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So I Just Saw DSoD

Ok before y’all yell at me for being late to the party, keep in mind I live 3 and a half hours away from the nearest theater that was playing it. So I had to wait for watch cartoon online to upload it. Me and my friend just saw and hOLY SHIT. We screamed throughout the majority of it. We’re both huge Kaiba fans and we found it endearing that Kaiba spent the entire movie trying to get his boyfriend back. Like we were straight up hollering for everything. Also we decided that either one of us could beat Diva (is that spelled right?) in a duel. Like we kept coming up with strategies and cards that would beat him. But like, the film was just really good!! It had just the right amount of plot seasoned with epic duels and left me wanting Kaiba’s duel disk!!! and And AND left me wanting another one just for Kaiba and Atem. Like you know they’d live happily ever after together. And I love that out of all of them, Joey is the one who wants to be a pro duelist. Like me! Wow talk about a man after my own deck! Uh, I mean heart. Oh and did I mention Kaiba’s beautiful  relationship with Atem? It warmed my solid ice heart. The ending just got to me. I admit, I shed a tear or two. And my friend and I celebrated by dueling! His Blue-Eyes deck vs my Odd-Eyes deck. I admit he almost had me, but I managed to beat him in the end.

wolves & sheep (CHAPTER 1) / a werewolf!au

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note: CHAPTER 1 HOORAH (also a lot earlier than expected but hey this is good!) anyways, i made this chap a lot more animalistic than the prologue so you can really see the pack dynamic and the way they change when they’re in their wolf form :) ALSO ik,, its bit of a fast change from the prologue but i rlly wanted y’all to see tthat they’re  lot more animalistic and wolf-like in their wolf form. 

picture credit!

boy: all, but calum-centric
word-count: almost 3000

prologue (read first if u haven’t read it)


→  WOLVES AND SHEEP (CHAPTER 1 in the right order holy shit)  ←
darling you’d be better off dead

“Look, I know what I saw.” Calum huffs, rolling his eyes and pinching the skin of his collarbone where his feather tattoo sat.
“I’m sorry, I’m just trying to understand what’s going on.” Mali massages her temples with her fingertips in aggravation. Luke takes a seat next to Calum, who is slumped over the couch in annoyance.
“You’re a million percent sure that you saw the same eyes that are in your nightmares?” Luke asked quietly.
“For the millionth fucking time, yes Lucas!” Calum snarled, irritation nipping at his fingertips, his body craving the animalistic power he naturally held. Luke shrinks back in his spot, eyes lowering to the floor instinctively. When Calum notices Luke’s broad shoulders turning into himself, he softens, remembering the power he held over the rest of the boys.
“Sorry, Luke.” he sighs. “I’m just frustrated, I don’t know what the hell is going-”

Cal!” the front door slams open, knocking a trinket off a coffee table, revealing Ashton, hazel eyes wide with alarm. “Someone’s on the territory!” he panted.
“Where?” he rose, growling.
“The ravine.” Ashton gulped.

As Calum sped out the door, Mali hot on his toes, with Michael and Luke following behind, his bones began to shift, and he felt his feet begin to swell and turn to paws. His hair began to spread down his body, and his shoulders popped as they expanded with muscles. Teeth sprouted in his mouth, and he felt his body grow into another, familiar form he had grown to know and master.


His senses heightened dramatically, his nose being able to take in the scent of every little flower and dewdrop that riddled the forest. His sight began to hone in on the path to the ravine that was created by daily patrols and paws that stomped the ground continually. Trees became a blur, the only scent he could smell was an unrecognizable musk that only meant someone who didn’t belong was on his territory.

His paws pounded across the forest floor, an aggressive snarl on his lips. The silver blur on his left was Mali, and the familiar brush of russet fur was Luke. An aggressive snarl behind him was Michael, and the reassuring chuff was Ashton.

This was his pack.

Calum and the rest reach the ravine and an unfamiliar scent of another wolf reaches their noses.

Rogue wolf, he thinks.
He growls to his pack and they leap across the ravine together, as if they were flying across the raging waters below. Their large bodies slam onto the ground again, landing on their paws and claws sliding into the moss. They run through their forest, the trees and surroundings familiar to them as the scent of the rogue wolf comes closer.
An unfamiliar howl sends Calum halting to a stop in a meadow, and whipping his body left to follow the sound.

