smh group chat at one point
  • dex:hey what's up
  • nursey:I hate small talk. I want to hear about your childhood and your favorite scents, what types of music you like, your religious views and where you want to live when you’re older. I want to know what keeps you up at night and how much certain things mean to you. Tell me your insecurities and your fears. I don’t want to know "what’s up"
  • dex:literally i'm gonna stuff your face into bitty's pie

hey!! i’m olivia (or olo) and i literally hated myself for the longest time but this year i’ve finally accepted myself for who i am (my gender, sexuality, race, body type). i still have a long way to go, and some days are worse than others, but i know that i will really be happy and confident one day and I hope all of you feel the same way(she/they)

alright but hear me out


john and dave sometimes get in little arguments over dumb things, like who didn’t do the dishes even though it was their turn or who forgot to buy casey food even though they were right near a pet store

and john is the type who ignores whoever he’s angry at, so he just sits on the sofa watching a movie with his arms crosses and this pissy look on his face

alright stay with me here

so dave hates when he does this because dammit he needs his egbert lovin’, so he plays the song mardy bum by arctic monkeys on repeat and circles the sofa while singing it at the top of his lungs until john has to pay attention to him to tell him to shut up because “dave, how many times have i told you i don’t like the arctic monkeys?!”

and dave tells john he won’t stop until they make up so john relents and kisses dave but immediately goes back to being pissy because dave teases him about his height (he’s like five feet tall and dave is like six feet tall) and the cycle restarts until they finally kiss and make up and dave lets john watch one of his shitty movies because he feels bad

i might have to write this

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I remember watching this video where people date blindly and their date's face is revealed to them. So there was a stunning and beautiful black woman. Like she was supermodel gorgeous right. Anyway she was the blind date of this white dude. And he seemed really smitten with her. I looked in the comment section and there were all these white women saying that she wasn't "that pretty" and they didn't have any chemistry. And how she probably wasn't his type. Like she really threatened them..??

It’s terrifying to them to see black women placed on a pedestal especially being seen as beautiful by their own men. When the tables are turned they hate it, but when they’re being placed on a pedestal over black women or women of color, by black men or men of color, they love to rub it in our faces.

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Just wondered what are your favorite people on here that write the best, smittiest Bucky X reader on here. Thanks! ✌🏻️😉

Some of my favorites are @bovaria, @sebbytrash, @bionic-buckyb, @fvckingavengers, @romanovoff, @hymnofthevalkyries, @writingruna, @vintagevalentinexx

and so many more, please don’t hate me if I forgot you. I have mom brain like a mother rn. 

EDIT: I’m adding Rachel because you HAVE TO READ her Mycroft Holmes Series (and all here other stuff) and I forgot her stupidly beautiful face because I am an ASSHOLE. 

EXO’s Reaction: You Get Jealous of their Female Modeling Partner

Luhan: *starts laughing when he notices how you’re glaring at the magazine cover in your hands* “Babe are you actually jealous?” *hugs you while you deny any and all of his accusations*

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fic concept: phil is a stylist so is constantly putting together outfits, his laid back “i-don’t-care-about-fashion-or-fame”-type boyfriend is constantly bearing the brunt of phil’s career choice because “i need someone to try this on cos v important meeting tomorrow, look how the belt ties in to the whole thing, it’s so subtle but makes the whole outfit complete dan dan dan dan dan will u just go and get changed” and dan absolutely hates it so he’ll walk funny into the room, constantly pull stupid faces and poses to make fun of phil…… but secretly the look on phil’s face seeing his creations come to life is worth it

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you can't blame the big bad "cis white men" for people hating you, the reason people hate you is because you're ugly. stop making up these shitty conspiracy theories. you look like shit get over it.

You are the human embodiment of delusion, hunny. I’m hot AF even if I’m not your type.

