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wait omg how did bokuto find out where akaashi lives

He went to his father’s bodyguards to ask if they saw anyone looking like Akaashi lurking around their property or leaving the party, and one of them is like “heeyyy that sounds like this dude who used to stalk this house some time ago” and they all agree in unison. They question why Bokuto wants to find this weirdo and Bokuto’s only response is “I just gotta”.

They have Akaashi’s address because two of them followed him home after they saw Akaashi digging through the trash cans behind the house. They came to the conclusion that Akaashi is just some odd but harmless, messy man who lives alone and eats lots of instant noodles. Harmless or not, they tell Bokuto to take Iwaizumi with him anyways.


Buster Keaton: Favorite Poses.

When you find a character you’ve got to stick with it.

“What you have to do is create a character.  Then the character just does his best, and there’s your comedy.  No begging.”  (Buster Keaton Interviews).

How do you convey this without sound?  Buster Keaton utilized many mannerisms and poses to get his character, emotion and story across.  We all know about his porkpie hat, deadpan expression (not really deadpan but we’ll go with this for now) and tramp outfit.  But what else did he employ?

I’ve shown a few select examples of his mannerisms.  Putting his hand to his heart to convey hurt or relief, or searching his pockets - a way to convey unease.  My favorite, the scout pose has him always looking ahead or looking for answers.  So optimistic.  Always looking forward, never back.  

But there can be embarrassment or his fingers to his mouth, contriteness or his crossed feet (some say pigeon-toed) and bewilderment or putting his hands to his back (arms akimbo). 

There’s the eye-roll, conveying oh my god, hand to his face when he gets hurt and the questioning or searching eye gaze with just his eyes moving in his blank face.  I may say blank but that does not mean unemotional for Buster.  His famous contemporary moniker was “The Great Stone Face” but with just the movement of his eyes or eyebrows (those will have their own separate post!) he could convey intense emotion.

And don’t get me wrong either.  The emotion expressed by Buster in each instance could be multi-faceted.  This is part of his fascination.

The images here span most of his movie life, 1920 to this birthday party in 1964.  Whether it was in his early shorts or his later feature work, Buster used the same mannerisms to get his point across no matter what his diverse movie character happened to be (working man, rich guy, bum, whatever).  To be sure, I’ve left a lot out and haven’t even touched on his other diverse talents (stunt work, directing, editing, etc).  

Hopefully many of you will see your favorite pose here.

This is part of the 2nd Annual Buster Keaton Blogathon sponsored by Silentology.

Things I still need explained.....
  • What happened to Beth’s body?
  • What happened in those 17 days between her death and them being on the road alone?
  • What is the timeline between the prison falling and Terminus?
  • When did Maggie get pregnant?
  • How is Maggie still pregnant?
  • Why did they let Noah escape the hospital, just to kill him off three episodes later?
  • What were Daryl’s feelings towards Beth?
  • Why did Beth find the D.C. spoon?
  • Why did Beth get theme music?

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Can you imagine Louis on a Larry and Payneton double date though? He'd embarrass the hell out of Liam, "oh, wait a minute, let me just find that photo of Liam after he shaved his head,", "Liam didn't know where China was. China,", "did you know Liam came to me and Harry for gay sex advice?" I have a feeling it would not happen more than once.

yet when they’re alone Louis would hug him and tell him how proud he is, and how much he loves him!

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What if S4 ran into a Strain that could play out someone's memories as if you were watching a movie and it, of course, hit Fushimi.. How would the Alphabet squad (+ maybe Seri and Munakata if he didn't already know the gist) to Niki and Kisa's treatment of Saru?

