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Share your thoughts, please!

They’re all kind of all over the place tbh. I’ll try to put them together.

But like other than the obvious that people have already pointed out regarding the difference between the way Louis is with Bebe vs how he’s been with anyone he’s been romantically linked to, it’s just really so lovely to see him interact platonically with women.

I’ve always loved how good he is with fans who for the most part are usually female. I think a lot of it is due to the fact that he was raised primarily by his mom and also having all those sisters. He’s so comfortable around women (again when we’re talking platonically). But it’s something we rarely get to see. When he’s with friends it’s his lad crew which I don’t doubt are real friends, but I DO doubt they’re his ONLY friends. I just really like what female friendships bring out of him. There’s this gentleness, this caring nature. Again probably the Big Brother to a Million Sisters thing. I just want to see more of it!

Real talk, Nadia and Asra are /that kind/ of BFFs.

-Asra would be like, “NADI, NADI!! BEST FRIEND!!” whenever he sees her from a distance

-Nadia would muse about his soft hair, running her fingers through it /all the time/

-Of course they would talk forever in a day about all the exotic places they’ve been

-And of course they would talk major junk. While drinking Asra’s tea. Tea while tea.

-Nadia would invite Asra to her chambers to do yoga. ((Asra and Nadia in yoga pants👀))

-She would also invite him over for sleepovers. They would sit criss-crossed on her bed while weaving bracelets/patterns. They would totally have silly hair ties and bows in their hair. Also they would try to do each other’s make-up.

I,,,,,,just really like the concept of their friendship. It’s so pure and it probably hurts Asra that she doesn’t remember,,,

I think my favorite part so far of Buff Frog’s little arc with finding out what all is going on with The Corn is that he’s completely against Mewmans (not in a ‘let’s cause war’ sense so much as a ‘they’re dangerous leave them alone’) and he’s never shown as particularly liking Mewni or the Butterflys (for obvious reasons) but then he’s just like “Star? Yes, Star. Must warn Star. Star is taking care of my babies while I go out and find food. Marco too. They are friends.”

It’s almost like he’s forgotten she’s a princess. Now-a-days she’s just Star; his babysitter/possible-godparent for his little tadpoles. 

Like he went from “STAR IS ENEMY” to “Star take my babies I must warn Star Star and Marco are good people.”

I feel like he’d be the one monster totally pro her reign later on, too, ‘cause he feels he can trust the future of his babies to her.

I want a friend who is as passionate about movies and literature as I am and we can go get coffee and brunch together then go to a bookstore and talk about our favourite books and then go see a movie and talk about it after

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Honestly, I just really like T's & H's friendship. I think it's lovely that they want to hang out and work together still. It's a nice thought; seems like they really did enjoy working together in Skam. I like friendship 👍🏻


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I hope this isn't weird? I just see you and Kim (ilostmyshoe) reblog from each other and I know you post stuff on the coven blog, and I just like really love your friendship??? You two seem like you have fun together!

Not weird at all, Nonnie! @ilostmyshoe-79 is so supportive and friendly - when I first had the opportunity to get to know her I had such a bad case of hero worship - have you READ her stuff? But at the end of the day she’s just a great, bubbly person and I’m honored to be her friend (and sometimes writing/idea partner)! And I’m so glad you enjoy the camaraderie as well!

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You don't ship hanjoo anymore, right?

When I say I ship two people in kpop I don’t mean it in your typical sexual or more-than-friends kind of way. When I “ship” people I mean I just really like their friendship and they way they interact together. So by your typical definition of shipping, no, I don’t ship Hanjoo. I do however love seeing them together and being the close friends that they are. Friendships like that warm my heart.


InoSakuKarin roommates for you~

Tension could only be found in the tightness on the guitar strings Karin kept behind her closet door since seventh grade. Nothing else about her living situation fed the rigidity of her mind. Not the rent, the location, and certainly not the pale blond beauty she had been working alongside for over two years now.

No, she and Ino had been friendly partners at the firm for long enough to know and respect the space of each other. After moving in with each other and living so well in the same place, Karin was almost forced to admit she got along well with Ino.

Ino’s longtime childhood best friend who had started living with them last month was a different story.

