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You have just put up something about Jay and Alexis? This is how I feel about you and your pictures with essena. It's not an actual projection of your friendship but more click bait. I feel sorry for all the girls that OMG LOVE YOU SO MUCH and I WISH WE WERE FRIENDS and I WISH I LOOKED LIKE YOU and YOU GUYS ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. I don't remember wishing to be anyone when I was 16. Guess that's how it works now.

Really?? Makes me sad that you see it that way… I feel like me and Essena really aim to show the good and the bad times in our lives.. We share sooo much info with you all (compared to jay and alexis) And sharing our friendship was hopefully meant to inspire people to work towards having REAL supportive friends. Friends that bring out the best in you.. Friends that help not hinder. A selfless friendship. Because that’s what Essena was to me! Everything I share I mean…

I would never post about someone just for ‘click bait’ and it’s definitely not that case with Essena. If she had 400 or a million followers it would still be the same. Her followers don’t matter to me. We didn’t originally talk because we were both 'big’ on Instagram, but actually because of our mutual frustration over the 'goals’ label and the impact that 'fake’ accounts on social media have on young girls!!!

I definitely don’t have the time or energy to hangout with someone I don’t even like that much and then post about it on Instagram just for 'click bait’ 😂

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Hi! I just wanna ask if you know about ChanBaek/Baekyeol couple ring?

Yes, I know about the said “couple ring” Chanyeol and Baekhyun wore the same ring and it is said that it is a “Boucheron Quatre Black Wedding Edition” 

of course I was so happy after I saw this but then let us all not jump into conclusions because I don’t think that it is a couple ring, because our handsome maknae here is wearing the same ring that night, so I don’t think it is a couple ring but a “friendship ring” the only thing that I don’t know is that why is it that they bought a wedding edition ring! like seriously? they are giving us (or is it just me?) false hope!! T__T

and also let us not forget this

this is a Luso Wedding ring that said to have waveform of their own voices saying “I do”

Really Chanyeol? what’s with you and those wedding rings?

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Do you believe that 2 past lovers can remain friends?

tbh? No because i tried more than once and it was hard. Maybe if is someone that you just liked, you can remain friends. I find hard remain friends of a guy that you really loved. I have been there, I tried multiple times, It hurt me, it wasn’t the best decision. I mean, you two can still talk but i don’t think if it is the type of friendship where you to go out together or share jokes or secrets or are together most of time.


So that tattoo I mentioned yesterday…Just got back from getting my first tat.  Painful, hahaha!  Anyhow it took 4 hours to do.  I had it based off of stoicshark‘s Echo drawing, but changed slightly (fang added, wings in the up position).  I wanted a pony, but didn’t really want to go with a show one as I like them all, so I went with my favorite Bat Pone as Bats + Ponies = Awesomesauce!

NOTE - Red rings you see in the pic on my arm was a test to see if I could handle the pain of getting a tattoo done :)

Foul - Requested (Calum)

Requested by Anon (Can you do one where you and Calum have always had a love/hate kind of friendship and you secretly like him and he secretly likes you and one day he invites you over to play soccer(football idk) and he ends up falling on you somehow and kisses you and ends up confessing his love for you right there. I’m really sorry if it sounds confusing lol) ENJOY!!!

‘Footie at Calum’s’ Ashton tells you as soon as you answer the door, you shake your head, leaning on the frame, ‘Nope, I told you I have a project to finish’ you tell him, he rolls his eyes, ‘Just drop out’ he sighs exasperated, you give him a blank looking making him laugh, he hopes in smacking your shoulder as he does, ‘Joke’ he laughs jogging up the stairs. ‘Ashton seriously’ you whine running up after him, you see him lying on your bed, his ass on top of your paper.