Would the person who was hit know everyone just saw their memories? Because I can imagine that wearing off abruptly and all the alphabet squad is just staring at Fushimi who’s just sitting there shocked for a minute and then he glares at everyone and tells them not to say a word. Meanwhile the alphabet squad can’t stop looking at each other, like did you just see what I saw and everyone’s suddenly finding that they understand Fushimi’s attitude a little more. I think Munakata wouldn’t be terribly surprised at all, he’s probably got a decent idea of things even without needing to see it, but Awashima would probably be pretty upset. They all might talk about it a bit later, like so that’s the kind of people Fushimi-san’s parents were and just everyone not knowing how to react to Fushimi the next day because of course he takes any shows of sympathy whatsoever to be pity and he doesn’t want any of it.  Hidaka in particular I could see not letting himself be put off by that, just wanting to let Fushimi know that it’s not pity and they all care about him is all, and Fushimi gets pissed because he didn’t ask for that either. I feel like Fushimi would be pretty upset that his past was just laid out for all to see (there’s that bit in LSW where hallucination-Niki is like ‘hey why don’t you tell everyone about me’ and that Fushimi would rather die than do that) and he just wouldn’t want to talk about it in any way. Munakata would actually probably handle things the best simply because he would be the one person for whom nothing has changed, since he had guessed most of it anyway, and he’s the only one Fushimi will really talk to for a while afterward because Munakata’s the only one who doesn’t keep staring at him with stupid sad eyes wanting to know how he’s doing.

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I was the anon who asked about 'no matter ....' I mean it's for yami. As for mutsuki (and maybe the two quinx members who had been with him bfore) they just cant hate him,no matter how much he changed now. And remembering all those memorable things they did together with haise, and comparing him to the new one, is truly painful for them. And the fact that he gives no shit to it, is what really breaks me.


i feel

i find it very heartbreaking to think about how sasaki just… left the quinx, especially right after shirazu died. he feels so distant and i really wanna know what he’s thinking because i find it so hard to believe he doesn’t give a shit about them anymore.

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Chris, in 2014-2015 i lost 20 pounds in a very unhealthy way (i just eated 1200 or less cal a day and did 1 hour of cardio everyday) but then i gained all the weight back :( i want to start over but i can't find the motivation to do it bc i feel so frustrated and i hate myself for losing control that way... so i end up giving up. i read your first attempt story and i think it was similar to mine so my question is how did you motivate yourself to start again?

I just decided I was going to start over and I did it.

Stop making excuses and DO. IT.

Motivation comes from yourself, I can’t tell you how to make it happen. If this is something you want to do, make a sustainable plan, set small, attainable goals, accept that this is a long process, and get going.

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prompt: as a child, the weirdest place Stephen ever fell asleep

“Laundry basket?” Leslie asked Ben, who was starting to get worried. It was an hour past their triplet’s bedtime and Stephen was not anywhere to be seen.

“I already checked that,” Ben said, before ticking off the other places six year old Stephen had been known to nap. “Not in the sewing room, not in the office. Not in the washing machine either.”

“Did you check the dryer too?”

“I was just joking about the washing machine, Leslie.”

“Oh, he’s napped in the dryer before.” Ben and Leslie decided to check the laundry room again, when they were interrupted by a knock on the door. They opened it to find Andy and April, a sleeping Stephen in Andy’s arms.

“Hey guys,” Leslie said to the two, then noticing Stephen, “How did you?”

“We were in the neighborhood,” April said with an amused look, “And we saw something on your roof.”

“It was hard, but we got him without waking him,” Andy said proudly.

“Stephen was on the roof?” Ben said, carefully taking the sleeping child from Andy.

“Yeah, it was hilarious,” Andy said. Ben and Leslie thanked Andy and April, who said good night, April kissing Stephen on his dumb, asleep head, and walked back to their car.

“You’re right, babe,” Andy said as April started the car, “Roof was a lot funnier than porch swing.”

Did anyone ever pause to look at this?
I find it interesting I dunno
Shows how much Alya is really trying to talk to Nino and Adrien
Marionette has Nino but not Adrien
I wonder if Alya tries to drop hints or something??
I don’t know just found it interesting nothing special tho I suppose

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How are you able to use Niol's global water? It looks really good in your game! Is there a tutorial that you could do for this?

Thank you :D I just chose the deep blue neighbourhood water version and put it into my downloads folder. No tricks necessary. 

