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Does it bother anyone else that when Chris Evans does silly things in interviews everyone just assumes he was drinking? just see it as nervous response since he has anxiety doing interviews around a lot of people. It just kinda rubs me the wrong way when people say that about him.

I got a few messages about this but yeah same. I think it’s unfair to make any assumptions about it. I think it’s unfair that because he’s been open and honest about anxiety it becomes a topic of conversation anytime he does press, and then something is always brought up about him being drunk at everything.

It seems that after he was drunk at the AOU premiere in LA (which weren’t most of them?) and then the Jimmy Kimmel thing right after (where he did write “tequilla” got me here) no one will let him live.

I’m not sure if people who are saying drunk evans have only seen gifs or watched the actual interviews? Because it’s different when you see a slowed down gif than an actual interview is what I’m saying. Like to me it seems like pretty typical Evans press behavior when he’s around his costars who are his friends (like during SDCC in previous years, Avengers/AOU Press Tour and all his interviews with Hemsworth). 

He messed around with Mackie, but he still answered questions seriously like this about Cap/Falcon.

Idk I just don’t see why everyone needs to discuss it? Let him live his life. He’s not doing anything wrong. 

I. Just realized. I go back in. 9 days. :)))))))))

   As she stepped out of the car, she asked how I was doing. With my habitual one-word response, I said I was great.
   She countered, “I wish, just for once, you’d tell me how you actually feel.”
   Without second thinking, I replied, “You wanna know how I actually am? My life is falling apart and I am a complete and total disaster. I feel like a shipwreck but the storms are refusing to let me reach the shore; so here I am trapped at sea, without a chance to breathe.”
   At this point, I can see pools filling her gaze, but I’m not stopping. What’s the use in hiding?
   "All I want is an escape — a place for my shattered mast and shredded sails to rest. But I’m not blessed with such a choice. Rather, my ship is scattered. Watch the waves, and you’ll see some pieces caught between violent crashes. Look to the ocean floor, and you’ll see the parts that have been abandoned, never to sail again.“
   She was crying now. I’m not sure if my attempt at honesty frightened her, or if she was shocked to see what was really going on inside this head of mine. Maybe she just understood in a way words couldn’t express. I still don’t know.
   Regardless of what caused her to cry, it made something inside of me feel alright. Sharing this with someone else felt a hell of a lot better than staining the walls of my journal with lonesome complaints. Though if it was that my response caught her off guard, I understand why; my response surprised even me. I didn’t intend to speak in some poetic manner. It just came out that way. I guess romanticizing my pain sounds nicer than simply stating, “I am so tired and I am quickly forgetting how to keep myself awake.”

- Matthew Walker, “Shipwreck”

I hate that I wait hours for a reply. I constantly check my phone.
I constantly crave a conversation with you.
I’m always waiting.
But whenever you finally reply I instantly respond within the next minute.
And then I wait hours again..
How do you do that?
I get that you can get busy and stuff…But it’s everyday.
Some days, within 24 hours I’ll get 2 responses in all..
I don’t fucking know
It hurts like hell though
Feeling like you’re more of a priority to me than I am to you. I just miss talking to you. I just want you. Fuck.

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Do you think that we could be given a look inside of Nahsyl's belly? <3 I wonder how squishy it is in there, I'm sure he has a wonderful tummy! <3 Heheee, and I'm sure that he'd like to get rubs from the inside of it, right? <3 *totally not wanting Nahsyl to nom me so I can give him belly rubs from the inside nope*

“Well miss, why don’t you just come inside and find out?~”

Sometimes I feel like I am the only one who wants to talk. The one who actually cares when I ask how the day is going not just as something to say. When we have barely talked and haven’t seen each other I think you cross my mind more then when we do. So as I go to sleep I want to let you know that even now you’re still on my mind. But no response. I don’t understand. And that’s all I want. To understand.

I'm so tired...

Spending days, figuring out what to say…
Only to get few responses.

It’s getting really tiring to initiate to talk all the time.

I feel like I’m lying to myself by constantly agreeing to them in the hope i can prolong the conversation.

And I always tell myself, it’s not their fault. They might be dealing with things beyond my understanding. Or they have their things.

It is out of my control and just have to put up with it and keep trying next time…


i feel like we’ve truly achieved some level of artistic fluency (no doubt thanks to the internet) that everyone can see the transparent “oh noez, happy stories” vibe from dismaland. like: can you hit all the targets???

  • princesses are so girly and fairy tales are pathetic
  • everything must be dark and edgy! the world is too cynical for happy stories

our math homework for tonight was so weird???? our assignments have been online and have involved discussion boards, so we all have to collaborate to come up with answers. but anyway, the assignment was a picture of a blurry car and the teacher told us to do whatever research we could to find out how fast the car was moving and????? all i could think of was shutter speed and how that could affect the photo quality but i don’t know how the fuck to apply that to a formula or how to calculate a speed from that. 

Some times I feel a lot of people act like they want friendships with a mutual or just a follower but then when someone reaches out they completely recoil from the idea of it.  I reach out to people quite often actually because I feel so many people on this site act as if they want friends.

Maybe its anxiety or something else but many people once they get a response seem to go on the defensive.

/This isn’t triggered by one person it is just a noted experience I feel over time

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Now I have to ask, what is your notp?

It is actually Drarry. See, I understand why it’s so popular. Draco obviously feels something besides hate toward Harry throughout the books. However, I don’t think the two would be a good match for each other at all. I do like them as best friends despite that. I’m not going to write a lengthy response detailing why their my notp though. If that’s your ship, go ahead and ship it. I hate bashing other people’s ships simply because I don’t support it. 

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Remember Me

Remember Me: I’ll write a drabble about my character trying to get yours to remember them [be it from an accident, meeting them after years apart, feel free to specify.]  (Read more under the cut because this is the longest thing I’ve written up to this point.))

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