So you wanna fight the Game Grumps?

Of course you do. I mean hey, they’re totally sweet people who care a lot about their fans. But you spend all your hard-earned money on merch and cons and video games to send them, you stay up all night watching their content and have to drag your ass into work/school like a complete zombie the next day, and none of your real-life friends hang out with you anymore because all you wanna do is watch two grown men yelling at video games. And that makes you mad.

So I have compiled a list to let you make informed decisions about which grumps you should and shouldn’t take your chances with.

who will you meet in the pit?

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Everything Is Broken — The Message — Medium

Once upon a time, a friend of mine accidentally took over thousands of computers. He had found a vulnerability in a piece of software and started playing with it. In the process, he figured out how to get total administration access over a network. He put it in a script, and ran it to see what would happen, then went to bed for about four hours. Next morning on the way to work he checked on it, and discovered he was now lord and master of about 50,000 computers. After nearly vomiting in fear he killed the whole thing and deleted all the files associated with it. In the end he said he threw the hard drive into a bonfire. I can’t tell you who he is because he doesn’t want to go to Federal prison, which is what could have happened if he’d told anyone that could do anything about the bug he’d found. Did that bug get fixed? Probably eventually, but not by my friend. This story isn’t extraordinary at all. Spend much time in the hacker and security scene, you’ll hear stories like this and worse.

It’s hard to explain to regular people how much technology barely works, how much the infrastructure of our lives is held together by the IT equivalent of baling wire.

Computers, and computing, are broken.

Build it badly, and they will come.

For a bunch of us, especially those who had followed security and the warrantless wiretapping cases, the revelations weren’t big surprises. We didn’t know the specifics, but people who keep an eye on software knew computer technology was sick and broken. We’ve known for years that those who want to take advantage of that fact tend to circle like buzzards. The NSA wasn’t, and isn’t, the great predator of the internet, it’s just the biggest scavenger around. It isn’t doing so well because they are all powerful math wizards of doom.

The NSA is doing so well because software is bullshit.

“You can fix Mister Gills, right, Aunty Panny?”

“Er…Jasper, dearie, Mister Gills is dead. That’s not generally a ‘fixable’ condition.”

“B-but you said your magic could do anything!”

“Aha haaa…about that. Everypony has limits. I’m not a miracle worker. And even if I could magically resurrect your pet goldfish, it doesn’t mean we should.”

“But why? You said chaos isn’t about the 'why’, it’s about the 'why not’!”

“Yeah well, there’s a pretty big 'why not’ in this case. Namely, if I go fiddling about in death’s domain, there’s something like a 50/50 chance the universe will explode my head. As cosmic punishment. And also probably my dad’s head, which may or may not throw the forces of the cosmos out of balance, which may or may not tear reality asunder. Foals would cease to be born, lives would cease to be, the universe would crumple inside of itself in a final implosion of cosmic entropy.”


“Now we could destroy the fabric of space and time to save Mister Gills, or we could accept that perhaps, it isn’t the best idea for young fillies to take their pet goldfish on joy flights. Do you understand, sweetie?”


“Eh. Alright, c'mon, Aunty Panny’ll buy you a new Mister Gills.”



Aw, lookit Pandora, being responsible for once
aw man does it feel good to be drawing Pandora again. Missed drawing mah baby. Even if her color palette is a complete pain in the ass to render ever time. check out her glorious horsebutt

i meant for this to be kinda dark and philosophical but it ended up funny instead, oh well
goodbye mister gills, hello mister gills v.2

To review (take notes, this’ll be on the test ;P )
Jasper (Pandora’s niece) is the daughter of Spike and Scootaloo. She is officially canon in the Pandoraverse. More on her here:


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“It is finished.”

Twenty-four Red Riders. One seriously jacked Cu Chulainn.

Was it worth it the 90 hours of reloading over the course of two months? Of course not. But just look at that sweet, sweet damage.

I think I’ve exerted my dominance over SMT IV enough for one lifetime. A vacation is in order; the game could probably use one by now.

