I was so hesitant to post this but I am anyway and I’m not going to put this under “keep reading” because I’m not embarrassed at all. It’s not avenged related so move along if you’re just going to comment mean things or if you’re a trump supporter. I wanted to put this out there because it’s something that many people and myself are going through…

Now, I don’t care what anyone says I’m proud to be a Mexican! I know exactly where I come from and I love my roots and even though I may not show it often I am fully aware of it. We’re not all rapists, lazy, drug dealers, and whatever else people think. My parents came to this country years ago and brought me along. They’ve been nothing but hard working people who would break their back day and night to provide for their family. I miss my country so much but coming to the United States was the best decision my parents ever made for me and my brother. I didn’t have a bad life at all in my country, I wasn’t poor, I didn’t live in a village like most people think, I had a good life in Mexico, all my parents wanted was a much better life than we already had and I do have it! I have a scholarship that is paying my full tuition for college, I have good grades and that’s what I dedicate myself to right now. I’m not going to put my head down just because some racist person is president now. I am so much more than just an immigrant, I have values, education and traditions that sadly many people here in America DO NOT have and I’m happy my parents taught me well. That’s all! Viva Mexico Cabrones!🇲🇽

did anyone say feels? because i brought the feels

“Weirdly enough,” Adaar says, coming to sit next to the Tal-Vashoth with a wry smile and a bottle of wine, “I think I know exactly how you feel.”

She doesn’t, because she can’t. She was born Vashoth, and the grey is all she knows. But the Tal-Vashoth doesn’t point it out, because to argue about it would require him to care far more than he’s actually capable of right now. He accepts the bottle when she puts it in his hand, but he doesn’t really drink from it. He hasn’t really eaten or drank anything consciously in the past few days, but not so much out rebellion or hopes to starve himself to death, so much as a genuine lack of interest in it. Besides, he knows – because Hissrad used to know things like that and he’s inherited his knowldge if not the willingness to use it – that it’d take far too long for him to starve; the far more likely option is the Ben-Hassrath coming to collect payment for Hissrad’s death.

“You want to die,” she says, blunt but not mean, almost kind, and the Tal-Vashoth is surprised by how relieved he is, to hear someone voice the thought. “You want someone to step up the task and put you down, because you can’t stand being what you’ve become.”

Yes, he yearns to say, feels the word twitching dangerously on the tip of his tongue.

“I want someone to step up and put me down, because I know I will hate every second of what’s coming up and I’m not entirely sure I will survive it anyway,” she says instead, reaching out, and the Tal-Vashoth passes the bottle back, untouched, without a second thought. “Shokrakar is coming. The Shokrakar. I understand you don’t care, exactly, since you’re not… him anymore. Right? He’s dead and you wish you were too. The thing is, he was my friend, even if he was Ben-Hassrath. I don’t think I ever told him why, though… Suppose I never will now.” The Inquisitor’s eyes are bright and sharp, and the Tal-Vashoth is struck by how clearly they seem to be able to see right through him as well. “I’ll have to tell you instead, so maybe you’ll understand why I won’t kill you myself or why I can’t let others try.” She smiles. “Cole.”

The Tal-Vashoth is surprised by his own surprise. When the bottle is pressed back against his fingers, he finds himself twirling it slowly, considering. Waiting, he realizes, for her to elaborate. The Inquisitor’s smile widens slightly and her eyes brighten up proportionately.

“Cole explained… him, once, after Haven, remember?” She says, and the Tal-Vashoth is forced to dig into Hissrad’s carcass to locate the right memory, something he’d been avoiding for the sake of avoiding temptation to just… take what was left of Hissrad and claim it as his own. Down that path is madness and becoming something even worse than the abomination he already is: an abomination that doesn’t want to die. “He liked to defend, to protect, not to kill. He liked to leave himself open to let others make a choice. Hissrad… The Iron Bull,” the Inquisitor says, staring intently at him, trying to find something the Tal-Vashoth is almost scared to contemplate. “He died to save his Chargers, but I also think he also died so you could live. So I’m going to try and save you, even if you hate me for it. Because he was my friend, and I think you could be, too.” She offers a small, brittle laugh to punctuate her statement. “Besides, keeping you alive is the best reason for living I have right now, because, as I said, I know exactly how you feel.”

@thepathlesstrekked you wanted some fake-relationship mckirk?? i would’ve sent it to your ask but it got too long

  • The first time Jim got the memo saying that Starfleet required him to have a partner to take to a ~Fancy Dinner~  to show that he was a mature captain who’d settled down, he laughed and deleted it. It was probably just Gaila pranking him again by hacking the system.
  • The second time, Jim got a bad feeling in his gut. Gaila didn’t repeat pranks, so he comm’d her and she just gave him a sympathetic look. He closed the call on her before she could speak. (He called her back right away to apologise though.)
  • Bones laughed at him when Jim told him, and didn’t stop laughing until Jim sarcastically said ‘maybe I should take you’
  • Then Jim considered it genuinely as Bones went pale. It did make sense after all; they’d shared a dorm for years, were best friends and spent practically all their free time together. It’d be brilliant. Everyone would believe it.
  • Bones did not agree.
  • In fact, Bones started citing a bunch of sources about how ‘fake dating’ could lead to all sorts of relationship struggles.
  • It was Jim’s turn to laugh, and he said ‘C’mon Bones, you literally brought me back to life, you think us fake dating is gonna break us?’
  • the dinner was /the/ most uncomfortable thing he’d ever experienced. Jim was pretty sure it was like that for Bones as well. Stiff dress uniforms, socialising with high and mighty starfleet officers, and after just an hour jim was desperate to escape. He could tell from the glares that Bones was sending him whenever he got the chance in the mess of people that he was gonna get his ass kicked for convincing him to do it.
  • jim took small comfort in the fact that Bones had /agreed/ to do it in the first place.
  • until he realised that they’d have to /prove/ their relationship in front of a huge crowd of simpering people like the royals of old consummating their marriages in front of their nobles
  • maybe jim was being dramatic. they didn’t have to full on have sex, but he /did/ have to kiss his best friend, and he’d had a rather unfortunate realisation around the tenth glare bones had sent him that maybe bones was a little /more/ that ‘just’ a friend
  • fuck
  • so when the crowd inevitably shoved the two together, jim pulled bones in for a hug first, pretending to be lovestruck (well maybe not pretending), so he could whisper in his ear ‘is this okay’ and bones said just as quietly, with the barest hint of a laugh in his voice, ‘i wouldn’t have said yes if it wasn’t’
  • needless to say, the making-out that followed led to them being shoved out of the fancy ballroom with firm instructions to ‘get a room’
  • jim and bones laughed all the way to their quarters when they weren’t stopping to make out in dark corners, that is

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1 Supercat

Raindrops held to the trees like Christmas lights, clinging to each branch as the fog settled over the busy National City street. The steady hum of taxis and people shouting in the distance couldn’t hold a candle to the noise Kara felt inside her head. She and Cat had walked six city blocks together. It was the farthest she’d ever known her former boss to travel on foot, especially in heels that lifted her well off the ground, making her calf muscles flex and hips sway against the tight fabric of her skirt. Kara tried not to notice, but it had always been impossible.

