Emma tells him it’s stress, but he sees the way her eyes widen whenever it happens – a tremor that begins its course from the tips of her fingers and travels up, up, up, until it’s almost at her elbow.

She tries to hide it, turns her back, shoves her hand in her jacket pocket, runs it through her hair. Emma buries it under habits, and smiles harder, and tells him it’s nothing.

He knows it isn’t.

Somewhere in his chest, he feels a pang of hurt every time she brushes off his concern, a clawing sensation that slowly works its way to his throat if he keeps it on his mind for long enough. After everything they’ve been through, Emma still hides behind her armour.

But in a lot of ways, she doesn’t. It’s the little things. The way she lets him play with her hair when they’ve crashed on the couch after a long day of running around town, too tired to reach the bedroom to fall asleep. The way she reaches for him by the zippers of his jacket, and presses her nose in the hollow between his collarbones. How she asks him to tell her stories when she can’t sleep, takes him to dinners with her parents, lets him teach Henry how to sword fight.

It’s the little things that tell him he’s come a long way from guarded smiles and hurtful words. She needs time, he knows. But despite all her absurd notions of wanting to fight this battle on her own, she needs support.

The next time her hand shakes, Killian remembers how far they’ve come. He reaches for her fingers slowly over the top of their dining table, enough so she can pull back if she needs to. He tightens his hold on her, and the shaking tampers down to a small jump every other second.

“It’s just-”

“Stress,” he cuts her off. “Aye, you’ve said.”

“It’ll go away eventually.” She scrunches her brows together like she doesn’t quite believe it.

Her hand stops jolting entirely and she waits a few seconds before lacing her fingers with his and squeezing, this time his heart being the one that does a little jump.

“I’m here, Swan,” he reminds her, hoping she’ll unload the burden that weighs down on her shoulders. “You only need ask.”

She sighs, a sound that seems to carry a jumble of emotions. “I know,” she admits. He leans forward and leaves a lingering kiss on her forehead, an encouraging smile following close behind. She returns it, pulling their joint hands until she’s holding them against her chest.

He knows her, knows the look of gratitude and apology she’s giving him. She won’t tell him, maybe not for a while, but it doesn’t change the fact that he will never let go.

Immortal FAHC AU where instead of dying and respawning, they just don’t die.

Someone tries to poison Geoff and watches vindictively as the foam spills from his mouth… and then clears right up. Geoff simply regains his breathing, glares at the man frozen in shock and pulls a gun on him.

Jack is once held under water for twenty minutes. Her chest burns and her eyes burn and her body is too weak to fight back after some time but it just won’t let her give in to death. In the end, it’s her killer who gives up and lets her go, and he’s long gone by the time she’s done coughing all the water out.

Gavin is taken hostage, beaten, tortured. Eventually they get sick of his snarky comments and the lack of information he’s giving them. So they slit his throat. Gavin laughs hysterically at them with blood bubbling in his mouth.

Michael emerges from a misplaced explosion covered head to toe in burns. His clothes are singed, his hair missing in patches. But he still has a wicked grin on his face and his minigun in his hands.

A rival sniper once shoots Ray clean through the head. Ray doesn’t even flinch. The other sniper watches through her scope as he merely shrugs nonchalantly at the blood trickling down his nose.

Ryan in a gunfight and he’s clearly outnumbered, taking shot after shot after shot. But he never falls, despite the blood pooling at his feet. The enemy gang members just see a black skull and a figure drenched in glistening dark red.

Police drag Jeremy out of a car wreck after they drive him into a wall. His arms are broken, his leg is broken, his collarbone is broken, blood is running from a gash on his head. But he is conscious and somehow still able to fight back, get a few punches in and run for it despite his bent and misshapen limbs.

It’s terrifying and unnatural and puts everyone completely off of even trying to kill them, because they know they will be the ones who end up getting killed instead.

Because killing the Fake AH Crew is an impossible task.

Imagine falling in love with Dean, one of your father's knights, and him fighting to win your hand because he feels the same.

“Do you need help with that?” your voice was soft, the only indication of your presence at the moment which made the knight jump in his place.

A small wince left his lips and his hand immediately went to his abdomen where you saw a few droplets of blood. But as soon as he took notice of you being there the bandages fell from his hands and he took a step back. He swallowed thickly, his adam’s apple moving in an almost distracting way and you offered him a small smile.

“Princess” he said in a low and thick voice.

“I’m sorry, did I startle you?” you asked softly and he took in a breath, clearing his throat.

