Today, I must bring sad news. My Berri Family save is gone. I don’t know if it got corrupted or if I’m just an idiot, but it’s no longer anywhere on my computer. I looked. I’ve had this happen to me before with past saves, but it never gets any less annoying. Especially when other people (you all) were also invested in this legacy. Some of you may be like, “hey, why the heck didn’t you back yo’ shit up?” and to that I would say, “I don’t know … I just didn’t?

But, I’m the type of person to see this as a sign. The sims universe decided I was done playing with them, and maybe it was right. Granted, I had generation 6 almost completely planned out, so that was all a waste of time, but I am still satisfied with this lil’ fam and I’ve decided to just give them up. I made it exactly half way, and though I wish I could’ve finished, I am ok with this. 

So, what’s next? Well, actually, I’ve been working on another sims story for a long time now. I was really just bullshitting some plot lines and then they developed into a full blown thing. I was saving it for after I finished the NSB Challenge, but I guess I’ll just have to start it now. I have two full generations “planned” and a lot of work put into this next chapter already. I still have to make all of the new sims and build them houses and what not, but I’m honestly super excited to get this going. 

I’m hoping to get some ‘teasers’ out this week and maybe even have a new character page done, but I just need some time to set this all up, so I may be m.i.a. for a little bit. This won’t be anything like my Berri posts. I really want this to be an actually story with a much slower pace and a lot more … uh … story in it. 

Oh, and I just wanted to thank the handful of you who have been with me and my Berris’ for these past couple of months. I really don’t have that many followers, but I truly value the support you all have shown me

Sorry if I’m disappointing anyone by this, but I really, really, hope you all like my next family as much as you liked this one. (Maybe even more!)



SKAM Theory

It all makes sense now…

The reason that none of the girl squad seems to notice Sana/constantly ignores her/talks over her is because Skam is actually a horror TV show where Sana is a ghost that is stuck in a world between existing and not™ and so she can hear/see everyone but no one can hear/see her. 

This is the only explanation for the girl squad’s behavior I will accept because the alternatives are very disheartening.


ik davids not crying but hey I’m a sucker for making it more dramatic. I spent like 5 to 6 hours on this and I am still not really satisfied with it, but ah well. I saw ppl doing like screenshot art thingies so I decided to do that with my favorite scene in camp camp, and I’m positive someone has probably done a screenshot thing for this scene as well. eh oh well. heeree it iss .. (btw my captions are gold, fyi)
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cassian andor/k-2SO, rogue one, 1.8k [javascript, guarantees visibility of changes to variables across threads]

Found Index : startled laugh, with the light in his eyes; squinting up at, his mouth shaping kay kay kay like a benediction as if machines could be blessed, but maybe they can, because there is cassian andor, smiling and squinting, and—

kaytoo falls in love with a squishy, watery carbon-sack of a sentient. this is only 12.4% less disastrous than he thought it would be.

[read on AO3]

It took me an eternity to color this pic and I am still not satisfied)

my favorite moment in my fave ivaoi fic

the courtship ritual of the hercules beetle

“Tooru had licked his chapped lips, and shook his head. “No. Not today, Iwa-chan.”

And something in Hajime’s face fell, subtle enough that probably only Tooru would ever even notice, and a thousand words passed between them.

Hajime nodded. “All right, Oikawa,” he’d said. “All right.“”

anonymous asked:

why did you choose islam?

Because even if I die and there is no heaven, no God, no afterlife, I am still happy and satisfied with the way this religion is teaching me to live.


More experiments with the “hummer cam”. I am still not satisfied. The light just does not seem to work with me, but this is the spot they usually come to. I am still happy about these photos because they do not just solely show the hummer on a feeder, which is what I normally get when I try to catch them with my DSLR. Will continue experiments.

I have waited so long for this panel. ꈍ .̮ ꈍ

It’s not exactly the scene from the manga, but I am still very satisfied with it. <3 Thank you WIT and Isayama-sensei, this was all that I wanted. 

This Weekend Episode was good, but still not what I had expected or hoped. Although I am glad that WIT Studio are very orientated to the manga but nevertheless I am very disappointed of the soundtracks we have heard so far.

In Episode 6, I thought that the soundtrack to Bertholdt’s and Reiner’s transformation was “new”, but in the last days it turned out that the soundtrack used was only “Vogel im Käfig”. (´_`)

Well, after all, we finally saw Jean again. That was also slow time. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)


Day 4 of GerFra week: Mythology/Fantasy
I believe this promt was more like “draw one of them as mythological creatures” but that was kind of too simple for me so I tried to think of fairy tales and this came to mind almost instantly. Sadly, this was kind of rushed in the end but I am still satisfied since every panel is as I wanted it to be…I will just wind up finding so many mistakes agian, oh I bet.

