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To continue my recent Megamind rambling spate, I wonder a lot about Wayne and Roxanne’s friendship? We never really get to see it in the movie, but… apparently they were close enough for everyone to think they were dating?

I am kind of curious about Roxanne seeming a bit starstruck (his heart is like an ocean inside another ocean???) but not by him rescuing her. His “on stage” persona seems to annoy her just as much as Megamind’s does (she’s fond of them, these stupid aliens that somehow entered into her life, but still irritated). So what is she seeing that gets that reaction?

Megamind never talks to either of them “off stage” until he’s being Bernard, which might be the problem. I mean, the kidnappings are pretty clearly mostly about getting both of their attention, but he doesn’t really have a way to socialise with them.

(At what point did Wayne start thinking of Megs as his “little buddy”? Would Megs be less okay with that appellation when he’s not kind of in shock from finding Wayne alive?)

Roxanne and Megs seem to be the only ones that mourn personally, rather than for a distant hero, and Wayne does say they both deserve to know the truth when they catch him. As if that wouldn’t necessarily have applied to anyone else catching him.

(Also, Roxanne knew about the schoolhouse. Had he taken her there before?)

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Wow, the way you feel about love and friendship is a lot like mine.

Yeah I really don’t see why my love has to be special? Or just devoted to one person? I really enjoy making people happy, and want to share myself with many good people. Maybe 2funk will always be my “main” love, I dunno. But I still desire to share intimacy with many, and… “experience” a lot.

Mamrie Hart

I’ve reactivated my Tumblr account just to appreciate Mamrie Hart. She is honestly funny person goals, actress/singer/dancer goals, style goals and friendship goals.. Just GOALS!!! As someone who will literally wake up and will put on the first thing I see. I can only bow down to her style. I would like to think I could outdrink her but let’s be honest. Properly not. Also her book is hands down the funniest thing i’ve ever read. I don’t really read much but it doesn’t make it any less true. Can not wait to see the Dirty 30 Movie with Grace and Hannah. 

Cheers for the laughs so far girls. Can’t wait to see what else will come from them in the future. GOD BLESS!

Random observation/rant done. 

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hey i've seen your post and I was wondering if you can help me. btw sorry for my english, it's my second language so. well I kinda have a crush on a guy who's a good friend of my bestie. I always tell her EVERYTHING, but idk if i can talk to her for this, like idk if she has a crush on him too and I really don't want to break our friendship or something. do you think that I can tell her, or just talk to someone else? (and he knows that i "like" him and he told that he felt nothing for my friend)

A friendship shouldn’t be broken just because of a simple crush I hope you both realize that. Ask her if she likes him and if she does then tell the truth. That you like him as well and that you have for a while. I’d say you both have to try and move on unless she doesn’t like him. Sisters before misters remember?

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idk why but the pokemon go video that the grumps did made me feel really sad... it kind of just reminded me that i don't have any friends and now i feel completely worthless... feel free to harass me for it if you want to because i honestly deserve it

I would never harass you for this message, anon. I’m sorry that video made you feel that way. Try to think of it this way, friendship doesn’t have to look just like that. You don’t have to have a large circle of friends or a lot of them, you could have small circles, you could talk to friends online. It’s still friendship. 

If you feel you don’t have anyone to talk to maybe try here on tumblr? Tell people what you like and what you are about, what your interests are and see if anyone would like to chat about those interests. 

Making friends is tough for sure, but you are worthy of it and I don’t think the Grumps would want you to feel bad after watching their content. 

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One of my friends started going out with this fuck boy and I tried talking her out of it and now she just resents me and I just feel bad because we've been friends forever. I really don't wanna loose a friendship. I've tried talking it over but she doesn't wanna hear it

is she really worth it if she’s treating you like this? a real friend wouldn’t leave you for another guy. she needs to make an effort to keep this friendship with you, not just you. if she doesn’t do anything about it, then you need to find someone who treats you right

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✌ 👎

Controversial Shipping Ask:
✌ : Ship that you find cute but don’t ship:  

Papyrus and Mettaton. It’s really cute, but I don’t ship Papyrus with anyone. I like to think that Mettaton is Papyrus’ idol, and that Papyrus only has admiration for him. 

👎 : Ship that you can never see happening:  

Papyrus and Undyne. Again, I don’t ship Papyrus with anyone, especially not if it’s a sexual relationship. To me he’s asexual and too pure, to innocent for a relationship based on anything other than love and friendship. Plus, I already ship Undyne with Alphys. To me, Papyrus and Undyne are just good friends.

I’m sorry, I can’t draw Papyrus’ face to save my life ;u;

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If the Flash/Legends writers are resetting Len to be more like the comics version, do you think they'll do the same with Mick (maybe after season 2 - have him go out in a similar way)? Then he'd still be a member of the Rogues instead of coming closer to being a hero but without the close friendship/knowing each other since juvie backstory the Legends writers put in their first season. Len could go back to keeping Mick's fire obsession under control but with them not liking each other much.

