11x23 “Alpha and Omega”
“What about Earth?”

I loved this. Loved it, loved it, loved it. I mean, of course I am biased since Dean as the epitome of human and divine, as a christ figure, has been one of my absolute favourite parts of this arc and seeing it play out in the finale just made me incredibly emotional and happy. But more than that I just really adore how God is encouraging Dean here and telling Dean that he should be proud of himself, that the world should be proud to have Dean Winchester and his brother. And while he at first is taken aback and can’t really believe what he is hearing. Maybe for a flicker of a second, you can see a “thank you” and something like a very brief moment of “maybe he is right and I am not worthless” playing around his face. And even if it was so brief and so fleeting, it was a first step and it makes me emotional and happy that maybe now Dean will finally finally be able to heal. Especially now that he is - at least for the moment - reunited with his mother….

Nashville Series Finale

Maddie Drama is over Yay! 

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People starting figuring out Crazy Layla is and Avery said BYE BYE TO LAYLA

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Will standing up to the Crazy Lady and Calling on her BS…AWWW YOU GOO Will and GO GET YOUR MAN!

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AND HAHAHAHA AUTUMN. That’s what you get!! The Ex’s are no longer the EX’s

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So, apparently, NECA has stated on Twitter that they’re officially ending their Pacific Rim line. This is the final lineup, save a couple miscellaneous figures here and there like the Scalers. 

Hardship and the Ultimate Gipsy Danger are still due out this summer.

While disappointing, I find it fairly impressive that one movie - a movie that wasn’t already part of some massive franchise - generated so much merchandise. Granted, PR is/was supposed to become a full-fledged franchise with multiple films, an animated show, comics, etc - but still. I would’ve preferred them to have gone out on Slattern or Raiju over Gipsy Danger #552, but it is what it is.

While NECA may be stepping out of the picture, we know that Max Factory has plans for Pacific Rim model kits, and X-Plus has recently unveiled a Leatherback figure, their first Pacific Rim Figure. Who knows what else might pop up.

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It's weird seeing you make a joke on Twitter then make it a comic like 2 months later

Haha yeah I do that sometimes. Usually it’s when I finally figure out a way to make it fit nicely in comic form.

To say I’m excited for this Kickstarter is an understatement

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A Major Life 3 (Part 2 of 2)

Rating- T? For some language

A/N- Finally an update!  This one gave me serious problems and honestly I was stuck for the last month not being able to make it into anything close to what I wanted.  I was about to file it away, write around part 1 and just move on.  A massive thanks to @disneygeekwriter for salvaging this for me.  She took the mess of what I had, figured out what I was trying to convey, improved and completed it.  I can’t thank you enough.  Lot’s of hugs!  You’re amazing!

Having trouble getting links to work right now.  I’ll update and add previous installments here tonight.


Kristoff paced in his kitchen. Anna’s phone, keys, and purse were sitting in their usual place but there was no sign of her. He wracked his brain trying to remember his wife’s intentions for after the game. She never stayed the entire time, just long enough to see him pitch and then head home. Where was Karoline? He thought back to that morning, trying to remember what the schedule was. He turned and saw the large calendar on the wall. Anna and her organizational skills were unmatched. They had to be with his career. His home games were on the calendar in green, away in red, Karoline’s school and activities in blue. 

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“When Alexander woke up the next morning, something was wrong. He sat up in bed, trying to figure out what wasn’t right. Then he realized it was too quiet. It was much too quiet. Why hadn’t Lafayette burst into his room to get him up for school? Why didn’t he hear the French boy’s pop music from down the hall?” 

Tired pretty grump face Kimmy.

I saw myself in the mirror and was surprised as usual. But like it’s a “that’s… that’s me?” kind of surprised. Like I’m only seeing myself for the first time. Like feeling like I’m looking at a player character I made in a game. Like I’m a step removed from myself. I never had a self image that “fit” me. And now I do. I guess? Having so much trouble with myself. But it’s good trouble. Growing trouble. Growing pains. Figuring out who I am.

7 months HRT in 2 days. Love it. I think I’m learning to love myself. Finally.

So since January I have been tweeting the people at Bleacher Creature Toys about making a Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn plush and they finally got back to me.

They said they need my help. (And yours) They have the artwork done, they just need the support from the Dallas Stars. If I can get enough people to tweet to the Stars saying this is something that we want and the Stars contact them with approval that they’d be able to make them. 

I figure what else am I doing with my summer? Might as well spearhead a campaign to get these made. I mean who wouldn’t want their own Tyler Seguin or Jamie Benn (or both) to cuddle with? I know I do.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about you can see their website here

I’m probably going to be tweeting a lot about it and if you want to follow me my twitter name is angelamyrf and retweet my tweets about it. Or you can tweet the Dallas Stars (DallasStars) and Bleacher Creature Toys (bcreaturetoys) on your own and let them you know you want a Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin plush. We can use the power of the internet to get this accomplished. I believe in us.


This week has started out fine. Finally have the place feeling like home. I installed some shelves in the kitchen, picked up a new coffee table and radio. Unfortunately I haven’t found a job yet. I mean I’ve looked but none of the jobs strikes my fancy. I need to figure it out though. Between the new items and food I’m down to $600 simoleons. 

I usually go down to the beach before starting my day. Can’t believe I got this view for the price I paid. Sometimes I wonder why such a prime piece of real estate was so cheap.

Well enough of that! I’m off to an interview. Hmmm…probably need to grab a cardigan. Or maybe I don’t. Maybe the interviewer will have a thing for bare shoulders and C cups. Well wish me luck!

I’ve finally figured a perfect metaphor for what happened to Viktor:

It’s like he was riding a bus full of people, which was going uphill. There was so little space in that bus that he got shoved and pushed and trampled upon so much that he just huffed and puffed with anger. Nobody payed attention to him.

Then he decided to get out on the next station and continue on foot to reach his destination because he hated the people inside and what they did to him. He also wanted to prove them wrong; they were pressing to get inside the bus at all costs. After full twenty seconds of walking, and after the bus passed him, he realized in horror that his decision might not have been the best in the world; but he will never ever admit that to himself, let alone to anyone else and he continues on foot out of spite. He even runs uphill, while other people are looking at him like he’s a madman. He’ll eventually reach his destination (fame), perhaps, but the method he chose is incredibly difficult, unforgiving and harmful. He should have just stuck with the people on the buss, get over what they did to him and reach his destination in the mundane way. He would have gotten to the destination that way no doubt, even if the bus ran over a few bumps on the road along the way. He is a smart guy, after all. Just not emotionally intelligent.

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Really awesome art kuma. Found your art before and couldn't figure out who made them, so I'm so glad to finally find and follow. Your an inspiration to me XD please keep up the awesome work.

I’m happy you can find me XD Thanks I will!