Not a fuck anyone, just something that I thought was cute :)

Yesterday a little girl, maybe 8 years old, came into our store (it’s a frozen yogurt shop and it was completely empty because of the weather) with her serious-looking dad (muscular, shaved head, apparently in the military). And she was jumping around and excitedly telling me about her day (apparently her school was on lockdown for two hours but she was fine with it because she got to miss computer lab which is her least favorite class). She was really happy and outgoing and articulate and honestly adorable. So I chatted with her for a bit before I had to go do something in the back.

Our store has a security camera on top of a TV screen that shows that security feed and when I came back out to the front of the store the little girl was sort of crazily dancing for the security camera. I laughed a bit then went to the back again, and the next time I came out to the front, her serious, military dad was dancing just as crazily for the security camera. I can’t even describe how ridiculous he looked. I just started DYING laughing and he stopped as soon as he heard me and then the little girl started teasing him. It was just overall really cute and those two basically made my day. I hate this job like 90% of the time but some of the customers make it better.

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my girlfriend doesn't have tumblr or anything so sometimes I'll say something that I kinda got from this site, like saying rip when random shit happens or calling inanimate objects gay and for some reason she thinks it's the FUNNIEST thing and just laughs so hard every time and it's so cute. I love her

oh my god that’s adorable

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did you know that the female narration of Lean On Me on ravi's solo album is hyeyeon from gugudan? ravi said that she did her homework in the practice room during her trainee days, and he found her cute so he picked her for the narration and i think thats adorable

I did!! The interview talked about how nervous he was to ask her about it since he didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable.  I love gugudan/vixx interactions they’re so cute and awkward lol

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i just wanted to talk about my amazing girlfriend because she makes me so happy and i miss her a lot. our first date was at the art museum and shes so supportive and wants to come to all my stuff. ive had really shitty relationships before her and she's so amazing and i feel like im finally in a loving healthy relationship. she's incredible and can always make me laugh, her laugh is so adorable and infectious. i cant stop thinking about her and how much i miss her. thank for letting me rant :)

This is so pure and good

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(1) Alex and the little girl grow to be rivals. They believe they hate eachother but it's just hormones. So in junior high they decide to fight it out after school. When the girl finally pins her..

(2) Alex can’t help but lift her head and capture the girls lips in a kiss. She comes home with some bruises but has a stupid smile on her face. Lexa and Clarke’s reaction..Omg lol

TBH this is adorable and so cute for like her first gf, I love it

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Taylor babe

I’ve heard from my cat who actually called Meredith who asked Olivia about the info, that you still have some space in your “follow” section so could you please follow 4 more people I absolutely ADORE?

- @dancingswifts13 - Manca. I bet you remember Manca. Her blog got deleted and she lost your follow she would love to have it back.

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- @got-a-short-list-of-ex-lovers - Marion. I’ve heard Paris is one of your faves and guess what? Marion is from France!! Isn’t her name wonderful? Also she’s such a positive, lovely, friendly, supportive person. I think your follow would made her day, week, year… LIFE.!

@shakeitoff6202 - Morgen! If I remember well you’ve liked few of his posts someone rebloged, so you already know he’s funny, amazing and cute. I think you deserve seeing his posts daily on your dash, that’s why following him would be super good idea!

Thank you so much. Sending you so much love and hugs from Poland!!! Love you!! Say hi to the cats!!!

Fortune Cookies

Y/N could not be more different than anyone James Potter had ever known.  She was strong headed and bitter, kind and smart, loyal and temperamental. She was the top of their class with little effort and a coveted quidditch player, and also standing directly in front of him with a disgruntled expression he found utterly adorable.

“Can I help you, Potter?” She crossed her arms over her chest, annoyed with the boy sitting in her usual study spot.

“I need help with Astronomy.” James spoke quietly, “And I know you’re top of our class because I sit next to you in every class, so I was hoping you would help?”

“Stop making quidditch practice so bloody early and it’s a deal.” Y/N compromised, setting her books on the table and seating herself across from him.  

“Absolutely.” James grinned, opening his barely worn Astronomy book. 