‘Ashton my work for fuck sake’ you moan, he pulls a face getting up ‘Sorry, but seriously, you need a break, you have been doing this all weekend’ he moans, moving round and opening your wardrobe, ‘I just need a couple more hours’ you tell him, ‘Right, great’ he agrees nodding, he hands you your black hoodie, ‘But first you can have a couple of hours break’ he tells you, ‘Okay I don’t want a break, and I REALLY don’t want a break to see Calum’ you tell him.

‘Shut up’ he shakes his head, his hands on your shoulders turning you to your door and walking you out, ‘We both know you love him, now get your ass ready’ he tells you.


‘Guys I’m gonna have to run, told my mum I would look after Harry and Lauren’ Ashton tells you after checking his phone, ‘What time is it?’ you ask, ‘Half eight’ Calum tells you, you nod, ‘Yeah I should head out too’ you agree, moving over to get your jacket from the outside table. Ashton doesn’t wait around finishing his can he waves, ‘TALK TOMORROW’ he yells already running out the gate. You smile to Calum as you shrug on your jacket.

‘Do we have plans tomorrow?’ you ask him, he shakes his head, dribbling his ball between his feet, ‘Nope, don’t you have your project to finish\|?’ he asks, you nod, ‘I do, that’s what I’m gonna do now’ you tell him, ‘Should have it finished by tonight’ you tell him. ‘Suck a nerd’ he mutters, you raise your eyebrows.

‘I’m sorry, what was that?’ you ask, ‘I said you’re a nerd’ Calum’s right eyebrow rises as he challenges you, his brown eyes on your own. ‘Can you even spell nerd, drop out?’ you hit back, he scoffs, ‘B-I-T-C-H’ he spells out. ‘Wow funny’ you nod. ‘Fuck you’ he rolls his eyes, he jogs off kicking the ball into the goals. ‘Wow tough competition, an open goal’ you tease.

‘Well’ he speaks as he wonders back over ball in one hand as he throws it up, ‘I would play against you but you gotta get that project finished’ he shrugs, you know he is trying to annoy you enough so that you stay to prove him wrong. ‘Yep, because I wanna go somewhere in life’ you tell him, turning and heading for the gate. Your half way down the street, reading a text from your Dad about the football score.

‘Oi, (Y/N) stop’ Calum shouts from behind you, you turn around frowning a little, he jogs to catch up stopping in front of you, ‘Yes?’ you huff annoyed. ‘You know you don’t have to be a bitch all the time’ he snaps, it catches you off, normally your bickering means nothing but he seems serious and it catches you off guard. ‘What?’ you ask.

‘Nothing, it doesn’t matter’ he shakes his head, ‘Forget it’ he turns and head back for his house, you sigh feeling bad, you must have upset him because he has never snapped before, you check the time again before sighing, -Be home late, at Cals- you hit send, to your dad and run after Calum.

‘Rematch’ you tell him as you catch up to him, slowing at his side, he glances down smirking, he nudges you with his shoulder making you smile.


‘Stop dick head’ you growl moving around him again, ‘You won’t be winning for long’ he tells you, ‘Jealousy Hood, green aint your colour’ you tease, his foot slides between yours, you trip on his foot, your leg bending as you fall and catches the back of Calum’s knee and he falls on you, you huff as his weight hits you.

‘Fuck you heavy’ you moan, ‘Yes because this is how close I wanna be to you’ he mutters, ‘I told you. Your shit at footie, fouling a girl to win’ you glare even though he is so close you can feel his breath on you. ‘That’s wasn’t a foul’ he whispers, although his voice is struggling and you realise he is getting close, you look down to his lips, taking in a quick breath and looking back to his eyes, they are on yours, neither of you looking away.

His lips brush yours, and your breath gets caught in your throat, he pulls away a little and you breath before lifting your head to his lips, you move together, you feel the weight of his body leave yours as he holds himself up with one hand, the other moving up to your hair. You lean up a little on your elbow so the position was as awkward, your lips still moving. Until be pulls away. ‘I scored’ he whispers, so close his breath is still on your lips, ‘Cheesy’ he tease making he smile, ‘No, I literally scored’ he tells you look up, you follow his eyes seeing the fall in your goal, you sigh. ‘Game over’ you huff defeated. He smirks down to you, ‘Defiantly game over’ he whispers before pressing his lips back to yours.

