imagine how the world would be, so very fine, skam, isak/even.

isak finds a little drawing pinned on the back of his bedroom door. it’s a penguin, about the size of his thumb, with a little speech bubble saying, ice, ice, baby. he finds a lion in the hallway asking him, can you feel the love tonight? and a daschund in a top hat on the fridge. who let the dogs out?

eskild finds isak squinting at it as he stumbles into the kitchen, and snorts. “there’s a bird in the bathroom.”

“what’s it say?”

“got wings, but you can’t fly away from me.”

isak smiles. “nas.”

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i am SO HYPE for luke skywalker training rey and being like…….you must carry me on your back for miles and also do a handstand while levitating rocks and here are my socks mend them you must. because luke is a Massive Troll and no amount of angst ™ and hobobeard can change this. also: he doesn’t know how to train jedi. of course he fuckin doesn’t he got like five seconds of lessons from ben ‘i don’t follow the rules’ kenobi and a couple of days with a frog. hes just like: ‘rey! look at this sick flip! also. you need new clothes hunny, let’s get you some better boots.’ and rey ends up DECKED OUT in space ™ givenchy and prada and all that couture because no apprentice of luke’s is going to look like a basic starbucks desert bitch (rocking three buns and yeezy 2015 she may be, but that isn’t skywalker chic, not yet)

and yes the Last Jedi will probably be pain and tears but lemme just pretend for a moment that it is Luke Skywalker troll-dad glamming up his apprentice.

Vibehunter and Oreos

Hello and welcome to another installment of no one asked for this but damn it I’m going to do them anyways because I don’t give a damn I’m focused on this one part of it so I’m going to do brotp headcanons for these people.

So without further ado: Cisco and J’ohn.

  • Who shows up at the other’s house with food and movies when the other is having a bad day:

Look, when they all came over to E1 they didn’t sleep much but when they did J’ohn went back with Joe and stayed there for the night (they all agreed that while Star Labs has cots an actual bed would be better for having sleep that actually does some good). After they got Kara and Barry out J’ohn headed over to Cisco’s to pick up Winn. 

He was nervous about leaving Winn and Cisco alone together unsupervised for that long because pros: they both work on suits and other tech so they could end up talking about it and coming up with new stuff he couldn’t even imagine for the suits and other stuff, cons:  they both work on suits and other tech so they could end up talking about it and coming up with new stuff he couldn’t even imagine for the suits and other stuff. It truly is a double edged sword.

While there J’ohn saw this glass jar in Cisco’s kitchen. It was filled with oreos. This man has a hole huge jar dedicated to oreos in his kitchen. J’ohn couldn’t stop thinking about it. When they got to Star Labs to send everyone home J’ohn overheard Barry talk about dinner and realized Barry must be staying at Cisco’s. So he gathered everyone up and announced that while they were at relative peace they should take advantage of that. He would spend an extra day here to gather whatever information he can on this earth and learn of what breakthrough they made that might be useful and Barry would go back with the others, stay the night at the DEO and could do the same. 

Who knows he might be able to find something there that would give him an idea to help him with his Savitar problem since with all of the data they have on different aliens surly they have some on speed, weapons to deal with speed, and/or tech to give the box and part of the armor another look that might give some results. They thought it was weird but agreed. 

When night came Joe offered J’ohn his place again but J’ohn said Winn mentioned forgetting something at Cisco’s so he was just going to stay there that night.

When they got there J’ohn went straight to the kitchen, grabbed the jar of oreos, sat on the couch and proclaimed he lived there now. He’ll still go home in the morning but while on this earth he lives in the house that appreciates quality junk food. Cisco and J’ohn then spent half the night comparing different types of oreos and arguing on what the best ratio of cream to cookie is.

Now whenever one visits the other’s earth they bring a couple of packages of oreos with them so they can compare the differences between each earth.

Cisco has also made a habit of keeping them around in his lab just in case J’ohn pops in and Cisco is not above using them for bribery. He might be having a hard time finding a material that is bullet proof while still flexible and durable enough to be used by speedsters and a deodorant that is strong enough to be used on speedster suits but he’s certain the DEO might have some stuff that could work. 

Winn always bugs Cisco on how he gets all of that stuff from J’ohn with so little effort but Cisco won’t break (J’ohn won’t be as willing if he shares the secret) but he will do it on Winn’s behalf too so Winn doesn’t push too hard.

It was just about midnight when Dean got home and he could smell the weed from the sidewalk. By the time he got in the screenless side door he was smiling a little, amused, ready to make a joke about getting a contact high. Dad would be pissed, not at the weed itself but on principle (can’t really be alert, boys, if you’re strung out higher ‘n a kite). But Dad had been away awhile and it wasn’t like Dean needed to ride Sam about doing his homework. He was a good kid. A good kid who’d recently discovered the joys of pot.

Dean was still smiling when he came into the living room and found Sam slouched against the back of the sofa, legs sprawled out wide in front of him and pupils blown wide. He was palming himself through his jeans - too spaced to even jerk off, Dean thought with an affectionate twitch of his lips. He threw Sam a piece of pizza and perched on the end of the couch.

