ok so I finally managed making Emofuri working, here’s a little walkthrough in case somebody else was getting error messages when starting the program

looking sorta like this

the actual message says that there’s “motion data missing” or a missing dll, however the problem is caused by the computer’s local not being set to japanese *before* installing the program (you can try setting it to japanese but I don’t recommend it because it really messed up my computer and I had to reset it, also while you use it everything in japanese, skype and all the rest, a mess)

several people suggested downloading Applocale which lets you run a program in a certain language, that program will probably give you an error when installing too, you have to disable User Account Control, restart the computer and try installing it again

then run the program and select the emofuri setup program to be ran in japanese (uninstall it first if you had already installed it in your default language!)

that should make it work!

other helpful stuff

Download (red button)


psd setup

import psd

saving gifs

custom animations

idk if this is happening just to me but after a few hours of using this program the computer started crashing almost as soon as I opened it so be careful not to use it for too long I guess

and the gif format it saves in apparently is not compatible with photoshop so it can’t be resized elsewhere

personally I prefer exporting as png and make the gif myself in PS

i feel like i do these way to often but i love doing them. I just wanted to thank everyone for helping me have the most amazing time on tumblr. every single person I’ve “met” has been so nice to me and i can’t thank you enough for that. i love you all more then anything, tumblr has become almost like a safe place for me i always feel happier when I’m on and seeing all of you on my dash makes my day. if i didn’t mention you i apologize i probably forget so many people. i hope you all have an amazing 2015!


-neymarjr // 50shadesofneymar


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Angel ( jinglebellshawkguysmells) my mama hen you were the very first person i ever actually talked to on here. You are so amazing and even though we haven’t talked in like over a month i love talking to you so much. you’re hilarious and fucking gorgeous holy shit. back when we started talking i had like -5 followers and you’re honestly one of the reasons i stayed on tumblr because i found out that i could meet amazing friends on here. love you <3 

Lena ( ney-luiz ) i love you more then anything. i miss kiking you so much. you’re such an amazing person and definitely one of the nicest people i know. i can’t thank you enough for helping me with so much stuff. and not only did i become friends with you but you helped me start talking to someone who is now one of my closest friends and i love you for that. 

Sarah ( neymardasilvasantos-jr) i can’t remember the last time we talked :( but you’re still one of my favourite people ever. i loved talking to you, you’re hilarious and such a nice person. also you are human perfection you’re so gorgeous (I’m jealous tbh). you’re also my little Brazilian and one day you’re gonna take me there with out haha and ill take you up to canada. <3 

Maria ( darlin-youre-perfect-to-me) you are literally perfect. i love you so much you don’t even know you’ve been so nice to me. i love talking to you even though we don’t talk very often. i will always be here for you if you need to talk to someone or just if you’re bored and want someone to talk to. you mean the world to me and you seem to be a lot happier which honestly makes me 10x happier everyday. 

Amanda ( bloginpeace) we’ve only talked a few times but i fucking love you. i appreciate your acceptance of my love for leo and i know one day i will convince you to feel the same way ;) we’ve only talked a few times but you’re so nice and funny. i hope we can talk more in the new year! 

Zara ( amantedelcalcio) we’ve only talked a few times and i don’t know you too well but you make my dash 1000x times better. you’re blog is perf and you’re perf. you are hilarious and so nice. but lets get real for a second you are hella gorgeous, your fucking eyes are insane they’re so pretty. i wish we talked more because i really want to get to know you better <3 

Raisa ( football-s) first of all i need to say that your edits in my opinion are the best ones on this whole website, i love every single one of them and i wish i was able to do stuff like that. we rarely talk like we’ve probably talked twice but for some reason i consider you as one of my best friends you’re one of the nicest people ever and i don’t care how much you disagree with me you are flawless. i love you so much, keep making amazing edits and i hope we can talk more :) 


Porch lights are off and I’m sharing everything publicly early! I had so much fun my first Simblreen! I didn’t expect as many trick or treaters as I had, and it was really heart warming all the thanks yous I got. I’m really glad you enjoyed all my treats! They were a lot of fun to make and I plan on doing this again next year. You’ve all been great! Thank you again :3.

Day #1 Treat
Day #2 Treat
Day #3 Treat

I can’t fucking believe this I just updated my ipod and I fucking lost everything literally all of my photos and notes and apps are gone

Actually I don’t give a shit about the apps or the songs cause those are easy enough to download again

But I had so many notes that were extremely important to me and all my fucking pictures are gone and there’s no way to get them back now fuck fuck fuck fuck

Merry Simsmas! Christmas Lights!


I apologize for being so late! I was trying to convert a few others and well one is still a WIP (for later!) and the other well the mesh just looked off in the sims 4, however I was able to convert these from user Lisa9999! Everything else is EA (man I had fun decorating this…)

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!


I swear I’ll post more things besides CC, but I just did a HUGE CC download and it slowed down my game like WHOA so I gotta go through everything again :|


SO. My computer stopped functioning for a while again and my dad had to fix it, aaaand he ended up deleting absolutely EVERYTHING on all of my hard drives. I had to re-download sai and all the brushes i used, most of which I couldn’t even find bc??? idk where the fuck to find them at this point, since I’ve been using them for approx. 3 years already.

Here’s a practice sketch of sorts to get me used to my new lineart brush since I couldn’t find my original one!

[Template source]


SUCCESS! *Throws confetti*

I have no idea what kind of sorcery I did to get this laptop to finally install and play the game correctly. Maybe the graphic drivers were auto- updated? 

Well, the game won’t look as pretty as it used when I had a dedicated graphics card, but it is playable and I have a lot of RAM and processing power this time. Everything loads in under 30 seconds, although this is a vanilla game. 

Anyway, I feel like a kid inside a huge candy store because now it’s finally time to download CC again! Although that will have to wait until tomorrow because I have some work projects to complete. I have 10 meetings scheduled tomorrow, it is insane! 

Guys do not worry and read down here!

Kreddu will make a Tumblr acc where she will put links and videos. Plus she will reupload all the videos.

I’m really angry right now, because I can’t download dmmd game and she was the only one who had all the walkthroughts. 

This was written today, anyway. So it’s not fake ‘case this is an old youtube channel of her. Hope everything turns good again. 


okay- so I downloaded some clutter and such in my sims 4 mod folder, then merged some pieces of CC together. Then I started my game through origin, as always, and the play button darkened like it does when starting, then turned lighter again. I’ve been working for hours and no hope:( Keep in mind, I have folders to separate and organize CC in my mods folder, including a “testing new cc” folder that I put newly downloaded CC in to make sure it works in my game. It did as I explained, so I made a folder on my desktop and moved a few things at a time into it, then attempted to start my game until it would load. Well, I had a few things not in any folder, and everything in the folders are what makes it not work (it did before. I know. Weird.) and those few things are the only ones that do. Keep in mind I’ve repaired my game several times and taken out the mods folder so it regenerated and tried to slowly put everything back in, but nothing works. I installed an update earlier in the day, but had been playing fine until I decided to exit and shop for CC. I can’t find anything that will help. I’m not going to reinstall Sims 4, because I have so many saved games I’m in love with and can’t part with. PLEASE HELP!!!!! Edit: I even tried to update my driver, but it’s up to date. And I got the Mod conflict detector, and even removing those mods didn’t work.