Unfortunately it does have the drawback of showing no water at all from non beach lots, I did recently find a fix for a mirrored version of the mod that will show water in lot view, so I’ll be replacing Niol’s mod with that.

[7:41:06 AM] ollie (cyan/alphonse/ryo): i kno how itll go w/ cyan 2…
[7:41:27 AM] ollie (cyan/alphonse/ryo): “…uh… did i already put eggs in…?? …. it cant….  hurt to do another….”
[7:41:41 AM] ollie (cyan/alphonse/ryo): the whole bowl is just eggs. they are repeating this process.
[7:42:47 AM] ollie (cyan/alphonse/ryo): they crack another egg and go to find the next ingredient and come back. “…uh… did i already… put.. eggs in…?”
[7:43:08 AM] ollie (cyan/alphonse/ryo): yes you did. please stop cracking eggs. there are not many left kn that carton


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1. Who was the first kpop group you became a fan of?
 ♡  2NE1
2. How did you find out about them them?
 ♡  I was watching some videos of Haifa Wehbe singing and then they came up in the suggestions and i was like “damn, this is lit”
3. What is the first kpop song you heard?
 ♡  I Am The Best - 2NE1
4. Who was your first bias?
 ♡  CL - 2NE1, when i saw her i was like “omg wow she is so cool, i want to be just like her” yet i still can’t rap to save my life
5. Are they still your bias now?
 ♡  Yes, well one of them lmao
6. How does your bias rank in your heart? Do you love them more than, say, ice-cream?
 ♡  I love them more than Sushi and i love Sushi A LOT
7. How many kpop groups are you a fan of right now?
8. Who are they?
 ♡  Seventeen, Royal Pirates, Got7, BTS, VIXX, Astro, 2NE1, After School, Girl’s Day, EXID, SNSD, Mamamoo, Monsta X, UNIQ, LABOUM, Red Velvet, Twice, GFriend, Lovelyz, 9Muses, IMFACT, EXO and RaNia 
9. Which group is your favourite?
 ♡  Seventeen, alwaysalwaysalways damn im so unloyal wb 2NE1 oops
10. How long have you been a kpop fan?
 ♡  5years
11. Who is your ultimate bias?
 ♡  *computer says no*
12. Which kpop couples/friendships do you ship the most?
 ♡  JIHAN. Meanie, Jeongcheol, SoonSeokSeung (gotta ship this bromance, they are such jokers), Markson, Vmin and Vkook
13. Which company is your favourite?
 ♡   JYP
14. In terms of looks, which group is the best?
 ♡ *computer says no*
15. In terms of songs, which group is the best?
 ♡  Seventeen
16. In terms of dance, which group is the best?
 ♡  BTS
17. Which group would you prefer to be classmates with in real life?
 ♡  Seventeen, do you know how bad i want this to happen :))) the struggles of not living in Korea, me and Dino could be besties rn
18. Which group would you prefer to be drinking buddies with in real life?
 ♡  BTS cause they are all crazy af, so something hilarious is bound to happen
19. Which group would you prefer to work with in real life?
 ♡  Seventeen
20. Who would you want as a best friend?
 ♡  SEVENTEEN, Rocky, Jackson, BamBam, Hyuk, Mark, JB, Jimin, Jungkook, Sehun and CL
21. Who would you want as a brother?
 ♡  S.Coups, JB, Yugyeom, Mingyu, Vernon, Joshua, Junior
22. Who would you want as a sister?
 ♡  Dahyun, CL and Dara
23. Who would you want as a boyfriend/girlfriend?
24. Who would you want as a friend with benefits?
 ♡  tbh idek 
25. Who would you want as a husband/wife?
26. What is your favourite drama?
 ♡  Who Are You: School 2015 THIS SHIZNIT IS LIT AF 
27. What is your favourite radio show?
 ♡  I don’t have one
28. What is your favourite variety show?
 ♡   Weekly Idol
29. Who would you like to see on We Got Married?
30. Who would you like to see on Running Man?
 ♡  Astro just because they haven’t been on it lmao
31. Who would you like to see on Hello Baby?
 ♡  I don’t know what that is :c
32. Who would you like to see on Weekly Idol?
 ♡  Seventeen please that was funny af
33. Who is your favourite WGM couple?
 ♡  The Goguma Couple by farrr
34. Who is your favourite Running Man member?
 ♡  Idk
35. Which group did you like best on Hello Baby?
 ♡  I don’t know what that is :c
36. Which group do you like best on Weekly Idol?
 ♡  Seventeen 
37. What is your all time favourite music video?
 ♡ If You Do - GOT7
38. What is your all time favourite song?

