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one of phil's rules for dan is that he isn't allowed to watch porn, and dan decides to anyway and forgets to plug in headphones but he's too caught up in his pleasure to notice until phil comes in? punishments and daddy kink too if u can thank

-How did I only just fucking find this I’m living ok-

Dan was happy with most of the rules Phil had laid out. No cumming without permission, no disobeying… but one of them was like a sore spot for Dan, a rule he despised.

No porn.

He wasn’t an addict per se, he just liked watching porn. He never came, obviously, just enjoyed teasing himself enough to get to the edge. And that was what he was currently doing, earphones in and laptop balanced on his knees, lip between his teeth as he jerked off with a strange sense of impatience, as though he was racing some clock. And, of all the times for his earphones to cut out and not connect to his laptop properly, this had to be the one time he didn’t realise.

In the other room, Phil was almost positive he could hear moaning from Dan’s room. But… it sounded more feminine than Dan. It was definitely a girl’s moan, and it didn’t take a genius to figure out what was happening. Phil’s blood boiled as he stood up, walking to Dan’s door. He burst in a few seconds later, just to see Dan wide eyes with a hand around his cock and laptop on knee. “D-Daddy, I can explain!” Dan whimpered in a panic.

Phil just shook his head, leaning against the doorframe. “No. Don’t try. Shut the fucking laptop, get undressed, and lay ass up for your punishment,” Phil said, and Dan nodded, biting his lip in shame and excitement. “Yes, sir,” he said, pulling off his shirt in a hurry as Phil rifled through drawers for his good leather belt.

When Phil gazed at Dan again, he realised how desperate his baby truly was. Hole twitching, shuddering slightly as goosebumps covered his skin. Phil smiled lovingly for a second, before slipping back into the dominant persona. “20 spanks. Count, and no other sounds. Understood?” Phil said, and Dan nodded quickly, face pressed against the bed.

Phil brought his arm back, before swinging it down and connecting the leather with Dan’s ass with a resounding crack. Dan gasped, but other than that, he whimpered out a “One, sir,”. Phil was so proud.

After 20 more hits, Dan was sobbing silently, dick harder than it had been before, and Phil was getting more and more impatient to fuck Dan. Phil put down the belt, kissing the red hot skin of Dan’s ass before smiling. “My good boy, took it so well. I’m gonna fuck you now, okay princess?” He said, and Dan nodded desperately.

Phil quickly lubed up his cock, smirking. “You fingered yourself?” He asked Dan, who whined. “Y-yes, sir, thought of you,” he moaned, making Phil take a deep breath to prevent himself from fucking too hard into Dan straight away. He pushed in, making both boys moan at the sudden stimulation.

As Phil pressed his hips flush against Dan’s, the boys started to whine under their breath, Phil starting up a steady, consistent rhythm with his hips, the smacks echoing and tangling with their moans. Dan was biting the sheets, teeth hurting slightly.

Phil reached around Dan’s body, grabbing his cock and starting to jerk off his boyfriend. “What’s the rule, princess. Tell me and you can cum.” Phil growled in Dan’s ear, making Dan moan.

“F-fuck, sir, the rule th-that I broke is-” dan started, being cut off by a particularly harsh pound to his prostate. Dan’s back arched harshly, pressing his chest against the bed, gripping the sheets as his whole body rocked with the intensity of the thrusts from his boyfriend.

“Fuck! The rule I broke, s-sir, is no porn! I-I’m not allowed t-to watch porn, but I-i broke your rule sir! I’m sorry, please let me cum!” Dan begged, tears starting to leak from his eyes. Phil grinned, nodding. “Good boy. Cum for me.”

Dan didn’t need to be told twice. He came within seconds, eyes rolling back as he shot all over the black sheets, shuddering and reaching to hold onto some part of Phil, needing to ground himself. Phil came not too long later, biting Dan’s neck gently as he came into the boy, smirking and sucking a hickey as he came down from his high.

If this was how punishments would be acted out, maybe Dan would misbehave more often.

