people expect Steve Rogers’ response to selfies and facebook status updates and twitter to be ‘I didn’t go to war for this’ 

but actually he did and he loves it because nothing exemplifies the freedom he fought for more than being able to post whatever you like online, and feel good about yourself, and generally being able express yourself in whatever way you like


You know, I kind of feel like I got slipped the worst mickey of all time…and I woke up to find out that I had burnt the whole city down. And you can say it wasn’t me, but…I’m the one with the zippo in my pocket, you know? So I’m not sure it’s that cut and dry. And, look, I a-appreciate you trying to protect me. I really do. But I got to fix… What I got to fix. So I need to know what I did. 


Jacksepticeye & The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Cold

   I heard you got sick. Hopefully you feel better soon! (x)

So… I was completely overwhelmed by the response to my last Jacksepticeye picture. I wanted to do this sooner to thank everyone who followed me, liked, and reblogged my work, but I’ve actually been really sick. To make myself feel better and hopefully make @therealjacksepticeye feel better, I drew this! Thank you so much everyone! (If you see this Jack, you absolutely made my year when you reblogged my work. I was not expecting it, thank you so much.)

Hey so anyone who reblogs this by the end of September I’ll draw a little flower, creature, or something and send it to you. I can’t promise what it will be, but you get a cute lil drawing.

i. what do you press into your skin?
a.) your mother’s affection
b.) your father’s attention
c.) it doesn’t matter, you wouldn’t feel it anyway

ii. are your bruises like knives or the sound of bottles breaking against walls?
a.) yes
b.) yes
c.) all of the above

iii. your lungs ________.
(use one of the options to fill in the blank)
a.) remember
b.) forget
c.) rebel

iv. do your feathers still yearn for the sun or for the sea?
• write your response below

v. what do you taste when you close your eyes?
(correct answer: nothing)
—  bonus question: will you ever forgive the dawn for stealing the night? | via p.d (x)
  • me after the release, reading through the plot & scrolling through the cursed child tag: kinda sad that Deathly Hallows was the last Harry Potter story JKR came out with. it's a shame she hasn't told another story revisiting that world. darn.

Also, speaking of Bunnicula…It seems like it really needs one of these posts:

Hello, nascent Bunnicula cartoon fandom!

How y’all doing? This cartoon has barely been around for a month, so it’s awesome that people are already drawing fanart and stuff for it!

But please remember that this is an all-ages cartoon. As much as adults like you and I might enjoy it, children are the main demographic for it, and it’s likely they’ll end up searching for fanart. 

A quick tag search for Bunnicula is already revealing a lot of porn. I’m not judging, draw whatever makes you happy! But please, please, please don’t put it in the main tag. 

We know the drill by now. Make a tag specifically for NSFW content (maybe “Bundickula?”) and post only in that, not in the main Bunnicula tag. Tagging it as NSFW isn’t enough.

If you’re a fan of the show, please spread this post around so everyone can see it. I’ll draw some Bunnicula fanart for every 500 notes this post gets if that sweetens the pot.

Let’s all work together to keep things safe for minors on this site and beyond!

Based off of this amazing piece of art :)

“Dean! This is no longer funny!!”

Castiel’s face twists into his pissy expression, big black wings fluttering noisily at his back. He continues to flex the muscles of his abdomen in order to stay upright. In response to his dramatics, Dean rolls his eyes. He makes his legs quake on purpose.


“Relax, I won’t let you fall.”

When Dean had originally suggested playing ‘airplane’ to help stretch out his recovered wings, Cas had thought it might be a good idea. When Dean had pressed the soles of his bare feet on Castiel’s abdomen, held his hands and lifted the angel over his on body (laying with his back on the floor), the angel had been less sure.

When Dean had started purposefully shaking his legs and making airplane noises, Cas had wanted to stop the ride.

Presently, the hunter is staring up at his angel; a big grin on his face and his cheeks flushed pink with laughter. “So?” he teases. “Is this even better than flying?”

“Dean, let me down—”

Dean rolls his eyes. “Cas, seriously, everything’s f—shit!”

