Gives you hell- All american rejects

Tomorrow you’ll be thinking to yourself
Where’d it all go wrong?
But the list goes on and on

And truth be told I miss you
And truth be told I’m lying

When you see my face
Hope it gives you hell
Hope it gives you hell
When you walk my way
Hope it gives you hell
Hope it gives you hell

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ship: Reigisa


Thank you for asking about them friend!

Who asks the other on dates: Nagisa! Since he knows that Rei loves being on a set schedule, Nagisa makes sure to tell him about any date ideas a few weeks before it would actually happen. Rei appreciates this since this gives him time to make sure nothing will disturb them on those days, but he sort of gets irritated when Nagisa feels it is necessary to remind about their future dates every day until that day arrives.
Who is the bigger cuddler: Nagisa! The blond has tried restraining himself from clinging to Rei’s side like glue, but he can’t help but hold on to his boy tight each time he acts adorable. His cuddling gets worse when they get home, leaving Rei and Nagisa laying on the couch for hours even though Rei is determined to get some cleaning and cooking done afterwards.
Who initiates holding hands more often: Nagisa! No matter where they go, Nagisa insists that he holds Rei’s hand until their palms get all sticky. Makoto giggles each time he sees the taller boy trying to pull away from the blond, but failing completely. The brunet knows that Rei isn’t really giving his all to get away from Nagisa and just doesn’t want to admit that he loves getting that small bit of attention.
Who remembers anniversaries: Rei! Nagisa can be seen as a carefree spirit, treating each day he spends with Rei as special as he does the last. However, Rei believes that their anniversaries should be celebrated to the fullest and organizes beautiful events that he and Nagisa can both enjoy. Much to his opposition though, they end up going to the amusement park the most so Nagisa can ride all the rides and eat all the sweets.
Who is more possessive: Nagisa! When other people want Rei’s attention, Nagisa isn’t hesitant to jump on the taller boy’s back and say “He’s my Rei-chan!” with a pout and sad puppy dog eyes. Rei should be used to this now, but he still turns as red as a cherry, apologizing to the people he was talking to after he explains to Nagisa that no one would replace the blond in his heart (where no one can hear him say it)
Who gets more jealous: Rei! Since Nagisa has always been used to being around girls, he doesn’t mind when the girls in his class come and talk to him. He sees them as good friends and less annoying than his sisters at home, so he tolerates hearing them gossip and telling him how cute he is. Rei sees all the girls around him as intrusive and disrespectful because they tend to lean closely to blond’s face. He really doesn’t have the heart to tell them to back off, but he always calls Nagisa over when he feels they are taking it too far. Nagisa always asks him why he is scowling when they walk off together, which leaves Rei to make up some excuse about not figuring out a problem in class or complaining about the food in the cafeteria.  
Who is more protective: Rei! He has appointed himself as Nagisa’s personal protector ever since he saw Nagisa almost fall onto the train tracks. The blond is a big ball of energy and is known to get easily distracted. Nagisa complains that he knows what he’s doing but Rei insists on giving him constant warnings about things and says it’s for his own good.
Who is more likely to cheat: Neither of them! Both boys find themselves not looking at anyone besides each other a majority of the time. Rei and Nagisa have developed enough confidence about their relationship to know that cheating would be impossible.
Who initiates sexy times the most: Nagisa! The feisty little blond makes it his mission to get Rei in the mood whenever he gets bored with their study sessions (which is usually at the one hour limit) Rei protests, especially when either of their parents are home. He is a firm believer that intimacy should be private so he only accepts willingly if he knows that no one will come barging in if they make too much noise.
Who dislikes PDA the most: Rei! It’s not that Rei doesn’t like PDA, but he finds it extremely embarrassing that other people stare if Nagisa makes a move in public places. His face burns the whole and he finds himself trembling if he isn’t looking at Nagisa for reassurance that all of this is okay. The blond can only giggle when the taller boy acts so timid, but that’s what makes him love showing PDA more often
Who kills the spider: Nagisa! As soon as he sees a spider crawling around, the blond grabs anything in his near vicinity to kill it. The kill he is most proud of is when he grabbed one of the paper ninja stars he made at school and hit a tiny spider with one of the points of the star. Rei is still miffed at him for using one of his science textbooks to kill a giant spider though.
Who asks the the other to marry them: Rei! He knows that Nagisa would be happy no matter how they lived their lives. He also knows that the blond doesn’t enjoy being tied down too much, so it takes him some time and encouragement from Haru, Makoto, and Rin to finally propose to him at Nagisa’s favorite ice cream shop. Rei finds himself yelling and falling over when Nagisa automatically pounces on him, sniffling and whimpering small “yes”s in his ear.
Who buys the other flowers or gifts: Rei! He insists that Nagisa only deserves the most beautiful gifts. Despite Nagisa telling him that small gifts would make him just as happy, Rei manages to give the blond the biggest bouquets and thoughtful gifts each time a holiday or special day comes around. The gift that Nagisa adores the most is his giant penguin plush named Willy, whom he got on their first date.
Who would bring up possibly having kids: Both of them! It shocks both boys when they mention kids at the same time, but smile gratefully seeing that talking about adoption would flow as smoothly as any other conversation they’ve had. After careful consideration, Rei is set on taking in one boy and one girl to join their family. Nagisa can only pout when he says he wouldn’t mind having six children by their side.
Who is more nervous to meet the parents: Rei! His own parents were always sticklers for making a good first impression on people so he arrived at Hazuki household with flowers in his trembling hands. Mr. and Mrs. Hazuki can only smile at the earnest boy, and tell him to come inside. They tell him that he could enter the house as he always had when he was just Nagisa’s friend, but Rei insists that he has to respectful now that he was dating the blond.
Who sleeps on the couch when the other is angry: Nagisa! It is rare for him to get mad at Rei, but when he does, Nagisa makes sure that the other knows. He stomps his way to couch and lays down face first, grumbling until he falls asleep. He wished he stayed in the same position for the whole night, but Nagisa always finds himself in awkward poses whenever he wakes up.
Who tries to make up first after arguments: Rei! If their argument lasts for more than a day, then Rei begins having anxiety, worrying that their fight would cause him and Nagisa to separate. It takes a bunch of convincing to get Nagisa to have a civil conversation about it, but it always has good results, including make up cuddles and kisses.
Who tells the other they love them more often: Nagisa! He finds no problem with saying those to Rei because he is saying the truth. He means it with every fiber of his being and he wants to make sure that the other knows how much Nagisa cares for him. He also adds other compliments to the mix to tell Rei how special he is. Nagisa gasps and gets butterflies in his stomach whenever Rei tells him he loves him too.

