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okay but why won't you fix their marriage in the master chef au why do you enjoy making me suffer I just want to know if/how they decide to fix their marriage

this should help with the suffering a little

Although, lbr, they won’t really get straight back together after that, but they probably take baby steps towards getting better? Like they worked really well as friends, so Enjolras figures that if they could at least get back to that, he’d be…well, not happy, but literally anything would be better than not having Grantaire in his life at all.

Grantaire’s still working for Patron-Minette at the other end of the country, so they don’t get to see each other that often, which sucks, but they talk over Skype and on the phone, and it helps them to get better at communicating with each other? Sometimes Enjolras lets an I love you or two slip when they’re talking; it just comes out sometimes, he’s trying to keep from saying it, but it’s tough. Grantaire doesn’t ever call him out on it, doesn’t ever say it back, but his voice always goes a little softer after hearing it, and okay, that’s enough for Enjolras.

They probably just stay friends for a really long time, and they both pretend that they aren’t still technically married. Things probably don’t progress beyond that until Grantaire quits his job at Patron-Minette with the intention of opening his own restaurant. There’s a rumour going on in all the food magazines that Grantaire has plans to move out of the country for that, and Enjolras probably freaks out a little about it, until he comes home to find Grantaire sitting outside his door, duffel bag beside him, asking Enjolras if he can stay with him for a bit while he’s scouting locations for his restaurant.

I can’t even begin to explain how truly blessed I am to have this girl in my life. We have been best friends for more than half of my life. She knows my secrets, she’s seen me at my best, and at my worst… she’s been there for it all. We’ve created so many memories together. We’ve had our ups and downs for sure..but every friendship does. We’ve become better friends BECAUSE of those times. We’re not together all the time, but if one of us needs the other we’re there in a heartbeat. That’s what real friendship’s being there for each other through the good and the bad. I cannot imagine what my life would be like if I had never become friends with this girl. It would probably be really boring. Haha. I know we would be completely different people. Our friendship has continued to grow throughout the years, and I could not be more thankful. I’m not only thankful for her, but for her amazing family; they treat me like one of their own, and have since the first day they met me. Mallory Melynn, thank you for always always having my back, and for always being the one to remind me that everything happens for a reason. You’re definitely not just my best friend, you’re family, and I love you SO much. #fbf #bestfriend #bestfriends #BFFENMWH #friendship

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My boyfriend broke up with me because he doesnt want to hurt me more than it would hurt when we break up later on this year because we would have gotten more serious by then. He is 2 years older than me and off to university in the summer. I understand why he did it but its still really hard because we both still like each other. I see him a lot around school and we are both involved in the same school events. Do you have any advice on how to move on when I see him so often and i still like him?

It is honestly so hard when you see them all the time, I totally know how that feels! Just completely ignore him and move on. Find other things to distract you and know that he is probably having a hard time as well. You have two options you can ignore him or you could try to stay friends. Both options are so hard and I’m real sorry I can’t be much help but just know things do get better!!! take care lovey xx -N