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(How did I only just now find your blog?) Anyway, you can be manly in your own way! You probably can't make many changes to your body (we can be smol beans together), you could dress manly, I guess??? Tecnically speaking, manliness could be whatever you want it to be, so if wearing things like crop tops (actually though, you could rock a crop top. You would be the crop top queen) and that makes you manly. do that! Or if doing other "manly" things makes you happy, do that! (but seriously CROPTOPS


Anonymous said: O.M.G HOW DID I JUST FIND UR BLOG💖 ur snaps are amazing!!!💖💖💖i was wondering if you could do more?like exo being needy and miss you???all 12?💖 if not i understand STILL A AMAZING BLOG THO!!!💖💖💖💖

A/N: A lot of you were asking for more exo snapchats so there ya go, I love doing them honestly <3

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How the FUCK did I just now find this blog?... Anyways, I absolutely love ya. And I wanted to know if you could do a Fred Weasley smut? I'll leave it tp yoi to figure out the logistics. I'm not too picky. Sorry if you don't do the Weasley's it's just one of those days. *sigh*

You sat in your room surrounded by blankets crying. You clutched your pillow as hot, salty tears ran down your cheeks while long loud sobs emitted from your throat. You didn’t want to cry, but hurt feelings and more than a couple swigs of alcohol had left you a blubbering mess. The night hadn’t began like this. In fact, it was a fantastic night. You and all of your friends sat in the common room, firewiskey adding a fun element to the night, and laughs were shared among everyone. Everything went sour when a friend of yours decided to poke fun at you. At first the jokes were funny and lighthearted, but as the night wore on and tipsy turned to drunk the jokes became ruder, meaner, and plain insulting. By the time you had heard something sounding close to “fat” you got up. Tears were already falling down your face, but you didn’t care. Without even saying goodbye you rushed out of the room avoiding all of your friends’ pleas for you to stay. And that was how you ended up here, in your bed, crying. That is, until you heard a knock on your door. “Who is it?” you called out as your voice cracked pathetically, “It’s Fred. Can I come in?” your heart fluttered against your chest upon hearing his voice. You rapid wiped the tears off your cheeks hoping you didn’t look like a complete mess, “Come in.” Fred slowly opened the door, waking over to you with trepidation. He sat down beside you acting oddly calm, especially for him. “Are you alright?” he asked softly. You shook your head no taking a shaky breath to keep yourself from crying. Upon seeing this, Fred gripped you closely pulling you tight against his chest. You curled into him more holding onto him as if your life depended on it. Fred slowly rubbed your back and stayed silent. “It’s ok, dear. I’m here for you,” you pulled away staring into his eyes. Both of you slowly inched closer to each other, your faces only centimeters apart. Your noses brushed against each other briefly before he closed the distance between the two of you. The kiss was sweet, slow, and loving. “I love you,” you breathed out when the two of you pulled away from each other. Your heart stopped for a moment ‘Crap. I shouldn’t have said that. Why did I say that?“ you thought frantically before hearing an excited laugh from beside you. You turned to Fred, and your fear disappeared when you saw his face. A toothy grin stretched across his face, eyes shining with glee, as he pulled you into a tight hug, “I love you too, (Y/N).” Your heart melted. You turned his head to face you and kissed him deeply. The softness and sweetness of the last kiss was gone. This kiss was desperate, all of your raw emotions and slight drunkenness driving you to kiss Fred with everything you had. You straddled his lap and began to kiss down his neck. A soft groan left his mouth as you nipped at his collarbone. Fred quickly removed his shirt exposing his toned chest. You licked your lips as your hands ran down his chest and stomach. Relishing in the way his muscles rippled and flexed beneath your touch. “Your turn,” he stated with a boyish smirk as you pulled your top over your head. His hand rose to cup your breast through your bra squeezing lightly. You unclipped your bra and slid it off your chest, exposing yourself to him. He looked at you with complete adoration as he gently kissed you. The soft passion returned and for a moment you not sat together enjoying your kiss. Fred’s hands ran down from their places on your waist and slowly unbuttoned your pants. You quickly stood and removed your pants and panties while he removed his on the bed. With your last articles of clothing removed, you crawled back on to Fred’s lap positioning yourself above his erect member. You gently lowered yourself down on to him, pulling a gasp and low moan from his bruised lips. His hands ran along your body and stopped on your hips. He began to guide you up and down his member thrusting up in time with you. You gripped onto his hair pulling him as close as possible to you. You moaned and panted as his member brushed against your g-spot, nails scraping down his back. Fred let soft moans escape along with his praises, “You’re so beautiful, (Y/N). Oh dear, I love you so much.” He cried out while he pulled your hips down into his harder and faster than before. “Fred. I’m really close,” he didn’t respond, instead opting to suck on your neck and leave a dark, purple bruise. All of the sensations you felt accumulated into one burst of pleasure as you cried out. Your walls clenched around Fred, leading him to his own powerful orgasm. Waves upon waves of pleasure slowly covered you until you felt only small sparks of pleasure. Fred lifted your form off his lap and laid you back on the bed. His ginger hair clinging to his forehead. He laid down next to you and placed your head upon his chest. He kissed the crown of your head lovingly while slowly stroking your back. “I love you, (Y/N),” he whispered as you snuggled closer into his side perfectly content where you were, not even considering the possibility of your roommates entering the scene. Frankly you didn’t care, because what started as a drunken and emotional night, became the best night of your life so far.

