14B’s Schedule Updated

MTV just released their schedule for the first week. According to the new schedule, they will be airing 14B like TeenNick.

Every episode airs at 9 PM EST. TeenNick will be airing their It Goes There: Degrassi’s Most Talked About Moments special on the 31st at 8PM EST

TeenNick and MTV Canada

July 20: 14x13 Watch Out Now + 14x14 Ready or Not
July 21: 14x15 Wishlist
July 22: 14x16 Walking In My Shoes
July 23: 14x17 Get It Together
July 24: 14x18 Give Me One Reason

July 27: 14x19 I Wanna Be Adored
July 28: 14x20 Teen Age Riot/Buy Her Candy
July 29: 14x21 The Kids Aren’t Alright (Part One)
July 30: 14x22 The Kids Aren’t Alright (Part Two)
July 31: 14x23 + 14x24 Finally (Part One and Two)

anonymous asked:

Hello I would like your perspective....I have recently seen Melissa at the Saturn Awards with Andrew and then tonight I saw a series of pictures of her with Steven and to me I would like to know what your take is on what the difference is between them and Norman and their relationship. Any thoughts?

Hello there :)

I think one of the wonderful things about Melisa is that  she makes everyone around her very comfortable and is just such a good-hearted that is difficult not to get along with her. I haven’t seen enough of her interactions with Andy to judge too well but they seem to be good friends and maybe at the maturity level, so to speak.  And as far as Steven I know she adores him, and he her and that she’s close with him as well. 

And then there’s Norman..

I will confess to not watching a lot of interviews, or reading a lot of them, I think it’s because sometimes it can ruin my enjoyment of the show personally (and there are just so many of them to keep track of.) But I do enjoy watching McReedus interviews because I find their interactions rather fascinating viewing. 

See the thing I notice about Melissa is that while she gets nervous in interviews , stays rather calm and on track for the most part, wheras Norman can be a tad willy nilly (a tad? some of you are saying haha). But when they interview together she tends to keep him calmer and level, and he often gives her the floor, so to speak. He listens to her when she talks and pays very close attention to her.  This was a trend in all three interviews I say, which were the premier, Jimmy Kimmel and Talking Dead. 

Side note on Kimmel, I did notice that Steven and Norman sat on either side of her, which makes sense when you consider her statement about being nervous in front of a large crowd. I thought it was kind of adorable really, especially when she would occasionally put her hands out to make sure they were both there. Almost as cute as Norman’s kiss on the cheek to her when she was upset at NYCC

I am getting off topic though ha

I think they just have a very unique relationship though. And I do think she has a positive, calming on him when she’s around him. I mean he does in his odd gestures of affection with her and all..

Who could forget that right?  haha

But for the most part I think this close, often strange friendship between is part of what bleeds on to screen and creates that chemistry they have. I mean part of the reason Caryl is so beautifully undefined is because Norman and Melissa’s relationship is as well. 

I think they are themselves around each other and Melissa gives Norman freedom to pretty much be himself (and he has said this in interviews about how she gets him and he feels safe to be vulnerable around her and such), which is a great thing in a business where you are constantly pretending to be someone else, or putting on a face or persona for the media. And to have people like that when it seems like everyone else wants a piece of you all the time. 

 It is almost like, even when the camera’s are rolling, they are still being themselves with each other in their characters clothes. It really is pretty awesome. And I believe honestly, that Norman suffered a bit in the second half of s4 when he wasn’t working with her a lot. It was noticable to me. 

I just think they have a very rare, very special thing going and none are more supportive of the other than each other. I mean Norman is the biggest fanboy of Melissa there is :) 

I don’t know if I answered this question as well as I could of but that’s kind of my opinion on things regarding the actors themselves and their offscreen relationship. 

Exo reactions: they work together with your idol group!

Oooo I like this one! So adorable. 

Baekhyun: ‘’Fabulous! Now I can get closer to her, while we work together!’’ 

Chanyeol: When he hears your idol group and exo are going to work together, he starts to beam. Now he can get close to you! 

Chen: ‘’How am I supposed to concentrate when she’s around?!’’ *Sighs but secretly super happy* 

Kai: He tries to conceal how super happy he is about the fact that his group and your group will be working together (but fails really badly)

Kris: He doesn’t believe it at first, when he is told that exo will be working together with your idol group: ‘’Sure. Not a funny joke.’’