From Chelsea

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So I've been with my boyfriend for 7years going on 8. We started off really rocky then things got immensely better. But I'm starting to feel depressed and maybe we're only together because we're used to each other... It's almost like a friendship love relationship. And really the sex has gotten kind of robotic. I don't know what to do I mean I love him obviously and we wouldn't talk if we split up I'm just so lost. God I sound ridiculous. We've talked about it but nothing ever changes. Help?

Maybe you should try having a break from each other and then see if the feelings are still there

I know this is like the least flexible character to do this meme with, but I don’t care – come at me, Instagram! Show me the friendships, show me the crack ships, show me the creative inter-serial ships, use a photo, use a drawing, whatever. I just really wanted to finally try this, so surprise me - I’m prepared for anything. XD 👍

Things I have noticed on social media today:

1.) Im fairly certain some people wouldn’t survive without Facebook being there to ask questions.. Like really “its raining outside, should I go outside and get my stuff hanging out there.” ONLY IF YOU DONT WANT IT TO GET WET?!?!!? 

2.) If you post a picture for attention, I will not answer you. period. Usually even if I’m tagged. I despise them. Why is following rules so hard? How many times must we ask people to not do that because its fucking annoying. 

3.) When people on my friends list randomly start being a camgirl or just randomly start posted naked pictures. Are we that close? I didn’t think our friendship was there. but clearly it is.. I mean, I’m cool with naked bodies and feeling comfortable with yourself, but I really rather not just have that stuff on my dashboard. Then I have to battle with myself to continue to follow them and risk, riskè pictures, or unfollow them even though I’ve been following them for years and enjoy everything else? And I’m just like WHY?! WHY, YOU DO THIS?! 

4.) I have to finish writing my new page for the website and I feel like I’m forgetting something and i cant figure out what and no other admins have experience with what I’m writing about so its stressing me out because i know they won’t be able to help with it. 

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At the beginning of the season it seemed like they were pushing for a showmance between Rumer and Val, but I'm glad it's just a friendship! I like the good friendship relationships more than romance.

Yeah the friendships between the pros/celebs last much longer and actually feel closer in nature. Rumer doesn’t seem like someone who would want to fake a romance for votes, she seemed adamant about really making a possible new best friend in Val, & I think she did that. I love that she’s going to be in SWAY too..

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Hi!Related to clexa: it always makes me wonder, why they don't demand quality from writers. How about asking jason, why they din't manage to make up a conversation between two women attracted to each other that can actually happen and doesn't consist of short sentences. It's like, they just have no idea what to put in conversation between them (besides mass murder, attempted assassination,dead people). Jesus, it's like the writers had no f*ing clue girls talk,didn't have this with Linctavia.

Sorry I’m replying to this so late! I just found it in my inbox today! but anyways…

I think I would’ve shipped Clex.a if they actually dragged out the buildup together. Because I have no idea what the characteristics of their relationship is. I mean of course they’re both leaders but I didn’t really see them ever become friends really. Like why didn’t they have more personal conversations? Why didn’t they laugh or smile with one another? Where was the friendship aspect of the relationship? Why wasn’t there more romantic buildup before surprising everyone with a kiss? I think what really makes a relationship intriguing is the build up of it. I love slow burn couples because the build up between them is intriguing and as long as it keeps building up it could last for seasons meaning they could be the endgame.I mean I feel like Clex.a was beginning and it was starting to be something great but then the kiss came out of nowhere and everyone was confused for why it happened so quickly. I’d be disappointed if Bellarke kissed last season because I don’t think there’s enough build up yet for it. And if Bellarke kissed last season, I’d feel like it would just be the end of it. In my opinion, I think the buildup of a relationship is the most intriguing and exciting aspect of the show because it’s teasing the relationship out for even longer and it makes the final result worth waiting for. And then when they finally kiss, it would be a bigger and more exciting reaction because you knew it was coming but you didn’t know when exactly but you knew it was coming because of all the buildup. 

