I have now more than 2k followers, most of them I think followed me because of solangelo or pjo, but when I ask for something, for give me some names so I can follow more blogs, only 2 bloggers answered. 2..out of 2000! Where is everyone?!

Hello! So me and the lovely raeyn decided to make a network dedicated to the “badass female characters of Harry Potter” because they truly deserve more recognition than they get.

What do I have to do?

  • follow brooke and raeyn
  • reblog this post ((likes can be used for bookmarks))
  • you must post atleast SOME Harry Potter; however you dont need to be a 100% harry potter blog
  • fill out this form (here) (yes i know these can be extremely long/annoying but i promise this is really short and simple)

Any extra rules?

  • this post must get atleast 50 notes or we will hide from shame tbh
  • this will end around August the 20th (so you have a month to reblog this)
  • we will pick the members and post who they are on August the 20th
  • the most you can reblog this is 2 times (the amount of reblogs wont better your chance so yh)

What you will receive?

  •  a group of awesome new friends (c’mon we’re all pretty awesome)
  • a place to share anything you want (whether that would be your feelings/your themes/your edits/your selfies/ANYTHING
  • the most amazing people known to mankind <3

If/When you are accepted 

  • track the tag “#badasshpgirlsnet ”
  • me or raeyn will send you a message with other instructions 
  • follow the other members(we promise they will be A* people with A* blogs)


  • We will choose 10-20 members depending on the amount of notes this posts gets
  • message either one of us if you have any other questions
  • bye we love you have fun <3
1DAAW - My Own Picks

So I know most people have commented on certain stories/fics/character with this cute little 1DAAW-thing we’ve all got going on… but I thought I would focus more on the certain writers that I look up to or have inspired me in some way. The following are by no means every writer I love, that list would be way too long and no one would stick around to read it all. I am also very new to this world, only about five months into it so my eyes are still fresh. These authors are just a few of whom I believe deserve more than a quick note. :) Now, some of them I don’t know or even have never spoken too. Other’s I know quite well but that’s doesn’t matter, what matters are the words and stories that are bringing us all together! So take a look and please stop by their blogs and check out their writings. You won’t be disappointed. I certaintly wasn’t! 

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Today my blog is 2 years old! I have actually been running this blog for two whole years. I know 306 followers may not seem a lot to most people but for me it is because I didn’t think I’d get more than 10. I started out just making posts about a British crime drama no one else watched and now I have been pulled into various Fandoms and have found a new love for old ones.

When I started this blog I was dealing with a lot of things and it would be a lie to say that running this blog hadn’t helped me get better. I want to thank the community of people I have met on here and I am grateful for my followers. I don’t know why you chose to follow me but thank you.

I have a list of people who follow me or who I follow that I think are amazing and I always notice when I see their names in my activity so I thought I’d mention them all. Sorry to anyone who I have forgotten.

I’d like to start just by saying thanks to ohmyrichardarmitage as you were one of the first people I spoke to on here and I think we spoke about law and order UK or something hahh xxx

Here’s the rest ily all
ctmsundays atearsarahjane penguinofladys xxcuri0us-ashxx emiliahfoxs the-detective-from-gallifrey madmanwithaquattro chloe-suex escape-to-a-place thelostandthebrave haunted-wolves isweetdanielle fallingslowlyinthetardis serenadethedawn26 wolfheartgirl im-the-smart-0ne crazyforcasualtyandcarter tjlc-andpiercetheveil countessoftelly tardis221bbakerst magicalwandering melodys-tardis somesortofbadgerorsomething fadingtale sianxoworld amethyst-skiess elevensilence elinanve

So yeah. Thanks. Roll on the next 2 years haha xxxxx


//Line art was drawn by a fan, inked/colored by kasuka-mun.

//THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! I don’t even know what to say, other than thank to you everyone that promoted, and supported me in the past.. month?? I don’t even know how long it’s been; not very long! My biggest fans this past month: bloodymarietv, ask-psychepie, aichiin, and esperjester <3 Like to thank um… my first two followers: ask-shizuchan and aya-tatsugami. And my most recent two followers: ask-tomtanaka and  jmah0128. You guys are great!

//I just hope that you like what you see out of this Kasuka/Yuuhei ask blog.

//Is there anything different or new you guys would like to see here in the future? Or more of the same? I’m really curious what you guys think. Leave a comment or send me a message. Have a great week in the meantime~

well, now that I have a new blog

I’m gonna try this again.

I am looking for some new blogs to follow. I’m sorta picky, but it’s worth a shot.

I am looking for people that enjoy video games more than anything, and are good about tagging what they reblog/post. a strong emphasis on video game content is preferred, but not necessary.