In the split second Cas relaxes his abs, Dean looses his footing and the angel comes tumbling down. Castiel lands on his boyfriend with an ‘oomph’, groaning. Dean has had the wind knocked out of him and his coughing amidst his, quite frankly, annoying, cackling laughter.

“I thought you said you wouldn’t let me fall!” Cas grouses, pushing himself off the other man with a glare. “This is serious, Dean! I could have injured you, I could have hurt myself, what were you thinking—”

Dean sits up as well, crawling forward to steal Castiel’s words with a kiss. He pulls back triumphantly. “I didn’t let you fall,” he says simply.

Cas raises an unimpressed brow. “Dean, I almost broke your ribs with my landing. You did.”

“No, I didn’t.” The hunter leans in then, pressing a big, cheesy kiss to Castiel’s mouth. He grins widely. “I caught you. You didn’t fall because I caught you.”

Castiel pauses. He did, didn’t he? Dean caught him. Ungracefully; with his entire body rather than his arms, it happened. Cas didn’t fall, not completely.

“And I’ll always catch you,” Dean says, firm. His fingers brush black feathers. “You hear me, Angel? Always.”

Hey you!

There’s a  difference between ship hate and simply not liking a ship.


Not Liking A Ship: I don’t ship this/ It makes me uncomfortable. Can you please tag it appropriately/ I’ll blacklist shipping tag. AKA Acting like a responsible fucking person.

I just remember that when TALLAHASSEE aired, Jen was asked, on Twitter, if there was "something between Emma and Hook" and her response was a coy little "what do you think, wink wink"

And now we’re HERE, and she just said that she loves him, TRULY

I just

I have a LOT of emotions about this, as someone who has been here since the early days … to just know that this little ship that we didn’t KNOW was going to become THIS

And now it’s everything and so much more and it just FEELS like a really beautiful, good day

I like to reply to comments people leave on fics I’ve post on AO3, right? I like to reply. I like the conversations, and I appreciate it when people take the time and effort to write comments on fics. It’s not required, so if they’re doing it, I presume they’ve got a reason, and I respect that. I feel like a comment deserves a response. All comments.

Once, a long time ago, I said something about being committed to replying to comments on fics, and someone said to me, “sure, reply to comments, but not to ALL comments. Because that would be weird.” 

Not to all comments. Like, replying to all comments was sort of pathetic or desperate, or something. I still don’t really understand what that was about. But I think about it pretty often. Do people really think it’s weird if you reply to every comment someone leaves on your fic? Not to get the last word or anything, just respond to whatever it was the reader said?

Well, if so, let’s just say I’m really weird and be done with it.

It’s really interesting that Regina’s persistent solution for her darker half is to kill her, rather than accept responsibility for her via re-absorption and seek out solutions to contain her that way.

What she asked Jekyll for was a way to destroy her, and her big question right now is why killing her didn’t work. It stands to reason that he could just as easily look for a scientific solution that reverses the effects of the serum.

This murderous intent is confirmed later by the EQ in the cell with Hyde (“milady”, swoon) that Regina was looking for a way to destroy her, despite the very immediate threat she poses, rather than asking Jekyll or Hyde for a way to bring them back together so she could deal with her own darkness internally again.

I just find that layer of the conflict really intriguing. This idea that even though the EQ is walking, talking, and capable of free thought that they are still actively pursuing subduing her via murder, and that even though Regina is trying to stop her from hurting her new found family, she still isn’t willing to do it in a way where she has to take her own darkness back on and deal with it herself.

Quite a contrast from Emma who willingly took on the darkness of others to save everyone as a Savior does, risking her own happiness despite fighting for others.

Hook who overcame his inner darkness in order to destroy it at the cost of his own life to save Emma/her family and make up for his past mistakes, similar to what he is doing for Belle now, risking his life to make up for the past.

Rumple who actually wants the darkness and who is doing everything he can to keep it. He wants to hold on to it and went to great lengths to join with it again.