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Hey, I was wondering if you ship Stucky romantically? Not really bc I do or I don't, I'll be fine with either. I don't know, I just really like the dynamic of their friendship a lot, and I'd like to see it flourish it what it once was (or something similar) before what happened happened. But if people see it in a romantic light, I can really see why. I think I just sorta prefer the friends!Stucky more, wbu?

listen, anon….i ship Stucky in every way there is. Romantically? I ship it. Platonically? I ship it. Soulmates AU? I ship it. Friends to Lovers? I ship it. Coffee Shop AU? I ship it. AU where one of them is a proton and one of them is an electron and they are destined to pass each other but not meet bc a meeting could be explosive? I ship it. AU where they are both teachers who share a classroom door and keep each other entertained through the window in the door? I ship it. AU where they have always been each others lives, in every life, from the beginning of time, they find each other no matter what? I ship it. Pick a scenario and as long as neither of them die, I ship it. 

I remember seeing this post about how people think Newt is more likeable than Harry as their main character and let me just say I agree with this 100%. (I am not bashing on Harry or the original HP series at all. I love that series. It was a huge part of my childhood. I just associate personally with Newt more.)

- Newt is a Hufflepuff.

Not your traditional Gryffindor/Slytherin. Not your “Houses of bravery”. And this guy tries to protect all these mystical creatures, tries to save Credence, exposes Grindelwald in the end, and then Obliterates a whole town in a very simple, non-evasive way. Further proof that you do not need to be in Gryffindor to put change into the world. (* We did have good Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw characters in HP, but let me reiterate: they were not the main character.)

- Newt is socially awkward.

 To the point where I was told, “that Eddie guy’s acting is weird”. NO. This is his character and he is playing him 100% immersed, beautiful, and flawless. He was expelled from Hogwarts. He has spent most of his time with creatures, and therefore can interact with them better than people. He cannot even hold eye contact with people. (I personally HC him as autistic. Mystical creatures = special interest. But that’s my thoughts.)

- Despite being socially awkward, Newt befriends a No-Maj and protects him.

Adding this as another point. Because he had no reason to keep Jacob around. Jacob (thinks that) he knows that, and that is also why he’s so stunned when Newt says he’s his friend. Newt had multiple times that he could have Obliterated him; he had no reason to believe that a No-Maj could help him at all (especially when said No-Maj let his creatures out in the first place.) But he doesn’t; he brings him along, he protects him to the best of his ability. Also keeping in mind that Newt knows No-Majs are not meant to know about the existence of magic.

- I just really like Newt and Jacob’s friendship, okay?

Personally, having trouble with any kind of interaction myself, if I’m making friends, it is either 0 or 100%. Either I would rather not or YOU ARE MY NEW FRIEND I NEED TO LOVE YOU. (And thus, smother. Guh) Newt taking on Jacob as a friend so quickly when it’s so very clear he doesn’t do friends well is so important to me. (And of course it’s a No-Maj.) (And of course it’s very important and surprising to Jacob, too, who is that No-Maj and now has wizards! of all things! calling him friend. But this isn’t about Jacob. I’m talking about Newt. I could talk about Jacob for ages, though, seriously. Don’t get me started.)

I’ve seen so many people saying that they identify with Newt and that’s spectacular. Here’s a MC that shows us we can be strong even if we have our character flaws. We can accomplish things without needing to be the most brave. We can have empathy for those that others do not, we are all able to become our own brand of hero even if we seem unimportant or awkward or prefer the company of animals to humans.

Also here we have an MC who DID NOT KISS his intended love interest when given the chance, oh my God, my ass also stood up and cheered when they didn’t kiss because we. do. not. need. protagonists. making out. in. every. MOVIE. Heroes do not need to be in a relationship! They do not need to kiss! They do not need a significant other! (Because I also HC him as asexual.) Now I know he gets married and everything but he did not kiss her he did not need to but at the end of this movie, he is content to go back to his own life with his creatures without a partner. (And even if you get married and have sex doesn’t mean you’re not asexual.) That made me so happy but that’s just more a personal opinion than anything else isn’t it

Newt is just a spectacular character.

Why I ship Bumbleby

Ok, so with the ending of volume 3 and the wait until volume 4 ahead of us, I’ve been reflecting on why I ship my OTP. Just as a warning, this post is going to get very long. And there are major spoilers ahead of you haven’t finished watching volume 3 yet. Oh, and I’m just going to be sharing my thoughts on scenes that immediately come to mind, so not every Bumbleby moment will be included (I apologize in advance). Also this might not be all that well organized…I can’t really tell if it’s organized enough or not lol. Feel free to share your thoughts and stuff. I take interest in other people’s opinions! c:

Ok, enough rambling. Time to talk about Bumbleby. Under the cut since this is a super long post.

