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please Yes let's talk about eliza!!! i love her so much she's my favorite )))-: i Adore her

same :’))) why is drawing her so fun can anyone explain

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I'm glad Veronica might be getting some development. God, I detested her in the latter half of the season- she just made EVERYTHING about her and her dad. If she can become likable, then I would be pleasantly surprised.

i did like her less as the season went on (she used to be my favorite female character), but i still adore her. she’s tied with kevin for my third favorite character. it was annoying that from midway into the season to the end all of her story lines were about her dad. they were hard for me to get invested in because he was just a faceless name. but, when i found myself getting frustrated, i had to remind myself that it was understandable. her dad was definitely a criminal who ruined people’s lives, but then she found out he might also be a murderer. a murderer that was being released soon to come live with her and her mom. if i was in her position, i’d be pretty focused on that as well. hopefully since he’s actually going to be onscreen now, her story lines involving him will be more interesting. her, archie, and their romance all need more development, which is why i hope season two is going to be centered on them 

I adore her so much as I look into her eyes and stroke my dick. This like my fourth blog about the hold butt naked chronic masturbation has on me. I shut the other ones down, each time vowing to lay off the porn and try to get some real pussy again. Despite varying levels of success in the endeavor, I always came back to feed my unquenchable lust for fucking my fist solosexual style. This woman is the reason for one of my most glorious relapses, that gorgeous voluptuous body and those piercing eyes sending me into a lusty three-day  masturbation binge. She is totally out of my league, but the look in her eyes is an acceptance of the affirmation that I would rather have the honor of masturbating to her than fucking a lesser woman. Thank you for sealing my status as a masturbator.

What I will definitely be watching in order of how hypped I am.

1- Saiyuki Reload Blast. - I’ve been a fan of this series since FOREVER.  I got the first two series in manga from when Tokyopop published them in english, I adore the mangaka, and her work.  I adore all the characters and all the Seiyuus, especially Akira Ashida. The Trailer looks beautiful.  I’m very hypped.

2- Vatican Kiseki Chōsakan - it’s a period piece with catholic priests with a supernatural theme.  I’d watch anything with catholic priests ANYTHING, like it’s a thing I have okay, don’t judge.  Add supernatural, add bishonen - and you have me hook line and sinker.

3 - Shokoku no Altair - Historical, it’s freaking historical based on the Ottoman Empire.  It’s got court intrigue and I’ve started reading the manga and I’m all over this.

4 - Chronos Ruler -  It has a white haired bishie.  That’s all I really need.  But aside from that it has a bit of a Ao no Exorcist feel to me, and so I’ll give it a go.

5 - Welcome to the Ballroom - Got to confess, am only going to watch this because everyone else and their dog will probably watch it.  I read the first chapter of the manga a while back.  It has a decent premise.  I might drop it though, if it doesn’t live up to hype.  I have a higher bar for sports anime.

6 - Dive - Pretty much for the same reason as above.  I hope this is more sports than Free!  Because Free didn’t do much for me.  Basically if this is a decent sports anime that is nothing like Free…I’ll probably like it.

There are other series I’ll try, at least give it the one episode go.  Or I’ll pick up something if i see some hype around.

When she is nervous and panicking about something silly she rambles. Fast. I can hear her smiling while her voice goes down and up again for air. She shoots questions like bullets. Never waits for an answer. I can’t help but smile and kiss her. She is adorable. I love her.

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Thissss. People are willing to forgive Sherlock for so much crap and then refuse to offer Mary the same. They are both incredibly flawed, which is fantastic in terms of character, but I feel like because Mary is a) a woman, and b) “comes between Sherlock and John”, she is immediately villainised. I adore her.

So much this! Although I ship Johnlock (not as much as I used to however), I never thought Mary ever came between Sherlock and John. And I adore her too

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you didn't specify so i'm gonna make this about my sister. i absolutely adore her. she's my best friend. i've never had someone as understanding as she is. she's my idol. she's annoying at times, and sometimes isn't great at feelings. but there's no one i'd rather be related to then her. my sister is so amazing. i love her.

YES 👏🏽 ANON 👏🏽 THANK 👏🏽 YOU 👏🏽 PETITION FOR MORE PLATONIC/FAMILIAL LOVE also personal sidenote i feel the same way about my sister and she’s moving away bc she’s getting married and i’m so sad i’m going to miss her like heckkk 😞

Just home from a sponsored walk for the disabled riding group I volunteer with. I did it with a riding friend, and of course mango. I was halfway through explaining mango’s other dog issues and before I finished she totally got it, and started talking about her gsd growing up, and her parents husky/malinois. It was so so great to have someone to talk to in real life who understood what I was saying completely. Mango also adored her. I’m sad we never made an effort to meet up with dogs in mind rather than horses before.

Mango did beautifully on the walk too, and we only met one rude dog.

I promise you this, when you find your person you’ll know. Because you find them in every little thing you do and you picture doing everything with that one person. Every song becomes about them, every movie or tv show ends up being relatable to them. You start to feel more than just butterflies in your stomach but you get a feeling in your heart that makes everything feel as if it’ll all be okay. They’re voice is your new favorite sound and they’re eyes are your new favorite color. You can’t get enough of them in a day and you can’t picture anyone else by your side. Whether it’s miles or minutes apart you just know deep down that they are your person. And if you ever find that person, you’d be damned if you ever let them go.
—  Some personal shit

lorde’s first album was all like, teenage angst, i am sick of being stuck in this little town, we are born for something bigger, we are BORN TO BE QUEENS and i want it all, like, vibes of someone wanting to experience the world, of being stuck somehow but anticipating everything that awaits them and this second album is like, i am out there, first steps onto the grown ups world, i am doing the stuff i wanted to do but it turned out it’s not as fun as i thought it’ll be and it has ugly sides but that’s part of the whole experience, i am out of words, she is my queen