They are all very different approaches to the same concept and I like that these approaches reflect the character’s personalities well. Their approaches to darkness line up perfectly with their overall characterization and in the case of the villains, their individual redemption arcs so far.

Rumple is resistant to change and still refuses to do it.

Regina wants to distance herself and just destroy that part of her, forget it ever happened and start fresh.

Hook rights his wrongs via physical action, a flowery speech, and great personal risk (also death).

I just really appreciate the writing’s consistency.

Hey ace/aro people! Friendly reminder that if someone develops sexual or romantic feelings for you it is not your responsibility to come out to them. You do not have to feel guilty or as if you’re “leading them on”. A simple “I’m not interested” is all you need, you do not need to come out to anyone you do not want to. (Note: If you want to and are comfortable coming out, go for it! But you are not obligated to). It doesn’t mean you are “stringing them along” or “hiding something”, it is your personal business and you are not obligated to tell them.


Hey y’all!

I’m doing another survey about the fandom, so I would really appreciate your help! This is an official research study through my university. I need at least as many responses as last time – which was more than 1,500 people – so signal boosts are most appreciated!

Demographic survey (HERE) – About twenty minutes

Free Response survey (HERE) – Depends on the length of your answers, but NO more than an hour unless you feel like writing me a novel (which I would be more than happy to read!)

People under the age of 18 will need to give parental consent to participate.

I’d really appreciate the help and the signal boosts, if you can, since these surveys are actually going to be used for my senior thesis for college (Don’t worry about the privacy of your information – there’s more information to read about security linked within the surveys). The survey will be live until January 15th, 2014.


[Callender] suggested that the most effective way for Hamilton to prove his case was to have brought forward Maria Reynolds as a witness to the love affair.  That Hamilton did not do so, accused Callender in 1798, even though her whereabouts were known, could only be explained by Hamilton having concocted the letters, purportedly written by her, which he used to prove adultery and blackmail and to deflect accusations of corruption.  The letters Hamilton showed the visiting committee have not been seen since that evening, so that their authenticity cannot be verified.  The questions that Callender raised in 1797 and 1798 continue to hover unanswered, and Callender’s belief “that Mrs. Reynodls was in reality, guiltless” retains plausibility.

-”With the Hammer of Truth,” James Thomson Callender and America’s Early National Heroes by Michael Durey

anonymous asked:

Does it bother anyone else that when Chris Evans does silly things in interviews everyone just assumes he was drinking? just see it as nervous response since he has anxiety doing interviews around a lot of people. It just kinda rubs me the wrong way when people say that about him.

I got a few messages about this but yeah same. I think it’s unfair to make any assumptions about it. I think it’s unfair that because he’s been open and honest about anxiety it becomes a topic of conversation anytime he does press, and then something is always brought up about him being drunk at everything.

It seems that after he was drunk at the AOU premiere in LA (which weren’t most of them?) and then the Jimmy Kimmel thing right after (where he did write “tequilla” got me here) no one will let him live.

I’m not sure if people who are saying drunk evans have only seen gifs or watched the actual interviews? Because it’s different when you see a slowed down gif than an actual interview is what I’m saying. Like to me it seems like pretty typical Evans press behavior when he’s around his costars who are his friends (like during SDCC in previous years, Avengers/AOU Press Tour and all his interviews with Hemsworth). 

He messed around with Mackie, but he still answered questions seriously like this about Cap/Falcon.

Idk I just don’t see why everyone needs to discuss it? Let him live his life. He’s not doing anything wrong. 

fjdkf I told my mom I’m bi in the parking garage about 2 minutes before she drove off to the airport and her response was, “Okay. You know I had a girlfriend once in grad school.” Mind you - my parents were supposedly dating long distance in grad school. So she’s like “well, your dad had a girlfriend too so don’t worry it wasn’t a Thing.” Anyways it was like….surreal? I really don’t know jack shit about my parents’ life before they had me and my sister. And then she was like “this isn’t a big deal, rose. As long as you’re happy, then your whole family will be happy for you. But maybe that’s just me being an east coast liberal elite!” and then we laughed and hugged and I said goodbye :-))) good stuff!