New downloads page! And it matches my new theme, yay! I finally have everything looking the way I want c: 
From now on all my download links will be on my tumblr posts and my blogspot is basically just going to be a backup in case tumblr implodes one day!
I know this kinda poop mainly matters to me but you wouldn’t believe the relief of having it all figured out lol ;w;

200+ Followers, and Growing!

        I started this blog last year for a show I honestly hadn’t been super into but Emerald was too tempting of a muse to pass up. With that mindset I hadn’t considered I’d even reach 50 followers let alone a whole 200 of you! Wow I’m really so happy and honored you all chose to give us a shot. Whether you’re here for our threads, the nonsense I may blog about or the occasional art I throw out I’m very grateful to each of you ❤

Shout Outs

@basedmercury - my avengers AU, angst, drawing and kpop buddyyy you were one of the first people i befriended on here and i’m really happy i could throw dumb fluff or angst ideas with our shitty muses at you if i wanted and vice versas. im still working on that Avengers drawing/angst drabble (holy shit im slow) i will finish iT SOON I SWEAR

@fnki-flynt-coal - i’m so slow with replies forGIVE ME. but i really am enjoying our thread with Eme and Flynt they’re so cute and i really look forward to more in the future. don’t die from school work please, remember young padawan: you got this!!

@charismaticstowaway - i’m gonna end up apologizing for all the threads im slacking on oh boy. but really i wanted to say how sweet you are and i appreciate your patience with me haha. it’s always nice just chatting with you. i like where our AU thread is going and if you’re still up to it we can continue!

@theflagshiparkos - man i’m really loving the AU we have going with Jaune and Emerald even though it’s still very much in it’s early phase. your replies are such a welcomed sight and i look forward to working on a reply so we get to see what these two will do next. i cant wait to continue and for us to start up more in the future! 

@elusiveemerald - my emerald senpai and one of the biggest reasons i had to start this account! i already mentioned how on the fence i was to start up my Eme but after looking at the way you portrayed her i had to give it a shot – and i’m happy i did! you’re still very much an inspiration to me and while i’m still getting a grip on writing our favorite thief i wont give up anytime soon

Special Mentions aka “I really enjoy seeing you all on my dash and maybe starting a thread someday would be hella”

@shrxud @xxsnowangel @candleprxnce @mutedvisiion @littleredscythe @musiquedenfer @cinders-fall @jaunearcs @ask-skylark @strenuiigni @burnxgold @ofboopsandpancakes @scythisms @cenizaella @icegraced @tinysundragon @heartbxmbs @pxrifiedmxniac @hammxrtime @eiselder @kalterte @littlesundragonyang @coco-minaj @yangiisms @softsummerrose @hctshct @shyvelveteen @maiidened

      And even if you’re not listed up here I still would like to get to know you and interact with our muses!! 

       Here’s to many more milestones and good memories in the FNDM! ( ● ◡ ●)ノシ

x Aria

BTS Fake Subs - “Thick Jin”

A week later and finally I’ve finished it. 

This video is all NamJin (Namjoon/Jin)

P.S. Should I write a summary for each video? Or just let you guys watch and enjoy while remaining oblivious?

P.P.S. I’m still figuring out how to edit my trademark in videos, so if you guys see anyone trying to take credit for my work, please let me know.


I got a new job =D

It’s as an animator in a little animation studio in my city, it has a decent payment and i know most of the other guys working there =)

Sure, it will be a lot of work, but it’s paid work at least.

I will try to figure out a work schedule to not let this (good and new) job hinder my comic production as both things are bringing so much happiness to my life.

Learning to make a decent schedule is a new thing to learn on my path to be a visual storyteller =D

first icon batch ever!!

there are 11 clizzy icons under the cut and i hope y’all enjoy it! (credit would be nice and ofc don’t claim as yours but other than that - happy


more here!

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How long do you think it'll take for Riley and Lucas to finally come to terms in what kind of relationship they do have? I kinda hope it'll be similar to the friendship dynamic Topanga and Shawn have.

