ok!!!!! i haven’t had a chance to play and set up a queue because i’ve……. acquired a duck?????/ i adopted it for a few days while the pet store figure out what to do with it l o l BUT 

SHES ADORABLE N PRECIOUS I WOULD DO ANYTHING TO KEEP HER SAFE ,,,,,, but shes rly loud and needs constant care n affection so yeah sims must wait while i take care of my tiny baby,,,


My all time fav editor mblaqminoz  dedicated this beautiful video to me and I just adore her for it.. she is totally my editing goals. You have to check out her channel she is like beyond amazing. 

vampirecatsims4  asked:

Your castaway story is adorable <3 Louise is so pretty <3

Awwwww, thank you. I always appreciate the kind messages I get sent. Sybok thinks she’s pretty adorable too….however, her mind is far more attractive to him. Sapiosexual/Demisexual all the way with that Vulcan lot.

isinnedforthis  asked:

Drabble or scenario with yoongi and his goth gf (looks like @ marygracefrancone on insta, btw it isn't me, I just adore her style)

Her make is so goals tbh. I always wanted to try the style but I work at a vintage cafe, so I either wear an Autumn or styles of the 70′s look instead.

Sorry, it took so long! Our town had to go into emergency shut down because of a cyclone so no one had electricity or internet. More of your requests will be released shortly!


One-shot, reader x Yoongi/Suga, short story, kinda rushed, not proof-read.

Author P.O.V.

Originally posted by jeonbase

“Pleeeeease~” you begged your boyfriend, Yoongi.

“Noooo.” He whined back.

“But why~” you questioned.

“I’m too lazy,” he replied, pinching your nose before plopping on the couch and turning on the television. You groaned, walking over to join him but you suddenly had an idea.

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lentranced  asked:

Okay you know how I said Felicia is one of the best girls? Scarlet is like, actual BEST GIRL. <3333

she’s the friggin BEST she’s so cool and beautiful and adorable and i love her so much that i literally cried and drowned my gay sorrows in ice cream when i got her wonderful sweet gay A-rank w/ f!corrin and couldn’t marry her w h y can’t i marry her as a girl and also why doesn’t she have more supports like with kagero and oboro blease,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

you ever think about how much the DARE video is such a kid thing?

like with the other videos its always something weird like a huge moose and rockets and a loop in a highway, or zombie gorillas, etc etc but in the DARE video its just noodle dancing and singing in her room. thats all it is. and like all the attention is on her, the others don’t even do anything in it. thats such a kid thing, and its honestly adorable. i mean, beside the giant mans head in her closet.

please do yourself a favour and check out takeo @ twilightbound/destinyborn!! not only is she a wonderful person to both write with and talk to, but she gives her characters such LIFE and her writing itself is so?? simplistically beautiful!! it has a certain stirring flair to it that i adore and her arT IS ACTUALLY SO GOOD?? SHE IS SUCH A SKILLED ARTIST OH MY GOD,,,,

– viisaus


current fave little things about the squad

when @bitlinski fills her entire blog with new content whenever she watches a new show that I said she had to watch/catch up on 

when @studywithjasp rubs their head against my hand and lets me scratch them like a cat, all whilst closing their eyes and looking like the embodiment of happiness 

cuddling with @totes-not-that-taft-girl knowing that i could tickle her at any moment and hear her adorable giggle 

@thecrapollocabin being ultimate mum friend ALWAYS (along with @illyrienne

@bluedaisymil being so happy and excited by ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING 

when @wetherebelskies gets infuriated when we argue about musicals and harry potter