 ♡  Just Tonight - GOT7 this song has been on repeat for the past week, Youngjae’s voice just kills me!!

39. What is the last show you watched?

 ♡  Who Are You: School 2015 

40. List 5 of your favourite groups and then fill in the questions below about them!
 ♡  Seventeen
 ♡  GOT7
 ♡  BTS
 ♡  Astro
 ♡  2NE1

Group 1 - Seventeen

41. How did you discover them?
 ♡  My friend told me about them and then i was like “okay thanks” but i never actually listened to them, then she told me about them again when Later Later came out on yt and i was like ” DAYUUuuuuM this is my jam” and i’ve been stuck in the diamond life for nearly 2years wowZA
42. What was the first song that you heard?
 ♡  Later Later
43. What was the first music video that you watched?
 ♡  Adore U
44. Who was your first bias?
 ♡  Woozi i still love him 
45. Which is your favourite song?
 ♡  Rock
46. Which is your favourite music video?
 ♡  ‘Q&A’
47. Is your bias the same as of now?
 ♡  No, i’m Seungkwan and Dino trash now but i swear it will probably change in about 4months because they aLL make me want to scream
48. Your favourite pairing/friendship?
 ♡  JIHAN.
49. Which member is the funniest?
 ♡  My boy from Jeju, Seungkwan
50. What is your favourite show they have guested/starred in?
 ♡ Weekly Idol
51. What is your favourite album?
 ♡  Boys Be

Group 2 - GOT7

52. How did you discover them?
 ♡  I literally cannot remember
53. What was the first song that you heard?
 ♡  Girls Girls Girls
54. What was the first music video that you watched?
 ♡  Girls Girls Girls

55. Who was your first bias?
 ♡  Jackson
56. Which is your favourite song?
 ♡  Just Tonight
57. Which is your favourite music video?
 ♡  If You Do
58. Is your bias the same as of now?
 ♡  Yeah but JB jumped onto the band waggon
59. Your favourite pairing/friendship?
 ♡  Markson 
60. Which member is the funniest?
 ♡  Jackson or BamBam
61. What is your favourite show they have guested/starred in?
 ♡  Weekly Idol 
62. What is your favourite album?
 ♡  MAD Winter Edition

Group 3 - BTS

63. How did you discover them?
 ♡  Tumblr 
64. What was the first song that you heard?
 ♡  Run
65. What was the first music video that you watched?
 ♡  Run
66. Who was your first bias?
 ♡  Suga
67. Which is your favourite song?
 ♡  Just One Day
68. Which is your favourite music video?
 ♡  Dope
69. Is your bias the same as of now?
 ♡  ..I kinda sold him out for Taehyung :c 
70. Your favourite pairing/friendship?
 ♡  Vkook
71. Which member is the funniest?
 ♡  Taehyung
72. What is your favourite show they have guested/starred in?
 ♡  Weekly Idol
73. What is your favourite album?
 ♡  The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Part 2

Group 4 - Astro

74. How did you discover them?
 ♡ My friend was talking about them nonstop, saying how cute they were and how Sanha and Rocky are hers lmao she thought so i decided to check them out and they really were cute 
75. What was the first song that you heard?
 ♡  Puss In Boots
76. What was the first music video that you watched?
 ♡ It’s not an official mv but Puss in Boots animal ver. lmao they all look so cute in onesies
77. Who was your first bias?
78. Which is your favourite song?
 ♡  Puss In Boots
79. Which is your favourite music video?
 ♡  Puss In Boots animal ver.
80. Is your bias the same as of now?
 ♡  YES
81. Your favourite pairing/friendship?
 ♡  I don’t have one
82. Which member is the funniest?
 ♡  All of them really
83. What is your favourite show they have guested/starred in?
 ♡  They haven’t been on anything yet, i’m just waiting for them to debut :)) IT’S TAKING SO LONG
84. What is your favourite album?
 ♡ They don’t have one