Aaaaaaah! Thank you soooo much for requesting, and your kind words. I hope you liked the fic and that it was what you were hoping for. Thanks for reading!

Tom Holland Dating a Capricorn

Zodiac series



  • Compared to Tom, you’re more tense, but as you spend more time with him you learn to loosen up more
  • He gets you to be more spontaneous, making last-minute trips, splurging on something you saw in the store with no second thoughts
  • “Let’s go on a road trip love”
  • “What, right now?”
  • “Yeah, why not? We both need a little holiday and you know what they say, there’s no time like the present”
  • On the flip side, you keep Tom grounded, you’re the one who’ll be planning anything important
  • You also help Tom try not to overwhelm himself by trying to do it all
  • You two are pretty opposite in lifestyle choices, Tom is more live in the now, go out and socialize, while you’re more thinking about the long-term and stay at home. With that, you two together find a happy medium between both lifestyles
  • There’s always middle ground for you guys like hosting a barbecue, dinner parties etc. to compromise with your homebody nature and the social butterfly that is Tom
  • “Let’s go out this weekend, we can get drinks with some friends” he’ll ask as you two get ready for bed, Tom would be changing while you brush your teeth
  • “We just went out drinking, like last week. Can’t we just stay home and cuddle, we could catch up on our show too!”
  • “Jacob is in town though, you love Jacob, we should do something with a few of us”
  • “Well I guess we can have a little dinner with some of our friends. but you are cleaning up afterwards”
  • “You’re amazing you know that?” Then Tom would wrap his arms around you and lean into you, both of you satisfied with where you two are
  • Your relationship with Tom is one that’s always growing and learning, you can be together for years and still be learning about your partner
  • “Since when did you play guitar?”
  • “I don’t know ever since I was a kid I think”
  • “How did I just find out? We’ve been together for like three years”
  • “Not sure, you never asked”
  • You two also share the same sense of humor
  • Family is super important to you both, so it’s a big deal when you two met each other’s families and it was such a relief that when your family welcomed Tom with open arms and vice versa
  • One of the best parts in your relationship is how you two grew together, opening up to each other, and reaching your goals together. What makes Tom happy makes you happy, and what makes you happy makes Tom happy

Requested by a couple anons and @dreaxs


Thank you to @call-the-midwife for sharing that Helen George was apart of the Incognito Artists - finally some footage of her singing! (also looks like a pretty fun job tbh)

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My boi how did I only just find you omg boi. When did you make this blog and how did I not know aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Anyways, could I get some headcanons of the blueberry ((us sans)) finding out his s/o is a werewolf?? Like, he goes out one day and when he gets back theres a giant wolf on his couch but he takes one look and he KNOWS its his s/o??? Thanks bb! ((Ps, your desktop theme is hella cute, I really like the stars and the blue))

[ Haha, oh gosh, thank you very much! <3 And yes, I love the stars and the colours too :3 I just had to make it Swap! Sans themed haha xD 
Gosh this is an interesting ask though ] 

On the way out to pick up some missing ingrediants for dinner that full moon night, Blueberry was not expecting to come back to find a full sized wolf naturally stretched out on his couch. His soul jolts for a bit as he drops the bag, and is again surprised to see the wolf looking apologetic, and diving off the couch to help before they realize they can’t. “…(s/o)?” he stutters for a bit, before letting out a sigh of relief. “Oh, thank goodness it’s you! I thought something bad had happened to you,” he exclaimed, and for a moment, you look a little confused, but Blueberry doesn’t. He isn’t so surprised about seeing you this way, not entirely, but he’s a little bit confused. He didn’t know about this. He supposes though, there isn’t much that you could tell him like this, so assuming it’ll be over soon, he keeps the questions to himself for now. “You look very fluffy! Oh, would you still like tacos? I suppose I can just give you the mince, if you’d like,” he says, smiling brightly when you nod your head. “Alrighty then!” he chimes, strolling his way into the kitchen with you behind him. Cuddles go pretty well that night, that’s for sure. In the morning, once the moon is down, he constantly spurs out questions such as why you changed then and not any other time and how long as this being a thing and, more particularly, why you didn’t just tell him, because of course he would’ve understood. He’s a skeleton after all! Wolves aren’t really a surprise to him. They can be bad, sure, but he knows you would never do anything to hurt him.

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How did I only just find your blog? PGSM is one of my favorite shows (still). I remember torrenting it when it first came out and waiting every week for it to come out. Thank you for making me belly laugh.

Welcome welcome welcome! If you love PGSM you’re definitely in the right place. I’m always glad to find more people who appreciate the magical girl live-action dramas in life.

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