My territory, he thinks.

Mali begins to surge ahead into a clearing when she says “I see him”, and Calum lets her run forward. He knows she can handle it, and he’ll be there a second after her. Mali’s silver body races into the trees, her threatening growl alerting the pack that she’s in the rogue wolf’s sight now. Calum snarls and runs faster, his pack following at an impossible speed.
When they see Mali again, she’s snapping viciously at a small gray wolf’s muzzle, who dodges her teeth narrowly.

My turn.” Calum thinks, Mali glaring at the wolf. The wolf looks at Calum and then to the rest of the boys behind him, eyes widening when he realizes he’s outnumbered. He shrinks under the glare of Calum, and his tail falls between his legs in fear.

This is my territory.” he growls. “Get the fuck out before I make you.

The gray wolf is sprinting into the trees before Calum finishes his threat.

Make sure he leaves.” Calum commands, Ashton and Luke racing after the rogue wolf. Calum sighs, shaking his pelt free of dirt. “Let’s go home.” he thinks. Mali bounds across the clearing to meet her brother, before a shaking bush and breaking twigs stops her in her tracks.

Calum whirls around to the sound, tilting his ears to hear breathing. Mali begins to hiss at the bush, knowing that nothing that belonged here would make a sound like that would give themselves away. Michael rushes to Calum’s side, body tense, ready to sink his teeth into anything that threatens him.

But when Calum growls at the bush, what comes tumbling out is not what he expects.

It’s a human. Michael looks to Mali in tense confusion, still ready attack on his leader’s commands, but unsure of what to do.

How did a human get to a place so remote?” Calum thinks.
Maybe she was chased here by the rogue.” Michael suggests, teeth still bared at the girl.

It’s a human girl, no more than eighteen years old, and it’s clear that she wasn’t dressed to be in the forest. A light jacket shucked over her shaking form, and a plaid skirt peeking out from underneath the jacket. She’s small, he thinks. She would probably be a little taller than his wolf’s height. Her bronzed skin was muddied, and the scent of blood begins to fill the air. Her eyes were shut, tears streaming down her face, dark black hair tousled and messy. Calum can see Ashton and Luke return, only to find a human girl in their forest. Calum halted for them to stop, and he advances towards the girl.

The girl scrambles away, her back hitting a tree and her body slumping over in exhaustion. She’s been running for a long time.

“Please don’t hurt me,” the girl sobbed pathetically, tears streaking her golden cheeks.

Finally, the girl opened her eyes, maybe to lay eyes on her killer, but Calum is taken aback.

Those eyes.

 They looked so familiar again, unlike just earlier in the day. They looked so hauntingly familiar when they’re riddled in fear, darting around the forest, searching for an escape route perhaps. They looked so familiar when they were looking for a saviour.

Calum lowers his head, and pushes his ears back flat against his fur almost involuntarily.

He doesn’t want to, but an overwhelming instinct to submit washes over him, and it’s as if he were never an alpha. The girl only watches in fear and shock when Calum’s ears pushes back, and he yips in protest.

It’s as if someone takes over his body. Something pushes his ears back flat against his fur, something pulls his head lower and lower to the ground, until his eyes are trained on his own muddied paws. His muscles strain to regain the powerful stance of an alpha that he is, but his head feels so heavy, as if someone is placing weights on him.
Is this how Luke feels? he thinks.

He can feel the shock of his friends, and a small whisper of his name from Mali causes his alpha instincts return.

He fights the overwhelming desire to submit to this human girl, digging his claws into the forest floor and snarling. His muscles are trembling against the invisible force that claws painfully at his muzzle and neck, and he’s almost there, he’s almost standing tall and mighty again when his eyes fall back to the girl who is panting against a tree and suddenly he’s being dragged down to the ground again. It takes a single glance at her for the claws to return, for the choking weight to fall on his back again, and for once in his time as an alpha, he’s scared.
A fearful whimper falls from Mali-Koa’s throat as she watches her brother struggle against seemingly nothing. It looks as if his body is fighting himself, as if a war was raging inside of her brother, and perhaps there was.

He’s sure the rest of the pack can feel it. Calum doesn’t know if they’re feeling his struggle, fighting his own instinctual alpha confidence to return, how he’s fighting so hard for something that is already his. But he’s sure that the pack can feel his fear.