BTW, Ludwig is the wolf, if you couldnt guess it. I was wondering how I could make a wolf distinctly German and all I could think of was Lederhosen. ffffffffffffffffffff-
Overall this only exists because the thought of Francis yelling at an evil wolf in a pretty insulting French amused me.

Great thanks to @blitzkrieg-mit-dem-fleischgewehr for translating the text into French for me. If I’d have done it it would have sounded awful and like some essay for class. Bless this person for helping me!!

Edit: When somebody points out that you are too stupid to write the word beautiful right.

There she was:
The poet of the revolution,
All pastels and spattered blood
On a cold New York sidewalk
On a cold New York morning.
One cheap coffee and a cab ride later and all I hear is
From her boyfriend,
From her friends,
From the parents who insisted they had a son,
From me.
Am I still satisfied by the
Amber of the moment?
Meanwhile I’m tucked under a
Warm afghan my grandmother made,
Meanwhile I keep hearing the sound of a
Gun that I never heard go off.
I try not to think about questions whose
Answers I don’t want:
Would they have loved me still?
I close my eyes and I see
Baby blues,
Powder Pinks.


-Statistics, E. Oliver

(( I used to be so fixated on Traditional artsu. It was already a while that I was able to receive a tablet as a gift from my folks. ;w;’’  So like it was a while before I adjusted to the tablet. And tbh, it was fun! As long as you have fun while doing the things you love, you’ll get there eventually, I believe. ;w;b I wouldn’t call it hard, like SUPER DIFFICULT. But it’s just time. You just need time and patience. You can’t be a noob today then suddenly a master 2 hours later. Just be patient. We’ll get there eventually. We’ll get there. ;w;b ))


• 2009-2010 was tabletless, I used MSPaint as a drawing program. It was the only one available in our compy. STill doodling OCs and sheets.

• 2011, had the tablet but no art program so I stick with MSPaint but still it was quite a challege to adjust to it. Still drawing OCs.

• 2012, installed Photoshop since a club at school gave us trial editions to practice photo editing but I used it for artsu doodling LOL ANYWAYS I got the hang of things, sorta, and I was pretty emo for some reason I kept drawing dark, sad, things. lol. All of my charas were so anime-ish and slender and long. Both my females and males have the same bodies except the former had boobs lol. Have multiple fandoms of the mainstream kind during this time. lol. I draw OCs a lot during this time. But super random.

2013, doodling of chara sheets commenced and I entered SNK fandom heavily like officially -by doing fanart for them- and stuff, but I fell down from the fandom and never came back up lol. Well I do tend to resurface from time to time. <XD

2014, started giving better art trades? Tho I still am not satisfied with the way I color. Horrible coloring I tell you. Still animu-ish style. Generic, for me at least. OTL HIGHLIGHTS EVERYWHERE?!?!

2015, Started experimenting on the eyes. And using of thick lines instead of thin ones. Tried to develop that style. But still switches from that one to the old anime-ish one. My problem is the coloring still tbh. I have no final coloring technique. Inconsistent.

2016, Sitting comfortably with the style I experimented making on last 2015. Coloring’s getting more comfy too so I adjusted with it. Now changing coloring of hair and skin. Lessens highlights. Only they eyes get highlights lol. Sometimes the hair.



Well, first of all, I would like to thank to pass-the-pencil for tagging me in this fun. Everyone made so beautiful arts a year ago as well, but now. I could cry on every piece what I see… People are amazing. TT__TT

And Mica, I told you before how happy was I, when I saw yours. Still gorgeous! *—* ♥

Hm. I would not like to say anything about my art, If I can not say nice things. So just let me tell you some little data. The left one is my veryveryvery first Larry fanart what I have ever drawn. That happened in August 2013 and I was inspired by the popular song: The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition. :D
Actually I do not why I started to draw them. Fanart was not my desk earlier. And I do not know how I was fallen to this fandom… >_> That was a real big bang… x__x And I am still falling.
And the other one has finished today, so that is still hot. :DD

So, If you want to do, then do not hasitate, just draw! ~

And I would like to tag only shawtyartblog, because my other friends have been tagged by someone. :D Let’s redraw, If you would like to do~

In Hushed Whispers Part 3 [ChocobrosxReader]

Chapter 3 is up! Link to Chapter 2 is here!

This chapter game me so much trouble. I think I rewrote it at least 5 times and I am still not satisfied. Please let me know what you think.

Tomorrow I will finish some of the requests I received, mostly the one-shorts and some headcannons so be on the look out. And now without further stalling

Please enjoy!

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