Do you ever realise that we’re living the musical history that kids will probably be fascinated to know about in 50 years time? They might think our music is terrible in the future, just like some teenagers have negative opinions on our parents or even grandparents taste in music. They could be listening to a load of shit, but we have to pretend as parents to act the slightest bit interested in their electronic musical sounds because our parents don’t even care now? My parents have no clue about half of the bands I love, and that sucks. It also makes part of me want to force myself to like my children’s music in the future because you can’t connect with someone as strongly as you can through music. Just a thought.



okay, so, back in may, shereen and i were at fanime and thinking about durarara!! and she was like, “wouldn’t it be awesome if somebody like, did the ending, but with morning glories characters?” and i was like, “yeah,” and then later i was like, “wait, i could probably do that. maybe to like celebrate the comic almost being at 50 issues soon.” so i did. more or less. there are probably mistakes but i don’t care anymore i give up

you can view the thing in its full size and ~in HD~ here and pretend that it’s scrolling like it should be, at least until i figure out how to do this simple task in imovie

so ok here you go shereen here you go favorite comic you have now achieved true fandom status with this cliché fanart. i hope everyone also knows now that i hate hands. why do we even have them. down with human hands

To all the people I’ve offended today with my pro life talk, I’m sorry. It’s how I feel. I also understand that’s how you guys feel. We could argue with each other for days and probably get no where.

So I’m done arguing, I still feel the same way and you probably do too. I lost 25 followers and I’ll probably loose more.

We all have our own opinions, and it’s how it’ll be till the end of time.

If you guys are all about choice than I can choose to be pro life and you can choose to be pro choice.

A few final notes though, even though they’ll probably have no impact on your opinion.
50 million babies have been aborted since 1973. (The number of American babies killed by abortion each YEAR is roughly equal to the number of U.S. military deaths that have occurred in all of the wars that the United States has ever been involved in combined.)

83 percent of abortions are done for the mothers convenience.

It has been reported that 41 percent of all New York City pregnancies end in abortion.

A baby is aborted every two seconds.

‘Planned Parenthood a non-profit organization’ There are 30 Planned Parenthood executives that make more than $200,000 a year. A few of them make more than $300,000 a year.

The baby is your flesh and blood, and you shouldn’t forget that.

Abortion isn’t an issue of women’s rights, it’s an issue of morality.
This is my final argument, but I know it didn’t change your mind at all. I’m really sorry if I made you upset, but abortion makes ME upset.

(Not that you care about the opinion of a pro lifer but,) If you got an abortion I’m not the type that I would hate you. I love everyone no matter what and I believe everyone can come back from their decisions.

I’ll be deleting all these posts in a few hours. There are still a few anons in my inbox that I just feel like I don’t need to respond to because I’ve covered all the bases.

I’m sorry guys, I really am. Please don’t hate me. This is my opinion and I felt the need to voice it.. Thanks. I still respect your opinions.

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i was watching extreme couponing the other day & thinking about how the math was really easy to follow and maybe I could take a few tips from what the women on this show are doing, minus the “extreme” factor? granted I’m not gonna buy 50 cans of evaporated milk because it’s on sale and keep it in a walk in closet but planning your meals well ahead of time and splitting up transactions is doable? I probably wouldn’t save like $300 per grocery store visit but like, none of the people on this show appear to have jobs and that’s why they’re able to pull this all off. there’s a middle to be met here

Emotional abuse in romantic relationships

So this is a thing that’s happening…

A couple of years ago, I checked myself into a psychiatric hospital. I said I was suicidal in order to guarantee my stay. I lied. I wasn’t suicidal, I just couldn’t go home. I sat in the car and tried to think of a way that I could injure myself enough to be hospitalized, but not so much that the crash would do permanent damage. How fast would I have to be going in order to break a bone, but avoid brain damage? 30, 40, 50 mph? Instead, I drove myself to the hospital, and checked myself in. “How you doin?” the security guard asked as I mumbled to the clerk that I was suicidal. I probably gave him the most absurd, puffy eyed look. “um, I’ve been better…”
What the hell do you say in a situation like that? It actually makes me laugh now when I think about it. Either he was absolutely terrible at his job, or the most brilliant emergency room security guard in the world. I’m still not sure.

I sat in the waiting room, trying not to cry. So this is a thing that’s happening, I thought. You’re checking into a psychiatric ward because you’re afraid to go home.

“Do you suffer from depression?”
“Do you engage in self harm?”
“Do you feel safe at home?”
“yes? No one threatened me. no. I don’t know. I might be abusing my boyfriend. My boyfriend says I’m abusive. I don’t know what’s happening. What do I need to say? Please, please, please don’t make me go home.”

