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Hi me again do you have any information on indypopcon other than the fact that you're going? (Sorry if I'm getting annoying I'm just trying to plan stuff out)

Not at the moment! All I know is that I will be going all three days and there will be a panel with Brian, G and myself :)

my heart breaks for the kids that walked in with a friend, but walked out alone. i’m not talking about the ones who went as a solo act. i’m talking about ha sungwoon, lai guanlin, hwang minhyun.

for them, winning was probably so conflicting. minhyun especially, i think, because of his nuest history. i think it hurts him to know what lies in store for his friends, his group mates.

afterwards, he bawled in a corner. i think the loneliness got to him, and how he probably realised that pledis was gonna treat his partners like shit (considering their history). he probably realised the rest of nuest are now trainees again, and their debut chances are low (i’m really hoping for a comeback. and proper promotions this time. the group had potential but pledis slept on them.)

minhyun may be quiet, but it isn’t to say he doesn’t care. his heart of gold is what broke for his friends, and this is why i hate the music/kpop industry. i love these kids. they deserve the world, and to see them separated like that really breaks me.

it’s beyond vile that people have attacked alexis all season, but it’s even worse that she openly admitted to crying about it to valentina who did nothing to stop her fans, and that her fans are STILL attacking alexis right now 

there’s more to drag than drag race. if all you know about a queen is their part of the 40 minutes a week that you see, you definitely don’t know them well enough to form an opinion so hateful that it brings them to tears 

log off, save your words, because no one wants to hear them

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Do you think you would be able to break down the forehead poke from Sasuke -> Sakura. I myself understand how it solidified his intentions and feelings towards her, but I keep seeing everywhere how antis say "it put distance between them" and I'm just getting annoyed by that statement or how they're getting that message at all. Only if you can! Thank you so much!

Sure I’ll try with my limited english

First of all you need to know that after a person dies, the meaning of his gestures changes to the person he left behind, and in this case sasuke.

Sasuke no longer sees itachi as the brother that killed his family and mindraped him again, by showing him again the death of his parents in a loop.

For the broken sasuke, now itachi is a hero who was used by konoha, and throwed away.

He was living thanks to the hate and the pain he felt towards konoha’s “betrayal” and his dead brother.

What  matters is the significance Sasuke bestows to the forhead poke. And know the forhead poke itachi gave him as a kid become the link to when he was still happy, with his family. The gesture itself was a chain from a failed past.

Sasuke always knew that the poke was a positive and affectionate gesture used by Itachi to remeber to sasuke that he did care indeed a lot about his brother, even though the missions he had were always a priority he coudn’t escape from.

This why sasuke using the forhead poke It’s like the best thing kishi could ever gift us with. I seriously think it is better than a kiss, due to the deep meaning and affection it has behind. This kind of level of intimacy is something that only sasusaku could archieve.

For the first time in the manga he actually faces  sakura’s feelings truly, without having to seal them away to due hate curse

But what’s more imortant is that Sasuke also faced his feeling for sakura.

 It was sasuke that went out of his way to reassure sakura.

 He doesn’t want her to think that she was living her behind. But she has nothing to do with his sins, she was the love that filled his loney life

It was always him that gave her a hope to keep loving him and he was glad for that, because he also loved her from part 1 ( and this is something that I will never change my opinion about)

I hope this helps :)

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I am half Japanese / half white. My dad is from Japan originally and I have visited their twice and I don't see any issue with the merch. Japanese merch has English or American themes in it and no one there cares. I even asked my dad and he said that it isn't bad and he thinks it is ridiculous for people to criticize them over something they love/passionate about. Yes people can have whatever opinions they want but I'm getting so fucking annoyed by everyone trying to make them out as bad people

yeah that’s why i don’t have much opinion on the japanese merch. dan and phil rly aren’t bad people for making the merch it just bugs some people i’m afraid. 

I'm getting really annoyed with how the news is discussing the WH's decision to remove protections for trans students

The commentator thinks she’s being a champion of fair and balanced when she asks a conservative pundit for evidence of schools reporting issues or attacks ever since Obama’s transgender bathroom directive.

Of course there is no evidence of attacks but that’s not the fucking point. The importance of SECURING SAFE BATHROOMS DOR TRANSGENDER STUDENTS does not lie rest upon how it impacts non-trans students.

You don’t place an imaginary fear of trans students over ACTUAL DOCUMENTED harassment, bullying and attacks against trans students who have no safe place to use the bathroom, one of the most basic fucking human necessities.

I just really wish more people would publicly push back as this narrative keeps getting repeated.