They were almost back to the hotel. Neither wanted the night to end, that much was clear.

“Are you coming up?” Cat twirled, letting her purse swing a bit before planting her free hand on her waist. She was a few bourbons in, just enough to take the edge off, but not so far gone that she didn’t know exactly what she was doing.

“Cat…” Kara sighed, running her hand through her hair, pushing her glasses up on her nose before sliding her hands into her coat pockets. “I don’t know if that’s…”

“What?” she squinted, challenging. “You think my intentions aren’t pure? I’m not that drunk…”

“Yes,” Kara laughed a little. “You are.”

Cat shrugged, both of them blushing at the truth.

“Fine,” she breathed, stepping an inch forward, reaching out, tracing her finger along the edge of Kara’s lapel. “Are you saying…you weren’t hoping things would end differently this time?”

“I…” the younger woman faltered. “…don’t really know…what I was hoping.”

“Hmm,” Cat mused. “Care to hear what I think?

“Always,” Kara nodded slowly.

“I think…” she began, leaning back against the wall. “…we’ve been doing this dance for far too long, you and I. Too many years, too many missed opportunities and…secrets…left unspoken. Too many other paths…other people…”

Kara swallowed, cringing at all the wrong turns and redirections, the silence, so much unforgivable silence, that had kept them apart. It nearly broke her back then, and it was doing a good number on her now. That, and the way Cat kept talking, making a speech to end all speeches, even as her beautiful green eyes began to water, her skin flushed, fingers playing with the loose ends of her leather jacket, the way she always did when she was trying to look more confident than she was.

“Cat?” Kara finally interrupted, taking one small, very important step forward.

“What?” Cat whispered.

“Please,” she pleaded, biting her lip hard. “Just…stop.”

“Why?” Cat glared. “So you can run away again? Is that what this is…”

“Me?” Kara gawked. “I’m not the one who…”

“Come on, Kara,” Cat dared. “We’ve been together all night and you’re still wearing those ridiculous glasses, talking to me like I don’t know exactly who you are and what you stand for and how absolutely brilliant and brave and incredible you are and have always been, instead choosing to play small, pretending like you aren’t just as riled up, like you don’t want exactly the same thing I…”

Kara stepped closer now, a bit more forcefully, taking a deep breath as she defiantly pulled her glasses from her face.

“Is this what you want?” she exhaled. “Honestly? Because…I’ve wanted do this so many times…so many times…and it kills me to think…to know…it’s never going to be enough to make you stay.”

Cat’s lips fell open, eyebrows crinkling as she faced her own part in all of this, that she too had caused them both pain, that she was ready now to fix it.

“Yes,” she admitted. “It is enough. It always…always has been.”

“Fine,” Kara sighed, licking her lips as she took another step forward. “Then…stay.”

Cat swallowed, tears stinging her eyes as she clenched her teeth.

“Come over here and make me,“ she breathed.

Kara was on her then, taking her in, pouring every bit of truth and forgiveness and longing into Cat’s full lips, pushing her back against the wall, sucking and lapping against her pout until Cat allowed her inside, tongues slipping and speaking, saying more than words ever could.

I don’t want to fall in love. I don’t want to break my heart like fragile glass upon the words that they tell me. I don’t want to fall in love. But now there’s this ache that I can’t exactly explain because although I don’t want to fall in love, I want to fall in love with you. I want to watch the color of your eyes change as the sky does, I want to watch them shift from that fantastic green to the glittering gold that lies just below them. I want to see you smile and make your stupid jokes that aren’t funny but always make me laugh, I want to see the red in your cheeks rise with emotion. I want to feel your hair that is like burnished gold personified. When I heard your voice when you were about to go to sleep I felt something dangerous because I know I wouldn’t exactly mind falling asleep next to you. When I look at you I feel something dangerous because I know that if we were to sit in front of the most beautiful sunset that man had ever seen, my eyes would still be on you. I want to know what makes you tick and what makes you smile, I want to know your favorite movie and if you prefer oceans to forests or vice versa. I want you to be happy. When you don’t seem happy like you always do, I feel something dangerous, because I want so dearly to give you something that’d make you so. And that’s the most dangerous thing of all. Because although I don’t want to fall in love, I want that something to be me.
—  a.p. (10.6.16) I don’t want to fall in love, I want to fall in love with you
RFA Members + Periods

How would the RFA Members react and treat their s/o when they’re on their time of the month?

Admin’s Note: Raise your hand if Mother Nature visited you, because she decided to appear right before I’m supposed to perform in a Musical for one day and three nights in a row… (How Zen survives all of that, I don’t know)

But never mind me, this is for all of those who are in need of an RFA Member (or all of them, go ahead) to comfort them during these hard times~.

Jumin Han: The first time it happens, he notices that you have become quiet and distant for the past couple of days, he knows that something’s not right. He then questions if you’re sick or feeling ill, but when you tell him that you’re on your period, there’s a moment of silence between the two of you.

He didn’t exactly expect for this to happen, but regardless of whether or not he did, he still wanted to do everything he could to make you feel better during this time of the month. He clears his throat to break the silence, as you look up at him.

“Is there… anything I can do for you?”

He inquires, as you gesture for him to sit with you and Elizabeth the 3rd, who was curled up on your lap and looked up at Jumin with her blue, sapphire eyes.

“Well… I wouldn’t mind it if you, me and Elizabeth the 3rd could all be together, sitting on the couch watching something.”

You said, as he sits down on the couch.

“And… maybe a kiss to accompany it?”

You ask (but you end up kissing him on the lips whether he wants to or not).

A small smile appears on both of your faces as you lean into him and Elizabeth crawls between you both, purring softly and meowing as you turned on the TV. 

…But then the moment is ruined when a rerun of one of Zen’s musicals plays on the TV, as he turns it off once you see Zen performing a dramatic and emotional scene. Although, Jumin does suggest that petting Elizabeth the 3rd is a much better way to pass the time rather than watching anything or anyone on TV.

Jaehee: Jaehee knows what you’re going through the moment you walk out of the bathroom and began to wince in pain, as she hands you a bag of painkillers and everything else that you’ll be needing for the following week. 

“I thought it would be better to prepare for it in advance, in case it happened unexpectedly.”

She says to you, though you can’t help but kiss her on the cheek as you take the bag, knowing that she had to leave for work.