I kinda feel like they just threw away the potential meaningfulness of the Clex.a relationship. Why didn’t they tease it out more? Like Jason said, “It wouldn’t be fun to just have something happen right away and then end. We have to tease it out a little bit” or what Eliza said about it being better to have a “slow burn”. I’d be pretty surprised if bellarke kissed on the mouth last season and slightly disappointed (I’d be happy but I feel like then it wouldn’t be endgame). I don’t know. I just think I would’ve actually liked the Clex.a relationship if I actually knew more about their relationship.

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Headphanon: in 2009 they were totally platonic, and platonically shared beds an one night while they were staring at each other while talking at 3am during a moment of silence they leaned in and kisses each other, resulting in a relationship

(headphanon i hate how the word phan fits with everything omfg) but yes nice i totally see them having the sort of relationship where they just belong together in every way and it doesnt really matter what they are and they always had very blurred lines between friendship and romance and suddenly romance just happened and they were like “ok” 

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"and the harm it causes to the way people who havent had the..." your tag was cut off, i'm curious

People who haven’t had good experiences with friendship see this image of it presented in tumblr that looks like a shopping menu or a contract and it creates the feeling that friendship is about the activities , that you set out to plan conversations at three o'clock and everything while, in my experience, that’s really not it? It’s worrying over and being worried for, it’s not talking in ages and meeting again like not a day has passed, it’s being with people who make you smile even if you aren’t doing anything even if you’re just hanging and it’s nothing that i’ve mentioned before because friendship isn’t a collection of activities and predetermined emotional developments.
i will paraphrase dwj now because i’m trash 

(Friendship) isn’t a thing. You can’t go out and get it like a cup of tea. It’s the way you feel about (people).

did that make any sense? it’s like hollywood and romance like if he doesn’t bring a boombox under your window and/or do some other dramatic gesture of love he doesnt love you enough. but people don’t work like that. 

I have a friend. Like an actual in person non-internet friend that takes me up on my offers to listen to her vent and who throws my advice to her back in my own face when I need to hear it because guess what she’s there when I need to vent to her too. And the best part is it is a friendship born from the most ridiculous situation ever and yet it’s probably one of the most solid friendships I’ve formed in a long time and I’m just really grateful right now because I’ve been in a weird mood all day and she just took me out of it with like 3 texts so yay friends is my point okay? yay friends.

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Gravestone, ink, candle

Gravestone- Have you lost anyone important to you?
I could take that many ways, really. as far as those who have passed away, I’ve lost 3 of my 4 grandparents at this point, all of which were important in my life. I think we’ve all ‘lost’ really close friendships, though; and sometimes that stings just as much.

Candle- What is your favorite scent?
oh dear that’s really difficult!!! right now I really dig bath and body works ‘amber blush’ and ‘maui’ perfumes, and target’s ‘sweet spun sugar’ candle. I really like light, sweet, inviting smells.

Ink- Write a poem and post it!
based on this prompt I found to help [I kept putting this ask off, but I figured I’d do one personal to us!]

