me, a south asian girl: it makes me uncomfortable when brown men continuously place white women on pedestals and date them and I wish they wouldnt do That

white girls: how DARE you tell me that I cant date brown men??? I can date whoever I want!!! you are backwards and want to take us back in time just so you can have all the brown men to yourselves!!!!! how am I gonna be a brahmin when you wont let me have the brown men??? how??????

my friend took a derpy photo of me 

so i decided to put it to good use


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Hi, I've uh, seen some of your artwork around campus and I really like how you draw. Maybe you could show me some of your work and I could show you my new invention. It's still a work in progress, but it won't blow up in your face, I promise! -Tadashi

if tadashi said this to me i would cry

  • Noodle: hey remember when my hair was blue lol
  • 2D: *glaring*

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The tour announcement just made me think, will any of these new fans that they are aiming their promo at even be able to get tickets? The venues are small, and I'm sure all the solo!h fans will sell those out quickly, making it hard for the average GP to get tix.

Hi anon! I think what he’s doing fits his image perfectly. 

I got a lot of asks/comments about Harry’s tour today and I’m not publishing them because, well, I’m tired, frankly. But yeah, anons, I get your questions.

Honestly, I think this tour announcement is brilliant. Look at how people are eating it up and already panicking?

He’s doing small venues and not in a huge number of cities. They’re bound to sell out because they’re small. The price of the tickets, as well as the sign up aspect, and the ticket purchase limits all add to the scarcity. He’s doing all presales before his album is released. This means that nearly every ticket will go to existing fans. And on top of that, he’s included an album with each ticket.

Since the tickets will be hard to get, nobody will wait to make a decision, they’ll all jump on it. You need to be on his list to get the presale code to even have a chance of getting a ticket, so you’ll get more and more marketing stuff from his team (which you wouldn’t get if you straight bought through normal sale means). This won’t be a tour where one adult takes ones for the team and gathers up her daughter and all of her daughter’s friends like it may be for a 1D concert. The adult fans who are tired of being viewed as teenagers now get to feel like they’re surrounded by other fans more like them. And they get to feel “closer” to him because the venues are small.

Since he’s selling the tour tickets before his album drops, new fans almost certainly won’t get tickets and it will only add to the image of his popularity. “Wow, I only just heard of him and he’s already sold out!” If he adds dates, more sales.

Existing fans (who he thus far has neither thanked nor acknowledged, especially since he won’t utter “One Direction” by name) get to feel special and in the know, because he’s selling exclusively to them. They get to feel like they “discovered” him before the new fans discover him (the ones he’s actually courting, the ones who dismissed him when he was in a boyband). 

And bundling an album with each ticket just increased his album sales by how ever many seats there are. (Which isn’t new–other artists have done it.)

He’s guaranteed a sell-out first tour, he’s made existing fans who buy into this feel good while spending money, and he’s boosted his album sales.

All of this and nobody has even heard the whole album, so they don’t even know if they like it. He’s lured people into supporting music they might not even like. Did you know after people spend money, they justify their decision, even if they regret it? No matter what people think of the music, if they bought tour tickets, they will like it.

Love it or hate it, it’s brilliant.