I have no idea if that’s how police cams work just let me dream.


the boys + first lines


VIXX Noraebang Lotto (chaotic dorks) 😂

maid in heaven (707 x mc/reader)

summary: what happens when seven comes over when you skip hanging out with him to clean. alternatively, the b side to maiden heaven.

rating: 13+ (no spoilers, mildly sexual situations)

notes: this is for the anon who asked for putting seven in am maid outfit. after writing it, i’m not sure if i really did this as asked. and it turned a little more dirty than fluffy… tho i had been aiming for it to be dirtier… but wasn’t sure. anyway. i hope you enjoy it, anon, as well as everyone else. 

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nct u as drag queens pls !

NCT U as Drag Queens

Thanks for requesting !

 (btw i laughed the whole time making this)


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okay but noNE of you know how fuckign PUMPED i am for nishinoya’s birthday i have literally been waiting for like a fucking YE A R for this shit i have so many photos of him i have so much to SA Y about him i love him so mucj i am so glad i got to be in the same era as nishinoya yuu i would like to thank not only god but jesus as well for this opportunity i am truly blessed i cannot wa i t until october i neED THIS

Things I (a long time ARMY) want to tell new/very recent BTS fans.

  • 97% of Bangtan Bombs have english subs if you search for them. Make sure you also watch the really old bombs and if you really love BTS, watch the Vlogs
  • That being said, PLEASE watch ALL of the members Logs. Even the less popular members Vlogs. You will learn SOOOOO much about the other, less popular members, and maybe even learn to appreciate them more. For instance, the log where J-Hope addressed his feelings about the mix tape and just in general, or Rap Monsters English log, where he addressed his feelings before and right after joining BTS, this one is in english too so that’s a bonus. Or one of Jin’s early birthday log, where he talked about the members and the fans, and you can see how clearly he loves them ok. He’s so precious okay.
  • Your first fav might not stay your ultimate fav okay. It’s okay to love all of the members, it’s okay to love one of the members more than the others, but appreciate them all and recognize that this whole group is precious.
  • if you’re new to kpop in general and BTS brought you onto the scene, BTS is not the only kpop group out there so please don’t get group elite and shun or act rudely towards fans of senior or even newer rookie groups for not liking BTS or agreeing that BTS is the best.
  • Also, if you’re new to Kpop and Korean culture: Hyung is what you would use to refer to a close individual who either is your brother, or you’re closely linked to them as if they are a brother. (they use this word a lot in bombs because it’s a vERy common title, so don’t be too confused by it. Also, it should be noted this is used to refer to OLDER boys, so Jungkook for instance, is no one’s hyung, because he’s the youngest, aka the Maknae) (also: a bias is your favorite member. Stan is what you would call supporting a group or being a rEALly big fan of the group so that you follow their music and want to keep up to date on them.)
  • Don’t comment rude things on any platform where the boys can read them. Also, voting for the boys during award weeks/months is not as difficult as it may seem, many of the voting platforms accommodate english speakers and have english options. Those that are Korean/Hangul only, there are plenty of tutorials that will teach you how to vote. follow them closely and it isn’t difficult, you can support the boys even as a foreign fan.
  • If you want to buy BTS merchandise it can get very expensive for foreign fans and/especially because they release a LOT of buyable content, so make sure that you pick and choose things carefully if you aren’t made out of money. Don’t be upset if there are things that you can’t buy. Lots of if not all of the content that they sell will probably be uploaded or at least copied or talked about online so you can at least keep up so you won’t feel left out.
    • That being said, if you do have the money and do become a really big BTS fan or a die hard ARMY, feel free to support the boys occasional, but if you are going to buy BTS merchandise, make sure it’s from a reputable seller, preferably one that will link back to the boys so that they can get the stats in PR? This is just optional though, in the end, supporting them is the goal even if it isn’t through use of money.
  • Jung Hoseok (J-Hope) (dance line + rap line) is more than a ray of sunshine 25/8, he is a multi dimensional human being with many sides so don’t say rude things to him because you assume that he’s an indestructible goofball who doesn’t care what people think or say…tbh he cares so much you probably have no idea. He is the main dancer and is the choreography leader. He loves ARMY’s and BTS, his family and dancing above most if not all things. Used to be a really famous dancer before he joined BTS. (he’s still a famous dancer guys ok) He tends to stay in the center front 3 positions, OR, at times, hidden in the back for some reason??????? only a little shade @ bighit for that tbh….
  • Jeon Jungkook is the ‘face’ of the group, he has the most positions within the group (vocal (ex)rapper line, dance line) and he is well known these days for being one of the most popular members, and for his freaking reality show appearances!!! He is NOT ultra super shy but he is rather introverted and he prefers alone time to large groups. He likes anime and is a super nerd, but he’s also super passionate about dancing and BTS, and he really loves ARMY’s. He tends to stay directly in the middle during performances, and when he’s missing (like if he’s sick for instance) you will definitely notice that he’s not in the formation.
