I think the thing that’s been keeping me going the most is curiosity. I have never been skinny. I have no idea what I’ll look like. I’ve never seen my legs smaller than a size six. I don’t know the shape of my own bones. I don’t know my own body, but I want to. I want to see the girl hidden beneath the fat. The girl that everyone adores.

I will see her someday

Because someday I’ll be her

Morgan is a lil cutie who makes the fandom brighter and weirder(in a good) with her love for Kermit, chicken nuggets, and animals. Her work ethic when it comes to studying is something I can only dream of achieving. I love seeing her adorable selfies and updates of her pets on my dash. She also puts up with some very…interesting and a bit high/drunk anons and it’s very entertaining. Thanks for making this hellhole a little bit brighter @teylors

anonymous asked:

Do you have a favorite Schuyler sister?

See, that’s difficult. I love all my Schuylers! I love them all for different reasons, too. If I had to really, really narrow it down, I’d maybe go Peggy because:

1) She allegedly saved her infant sister after a raid on the Schuyler House while everyone else ran upstairs #hbic
2) She was a sassy piece of shit and made fun of Alexander, calling him a “knight of the bedchamber” when he picked up one of Angelica’s garters

1) She’s a pouty lil ray of sunshine and I adore her fifteen seconds of screen time
2) She literally gets dragged around on stage during Schuyler Sisters how can you not love this baby bean homebody
3) “and Peggy”

I promise you this, when you find your person you’ll know. Because you find them in every little thing you do and you picture doing everything with that one person. Every song becomes about them, every movie or tv show ends up being relatable to them. You start to feel more than just butterflies in your stomach but you get a feeling in your heart that makes everything feel as if it’ll all be okay. They’re voice is your new favorite sound and they’re eyes are your new favorite color. You can’t get enough of them in a day and you can’t picture anyone else by your side. Whether it’s miles or minutes apart you just know deep down that they are your person. And if you ever find that person, you’d be damned if you ever let them go.
—  Some personal shit

lorde’s first album was all like, teenage angst, i am sick of being stuck in this little town, we are born for something bigger, we are BORN TO BE QUEENS and i want it all, like, vibes of someone wanting to experience the world, of being stuck somehow but anticipating everything that awaits them and this second album is like, i am out there, first steps onto the grown ups world, i am doing the stuff i wanted to do but it turned out it’s not as fun as i thought it’ll be and it has ugly sides but that’s part of the whole experience, i am out of words, she is my queen