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You need to know that you're extremely rude to people who simply have a different point of view. It's not right to behave like that and if you're like that in real life as well, then putting up with you must be really hard. I didn't want to do it because your edits are very nice, but I'm tired of reading your rude responses so I have to unfollow you. You probably won't even care about my opinion, but, yeah, there, I said it.

But why those people feel the need to go in my inbox and tell me how wrong i am??? I don’t do that to other people, so i don’t know what you expect me to do here.

I was really upset about hearing bad news about my favourite character, and then some random person tells me not to watch the show if i can’t handle it. Like sorry, not sorry.

Hello my dear followers! Today I am making a different sort of masterpost. Some of you might think this is utterly ridiculous, others of you might actually really like this. I have made an ASMR recommendation masterpost, not only for those of you who enjoy ASMR, but also to spread ASMR awareness to others who might not have heard of it. (photo credit

What is ASMR?

Have you ever gotten shivers from a particularly good song? Do you feel relaxed when someone brushes your hair? If so, you’ve experienced ASMR

It literally means, Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Translation: it is the sensation you feel from seeing or hearing certain things. This response creates a mind tingling sensation and makes you feel relaxed. Like a favorite color, everyone has a favorite sound

A sound is also called a trigger, because it triggers your ASMR. Common triggers include scratching, whispering, and roleplay. Roleplay consist of soft spoken conversations with some sort of plot, like a doctor’s visit or a haircut.

There is an entire community dedicated to ASMR and making videos to provide people with ASMR sensation. ASMR can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter your age, race, gender, etc.

Without further ado, here is my gigantic recs list for ASMR to get y’all started. (I’ll probably add to this at some point)

My favorite ASMR artists:

Heather Feather ASMR

Heather is probably the most popular ASMR artist. She is so talented. Whether its roleplays, trigger videos, or experimental ASMR, she really delivers. She has the best voice for ASMR. I started off with Heather’s videos. They’re absolutely exceptional. (She recently is experiencing some medical problems, so send her some love, will ya!?)


Ally is such a sweetheart. She does trigger videos and whisper videos, but her real forte is roleplays. Her roleplays are so good, she puts a lot of work into them. 


fastASMR is a really good channel! You never see her face, (I think she’s mentioned that she can’t show her face for her job?) but that doesn’t stop her from making ASMR videos. 

Ephemeral Rift

Rift’s videos don’t strike you as particularly relaxing – Plague Doctor? Asylum? Um? – but I swear to God, he’s amazing. He’s my absolute favorite ASMR artist. Give him a shot.

Tony Bomboni (ASMRer)

I absolutely love Tony. I don’t know their pronouns (they keep their private life pretty separate from ASMR), but their videos are exceptional, so relaxing, and they are such a sweetheart, I love them so much.

Trigger Videos: {videos that are made purely for tingles and to trigger you, no plot included} {my comments are included lol}

Roleplay Videos: {videos that combine triggers with a plot line (so it’s a little less weird? idk)} [I also really only listen to a these couple of ASMR artists….some roleplays out there are hella weird and just not my cuppa tea tbh]

Experimental ASMR: {videos that don’t exactly fit a certain category}

And there are so many many more! Hopefully you give this ASMR a chance! I know it seems really freaking weird, and that’s totally understandable. When I first discovered it, I was weirded out, but tbh it’s totally worth it! Hope this helped :)

tbh I feel mentally incapable of accepting that I’m no longer a teenager and that I have responsibilities and things I need to do or else I’ll be a loser bum for the rest of my life but I’m just… not prepared to do those things due to anxiety and fear and I feel hopeless all of the time because of this…..

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Any chance you'd want to write a prompt? Regina wakes up to a diamond ring on her finger, little steamy time with Robin before the kids burst in to see if she said yes ?! Pleaseeeeeeeee??

Hmmm…I do believe I saw that daggzandarrows posted a response for this prompt ( a pretty fabulous, hot and steamy response).  You should read that!  I mean, seriously, I just *fans self*…it was HOT!