Calum can’t go back to the way it was before, the way it was when he was being controlled, when the invisible force that weighs him down now wasn’t so invisible years before.
And he thinks that it’s this fear that triggers his strength again.

His claws dig into the ground, and he pushes against the force that threatens to knock him down again. He bares his teeth and releases a malicious snarl. And he’s almost raising his tail from between his hindquarters when the girl emits a fearful whimper that seems to elicit the force of a crushing blow to the struggling alpha, and it sends him tumbling down to the floor below him.

Michael watches as Calum curls into himself on the floor, almost underneath her feet, a look of resigned acceptance shining in his alpha’s eyes.

Calum.” Michael’s deepened whisper reaches Calum’s ears and it only worsens the pounding of his head, as if his mind is still fighting to overcome the force that sent him to the floor. Mali-Koa creeps silently to stand next to Michael, and glances at him with anxious eyes. Calum may not be the alpha of his sister, but he had strong mental ties to her, rightly so, and it was affecting both siblings.
Get up, Cal.” Mali thinks, her thoughts immediately echoing in Calum’s mind, and he tries to move, but the force only grows stronger, and seems to clamp down on his paws, pinning him to the forest floor.
Calum!” came Ashton’s deeply concerned voice.
“C’mon Cal!” Luke’s deepened voice pipes up in his mind, and the only response the bronze wolf receives from his mighty alpha is a resigned, miserable chuff of air.

Calum’s lack of ability to even create a reply to his pack makes it clear to himself– he’s lost.
  There’s a moment of silence after Calum’s chuff of air, where the only sounds are the breathing of the wolves and the girl, and the natural sounds of the forest.

Calum’s eyes travel to his sister, looking at her dejectedly, knowing there was nothing he could do to fight whatever seemed to be overcoming him.

Calum’s muzzle rests by the girl’s feet, and she pulls her feet back, away from the jaws of the wolf she’s sure could rip off her limbs. But something tells her, touch it.

The girl raises her arm, fingers shaking with uncertainty, and her hand inches closer and closer to Calum’s snout, eliciting the start of an aggressive growl from Ashton.
No.” Calum’s voice startles Ashton and cuts off the growl that was growing inside his throat.

The girl watches Calum with careful eyes, and for the first real time, Calum looks at her eyes.

They’re a bright hazel in the sun, framed by eyelashes that sweep upwards gently. He takes in the soft curve of the girl’s nose, the short, curled black hair that frames her defined cheekbones.

The girl’s fingers get closer to Calum’s snout and Mali tenses, lowering herself, and claws extended, ready to shed blood if she needed to. Luke follows when Mali growls softly, and Michael’s claws are digging into the moss underneath him, ready to defend their crippled alpha.

The forest is quiet when the girl’s fingers touch Calum’s fur, and Mali watches in tense silence for her brother’s reaction.

The girl’s fingers run across Calum’s snout gently, ghosting over his fur, sending involuntary chills down his spine. The girl stares at Calum warily, still ready to take off should she need to. But as her fingers brush across his fur softly, a wave of something washes over Calum like water rushes over the pebbles at the beach.
The girl’s touch sends a tantalizing relaxation over Calum, his heart-beat slowing as her fingers begin to press more firmly into his fur. The sensation is so sweet and foreign to Calum that when her fingers begin to pull away, a pathetic whine leaves his throat, almost as if the alpha were begging for more of her touch.

Pathetic, he thinks. An alpha, bred for power and status, created to kill and destroy anything that threatens them, is whining for human touch like a pet dog.

But it feels so good, he thinks. The slowing heart-beat, the wave of what feels like peace washing over him as fluidly as water; it feels so impossibly good.

What are you?” the girl whispers, watching as the massive, jet black wolf melted underneath her fingertips like wax so easily.
That question was so simple to answer only fifteen minutes ago.
An Alpha.” comes Mali’s aggressive snarl. She’s had enough of watching some girl overpower her alpha brother, and what Mali wants, Mali gets.

Mali leaps out of her hiding spot, startling the girl, her hand ripping away from Calum’s muzzle.

She stands, eyes wide with fear, watching as Mali advances, lips held back in a menacing snarl, golden eyes locked on her target. A single growl erupts from her throat before she lunges.

Mali’s teeth meets warm flesh, but it’s not the girl who is harmed.

