So… can we assume Nalu is canon or what?
—  The Nalu fandom, after the whole mess the recent chapters have been, especially after chapter 510.

I am having enough of hypocrites. You know what I dont care anymore. Because I know I have people who like me for what I am. Who I know much longer than you, and I don’t have to run after you. I just don’t do it anymore.

It’s sad to see how people change. But well. I see how it is.

Thanks anyway at all the people who are sticking with me, talking to me with honesty and not only because they have to.

I love you guys. ♡

After reading @brbimstudying ’s post, I decided to show my side of the story as well.

What you see here are only the pictures. You don’t see how my hand gets frequent spams and how my right arm is hurting because of how much I’m writing. You don’t see the migraines I get practically every single day because of stress and exhaustion, to the point when I’m actually having to go to a neurologist.

You don’t see how many mental breakdowns I’ve had over a grade. You don’t see how many hours I’ve spent just lying in my bed because I’ve been studying for too long and now I’m too dizzy to get up. You don’t see all the times I cried and “gave up”.

I don’t know why, but I don’t really give up. I keep coming back to it.

Yesterday, I had a free afternoon and got home around 6pm. I studied until 10pm and had to listen to my parents go on and on about how irresponsible I was, just “throwing away study hours like that”. Had to listen about my math grade. I know about the math grade.

I am human. I am not motivated 24/7, or happy to study all the time. Sometimes I sit and stay there because I HAVE to, because I feel a terrible guilt when I stop. I fight my back, arm ,and hand pains and I keep going.

That’s what you don’t see.

so, imagine after a huge tiff with swearing and the “you feel nothing” card Sherlock comes back and tells John he loves him in the pouring rain, and John sighs exasperated and says, “and I’m supposed to believe you?” and Sherlock says vulnerable, “you don’t have to believe me. I don’t love you so you can believe me.” like, just imagine

anonymous asked:

Just a question, do you still ship Karezi even after the retcon? I understand that their current relations seemed strained and you have no idea how to feel but do you still ship it anyways or not as much(sorry if this was already answered)?

I already replied a couple of times but yeah I still like them but currently I don’t feel much like shipping them

I mean one thing is shipping something that didn’t end well, another is having their entire relationship AND friendship erased which really sucked, besides I don’t like post retcon Karkat as much as the other and post retcon Terezi even less, so

but I kinda feel tired of shipping in HS as a whole ngl

“You would think after two years of living in this city, I wouldn’t get lost on my way to class anymore. Today I ended up in a hookah bar instead of my literature class. I mean, I wasn’t complaining, but imagine the look on my professor’s face when I told him that I was late because I took a wrong turn and ended up in a smoke shop. Not funny at all.”