Confession: Idk if you guys remember me but I was the girl who sent in the confession before about my white friend who is “pro equality” to the point of where she’s starting to think shes black. Sorry but I’m getting so tired of her. She acts like she’s all pro-equality but in reality shes just a hypocrite. She says that she’s against racism yet I’ve heard her say the n word multiple times (I don’t even say it and I’m black yet she does), she throws around AAVE and tries to “educate” me on it, and she thinks she has the right to speak about everything that involves black people. Like in class we were talking about the civil rights movement and the things police officers did to blacks. Everyone obviously knows how horribly blacks were treated back then but she has the nerve to start crying, and when my teacher asks why she goes “I just hate racism! Like why does color matter we’re all people!” I really wanna cut her off but I feel like I can’t. Being around her is so awkward at times that I sometimes can’t stand her. How do you explain to white people that they can be for us without trying to be us. I need to rant so badly about her so sorry but imma have to spam y'all with a few more confessions!! 

You can search tumblr and get a good idea of what responses to have and sort through what you think may work for you, tbh. OR you can stop dealing with this “friend.”

-Admin Kelcie

I hate when people complain about the resin colors and how offensive it is to refer to the base color as “normal”. Uh, no it’s not. Considering that the companies are mostly based in Asia it’s literally not offensive. Stop making issues where there isn’t any.


sketchysketchbooks asked:


My love.

Why I like them

: Shes like a perfect storm of character traits that I love. I liked her at first because I naturally gravitate to tall, quiet types. Then added love to find out that even though she can could kicks everyones ass and be scary shes actually a huge softy nerd. She just ended up sweet as hell and I LOVE HER.

Why I don’t

: Uh… well I DESPISE red and pink together. I fucking hate that color combo… but I have grown used to it because Garnet.

Favorite episode (scene if movie)

: Jail Break! ‘Stranger Than You’ and Garnet kicking ass also shes made of tiny lesbians? Awesome. I also love ‘Future Vision’ because the end with Steven and ‘Reformed’ for Ame/Gar

Favorite season/movie

: … I guess the first since… theres more? Haha.

Favorite line

: “We cant these things forever! … Well we


but I dont want to…” Also- “There was a chance youd understand and we’d be closer! Steven I see so many things that can hurt you… I should never have let one of them be me…”

Favorite outfit

: I love her outfit in Rose flashbacks… she looks so cute with those high waisted pants and poofy shirt! :’‘‘u


: Amethyst/Garnet!


: Steven and Garnet!!

Head Canon

: She doesnt want to be the designated leader of the Crystal Gems. The fact she so easily goes along with the others ideas (especially Steven, the holder of Roses gem) makes me think shes better at taking orders and being a defender than being a leader, but she’ll take the responsibility if its needed. (Kinda like in OP with Zoro.)

Unpopular opinion

: UHM… I guess my Garnet ship is an unpopular opinion.

A wish

: I wanna see how she first came to be! Like a Ruby and Sapphire episode that shows them first deciding to fuse. :’‘‘o I bet she was a cute ‘new born’!!!!

An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen

: I refused to believe she was a fusion for the longest time because I was scared she’d get unfused and then never get back together… Half of that happened but Ruby and Sapphire was worth the tears… but Im still scared that it might happen? LMAO

5 words to best describe them


My nickname for them

:Square Mom, G-Squad, One Mom Two Mom Red Mom Blue Mom… lmao naw I literally just call her Garnet.

Okay folks, I need help planning a fandragon. This is Sakubo from .hack//G.U. They’re a pair of twins who share a character account on the (not real) MMORPG “The World.”

Saku is the girl on the right, she’s spunky and kind of bratty. She’s very protective of Bo. Bo is the boy on the left, he’s very shy and sweet.

I already decided I wanted them to be a Mirror since Mirrors were originally gonna look like 2 dragons smooshed together. Mirror, twin, etc.


A friend tried to help me incorporate the red and I just HATE THE RED SO MUCH.

The colors I’ve had the most similarity to with the pictures are Maize, White, Banana, Storm, Jade, and Carmine. Which is too many to pick from, of course. Does anyone have any suggestions? I really wanna make this character work, but I hate putting the red with that blue-ish-purple and that green. I tend to think of the Storm and Jade colors the most when I think of this character.


edit: forgot to add that I plan on the dragon being female

So since I started reblogging pro-police things and trying to point out flaws in twisted ways of thinking or correct misinformation, I have lost 3 followers…. which would make me sad and disgusted except for the fact that I’ve also gained 7 other followers. So I guess that’s overall good?

Except it still does kind of make me sad and disgusted. I am absolutely terrified for the future of this country, because both on this website and in real life I see so much hate, so much racism from people of ALL skin colors that people try to claim is not racism, so much misinformation and strong feelings about either completely made up “facts” or stories that have been altered so that they’re no longer completely true…. and all of that is just the tip of the iceberg.

I don’t know how to deal with any of this anymore… except keep praying and telling myself “one day at a time”. One day, one hour, one step at a time.

Okay hello!! I was tagged by my pal it-self (thank u buddy!! 💖)to do this question tag thing! Here we go!
-Name: Emile or Em
-Current time and date: July 3, 2015, 8:21am
-Average hours of sleep: anywhere from about 4-14 hours (not even an exaggeration)
-Last thing you googled: “How tall is Vernon from Seventeen” (answer: TINY)
-Birthday: January 23rd
-Gender: trans boy ✌️
-Sexual orientation: ace/demiromantic
-Height: 5'5"! v awkward height I hate it
-Favorite color(s)?: Yellow! Mint green! Pastel pink/blue! Yellow most of all tho.
-One place that makes me happy: The beach or Dripp Coffeeshop
-What I’m wearing right now: giant white and pastel blue tee and navy blue gym shorts lol
-Last book I read: I don’t remember 😰
-Most used phrase: “goddammit” “aw cute!” “enough”
-Last thing I said to a family member: “goodnight”
-Favorite beverage: bubble tea or coffee of any sort
-Favorite food: sushi!
-Last movie I watched: Paprika!!!
-Dream Vacation: idk I really wanna go to New York during Christmas?? Mostly because of the movie “Elf”?? It just looks so cute and snowy and wonderful. Also France or Japan because yeah
-Dream wedding: i..don’t know actually
-Dream pets: several large dogs of different breeds
-Dream job: animator!!! Or somethin to do with space. But mostly animator!!!!
-Anything else?: I’m very sleepy and I wanna go to a coffeeshop. Also I am Seventeen trash now

Okay! I tag: whoiskimberlyanyway dogsnog aph-swaggy lame-lame-lame-lame periodramen sad-milks lemarshmallowqueen prettyun-pretty radfuckingprincess goddamnitmano