Not sure. I think they’ll probably try to date one or two more times and that’s when they’ll finally figure it out. No Sparks kiss or something, maybe.

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ME: *prays tom bleeds out but also doesn't want Liz to suffer anymore than she already has* although she would be sad, TK dying would be a blessing in disguise for Liz bc 1. no more abusive and controlling man in her life and 2. she and red can finally figure out how much they love eachother without other love interests getting in the way. I NEED TOM TO DIE THX

Anon I’m hoping and wishing and praying Tom will die, honestly for my own well being more than Liz’s at this point. This waiting and seeing is a real pain in the ass and I’m ready to pull the plug myself. Liz deserves so much better.

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(sneaks into your inbox) (i finally figured out how you write such beautiful things) (you just coax beautiful words out of the spaces between the stars) (and convince them to shine in the night sky of your writing) o-o (scurries off)



I snagged a Space Comrade April figure at the store the other day and finally took her out of the package. It is an okay figure, in line with the previous April figure by playmates, but I guess beggers can’t be choosy when it comes to getting a female action figure. 

Her articulation is again awful. There are shoulder and hip joints, a little bit of a swivel at the glove, and the head turns slightly side to side. No knee or elbow joints (I just want an April I can pose!) and the head does not move up or down which is really only a major complaint because they have it stuck in an odd leaning forward position to make room for her helmet. 

The paint application is minimal, most of the pieces are just colored molded plastic. She is also for some reason missing paint entirely on her mouth. If you squint you can see her lips are molded on the head sculpt, but without a little color she looks like a freaky, mouthless mutant. The eyes and face sculpt in general are a big improvement over the original April figure.

The only accessories are her helmet and the camcorder-gun thing. Which has the world’s most awkward holster attached to her hip. Over all she is about the quality I expected, but at least she exists. 

I snagged the space Casey Jones figure as well. I will review him later on.

I still don’t understand what happened. I don’t remember if there was a certain time or a certain event that caused the change, but all I know is that it was different. I used to miss you every week; my Monday through Friday was the worst because I wasn’t able to see you. And when the weekend finally came I was excited and ecstatic that I got to spend any time with you. Back then I would have done anything to see you. I would have skipped the gym, I would have skipped class, I even would have walked those 11 miles to see you for even a second. And somewhere along the way the tables turned. I no longer needed your touch, I no longer wanted to come to see you, and it broke me down when I figured that out. That was the moment I realized I was no longer happy, that I was no longer in love. And I know you think I am a terrible person, and that I took the easy way out, but I didn’t. Letting you go was the single hardest choice I have ever made. I truly did love you, and when I realized that our dreams wouldn’t come true, it broke me. And I knew I needed to tell you, I knew I needed to be truthful, and I was. It hurt me, even though I was the one to end it, because all of what we had was real, and what we felt was true love. A really smart man told me your heart is like a bowl of soup. Your soup will be filled with different memories and different people, whether it be an amazing experience, a great friend, or someone you love. I can honestly say that a lot of my soup will always have you in it. You were my first true love, the first person I was truly myself with, and I know I will always love you. I don’t know if I can ever truly move on, and right now I don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. But I know what I did was right, and I know it happened for a reason. So for now I will drink away my sorrows, exercise out my anger, and cry about my fears. Every part of me is terrified to move on because I invested so much in you. But I know one day I will move on, I know one day I will fall in love again, and I know one day I will be happy. I hope you forgive me, I hope you are able to move on, and I hope you are able to love again. I Know you deserve better than me and I know someone will love you better than I ever will. And until the day we reconcile, until the day we move on, and until the day we can look back on our time with happiness,

Te adoro, mi amor and I will always love you with all of my heart. 


After wiping the vomit from my mouth, I felt the urge to figure out what the fuck this abomination was.

