It’s here! It’s here!! I’m doing a kickstarter to make Cheeky Birb Thing keychains!

I really wanted to get something out for you guys, and I think I finally figured out the best item that’s both cute, birdy, and usable: Cheek Keychains!

In order to get these lil birbs out in a batch bigger than only two or three, I’m going to need help from everybirdy! (I have a limited early bird section where you can scoop them up for cheep (pun intended)!)

Three Fictional Characters

I was tagged by @kierarutherford & @a-shakespearean-in-paris  in this and I *finally* figured out my three characters! Thank you ladies for the tag ;)

Mabel Pines

Okay, here’s the thing about Mabel: she’s a little crazy :D She’s this girl who refuses to acknowledge that people can be bad and tries to see the good in everybody. She wears a variety of weird sweaters (that she knits herself) and has a pig named Waddles. The reason I relate to her is because of her energy and enthusiasm. When I’m not being in a depressive state, I get super weird super fast and I basically become HER. God forbid I have coffee and/or sugar and then I *really* turn in Mabel. If you watch Gravity Falls, you’ll understand :D


But Shan! If you’re the cute, sweet Mabel, how could you possibly be Morrigan? Well, more often than not, these days I behave like a raging bitch on wheels. My favorite thing to do is unleash sarcasm and jokes, no matter if they’re nice or not. I have a fair share of hurt and anger that I carry, though I generally don’t unleash it onto people. I also have a gooey interior that I don’t show to most people :) 

Black Widow

Hi. Welcome to the badass side of me. I would never even pretend to be on the same level as Natasha Romanoff, but I’d like to think that I can throw a few punch/kicks here and there :) Also, I’m really good with languages and I’m a social chameleon. I’m a spy in your midst and you wouldn’t even know it :D

Let’s see… I could tag people but I’m not sure who hasn’t gone yet. How about @star–nymph, @shannaraisles, @sirinial, @decadentvoidprincess? Your choice, of course :)

I hear people all the time criticizing musicals by saying “why can’t they just say what they mean instead of singing and dancing about it?” and for years the only answer I’ve had was a smile and a shrug, but I finally just figured it out.

It’s because the words by themselves aren’t enough.

Outside the song, there would be almost no moving passion in Javert’s words “This I swear by the stars.” How would He Had It Comin’ be anywhere near as dangerous and vengeful without the lighting and the dance routine? The reprise of Wouldn’t It Be Luvverly is essential to underlining just how much Henry Higgins has changed and damaged Eliza Doolittle. The Mary Poppins chimney sweeps would just be weird guys off the roof if they didn’t have their whole zany song and choreography to make them a funny and interesting group. And there aren’t any words in any language to describe the complete change in Leslie Odom Jr.’s voice as the music cuts off and he solos “I…wanna be in the room where it happens, the room where it happens.”

The reason we have musicals–and the reason we have music in general–is because words aren’t enough.

hey remember when Nerris said she was ‘elf kin’ when Mr. Campbell asked what her gender was?

Yeah, at first I thought it was a dumb joke, because elf is a species, not a gender. But then I started playing D&D, and guess what? All elves start off as completely free to explore their gender indentity, and aren’t assigned 'male’ or 'female’ genders when they’re children. They’re all given unisex “child names” until they feel they’re ready for their “adult names”, which they choose themselves! So what Nerris is saying here is that she hasn’t settled on a specific gender identity, like all elf children, and that’s fucking great.

Also “Naeris” is a canon elven child name in the D&D world.

Absurdity Epic

I finally figured out what I would call the genre that both The Adventure Zone and Homestuck fall into. I’d call it an ‘absurdity epic’. An alternative medium story - not book, television, or movie - that begins almost entirely absurd and played largely for comedy and laughs. It then slowly grows in seriousness, complexity, and emotional resonance. It will also involve comprehensive character arcs and stretch the bounds of a conventional epic by traversing time/universes/realties. Additionally, the alternative medium will allow for a lot of creator-audience interaction, meaning a lot of user input (in Homestuck the character names and early actions were chosen by readers, in TaZ characters are named after fans and magic items are submitted by fans, both have used fan-created music within the story), as well as shaping the story to respond to fan demographics (in the case of both stories, they began typically straight and ended with a majority of LGBT couples). The stories are told serially through the internet, which lets real-time fan reactions affect the plot and storytelling. Both the story’s narrative and dialogue might have references to fan theories, recent events, trends, turns of speech, or memes, which would make listening/reading at a later time a completely different experience. Absurdity Epics are best enjoyed as they’re in progress, or immediately after they’ve been completed. 

  • Steve: After my divorce with Nancy and Jonathan I had a difficult time adjusting, but I finally figured out how to cope.
  • Steve, bringing out the party members: It's hard being a single mother, father, and older brother all at the same time but hey, someone's gotta do it.