What bugs me is when I see a post about someone dissing peeps from the UK because they can’t handle the heat wave. Uhm hello? Do you live there 24/7 they’re not used to that sort of temperature so of course its a heat wave. Don’t call them weak when you won’t even be able to adjust to theit cold climates! -_-

Hoping the heat wave passes soon for you guys!

I am so tired and we barely did anything today. these six weeks might actually kill me.

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    Roy was mad at her?

Roy was mad at her.

It wasn’t her fault though– she went when they told her! She did her best! It wasn’t her fault more people walked in when she killed the General. She had to kill them too! She couldn’t let any evidence get away and that meant witnesses right?

So didn’t that mean she did good? By trying to follow the orders they gave her?

But Roy was mad.

So she didn’t do good.

Roy said she failed.

She didn’t do good.

Roy said she ruined everything.

She didn’t do good?

“’m sorry.”

Her voice was quiet, almost a pleading tone to it. She didn’t want them to be mad. She wanted them to be proud of her.

How could she make them proud of her?

“I can– I can fix it– I can do somethin’–”

Her voice wavered a bit, as emotions strangled her throat, “Don’t be mad Roy– I can do better. I can do good. I always do good. You said– you said I did good before so I can do it again. I can fix it– I was just– I can fix it, Roy– Please don’t be mad–”

They glance over their shoulder at the sound of her voice, so soft they barely heard it. They’re still angry- the General had needed to die but the others she had killed were innocent bystanders, they shouldn’t have died- but there’s something about her tone, the sheer brokenness of it, that stops them.

After all, Ed wasn’t really at fault, was she? They had be the one to send her during office hours, they had been the one to give her instructions that were too vague. Edwin could only follow their orders, there was nothing to be gained by blaming her.

A sigh leaves them, and they turn to face her completely. “No, Ed. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that to you, it was wrong of me.” 

They step towards her and pull her into a hug, gently stroking her hair. “You did very good, you killed General Horowitz just like I asked. Thank you.”

We had two American kids come visit the school today and it was awesome. They took an English class with one of the 1st year classes and then had lunch with them. The kids were 12 years old but I forgot how much more mature American 12 year olds are, it kind of shocked all the teachers. lol The girl was taller than me though…it reminded me of how tall people really are in areas that aren’t Japan…I like having counters my height! 

I still have three weeks until I move into my new apartment, but I’m REALLY EXCITED and I really want to start packing and getting all my stuff ready to move. it’s a little early for it yet, but next weekend I’m going home to pick up some of my stuff and hopefully get some odds and ends that I still need for the new place, and the weekend after that I’m working, and then I move! so there’s really not much more time at all!

I’ll probably start putting the extraneous stuff in boxes this week. I’m taking my bookshelf home in the hopes of painting it (nasty laminate on particle board, we’ll see how it goes), so at the very least all the stuff on that shelf needs to be packed up.