wait wait wait wait. now dan and phil moving is great and all, but i have just now realized that for pinof9,,,,, there will be a different background than before. dan’s internet support group with be different. the gaming room will be different. evERYTHING WILL BE DIFFERENT.

brb c r y i n g 

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wait i just realized that most (nice) houses have a huge master's bedroom (with "his" and "her" bathrooms and closets if it's especially fancy) while the rest of the bedrooms are normal sized. is one of them really gonna end up w the smaller room lol

it wouldnt even be an issue because apparently dans bedroom is just a self proclaimed ‘video background’

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Jjongs supportive of LGBT and respects it and represents it by being as fluent a as possible in his way of appearing, but really folks, at least drop the "he's totally homo" because he has had several relationships w/ women and he seemingly have been happy in those and he said himself he respects LGBT but are straight. I really don't think people should stray away from the facts he gives us; whether he lies or not, he said he liked women, so that's what he wants us to think so stick to it

1. u can have relationships w/ women but also be lgbt. bi/pan ppl exist. beards exist (esp. in the entertainment industry). also realizing sexuality later exists/sexuality is fluid.

2. if he said he wasn’t straight his career would be over. that’s just how it works in SK. read this

3. “he said he likes women”, so why does that matter more to you than the fact that he’s also said that men are sexy? so yeah i also think we shouldn’t “stray away from the facts he gives us.” why is one form of erasure okay to you while the other isn’t? (hint: it’s bc of heteronormativity)

4. we are users on tumblr dot com. he is not reading this. this is all within the fandom, and its in the nature of fandoms to analyze behaviors for patterns and such. it would be a different issue if ppl were going up to jjong and calling him gay/bi to his face, bc only then does that put him in a truly awkward position due to his role as a south korean idol. speculating online harms nobody, rather it allows ppl to feel a connection w/ him.

5. if he respects the lbgt community, then he shouldn’t be bothered by being associated w/ it. 

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everyone talks about their hilarious ace realizations about other people having sexual attraction, but i distinctly remember when i first realized how OFTEN people in relationships had sex. like i thought it was just kind of a thing every few months or something like why would you have it more often??? doesnt it get in the way of sleep??? lmao and it STILL took me until i was 20 to realize im ace... (also i know many aces want and enjoy sex, im just not one of them)

I can relate a little too much honestly 



Archer jumped out of his chair, more than ready to escape the awkward tension that hung heavily in the room. I’m going to go get ready for my next class, he mumbled as he tried to breeze past the couple. Not wanting to make eye contact, he made sure he kept his eyes down. 

Your class? Are you.. You’re working here now? Shane asked, now more concerned than ever before about his boyfriend’s late arrival home after work. 

The blond laughed nervously. I’m just covering for my dad actually so it’s not like.. a regular thing. 

Shane nodded slowly. Just for today or… ?

I started Saturday & I’ll be here through this Saturday. Owen & Eric will be back in town on Sunday so he’ll be here next week. Realizing he may have said too much, he was even more uncomfortable than before. Excuse me, he mumbled, finally freeing himself from the room.

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I was just thinking that in “oh Lazarus, how did your debts get paid”, they don’t even have to worry about how to destroy horcruxes, since Starrk has a sword that can destroy souls. And then I realize that Starrk is a hollow, and hollows eat souls, so there doesn’t even have to be stabbing involved. Starrk can literally eat Voldemort for breakfast.

Scene 1: 

Starrk (chewing thoughtfully on the soul fragment from Slytherin’s locket): Huh, this is not even close to a mouthful. He must have made more than one horcrux.

Scene 2: 

Starrk: Good news, I don’t have to stab you in the forehead to destroy Voldemort’s soul fragment. I just have to suck it out and eat it.

Harry: The fuck?!


That’s fantastic and if I didn’t already have a plan I would totally hop on this in a hot second. 

….if anyone ever decides to leave the fandom, to completely move on with their lives and leave this behind, just know I am so so glad to have had you as a friend, to have gotten to know you over the time we spent on this dumb site together. That even though we never met, that we never spoke in person, that I saw you as a friend and hope nothing but the best for you.

Just know there is a dork on this site that cares about you and is so so thankful for getting to meet you within this fandom. I love you and thank you for being apart of this crazy fandom and being my friend ❤️

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(1/2) i've tried to write you a message like this so many times but today i have to, because today something happened to me that made me realize my disordered eating habits and thoughts are a million times worse than i ever imagined, and if i didn't know you i don't know if i ever would've realized i'm in danger? today could've been the first day of the end of my life and instead it's the first day i can force my whole heart into surviving this horrible thing and i think you just saved me?