Apparently, it’s an Anti Submarine Warfare aircraft that came out of the British Empire, after the Second World War. The first seat is the pilot. Second seat is an Aerial Observer, and the final seat appears to be the fellow who controls the small radome that the plane can deploy. I forgot to mention, they made dedicated Airborne Early Warning versions of these. If it were the regular ASW variant, the second bubble would simply house a fellow to act as another set of eyes, as only the AEW variants had a radome for him to control.

Oh, rather important bit of information-

It’s a carrier based aircraft, with a double fold set of wings. 

And the final thing that makes this aircraft unique is that it’s the only carrier aircraft that I’m aware of to have two contra-rotating propellers.

God speed you magnificent aircraft.

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Hey! My dash is currently overflowing with a Deamara panic that's quite irritating, so I just wanna thank you for the posts about the REST of the chuckdam episode! The best part (rock-paper-scissors was close) has GOT to be the Sam Dean talk that FINALLY happened and was so much better than I thought. I mean, Sam has got his shit figured out this season, but Dean actually frickin talked, I'm still shocked about it. Sorry I keep bugging you every episode, but I really like your comments!

Dude, no need to apologize! I like talking about stuff–I know I don’t respond every single time, but it’s never because I’m not interested or whatever, sometimes I get busy or whatever and then it’s that thing of “oh they sent that message a while ago it would probably be weird to answer it now.”


I really don’t get why people are freaking out about Deanmara. Like, we’re not meant to think it’s cute and romantic. It’s supposed to be disturbing, and this week’s ep made it absolutely clear that Dean wants no part in the bond he feels with Amara, but he literally can’t help it; he isn’t in control. Like, the fact that the monster appeared as Amara doesn’t have to interfere with any ships precisely because Dean can’t stop himself from feeling drawn towards Amara. It’s something she’s doing to him, not a feeling that comes from within Dean. I don’t even care about Dean-related ships and it took me all of thirty seconds to explain why what’s going on with Amara doesn’t interfere with them. I mean for fuck’s sake.

Also I just find it really funny that people are freaking out when me and my friends basically reacted the way Sam did (except much less nice and forgiving WHOOPS), which was to say no fucking shit, Sherlock and then move on.

Because like you said, this ep had a lot of good brothers stuff (I loved the scene at the beginning where Sam was snarking Dean for being a gross mess in the morning, as well as the rock/paper/scissors and of course the convo at the end), and also Sam was SO BEAUTIFUL and he got to be BADASS and save the day and then give Dean the support that Sam needed from Dean back when Sam was the one being pursued by a powerful evil being who he wanted nothing to do with.

And yeah, I was very pleased that Dean was finally honest with Sam, though I’m certainly not gonna give him a cookie for finally behaving like a decent human being who sees his brother as an equal. I mean, it was a step forward for Dean, but honestly I’m frustrated/mad with myself that I’m inclined to give him credit, because this is very basic stuff, so it shouldn’t be a big deal, yet it is. I need like a sarcastic little flag that says “congrats on achieving basic human decency” to wave at Dean.

All that to say, I enjoyed the ep. I don’t know that it’s one I’d ever feel the need to re-watch, but the plot wasn’t terrible and it had good brother stuff–like this is two eps in a row where I haven’t wanted to punch Dean in the face it’s a novelty.


So I decided I’d try on my Lucina costume one more time just to get a picture I could post onto dA (and here too, while I’m at it). And this time…I FINALLY FIGURED OUT HOW HER BELT WORKS! Now I can see why one would wear this kind of belt getup in order to carry a giant sword around. (Of course, I don’t *have* said giant sword, nor do I need one, but still.)

One of the strangest feelings is when you accidentally solve something.

Like, you kind of have an idea of what to do, or you are just screwing with some stuff to see if it works, then it suddenly all falls into place. It’s odd, because there is no excitement about finally figuring it out like there is when you get the idea and fix it. The frustration and challenge is gone, but the reward of excitement isn’t there?

I don’t know. It just feels somewhat anti-climactic sometimes.

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