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Do you not like the Batgirl redesign? is that why you reblogged the Batgirl of Burnside post?

No, I really actually quite hate it. They ruined Barbara Gordon as a character and turned Batgirl into a joke as far as I’m concerned.

The idea of Burnside is nice, and the art is amazing. But that actual character became butchered by DC for marketing purposes. They tried too hard to make her like what they thought was a teenage girl. But the biggest problem here is that she is a teenage girl.

Babs should actually be older than Dick is. They turned a full grown woman into a teenage girl again, while everyone else got to continue in adulthood. This next part started before Burnside was even around, but Barbara should still be in her wheelchair as well. They erased a disabled character from their comics, a prominent one at that. 

There was nothing wrong with having her as Oracle. Oracle was a badass. There were other already teenage girl batgirls around. Stephanie Brown would have been perfect for what they were looking for, much closer to Burnside. But instead they erased Babs for who she was.

The costume they stuck her in also happens to look like a rubber rain coat and is down right ugly. Nothing is wrong with her classic costume or variations of it. Barbara loved that costume.

I usually try not to be too openly opinionated, but I cannot stand Burnside. Nothing was wrong with Babs being disabled, wearing glasses and sweaters and not being a stereotype of a teenage girl. She was smart, mature and tough as nails.

This amazing woman was reduced to this shell of a teenage girl below.

I honestly would practically sell my soul to have the old Barbara Gordon back.