(2/2) from the day i followed your blog i was so delighted, like you’re honestly so much fun and so enthusiastic and you’ve been such a positive light on my dashboard, and like i never would’ve imagined all those months ago that your courage in talking about your struggles and your recovery might give me the tools to face my own? or even recognize that i needed to? i’m so scared but because of you i have the chance to fight and be brave too and i just wanted you to know i’m so fucking grateful

oooohhh boy this message made me cry omg

i’m so humbled and so grateful to hear these things - it means so much to me to know that i was able to help someone else - and to help someone else SO MUCH. i’m so happy for you and so proud of you and so so glad that you realized this and are going to put your heart into recovery. i’m going to be cheering for you every single step of the way. i know you can do this. i’m so proud of you.

thank you for sharing this with me

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I've been holding this in for a week! Okay so imagine being a single mother to a 3 year old little girl and dating Lance. Initially you were concerned that he'd run when he realized she existed. Instead he fully threw himself into the dad role. One day she's having a bad day, and ends up tripping over herself and scraping her knee while he's working. She wont stop crying or calm down and just keeps asking for Lance so you have to take her to the gym to see him and he stops everything to hold her

omg yes and Lance has special bandaids just for her of the disney princesses 

Daddy Wednesday™

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We have 2 plot relevant mistranslations in Act 18! After Usagi runs off, Naru really says: "I actually realized a while ago, that Usagi is different from me. It's like she has her own world that I can never enter... But I just want to be of some help to her."

2: During the sceance, Calaveras says: “The people of the White Moon will bring calamity. I can see it, the future of the Earth has been eclipsed by the White Moon.”

Thank you as always for the fixes! I’m glad Naru knows, at the least. I like an informed Naru.

I got an ask about G!P Kim…

Daddy!Kim is super fun to write and all, but I just want to make a post that I won’t be writing Daddy!Kim as G!P. I know that I have done it for Clexa in Welcome to Trigeda Industries, Ms Griffin, and I still don’t really like thinking about updating that fic because now that I’ve co-written Taking the Shot with @raedmagdon, I’ve realized that writing Daddy!Kink with G!P is not only dangerous, but super fetishizing and very inappropriate considering I am a genderqueer person who primarily self-identifies with pronouns of my natal sex. I am in no position to write experiences of trans or intersex people, and if I do (or if anyone who isn’t trans or intersex does), it should be done with caution. 

Even though I had a trans WOC and an intersex friend reading over the parts for WTTIMG and they found few faults with it, those two voices don’t speak for the entire trans or intersex community, and therefore a lot of other people can unintentionally get hurt. The danger of writing G!P smut is that it can end up being hyper-sexualizing and at times, pathological and wildly inappropriate (as was with the case with the first few chapters of WTTIMG, which was my fault).

As authors, we’re here to create entertainment. But this being said, it shouldn’t be a trade-off between writing responsibly and writing for the sake of garnering attention from people who enjoy a certain kink. I have already received a few messages asking if I’ll write G!P Kim, and my answer to that I’ll only do it if I choose to explicitly make Kim trans, and if they have sex, it wouldn’t about focusing in on Kim’s genitals as a way to create “better” smut. I am guilty of doing this for WTTIMG, and I have already issued the apology for that so I’m not going to dwell further on it. I have learned from writing that story and now co-writing Taking the Shot has taught me how you can balance great smut with great plot without compromising a community’s mental/physical health. Trans and intersex communities deserve representation that is positive and healthy.

So in short, to the anon that asked about G!P Kim, it’s definitely not going to be paired with a Daddy Kink if I do. I kind of like the idea of Trans! Kim having the same personality as Trans! Lexa from Taking the Shot, if anything. In my opinion, representation matters more than entertainment, but you can always have a good balance of both as long as you are respectful and decent about it.

As a side note, if you are trans or intersex and you DO enjoy being called daddy/calling someone daddy, this isn’t to say you can’t. Of course you can. Kinks are meant to be fun and spice up your love life and everyone is entitled to practice their sexual lives as they wish, but I think it’s especially important that non-trans or non-intersex people writing G!P fan-fiction to keep in mind that they haven’t lived through experiences of these communities and that even consulting a few small subsets of people isn’t a justification for writing something that could be inappropriate or offensive to the wider group of people. It’s good to get opinions, but not everyone’s life story is the same.

Anyways, I thought I’d make a post. I’ve been loving y’alls comments on the Daddy Kim fic, but I just wanted to be clear that Daddy Kim is NOT going to be G!P. It’s hard to not offend everyone, but G!P + Daddy Kink is a bit too dangerous to ignore. I learned my lesson from WTTIMG (very much so), and I really don’t want to repeat that same mistake with this amazing fandom.