When Jaehee came back however, she found that you fell asleep on the couch, a heating pad on your stomach. She frowns, knowing that you had to deal with the pain the whole day while she was out working. She decides not to disturb you though, as she finishes off the papers for Mr. Jumin Han’s new ‘projects’. 

When she does finish the papers, she comes back to find that you’re sitting in the dining room with two cups of coffee and a blanket wrapped around you, as you beckon her to join you. But as you wince in pain again and clutch the blanket you’re holding tightly; she takes your hand in hers and sits with you.

“I finished work for the day. Do want to do anything _____?”

She asks, but you shake your head in response and squeeze her hand as you experience more excruciating cramps.

The two of you end up deciding that (after finishing your coffee) that you would spend your night together in bed, not doing anything other than listening to the small conversations you made and the sound of your breathing; as you both fell into a deep sleep after having to go through a long, tiring day.

Zen: When you tell him you’re on your period, he ends up helping you through it as much as possible, even when he has to go to his rehearsals.. He teaches you small exercises and stretches to do whenever you get cramps and goes out to buy small snacks for you to eat when he goes out shopping.

But on one particular day…

“Sweetie, drink lots of water today, okay? I read in a magazine that it helps a lot when you’re on your time of the month.

Take care of yourself and rest, I’ll be home the moment rehearsals end, alright?

I love you more than anything and everything else in the world~.”

He texted you one morning, when you slept in and he already left for rehearsals. You couldn’t help but sigh as you read it, wishing that he was with you today. But as you went about your day at home you always received messages and photos of him with various captions.

‘I’m pretty sure I left some bungeoppang¹ in the kitchen for you, feel free to eat them~! I don’t want you to get hungry when I’m gone Sweetie~.’

Said one photo’s caption, as it was of Zen holding up the snack and posing.

He ended up calling you to tell you that he’d be home soon, as he continues the call whilst he comes home, asking you if you felt alright and if you had any problems during your day and so on.

It wasn’t until there was a knock on the door when you opened it to see Zen standing there, the phone call still continuing.

“I’m home sweetie~.”

He says, before he holds you close and gives you a kiss on the lips.

707: You didn’t want to tell Seven about the fact you were on that time of the month when you saw that he was consumed with work that day, as you believed that you could manage. You never disturbed him when he worked, especially when he was his was in that mode; where he would only look at his computer and eat his Honey Buddha Chips or drink his Ph D. Pepper. 

But as you went about your day, you found yourself wanting a kiss, a hug or well… anything from Seven as you watched him work. He was your battery, your way of feeling better throughout the day.

You knew better than to interrupt him, but as you continuously checked up on him to see if he finished; you found yourself wishing that he could stop working for a little while and spend time with you for a bit.

After what seemed like an hour (or two) of you playing the video games Dandelion and Nameless to pass the time, Seven finally came out of his room and zone; his hair a little messy and his eyes having slight bags under them.

“707 has now completed his mission~! He shall now proceed to-”

But you interrupted his moment by hugging him, your head buried in his chest. He paused for a moment, before his signature laugh escaped him and a loving smile appeared on his face. He knew that you were on your period and you waited for him to finish, as he leaned down to give you a kiss on the head.

“Me and you can have some quality time spent together now, okay _____? Thank you for waiting for the one and only 707, who will do everything he can to save you from the dreaded mother nature~.”

He said, as you couldn’t help but smile and laugh at his antics, looking up at him and sharing a small kiss with him; knowing that you could finally recharge your levels of happiness now that he was here.

Yoosung: Yoosung ends up finding that you’re on your period after he notices that you’re washing the bed sheets (which are stained with blood). You spent your whole morning convincing him that you’re not suffering from a serious injury and that you’re not dying.

But the rest of the day is spent with him treating you as if you’re going to die nevertheless, as he runs to get painkillers the moment you starting wincing in pain, gets lollies and whatnot when you mention there’s none in the kitchen, makes you a dish whenever you state that you’re hungry…

You eventually had to sit him down again and explain that you’re not affected by your period like other people are, but he’s still in disbelief.

“But… i…it looked like it hurt! Shouldn’t you eat and drink more to take care of yourself?! And don’t you lose a lot of blood from it?!”

He asks, but you can only smile and laugh in response.

“I’ll be fine Yoosung… the only thing I need is you and your love, that’s all.”

You said, as he goes a light shade of red at your words.

“R…really?! Then… I’ll be the best boyfriend I can be for you _____…!”

He says, as he runs off and comes back gathering a number of blankets and pillows in the living room, with the bags of lollies he got from earlier.

“Let’s have a movie night then, to make you feel better~.”

He whispers, wrapping you both in a blanket as you try and stay up the night watching a number of his and your favourite movies.

(And then you found out later that Seven also played a part of today, as he told Yoosung that if he didn’t do everything you said that you craved, that you would indeed die from the blood loss and pain you suffered. The only one that suffered was Seven when you found out, as he came home to find that a box of his Honey Buddha Chips was gone. Never underestimate a person on their period.)

I think it’s time to finally debunk of the one most unhelpful advice and myth that has been circulating in the Tumblr language community for quite some time now.

I’ve read dozens of times that knowing the exact translation of a word in your target language is unnecessary. I’ve read that, say, “Hund” shouldn’t be memorised as “dog” but rather as “furry quadrupede creature". This sort of theory wants you to think that you shouldn’t memorise the exact translation of a word, but rather its concept.

This is particularly useful for words that don’t exist in another person’s language. However, you can’t just memorise the mental image that a word gives you. You can’t be a good translator if you don’t know what certain words mean, you can’t be a good translator if you can’t convey exactly what the other person is saying. You can’t be a good and efficient translator if, when you’re presented with a text that requires a translation, you only have concepts memorised in your head and no words to fully render them.

This is the same as having a great idea for a book but not knowing how to put it into words. In order to become a great writer, you need to be able to know exactly what you are saying and what your characters feel.

However, while it’s true that thought represents the foundation of speech, words represent the foundation of language, a code that requires definite “unites of meaning”. “Liberty” isn’t just “freedom”, “assisting” isn’t just “helping” and “being in agony” isn’t just “being in pain”. Know your words! Learn how to convey meanings fully!

After The Final Problem, I’ve seen that part of the fandom is reacting very strongly and negatively to it and I just wanna say that honestly you are being offensive and abusive.

You are offensive when you say that now that Johnlock was not made canon, you feel like your identity as a queer person is delegitimized, a thought which is often expressed in ways such as: “I was proud of my identity but now I am not anymore/I don’t know who I am anymore because of the last episode” or “Before Sherlock I thought I had to be straight my whole life but now I don’t know what to think” - as if being gay or lesbian or bi or pan or whatever could be something that happens on and off in one’s life. As if a tv show should be invested with the power and the privilege and the burden to become an advocate for… what, exactly? Lgbtq+ rights? People are literally blaming showrunners for not wanting to throw a gay storyline into a crime drama that has never truly focused on and dealt with sexuality - of any kind - partially excluding A Scandal in Belgravia, and even then it was just Irene’s profession, it was just a job, it was never the centre of the show. 

