tickle fights with Tommy Holland would include

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  • it was a chill and quiet evening in your and Tom’s shared apartment
  • you were cuddle up in bed, reading your favorite book
  • he was next to you, playing some random game on his phone
  • soon you heard him put his phone on your bedside table and sigh
  • then he sighed even loudly
  • again
  • and again
  • and again
  • you knew that he was trying to get your attention
  • but you we’re not going to give in so easily
  • him coughing loudly
  • “maaan, i think i may be sick”
  • no reaction from you
  • “i feel horrible, i think i’ve got a sore throat”
  • no reaction
  • him coughing again but this time with more emotion
  • “i *cough* am dying *cough* help!”
  • him closing his eyes and holding his breath
  • you turning the page of your book
  • him opening his one eyes to see if you were looking at him
  • nope, you were too busy reading
  • “okay, love, you left me no choice”
  • him tearing the book away from your hands
  • “Tommy! give it back!”
  • “oh so now you’re talking to me, nice”
  • him holding your book higher
  • wiggling his eyebrows
  • “ohhh so you think you’re tough, Mr Holland”
  • “i don’t think, love, i KNOW it. I’m the freakin Spiderman!”
  • “idiot”
  • your hands going to his hips as you’re dugging your fingers into his most ticklish spot
  •  him crying out with laughter
  • tickling him even faster
  • “s-stop baby, p-please”
  • you pretending to think
  • “nope”
  • your fingers going to his weak spot on his neck
  • his whole body shaking from laughing too hard
  • “only if you apologize first”
  • releasing him
  • regretting it instantly
  • “i’m sorry for LYING TO YOU”
  • him hopping on top of you
  • and tickling you even harder
  • “it’s time for you to have a taste of your own medecine”

I am at the laundromat & they only sell dryer time in increments of 12 minutes so every 12 minutes I have to restart it. This is my 3rd time feeding it. I am slowly dying

*The Dead Squad* 👻👻👻

At school we have a game called
“The toothbrush Murderer”
One person of our Class gets picked up as the murderer but the rest of us don’t know who.
If you go alone to places you can get killed by the Murderer. If you go in group of two he/she can’t kill you.

The Murderer this time was a smart one.
She Murdered all of us above xD

Well. Before dying she told me.
*I am sorry, I love you.* xD


• Drunk girls in bar bathrooms are the best. Sophie here is in the process of breaking up with her boyfriend and Melissa has got her hip flask out to help ease the pain of it. I have lash glue so I’m clearly the saviour of all crying drunk girls tonight.
• I am dying for some mozzarella sticks and hot wings and also good tequila. I am the Meredith Grey of tequila drinking.
• I hope I don’t try and pay my uber driver in stolen shot glasses at the end of the night like last time.

after the drama of today ( and calming myself down from my anxiety ) i am dying to rp with new and old people … whether we have a thread or not, like this for me to reply to one of your open starters !! and if you want a starter made for you … slide into my messages !!

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I am DYING to write fic, but I don't feel comfortable enough with the SW universe to give it the authenticity I'd want it to have. Some of the fics I've read have been so rich in this canon detail (ship schematics, planet names/locations, historical detail, etc) and they're just amazing to read. I realize a crash course only goes so far, but do you have any suggestions on where to start? To give me a stronger foundation? I was a fan before TFA, but not enough to be really fluent in the world.

Wookieepedia is your best friend, anon. They have tabs on both canon and legends (see: Star Wars EU), and you can search up pretty much anything. If you’re looking for specifics, you can check out the “References” section on my About/Tag List. I would recommend Avenrue’s Star Wars Lore List and The Star Wars EU Essential Reading List in particular.

chenle was so cute in today’s broadcast and you could tell he was feeling a lot more confident my heart melted ALSO the little bits of english he worked in there im am dying i am dead i am decomposing he is so Talented he’s gonna grow up to save the world not that he already isn’t but everybody else will recognize he is and his smile will cure disease, end world hunger, burn donald trump to a crisp, stan talent stan zhong chenle

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I am absolutely DYING with laughter over this... that reporter got eyefucked so hard by Loki!Tom that she's STILL sore. But they use footage of an actual scene in the film, of him interacting with actors, and say he was NOT flirting. They used capitals for NOT a few times. Talk about sensitive... 'TH is devoutly loyal and no other women exist'. LOL Actually, I totally hope the Hiddlesconda has been RAMPAGING and ALL the Aussie panties have been ruined. Poor Get your Conda wet, Tom!

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I couldn’t resist :)