“No uh, no your majesty. I merely was… tending to some wounds.” he gave you a small smile that fluttered soon and you gave him a nod “Do you need my assistance or-”

“No” you cut him off, shaking your head “No, I only wanted to… see you. I realized that you were wounded in some way and now I see that it is serious.” your brows furrowed as you glanced at it. He followed your gaze but in the end shook his head.

“You shouldnt bother yourself with this, my princess.” he insisted but you sighed, giving him a look.

You didn’t say anything, you merely held his gaze and walked towards him. You saw Dean swallow thickly once more as step after step you got closer to him. He almost felt his heart jump out of his chest, and the fact that the tent was so big didn’t help at all in his situation.

“Sit” you said softly but he couldn’t find it in himself to move “Dean” you offered him a kind smile “Please, sit.” you glanced at the makeshift bed he was previously sitting on and this time he obliged.

Still keeping the smile on your lips you bent down and picked the bandages that had fallen from his hands. You got up and glancing for a moment at him you focused your eyes on the gash on his abdomen. It was stitched, from what you could through Dean’s fingers, and only now some fresh blood was running.

“I’ll need to clean it again just a little, alright?” you asked and he gave you a weak nod, his eyes not leaving you.

“But princess-” he spoke only for a moment “You shouldn’t-”

“Dean, no.” you breathed out, cutting him off “I know how to do this. I have taken lessons. Plus… I want to.” you said softly, giving him a smile and swallowing he nodded his head again. So you did as you said, Dean only making a small noise here and there.

“I’m sorry if this is hurting you.”

“No, it is alright.” he said in a rough voice “But- my princess-” he let a small sigh “What are you doing here?”

A small smile formed on your lips as Dean waited for an answer. You looked up from the wound to lock eyes with his and gave him a full smile “I love it when you call me your princess.” you whispered and Dean took in a sharp breath, his eyes almost going wide. He blinked and looked away from you, clearing his throat.

“Are you not the princess?” he asked, giving you a weak smile at which you only raised an eyebrow.

You sighed “That I am.” you couldn’t hide the disappointment in your voice and Dean’s own face fell as he looked down.

“You looked really determined today.” you breathed out in a soft voice, breaking the silence that had surrounded you.

Dean’s eyes focused on your face for a moment before he let a soft smile rest on his lips “That I was.” he whispered, holding his breath for a moment until he heard a chuckle leave your lips.

“You got really hurt though.” you said, worry lacing your features.

“Would be worth it.” he mumbled, his eyes focusing on your fingers working delicately on the bandages now.

“What?” you whispered “What would it be worth it? What could ever be worth you getting hurt?”

“Don’t you know?” he asked back just as softly and you chuckled, nodding your head.

“Maybe. Maybe not.” you whispered but said nothing more as you focused on tending to his wounds.

“Your majesty.” he said hesitantly “You know you shouldn’t be here.”

“Nobody can forbid me of that. As you said I am the princess.” you shrugged “I want to be here? I shall be. I want to tend to my knight’s wounds?… I shall tend to your wounds.”

“And your father?” he breathed out and you chuckled.

“My father couldn’t keep back from doing what I wanted when I was a little kid, much less now.”

“I suppose so.” he breathed out and you nodded your head, not saying anything more until-

“You were quiet determined yourself.” you whispered and he frowned, tilting his head to the side.

“Today, I mean.” you whispered, finally looking at him “You didn’t stop for a moment.” you said, recalling how he fought. How he kept his jaw clenched and fought back with everything he had.

“As I said, would be worth it.” he whispered and you let a smile rest on your lips, your eyes casting down. You had to keep yourself from staring at his bare chest, let alone ran your fingers all over it. The skin looked so smooth it was practically tempting you.

“Am I Dean?” you breathed out, feeling your heart clench inside your chest but in the good way.

“Everything for you.” he whispered, taking hold of your hand and kissing back of it, holding it tenderly in his “My princess”


“It’s not that I can’t go without my tie, it’s just that I prefer to–” Cas’ rambling was interrupted by an echoing yell down that hallway that surely came from your room.

It took less than half a second for Sam to react to the sound and streak down the hallway of the bunker toward your room as fast as he could, his stomach clenching and terror gripping him, seizing his throat tightly. Cas was on his heels. Sam was prepared for the worse, drawing his pistol as he rounded the doorframe and busted into your room.