It’s difficult to talk about abuse. For me, I think it has been harder still because it was emotional abuse. I wish he would just hit me, I remember thinking. Then I would know that it is time to leave. Then all the weakness and self hatred would have an identifiable cause. Then I would understand why I don’t feel like I have a choice anymore in this relationship, why I don’t trust my own judgement, why I can’t seem to say no, why I end up sobbing and apologizing over and over again at the end of every conversation where I try to stand up for myself.

It’s difficult to talk about abuse. Because abuse doesn’t always look like what you expect it to look like. It doesn’t always come in the form of rage or anger. Sometimes no one ever calls you stupid, or incompetent or ugly or lazy. Sometimes it’s your sanity, your judgement and your intentions that come into question, over and over again. Sometimes the word that hurts the most is selfish. It’s the word that makes you want to drop anything and everything to fix it, and when that doesn’t work, to punish yourself. It’s the word that keeps you caught up in a cycle of confusion and guilt and self hatred. Why can’t you stop hurting people? Why?

It’s difficult to talk about abuse. Partly because of fear of retribution. But mostly, because some part of you thinks that you will deserve it when it comes. Because when he called you crazy, you were acting crazy — crying hysterically, confused, desperate to say whatever would fix it and make the hurting stop. Maybe he’s right. And while you quietly wished that you could just find a way to not exist anymore so that you could just stop hurting everyone, his pain was bigger and louder, his threats more severe. The victim role was.. well it was taken, so all you saw when you looked in the mirror was a monster.

It’s difficult to talk about abuse. Because of shame. Because I have picked out a handful of precious memories, and I regret all the rest. I regret my behavior. I regret my desperate hysteria, my self centered pain, my own self abuse, my lack of strength and clarity. I regret the way that I was for nearly every day of that relationship, from beginning to end. And after I finally left, I was gutted and empty. The monster in the mirror turned into nothing at all, and I was just astonished that people didn’t seem to notice that no one was behind the curtain. My friends supported me, and my partners held me when I woke up crying. But nothing would clear away this fundamental emptiness and uncertainty I had in everything I did.

Nothing helped me to start to have confidence in my own judgement until I talked to other people who had experienced something similar. Not until I saw the way that they equivocate and empathize with the ones who abused them. Not until I heard that word, selfish, come out of someone else’s mouth, and saw how much it pained them, how hard they had tried, and how ridiculous that label was. I didn’t really start to feel like a real person again until I recognized the trap in someone else’s story, that you are horrible if you stay and even more horrible if you leave, and the only way to not be horrible is to hand over your own ability to choose.

Nothing really helped until others shared their story with me. So I’m going to write a letter to myself, and hope that it’s helpful to someone else. I want to help normalize this experience, because it’s far too common. And once we acknowledge that it’s happening, then maybe we can start talking about how we can help each other to stop it.

Recognizing abuse
A lot of this comes from the book Why does he do that? by Lundy Bancroft, who has been treating abusive men since 1987. I think it’s worth repeating here, something he says in the introduction.

“One of the prevalent features of life with an angry or controlling partner is that he frequently tells you what you should think and tries to get you to doubt or devalue your own perceptions and beliefs. I would not like to see your experience with this book re-create that unhealthy dynamic. So the primary point to bear in mind as you read the pages ahead is to listen carefully to what I am saying, but always to think for yourself.”

It took me well over a year to be able to confidently call what happened to me abuse. Abuse is a very loaded word, and it feels very dehumanizing to all parties. I was not able to call it abuse until I realized that we had been acting out a social script that at least one in four women will find themselves playing out at some point in their lives. That my experience was heartbreakingly common, and that I was continuing to hurt myself and other women by not trusting and believing my own experience and perceptions.

Almost all of the literature on adult abuse talks about male to female abuse. Male to female abuse is not the only kind of abuse, but misogynistic abuse is a very real and ubiquitous phenomenon that arises from cultural beliefs about women, and it is what I’m going to focus on primarily here.