Supporting LGBTQ+ rights and representation does not mean shoving queer characters and a queer romance into a show just for the sake of it - as Gatiss and Moffat beautifully and eloquently said last summer at Comic Con.

Representation matters, of course it does. Representation needs to be done properly. In order to represent a category into your story, it needs to be consistent, it needs to feel natural. Romance - of any kind - has never been natural in Sherlock. For crying out loud, John and Mary got married and still very little romance was shown. It’s just not the style of the show. Why should it have been any different if we were considering a gay couple instead of a m/f one?

It’s offensive when you hint at the fact that the lack of canon Johnlock makes it unsafe/problematic for you to be queer - what the fuck. Queer people have made history by fighting against prejudice and violent repression, queer people have died and queer people still die, in some parts of the world, simply because they are queer. And you are honestly going to complain about a tv show and claim that it has such an impact on your environment that it will make it unsafe for you to be gay? Oh, please. If you live in an accepting or neutral environment, it doesn’t change anything. If you live in a repressive environment, my heart goes out to you (it truly does), but a gay couple on a crime drama is not going to solve your situation.

Tv shows are just fiction, entertainment. Of course they can become very important in one’s life, they can come to mean so much just like any other kind of fictional narrative - but still, at the end of the day, tv shows have no obligations other than that of provinding quality material in terms of narrative. They certainly have no moral obligations towards anyone. You cannot blame two showrunners because you feel they have not represented the category you identify with, ina  show that has never made it its mission to deal with sexuality. It just deals with other stuff - a ton of equally relatable stuff, if you ask me. It’s a narrative choice and it’s always been made clear that Sherlock would never become a that kind of show that openly focuses on sexual orientation and/or identity and all that. A show cannot deal with every possible sensitive topic, and it should not be expected to do that. So everyone makes their choices. They don’t owe it to you to do that. They owe you nothing but a good story well written and well delivered. (Again, I suggest you listen again to that interview from Comic Con I linked before.)

Of course, you can say you didn’t like the episode, the season, the show, whatever. Of course. Honestly, I don’t give a crap about whether you did like it or not. What I care about is that this tidal wave of offensive comments stops. I’ve seen people publicly insult the writers, especially Gatiss, because you somehow feel entitled to pick on him due to him being gay. Let me tell you, that’s not only unbelievably rude, that’s discriminating and homophobic. To think that his sexual orientation means he owes you anything, to think that his sexual orientation determines what kind of person he must be - to think that since he’s a gay man he must write a gay story, otherwise he’s not doing his job properly, otherwise he’s not a “good gay”? Let me tell you something. We (as a community) have had to endure centuries of people having this same attitude towards us: slapping labels on us and imposing a certain behaviour on us. Every gay man must be like this, every lesbian woman must be like that. A gay man cannot play football, a lesbian woman cannot wear feminine dresses. “Who’s the woman/man in your relationship then?”. Over and over and over. Stereotypes upon stereotypes, building a stinking pile of shit. I am very grateful that this pile of shit is being torn down bit by bit, I am grateful that we are all actively living to fight against these stereotypes, day by day. That’s why I am so furious to see that these same stereotypes are used in the same way they have always been, against a gay man to dictate his choices and judge them when you disagree, and by a community that claims to be equalitarian and inclusive, made up for the vast majority by queer people.

Ultimately, it is unbelievably offensive (and sad) that you feel this all consuming urge to romanticize and sexualize a relationship in order for it to be valid. John cannot love Sherlock and Sherlock cannot love John unless it is in a romantic way. I suggest we remember that we are talking about two men that, for very different reasons, have huge difficulties in connecting with other human beings; they find each other and they develop a very deep bond and ultimately, for the most part of the narration, they only have one another to truly rely on. But why does it have to be romantic at all costs? I have nothing against the ship, mind. That’s why I liked the way they ended things: because it’s open. A breath of fresh air, truly. No need for labels or restrictions. Everyone can read their love as they prefer. That’s why, if you ask me, I think they did after all represent, and in a very delicate and natural way. Anyway, maybe that’s just me. But that’s beside the point. The point is that friendship and non-romantic love is as valid as romantic love. It is as deep, it can make you as happy and it can hurt you just as much. It doesn’t have to be romantic in order to be deep and meaningful. It doesn’t have to be romantic to intimately move you. If anything really bad happened to my best friend, I would be devastated. I would not recover easily - arguably, I would not fully recover at all. I think that is something we can all relate to, if we just stop and try to be a little bit empathic.

P.S.: If queer characters and lgbtq+ representation is what you are looking for, there are a lot of shows that do that and they do it well. Queer as folk (UK original version and US version), Black Sails, Spartacus, Looking, The 100, Sense8… Just look for them. Don’t stop at the first and most popular show only to waste your life complaining that it’s not what you want. Dig deeper. Always dig deeper.

SU spoiler warning!!

I haven’t really seen anyone talk about this yet, but I guess I’ll just get this out there. I’m sure that some of you have already seen the latest Steven bomb that was released early by CN. Every single one of the episodes was just so full of emotion and is probably the best steven bomb so far. It was so good it I overlooked at something in particular when I first watched the last episode they released, which was “ That Will Be All“.

And what would that be you ask? Well this…

Yes, yes, we were all probably shocked to see that all Rose Quartz gems were in bubbles. But what I want to talk about actually is who exactly put them there? Well, we were already given a hint as to who actually did it. If you took the time to check the color of the bubbles you’ll notice that they are all pink. And from past encounters we already know that the color of the bubble varies, and that the color depends on who made it.

Pearl has a clear bubble, Garnet has pink, Peridot has green and Amethyst has a somewhat lavender colored bubble.

At first I actually thought that Blue Diamond was the one that bubbled them, because she was the one looking after the zoo and the Rose Quartz gems after all, but I was wrong. If it really was her then the color should have been blue not pink, (that also means Holly Blue couldn’t have bubbled them either, just in case you were thinking it was her) 

Now that only leaves two people that might have done it…

Yup, White Diamond or Pink Diamond herself. 

First, lets start with White Diamond. There’s a possibility that it might be her because I assume that her bubble is white or clear like Pearl (that also adds to the “Pearl might actually belong to White Diamond theory”) . And since the room is all pink I thought that it might just be tinting the color of that bubble making it seem like it’s pink. But if under normal light it’s actually white or clear. ( Pretty short explanation, but that’s all I got.  (-。-;)   ) 

Now, Pink Diamond could have done this as well, and not only because the bubble is pink. Since we’re not exactly sure when she was shattered, it’s safe to assume that the rebellion may have happened first. So the rebellion is happening and everyone knows that the leader is a Rose Quartz, and that includes the Diamonds. What would a leader do if they found out that their own soldier went against them? Well hunt them down, of course! It could very well be possible that Pink diamond had every Rose Quartz hunted down, but she did not have the heart to destroy her own creation and instead of shattering them she placed them in all in bubbles instead.