I am not interested in following people that post/reblog a lot of shipping and/or nsfw stuff of video game characters, though. I’m just not into it.

most interested in having more of the following on my dash:

  • Mega Man
  • Mother series
  • Persona(3 / 4)
  • Kirby
  • Shovel Knight

but I like tons of video games aside from those. feel free to reblog this if you have followers that are into any of these things.


 I haven’t been the most active roleplayer on tumblr recently, and my reason for that is one, detestable word: examinations. I have mocks in a week, so activity is going to be more limited than ever, but I plan to get to A L L of my replies by either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, basically get it all done by the end of this week. And hello new followers, by the way! I’m so very honoured by the new lot of you. Come say hi! I promise I won’t scare you away. So anyways, from now on till the end of November, I won’t be as active as I would like to be, but once I am liberated from the exam halls on the very last day of my official public exam on the 30th of November my presence shall be consistent again! 

also this is totally irrelevant but I made a new blog for Gone Girl’s Amy Dunne that I have not yet officially launched but you can still come check it out !!!



OMG. THIS. Illustrations by Sachin Teng. This man is sooo talented, a tad bit too much. Based out of New York, he does a lot of commercial illustration work. His work is so cool that I’m going to have to make another post for his GIFs.

‘Art is less a craft than it is a language. Sometimes things get lost in translation, so I spend most of my time finding the artifacts that have been left behind.’ - an excerpt from his website

Follow his blog and his Facebook page to know more about his process. Also, for all you illustrations geeks out there (like me), this is a cool photoshop tutorial that talks about his illustration process.

One Month Countdown!

Hello again my lovelies

As you may have noticed, by following my Art blog or FA page, I’ve been hard at work designing and finishing up the final touches on a bunch of new characters. I’m only two crewmen short of having the full roster complete. At one point I had made an estimate as to when I would finally start releasing comic pages, I believe it was late August. Well that time has been further solidified in that PzFuchs will make its first appearance on September 1st.

After its initial release a couple things will be happening. Firstly, All previous posts (like this one) will be being deleted to keep the comic page selector clean so it is just the pure comic. Second, the new Cover Art and pages will be posted 1 per week until at least October. In the slim chance I can crank out more than one page a day, it might move to 2 per week.
Pages will most likely be posted on early weekdays, or Sunday. Posting time is still in the works, if you have suggestions on days you’d like to see it update, drop an ask or pm to either PzFuchsComic or my main art blog (ArcticFox7)

So now we start the one month countdown. The story based comic featuring all my lovely fuzzies, Vivien and Ark will be coming soon.

Thank you all for supporting this in its development by following my work.


sugnaxismynobody asked:

Hi! I really like your page and I'm extremely new to tumblr and how it works, how do I get followers? None of my friends have tumblr so I can't really ask them. Thanks! :D

Well, hello! I honestly wish I could help you more with this question than I can. I guess it depends on what type of blog your going to be? In a way. Are you posting a lot of your own content? I guess then just tag your posts and people will find you. That’s what I did.

On my personal, I got followers from following others and that’s really it, I guess. Sometimes people will just find your blog in the most random of ways and it’s an amazing feeling to gain followers. I really really REALLY wish I could help you more, but I still don’t even know. I’m such an asshole, I’m sorry. 

NEW ACCOUNT !!!!!!*****

This account was originally a secondary account but I post on it so often that I’ve decided to make an all new tumblr account!

FOLLOW ME *** gabriellestudiesx **** I will start posting in less than an hour:-). !!!!!

Feel free to unfollow this account as I will o longer be using it!

Sorry about this but it’s fore the best as it will just mean I am going to post more!!

I’m following all studyblrs/organization related back until tomorrow night, and most blog in general even if you aren’t a studyblr!

I plan to make this blog much better that my current one here and already have a lot of plans, I’m currently thinking about making a study-related youtube channel also!


gaybuccaneering replied to your post://I promise I’ll actually do something over here…

haha im so new and im just doing followbacks and then when it’s a multi-blog like yours i sit here blinking at it going WHO DO I - WHICH ONES - ALL?? I DON’T KNOW –

//Oh eek! You don’t have to follow all my blogs! (My most active are havebeenalwaysshallbe, jimsmightyrump, chemistrbee, and warstripes in that order at the moment) I’m friends with of-tea-and-cardigans and I’ve heard nothing but good things so I wanted to follow you. :)

If you wanted to do a thread sometime I’d be more than happy to! But you don’t have to follow all of these huge amount of blogs omg I know I have way too many I’m thinking about shutting down one or two

Look what it is! A new book from Allie Brosh, and most likely a follow up to Hyperbole and a Half. I don’t think many people know about it as of right now, but I was able to find out VIA her husband’s Twitter. You can always pre-order it on Amazon and other online stores, because this volume will have 384 pages! Yeah, that’s right- MORE than the previous volume, and most of what was on her blog is in the previous volume. What’s in store for this new volume?? Who knows? We should buy it and find out on October 27th, when it is released!

