Let the boy watch his movie. kek

Story/concept inspiration from @mintsugakookies (x)

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In other news today, local man feels depressed after not getting a callback from audition he was sure he did well on. Wears outfit he thinks makes him look good (left) and hangs out with friends to make him feel better. Ends up leaving early and listening to pop punk way too loudly on the way home. He does not feel better.
Local man also posts selfie from last night at auditions (ft. New haircut and confident attitude (which only existed last night)) in sad attempt to make strangers compliment him and make him feel better. Hopes it works, will feel bad even if it does.
And finally, same local man writes way too long of caption on selfies. People sigh and roll eyes at the novel he wrote below the pictures.
This concludes our news for tonight. Stay tuned for….. Whatever, whenever.