The girl is only a shrinking figure as she races across the forest, back to wherever she came from.

A booming roar that shakes the ground sends birds flying from their nests, and stops the other wolves in their tracks, whipping around to see Calum standing tall and mighty again over his sister.
His teeth are bared to Mali, who instinctively whines under the will of an alpha.

Don’t touch her.” Calum’s voice echoes in all of their minds.
Didn’t you see what she did to you?!” Mali’s incredulous bark echoed across their territory, almost as booming as her brother’s. “She turned you into a puppy with one look at her eyes, Calum.” she snarled, raising her head to look dead into Calum’s.
Shut the fuck up, Mali.” Calum snarled.
You have no control over me,” she growls threateningly, reminding Calum that she’s his sister, and not his subordinate. “You’re not my alpha.
I am an ALPHA!” Calum nearly screams in his pack’s heads, his threatening growl startling the whole pack. Mali shrinks back in both fear and instinct, never seeing her brother so angrily protective over a human. “I am an alpha, I demand respect.” he growls, baring his teeth to Mali as he advances closer and closer to the agile silver wolf.

The rest of his pack begin to whine, their instincts beginning to take over as all three wolves eventually submit to their leader.

The hierarchy was the most animalistic part of them. Calum couldn’t help but bark at them when he felt he needed to, and they couldn’t help but submit when he did– the instincts were a part of them, and they couldn’t fight the most raw part of themselves if they tried.

Calum growls threateningly at his pack who stand in line in front of him, ears pushed back and varying submissive stances on display for him. Mali still stood tall and proud, refusing to back down to her brother, even after his aggressive display, seeing as she wasn’t really a part of his pack. She wouldn’t submit until her instincts took over and physically made her. 
Luke’s eyes were averted, avoiding eye contact with Calum– instinctively submissive. His russet body was turned low to the ground, tail tucked by his side.
Ashton sat back on his haunches, shoulders pressing with Michael, who holds the same position as Calum.

Most of the pack was dark, to blend into their forest surroundings. Calum, the darkest of them all, was a fully jet black wolf, with dark, threatening eyes. His powerful posture as a wolf– large shoulders held back and dark muzzle raised upwards, was a sign of his status in the pack hierarchy. Mali, in opposite of him, was a dark gray wolf. Her and Calum shared similar eyes, but was the most agile of the boys, limbs light and built for running. Luke, a tall russet wolf with powerful limbs that were built for pouncing and mauling– if he learned to hone his body. Michael’s pelt changed colors with the season. It was a dark, muddy red now, to blend into the fall surroundings, but it would soon turn white for the winter that seemed fast approaching. And Ashton was a hazel wolf with matching eyes. His wolf looked the most expressive of them all, in contrasting to his sharp teeth and claws.

Calum growled as he stood tall over his pack, save for Mali, who would growl and snarl until the moment her animal instincts took over.

Calum padded up to Mali, growling quietly as he advanced, Mali never breaking gaze with his brother, seeming to have the most control over her instinctual urge to submit to an alpha.
I don’t care if you’re my sister.” Calum’s commanding voice echoes in the whole line-up, the two siblings’ eyes still displaying aggression. “You don’t touch a human.”

A parting growl of dominance that makes all the wolves but Mali shrink back is the last thing Calum says before he takes off into the forest, black paws pounding through the trees as the pack’s minds becomes silent.

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I am so tired right now and I just want this out.

The relationship between Troye and Connor is really amazing. Like, have you seen a couple do their best not to talk about their love life, despite what is shown to the public’s eyes? Have you seen a couple stay strong when they are apart for a long period of time? (Distance makes the heart grow fonder) 

It’s, like, Troye and Connor are willing to do whatever it takes to keep their relationship intact and strong. It seems like the distance between them, the rumours that are thrown around, the differences between them, the similarities of their own individual selves, and their support for each other make their love for each other stronger each day. 

The distance between them makes their connection stronger when they are reunited again. Those breakup rumours are proven false every single time they’re brought up (which is fucking amazing). The similarities and differences between Troye and Connor are what makes their relationship so unique. Hell, they both will openly promote each other’s work because they care and love each other THAT much. They are so happy together. They would do anything to make each other happy. Their commitment to each other is what makes their relationship so strong and solid. 

It’s amazing…