What is abuse?
Abuse is, first and foremost, about entitlement and control. Emotional abuse is the systematic use of threats and the targeted degradation of self esteem in order to get and maintain control. The objective in an abusive exchange is the exchange of power. Put another way, abuse is the degradation of boundaries in order to override consent. Most importantly, abusive behavior arises from beliefs, not from feelings, which is one of the reasons why people who are abusive are resistant to rehabilitation. I think this is a really important distinction, because people who engage in abusive behaviors can be kind and caring and gentle, and happy and wonderful to be around. They are not abusive because they are evil. They are abusive because the abuse makes sense and feels justified to them.
Patricia Evans, author of The Verbally Abusive relationship describes two models in interpersonal relationships, “personal power” and “power over.” Personal power shows up as mutuality and co-creation, while power over shows up as control and dominance. Furthermore, she says, “Verbal abuse by its very nature undermines and discounts its victim’s perceptions… In a verbally abusive relationship, the partner learns to tolerate abuse without realizing it and to lose self-esteem without realizing it. She is blamed by the abuser and becomes the scapegoat. The partner is then the victim.”
Bancroft says, “Anger and conflict are not the problem; they are normal aspects of life. Abuse doesn’t come from people’s inability to resolve conflicts but from one person’s decision to claim a higher status than another.”

Is my partner abusive? There’s no time like the present to start trusting your own perceptions. (From Why does he do that?)

  • Are you afraid of him?
  • Are you getting distant from friends or family because he makes those relationships difficult?
  • Is your level of energy and motivation declining, or do you feel depressed?
  • Is your self-opinion declining, so that you are always fighting to be good enough and to prove yourself?
  • Do you find yourself constantly preoccupied with the relationship and how to fix it?
  • Do you feel like you can’t do anything right?
  • Do you feel like the problems in your relationship are all your fault?
  • Do you repeatedly leave arguments feeling like you’ve been messed with but can’t figure out exactly why?

These are not normal, healthy things that you should be experiencing in a relationship. Still, it’s really hard to recognize abuse because it never looks like what we think it should look like. Bancroft says, “An abuser is a human being, not an evil monster, but he has a profoundly complex and destructive problem that should not be underestimated.” He goes on to say “An abuser’s behavior is primarily conscious — he acts deliberately rather than by accident or by losing control of himself — but the underlying thinking that drives his behavior is largely not conscious.”

What is this underlying thinking? Well, it’s all around you. It is the foundation of rape culture. It is the fundamental belief that women do not have a right to their own personal power. It is the fundamental belief that they can retain power over their bodies, minds and choices, only so long as we agree with those choices. It is the way in which we punish women if we feel they’ve stepped out of line. It is the way we always suspiciously ask “what is she getting out of this?” when a woman reports abuse, harassment or assault. It is the reflexive dismissal of female anger as irrational, and female pain as imaginary. It is the way we, all of us, men and women buy into the belief that we are entitled to women’s bodies, thoughts and choices. 

But more than that, many of our fundamental beliefs in relationship create a fertile ground for abuse. The goal of marriage is often longevity at any cost, and the presumption is mutual ownership over not just intimacy, but our partner’s choices, feelings and thoughts. And even if we take care to form our commitments outside of these assumptions, we still often carry a powerful sense of entitlement in intimate relationships. In short, intimate relationships often default to the power over model, and the relationship becomes a struggle for this power.

Why is it important to recognize abuse?
1. It gives you a tangible reason to leave the relationship. A lot of times, recognizing the abusive behavior won’t actually be sufficient, but it is a good first step. You will also have to recognize that it won’t stop, and that the person who loves you, and the person who leaves you feeling like a piece of trash is the same person.
2. It changes your responsibilities when leaving the relationship. To quote the great captain awkward: “Your obligations to another person cease the second they harm or threaten or control you.”
3. It gives you a framework for recognizing and avoiding abuse in the future.
4. It gives you a context to understand what you are going through as you recover. There are good breakups and bad breakups. But leaving a situation that has become abusive is something else entirely, and you will need help to deal with what comes after.

Not everything that hurts is abuse
If you are being abused, there is a very high chance that you will be accused of being abusive or of otherwise causing the abuse. That’s because this accusation is devastatingly effective at shutting you down and obtaining control in a dispute. However, I also believe this accusation is often sincere. People often engage in abusive behaviors because they feel deeply powerless and that powerlessness hurts. But not everything that hurts in a relationship is abuse, and not everything that hurts your partner is your responsibility. It’s important to be able to distinguish abuse from other things that may happen in relationships that are hurtful, or may even be toxic or unhealthy, but are not fundamentally about entitlement and control.