‘Hand off your dick, you perv,’ he said cheerfully, plucking the joint from between Sam’s fingers and taking a long drag. ‘What’s up?’

Sam slowly focused on him - or, rather, on something a little below his eyes, which was kind of weird. Mind you the kid was so baked Dean was surprised he could even look in the right direction.

‘Your - mouth,’ said Sam, unexpectedly. ‘It’s so soft Dean.’

Dean rubbed at his lower lip self-consciously and Sam actually groaned, which was unsettling.

‘Dude,’ Dean said, ‘it’s a regular mouth,’ and Sam stared at him as if he’d casually mentioned that the sky was usually lime green.

‘It’s not,’ he said, breathily, and Dean shifted because his kid brother’s voice should not make him feel like that. ‘Dean it’s like - it’s so -’ he trailed off, still staring, and Dean had nearly decided to get up and go to bed and definitely not mention this in the morning when Sam spoke again, the colour up now over his cheekbones. ‘Makes me wanna - put my fingers in it and -’

‘Jesus, Sam,’ said Dean, and went to bed; but he was shaking a little, and while he shucked off his jeans and watched the rest of the pizza congeal in its box he could hear Sam grunting and panting back in the other room.

Took Dean a long time to get to sleep that night.

Letters to Draco

Request: Hello! Could you possibly write a 5th year Draco imagine where you just got a letter to Hogwarts and you both first meet in Diagon Alley. He’s really nice to you (in a you know you both like each other kind of way) and you send really sweet letters back and forth for the rest of summer. When you get to Hogwarts and are sorted into Gryffindor he starts ignoring you and you don’t understand why. It ends with them together, but you can choose how it happens. :) Thank you so so much!!

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x (Y/N)

Word Count: 1,334

A/N: This is the longest one-shot I have ever written, I got really carried away with it, I loved playing with the character of Draco as a first year. Hope it is somewhat decent, let me know. :) 

Mentions of death/heaven in the later part. I don’t own Harry Potter. I also got really emotional at the end…

You were excited, there was no denying it. There was a spring to your step and smile plastered onto your rosy face as you almost skipped across the cobblestone street crowded with wizards and witches. The piece of yellowed parchment was still clutched tightly in your left fist while your right was free to hold your new wand. There was an air of… magic… which hung in the air over Diagon alley, both old and young wizards peering into old glass shop windows while talking happily, the hoots of owls and occasional bangs from various shops only added to the ruckus. You had never felt more at home as you sighed and shut your eyes briefly, breathing in the experience and excitement of being one of them, magical. “Sorry!” You felt a sudden impact to your chest as you were hurtled from the street and into the gutter, expelling a sharp breath of air as you made contact with the ground. “I’m so sorry.” The voice of a young boy spoke again, this time offering a slender hand towards your general direction. 

Cautiously you looked up at your ‘attacker,’ surprised to find that he was not much older than you, fine wispy platinum blonde hair covered his hair and edged slightly towards his face, framing his slender face as a mask of sophistication. “Malfoy, Draco Malfoy.” He smiled as he released your hand, pulling you firmly to your feet. “And you must be?” He hinted, his eyebrows raising slightly. “(Y/N).” You replied quickly, clearing your throat. “(Y/N), (Y/L/N).” He offered another smile at this, now gesturing towards your acceptance letter still held in your grasp. “Hogwarts?” You nodded in response, blushing slightly under his gaze. “I’m going too, first year next year, Father says it will be the proudest moment of his life when he finds out his only son will be a Slytherin.” He pulled at his robes slightly, puffing out his chest in pride, a small smirk crossing his features. “Anyway.” He returned to reality. “I’ll help you with the last of your shopping, Mother’s already got all of mine sorted.” You nodded intently before following him off into the streets of Diagon Alley.

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I was inspired by this post

and now I want a Dramione au where Hermione is a dentist and for some reason Draco has a problem with his teeth which can’t be fixed by normal magic, and everyone has been telling him to visit this Teeth Specialist who uses a combination of Muggle treatments and magic.

He’s really hesitant at first (along with the recommendations come horror stories of teeth gone wrong) but finally decides to check it out. Of course, it’s HERMIONE. He’s shocked and horrified and doesn’t quite know what to do but she’s staring at him so he just sits down. But as he looks around the room he sees all these different metal instruments and some of them look really sharp, while others just look TERRIFYING for assorted reasons.

He tries to stay calm and Hermione notices he’s nervous so she tells him to relax, to which he snaps ‘I AM relaxed!’ and she backs off.

She turns her back to him for a moment, grabbing one of the instruments, and he starts sweating. He can’t see what she’s got, but then she’s telling him to open his mouth and he does but also closes his eyes because he’s really scared and just wants it over with.

Then sUDDENLY he feels something cold and possibly shARp?? against the side of his mouth and he sCREAMS and accidentally bites her finger, causing her to scream as well and quickly pull her hand back!

