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I was looking for a gif to express how content and happy I am with how well my latest fic did, but I stumbled upon this gif and instead all I can think of is that Steve is trying out his drawing skills on Tony’s skin and Tony is all smug because of course he’s the best canvas but then Steve obviously wants to try it out on a body part with a little more space than his face has and Tony becomes a nervous and eventually a giggly mess instead as Steve lets his brush trace all sorts of patterns on his tummy and ribs

That was all. N out

Chubby anti headcanons no one asked for

hes not much different than regular anti, but there are quite a few notable things to point out [in my head anyway ….idk if sav sees him this way]

  • A lot more affectionate, loves to cuddle and kiss all the time 
  • wears clothes that are a bit too small, just to show off his body
  • tummy messages and tummy kisses are a yes
  • just yes  pls
  • made it so he couldnt gain anymore chub since he has a lot already and so  he can eat whatever he wants while still having his perfect body bc fuck it hes not giving up chocolates
  • knowing that anti has done that, goog gives him all da sweets
  •  and anti adores it
  • Anti really loves his body
  • goog does too
  • meanwhile me and sav die bc their blissfulness and general no fucks about what others might say about antis chub are too precious

 @http-anti add to it for me if you want :D

Yugyeom - 3 (M)

A Submissive Yugyeom Drabble <3

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Yugyeom peered up at you, anticipation dripping from his puppy-dog like eyes as he watched you circle him. 

The black satin ribbons that bound his hands together looked so gorgeous against his porcelain skin, the reddened marks that speckled his bum and tummy made the view you had even better.  
Leaning down slightly, you gently grasped his jaw in in your hand; roughly pressing your berry coloured lips against his. 

As your tongues explored each other’s mouths and the sound of his precious groans had you weak in the knees. With each leg on either side of his lap, you sunk down; taking a seat as you draped your arms around his neck. 
You could feel his tugging against his restraints as he began longing to touch your body, his bare member twitched against your bum as he hardened underneath you within seconds. 

Slowly you broke the kiss, delicately licking his lower lip as a smug grin spread across your face. “Someone’s so ready for me, huh baby boy?” You chuckled while you teasingly rocked your hips against him. 
His head rested against your chest as soft, needy groans escaped his pillowy lips. “Mhm, Yuggy.~” You seductively whined just before stilling your movements. 

Immediately he lifted his head, looking at you with his pleading heavy-lidded eyes. “Mis- Mistress, please…” He whimpered, chewing on his lower lip as his cheeks flushed a cherubic shade of pink.  

God was he adorable. 
“What is it, my prince?” You snickered, bring your hand up to his face; tenderly caressing his cheek for a second before combing your small, slender fingers through his jet black hair. 

Instinctively, he bucked his hips up; showing you just how badly he craved you. “I really, really need you-” He whimpered, pressing his lips against the crook of your neck; sending chills circulating throughout your entire body. “Pl-Please Mistress, haven’t I been a good boy?” 

His warm breath against your sensitive skin had your hair practically standing on its ends, and immediately you began rocking hips once more.
The soft whine that flowed out of him was filled to the brim with pure relief, “Fu…” He faintly whined until his voice seemed to trail off; his head slunk back as he tried to just concentrate on how good he felt.

The wetness between your legs gradually grew as the flame in your core ignited, “Hmmm…” You whined in a hushed tone, leaning forward as you continued your tortuous movements; roughly pressing your lips against his neck, licking and nipping at the sensitive flesh. 
More of his magnificently lewd groans poured out of him as he felt your sharps bites and sinfully talented tongue against his neck. 

Suddenly you reached down, halting your movements as you lifted your hips off him; grasping his swollen member. Resting your head against his shoulder, you began stroking his cock; circling the tip of his member with your fingertip every so often. 
You couldn’t help but adore the honey-like shuddered moans that freely poured from his parted lips. 

“Mhmm, such a good boy for me… aren’t you?” 

“Mistress will take good care of you, baby boy.”

“I’m not letting you damn yourself!”

- Chapter 6: Family, The Awakening

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hey, @why-animals-do-the-thing; I know this was a recent topic of discussion about indoor and outdoor cats and safe ways to use the outdoors as enrichment, and just wanted to share this video of one of my two cats who is leash trained, Gizmo!

for those who say my cat must be an exception to the rule of leash training a cat; while he is very friendly and smart (he knows sit and wave and can jump through a hoop so far) my vet actually diagnosed him when I first got him with feline idiopathic cystitis. which basically means he has a hormone imbalance in his brain that makes him more sensitive/prone to more cat spazz runs than your average cat. Most of the time it’s marginal and he acts like a normal kitty, but if he gets too worked up he can make himself physically ill with UTIs.

Our first forays into leash training were…..a bit crazy; he was always fine with the harness but going into such a big open space was overwhelming for him at first. But with a lot of repetition and letting him decide how he wanted to interact with the outdoors he soon came to be the cat you see in the video! The rolling and casually exposing his tummy, non-dilated pupils, high carriage of his tail with the slow and lazy wags are all signs of an incredibly happy kitty! He will actually purr as I’m putting his harness on now (which is not typical for him; he’s not a big purr-er) because he’s learned harness=outside now! I always see videos of people dragging their poor cats along the ground in their harnesses and it drives me nuts! Cats are not dogs; expecting them to walk with you at your pace is unrealistic. A lot of people would have so much more success if they let the cats dictate their time outside and you just follow. Your main job walking a cat is to just make sure they stay safe and don’t get away! Also please get a wide mesh harness if you do this with your cat. They are much more comfortable for them and cats seem more relaxed in them comparable to a strap harness.

So, please, extend your cats lifespan by keeping them inside, but also expand their world in a safe and controlled manner through something like leash walking!



[It’s been a while]

It’s been a while
Since I posted anything~~~
Guys, is this the place where the fans of Billboard singers are gathering happily together??????
I came here to say thank you and hi to everyone. 4 days have gone by. 4 days have passed?? I still can’t believe it. Because of everyone’s love and support we received such a huge award !!!
You guys know this, right !!!??? This is your award!!!
At this moment, I want us all to love and support each other !!!!
We arrived in Australia today. We visited many great places and ate delicious food
We will perform well at tomorrow’s show!!!!!!
I will do well and come back safely like I always do ~
Here are some pictures~~~

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