Here are some behaviors that are not necessarily abusive in adult relationships (though they might be good motivations to leave a relationship)

  • Being neglectful
  • Withdrawing
  • Being angry / being upset
  • Feeling contempt
  • Abandoning
  • Being controlling

Controlling behavior that you can resist may be profoundly irritating, a neglectful relationship that you can leave may be heartbreaking, a relationship filled with conflict and anger may be exhausting and painful, but an abusive relationship will leave you weak, lost and disconnected from yourself.

The purpose of abuse is to erode a person’s ability to make choices for themselves. The abuser feels justified in taking proactive and punitive actions because of a fundamental sense of entitlement to their partner’s choices. The abuse is separate from other problems in the relationship. Those problems do not cause the abuse, and as long as there is abuse in a relationship, the abuse is the biggest problem.

The tools of abuse include:
Threats which may include threats against you, and threats against themselves. I can’t live without you, I will be destroyed if you leave, you hurt me so much I want to kill myself. This creates an environment of fear.
Gaslighting, which has the objective of making the victim doubt their own memory, perception and sanity.
Attacks on self esteem, which may include not just self image attacks, but also attacks on self efficacy, which is your confidence in your ability to evaluate situations, make decisions, and handle things yourself.
Placing all responsibility on the abused partner, in other words, guilt,obligation and shame.

Remember, when your partner is hurt because of choices that you are making about your life, you are not being abusive. As you take control of your life, both the abuse and the accusations of abuse will probably escalate. Abuse is about power and control, and while your partner may feel that you are taking something that belongs to them, your life is and will always be yours.

Control and entitlement hidden in plain sight
One in four women will experience domestic violence, and that does not account for relationships where there is only emotional abuse. Something is wrong with our assumptions about relationships. A healthy agreement to marriage should not be seen as overriding each person’s basic choice to be or not be in the relationship. When we cross that line in relationship, and begin to see our partners as belonging to us, we are creating a relationship where abuse starts to make sense.

Toxic belief #0: Being in an intimate relationship entitles me to control over my partner.

Trap #1 The prioritization of fear
Our brains are optimized to seek pleasure and avoid threat. It’s most of what we do. There’s nothing wrong with trying to avoid things that we believe will hurt us. However, most people would also agree that you can’t put a gun to someone else’s head in order to avoid the things you fear, no matter how uncomfortable the consequences. Sometimes we have to face what we fear because all other options require taking actions that we consider to be wrong. Therefore when we harm each other because of fear, let’s recognize that it was not the fear that was the problem. We all have fear. The problem was a belief system that said, well, maybe I can put a gun to your head.
The prioritization of fear arises when we replace a relationship of mutual support and co-creation, with one of parental protection. The prioritization of fear requires toxic belief #0. A relationship that is hostage to fear is one where everything, the relationship, the mental health of the participants, the future, everything hinges on the avoidance of something. The relationship that forms on top of that avoidance, forms under the premise that the fear is more important than anything else. But just because you’ve agreed to never open the box, doesn’t mean the box isn’t there, informing the health and stability of every relationship that touches it.

Toxic belief #1: I should protect my partner from everything that scares them / my partner should protect me from everything that scares me.

Trap #2 You are not hurt

I said above that I do not believe that neglect is abuse. We are not children. We cannot ask our partner to take the responsibility of a parent. However, we also must not gaslight someone who is in pain. No one is in a position to tell someone else what they are feeling and experiencing. No one else gets to tell someone what they actually need, or what kind of “self work” they need to do to get there. It is tempting to tell your partner what they should be feeling when you realize that their feelings may take them away from you. It is tempting to want to wash it away when you realize that they may be hurting because of your choices.

This well meaning belief, that we can fix everything, that everything can work, that we won’t hurt our partner, that our relationships won’t change — this belief can lead to abuse when we try to control our partner’s experience in order to make it so. Instead, believe that your partner is a whole person, believe that the free will and well being of each person is more important than the relationship. Believe in and respect each person’s choice to be in that relationship in the way that is right for them.

Toxic belief #2: I can fix anything, everything can work.

