Okay, so this is Uples or Ooples or… I don’t freaking know how to spell his name. He is my platonic life partner/BFF’s very special dog. For some reason, my BFF has never told Tumblr the story of her evil dog, which is a crying shame because I’m pretty sure that tumblr as a medium is designed for sad dog stories.

So a long time ago, in 2015, some kid in my BFF’s town got his girlfriend a dog for Valentine’s Day and they named him Cupid. Well, shockingly, getting a teenaged girl responsibility for a romantic holiday is just not going to work out, and eventually the relationship ended and Cupid was given to my BFF’s across the street neighbor.

Now the neighbor is an okay sort, but the neighbor has a husband and a kid and chronic unemployment, so the dog is slightly neglected, gets fat, and he gets an infection on his skin and in his ears, and at one point he stops breathing.

Well my BFF’s mom is the local crazy cat lady and neighbor hasn’t got the resources for a vet visit, so naturally they take the poor thing across the street. Enter my BFF: she sits up all night with this dog, who has a collapsing trachea, is obese, cannot walk because of a subluxating kneecap, and generally is just not doing well.

The dog lives. BFF gives this dog oodles of attention, officially embraces the fact that this overweight ugly little vicious monster of a dog (he hates me, okay, I’m a little resentful) will never be a Cupid and shortens it up to Ooples or Uples or however she spells it, and gives him baths to clear up the skin issues and helps him exercise even though his poor leg hurts. She lets him sleep in her bed even though he hates her other dog (Dolce, the Pom I used to post pics of before he moved back home with the BFF) and basically she gives this dog a new lease on life.

This dog is now in love with her: he thinks she hung the sun, the moon, and the stars just for his pleasure. He follows her everywhere, is viciously defensive of her, snapping and barking at people who move in for hugs without warning, etc.

And look at how happy and healthy he is! If I didn’t hate the little bastard I think I’d be in love with him because he takes dog-loyalty to an exciting new level and I’ve got to respect that in a tiny, no-longer-obese, ugly little chihuahua mix.

So the awards thing was okay… I felt the morning alternating between feeling like I may vomit or spontaneously cry (anxiety attack?)

Got the dean to stand up with us for the photo. Did not watch the video and kind of covered my ears so I wouldn’t have to see myself on this huge screen or hear my voice (but everyone else around me still saw and heard of course).

Then it took most of the keynote talk for me to calm back down again. I missed most of the beginning so tbh I don’t know who the speaker was but heard the end  her talking about “missteps” she has had such as when Science had transgender women on the cover by only showed their bottom halves in skin tight dresses and how people we obviously upset about sexualizing women.

heading back to the phys building, my advisor didn’t understand the problem. And I was trying to say that they are being reduced to body parts and they are being stripped of their personhood by cutting up their heads in the photo, but he was still not getting it?? And then starting to say some shit that I didn’t understand at all. And he doesn’t see a problem with women being represented by just body parts.

and this is the guy who came up to accept the gender equity award with me.


The usually patient male had reached the end of his rope by the time lunch hit. So many acts of incompetence that he’d say he’d handle with a smile on his face and reassuring words he would fix it. He wasn’t the kind to ever look down on anybody but with his weak he’d felt over the past few days, he didn’t know how much longer he could last before he snapped. “I need to go for lunch.” He’d mumbled to his secretary as he’d headed out of the office without so much as a glance at anyone else.

Ten minutes later the incubus stepped inside the quiet cafe that his employees would so often talk about it. It was a quaint little place and other than him there was only a group of elderly women all huddled together with chatter and a male who sat alone at the back of the cafe. James’s voice was quiet as he gave his order to the lady behind the counter and turning around, his gaze landed on the lone male again. What could be better than peace from the office and a possible new friend? He pointed at the table with a smile to inform her where he’d be sitting when she was ready and headed over to the stranger.

“Do you mind if I sit here?” The demon asked politely while his hand rested on the back of the opposite seat,