He was breathing hard and he lowered his gun as his eyes landed on you crouched on the floor holding your foot. There was a steady dripping of blood from your big toe forming a dark little pool on the tile, but Sam allowed himself a relieved exhale as he assessed your condition. 

“What happened?” he asked, coming over to crouch beside you.

“Stupid bed frame!” You grimaced as you looked down at your foot. “I stubbed my toe and it cracked the toenail.” You pouted and let out a pitiful moan and Sam couldn’t help but chuckle a little to himself as he stowed his gun. Your eyes, glistening with residual tears of pain, landed on his face and you gave him a questioning look. “What is so funny?!” you demanded.

Sam looked over at Cas and shook his head, a smile still on his face. “Nothing. Nothing is funny. You just scared the shit out of us! I’m just relieved that it’s just a stubbed toe.”

“Just a stubbed toe?! JUST a stubbed toe?! LOOK! I’m bleeding my own blood!” you said dramatically, grimacing again as you looked at your foot.

“Alright. I gotcha… We better get you patched up before you bleed to death,” he teased. Sam gathered you up in his arms and soon was carrying your over to sit you on the edge of the bed. You felt your cheeks flush, feeling how easy it was for him to carry you and unable to ignore the tense muscles in his arms and chest as he set you down.

In an instant Cas pressed a finger to your forehead and all pain in your foot disappeared along with any sign of the injury except the blood droplets on the floor.

Sam gave you a warm smile. “Better?”

You nodded, knowing if you tried to speak that your voice would only further draw attention to the warm blush that remained on your cheeks.

She hooked her leg around his ankle and pulled , and the mighty Kylo Ren went down, crashing and tumbling, with a yelp. Their lightsabers rolled away on the uneven ground, making her curse. She gathered the Force in her palm, felt it pulse and throb, and smashed her hands against his chest before he could get back onto his feet and grab his weapon. Ren let out a grunt.The tips of her fingers tingled when she pressed down against him, caging him in with her thighs. Her cheeks were ablaze as Ren made a strangled noise from the back of his throat. Her heart leapt into her throat, her skin hot and flushed, her thighs warm and snug against his sides. Unconsciously she lowered her head a fraction before she froze.
From Honeymoon by @lueurdelaube. 

Really enjoyed the story and the writing and can`t wait for more chapters. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

again ; malum

so i had the urge to write malum, and this is what ur getting out of it. its my first time writing m/m, so let’s hope its not awful

Michael hated the nights where he couldn’t sleep.

He’d lay awake, staring at his ceiling, listening to the crickets and cicadas alike as he willed himself to fall asleep, but it always evaded him. He never wanted to resort to medicine to make himself succumb to his dreams because he didn’t want to become dependent on it.

He ran a hand over his face, his fingers ending up in his messy hair and tugging as a groan ripped free from his throat. He rolled over and tried to find a more comfortable position but failed. Michael hit the vacant pillow next to him out of frustration.

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what if the turtles found a person on youtube and developed a crush on them and then they found out that the person is in NY and they happen to see them? .3.


He has a moment and just goes all geek, but on the inside; he bites his lip and makes that ‘hgnnnnnggg’ sound in his throat.  He’d be screaming now if he hadn’t been keeping himself together.  He smiles big once he contains himself, and he goes straight home to binge watch your videos.

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He doesn’t geek out, but just gets really excited and watches them for a moment.  He’s got a big grin on his face, happy that his favorite YouTuber lives around the are of his home.  He’s upset though that he can’t meet them, especially with the crush he has on them.  Like Leo, he goes home and watches your videos for hours, more than usual.

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He makes an audible gasping sound, not too loud not too low.


It kills him even more since he has a crush on them, he wants to meet you so bad!  An autograph, a hug, something!  You’re on his mind for the remainder of the day.

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*Somewhere, off in the distance..*

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You:  “….What the hell was that….?”

I’ll be right here - Minific [707]

Of course you can!

Breaking glass. The shattering was so loud, it was unbearable but his body refused to move and Luciel could do nothing but open his eyes, watching a figure ease itself through a window. How could anybody get into the building? It was supposed to be secure, moreso now that they were with him. Oh, God, them, he needed to keep them safe-

His body was still rigid and he could have screamed with frustration; with his heart in his throat like this it was hard to think straight, to focus on the stranger who crept ever-closer to the bed where he lay beside his still-sleeping partner. Panic was bubbling in his throat- ever-rising, ever swelling, ever choking him and oh, it felt like he couldn’t even breathe without the motion of his chest taking every ounce of energy he had. There was some quick movement, a bustle and then this terrible, terrible screaming and the stranger had them, had them by the body and the throat and they were just shrieking and the sound was so terribly piecing.