Yo, sorry I took a few days to get to this one. (My inbox is glaring at me for all the stuff I have that is piled up and will likely end up unanswered…)

Hmm. I don’t think they’re going to go the same route with Mick, no. For one, it would feel repetitive to give two characters a reset like that. I know they’re all about parallels and repetition in the DCTV CW universe, but I still think that one would be a bit too heavy-handed. I also think that since Legends had to let go of Len and surrender him back to The Flash and the broader CW universe, they’re going to try and hold on to Mick, if they can, for season 3 (though they do change it up enough that maybe they’ll let him go too, after they complete his season 2 story).

Beyond that, to the extent that Len’s role on Legends this season is going to be an important part of Mick’s character arc, I find it unlikely that they would give us this Mick who is wrestling with the temptation of joining up with his buddy (whatever version of him it happens to be) vs. sticking with this team, only to then wipe that at the end of the season. I mean, I know they’re (seemingly) wiping Len’s development and I’ve said before that I suspect it’s because they overplayed their hand with him, but this situation with Mick seems different. 

The struggle between past vs. present becomes explicit in Mick in a way it wasn’t necessarily with Leonard, and ‘resetting’ Len gets to be poignant because of the development and heroism they gave him at the end, whereas a lot of the emotional impact would be taken away if they did that twice and honestly more frustrating if they showed us all of season 1 Mick’s struggles (as Kronos, as connecting to the team) and all of season 2 Mick’s struggles (with temptation, probably more with identity too) and then rest him.

I also feel it would be a bit strange to give them that backstory and then totally erase it by resetting both characters in that way, doing it at different times. If they were both reset simultaneously then it sort of works. We’re also not sure if their childhood history is being erased from Len’s memory either, because we don’t know exactly which version of Len (past or doppleganger or what) we’re seeing yet.

Nah, I suspect that if we do see a formal organization of The Rogues beyond 2-3 of them pairing up for a one-off plan (like in The Flash 2x09 or even The Flash 1x22), then it will look a little different from the comics*, including the roles of Mick within it.

*but it’s worth noting that Mick, James Jesse, Hartley, and Francis Kane (Magenta) were all ‘reformed’ at one point in the comics and then most of them had been ‘unreformed’ because it had only been a mind-control trick. Only Hartley ever truly reformed for good. So anything is possible.

like.. i feel like it’s a really good balance of like the “being gay isn’t relevant to my character” and the “my only character trait is being gay” things that have both been pretty popular routes to take in like media that aims to represent us. like these characters would not be the same if they weren’t gay because like.. irl we are shaped by these things!!! but at the same time they’re not just like.. tossed in to be The Gays. like tbh i also like.. really like the relationships between the gems in general tbh bc it very much reminds me of my own friendships and ahh… anyway just a reminder of that time rebecca sugar was like “intersectional feminism is about love” and my heart and mind and body filled with light and truly united for the first time and honestly you can just really feel that mindset in the show!!!!! :-)

there’s times like tonight where i get REALLY mad at myself for being two-faced to my old friends. like yeah i had a looooong list of reasons to not want to continue the friendship but i should have been up front and honest about it rather than hiding behind tumblr like a coward. like i know i needed to not be their friends due to how it made us all feel, not just me, but i REALLY should have gone about it better

idk im not interested in speaking to them/getting a friendship back with at least two of them but it’s all said and done now, now i know the kinds of friends i need and how to better myself

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hmm if i can say one flow and cinnamon kissing flow is happy and blushy and cinnamon would in my opinion like it but also like a blushy stuttery mess but my thought are slightly sinfull so idk but i like this idea

Cinnamon doesn’t really feel romantic feelings easily, so he would really just kiss Flow more out of friendship to make her feel better. But he does get very easily flustered, and when he’s kissed, he just feels more embarrassed than anything.

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Can I request a (f) Libra Sun and (f) Pisces Sun friendship aesthetic and description?

Yes of course.
 I really like this friendship ! It’s really cute, dreamy and bubbly. You are full of ideas, whether that’s related to places you could go, some sort of projects or just a movie you could watch.
 You like to spend a lot of time together. Sleepovers are a must, even if it’s just you two. You like to try new recipes together and watch romantic movies. You also share similar taste of music which is super.
 You’re animal lovers, so i can imagine you petting random dogs when you go outside together.
 You buy the cutest gifts for each other, seriously ! It doesn’t even have to be on Christmas or when it’s on of your birthdays, you just like to suprise each other with cute little things.
 You also like to gossip together but shh !

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Heyyyy. Do you think that it's possible to have a strong friendship with someone you only met on the internet ? Like a buddy thing not like a relationship.

hiii!! yeahhhhhh i really think so, i have met some seriously amazing and cool peeps here that i talk to daily and some i even share my private thoughts and messed up life with. i just think it’s very important to remember to be careful on the internet, like to really know who it is you’re talking to etc etc. but YES i think it is and it’s really great, i just think never say no to a friendship :)))

Why we need a Scream Season Three

Okay so I am really scared and sad to think that Scream is likely to be cancelled but we seriously need a third season.  There is so much we need to see!