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“I don’t understand why you love to put your arm on Haruka’s shoulder.” Sousuke said absentmindedly, watching the Iwatobi Swim Club prepare at the other side of the pool. “That kid’s a twig.”

That kid is the same age as us and you are stupid,” is Rin’s childish reply.

“No, seriously,” Sousuke frowned and glanced at Rin. “Why him?” He went back to watching the other team stretch. “Look at Tachibana’s shoulder, dude. That looks-” He stared. And stared. He might also be drooling. “Uh,” He cleared his throat. “Comfortable. They’re broad and you’ll be comfortable.”

Rin glared at him. “Yeah?” He raised an eyebrow. “Comfortable? You sure that’s all?”

“I’m pretty sure you don’t want to hear what I’m thinking.” Sousuke retorted, grinning. “Actually, nah, you’ve probably figured it out.”

Rin just groaned in exasperation.

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Imagine Steve realizing that he has a crush on Maria, who reminds him of the points he loved most about Peggy. Imagine Maria making an exception for shy, dated Steve because he's nothing like the douchebags she works with on a daily basis. (I just really liked the Steve and Maria friendship fics and I figured they could be a bit more with just the right nudge.)

He notices her eyes first. They have the same determined look that Peggy’s had – intense and hardened by the male patriarchy she’s been subjected to but still soft and caring. He notices her lightning fast instincts and razor sharp wit next. He marvels her ability to be commanding and the way she fills a room with her presence. Lastly, he notices how well they work together. Fighting side-by-side with her reminds Steve of how it was when he and Peggy fought together. It wasn’t until after the Chitauri invasion and they started working together more that Steve realized his awe of Maria Hill went deeper than just professional feelings.

He hasn’t been this nervous since he climbed into the pod right before he got the serum. 

“Can I help you, Captain?” Maria asks, not looking up from her papers.

Steve shuffles his feet and transfers his weight nervously. He opens his mouth but no sound comes out. He tries again. “I-uh…well,” he clears his throat. Maria looks up from her desk expectantly. “So, I was, uh, wondering, if you’d like to, uh, go out some time?” he finished in a rush.

Maria smiles and flushes a little. “Well, I don’t usually mix business and pleasure, but I think that can be arranged, Captain.”

Steve smiles, letting out a breath of air he didn’t know he had been holding. “Friday night. Eight o’clock. I’ll pick you up. And call me Steve.”

Maria laughs at something Steve says. “Well Steve, this was a lovely evening. I never expected that you’d go for a movie and milkshakes.”

“What can I say? I’m an old fashioned fella. Gotta treat the ladies right,” he says with a smile.

“You’re so different than everyone else. If you were any of the other men from the office, he’d be trying to get in my pants from the get-go.”

“That’s no way to be a gentleman,” Steve says, stopping in front of her apartment. He looks down sheepishly. “I’d love to do this again.”

Maria smiles. “Me too. It was a nice change of pace. Want to come in for some coffee?”

“I think it’s best if I don’t,” Steve tells her. He leans in and places a soft kiss on her cheek. “See you on Monday.”

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18 platonic Darcy/Tony (if you're feeling shippy by all means go for it I just really like their friendship)

“This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.” 


The excitement in his voice almost made her groan.

“NO! It’s called sarcasm, Tony.”

“This’ll be priceless! Give me one good reason why you refuse to participate.”

With a sigh, Darcy turned from her computer to count on her fingers.

“One- Sam just barely forgave me for Thor breaking his favorite pair of goggles last month. And that was only because I promised him I wouldn’t get involved in another prank war that would wind up affecting him, his gear, or our apartment.” 

Tony opened his mouth, but she held up another finger before he interject.

“You know Clint will take it there if he found out I was involved. Two- Me joining your efforts would technically pit the labs against the other side, and Jane threatened to banish me from tumblr in the lab for a week if anything like the puce-goo fiasco ever happened again.”

He snickered, no doubt feeling proud of the horror that day had been, but Darcy was nowhere near laughing about it. That stuff was sticky. And had taken forever to get out from under her nails after she’d had to wash her hair ten times in a row. Her split ends were still recovering.

“Three-Your idea is childish, bound to fail, and way below my level. I refuse to lower my standards for this.”

His eyes narrowed and he slowly sauntered closer.

“Them’s fighting words, Lewis.”

She rolled her eyes as she turned back to the computer.