  • Weiss: "LET'S TAKE THIS MISSION!" SHE SAID! "IT WILL BE FUN!" SHE SAID! *Weiss Shouted over the roaring winds as she narrowing avoided a flying book and lamp.*
  • Ruby: OH COME ON WEISS! *Rudy shouted back, slicing multiple chairs coming at her from different directions.* I THOUGHT IS WAS JUST GOING TO BE A GRIMM EXTERMINATION JOB!
  • Blake: *Just then Blake landed in between the two, shooted tea cups and pot.* GUY! CAN WE PLEASE FOCUS AT THE TASK AT HAND!! *Blake demanded of the two pointing upward towards the fire dressed ghost in the center of the raging whirlwind, Howling and screaming.*
  • Ruby: YOU GOT TO ADMIT THOSE! IT IS AWESOME TO BE FIGHTING AN ACTUALLY GHOST!! *Ruby smiled to her Weiss and Sister in law.*
  • Blake: HERE IT COME! *Blake shouted as she and the other braced themselves as the ghost charged forward.* WHERE THE HELL IS YANG!?
  • ~Meanwhile in the kitchen~
  • Yang: Helloooo! Ruby! Weiss! Blakey! Where are you guys!? *Yang yelled out as she entered the kitchen before sniffing the air.* Guh, What is that stink? *Yang then looked towards the gas stove and noticed that the nob was turned on.* Huh? I'm surprise this place still have gas. Well better turn this off. Don't want the mansion to go up in flames again. *Yang shrugged while opening the window next to her before making her way to the stove and turning it off.
  • ~Meanwhile at the never second Yang turned the nob to off~
  • Fire ghost: RRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-auh? *The angry spirted roared when suddenly the flames vanished revealing a woman matching a woman in a old portrait that falls to the ground along with everything else that was flying in the air.* At... At last... At long last... Thank you young woman. Thank you. *The spirit spoke as a light appeared from hole in the ceiling as the spirit ascended before disappearing*
  • Ruby: Eh?
  • Weiss: What's going on?
  • Blake: I... I think she just found peace? *Blake said as she and the other sheathed their weapon just in time as Yang walks in.*
  • Yang: THERE YOU GUYS ARE! I was looking every where for you. *Yang smiled moving close giving Ruby a hug and Blake a hug and a kiss before looking around.* Whoa. What happened here?
  • Blake: You wouldn't believe us if we talk you sweetie.
  • Ruby: We fought a ghost.
  • Yang: WHAT!? AW MAN! I WANTED TO FIGHT A GHOST! *Yang Pouted.*
  • Weiss: NO YANG YOU DON"T! IT WAS TERRIFYING! AND WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU!? *Weiss Shouted as she covered herself with Ruby's cloak, making the young leader blush.*
  • Yang: In the kitchen looking for you guys. Someone left the stove on. *Yang stated, pointing to where she came in.*
  • Blake: Wait a'sec. *Blake mutter pulling out her scroll and searching on it before facepalming herself.* Of course that's what happened here out of all the thing.
  • Ruby/Weiss/Yang: What?
  • Blake: Says here in this old article that the woman that dyed here dyed from a fire that started in the kitchen because the gas stove was left on. *Showing her wife sister in law and Weiss her scroll.*
  • Ruby: Soooooo Yang freed this lady's spirit...
  • Weiss: By turning off a stove?
  • Yang: So Am I an exorcist now?
  • Blake: No babe. No.
  • Ruby: But we are ghostbusters right?
  • Weiss: Ruby n-
  • Weiss: Oh god. Blake stop you wife and sister before-
  • Blake: As long as I'm Egon. No.
  • Weiss: God help me.

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Lmao its amazing how readers these days have such a sense of entitlement,,,like this is FREE you ungrateful ninis, for a FICTIONAL story that you have basically 24/7 access to then you complain about everything and expect the writers to bend to your every don't consider that majority of the readers actually enjoy how the writers' version and these comments make the authors blow their heads of in doubt, works are put on hold, readers wait longer for updates...,,never ending cycle, smh

A lot of the time writing the original hsau Niki and I would find ourselves trying to meet the expectations of all the ao3 commenters but quickly realized that:

a) it literally wasn’t possible bc it would have made the story a mess
b) oftentimes people had conflicting criticisms
c) people on ao3 are just really rude and whine a lot and threaten to stop reading like honey be my guest I don’t have time for your negativity

It’s a large part of internet culture that we can’t really erase, especially when people have the ability to comment anonymously, that way things can’t really get back to them, and you can’t see whether or not they’ve actually had any writing experience they’re using to criticize you off of (which, most of the time, they don’t).

And people don’t tend to realize that, surprise, we, the authors, have the entire story preplanned before we write it. Events are already set in place. Canon has been established. And we aren’t going to change every minute detail every time a faceless person on the internet throws a temper tantrum.

Now, granted, there’s a huge difference between whining and actual constructive criticism. Constructive criticism is helpful and appreciated if done nicely and in a non-harassing manner, and Niki and I have taken legitimate concerns into account in the past. It’s just trying to please everyone is exhausting and quite frankly impossible.

Highkey considering turning off anonymous commenting on ao3 to try and mitigate this problem, and if anons on here get too combative we may have to consider turning off anon asks as well (which would be a pity, because 99% of our asks are from anon, and plenty of you are very amusing and wonderful to hear from). But Niki and I are human and we aren’t perfect and people shouldn’t expect us to be, especially when we both have lives outside of writing.

Speaking of, I believe Niki’s taking a brief break from this blog and I don’t blame her, so let’s all try to remain civil, yeah? Civil discourse.

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Can you just maybe write like a continuation of the Band AU. Like maybe Tommy meeting Trinis mom and stuff and maybe fluff between the girls

On Trini’s mom, Tommy Is a Girl’s Name, Kim trying to be the favorite, and Zack’s attempt to summarize it all in song form:

“It’s not that big of a deal.”

“I know.”

“Really, it’s not.”


“So the pouting is… you being totally okay with it?”

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