They were being pulled away from him and his body was so useless because he couldn’t jerk himself away from the bed to grab them, do what he could to defend them, trigger the security.

And then suddenly he was free, sitting bolt upright and grasping at the air but he couldn’t see them, his hands were groping blindly into the darkness and it was only as arms wrapped his body that he realised the panicked shrieking was coming from nowhere other than his own mouth. Luciel was pulled in close and though momentarily every instinct told him to run, there was a familiar soothing voice in his ear and he could do little more than grow weak against his partner as fingers combed through the back of his hair. Just a nightmare, they murmured. Just a nightmare, he told himself- though the thought alone didn’t immediately ease the hammering of his heart in his chest. Gradually Luciel eased himself against them properly, his arms draped around a vaguely confused and rather confused figure that simply allowed him the chance to relax. Their fingertips rubbed tiny circles between his shoulder blades, easing down to the small of his back and then back up again and Luciel let the tension ease from his body; his head was pressed into the crook of their shoulder and he managed a shaky sigh.

Just a nightmare, he insisted, closing his eyes and hating feeling so very vulnerable but being so very thankful for the fact that they were there, holding him, that there was no freak trying to kidnap his partner for God knows what reason. 

“Are you okay, Lucy?” They ask, tentative as they stroke loving lines up and down the length of his back.

He does nothing, but they swear they can feel him smile.

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Could we possibly get Sasori headcanons please? SFW/NSFW

i love sasori with every fiber of my sinful being, but tbh he’d be the worst boyfriend lmao ~admin sasucakes


♥ His S/O will often have to initiate the kisses and hugs. Even then, he can get cross if his S/O is too touchy-feely. A simple peck on the cheek or light hug will do. He doesn’t crave physical intimacy often, but when he does, he wants it now. He can be very demanding in that sense. He’ll tug on your sleeve, clear his throat, and even glare at whatever is keeping your attention. 

♥ Sasori is bad at remembering things like anniversaries, important dates, or even your birthday. He wouldn’t understand if his S/O gets upset with him for it. He doesn’t see the point in celebrating the passage of time, and may even get annoyed with them. However, once things cool down, he’ll tell them that he’ll try to wrap his head around the idea. It’s as close to an apology as you’ll get from him. 

♥ He will rarely tell you that he loves you. (Like never, most likely. The closest thing you’ll get is a “You’re mine. Don’t forget it.”) He assumes that since he spends a lot of time around you, you should know that his feelings run deep. If his S/O feels insecure about his feelings, he still won’t say those three words, but instead will spend a lot more time with them, and engage in their conversations more frequently. 

♥ He doesn’t want kids. He’s very bad with children; he honestly doesn’t understand why people would want screaming, whiny brats. He won’t admit this, but he’s also a bit greedy when it comes to your attention, and can’t stand the idea of someone else stealing it. He’s like an overgrown child tbh He has the same attitude towards pets. 

♥ If his S/O is also an artist, Sasori will be genuinely interested in their projects. Art is one of the only things he can spend hours talking about. Of course, he would be more interested if his S/O was also into puppets, but he’d show interest in other mediums as well. Conversations will be filled with questions about your art, and although he would act like he knows all the answers, he’s actually extremely curious. 


♥ Sasori as a puppet doesn’t have a dick, and his sex drive is even lower than it was when he was human (which was already very low). He’ll mostly have sex for his S/O’s sake or to remind them who’s in control.

♥ Sasori has a dom/sub thing. He likes knowing that you’re under his control, and that you’d be helpless without him. When it comes to sex, he prefers to take the lead, as he doesn’t enjoy being caught of guard. 

♥ Sasori finds your reactions interesting, especially since he can’t feel physical arousal anymore. He has definitely hooked you up to his chakra strings under the table and played with your sensitive flesh at least once. He likes seeing you struggle to contain your moans as you squirm against his touch. It’s even better to watch knowing that he can’t get as desperate and needy as you.

♥ He doesn’t really desire sex, but he doesn’t want his S/O to pleasure themselves when he’s around either. He’s the only one that’s allowed to touch them, including themselves. It’s this weird mix of wanting to keep them on the edge, and satisfying his possessive side. Sasori likes knowing that he’s the only one who can wring out their cries. 