(Here is a link to the Amazon page )

anonymous asked:

How'd you get 144 followers in a week ?!nice blog by the way : )

Thank you for the complement! :) 

Honestly, I’m at 170 today but I don’t know. I figure it’s because I follow a lot of people (about 500 currently) and whenever I get a new follower who I don’t follow yet, I’ll follow them! I also post mostly studyblr related stuff. I tag most of my things as well. I also use this thing called Queue+, basically I can queue more than the allowed amount and schedule how much I have posted with a set time of the day. I really enjoy it. But it isn’t all that great…I’ve gotten my first anon hate mail today and that really hurt. :/ If you’d want another follower, I’d be glad to follow you! (If I don’t already, just message me and I’ll gladly will!)

Have a great day!!! 

Good morning starshine, the Earth says Hello!

Hi, I got quite a few new followers overnight and I just wanted to say hi. And that you are more than welcome here, to all my nonsense. If you want to call me by a “name”, you can call me BB.

And, if you like you can always check what I do, which is Supernatural capping & editing // Might as well clarify that I am doing it in order (obsessive much?) and when I have time, so it will take me forever to get through 10 seasons, but I’m enjoying it // You can find it all under here: SPN Edit

I also like recommending reading material, specially of the sexy kind involving the boys, and you can find all of that here: Fic Rec

And also, most of my nonsense comes in my tags, so you’re welcome to reading that, at your own risk, haha.

Ok. That’s it I think. Have a nice day!


Look it that, I found a bucket o’ color~! 8D

Seriously though, compared to most here on tumblr 100 might not be much, but I really do appreciate you guys sticking around and enjoying my blog! Whether it’s for My Little Sterelis or Sterelis Thieves, or any FNAF content, or even just whatever artwork I come up with - it doesn’t matter which one. I’ve only been on tumblr since May, and it all started with a silly doodle added to a Vine video (which has 649 notes now, holy CRAP guys!). XD

I wish I had the time to look at each individual follower that I have, so I decided to make this post for EVERYONE in one simple go! I thank each and every one of you guys for following me and sticking around to deal with my shenanigans. As for my new followers who recently showed up:

Originally posted by insignificantinsect

And I definitely thank everyone who reblogs my stuff, especially WonkyWhomp for all the FNAF content I do; here’s me thinking I wouldn’t be doing voice acting stuff too much, and now lookit me! All my silly voices finally paying off. 83 You can thank Agent-Everfree for that~

Speaking of voice posts, I’ve recently become in-charge of the My Little Sterelis tumblr page, so if you see anything different from the comic pages: that’s me editing them (with JaDeDJynX’s permission of course). Seriously, tumblr’s resizing pictures is…kinda annoying. :/ But at the same time I’ll also be making an Ask blog in continuation with the DON’T ask Lene, ask Jade” stuff! It won’t just include the answers JaDeDJynX has drawn already, but also Voice Posts of Lene Nezumi by yours truely~! Expect the separate blog to be made very soon!

As for voice posts, if I haven’t answered your specific question yet, I do apologize. It doesn’t mean I’ve put it off - some questions I can answer at the top of my head, while others take time for me to think about or even write. I save every question on the side and pick whichever one I wanna answer for the day, if I have the time to spare. Life’s become a little busier as of late, and it’ll be more so when I head to Bronycon at the beginning of August!

But I’d still like to thank you all for this 100 milestone of mine, sooo I think it would be lots of fun to take REQUESTS~! Open to all of my followers of course~ It could be a voice post of whatever scenario for the FNAF characters I voice or myself. It could also be a drawing or a doodle comic! All that I ask is whatever request you give stays appropriate: no adult or NSFW content. I may curse like a sailor, but I still got standards.

Requests will end about a week from now, on July 24th.

Here’s to us having more fun here! :D


D-DID I SAY REQUESTS WERE…open to ALL followers? N-nah, naaaah nonono t-that’d be silly! This doesn’t count! I BEAT YOU FAIR AND SQUARE, DAMNIT!

anonymous asked:

can you recommend me some stellar blogs?

I don’t know of any blogs besides fyeahstellar and love-stellar that are completely dedicated to them, other than that most of the Stellar posts I see on my dash are from girl group or multi-fandom blogs whenever Stellar makes a comeback, otherwise I just track the “stllr” tag. Their tumblr fandom doesn’t seem to be very big :(

If anyone knows of any other blogs that post a lot of Stellar, please let me know, I’d love to follow more! I think they made a bunch of new fans with this comeback so hopefully we’ll be able to see more of them!