This is for the Get-Well-Soon Message for Tanaka-sensei fandom project!!

I drew a The Little Prince parody for Servamp (It’s my favorite book and my favorite manga, rolled into one)!

I’ve always loved The Little Prince since I first read it in sixth grade, so I was VERY happy when I learned that this was one of the themes for Mahiru.

  • The Little Prince - Mahiru
  • Aviator - Shuhei
  • Fox - Kuro = cat/lion
  • Rose - Sakuya = Sakura bonsai lol
  • Snake - Jeje. I wanted to put in Mikuni because it fits his character better, but it might cause confusion for Tanaka-sensei (can’t explain because of the char. limit in the message lol), so I went with Jeje.

I immensely enjoyed drawing and coloring this. Those who have read the book will know all the things included in the image. To those who haven’t, GO READ THE BOOK IT’S AMAZING IT’S BEEN MY NUMBER ONE FOR 9 YEARS ALREADY

I believe that Tanaka-sensei WILL get well!! Let’s all wait for her patiently, guys!

P.S. Did you see me mess up Shuhei’s legs likewhatdidIjustdo but it’s irrepairable now so lol

“Here we are at Sea World, Kiiboard!” he said so thoughtfully, so emphatically. Kiibo was mad. His breasts were sore because he was ragging it hardcore. Ouma was very excited to be at Sea World. He jumped up and down and clapped at every fish tank and screamed and laughed on every ride. “Boy, does Ouma-kun love the Disney World of fish.” Kiibo was disgusted. He hates fish. Ouma turned to him making little gill movements with his hands on his jaw and he said, “What’s wrong, Kiiboard?” And Kiibo said “You inconsiderate eggplant-colored twink! You know I hate fish more than I hate robot discrimination even please lets go.” Ouma got sad. He said, “But Kiiboard, I won free tickets to Sea World and knew I should take you! It was just bound for us! It was a couples ticket anyways. We’re on a date, Kiibo! Besides, you look! The fish love you!” Kiibo-kun turned to see all the fish in the tanks looking at him. He felt his ahoge twitch. “No… No. This… This is impossible. This can’t be! This is tHE WRONG ANIME? NANI KORE WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? YAMETE KUDASAI IM NOT A FUCKING FISH DONT TOUCH ME” He bawled his fists and ran screaming, using his fins as air-paddles to propel himself forwards. Ouma laughed and chased after him with arms wide open. It was a peaceful day.

chulitas  asked:

what do you think abt the official coloring for the vinsmokes ??

I HATE REIJU’S SO MUCH. I liked the fan color palettes way better then the official. I was really hoping she’d have pink highlights but nah.

Yonji’s is okay but I think he should’ve have orange instead of green that would’ve made him stand out more (he’s so cute I love him so much)

Niji and Ichji’s are good the palettes go together well.

also Judge is an asshole and everything about him sucks including his colors

you know what’s really genuinely unsettling? the degree to which men fucking do not want to sympathize with/be interested in women.

male audiences will happily watch a dozen superhero shows, but then something like Agent Carter or Supergirl turn up and they’re panned from the first trailer and have to struggle for ratings. male audiences will watch countless installments of a franchise as long as it’s about men doing man things but the second a character like Rey or Furiosa or god forbid four entire female Ghostbusters steps up and takes a position of prominence it’s “pandering sjw bullshit”.

it’s not pandering. men just aggressively don’t want to have to be invested in a woman’s narrative and it’s really gross.

Im tired of skinny white boys being the only gay couples in anything, like give me some black boys in love, give me trans boys of colour holding hands, give me dark skinned asian boys in love, give me some chubby boys holding hands, give me gay relationships where the boys have something other than a chiseled face and clear skin, give me gay relationships with boys who have acne and freckles and stretch marks, give me something else than skinny white boys making out shirtless p l e a s e


isak and even + being done with the straightsTM  (requested by anonymous)