  1. We need to see Emma and Audrey repair their friendship 
  2. We deserve to see Stavo as a character and a person and not just as red herring
  3. We deserve to see the not creepy side of stavo
  4. We need to see Noah and Stavo becoming friends and bonding over horror 
  5. We need to see if Emma also has romantic feelings for Audrey
  6. We need to see where Brooke will live 
  7. We need to see if Brooke’s mom will finally come back and take care of her in her time of need
  8. We need to see Brooke missing and mourning her father
  9. We need to see Maggie and Emma bond
  10. We need to know who called Kieran
  11. We need to know who left the note on the Duval’s tree and why
  12. We need to know if Brandon James is back
  13. We need to see how Tina will deal with her son’s death
  14. We need to know what will happen to Kieran in prison
  15. We need to see more flashbacks of young Maggie/Miguel/Kevin
  16. We need to know if Kevin will return to Lakewood
  17. We need to see Lange writing her book 
  18. We need to see more of Stavo and Miguel’s relationship 
  19. We need to see Stavo and Brooke’s relationship grow
  20. We need more cute moments between Brooke and Noah
  21. We need more Audrey and Noah scenes and them fixing their friendship
  22. We need more cute scenes of the Lakewood six all bonding and being happy and cute
  23. We need a good happy no cliffhanger ending!
  24. We need to see more Maggie and Miguel scenes
  25. We need to meet the rest of the Lakewood sixs parents 

There is still so much to happen! (ps feel free to add on more things) 

Anne of Green Gables.... bisexual?

So apparently this is a thing that people are discussing now

Or more like debating about 

I’m personally on the fence, but I’m just gonna say that the SUPER emotionally intense and intimate (perhaps codependent) tween/teen best friend thing that Anne had with Diana matches the experience of LOTS of bisexual women to a tee.  Lines between friendship and romantic relationship?  We don’t know what those are.  No, really.  We don’t get them  Bisexual tween/teen girls often don’t understand where to draw the line at all.  Then we end up being terribly hurt if said codependent best friend goes and finds emotional intimacy with another friend/boyfriend.  LIKE ANNE DOES.  

You wanna read Anne as bi? You go for it.  I think there is a compelling argument to be made.  

- Sarah 

Momma CQ Kids & Friends

After reading @alainaprana​’s awesome fanfic about Asy and her comment about him being a great positive influence for Geno (and the kids needing a sitter sometimes), I was inspired to draw, but not just Asy and Geno. I thought about the kids’ friendships with Sugar, Decans and Ink, and this drawing came to me.

I spent all day yesterday on this, so motivation to color it is low, but maybe some other time. I normally dislike the idea of drawing group pictures (so much work ugh), but aside from a bit of frustration with a few parts, I had fun with this drawing. I’m actually mostly satisfied with how it turned out!

Enjoy this couch full of fluff!

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So I went to stalk Bella and her gf's twitter (which btw the gf's name is also Bella) and apparently Bella had posted like a snapchat video or something where they kissed and someone tweeted it with #friendshipgoals and I'm just sitting here like, 'Did this person really think they were just friends? Do straight girls really just go around kissing their best friends on the mouth?' Kudos to Bella for quoting the tweet & changing the hashtag to #relationshipgoals

“Do straight girls really just go around kissing their best friends on the mouth?”

actually yeah they do lmfao. which is why when wlw actually kiss their SO it’s so often painted as friendship™ b/c straights girls will literally kiss their best friend™ all the time b/c no one would actually think they’re interested in women.

i know dc is tryna convince me that damian is gonna lead the teen titans but like. kory’s on that team…. so are wally and garfield and raven for that matter….. tbh dc. just tell me everyone is humoring damian, it’s okay you can admit it, it’s what i want. them just being like yeah! totally! you’re our leader, damian, yeah we’re not messing w you, really you’re calling the shots here i promise……. and kory is in the background, herding everyone and actually leading the missions, while damian poses and monologues abt the Power of Friendship Team Work and being the Son of Batman™

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I don't understand why the Ichihime fans are being such jackasses and being down right rude to anyone who hated the ending. Non shippers hated the ending. People who haven't even read/watched bleach hate the ending. What bothers me is they are sayig shit like """there's so much moments of them !!!!""" Yet the fail to see that was FRIENDSHIP he never even called her by her first name. And she didn't even really love him. She knew NOTHING about him at the begi. It was just some school girl crush.

They’re mad that 90% of the fandom is rejecting this ending that has their ship. I mean Bleach will end up being a laughingstock in shonen manga because of this ending.  

 Lol what moments? even though ichihime is canon there was not one moment or scene in the whole manga that hinted that Ichigo could have any romantic feelings for orihime. Lol it took him what 685 chapters to call her by her first name? Her crush began as something superficial.  She started liking him for his face expressions, she could not face his flaws and depicted him as a knight in shining armor.  Even in the final arc she dresses in something she was uncomfortable with just to see if she could get his attention.   Its sad on ichigos part because he just turned into a prize for her.  Ichigo was depressed living in the world of the living with no future plans and now he’s totally ok with it?

Either way they can keep their shitty ending, orihime will never be as important to ichigo as much as rukia is.