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Do you have any Riarkle fic recommendations? I love yours :)


+ obviously anything written by my fic icon, @astralfreckles. my favorites of hers are The Five Stages of Falling in Love with Your Best Friend and Cassiopeia

+ she’s also started posting her blue neighborhood series!!! i havent gotten the chance to read it yet but i know it’s fantastic! Wild & Fools

+ she also has a great fic rec page!!

+ i also adore @duhriarkle‘s work so here’s her masterlist!

if anyone else has any they love please feel free to add onto this post!! there is a SERIOUS lack of quality multi chaptered riarkle fics out there!!!

fic writers!!! please add your stuff here as well!!!

@princesskujo said: so did Holly or his wife buy this for him. my money’s on Holly (this looks amazing i love how u colour) 

He got the flowers from Abby tho  (ALSO THANK YOU //////)

63. What do you mean? It’s exciting!   100. I adore you   91. Can I hold your hand?

“You ready to go, baby?” J stands in a tux with a rose in his hand. He hands it to Y/N as she walks up to him, slightly tripping over her heels. She wasn’t used to wearing heels or dresses, but J bought her all kinds of things, even when she politely told him he didn’t have to. It was their date night tonight. Y/N was upset that J didn’t spend enough time with her, he was always ‘working’ or planning. When she finally confronted him about it, he blew her off.

“Y/N, you know Daddy has to work. If you want to go somewhere, take Frost with you.”

“Do you even care about me, J?” He sighed when he noticed the tears in her eyes.

“Doll, I adore you. Tell you what” He places his hands on her shoulders and rubs her arms. “ How about we have a little date night. Tonight.” Covering his mouth with his tattooed hand, he gives a mad cackle. She smiles and places a kiss on his cheek.

“Thank you, J.”

Their date didn’t work out like she hoped.  J took her to some fancy restaurant and threatened everyone there. He got them the best table while his henchmen aimed their guns at everyone.

“Y/N, doll. What do ya want?” J looked over the menu, ordering them the most expensive things. He wasn’t gonna pay for them of course. As soon as they get their meal, the police show up. Y/N hides under the table as J shoots at them, his mad laughter causing her to roll her eyes.

“Uh, J? I don’t really like this date.”

What do you mean? It’s exciting!” He grabs her arm and pulls her out from under the table, giving her a rough kiss. When he pulls her away, there’s a crazy light in his eyes. Strands of his hair fall to the side and he looks so adorable it pulls at her heartstrings.

Can I hold your hand?” Y/N suddenly asked. When he gives her a confused look, she quickly rushes out,

“It’ll be romantic.” His Cheshire cat grin spreads over his face and he nods.

“Anything for you.”

Guess who hung out with the amazing @ellosteph today! She is so sweet+loves her ADORABLE munchkin cat, Nugget, and I love what she does for the LGBTQ women community and how passionate she is about helping others{not to mention she used to submit to GWLG}! 

You can Watch the interview she did with HER here! &&&&&&

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Made for LGBTQ women, by LGBTQ women. For dating, making friends, reading content, finding out about local events or just chatting away. It’s the biggest community for queer women worldwide…seriously…it’s getting huge. 

Berlyn, GWLG Head admin ;)

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whenever you post something about vicans and then you add more message to azrael, i can't help but squeal >∆< you guys are so cute ×∆×

Thank you… there’s not a day I don’t squeal or blush because she’s just so adorable and god… I wanna be there for her so bad.

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Hey I've been looking for an InuKag fanfic FOREVER and I was wondering if you could help me?? It's this one where Inuyasha and Kagome have never met but they chat online and watch movies at the same time, and Inuyasha calls her kitten!! I'm pretty sure I've seen it on one of your rec lists, but I can't find it now. Please and thanks very much!!

Oh gosh I love this fic to pieces!!! It’s I Knew You Before I Met You by KeiChanz @keichanz

I just adore it when he calls her Kitten!! And one of my most favorite passages to reread is in this fic. I must now go reread it!! 

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You've mentioned that there was a scene that took place in TBS between Paige and warden that was not included in the book, my question is why weren't they and how do you go about making this type of decision. Also I adore Paige!!

So glad you like her. 

If I realise a scene isn’t absolutely vital to the plot, it usually gets cut. But I would definitely like to write a novella of missing Bone Season scenes between Warden and Paige. 

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Take a minute to talk about chris

Chris… I dont even know how to put it into words. Through tough times,( like today bc im going back to school) she is my rock. You couldnt possibly understand how someone like me could cry every night about school anxiety or even about nothing! But i do. And chris is always there, and as soon as she is i feel okay again. I dont like anything coming between us, and i guess i feel school does that. In good times, chris just makes it all the better. 1 because shes my bestfriend, 2 because shes so beautiful its a constant reminder that im absolutely winning. And lastly, chris makes me a better person. When im with her i realize all the money in the world actually couldnt replace her. I truly mean that. Shes emotional support, laughter, adorable, my other half. Shes completely necessary for my survival haha. With her, im happy with anything. What pushes me is the want to give her an amazing life with me, where i can get her whatever she wants and live comfortably. I love her, thats chris.


This blog has been on hiatus for a long time, over a year now. I’m here to get out the defibrillator and give it a zap! I’ll be turning it more into a multifandom sketch blog with a bit of reblogging here and there, because I like many things. I still love TF2, probably always will, but you’ll definitely see a lot of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure too, maybe some Overwatch and probably some more serious stuff from my sketchbooks.

Since I went on hiatus, I adopted a cat (she’s called Edith + I adore her), and I got a promotion. I also, unfortunately, became very ill and it took about 8 months to fully recover. That was the cause of the hiatus to begin with. The stress and pain from my illness really impacted my enjoyment of art, so until recently, I produced very little. Now that I feel better, I’ve found my passion again and I’m looking forward to sharing!

I want to say thanks a bunch for following me thus far. I hope you continue to enjoy what I draw in the future!

Katgut x


i got a lil package today from one of my best friends congratulating me on getting into college and i pretty much haven’t stopped crying since i opened it, i adore her 🐝🐝💕