So I was just laying in bed when I jumped on snapchat and noticed how my hair was sitting and now I’m seriously considering cutting it to this length. For those of you who don’t know, my hair is down to my ass so this is a massive deal. I don’t know if I should so PLEASE HELP 😳

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Do you happen to have any photos of you from two years ago with shorter hair? I'm currently growing out my hair and its about to my collar bones. Your hair is just so beautiful and long, you're one of my hair goals :0

Oh golly you’re sweet! I dug around in the dark corners of my computer and found a photo of myself when I was 15 and my hair was at its very shortest (the photo cuts off right where my hair ended)! Keep in mind that my hair was also super damaged from years of dyeing and using heat tools…which means yours is probably already in much better condition than mine was! So here is a photo of fetus Ayla who had not quite mastered the art of the selfie for all of the world to see ;)

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wow okay here we go u asked for it 


1. Favorite color - green 

2. Height - 5′3″

3. Eye color - blue 

4. Hair color - brown but i get highlights in the summer. it reminds me of an acorn. 

5. Age - 17 

6. Piercings? - none, don’t really want any so far

7. Tattoos? - none, but i kinda want one don’t know what though

8. Favorite animal/pet - my fav animal is a cow but i have so many pets i can’t pick a fav

9. Favorite scent - i really like vanilla and cactus but a lot of stuff smells good to me 

10. What time is it? - 5:19 pm, im on the east coast of America 


11. Favorite time of day - i really like 3 am  

12.First pet - i had like 12 fish when i was in elementary school, i remember i named one lucky 

13. Siblings - older brother who’s 19, younger sister who’s 15 

14. First car - i just got my first car!!! its a blue toyota matrix s from 2009
15. On a day like today you would…? - today i went to an abandoned mental asylum, but realistically i would be finishing watching daredevil 

 16. The last book you read - The Monster of Florence by Mario Spezi and Douglas Preston (about a serial killer) 

17. The last text message you sent/received - my mom sent me a text asking me to do chores 

18. Are you usually hot or cold - hot im like a polar bear 

19. Pick one thing to your left, what does it mean to you - my nightstand is to the left of me and it has a jar full of different things i did this year. im going to read it all on new years its one of those tacky things  

20. Day or night and why - i like both really but i would pick night because it’s cooler and lightning bugs and stars


21. When was the last time you told someone you loved them? - probably a few weeks ago 

22. When was the last time someone told you they loved you - yesterday, this freshman who’s obsessed with me 

23. Who is your best friend and how did you meet - Lauren, we met in elementary school, go ask her

24. Would you rather… - ????? 

25. Do you get sick often - i used to when i was little, but recently not as much 

26. Do you live alone or with other people - im still in highschool so with my mom and my two siblings 

27. When was the last time you saw your family - 3 seconds ago when i yelled at my brother to be quiet 

28. What do you want to achieve in the next year - i want to graduate highschool and get into a college i like and can afford and help my mom sell the house. probably try to get closer to a few of my friends. a lot of stuff actually. 

29. Do you believe in true love - i honestly don’t understand the concept much but im kinda in love with someone rn so i guess? i don’t know how to answer this one

 30. Have you ever been hurt by someone you thought cared about you - yes and it crushed my soul but everything is better now i hope 


31. When was the last time you got hurt - i guess a few weeks ago but the last time i got hurt really badly was a few months ago maybe in February

 32. Have you ever hurt yourself - no and please don’t ever hurt yourself

33. What was the last fight you had about - i don’t really fight with people but i guess i fought with my mom a few days ago about college or something dumb 

34. Has anyone told you they hated you - yeah but not seriously 

35. Have you seen anyone die - no but ive always wanted to but i don’t want anyone to die

36. What would you tell your younger self - the future is not what you think it is, things fly at you when you least expect them, chill out more, take more risks, become closer with your friends 

37. Would you skip the bad parts of your life to be successful - i want to say yes, but there were some bad parts of my life that were kind of good and i wouldn’t want to miss 

38. What do you want to do with the rest of your life - career wise i want to work for google or something like that but i just want to move away from my family and go live in the city 

39. Have you left behind/ were you left behind in a friendship - yeah it happens quite a lot to me and that actually kinda sucks a lot, but i probably have done it to others a lot too. 

40. What is more important ___ or ___ - ????? 


41. Who would you want to meet again in your life - like what people would i like to see after highschool? probably very select friends this is tough 

42. Why did you choose your career path - i like computer science bc its nerdy and im good at it idk. 

43. What is something you regret from your past - everything. but mostly that i didn’t take a risk when i saw some opportunitites and i just hid in my shell 

44. How much time is left at the end of your day - literally or on average? right now its like 5:30 and i guess iim going to bed at like 12 so 6 hours? ? ? 

45. What was your last dream about - i had this really nice dream about me and this boy but my sister woke me up and i was really mad

46. Have you ever hated someone and why - i hate my dad because he’s an asshole p much and i guess i hate my brother bc im so tired of living with him 

47. Talk about your favorite family member - i hate my whole family tbh so i would say my cousin rosie because she’s an engineer and she’s really nice and cool 

48. What is one thing you want to confess - nothing right now im pretty open 

49. Have you ever tried to take away your problems instead of deal with them - constantly 

50. Who would you save- yourself or a stranger? - probably the stranger 


51. Have you been in love - yes i think so rn

52. Talk about someone in your life who has died - my grandpa died like a week or two after i was born but i don’t really know him that well, i don’t know that many dead people. he was a chef and he seemed really cool from the way my mom described him 

53. Describe your first ____ - ???????

54. When was the last time you thought you were beautiful - this morning i really liked my hair and my acne is going down

55. Have you ever had to recover after something - i had my spleen removed when i was 8 and i chopped part of my finger off a few months ago but if you mean emotionally recover, i guess right now something big happened 

56. What do you hate about ____ - ????

57. Top ten life values

this is tough

1. be nice to people. everyone. especially strangers

2. don’t judge others, please don’t you don’t know what others have been through

3. do something you love

4. push the negative people/things/anything out of your life, you do you, you be you

5. be yourself, who cares what others think. if your happy being you, that’s all that matters

6. i don’t like physical violence, please don’t hurt anyone, how does that help

7. take risks. the one thing i regret is not taking risks. 

8. try not to be heavily influenced by others. i feel like people’s ideas are being suppressed these days and i just want everyone to speak for themselves for what they think is right

9. **** be nice to animals. we took over this planet and we don’t like to share it, which is a bit rude. take care of the planet at least so they/we have some place to live

10. change the world for the better. 

58. How do you fall asleep - i sleep on my side or my stomach (which is actually really bad for your back) and i hug a pillow and let my thoughts eat me alive 

59. When was the last time you smiled and the last time you cried - i smiled today laughing at someone, the last time i cried was a few weeks ago when something big happened 

60. Would you give up everything for ____ —- ?

well wow that was wild and took me like 30 mins to answer thanks for asking everything i guess

sorry about the long post !!