Kyungsoo: *really happy but also immediately very nervous* ‘’Ah man I get to work together with her… Keep calm…”

Lay: ‘’Oh, yes, that idol group? Yes, I have heard of them before, of course.’’ *nervous laugh* “Oh, the main vocalist? Yes, I agree, she’s pretty pretty.’’

Luhan: ‘’O shit shit shit I can’t do this how am I supposed to act normal with her around? You had to choose that group for us to work together with? I don’t know if I can!’’

Sehun: He immediately starts questioning himself, although he doesn’t let the other members see (who are way to busy being excited over this collaboration anyway) ‘’But… What if she falls in love with one of the other members? What if she really dislikes me?’’

Suho: ‘’ARE YOU SERIOUS? I get to work together with her?! I mean them?! I mean we? We get to work together with them? Best day of my life!’’

Tao: ‘’With…. that group? Okay.. sounds good.” In the meantime, in his mind: ‘’Now I get my chance to finally get close to her… hehehe…’’

Xiumin: ‘’Hey xiumin, we’re going to work together with Y/N’s group, you have heard of her right? And are you okay with that too?’’ He’d still be a bit in shock of what he just heard. He gets to work together… With you! ‘’Yea, I’m okay with that.’’ *clears throat* ‘’Seems fun!’’

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I have a girlfriend named Erin and I kind of adore her but her parents don't like her dating a girl and they're really controlling and they changed her Facebook password and get records of her texts. I just want to take her away from them so bad :(

You and her can be together no matter what those homophobic shitbags say or do. Stay safe, stay confident in who you are and remember that those parents are on the wrong side of history. I’m so sorry you’re both going through that, but you can do it- you’ll work it out.<3

random Tiffany Doggett thoughts

I love Tucky’s open-mindedness in season 3 as much as everybody else (seriously, she’s been my favorite character since I started watching the show; I adore her sfm), but more than anything else it seems to me to be yet more evidence of how terminally impressionable she is. Some of her most progressive lines (”If that’s who you are, then that’s who you are, and there’s no use in fighting it - and if you ain’t gonna fight it, you might as well embrace it”) were pure Boo. Just from hanging around Boo for a month or so, Tucky has started to talk like her and pick up her attitude towards things, even being able to accurately parrot it back to her when she was feeling down about having missed her chance to say goodbye to her mother. It’s a step in the right direction and is definitely an improvement from when she was doing the same thing with her lawyer/the Christian extremists and then Mr. Healy, but it’s still not really hers. I have a feeling that if she had a falling out with Boo (knock on wood; Boosatucky gives me life and I hope we have them together forever) and drifted under somebody else’s influence, she’d start talking and acting like them just as quickly.

She’s not completely controllable by other people - there are certain situations in which she finds it in her to disagree with or stand up to whoever her primary influencer is at the time - but reinventing herself every time she becomes involved with a new person/group is a thing she does over and over again, and right now she’s so unsure of her own identity that she falls out of it just as easily as she falls into it. My biggest wish for her future development is for her to really start figuring out exactly who Tiffany Doggett is - and I have high hopes that that’ll happen, because unlike her lawyer/fanclub and unlike Healy, Boo doesn’t seem to have an ulterior motive, or any interest in using her for anything.

why Hinoka is best sister

you know the fire emblem amie part

you know how you can pet people (actually mostly rubbing their faces)?

Well, Hinoka just says the best and kindest things.

“You were raised to be such a kind person” (i.e. i’m so glad Noir didn’t raise you to be mean, you’re still a really lovely little sister i love you so much)

“Are you praising me?” (while rubbing her head) (i.e. oh gosh my little sister is patting me on the head she must be praising me i’m such a good sister yes yes)

“Thanks so much for coming back to us” (i.e. i’m going to cry my little sister is adorable and i love her and she’s ours now and she’s petting me i’m so happy)

just. petting hinoka makes me feel i did the right thing coming to Hoshido and petting hinoka makes me feel Important and Loved and 

i 100% recommend petting hinoka whenever you’re feeling down in the dumps she’ll make you feel you’re the best sister to ever exist

rarityismywaifu asked:

Yeah it was like episode 100 was a setup for this one. Moondancer though.

I personally kinda wish that Moondancer is/wasn’t just a recolor of Twilight though. I mean, I see *why* they did it, but for a character that was so central to the plot If feel like she deserved her own design.

And while her “present” Mane-style is different…it was kinda ugly. And her tail was still the same as Twilight’s.

Idk, just an artistic niggle I suppose. She’s an adorable character though. I hope we see her again (with a new mane too).