The only people that hate me are tragic white cis dudes sitting in their basement harassing people on the internet wile not daring to show their face. It is srsly pathetic. Show your face or gtfo. ;)

dandelion-san replied to your post “I wanna see the world burn, so I’ll ask… Iemitsu and his less than…”

I can’t disagree. Tbh, I totally hated Nana more than Iemitsu when I first read the manga. I wish the anime had shown the scene where Kyoko was shot with dying bullet and scolded Nana for calling her son no good. I feel like she’s put on a pedestal on fandom sometimes.

YES. Someone who gets it!

Iemitsu may have been the physically abusive, punch you in the face, type of dad, and don’t get me wrong, that’s horrible, but because of that, people often overlook the fact that Nana is actually really abusive too, but in a more subtle way.

Abusive in the way that she so flippantly calls her son useless or tells him that she doesn’t expect him to do anything with his life. She’s abusive in the way that she doesn’t even question it when he comes home all scratched and bruised, when most parents would be asking who the bullies were. She’s abusive in the way that she seems to care so much more about three children that she doesn’t even really know anything about, more than she cares about her only son.

Nana was a much better mother to Lambo, I-Pin and Fuuta than she ever was to Tsuna, and I don’t know why everyone seems to think that she’s this sweet angel who can do no wrong.

I know what it’s like to be ugly, and I hate it. My features are old and manly. Unibrow, underbite, apple shape, short hair. I’ve only attracted men that wanted to use me for sex. I’ve tried makeup tutorials, hairstyles, everything and I look like a blob with small eyes, a crooked nose and asymmetrical face. I want to be desirable. I want to be the type of girl that makes guys turn their heads. But I can’t. I really want to be beautiful for love though. I want to attract someone that is kind and sweet. I know this logic sounds flawed, but I’ve only attracted guys that were not kind. I would love to just redo everything. I want a happy ending, not to be looked at as a freak. I don’t want to be friendzoned. Men want beautiful women and I apologize for doing a disservice to you all by looking foolish.

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What was your first time getting stoned like?

Well I’m just one of the blunt sluts but I remember HATING weed like that was some Devils lettuce type shit. But my guys friends were big on smoking and then finally one day I was like FINE but only one hit guys. So, basically they made me face a joint and I felt like I was in a dream. I was on cloud fucking NINE☁️☁️. It was like nothing was real. I loved it and Ive loved it every since #stayhighallthetime

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I hope you're doing okay dear! You may be feeling bad now, but the night never lasts forever. It's going to be okay, even if it's not right away. I've only been following you for a little while but I can see your followers/ the friends you've made here love you. So don't think of yourself as garbage because you're not!! 💖

thank you so much :’)) (。┰ω┰。)

Tis I, the bitter-hate, who types with shaky hands, a last will, a testament of what I face tonight, in my last stand, my final blazing glory. I face the Roach Army. They have breached the safe haven that is donned by the name of My Desk, and with heavy heart, I type as it is, all is lost. Here I stand, with only a slipper to be use against these great foes. There be a great foe, the Lord of all Roaches, that faces me in this dark night. With doom impending I shall make my peace with these final words:

@mythicalkipp goodbye u lil shit

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Simon and Josh have been weird towards one another. I think that it has to do with the fact that Josh went out with Vikk to shoot Pokemon Go when Simon wasn't there (I also think that Josh not choosing Valor probably annoyed him). After all Simon seems to hate it when people do things without him. I can totally see this being Simon way of saying, "Fine since you couldn't wait for me go and hang out with Vikk I have other friends"

This is incredibly accurate omg, maybe this was what happened. I remember seeing Simon reply with a 😢 type face in reply to Josh’s Tweet mentioning he was recording Pokémon Go with Vikk. And to be honest, Simon seems like the type if guy that would get stroppy easily if ignored or something??? Don’t get me wrong, Simon is great but if he isn’t in the centre of attention maybe this is what happens. We might be looking far too into this though lmao.