Ebb of the waters,
flow of the seas,
curl of the grass as it whips bout his knees.
Chip on his shoulder,
fear in his heart,
sweat as the world’s words tear him apart.
Storm up above,
grave down below,
safe on the knoll where no-one will know.
Locked in his heart,
cold contemplation,
what would become if he left world and nation.
Sounds overwhelming,
drums in his ears,
angst for the feelings stored up over years.
Step towards the water,
meet the nightmare,
leap in his heart as the waves come to cheer.
Cold underfoot,
frost at his toes,
white furls beyond invite with their throes.
Behind black eyes,
it all looks like night,
what is a fear but momentary fright.
Blind as a bat, 
his foot steps ahead,
not knowing how to swim- he soon could be dead.
The wind high grows louder,
the roar of the sea,
waters they beckon blind boy join them deep.
Lap at his waist,
swallowing his pride,
he relinquishes the last of what he held inside.
But warmth on his shoulder,
a firm gripping hold,
the flesh of a creature more daring and bold.
A cry over howling,
words lost to the wind,
tears welled in eyes at the sound of a friend.
The words were just words,
in a daze he followed lead,
too gone to respond, but compliant to heed.
She pulled him to shore,
together they cried,
wondering what would become, if in the ocean he’d died.
A day lost to stories,
a moment where began,
the importance of each-other, the touch of a friend.

Does anyone else feel this way?

I dunno if anyone else thinks this way but I just can’t really bring myself to just strike up a random friendship with a super stranger on the internet, especially not games like league of legends or FPS where things are so fleeting and fast paced.

Its not that I don’t like people, or that I hate making friends, or maybe its because Im 24?

But like when rando-ass people try to add me to friends on league or wow or DOTA or something, I just politely decline. 

Now, I’ve met basically all of my current super good friends through the internet, mostly through mutuals.  very few have I ever just met on the streets of orgrimmar or anything like that. 

just feels weird to me. Maybe its the environment? League is so competitive. I find that most people usually end up being pretty judgemental (including myself.

A large part of it is that I guess if I only play with friends, or mutuals of friends I know who I can trust.

But when Joe blAzeit420x adds me on league of legends I  have zero faith lol. I just decline and move on.

idk, just something that popped into my head because I’ve been getting so many friend requests after games lately.

At the shrine of friendship
Never say die
Let the wine of friendship
Never run dry (x)


Submitted AU #241

i was running late for my interview this morning and saw you coming so i hit the ‘close door’ button like fifty times on the elevator and got up there in time like even before the manager who’s interviewing me

and when you burst through the door red faced and very angry and i notice the manager tag on your shirt


I just had a really shitty morning because no one in this office knows what they’re doing and you’re the new asshole who just shut the elevator on me and yknow what im gonna take the stairs and beat you to the fifth floor you little shit

turns out you want to be my employee and part of me wants to call security but youre really cute and i want to make you suffer


Most of the time, I think I am over you
(that friends is what I really want)

but then again

today I went to Walmart and saw a shirt just like yours so
I bought it and I can’t bring myself to take it off
(I tell myself it’s just because it’s comfortable)

and I can’t help but love the smell of Axe and
I know it’s nothing special but
it smells like you
(No it’s just a nice scent)

and whenever I see a puppy or
a bird or
the sunset or
a cup of tea
(or anything that makes me smile)
I feel like I have to tell you about it

and it’s just not like that with my other

The truth is I’m
happier the way we are now
and these feelings don’t fit
(and this isn’t even a proper poem) but

my god

whatever you are to me or
whatever you were to me or
whatever you will ever be to me

there will always be a piece of me
that will swallow the oceans
just to keep you from drowning.

—  It’s one a.m., of course you’re on my mind // J.S.

One thing it seems like women are expected to do that men aren’t is listening empathetically. Simple things like nodding and replying in ways that encourage people to continue speaking are way more common behaviors among women than men (I know I’ve seen a source for this but tbh it’s a textbook I used to teach in Korea and I can’t exactly link it here).

Once I noticed this, I started trying to apply them to my everyday interactions, and let me tell you, my life is a lot better. At first it felt a little disingenuous because I had to think things like this is when you say “congratulations” but now it feels a lot more natural and I have much more genuine relationships with people.

Plus I learn everyone’s secrets because they say I’m really easy to talk to It just makes your friendships that much stronger. Try it out, other dudes.