need me
Just let me go
Baby, believe me
I don’t know how many times
You destroyed everything that you love
If you don’t need me
Just let me go

Why I love SnB

ok yeah so one reason I really appreciate Sinbad no Bouken is because it makes Sinbad seem human. We get to watch him go through what everyone goes through- the sacrifice of innocence in order to achieve a dream. And we watch him ask himself just how much of this innocence he’s willing to sacrifice for his dream. Whereas in Magi, especially in the latest arc, all we’ve really been shown is the god-like, untouchable Sinbad. To us, the other characters, and Sinbad himself, he’s just an ideal. But in Sinbad no Bouken, we watch as he experiences humility through defeat, grief through loss, and happiness through friendship. I think this is the Sinbad we all needed to see to fully appreciate the final Magi arc.

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for the put a character in my ask box meme: Scott Summers

My otp: no matter how unpopular it gets.. 

I’ll always love Scott and Logan…

My most hated pairing: adult scott and young jean (or vice versa) … that marvel even hinted it pisses me off so much
My unusual otp: I always say Matt Murdock so uh.. spider-man

Both adult Scott/Peter and young Scott/Miles but mostly the second one
My crossover otp: Scott and superman ! 
My brotp/friendship otp: Scott and Jean tbh,,, they had a really good run but sometimes you just arent meant to be with your childhood sweetheart forever, doesn’t mean their love isnt real or deep.
Character headcanon: he knows what color his sweaters are and genuinely likes them
A Gif that shows how I feel about the character:

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I filled in a shipping chart for classicaloid today, and it got me in the mood to do one for boueibu too. So I decided to redo the one @rinharumakotoreinagisa made years ago. With some adjustments… XD

As always Ioryuu is listed as THE OTP.

Just below-TP is Kinshiru x Madoka, or as me and @fillyrika call it, kindoka.

Like last time enatsu and akorima are listed as ships I enjoy too. This time Yumoto x twins got added to the party as well. I added a purple heart because I like having brotps too. PINK BROS BRING SUCH FEELS! I love it when the pinks get along. And season 2 really showed how great En and Ryuu’s friendship is, and I like them as a possible ship too. 

I only enjoy ibuen in fanart, which looks surprisingly hot.

thing that i really like about legends of tomorrow

while sara is portrayed as being v sapphic, she still gets to have a legitimately deep friendship with kendra. i dunno, that just seems pretty big to me? i haven’t seen a lot of wlw characters get to have platonic relationships with other, non-related ladies and it’s nice.

I was in a bad mood, then I doodled Akaoi and now I’m not in a bad mood anymore. magic °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

the first one is just kinda there, possibly 3wl-verse … the second one is like from a fantasy AU tho. in which Keiji is a prince with really destructive magic powers and Tooru (as well as Iwa, who in this universe serves the main purpose of stopping Tooru from getting into all kinds of shit, so pretty much like in canon) were assigned to guard him (read: watch over him because his adoptive family doesn’t trust him). for the longest time he doesn’t use his powers in front of him so Tooru’s like “he’s not scary at all tho??” then one time the two bodyguards get captured and Keiji raises hell.

things that make me happy

-fresh fruit
-me gf
-looking down n seeing me hairy legs!!!
-tea: making it drinking it buying it slurping it inhaling it u name it
-when my friends randomly text me asking how I am!!!
-watching my friends perform slam poetry
-seeing my friends be happy n in a good place
-when me gf gets really stoked because the sun is out
-when my mom laughs at my jokes. or when she laughs in general. or smiles.
-when my brother and I are on a roll and our humour syncs
-when i move things around in my room and it just….feels better
-waking up after drinking and not feeling sick, not feeling hungover, just a lil bubbly
-pastel pinks + purples
-tea….but this time ICED. that’s my shit y’all!!!
-did i mention my gf? not 2 gay but like….shes great
-my friendship !!!!! all 10 years of it!!!
-comics! but esp the ones w/ good representation/diversity. esp esp the ones w/ muscular women (insert sunglasses emoji right here pals)
-knowing that as a social worker, I will be making a difference in peoples lives while doing something so right and integral 2 who i am, ya know?

post things that make u happy and tag me in it plss,,,if u wanna

things i loved about moana

-chief moana, not princess moana
-david bowie crab was fab
-moana and maui putting their hair up in BUNS while doing shit like wow that’s such a little thing but so realistic
-moana cried A LOT and i loved it like it wasn’t really ever a “helpless princess moment” where they cry because it’s the low point of the movie. she cried when she was happy, when she was sad, when she was angry, when she was confused like a lot but it was just really nice to see from someone who cries like 24/7
-the music holy shit
-like from the opening song my jaw dropped it was just so beautiful
-stingray grandma every damn time was beautiful
-sassy beautiful ocean
-moana and maui’s friendship
-te fiti and te ka are AWESOME

Just a lot of good shit honestly go watch moana

People be like:



And I be over here like….

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My favorite trope in the miraculous ladybug fandom for fanfiction is when Adrien Knows™ that Marinette has The Crush™ on him but he’s still an awkward cup of butter and he doesn’t know how to actually handle it bc he just wants to be “Friends” and
“no Nino I do not have a crush on Mari I just think she’s super cool and I want to have the Friendship™”
“wait why is she laughing at what Nathanael said, my puns are funny, oh golly gosh she sure is cute when she laughs”

“Oh boy a lot of Ppl have crushes on her, I can see why…I mean I DONT have a crush on her but I mean she is really pretty and super nice and did you see how many freckles are on her face? Even the sun loves her! Look at all those sun kisses….I’m a little jealous ….”


“I just want her to like me..wait no I mean I want her to like-like me..WAIT! I mean I know she likes-likes me bc she has the Crush™ and I just want her to like me so we can be talk and be friends bc I like her and NINO STOP LAUGHING YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN”

And finally they become friends and its him just spending all this time being in denial about his crush on her until Adrien looks at her one day and she just gives him The Smile™ and his heart does the Thump-Thump-You-In-Love-Bud™

“Nino, I have made an error”

About ships

Boy and Girl: *blush at each other*

People: it’s canon.

Two boys: *blush at each other, hug, think about each other all day, hold hands, stare at each other lovingly, dream about each other, share lots of intimate affectionate moments*

People: look at those bros! Such strong friendship!

People: *brush hands with friends of the same gender* no homo!