I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that Clexa is getting the Main Ship treatment. I mean…..I’m so not used to this because f/f ships get nothing, no love from the writers whatsoever. And the fact that Clexa is actually being acknowledged by the writers and cast as an actual ship is still unbelievable let alone the fact that they’re getting the Main Ship treatment is just amazing and I still can’t believe it.

I just saw that OITNB has been given a guaranteed 7th season and I have so many questions.

Will Piper be there for the whole series? Her sentence was what, like a year and a half? Isn’t her time almost up?

Will Alex Vause be there for the whole series? I know schedule conflicts led to less Laura Prepon in season 3 but will she be given a main role in upcoming seasons?

Even if Piper is around for the whole series, will they stick to her storyline as the sort of “main” storyline or will they embrace the ensemble?

Will they learn from the mistakes of season 3 and give the people what they want in season 4?


Is Ruby Rose (hopefully) off the show?

It seems like Nicky is in season 4 but in season 3 she was sent to Max which we learned in season 1 from Miss Claudette being sent there, that you never come back from Max, so my question is how is Nicky back?


*finished reading the last chapter of Glaze*

*wiping tears of happiness from my eyes*


*hands over still beating heart*

You get the first living heart!

Feel free to kill it in your next fic…

All my happy endings, mistakes, failures and regrets. Sometime it all goes away. And then there’s the fear that stills but for something else now, as in a change of patterns. Its confusing but somehow refreshing knowing that you went through everything you’re now leaving behind. Maybe the past wasn’t that much of a big deal but it matter then and it just feels good to be a survivor


We (@darkswanjones and @katniss-annabeth-luna-jones) were thinking we needed something aside from the imminent and dreaded school to take our minds off the equally dreaded hiatus, so here’s our Captain Swan 5B Episode Countdown! We’re alternating the episodes with Captain Swan scenes and talking about them because that’s pretty much our favorite thing to do.

All the days can be found here


After all this time, after all these kisses, this is still my (our, really, it’s Micci’s too) favorite kiss. And it’s a really great scene too, but honestly people, look at that kiss and his hand in her hair and the repeated diving back in for more and I could go on about the kiss alone for ages but I won’t.

This is Emma finally opening up to Killian. 3B is my favorite season (even if I don’t really care for the entire Zelena plotline) because it’s the season of Captain Swan falling in love, and 3A was Killian falling for Emma, and 3B is Emma falling for Hook. And this scene here is when she can admit it.

She’s been wondering something the whole season: what happened to Killian Jones in the year they all forgot? Killian was the only one to keep his memories, and the only one to not share what happened when everyone got the year back. She’s been curious the whole time: what happened to you, and how did you get to me? Finally, she asks again.

And he answers, and it’s an answer she wasn’t expecting, not at all. Who knows how she thought he got away from the curse and lost the Jolly Roger, but she wasn’t expecting this. That he gave up the one thing that’s always been for him throughout the years, the only thing that he’s always had since Liam died, his home. And then she can truly let herself see that Killian considers her and where she is to be his home, and so he didn’t need the Jolly. He was willing to sacrifice everything for her, for the off chance that he might be able to find her and win her heart.

And I think that with this kiss (because Emma’s really bad with words. She may have said the words first but she’s never said anything really profound and heartbreakingly poetic like Killian sometimes does. For her, actions often do speak louder) she’s accepting this sacrifice, taking it and all its implications with both hands, accepting that he loves her, he’s loved her for more than a year, and she’s trying to show him that he’s truly winning (or that he’s already won) her heart.

When Emma met Killian, he wasn’t just unloved, and she wasn’t just (mostly) unloving. They were enemies of love. Because love–her parents, Lily, her son, Liam, Milah, his father–had only brought them pain. Their walls were up, high as that beanstalk. And they’re bringing each other’s walls down. And they’ve brought each other home. To each other.

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RaeX: "I know you just got off work but you just look so damn hot when you're angry" sex for the soon to be 23-yr-old tomorrow? Pretty please with extra lemons on top? (*´∇`*)


- - - 

Jason leaned back against the sofa and watched the sight of Raven as she tore through his kitchen, crawling onto the top of the counter and pulling hit bottle of whiskey down from the top shelf. She poured herself two fingers before cursing under her breath and filling the glass with another two fingers. A second skipped by and she downed the booze in a single gulp, leaning against the counter. He didn’t need to be a psychic to know that she was at the end of her frayed rope, looking as if she might fall apart any second. 

“Tough day?”

She grunted and poured herself another glass of whiskey, avoiding his stare. Jason finished the rest of his beer and stood up, moving closer to her as she continued to sip at the contents of the glass in her hand. Her eyes didn’t quite meet his, and that alone was an indication that she was only a few seconds away from losing her control. Her hand tightened around the glass and she glanced up into his eyes. 

“You’re going to hound me until I tell you what happened, aren’t you?”

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If you're still doing the character drawing meme: Yuna or Sonia?

Send me two character and I’ll sketch the one I like more

Is not that I don’t like Yuna, but Sonia is too perfect and she deserved a happy ending!

Thanks for asking @teary-eyed-circle-of-friendship

I remember when tatinof ended and I walked out of the palladium and I just burst out crying in the middle of Oxford street and all these people were looking at me but I forced myself to keep walking even though I could hardly breathe and my tears were making my face all wet and cold but I didn’t care because I had just watched these two amazing people perform a beautiful, heart warming performance in front of hundreds of loving fans and I’d never felt so much love and pride and happiness in my entire life