I Want to Make You Smile

HELLO!! I have so many Solangelo fanfic prompts and it makes me soooo happy. So this is one that @disenchanted-rose sent me where they slept together but one of them left before the other could wake up and now they don’t know what to do. Sorry @disenchanted-rose but if u wanted NSFW content I rlly don’t like to do that so this is free of it. Let’s just keep it at midnight kisses and shirtless boys :D 

 Idk if I messed up the ages, but I know Nico is currently 14 and Will is 15.


 Nico di Angelo’s life was always a mess. His mother, his sister, his father, the fact that he was the gayest person in the word. Life just hated him. He went through puberty and it just dumped whole new problems on his shoulders, giving him nightmares, causing him to raise the dead when he had surges of anger, giving him suicidal thoughts. He thought the world would be over when he found himself falling for a certain doctor at the age of eleven. 

 When he was twelve, the boy with golden hair started to show concern for him. He was constantly showing up in Nico’s cabin, making sure he was taking his medication and that he was alright. Sometimes he would stay and they would talk well into the night. Whenever Will left, it was as if a part of his soul was ripped away as his footsteps echoed through the empty room. He was surrounded by darkness, and his light left. 

 When he was thirteen, almost everyone found out. Percy, Jason, Annabeth, Piper, Leo, Reyna, Frank, Hazel. All of the people who where remotely his friends. Will was the only one who didn’t. Frank and Hazel, bless their souls, let him be and didn’t force him to do anything. Percy, Jason, and Leo where constantly asking him questions, telling him to just ask Will out. Piper and Annabeth where constantly playing matchmaker dropping not-so-subtle hints to Will. Reyna assured him that Will liked him even though she has no idea who this boy really is. They where in his hair, holding their breath for the moment. 

When he was fourteen, it happened. Fourteen was a young age, and it wasn’t an age for serious commitment. But sometimes things happen and you find yourself in awkward situations. Maybe fourteen was the worse time to do it, maybe he should’ve waited, but words come out of your mouth, you do things without thinking, and it just happens. 

 Will came in for another check up. They where side by side on Nico’s bed and the light was fading outside, making it hard to see Will. But Nico memorized the lines of his face. He could see him, even now. He saw Will’s easy smile and shining eyes. All he wanted to do was kiss him. Nico must have been making a face, because Will stopped smiling. 

 "Nico? Are you okay?“ 

 "Ummhumm,” Nico said, pursing his lips. He wouldn’t get upset as something as stupid as this. It didn’t fool Will, who has been treating him two years. Will puts his fingers on Nico’s chin and turns his face towards his. 

 "Nico. Really. What’s wrong?“ Nico wasn’t in his right mind. It was 1am and his eyes where starting to itch with sleep. So that’s why he planted his hands on Will’s thighs and pushed himself up so he was kissing Will Solace. Will was so surprised by this action that when Nico pushed, Will was pinned onto the bed. When they fell, Nico let out a startled "oomph”. They where splayed not so gracefully on the bed, and Nico felt himself blush. Will just giggled. 

“I guess I literally fell for you,” he says between giggles.

“Your a dork,” Nico says as if it’s a fact.

“I know,” Will says with a cheesy grin. Then, oh gods, he puts his hands on Nico’s cheeks.

“Let’s try that again with a lot more passion and a lot less surprise,” Will says, pressing his lips to Nico. Nico, being the awkward Son of Hades that he is, falls on Will again, knocking their foreheads together with a loud thump. Will giggles again as Nico apologizes and pushes himself off, but Will grabs his arm before he can take off and pulls him onto the bed beside him. They both lie on their backs now, staring at the ceiling of the cabin. For the first time ever, Nico notices the cracks in the roof that show glimpses of the stars outside as moonlight trickles in. Another beautiful thing he took for granted. 

“The stars are beautiful, aren’t they?” Will says dreamily. He takes a deep breath.


“You know who else is beautiful?”

“Gods, Will. If you say ‘me’ like in those memes I will–”

“You are, Neeks. You are the handsomest person I have ever met.” There is no stopping the heat that creeps into his cheeks, somehow making it’s way to his ears. Nico hides his face in his black hoodie, having no intention of coming out. 

“What are you doing?” Will says.



“Just shut up.” Nico feels Will maneuver himself on top of Nico on his hands and knees. 

“How am I supposed to kiss you if you’re hiding?” Will asks. Nico pokes his eyes out, and his eyes out only. Will unzipped Nico’s hoodie so that his face was showing. Will leaned down and pressed a kiss to Nico’s lips, and Nico responded by pushing back harder and harder, lifting his head up to meet Will. He then grabbed Will’s shirt and pulled him beside him so they where facing sideways and kissing. 

They moved closer and closer, relying on each other for heat as cold winds drifted through the cracks in the roof. Will’s hands where clenched in Nico’s hair as he kept pulling him closer and closer. Nico decided to place his hands around Will’s neck. Just to experiment, Nico slipped his hands under Will’s shirt and started to feel the lean muscles of his back. Will seemed pleased with this arrangement and Nico tried letting his hands travel up Will’s shirt instead of down. He honestly wasn’t sure what they where doing, but he almost died when Will let his hands slip up his shirt. They made trails of fires that created hidden scars on his back and it made him feel alive. More alive that Nico has ever felt. It made him feel less like a walking corpse with no soul and more like a person. For a moment, he forgot who he was. He was with the boy he loved since he was eleven.

Eventually the kisses slowed as it neared 3am. Both of them where bare chested and falling asleep. They stopped and Nico curled into a ball; his natural sleeping position. He was out in seconds, and was shivering. Will draped the covers over him and then climbed in with him, lying beside him and petting his hair. Nico murmured words of delight and occasionally said things in italian that Will did not understand. One phrase caught his attention though. 

“Ti amo, Will.” Will’s eyes widen. He has a basic understanding of languages to know that “amo” probably means “love”. 

Will fell asleep curled around Nico. 

Nico woke up first that morning. Sunlight was filtering in and Will’s golden curls shimmered. The drowsiness that caused his actions the night before was gone and he realized just what he did. I kissed Will Solace. Nico couldn’t believe it. It was too good to be true. Which means it wasn’t. It was something that may or may not have happened. Maybe they both fell asleep while talking and Nico dreamed all of those things. Maybe this was a one time thing that Will would yell about when he woke up. Of course he would yell at Nico and ask him what in Hades was he thinking. He would ask how he, the son of the god of the Underworld, could possibly think he’d have a shot with the boy made of sunlight, son of the god of the sun. How he could possibly think that the smile Will flashed could be his. He would say this was a fluke, and there is no way it could possibly happen.