Just a reminder, trans kids are human beings

no one is saying you’re obligated to like liam but, for fuck’s sake, don’t be a dick about him based off things like print interviews?? like, i think we’re all pretty fucking aware of how easy it is to twist an artist’s words in those?? i just want to know why it’s so easy for some people to call out an interview on its bullshit when it comes to any of the other boys but, suddenly, if it’s liam it just has to be true?? i mean, come on

things I'm getting annoyed with:

- people who keep saying “no hotch, no watch” as if the show doesn’t have 6 other cast members who helped made the show
- people who keep saying that Luke is “Derek’s replacement” AS IF you didn’t think the writers/crew aren’t going to being another fine guy as the new “tough guy”
- people who keep complaining at how writers are “ruining the show” these people have been on that case since season 5
- people who are complaining about luke/penelope bc it’s “replacing derek/penelope” FIRST OF ALL, no one REPLACES CHOCOLATE THUNDER OR BABY GIRL. but clearly, it has always been a BFF thing (sadly) and from what I see, Luke/Penelope can actually be a thing (PLEASE)
- people who keep complaining at how much the show has changed and it’s sucky now AS IF THERE SHOULDN’T BE ANY IMPROVEMENT FOR A TV SHOW THAT IS REMARKABLY AND STRONGLY STILL LASTING FOR 12 YEARS???

13 reason why......why?
  • I'm a big book fan, it is actually my favourite book but so far (I'm in Courtney's tape) I feel that there is way too much drama and is taking too long for him to listen to the tapes and I'm getting so freaking annoyed by the fact that everyone is getting more attention than Hannah and Clay. I just can't stand it. The book is a 1000 times better.

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Hi I'm getting quite annoyed, not by you of course, on how people are saying that Sakura 'covering' up Karin in the family picture is bitchy. Can you please tell me how it wasn't bitchy and how it's not a big deal.

Well let’s put things into perspective - if you were placed in a situation where your husband had to be away for an uncertain amount of time, where you had to create the impression to your daughter that everything was fine so that she could grow up living a normal life, and where the only photo you had of her father was that photo of himself with Taka, then you’d most likely use it.

It was for her daughter’s sake, so I don’t see why Karin would have had any issues with the decision. It’s not as if Sakura did it because she somehow considered Karin a “threat” or whatever nonsense they like to spout.

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Gato! I was re-reading TINR for research and I noticed that Sids particularly annoying towards Farz when he starts feeling guilty or upset. Sorry if you've answered this before bur is that Sid's way of dispelling the atmosphere and making Farz feel better? Like a "if I'm super annoying hell get mad and if hes mad he can't be sad" sort of thing?

Yes and no. Sid responds to any sort of discomfort or confusion by being more annoying/chaotic. For the most part, this is an automatic response. 

Especially in the beginning of TINR, Sid ‘remedies’ any sort of fear, guilt, or negative feeling by creating chaos.

Near the end of the story, by seeing people he cares about repeatedly suffering, he tries to become more aware of his own actions and the impact they have on others. It’s very hard to change an automatic response like that, but he begins to try.

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Okay, so I've been trying for an hour now and I'm starting to get annoyed. Tell me, oh wise Atomi-Cat, how do we draw faces from the side? -Karmen

I was hoping to find a tutorial that goes in depth a bit better, since I don’t feel like I’m the best at explaining stuff like this. Can’t seem any that I was looking for, so I’ll do my best.

First part is the general proportions. The cranial mass (the circle part of the head), takes up about 2/3ds of the head, while the jaw only takes up 1/3. When laying down your guides, first start with a “t”. this will help you lay down where the brow line should be on the face. Next is the lay down the rest of the guides, starting with the base of the base of the nose and hairline. Understanding where the base of the nose is will make is easier to figure out where the mouth and top of the chin need to be, as well as the right position for the eyes. The hairline tends to be about halfway between the top of the head and the brow line, while the base of the nose is either on or a little above the base of the circle. For the ears, the top of the ears tend to be on the same level as the eyes, while the bottom of the ears are on the same level as the base of the nose. Both the lips and the chin usually don’t extend past the tip of the nose.

. Something that I was taught in college was to understand that anatomy always follows a pattern, and for the face, it’s no different. Both the body and facial structure sort of mimic this zigzaggy motion, as if someone was stacking a bunch of blocks on the edges of one another, if that makes any sense. At least when designing more realistic-looking faces, it might help to keep that in mind.

I guess lastly, is how the look of a portrait may vary between men and women. Men tend to have more sharper features (square jaw, more chiseled-looking brow and nose, etc. ), while woman tend to have more softer features. Thankfully for this part, I did find a good link, and I think this person explains the differences better than me.

I did also find a tutorial that goes over some of the things I talked about, though most of what it says is things I already said here. But, it does show some different ways of how the same guides can be used for different character faces - both realistic and cartoony.

Anyways, that’s all I got for now. I hope this helps. ^^