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Y'know, I hate to say it, but after re-watching every single PV of Persona 5 and reading the translated intro to the game, I think if there is a traitor in the group, it will be Ryuji. I mean, he's the type to be least expected for betrayal, but Ryuji is stated to be a "delinquent/problem child", and he no doubt has many other problems to face, maybe he & mc have an argument over choices? What if he gets scared after the crew kills someone (as its hinted in the intro) and ends up betraying pego?

If I were to pick anyone I might choose him as well! I don’t want him to be the traitor and I really like him a lot.

I once saw this Yosuke as the killer in Persona 4 theory post and it had me thinking that it would be an interesting concept if the best friend was the traitor!

Maybe he grows jealous of Chair-kun kind of like Junpei did with Minato in P3. It also seems like the entire group picks on him for not being very “smart” Maybe it will get to him?

It looks like the thieves may have actually killed people or at least nearly killed people to get the attention of the cops.
So that’s a really interesting angle you have !!

I still don’t think anyone is the traitor at this point but he would seem the most likely to me.

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From what I've observed, most of the people who believe in heterophobia (and aphobia for that matter) are white. Some of these people have never faced systematic oppression in their cushy ass lives, so if us meanie allogays call them a cishet they start crying that we're oppressing them. @white cishets: fucking go outside for once, as I can't do that without fear of someone assaulting my brown lesbian self

yikes i know, i’ve noticed that too. a significant amount of them are white rip and theyre the type to be like ‘uwu all lives matter !! lgbtqiapxyz is all abt inclusivity!! i have never heard of stonewall in my life!!’ i hate everything
- p

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Hi!~Can I have a ship with SVT, BTS, Btob, GOT7 & MonstaX,plz? I'm ENFJ,a big sister of the family so I'm very caring,kind,strong both physically & mentally. I'm also a good listener so as a good adviser,very competitive & fearless.I LIKE flowers,animal & LOVE taking care of others,cuddling,skinship.I hate heat & worst with direction. I'm always there for my sister. Smile is always on my face & I hope everyone can smile,too.LOVE park rides,amusement park & advanturous things.Pretty thx to you :)

(Before I start I’d just like to high five you for having the same personality type as me *high five*) 

From Seventeen I’d ship you with……

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From BTS I’d ship you with….

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From BtoB I’d ship you with…..

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From Got7 I’d ship you with…..

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From Monsta X I’d ship you with….. 

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Enjoy your ships! You seem very similar to me btw aha ^-^ Have a beautiful day full of love and peace! 

~ Admin Amelia 

you know, i’m not sure how big of an argument or issue this is, but i just wanted to throw in my few cents.

please don’t defend that aphrodisiac scene or kodaka for including it (like, the man doesn’t need that, i don’t think he gives a shit what some english speaking teens think), people are allowed to be unhappy with it. 

it was completely pointless, it did nothing but take up screen time showing us characters in a state that i don’t think everyone would like to see them in. it wasn’t subversive, it didn’t play on tropes, it was the plain and simple trope and nothing more. saionji didn’t even face any repercussion for it beyond the almost rape (curse you for making mimorin sound like that).

not to mention, it was completely ooc. to highlight a few, is koizumi really the type to take photographs in that state? komaeda, someone who hates being in a vulnerable position and thinks he’s a burden 24/7, is apparently fine with a boner in public? can anyone who spend time analysing and loving souda tell me that it’s in character for him to throw consent out the window? it felt like this scene was just there to demonise hanamura (which, fair game with the way he was represented in the scene, and he did make the soup, but he did not plan to use it clearly with the way he reacted to saionji using it) and bring nanami up, in the most ooc way possible. (owari gets slapped by nanami who feels guilty for it from her facial expression, hanamura gets straight up punched with no guilt whatsoever. and i remind you, owari tried to straight up kill komaeda). all it really did was reinforce that sonia’s not a virgin, thanks for that i guess.

it’s also chill if you have no qualms with it, it is fiction after all. let’s just all coexist in light of that (in my opinion) shitty scene.