Group 5 - 2NE1

85. How did you discover them?
 ♡  Check Q2
86. What was the first song that you heard?
 ♡  I Am The Best
87. What was the first music video that you watched?
 ♡  I Am The Best
88. Who was your first bias?
 ♡ CL
89. Which is your favourite song?
 ♡  Fire
90. Which is your favourite music video?
 ♡  Gotta Be You
91. Is your bias the same as of now?
 ♡  Yes, CL slaysss
92. Your favourite pairing/friendship?
 ♡  Chaera
93. Which member is the funniest?
 ♡  Bom
94. What is your favourite show they have guested/starred in?
95. What is your favourite album?

96. Who is your favourite actor?
 ♡   Nam Joo-hyuk, atm
97. Who is your favourite actress?
 ♡  Kim So-hyun her acting is so so so good I just can’t
98. Do you create any fanwork (art/fiction/ect)?
 ♡ I write fanfics and then send them to my friends lool
99. Favourite korean word?
 ♡  입니다, after my name obviously but i just love saying it idk why
100. Any cool kpop-related anecdotes to tell?
 ♡  Too many to even write down, i have such a wild imagination 

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as always, you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to ☼

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I've just found your art and it is goals. How did you find your style and can you give a bit of a tutorial on how you draw bodies?

thank you so much!!
basically it was a lot of trial and error and getting inspired by a lot of artists

ken sugimori, takehito harada, sushio, alex ahad, tokiya sakba, momose yoshiyuki are a few artist that i can name that i love but these ones especially REALLY inspire me/ influenced my style the most
i also love concept art in general and have a fairly big collection of art books that i like to go through for reference/ inspiration

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Is there any way I can spread the word about my work. I get zero commisions every time I advertise and you make it seem so easy. Please show me the way and how you do it, SenPizzaPai.

I honestly didn’t get that many comissions when I did my open call. I got 1,000 notes but only 5 commissions total. Most of my freelance comes from my industry work.

Just post your stuff, make sure people can find your email when you post your best things. You’ll find some. 

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Valentines was easily Frisk’s favourite time of the year. It gave them the perfect excuse to flirt profusely through as many cheesy cards as they could produce without being judged. Everyone got at least one, but this year they had a plan.

Instead of reserving the cards for the 14th, Frisk left Chara one everyday for a week, each containing a progressively worse pickup line: 

“Are you a magician? Because whenever I look at you everyone else disappears.”
“Was your father a mechanic? Then how did you get such a finely tuned body?” 
“Do you have a map? I just keep getting lost in your eyes.”

Finally, on Valentines day, the final card was made. All it took was a little bit of patience to find Chara to give it to directly.

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I've fallen into Kou Hell and I can't find a way out! I wouldn't even make a good M Neko-Chan! *sobs* I just thought you were cute and had a nice voice, how did things go so wrong???

(Mun: Nuu, don’t sob! It’s comfy in this hell, I promise! *pats your head* I will make sure you never find your way out……… *silent maniac laughter*)

Kou: Oops, did I make someone fall for me again? Sorry about that, but it’s just hard not to have all this charm~ *giggles and winks*

I can’t stand the thought of anyone else calling you theirs. let alone you loving someone else. I miss you. how dare you just up and leave me like you did. I thought you loved me. what happened. why don’t you love me anymore. did you find someone new. did I get boring. did I do something wrong? tell me. why. why did you leave. I’m sorry. I need you bad. more than ever and you’re not here. thanks. I thought we’d be forever and always but I guess I was wrong. I should’ve known you’d give up on us eventually. I know things were hard the way they were but there’s no excuse. if you love someone you should fight for them no matter how hard it gets. I love you. even if you don’t love me.
—  me