*warning spoilers for that fic below*

Proposing while going down on her!!!!!  That should all be in caps because DAMN!  Can you imagine?  I can hardly imagine… I’m obviously not over it.

on the plus side I did some responsible things today like checking my bank account so wow such adult much mature

please respect teachers and volunteers. i know it’s seen as cool to be snarky and act unimpressed and think you’re above the rules, and i’ve made that mistake myself, but they are people with families and when you mistreat them they do suffer. my mom was a middle school choir teacher; now she and my dad preside over a mission, and the total disregard some have for their feelings, their health, their voluntary and selfless sacrifice, makes my blood boil. respect teachers and volunteers. unless they’re abusing their authority or bullying you, then civility is not a heavy price to pay, it’s more like the bare minimum you should be giving

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aquarius, canus whatever, ursa major/minor, scorpioooo

AQUARIUS: how much water have you had today?

at least three water bottles lol. 

CANIS MAJOR: what do you think about hunting?

I think that if it is done responsibly and during the proper hunting season and the person is licensed in their state and it is done humanely, then I have no problem with it. 

URSA MAJOR: have you ever encouraged someone to make a bad decision?

Hmmm this is hard. i feel like i have lowkey encouraged you to suck dick before. Does that count? But I’ve never intentionally told someone to do something if I knew the outcome was gonna be negative. 

URSA MINOR: do other people’s troubles deeply affect you?

Ugh yes! I always feel too deeply and try to solve everyone’s problems. I take on a lot of pain from other people and I feel like I need to do something. Like for my friends I try to do everything I can whenever they’re in pain because I feel it to some degree as well.

SCORPIO: will you argue with someone even if you know they won’t change their mind?

lol i like how this is the question for scorpio. i do this all the time with my brother, but besides him and my dad I just drop arguments if I know I can’t change someone’s mind. It’s not worth my time. 

thanks for asking b :*

I wanted to talk to you.
I put a lot of thought into the words I typed,
about something we talked about together.
I couldn’t wait to hear back from you!

Your response? Seen. 12:08 AM.
Not a damn word.

I want to tell you how much that hurts.
I feel like nothing. Do I even fucking matter to you?
I don’t know if I want to scream or cry.

I know you aren’t attached to technology,
and you’re teaching me how to be patient.
It’s happened before and I’ve let it go, because I like you a lot.
Because you smile at me and I forget this shitty feeling.
But enough is enough.

I may not be the kind of girl you’re into,
I may only be your close friend
but don’t I deserve more than this? 

My job is so stressful sometimes.

And its not even the job itself, but my boss holds everyone to such a high standard, and i hold my work to such a high one too, that if i disappoint him, or mess up even a little, i have a slight breakdown.

And now i have taken on a lot more responsibility, and it has taken a job i was comfortable with and turned it into this stressful mess.

I also feel like my other coworkers think i cant do the job right…. But its most likely my paranoia.

I just want to do a good job, and make good money, and not have my boss question me if i “understand my roll”.

…. So stressed…

So my friend got her phone number posted on 4chan by her ex and she got harassing text messages and nudes and threats from random people. He says he’s sorry but he’s a total asshat in general. She doesn’t want to go to the authorities, but I really think she should. Should I go to the deans? It’s illegal and she needs her phone number changed but she’s too emotionally taxed to do anything. Anyone have any advice?


i don’t want to work friday, but someone from work has some appointment and asked me to cover and i just dont. want. to. do. it. but i kind of feel like i should. 

I “need to stop holding grudges” and “start to take some responsibility for what happened” apparently. Thanks, mom. You know what, yesterday I shouldn’t have “crucified you” for “using the wrong word.” I guess I really do “owe you an apology” because you “did nothing wrong,” mom. It’s totally fine that you can make me feel like my feelings are completely invalid and like the worst and most traumatizing thing to happen to me is my fault. Oh, and my brother. You know, my big brother telling me not to tell people and that I “overreact and stress out about things that don’t even matter,” shouldn’t have bothered me either. Everything I do is wrong so, what’s the point, right?

Sometimes I think about how easy it would be for me to just delete all of my social media and cut all ties with everybody I know but like two people I know online and have cell numbers for and just not have the nagging responsibilities of friendships/relationships/whatever and being constantly roped into talking and keeping up a conversation then feeling guilty for not doing that and like. Idk. But at the same time I’m afraid of losing people and I just wish that you would all just hate me and just cut ties/friendships with me because I’m really not worth it and I don’t care that much right now.