The two worked well together, Y/N giving guidance when he asked for it as they began an outline for the essay due Monday.  James found her presence comforting, her soft voice lulling the information that never seemed to stick to the forefront of his mind as he became entranced by the way her mouth wrapped around the names of the constellations.  

And then the cracking began. James glanced up quickly, seeing Y/N studying her notes carefully as her fingers broke open a strangely tangled, pale tan cookie he often saw her eat in their classes.  It was no secret Y/N was muggleborn, first year she had denounced a quill and ink and instead used a useful device she called a pen.  Third year she used highlighters to color code her notes that bewitched the Gryffindor house.  James always figured these were another strange thing that made Y/N ultimately more interesting than anyone he had met.

“Would you like one?” Her voice broke his curious gaze from her nimble fingers highlighting a portion of her notes.

“What are they?” James’s weariness caused a slight smile flutter across Y/N’s usually stoic face, as she reached again into her bag and retrieved another strange cookie.

“They’re called fortune cookies.  It’s the closest thing we, I mean, muggles have to prophecies.  They’re just vanilla cookies, but they taste better this way.” She passed him one, their fingers touching carelessly at the exchange.

James looked at her quickly, seeing her return to studying her notes.  Taking a bite, he was surprised at the level of flavor coming from the bland looking thing in his hand.  The rest of the cookie was quickly finished, and Y/N looked over at him curiously.

“What did your fortune say?”

“My what?” Her questioned caused the Gryffindor to raise his eyebrows as she smirked.

“The small slip of parchment in the cookie, what did it say?” Y/N questioned more specifically. 

“There was parchment in that?”

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Do you like the new incarnation of Zelda? I wasn't sure at first but now I think she's really cute and pretty.

i adore her.

she has the perfect combination of ‘i am a princess and a goddess’ and ‘i am an adventurer and a warrior.’ i love shit like that i am sure curious to know more about her. she seems capable while being caring. so far, she seems like a very good ruler.

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Hey you like RWBY nice. Who's your favourite character, what do you like most about it and dare I ask who do you ship 😁. I'm a Weiss fan myself and initially I was a great fan of the combat but it'll be hard for me to get used to Maya in v4

I could write a 5 page essay on why I love Qrow. Okay, not that much. I’d appreciate having the happy times back where he kicks his nieces’ butts at video games though. But I also love the team rwby girls, I can’t pick one except that I like Ruby slightly more than the others. I’ll admit Weiss had to grow on me, but I adore her now. Blake was a little moody for me as well, but now that her adorable ears this volume show her emotions, I’m all for this. And of course Ruby is my second favorite character. She’s just too adorably awkward and badass. (Though everyone being so negative is definitely not helping my girl stay positive this volume) And who wouldn’t like to go out with a Yang? Outside of Qrow and team rwby, Pyrhha is my girl. She’s too calm and cool man. So ya, Qrow’s my fave, followed by Ruby and her team + Pyrrha. (and Penny, and everybody else…) This show just has the most lovable characters damnit. 

I for some reason really like Weiss and Neptune together. I just think it’s cute how usually people like them would have that showy and prideful kind of relationship. They’re both these confident individuals except when it comes to each other. Also Nora and Ren because their dynamic is adorable. Then there’s Arkos…’m not much of a shipper in general, so those are enough for me haha. Though I could talk for days about Qrow and Ruby’s adorable uncle/niece relationship…I love the family relationships in this show.

I’ve been digging the Maya, I think. I was a little worried, but after episode 7? I’m sorry, but even if Qrow wasn’t my fave, I’d still be hype af for that fight. It took me back to good ‘ol RWBY fight choreo days. I have faith in team crwby. I’ve found a lot of the smaller details, like eyes and scenery, to be rather beautiful this season as well. 

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Can you describe Cece's voice? ❤️

Cece’s voice? Heheh. The best way I can describe her voice is: Beautiful, adorable, soothing and I could listen to her voice for hours. When she laughs it’s the most adorable thing ever, it makes me feel good and gives me life. Knowing she’s happy and laughing is a wonderful sensation. Honestly I love talking to her and I do it every chance I get. Her voice is smooth as butter and silky. Very cutesy might I add! It’s unique and lovely. Haha I kind of went off there didn’t I? Sorry but yeah! That’s my opinion! @big-mood-edea