There’s no blood, but Draco is almost hyperventilating and he feels so embarrassed about making a fool of himself in front of Granger.

Then of all the reactions she could have, Hermione starts laughing. She’s bending over the metal instruments slightly, trying to keep herself together.

‘It’s not funny!’ Draco yells at her. ‘You could have killed me!’

Hermione can’t stop laughing and tries to get some words out but nothing makes sense, so in the end she ops to just hold up the instrument she’d been using.

And it’s a mirror. It’s a small mirror on a metal stick. Draco bit her hand because the mirror bumped his mouth and now Hermione can’t stop laughing because it’s hilarious and Draco is scowling and more horrified than when he arrived in the first place.

Since it wasn’t destiny, it was Aizen...

How about it wasn’t canon, it was Kon!

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686 is actually Kon in a Kisuke made Ichigo body, there to protect Ichigo’s sisters and his friends, as Ichigo while he is off protecting the world as a shinigami.

Only Rukia and Ichigo know the secret and that’s whats up with the cover

Look at them looking at each other so knowingly! They know the truth! They know whats up!  Ichigo looks so much buffer and better in this cover. I bet after the fight party Ichigo and Rukia meet secretly around the back of the clinic and he tells her how he vanquished Bach once and for all when his reiastu reappeared before the others got there. Ultimate secret agent Shinigami! 

No where in the manga does it say that Orihime and Ichigo are married, nor does it say that Kazui is their biological child. He could just be adopted by Kon and raised as a Kurosaki because he is a little human with Soul Reaper powers! Probably due to Kisuke moving Karakura town during the fake Karakura town battle.

Also no where in the manga does it say that Renji and Rukia are married. Also Ichika can not be their biological child, because souls can’t have children! You know, the manga? The balance of souls? The reason why Quincies were hunted down?

Ichika was adopted by Renji because she was a street kid like him and he wants to take her under his wing. She reminds him of his best friend and captain, Rukia. Also the reason why Rukia has this embarrassed look when Kon asks her where is her kid, because even though she is like a big sis and step mom, she’s not really Ichika’s mom. It’s “their” kid because they are parental figures in her life.

Ichigo isn’t present at Rukia’s investiture as captain because unfortunately he was off on a mission protecting the world. Fulfilling his destiny, to protect everyone with the powers he gained. Rukia understands this. And even though he’s away for long periods of time, Their reunions are EPIC. I mean, just look at that COVER!

Because of her the rain stopped. He is the man in her heart. He can’t keep up with the speed of the world without her in it, so he is in the Sereitei, with her, where he belongs. And this cover proves that they know it and now we know it!

And Aizen Sousuke is still the baddest mofo to ever be created.

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How I want Agent Carter S2 to leave off:
  • Whitney Frost gets dealt with appropriately (how ever justice sees fit).
  • Dr. Wilkes is fine in the end but he’s got new super powers and uses them to do good things.
  • Peggy respectfully declines both “quality suitors” and says that she just needs some time to sort herself out after everything that’s happened. Hollywood has a profound effect on people and she just needs to find out what she truly wants.
  • End scene with some proper Peggy and Jarvis reconciliation. They finally give one another a hug and it speaks volumes to how they feel about one another. (Interpretation of their relationship potential is left open.)
  • End credit scene with Peggy, Rose and Angie lying on a nice sunny beach somewhere with fabulous bathing suits and spectacular sunglasses sipping some sort of cold beverage and relaxing back on a much deserved gal-pal getaway together.

Unpopular opinion: it doesn’t matter whether or not somebody ships Reylo. It does NOT affect you, your human rights, or your quality of life. It is 100% fictional. It. Is. A. Concept. People shipping it does not change or cancel out the canon. A handful of people shipping it will not make it canon. What are you afraid of? People liking something you don’t? People liking an “unnecessary hetero ship,” to quote a user? God forbid!

Yes, in canon it would be abusive. Yes, in canon it may or not be incest, we just don’t know yet. But it isn’t real, and it likely won’t be real. Back when Elsanna was a thing, people wrote AU’s where they weren’t siblings. As for the abuse, I’d like to remind you that Anakin Skywalker has killed, tortured, and abused people, but he got redeemed at the end of episode VI so he’s everyone’s cinnamon roll now. I have not seen ONE post talking about him in this light. Maybe there is one, but I’ve never seen it circulate like Reylo hate.

Do I even need to remind you all that canon itself is a concept? Made up? There’s no reason to send anon hate, and NO excuse to send death threats over a made-up story. Each day, we find the worlds of our imaginations becoming more and more blended with reality. You don’t need to devote real time of your life to chronicling why a fictional ship is problematic, because it will never become a part of reality (believe it or not). Let people enjoy their imaginations in peace.

Go do something else instead of spreading negativity. Go listen to that new band/singer that you’ve been meaning to look up. Finger paint. Bake muffins for your friends or coworkers. Join or donate to an organization that fights against actual, real world domestic abuse. Buy flowers for yourself. Post a hundred selfies. Anything.

Just be nice. The Reylo shippers aren’t harming you, or anyone else.