It takes courage to exist. So you, reading this right now, thank you for existing. No matter what anyone says, you are so strong and I’m proud of you.
—  ~Me to each and every one of you individually 💕

The idea for this came during au week and I also wanted to write something for @kickassfu‘s bday a month ago now and holy writer’s block batman.

I quickly realized this could be 10k+ words, so made an attempt to keep this short, telling the tale in brief, loosely-connected scenes. Unbetad and barely read through so i can just freaking post. Let me know what you think. Mostly AU, as I don’t watch the show now.

Caroline forgets on a Thursday.

The tendrils of sleep feel like they’re clinging to her more strongly than usual, and she scrubs a hand across her face. What is it she’s supposed to do today? She yawns, stretching her arms out, mind racing and trying to grasp on anything and failing. What is she even doing here? She looks at her surroundings - a hotel room, the air conditioner whispering quietly in the corner, the bed soft and plush - somewhere expensive then. She’s alone, no dent in the pillow next to her, which somehow surprises her. OK. Phone? Phone. She picks it up from the end table and swipes it, breathing a sigh of relief when her thumbprint unlocks.

Opening up her recent calls there’s an incoming call from someone named Cam  the day before, as well as a call to a Bonnie, who has ICE next to her name, made three weeks prior. Ok. Not as much information as she had hoped. She opens the messages, finding a similar state. A lot of recent texts with whoever this Cam is, including a rather final sounding ‘Do not contact me again’. Pissed off, she presses call. Clearly Cam is a lost cause, but maybe he? she? can tell her some basic details.

“I told you not to call me ever again.” The voice sounds nervous, almost afraid.

“Yeah well I woke up in a hotel room with no idea who the hell I am or why, so thought maybe you could bend the rules, Cam.” Caroline spits out his name like a curse - she’s scrolling through past messages from him, catching some fervent ‘I love yous’ and heart emojis. How quickly love fades.

She hears a sigh on the other end, then an awkward pause before Cam speaks again. “I am sorry, Caroline. I love you, but I cannot. Talk to Bonnie, your friend.  She will help.” The line goes dead.


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Okay, let’s just dive right in here: “I don’t like you. I never liked you”… I will be honest, my face fell at that line. But now… I actually think it works.

Think of it this way: do you think Sam likes Lucifer? …Well, no, he doesn’t. Lucifer goes against Sam’s morals, Lucifer hurts people, Lucifer has a horrid sense of humour… but that doesn’t stop Sam feeling a connection to him. That doesn’t stop Sam loving him.

And though we all write Lucifer as the one who loves every detail of Sam, I think maybe we all did have that rather wrong. Because it does work vice versa. To Lucifer, Sam is naive, weak because he doesn’t take what power he can get, and too submissive. But again, connection… Lucifer does still love Sam. You can love someone and not like them. That’s exactly why he’s always looked to mould Sam into what he believes he could be.

Honestly, this is actually pretty in character for their relationship. The whole damn thing is awkward for them both. They don’t like each other. But damn do they understand each other perfectly. They don’t talk about things, both because they refuse and because they don’t need to because they both just know already.

Now I think about it, I think they’re too close to like each other. Do you like everything about yourself? They’re two halves of the same whole. It’s like being faced with a version of yourself, flaws and all, which you have to observe with what can’t be anything other than a natural obsession. Really, it just makes this the most brutally intimate relationship that could possibly exist.

They know each other inside out.

They’re connected through literal fate.

They’re always going to be bound to each other.

It’s a fucking testament to this ship that they’re literally still just the most canon relationship ever… and they don’t even like each other.

Pokemon. The case of the missing Audino. Mystery episode oka–

HELLO. His name is Doyle??

They tag Audino with a button-like tracking device???

“I think some evil organization is stealing all of the Audino!”

“Evil organization?”

Yeah okay Conan not everything is their fault (;;¬‿¬)

I love the stydia fandom so much. Like, one picture of our otp standing next to each other is enough to get everyone excited and fangirling. We enjoy the small things in life and I think that’s beautiful.