So that’s why Nico maneuvered himself off of Will ever so slightly, creeping like a shadow without actually turning into a shadow. He threw on one of his black t-shirts and went down to the pavilion to try and act like everything was normal and avoid Will the entire day. The good thing was that people expected Nico to be lurking sadly in the shadows, so they didn’t notice the tears that streamed down his face. 

Nico was picking at his breakfast, having no intention of eating when a tray slammed down on the table, causing Nico, and the table to jump and Nico’s silverware to clatter to the floor. 

“What the hell, Nico?” Will shouts above him. Timidly, Nico lifts his eyes to Will’s angry blue ones. He was very aware of every eye on the two of them. 

“Are you really that cruel? Are you really as cold as you lead everyone to believe?” Will shouts. Nico finds himself shrinking smaller and smaller. 

Will,” Nico whispers urgently, “people are staring.” 

“I don’t f**king care if they’re staring. I can’t believe you left me alone! After everything!” Will’s face was red with anger. One of the campers drops their glass of orange juice on the floor. This outburst is outrageous. Maybe it wouldn’t be that bad if it was someone else, but it was Will Solace. Will, who had the voice of an angel that would sooth people into recovery. Will, who has never once said a curse word in his life, swearing at Nico. 

“I-I-I-I was s-s-s-scared,” Nico managed to tremble out. 

“Scared? SCARED? Of what? Me?” 

“Of course I was scared of you, Will,” Nico says, standing up as well. “Did you ever think of what I must be feeling when you bursted in here? I was scared, Will. I was scared you’d reject me. I was scared you where playing tricks on me. I was scared that you would laugh in my face and call me names because that’s all anyone has ever done! DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND? I COULDN’T FACE YOU!” Will was silent for a moment. Everyone held their breath. To be honest, this was everyone’s ship, even if they didn’t know about Nico’s crush. 

“I thought you didn’t want me….” Will whispers.

“Of course I want you, Will. You’re all I ever wanted, ever since I was eleven.” Will looks like he is choking on tears.

“You too?” he says.


“Three years ago. You wanted this for three years.”


“I’ve loved you for five.” Nico let that sink in. Will liked him before Nico was even aware of his feelings. Not liked, loved. Ten-year-old Will Solace had a crush on Nico di Angelo. He fell in love with Nico when he was unstable and mourning his dead sister. He loved him even when he was a bigger mess than he is now. He loved him when they where just edging their way out of youth into the teenage life. 

“Why?” Nico finds himself asking. 

“Because. I knew there was a boy underneath all of those shadows. And I wanted him.” Nico reached over the table to hug Will, burying his face in his shoulder. Tears where cascading down his face, soaking Wil’s shirt. Will didn’t seem to mind. He let Nico cry as he petted his black hair. 

“Gods, I love you, Will,” Nico says.

“I do too,” Will says, smiling at Nico. The hall cheers, nearly scaring Will and Nico. Everyone has been waiting for this for so long, it’s a miracle it finally happened. Seeing Nico’s alert expression, Will took him away from the pavilion to the fire pit. 

“This was where I fell in love. I saw the firelight dancing over your skin and your eyes that held a ghost of the boy who was. A boy who would smile. I wanted to make you that boy again.” Nico collapsed on the ground.

“Nico, are you okay? Do I need to get a medic?”

“I’ve never been better,” Nico says, giving his first real smile in a while. It makes his eyes brighten in a way that makes Will smile even brighter and Nico is hit with the fact of how much he missed smiling like this. Goofily and joyfully in the face of those he loved. 




a Fatal_Error has Occurred: The Beginning - Part 11 (END)

Start from the beginning of The Beginning here!

Previous <—–> Chapter One!


I hope you guys enjoyed what was essentially the prologue :) I’m really excited about what I have planned :3 Expect an announcement in the next day or so about how I’m gonna go about the next part/first chapter of the comic.

Also, thanks SO MUCH for everyone’s patience with me for this update! Like I said before, I wanted to make sure the panels look exactly the way I want them to. You guys deserve only the best!

Aftertale, Errortale, GenoSans, and ErrorSans belong to @loverofpiggies!

Incredibly smutty Bawson headcanon (read with caution):

When Mike and Ginny ultimately give into this thing between them, Mike is struck by just how strong she is. Like, leave bruises on his hips from where her knees dig in, hold herself up without his hands when they fuck against the wall, actually make his hips sore when she rides him…

And it’s the riding he gets stuck on, and all he wants is to get her on top all day long, literally milking him and only pausing to let him get hard again before riding more. Because he basically just wants to die inside of Ginny while her strong hips pound down to meet his.

So he tells her this one night, when they’re all sex sated and sleepy, and suddenly it’s all she can think about too. Just riding out orgasm after orgasm, using him as her own personal sex toy..

And that is exactly how they celebrate his retirement…

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anarielle  asked:

Hello! I was the anon who asked about the magizoologist!Graves yesterday (I'm a bit shy so I thought I'd ask anonymously first ^^;). But I just wanted to let you know that I was super excited to see your reply after getting off of work (being an auditor is not fun) and it actually made my day. :D Thank you for being so awesome and looking forward to seeing the other chapters! ^^

Hallo! Nice t’meet you, please don’t be shy (and oh good grief, your avatar is adorable) and I’m glad to be making days for you! Though sad to hear that auditoring isn’t fun.

I have no idea exactly what kind of auditoring you do (or really what an auditor does? Financial magic wizardry to make numbers do the thing? Something like that) but if your job is being boring, consider this:

  • Graves receiving a memo during his first year as the department head asking where his budget report is.
  • Graves sending back a memo saying that whatever a “budget report” is, it isn’t his, and he isn’t responsible for it, and if they’re talking about the weird artifact the aurors confiscated from that scourer the other week then absolutely no it didn’t animate itself and escape down a toilet so really he doesn’t see why he’s being brought into this.
  • Graves receiving three memos asking what the fuck artifact and which the fuck toilet plus a fourth memo with a blank budget report attached and a pointed reminder about paperwork.
  • Graves pointing out to people that he just said it didn’t animate itself and escape down a toilet, calm the fuck down but also maybe avoid the mens’ on the fourth floor. Also no thank you to the paperwork, it disagrees with him.
  • The head of Magical Transport (Macfloosa as it’s more commonly known) marching up to Graves in the atrium and informing him that “releasing a dark magic artifact in our toilet is a clear declaration of intent and we will not stand for this” while Graves walks backwards and politely informs the woman that she’s “overreacting and anyway it’s not your toilet so calm the fuck down oh look important meeting ciao”
  • Graves being deposited in a sewer the next time he tries to use a floo
  • Damnit Macfloosa
  • Why the fuck is there a fireplace in the sewer in the first place
  • Wait
  • Why the fuck is there an alligator in the sewer
  • Why the fuck is there so much sewage in the fucking sewer
  • Why the fuck is there a sentient dark artifact in the fucking sewer
  • Oh 
  • Oops
  • But on the other hand, the three way battle between the giant alligator, the ominously clicking (and giant, has it feasted on sewage and grown or something because it never would’ve fit down the pipes if it had been this size before) dark artifact thing that leaked corrosive acid, and Graves’ transfigured army of sewage-soldiers is truly epic
  • It’s a victory for the ages
  • He should get a medal for this
  • “Defeated evil undead artifact and evil not-undead alligator with enchanted shit”
  • Maybe not
  • Graves finally emerging from the sewer and falling on his knees to praise the sun like the dramatic little shit he is
  • Drags himself back to the office for a change of clothes and a shower
  • There’s a memo waiting for him
  • Fucking budget report
  • In a fit of pique, fills the entire budget report in on the spot
  • Allocates the majority of the budget report to “Protecting New York from certain destruction at the hands of dark magic and creatures roaming unchecked in the city”
  • Because fuck that alligator
  • And fuck that artifact
  • Fast forward to about a month later
  • MACUSA passes a full out ban on magical creatures in New York
  • People outraged
  • Why the fuck do the puffskeins have to go
  • Aurors outraged
  • Where the fuck do we pull the time from to deal with this
  • Graves outraged
  • More as a general thing than at anything in particular, to be honest
  • Newt Scamander outraged
  • (well not yet but he will be as soon as he arrives in New York)
  • Now fast forward to Graves and Newt trying to untangle the bill and fix the whole mess (because what Newt wants Newt gets and besides, he’s technically breaking twenty eight laws and is down for deportation at the very least so it’s in Graves’ immediate interests to get this damn bill repealed)
  • Graves finds the budget report that started the city-wide fear of magical creatures
  • Realises he might possibly maybe be the one to blame for all this
  • Fuck
  • fuck

Resistance is futile, I am complete wolfstar trash now

  • When it starts it’s just because Moony is always cold after he transforms  and the shrieking shack isn’t exactly warm
  • So Padfoot just hops up onto the bed and snuggles up against Remus because who wants to cuddle with a deer - or a rat for that matter
  • And none of them think anything of it b/c it’s for warmth and he’s a dog so it’s not weird - seriously it’s not that weird 
  • Then whenever Sirius is in his animagus form he slowly starts being more affectionate with Moony 
  • Like he’ll just sort of shove his head underneath Remus’ hand like hey I’m here, pet me. And Remus rolls his eyes and acts all put out but he still pets him and Sirius knows he likes it because he’ll sit there for hours sometimes, reading his book with Padfoot’s head in his lap and running his fingers through his fur 
  • Sometimes Sirius will jump up onto Moony’s lap and he’ll grunt and be all “oompf Padfoot I think you need to lay off the treats my friend” but he never pushes him off even though Peter always does and James does nine times out of ten because he really is kinda heavy and all boney as a dog
  • And it’s all completely normal and fine™ and there’s only one thing that Sirius is kind of embarrassed about because whenever he falls asleep as Padfoot (which he does kind of often because it’s way easier to fall asleep as a dog) he always wakes up in the middle of the night and ends up climbing into Remus’ bed and falls asleep curled up with him - but it still isn’t that weird  because he’s a dog so it’s fine
  • But then one day he wakes up, in Moony’s bed and he doesn’t even remember getting up in the middle of the night but he must have and James is kind of standing over them with this big shit-eating grin on his face
  • And Remus is all “James, mate what’re you doing?” 
  • Prongs just sort of ignores the question and says “why is Padfoot in your bed?” 
  • Remus is super groggy having just woken up and Sirius can feel his arm wrapped around his waist and he doesn’t want to change back just yet so he kind of wiggles back into the embrace and let’s Moony do the talking
  • “What’re you talking about James, Padfoot always sleeps in my bed.” 
  • They’ve woken up Peter now who throws a pillow at them with a muffled “go back to sleep”
  • And Prongs is still looking at them with that look on his face and goes, “yeah Padfoot sleeps in your bed, but I’ve never seen Sirius sleep in it before.” 
  • And Sirius is still too tired to really work out his meaning because he’s Padfoot and Sirius so??? 
  • He turns to face Remus and says “Moony what  is James on about?” and as soon as the words leave his mouth he realizes what James is on about because he’s human, he woke up and snuck into Remus’ bed in the middle of the night AS A HUMAN and now he is panicking because what?
  • And as soon as he realizes it he can tell Moony does too because his eyes widen and he yanks his hand off of Sirius’ waist and Sirius leaps up from the bed and James is just sitting there watching them with this big smile on his face 
  • “Peter,” James says, “They are dating. You owe me a galleon.” 
  • Wormtail kind of just grumbles and rolls over in his sleep and Sirius can’t look at Remus right now so he just goes “we aren’t dating.” 
  • And James is like sounds fake but okay. And Sirius tries to explain how he just must’ve woken up as Padfoot and climbed into bed and transformed in the middle of the night or something and he can tell James and Remus don’t believe him (especially since he isn’t naked - which thank god for that - but still it doesn’t make his story any more believable)
  • Then James is like, “you do realize that you had your head in Moony’s lap and he was petting your hair yesterday, right?” 
  • “We do that all the time I’m a dog James - dogs like to be pet.” 
  • James nods all sagely and is like “yes dogs like to be pet but apparently humans do too I said hair not fur because you were definitely not a dog”
  • Remus and Sirius start spluttering because what? have they seriously been acting all affectionate when Sirius is human?? 
  • And Sirius can tell the second James realizes that they didn’t actually know they were doing any of this stuff because he tells them he’ll leave them alone and he drags Peter out of bed and down to breakfast
  • So Sirius and Remus are just kind of looking at each other like now what? And Sirius sort of clears his throat and says “are we dating?” because now he’s thinking back on it and it kind of seems like they are except without all the kissing and stuff and Remus just kind of looks at him like maybe?! idk 
  • And Sirius being Sirius is like okay one way to find out and just kind of lunges forwards and kisses him and Remus is clearly shocked at first but then he starts kissing back and damn can the boy kiss. Sirius’ hands slip beneath Remus’ pajama top and he pulls them closer together and Remus moans into his mouth 
  • and okay so maybe James was right and they’re dating after all
Daedric Princes and the Five Second Rule
  • Azura: just kind of looks the other way, unless you dropped your food on the Heart of Lorkhan, then vows to make you drop your food over and over again until the end of your days
  • Boethiah: tricked you into dropping your food, kills you and steals the rest of your lunch while you bend over to pick it up
  • Clavicus Vile: Ah, but if no one was counting, was it really five seconds? What is a second, anyway, but a subjective observer's attempt to measure a concept it does not fully understand? why not consider a five thousand second rule? It's all the same really. an eternity rule. nothing is real, do whatever you want
  • Hermaeus Mora: knows the name of every single bacterium on your food now. And if you eat it, will detail exactly what it will do to your guts. In intimate detail.
  • Hircine: catches your food before it hits the floor, declares himself the winner, and eats your food
  • Jyggalag: that is DISGUSTING, you are DISGUSTING, the five second rule is not REAL, it is instantly covered in DISORDER and FILTH as soon as it his the floor I can't believe you buy this FAKE DUMB RULE... it makes NO SENSE...
  • Malacath: relates personally to this discarded, dirtied and sad lump of dropped food
  • Mehrunes Dagon: slaps your plate off the table so all your food is now on the floor, declares that because it's on the floor it now belongs to him because it's his floor
  • Mephala: convinces you that your friend made you drop your food, watches you fight while she eats both your foods
  • Meridia: That food is dead to you. do not eat that food once it is no longer fit to be eaten. it is an abomination.
  • Molag Bal: drops you on the floor and grinds your food on your face while laughing. You are now the discarded food. feel the shame of being thrown away. you are garbage now
  • Namira: eats all her meals off the ground, covered in filth, boogers, and germs
  • Nocturnal: if no one saw it happen, it didn't happen
  • Peryite: urges you to eat that food, people don't get enough dirt in their diet nowadays anyway. also talks something about "purging" that is medically dubious
  • Sanguine: You didn't drop that food on the floor. You dropped it on an orgy of naked lovemaking on the floor. now you are bound to lick your dropped food off of the butt of someone you don't even know
  • Sheogorath: five second rule? was there a five first rule?
  • Vaermina: you suffer from chronic nightmares of dropping your food in public and everybody seeing how clumsy you are
Strifesodos Imagine

