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Guys. That Steven Universe episode did an amazing job and describing abusive relationships and how to deal with them. I’m literally so impressed and glad that we have this show? Holy shit.

As soon as Lapis said that she “missed” being Malachite even though she knew it was unhealthy and terrible I knew what direction they were going in. Jasper saying that “she’s changed” and that they were great together was exactly what abusers are like trying to get someone back. Lapis was obviously considering it but she KNEW it was unhealthy and she’s better off without Jasper, and with the help of Steven she can move on from it all.

The crew did such a fantastic job with this and is teaching kids how to handle abusive relationships the right way. A lot of kids/teenagers probably NEEDED this episode. I’m so happy.


me walking into the BB house and trying to figure out who to align with


Q: You’ve done a lot of performances up until now. I think that those performances may have a different feel to them compared to the broadcasted stages that you do.

Yes. First of all, there’s a bit more freedom. It’s because during performances for music shows, you have to perform while paying attention to the cameras that are filming. But for external (aka non-music show) performances, I can communicate with the audience as much as I want to. Especially for hip hop performances. Rather than dancing, we can just rap while freely doing gestures, so I think those parts are good.

Q: You’re not really the buoyant (bright, cheerful) type though, are you?

I’m like that on stage and off stage as well… I just don’t reveal my emotions. But I still try to show my enjoyable side (i.e. an image of me having fun) while I’m on stage.

Q: I heard that you reveal (your emotions) a bit when the members do aegyo (laughs)

Ah, that’s right. Also, because there are a lot of really funny members, we have even more fun when something funny happens. Before becoming a trainee, my personality wasn’t really active and I was more on the quiet side… but thanks to the members, I think I’ve opened up a lot more.

Q: Around when did you really start getting into hip hop/seeing yourself as a rapper?

I slowly started having an interest in hip hop ever since elementary school. To the point of occasionally looking up the music coming out of the streets. After becoming a trainee, I practiced singing for the first time but I felt that it was a bit difficult and kind of not that fun. But then one day, a teacher who taught hip hop and rap came in. Originally, I didn’t receive lessons from that teacher but I tried to show the teacher that I also wanted to learn, so I wrote about 8 bars of rap lyrics by myself even though I didn’t even know how to. I also looked into other (types of) rap by myself as well. When my teacher saw that, he let me participate in the rap lessons.

Q: During that time, were you told that you had talent?

Yes. Fortunately. Because of that, rather than worrying, I think I had even more thoughts about how ‘This is fun, I want to do it even more’. Also, because I’m originally the type of person who really gets into the things that he likes and just wants to only do that, when I first started to rap, I was like ‘This is cool, oh, I want to try (something like) that too’.

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