Leaving an Abusive Relationship

One of the most important skills I have ever developed, is the ability to leave a relationship. You have to be able to leave, and your partner has to be able to leave in order for the relationship to be consensual. If your relationship is eroding that ability, I believe the best thing you can do for yourself, is to rebuild the strength you need to be able to leave. Whether or not you leave is always your choice, because your choice is really what this is all about.

The community response to abuse

The myth of neutrality
In Trauma and Recovery, Judith Herman explains that “neutrality” serves the interests of the perpetrator far more than the victim and is therefore not neutral. As Bancroft explains, “In reality, to remain neutral is to collude with the abusive man, whether or not that is your goal. If you are aware of chronic or severe mistreatment and do not speak out against it, your silence communicates implicitly that you see nothing unacceptable taking place. Abusers interpret silence as approval, or at least as forgiveness. To abused women, meanwhile, the silence means that no one will help…” However, he goes on to say “Breaking the silence does not necessarily mean criticizing or confronting the abuser regarding his behavior. It certainly doesn’t mean going to him with anything you have learned from her, because the abuser will retaliate against her for talking about his behavior to other people. It does mean telling the abused woman privately that you don’t like the way he is treating her and that she doesn’t deserve it, no matter what she has done. And if you see or hear violence or threats, it means calling the police.”

My friends who were willing to call it abuse, to tell me that I deserved better, and that I needed to leave, were invaluable to me when I could not see what was happening. They did not force the issue though, and I left in my own time and of my own choice. Furthermore, friends who were willing to stand up and help shield me from toxic communication after the breakup helped bolster my strength and understanding that I had a right to set boundaries. More important than anything, is support for the victim’s self determination.

“Abuse is the product of a mentality that excuses and condones bullying and exploitation, that promotes superiority and disrespect, and that casts responsibility on to the oppressed. All efforts to end the abuse of women ultimately have to return to this question: How do we change societal values so that women’s right to live free of insults, invasion, disempowerment, and intimidation is respected?”

— Lundy Bancroft

I went out to dinner tonight at a Mexican restaurant. The restaurant was pretty empty; just me and a group of five men. One had his back to me so I couldn’t see him, but one guy was probably in his 20s and the rest I could see were probably in their 50s.

First I had to hear them flirt/chat with the young waitress. Not really flirting but obviously holding an unnecessary conversation with her while she was trying to do her job (I think they were trying to buy her dinner?). When she was finally able to get away, the white guy with the mullet joked that she was probably complaining about them to her coworkers. If you know you’re being bothersome, why don’t you stop??? Oh yeah, it’s because you’re an asshole.

Then I had to hear them talk shit about their wives and how they should be treated like kings at home because they work. And there was some talk (I was trying to block them out so I missed some of the conversation) about how young girls make them feel young and it’s all harmless because kittens are cute too and looking at pretty girls is like looking at kittens??? I don’t know.

Then the waitress came back and mullet told her in Spanish that she’s pretty and the group tried to buy her a drink, which she declined because this isn’t some random bar on a Saturday night. Thank fuck I was done eating at this point. Before I left mullet was talking about his upcoming vacation to Mexico and how the resort he’s staying at has pretty girls working the pool distributing towels and that he was going to tell them in Spanish they were pretty. Then he burst his own bubble by saying maybe he wouldn’t do that since his wife is going to be there.

And with that, I signed my receipt and got the fuck out of there.

anonymous asked:

For the fall ship thing... Naekusaba?

