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27. First anime crush
I answered this one already but I’ll say it again loud and proud (and to further stake mu claim) YAMI YUGI WILL FOREVER BE MY HUSBAND AND WHETHER I MARRY A GUY OR GIRL THEY WILL JUST HAVE TO GET OVER IT

28. Favorite anime character
I hate picking faves but this also goes to my pharaoh but the Queen aka Sakura UCHIHA is a clooossee second even more so after these latest gaiden chapters.

29. Least favorite anime character
Orochimaru hands down

30. Popular anime that I didn’t like
Umm well I’m typically a very easily amused so if I actually settle down to watch an anime, I’ll typically like it. But one I guess I just have no real drive to get into is one piece. The whole pirate thing just doesn’t attract me. So sue me.

31. Anime I am currently watching
*sweats neevously*
I have a bunch I’m working on but my main focuses are Tokyo Ghoul and finally finishing FMA: Brotherhood. Like I started it last summer but I never finished it. I only had like 4 episodes and the movie but I just got busy so now I just went back. I’m almost done with season 3

Oh thanks sooo much for asking me these!! I love talking to you guys!!!