Here’s a little piece of conversation between Zack and Cloud, might use might not, just wanted to get it down.

Zack: [inquisitively] So, what’s it like dating Genesis?
Cloud: [distracted] Like owning a cat.
Zack: [confused] What?
Cloud: [explanatory] Kinda of a prick one minute, really affectionate the next. Really finicky. Wanting attention when they haven’t got it. Likes to bring you dead things. Really loud when they’re horny. Y’know, cats.
Zack: [exasperated] I know about cats Cloud.
Cloud: [decisively] Dating Genesis is like owning a cat, except with more fireballs than fur balls.
Zack: [begrudgingly] He does like to lounge on things.
Cloud: [smug] My point exactly.

anonymous asked:

Btw aside pervert things Ht asked What r udoing from gs, But gs answered with 'It is not your business or D's business,And ht sent his D photo means it is his D's business,He is showing he cares with perv way :') His business is my business :')

i saw some people not understanding why exactly he tian sent a dick pic to guan shan, so im going to take this occasion to explain that that’s how he got the idea, because guan shan sort of mentioned it and he tian wanted to be sure he knew that, in fact, his dick had some serious business in knowing what guan shan was doing

no, okay, but dick jokes aside, i definitely think that the reason why he tian texted guan shan in the first place was to make sure he got home safe, and then things just escalated quickly: he tian wanted to walk guan shan home and gave him his jacket so he wouldn’t get cold, he was clearly concerned about guan shan’s well being, and after hearing from jian yi he must have realised that by then guan shan should have been home too, so he thought to check on him. that was one of the many ways he tian used during the day to show guan shan that he cares, to say ‘hey, this is me, trying to build something with you and be your friend’, but then guan shan replied to him like that, and i feel like he tian maybe felt a bit frustrated by it, and this was one of the reasons why he ended up sending that dick pic, other than the fact that he is a brat who has no idea how to flirt with his crush and just enjoys teasing him

i don’t know if i can explain myself, because these days i can’t really put my thoughts down properly, but it’s pretty interesting for me to see how he tian sort of reverts back to his old ways as soon as guan shan puts his walls up again. like, he tian will always be a teaser, he will always have fun pushing guan shan’s buttons, but he’s also not always this Extra, and the moments where he is are usually the ones where guan shan tries to keep him at a distance, so i can’t help but wonder what would have happened instead if guan shan had given he tian a different answer

so, yeah, this probably didn’t make sense and im reading too much into thing as usual, but i do think that in his own misguided ways he tian is really trying to show guan shan that he is sincere, that he does care and that guan shan’s business are his business because he wants them to be, and sometimes he ends up teasing a bit too much because that’s the only thing that seems to get to guan shan 

The Last Night (Sinning Sunday)

So this is some smut inspired 1x09 because I just rewatched it earlier and we all know how I am.

Mike’s sure he can feel every ounce of blood draining from his brain in search of lower destinations as he holds Ginny. Her scent—sweet and spicy, flowers and cinnamon (?)—is what he’d like the coroner to list as his cause of death. Her soft firmness in his arms is a viable alternative. At least until she pulls back to look at him. No, the look in Ginny’s eyes is definitely what will kill him. He wants her face carved into his tombstone so everyone knows exactly how and why he died.

Her voice is a murmur so soft that he could pretend not to hear it if it weren’t for her breath on his lips. It smells like Doublemint, his favorite gum, and he almost smiles because of course she chews his gum now. It’s kind of like how he hums when he works out now. “You have an early flight.”
The only way a plane could mean something to him at the moment is if one fell out of the sky in front of Broadner’s, and even then it would only be if it killed the mood for Ginny. Judging by the darkness of her eyes, it probably wouldn’t. He croaks, “Yeah” because that flight can careen straight to hell. The Ginny Baker is giving him “kiss me” eyes.

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Kuro’s birthday- observation

So we have this cute cute Kuro’s birthday art on official Servamp twitter source

And and do you understand?! I will explain…. Look at the other pictures for characters birthday, we had… 

See? Do you get know?! Kuro’s birthday pic is the first one to not be single character pic! It is more couple pic. :D Teheheh. Like Look Tsubaki has even present on his own pic… and what is the best present for Kuro? OF course spending birthday with his beloved Mahiru. :D And look Mahiru even feeding him! Awwwwwww.  It is so symbolic for me, like the best and the happiest birthday for Kuro are when he can just spend some warm, happy, clam time with Mahiru, like some old happy marriage. :D And just look at this loving look on Mahiru’s face… Aajhajhakjhaha He also want to make Kuro all happy. I guess Kuro’s birthday are exactly like this too. Like even if they will spend this with others friends, Kuro’s bros and etc… they will be like in their own happy world. Mahiru feeding Kuro with super yummy stuff, the fav of Kuro’s food (Mahiru will cook of course all of them,and will make super big cake for him :D) and they will be cuddling, and overall lazy around together (haha the fav activity of Kuro :D, and even more favorite when he can to cuddle to his boyfriend :D )