  • Park Jimin (dance line, vocals) he hits the high notes more often then not, he’s often in the front 3 positions with the rest of the dance line, and he’s jokingly often referred to as the choreography blackhole on game shows because he gets nervous and goofs up the choreo… :”) His stage persona is very bold and sexy, he’s a flirt and he lifts his shirt up so much, but off stage he’s a slightly timid, caring, soft, cheesy goof who loves his boys and ARMY’s so much it’s wild. Don’t mistake his stage persona for his only persona. Also, this boy tries SO hard, and deserves appreciation for how hard he works…
  • Kim Namjoon (Rap Monster) is a pretty well known Rapper, (Rap Line & Leader) He’s got a great voice actually, he can sing pretty well, not just rap. He has a hand with producing the music (for instance he produced much of Young Forever, and he produced very much of the fan dedicated song I know with Jungkook accompanying him on vocals). He’s pretty well known, a good chunk of foreign fans find bts through his solo rap music and he’s almost always one of the most easily recognized and remembered BTS members. He’s pretty introverted and introspective, he’s a gentle giant who accidentally breaks things because he’s clumsy and doesn’t know his own strength and also worries about how dust might feel to be dust and be insignificant. He’s soft so please don’t ever be mean to him or disrespect him. He is a GREAT leader, the only one that would suit BTS.
  • Kim Seokjin (visual, vocals) is the oldest member of BTS and everyone always calls him mom, even the members. That’s because he takes care of them all in just about every way. He doesn’t get nearly as much love as he should, he’s consistently ranked the lowest in popularity poles, (not that people really seem to care about those, but it does back up the fact that he’s SO unappreciated) He isn’t the biggest fan of dancing, hes said that he dislikes dancing the most, however, he ALWAYS tries his hardest without even complaining, and he’s always able to keep up with the others/choreo. Also the way he treats ARMY’s is the BEST.
  • Min Yoongi (suga) (rap line) is recognizable in general for being the quiet ‘sleepy’ guy, which, is partially correct. He is pretty quiet and pretty sleepy, because he works SOOoo hard. He sticks tends to stick to the outside middle parts, not exactly the middle 3, but also not the ‘wings’ aka the outside 2 spots (which are where Rap mon and Jin stay~) and he’s a seriously good dancer tbh. Seriously, he may not be a part of the dance line but that boy can really hit the beats ok. Also he’s SOO passionate let me tell you what. He’s also very nice to fans, he always answers neutrally when they ask him what his type is during fan meets.
  • Kim Taehyung (v) (vocal, visual) This guy is really well known and super popular. I think he’s consistently ranked as the #1 most popular member in South Korea. He’s very popular with Foreign fans as well. He’s funny and passionate and he doesn’t hide his true nature or self very often. Please don’t call him Alien, he doesn’t like this. There’s more to him than just being the odd/airhead guy, so much more you don’t even know. He’s so clever he really is, and he works so hard and loves his group so much. He loves BTS and ARMY’s more than you can even imagine too, he’s SO passionate about bts tbh. Taehyung is president of ARMY’s fanclub because he’s BTS’s biggest fan.
  • The above is the basics now for some things you should go ahead and unlearn before you even pick them up or think them:
    • Jhope is NOT useless.
    • Jin is a vERY talented vocalist.
    • if you’re a writer who is new to BTS but wants to write fanfictions, please do NOT: write Yoongi as careless badboy asshole who just sleeps a lot. Don’t write Park Jimin as an over the top ultra daddy who will spank you for eating the last chip in the bag. Don’t write Hoseok as only a jack in the box sunshine character.
    • Please don’t fight among ourselves about which ships are the best.
    • You are not better than anyone else just because you stan a popular member. You also don’t have the right to feel superior because you avoid supporting popular members. In the end, it’s okay to love any of the boys, and preferred that you love ALL of the boys at least a little bit.
    • If you’re a minor please act like a minor: as in; don’t do disrespectful, lewd things directed @ or about the boys.
    • If you ever get to go to a meet and greet with them, please don’t crowd them too much or be too overzealous and wild.
    • Never forget that they’re real people, struggling, passionate artists who work practically day and night, almost all day every day, to do what they love, and to bring us a piece of themselves. Don’t ever think for one second that they don’t work their entire ass off and their pour their souls into this work. This is about more than whether they’re handsome or who is the handsomest, who has the most fans. tbh At the end of the day this is about the music and their connection to it, and the way it connects them to us.

“I almost had it,” I told her, “I almost fucking had it.”

“Of course you did,“ and she stopped, I think she wanted me to realize that sometimes all you’re ever going to get is an almost, and the only thing you can ever do is learn to just keep moving forward.

And so she started again, “but then you find yourself somewhere he should be, or you see something and think of him and suddenly it hits you like a truck. It hurts, it fucking hurts because he meant something to you, because you care even though he doesn’t. But you have to understand something: it didn’t all fall apart in one night - and so no matter how hard you try, all these little broken pieces, aren’t just going to fall back together over night. If moving on were that easy for you, then he never meant much to you.“
—  c.f. // “time heals almost anything”