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Can you imagine laying on Harry’s chest, maybe his eyes are closed and you’re falling asleep. He’s playing with your hair and tracing patterns on your skin. He would giggle a little every time you yawned. “Sleepy?” He would whisper and you would just nod. He would brush some hair out of your face and kiss the top of your head and hum. You could feel his warm, tattooed chest rise and fall until you drifted off


“Sleep, my love.”

You kiss his neck and snuggle closer. “I don’t wanna.”

He hums, scratching at your scalp. “Why not?”

“Wanna stay like this a little longer.”

His voice is so soft and you can feel his chest vibrate when he chuckles. “M’gonna be here when you wake up.”

You smile and scratch his tummy affectionately. “Can we sleep in?”

He snorts. “My sleepy girl. ‘Course we can.”

“And can we stay in bed all day?”

“Mmmm.” You can hear the smirk. “‘Course. I can think of a few things we could do.”

“Like sleep?” You tease, and he pinches your sides.

“Yeah. Something like that.”

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noah fence but Timothée would totally be the affectionate/borderline clingy type of bf like you'd be watching TV and he'd come put his head on your lap and literally take your hand and put it on his head bc he wants you to play with his hair, and also when you'd be lying on your stomach on the bed on your laptop he'd just come and lie down on top of you and put his whole weight on you and plank and when you'd be reading a book he'd just slide beside you, lifting your arm up +++

+++ and put it around him and lay his head on your tummy and he’d whine for you to read out loud for him and also when you’re not paying attention to him he’d just point out his finger to your cheek until you look at him and when you finally turn your head and the finger would poke your cheek he’d find it so funny and he’d be so proud of himself aaaahhhhh he’d honestly be so annoying and overall The Worst


wow ok why don’t u just stab me