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“It’s funny, you don’t hear Germans say they wanna fly the swastika…”

because we know how fucked up that part of our history is and even though I am 4th generation, I still grew up with that German guilt.

You know what’s fascinating though? Post war Germany actually mirrors the American South almost exactly in their initial reaction and response to having lost the war and finding themselves on the ‘wrong side of history’, as it were. 

Post war Germany tried for a rewriting and rationalisation of the war just like people did in the Antebellum South. In Germany, people tried to effectively reengineer history in a way that would preserve people’s sense of national identity and character, tried to recast the German people as equally victimised by their wartime government. This happened (still happens) in the Antebellum South as well, only people in the South tried (tries) to recast their war as noble, as about freedom and liberty and state rights, and what’s fascinating is that it started practically immediately after the end of the war.

The difference is that Germany has come to terms with its past and now acknowledges and teaches history as it is. Southerners still don’t. 

In Oral memory and history, this is something studied extensively, as it exemplifies what people do to try and rationalise their identity and worldview in the face of defeat (both practical and ethical, as it were).

i hate when i am like annoyed by something or made uncomfortable by something and people assume it’s like, just cause i misunderstood someone’s intentions. like honestly i feel like i am a pretty good judge of intentions and i usually try not to assume someone is doing something maliciously unless it’s super obvious that they are, but like a lot of times people have good intentions and they still do something that makes people uncomfortable or mad or whatever, like if you made someone feel weird without meaning to then you still made someone feel weird! 

On Language and Privilege

Sometimes I wonder if one of the barriers to getting people to accept that they have privilege is the term.  In a vacuum, to me, at least, ‘privilege’ connotes a nice thing that I happen to have.  Almost a bonus, or an extra.  But I don’t think it’s a privilege to have the police treat me like a human being–it’s a fundamental human right.  I mean, I don’t think we can really change the term at this point, but sometimes it seems as if it frames the discussion in terms of taking something away from the people with ‘privilege’, when really what we want to do is give a thing to the people without it.

responsible-reanimation, this seems like a thing you might be interested in.

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What do you wish the author would reveal/had revealed about your muse?

     Dear GRRM, please put to rest all of these ridiculous secret Targ theories because I cannot take it for even another moment, jfc, make it stop.

the mun's interpretation
  • Me:I think has Pearl a form of responsibility OCD because in "Do It For Him/Her" she seems to be completely obsessed with ensuring Rose's safety to the point where she feels like her own isn't important in comparison, and as someone who has responsibility OCD I really identify with that. Also her need to keep everything clean and could be the manifestation of OCD where the obsession is a fear of germs and taking over everyone's chores for them is a compulsion and coping mechanism for her
  • Some tumblr posts I've seen:lmao pearl is so ocd... wait I don't mean she actually has a mental illness I just mean she's a neurotic neat freak lmao
  • Me:... ok

Tried my hand at gif making. I feel like I have some work to do but here is what I’ve done so far. 

This is probably super overdone but its one of my favorite scenes. I love Alycia’s performance in this. She does a great job of capturing her characters response and emotions. 

sure people can speak to me however they want but god forbid I speak about how I feel or what I think cause shit hits the fan, right I mostly just brush things off cause I don’t like conflict or fighting but when I speak up or give my insight people just get mad and accuse me of being wrong and start using things against me, this shit is exhausting

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Damn Go you You are the best That was such a great response

give these abusive anons no shits man

I had such a fucking bad day today. Normally I just push through things and deal best I can, but everything is weighing on me heavily and I don’t know what to do to be happy anymore.

It’s really hard to find motivation to do things when you feel generally apathetic about everything. Like, I wanna keep writing ‘cause I like my story, but posting the latest chapter has gotten very few reviews - and I hate that it matters to me but I just feel so shitty and then posting something I love and getting so little response is disheartening, you know? It’s why I have some stories written that I’ll never publish - ‘cause I like the magic I feel now of writing them for myself and not having that yardstick to measure it against constantly as I write it.

I imagine some of that is my fault for taking such long hiatuses between chapters, but my head just hasn’t been in the right space the past half a year or so. I miss the days when I did drabble prompts and wrote constantly and engaged with people over writing. But it’s just so hard to get them back when that drive is just wheels spinning in the mud. Trying to get going, but not getting anywhere, and wearing me out in the process.

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interpretation meme

✎ What do you wish the author would reveal/had revealed about your muse?

UMM. it’s not so much like a specific fact, but I just want to see more interactions between the brothers. I want to see hiro and tadashi interact in every day situations, I want to see just how much dashi lets hiro get away with and where he draws the line, I want to see how far hiro can convince dashi to go. I’ve headcanoned a lot and explored this a lot with my dashi bros, but I really do want to see more of this in canon, specifically I want prequel shorts.

if we are talking specific facts tho, I kinda wish we got a specific IQ range. I’ve headcanoned it to be in the 170s, but this is one of those things I think about a lot.

every time I try to go to sleep I imagine me standing up for myself and going off on everybody responsible for me staying in bed all day debating whether I should find a bridge or settle for catapulting off clark tower and I don’t think I’ve cried so much since zayn left

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27 9 10

9:  A song that makes you happy

   That would have to be American Psycho by Fall Out Boy

10:  A song that makes you sad

    Car Radio by Twenty One Pilots has made me burst into tears on the bus, I think that’s the only that has really given me a emotional response at all, so that has to do I guess.

27: A song that breaks your heart

   With that, it’s hard to say. Johnny Boy by twenty one pilots maybe? 

In response to all these “You can’t love animals and eat meat” posts

Why the fuck do we have to tell everyone they’re wrong? Yes your argument makes sense. Yes people have a warped sense of what animals it is ok to et. But WHY THE FUCK do we feel the need to tell people they’re wrong and horrible? I feel like there has to be another way for this conversation to take place.