“It’s the truth, Stark. You only wish you had my pranking game.”

“Prove it.”

She ignored him.

“I repeat, prove it. Show me why my idea is so stupid.”

“You’ll just try and steal one of my ideas, which would still get me in trouble. So, how about no.”

“What if I finally got you and Birdbrain: the Sequel’s apartment hooked up for surround sound again?”

With a purposeful squeak of her chair, she slowly spun back to face him.

“I’m listening.”

“The offense that you blew your speakers on Justin Bieber aside, I’ll repair the damage if you show me some of the ideas you have on getting Barton back for this morning’s hijacking.”

She leaned back and raised a brow skeptically.

“And what am I supposed to tell people? You’ve been denying my requests for repairs based on ‘atrocities to the home-space environment.’ If you suddenly do something nice for me and something bad happens to Clint immediately after he got away with one of your suits, there’s gonna be talk.”

He brought his hands to his chest in an exaggeratedly disgruntled gesture.

“What, you don’t think people will believe in my generosity and bleeding heart?”

Her scoff turned into more of a snort.

“I’m offended, Lewis. Really.”

She didn’t say anything, just kept watching him.

“Fine. Tell them you blackmailed me or something. They’re bound to believe that.”

This time a full snort came out.

“No doubt. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that you can’t just prank Clint with my insider knowledge immediately after one of your suits winds up purple and more purple. He’d put it together.”

Tony sighed.

“You have much higher opinions of his observation skills.”

He hurried to finish his argument when she rolled her eyes and began turning back to her computer.

But, I’ll wait at least a week to get him back. That work for you?”

Darcy’s head tipped to the side as she silently weighed her options. On the one hand it could get back to her and that’d be messy. On the other, she was always in trouble and this way she could get back to Friday-night pantsless (mandatory) and shirtless (optional) dance parties with Sam. 

Decisions, decisions.

After a moment she gave a brief nod, and walked over to a nearby metal bookcase that held hundreds of notebooks full of transcribed notes. She went to the third shelf, grabbed the tenth notebook from the left, and brought it back over to her desk.

Tony watched her with interest, but let out a huff when she merely began turning through pages. 

“I thought we had a deal.”

“We do,” she murmured as she turned another page. “I’m consulting my notes.”

“Notes? What kind of notes?”

She hummed.

“Oh, just little tidbits that I figured would come in handy one day.”

He stood over her shoulder. 

“What the hell even is this? TV equals SM divided by PP?”

Darcy glanced at where he pointed.

“Clint likes Sailor Moon over the Power Puff girls.”

“And this matters, why?”

She gave him a calculating smirk over her shoulder.

“You’d be surprised what comes in handy around this tower.”

What she didn’t tell him was that Clint was actually terrified by any and all images of Bubbles, which was amazing for when she planned to redo all of his sheets and bedding in Power Puff theme. However, she was saving that one for later, so she continued to peruse her notes while Tony waited impatiently next to her.

“So you’ve been keeping tabs on Birdbrain: the Original and keeping them hidden in Foster’s work notes?”

Before she could answer, he sprinted over to the bookcase, pulling out the notebook that was next to where she’d pulled the other. 

But after a quick glance, he cursed, tossed it aside and pulled out another one, only to do the same.

“Dammit, why are all of these actual math?!”

She paused to watch the mayhem disapprovingly.

“Tony, if you make a mess of Jane’s notes, I won’t actually help you and I’ll tell her what you did.”

He whirled to pout at her.


“Besides, you couldn’t actually think I’d be dumb enough to put all of my notes in one place when I’ve gone through the hassle of putting these in hard copy and in shorthand to keep prying eyes out.”

He let out a sigh, dropping the last notebook he’d held onto the stack on the floor, coming back over to watch over her shoulder.

“I’m surprised at your dedication.”

She shrugged, turning another page.

“Some have super powers, some have super training, some have super-ridiculous amounts of money. I, however, am the queen of notes, and all should bow before my genius.”

“Yeah, yeah, worshiping you and what not. But are you actually going to give me anything to go off of other than Clint’s opinion on kid’s television?”

“Be patient, oh impatient one. I have to find something good.”

He let out another sigh and settled next to her, tapping his feet in an attempt to bug her. 

After a couple minutes he suddenly stopped.

“Wait, does that mean you have a notebook on me?”

Darcy stopped halfway through turning a page to smile maliciously at him, enjoying it immensely when he twitched.

“Do you really want to find out?”