also im not gonna name any names but there’s a yt channel reviewing the new ‘sjw marvel series’ and while he does make some good points sth i can’t get over is how he talks about art styles.

he keeps pointing out that the women are drawn in a masculine way bc apparently it’s the sjw’s agenda to make every woman masculine. now, pointing out a character that used to have long flowing hair suddenly getting a short haircut is one thing and i could at least see how that would be more ‘masculine’. but he keeps pointing out things like their jaws?? like, he’ll point at a pic of a fairly normal looking woman and be like ‘here you can see that masculine chin again’ and im like uhhhhhh. in one review the characters were teenage girls and he went on to say ‘teenage girls don’t have chins like that’ and it literally had me speechless bc like. wtf lmfao so girls can’t have CHINS now??

anyway, i just watched his review of the new iceman series where he’s gay and the guy was talking about the cover and again, pointed out the art style and this time he complained about and made fun of how ‘effeminate’ the characters on the cover are drawn. now, i know the artist of that cover is a gay man himself. and i know this bc he’s one of my favorite artists out there. you know why? bc he’s interested in men. and you can TELL that in his art bc he knows how to draw beautiful and sexy men. most comic book artists seem to think that a sexy guy is a guy with a six pack. and to make that guy even sexier you have to give him an 8 pack. they don’t think about body language that will actually make a man look seductive or whatever.
but anyway so this yt guy was making fun of the art style and of how ‘pretty’ all the guys look and how that automatically makes them look like gay characters from a sitcom. and i can’t even begin to roll my eyes at this bc the intensity at which i’d have to do so would probably damage them permanently.

anyway this guy obviously has some pretty narrow and fucked up views on appearances and, in the 2nd scenario, also has 0 idea what makes men attractive.

for christ’s sake, he laughed at iceman’s pose for not being in a real fighting pose and for having him ‘cock[ing] his hips like a woman’. and that’s so ridiculous for 2 reasons: 1) he has that very limited tolerance for body language which dictates that a guy can never show that he has a spine and 2) he’s complaining about a fighting pose that’s more to show a character looking sexy instead of powerful, but that’s only a problem because for once in his life, it’s not a female character being treated that way

god. its so ridiculous. like i can rly understand some of the points he makes but then he says the literal stupidest and most stereotypical bullshit. and he thinks he’s being SMART lmfao oh man