Endtable in new Colors

Eigenltich hatte ich den Nachttisch Gestern schon gemacht. Nach dem neuen Update des S4S musste ich ihn aber noch mal neu machen :) Jetzt passt mit der Textur alles wie es soll.

  • Custom Swatches & Thumbnail
  • 18 Farboptionen
  • Grundspieltauglich

Die Farben stammen aus der Farbpalette von @granite-falls - Danke dafür!

I had already made the endtable yesterday. After the new update of the S4S, I had to make it again :) Now the texture fits everything as it should.

  • Custom Swatches & Thumbnail
  • 18 Color options
  • Basegame

The colors are from the color palette of @granite-falls - Thank you for that!

Download: SFS


Porch lights are off and I’m sharing everything publicly early! I had so much fun my first Simblreen! I didn’t expect as many trick or treaters as I had, and it was really heart warming all the thanks yous I got. I’m really glad you enjoyed all my treats! They were a lot of fun to make and I plan on doing this again next year. You’ve all been great! Thank you again :3.

Day #1 Treat
Day #2 Treat
Day #3 Treat

Hello guys!

Just wanted to say that I have my computer back. They had to do a backup of the stuff I had here, but unfortunately the Shadowhunters 1080p episodes got lost in the process, so I have to download everything again… 

This is going to take a while, specially because my internet sucks, but I can’t wait to make more gifs to you guys!   

I can’t fucking believe this I just updated my ipod and I fucking lost everything literally all of my photos and notes and apps are gone

Actually I don’t give a shit about the apps or the songs cause those are easy enough to download again

But I had so many notes that were extremely important to me and all my fucking pictures are gone and there’s no way to get them back now fuck fuck fuck fuck


Little Norwood’s “founder” and only inhabitant so far, Moira Norwood. What I had in mind for her and this little ‘hood was to start out as a small legacy and play all her descendants in rotation, but I’m trying to take it easy; I haven’t even finished downloading everything I wanted yet –  seriously, I’m so lazy that I even switched to simgaroop’s textures just because I found a 2gb pack of hairs in those textures. I’m probably gonna switch again soon though, I like remi’s textures too much… but laziness. 


SO. My computer stopped functioning for a while again and my dad had to fix it, aaaand he ended up deleting absolutely EVERYTHING on all of my hard drives. I had to re-download sai and all the brushes i used, most of which I couldn’t even find bc??? idk where the fuck to find them at this point, since I’ve been using them for approx. 3 years already.

Here’s a practice sketch of sorts to get me used to my new lineart brush since I couldn’t find my original one!

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