oops i did it again?

For once in his life, Keegan was actually going to classes and paying attention to the lessons he was being taught. Once the teachers got over their initial surprise, they started to enjoy having Keegan in the classroom. He wasn’t the same disruptive tool he used to be, and that was entirely due to Reed. She’d mellowed him out, showed him there was more to life than just sex and drinking - though granted, they still did a lot of that stuff together. But he was becoming a better person, something other people weren’t so sure of and were determined to find the truth of. 

It happened in the strangest way that day, a girl from his English class, one he’d slept with before - Kim, Kelly? He didn’t remember her name, didn’t really care either - came over to him and just kissed him full on the mouth, taking Keegan completely by surprise.

His eyes were wide open, hands finding her shoulders and pushing her away harshly, wanting to spit or bathe his mouth in acid. “What the hell did you do that for?!”


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color - blue always

food – mmm… I don’t know, I like many types of food. Rice?

smell - rain/after rain

movie – hard question haha maybe Moulin Rouge?

genre of music – I listen to almost all genres of music, it just depends on my mood

texture – fave texture? hahaha I don’t think I have one

time of day - dawn and dusk

celebrity – currently Jimin, Bobby and Sungjin (sorry I can’t just stick to one hahaha)

drink – water

precious stone - I don’t have one

animal - wolf

flower - iris

font – Calibri

sound – music and nature sounds

fruit – tangerines

vegetables – onions and mushrooms

shop – I don’t think I have a fave one

fashion style – probably skirts and knee-high socks

workout – dance!

boy names - no fave

girl names - no fave

potato chip flavor - just basic ones with salt

meal of the day – dinner

ice cream flavor – mint with choco chips

fro yo – natural

sorbet – any with tropical fruits

season – autumn

month – October-November

word – fave word? I don’t know… a lot of words are nice haha

disney princess – Belle & Mulan

insult – I don’t think I have one haha stupid? xD

eye color - caramel brown

candy - After Eight (is this considered candy?)

restaurant – nice Japanese or Korean ones

language – I can speak some languages, but I don’t have a fave

thing about myself – I like to enjoy my alone time

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