YES! Who gets excited about Halloween in July: probably Makoto. He’d get super enthusiastic about all the different things they could do on Halloween.
Who starts wearing sweaters and scarves on the first day of September and instantly overheats: Naegi. I mean the guy never takes off his hoodie.
Who thrives in fall and who prefers warm weather: Mukuro doesn’t have any preference, but Makoto enjoys fall, if only for kicking up leaves
Who thinks the other looks so cute when they’re cold and trying to fight it with 50 sweaters: definitely Mukuro, although she doesn’t realize she thinks it’s cute, and has no idea why she keeps staring at him.
Who offers the other their jacket: Mukuro. She herself doesn’t mind cold weather, so she doesn’t mind in the slightest.
Who doesn’t want to get out of bed in the morning because it’s too cold and has to run from the warm covers to the shower: Naegi definitely.
Who touches the other with their freezing cold feet at night: Mukuro. She doesn’t even realize it, but Naegi does. He’s pretty fine with it though.
Who makes cider to snuggle under a blanket and drink: Naegi was the one to show her, but Mukuro loved it and began doing it frequently.
Who loves carving pumpkins and buys about 300: MUKURO. She unsurprisingly has a really steady hand, and she makes masterpieces out of those pumpkins.
Who is terrible at carving pumpkins: Naegi. He feels pretty inadequate when he sees Mukuros works, but she’ll reassure him when he thinks that.
Who thinks pulling the pumpkins out with their hand is icky: well, gee what do you think? Yeah it’s Naegi, Mukuro obviously wouldn’t give a single fuck about pumpkin guts.
What is their favorite fall activity: just raking the leaves together. It’s a simple joy, just working together bringing all the colorful leaves into a big pile.
Who gets scared when they watch horror movies: again, it’s pretty obviously Naegi.
Who hands out candy to the trick or treaters: Naegi. He stands by the door for the trick-or-treaters who usually see him and often make remarks about his height.
Who accidentally scares the kids: Mukuro. She’s not exactly the best person to entertain children.
Who suggested the couples costume: definitely Naegi.
What is their couples costume: Monokuma and Monomi. Makotos Monomi and Mukuros Monokuma.
What is the best Halloween they ever had: the one where they invited over Komaru.
What is the worst Halloween they ever had: the one where they invited over Junko.
Who eats too much candy and ends up sick the next day: surprisingly, Mukuros got a big sweet tooth. After the stream of trick or treaters stop, she’ll just dig in to the rest of the bowl

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Hey, I love your imagines (especially the ones about Theo), I was wondering if you could do ship me with a teen wolf character? My name is Louise, I'm 17, I'm French, I'm 1,65 m, I have brown hair and a my eyes are a mix of brown and green. I looove watching series and movies (they are what I wanna do), I'm a more of a litterary girl (it's my "PSAT's" specialty) I'm really sarcastic and I'm kind of the crazy girl among my friends and my fashion style is probably the 50's Thanks ! 💕

- I ship you with: Issac Lahey

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I choose to ship you with Isaac because I always thought it would be cute if he meet a girl while he was over in France. I feel that you could teach Isaac a few things, how to have fun and to not be serious all the time. Plus I can see him loving your crazy, outgoing nature and fashion style. And he’ll probably be really turned on by your accent ahaha.

- Best friend: Stiles Stilinski

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You meet Stiles when Isaac and you go back to Beacon Hills, because you want to see the town he grew up in. He introduces you to the pack and you and Stiles automatically connect due to both of your love for movies. He also loves it how your sarcasm can match his, and the two of you always tag team when it comes to making sarcastic comments towards the pack.

- How they ask you out

Isaac sits at his favourite little coffee shop in France, and every morning sees you there as well. One day he finally gets enough courage to walk up to you and start a conversation. About a month or so of meeting up together, talking, just getting to know one another Isaac asks you out on a date, by having the waiter write “will you go on a date with me” on a napkin when breakfast and coffee arrive at the table.

- Little description of your first date

Isaac picks you up from you house, and after you begging him to tell you where his taking you for the date you eventually give up, because Isaac isn’t spilling any details. The two of you hail a cab and drive to a secret location.

“Isaac where are you taking me?”, getting out of the cab while Isaac is covering up your eyes.

“Patience love”. Taking a few more steps forward, Issac then whispers “You can open your eyes now”.

You do so and in front of you Issac has set up a outdoor movie theatre, a picnic dinner and pillows.

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You probably don't accept asks but I really need some advice. I'm 55.8kg and 166cm, I feel really down about myself atm because I got down to 48.4kg a few months ago. What weight do you think I should be and do you have any weight loss tips? I really love your blog and if you could help in any way I'd be so appreciative xx

I think 48-50 is a good goal for your height. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat so don’t be afraid if you weigh more, as long as you eat clean and exercise you will get a toned body. The main tips I’d give you is to avoid empty calories from drinks and rather replace them with water (or fruit infused water for a nice sweet taste), tea and coffee; Really focus on what your goals are, listen to your body, notice the difference between real hunger and cravings, stay active during the day - whether it’s hitting the gym or just doing daily chores, keep yourself organised and weight loss will come easily! Hope I could help!