♥ Therefore the only way you can get Sasori to lose control and fuck you with his fingers is by one-upping him. If he comes home to see you stroking yourself, whining his name and rutting against the bed, he’ll take that as a challenge. He’ll immobilize you with his chakra strings, leaving you at his mercy. And boy, when you get Sasori worked up like this, he will have no mercy. He’ll leave you teetering on the edge for hours, and will only let you come when he feels satisfied that you’ve learned your lesson. When you do come, the overwhelming relief will crash into you like a tidal wave, and you’ll probably be reduced to tears. Sasori will be smirking in the background aha

Surripio - Fragment

Faervell’s sleep had been fleeting. Their prison had been disturbed in what felt like mere moments after he’d closed his eyes, that hand coming back and snatching hold of him and the others. Just when he thought he had gotten rest and been saved from the mess, he was back on the stone.

His throat was hoarse, his pleads and screams feeling just as bad coming out as the stones enchantments that tore against his body. No matter what he did, what he gave them, what he would say, the torture would go on and on until his body quivered so much that he thought himself on the edge of death.

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Part 9 to the cheating imagine pleaseeee it's one of your best imagines 😍

part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5 part 6 part 7 part 8

Aw, thank you!

The two of you have built up a steady rhythm and you gasp as you finish. Eric presses you harder against the door, sucking hard on your neck as he finishes as well. You hear “Eric?” on the other side of the door and he widens his eyes and moves back from you. You quickly pull your shirt down and pull up your pants as he clears his throat. He tries to keep his breathing steady, “Y-Yeah, Mom?” You watch him hurriedly pull up his jeans and you go over to his bed, sitting down. His face is still a little red as he opens the door, “Hey, yeah, what?” Mrs. Harris raises her eyebrows, “We’re leaving.” You quickly cover your hickey with your hair as you get off the bed, “We’ll be right down.” Mrs. Harris smiles as she walks back downstairs and you giggle, hugging Eric. He hugs back with his non-broken arm and kisses you deeply, “Mmm…” You take his hand and go downstairs, saying goodbye the the Harrises. Eric kisses your cheek and you wave goodbye, watching him go out to the car.

The phone rings later that night and you answer it before your parents wake up, “Hello?” “Hey, beautiful,” Eric mumbles. You smile and curl up under your blanket, “Hi, handsome.” He grins and looks up at the ceiling, “What are you doing?” “Falling asleep in front of the TV,” you answer with a chuckle. “I wish you were here,” he mumbles. You let out a long sigh, “Me, too.” “Hey, I liked that thing you did today,” he grins. You giggle quietly, knowing exactly what he’s talking about, “Well, I heard that was a sensitive area, so…” “Yeah, it was good,” he keeps smiling. You let out a small yawn and Eric nuzzles into the phone, “You sleepy?” “A little,” you say in a soft voice. “Get some sleep,” he murmurs, “I’ll see you tomorrow.” “Okay, love you. Night,” you say. “Love you, too,” Eric says happily, both of you hanging up.

You drive Eric to school the next morning and go out to the pit with him. Dylan greets you and the three of you sit down, starting to talk. You and Eric keep stealing kisses from each other and Dylan’s teasing the two of you. Suddenly your ex walks over to the pit and Eric frowns, moving his arm around you. He keeps his distance and lights a cigarette, glancing over at you. You frown as well and ignore him, showing Eric a lot of affection. He smiles and returns all your touching and kissing, not even caring about your ex. You know he doesn’t matter anymore. You’ve both found the person you could love more than anyone and nothing is going to change that. The bell rings, but you and Eric stay sitting in the pit until you’re the only two outside. You decide to skip and go on a picnic, only reinforcing how much you love each other. If you can survive a crazy ex-boyfriend and embarrassing encounters with your parents together, then you can survive anything.

A Proposal by Any Other Name, Chapter 16: Truth or Dare | A Reylo fic


Chapter Summary: When stuck in a house with nothing to do, Kylo and Rey find a way to entertain themselves.

Chapter Preview

What are you doing? He asks himself, not for the last time.

He’d been asking himself that question since two days prior, but it had only intensified since the previous night, with Rey trying to cuddle herself up to his neck and—

He clears his throat roughly.


Author’s notes: IT’S FINALLY HERE! *slinks back off into scheduled break*

(I will be coming on to post when I update but that’s about it, folks.)

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this is such a weird question but if anyone knew it would be you. Where do you think luke's heart lives? like physically in his body (and yes i know in this chest but like) some peoples hearts live in their hands, others in their heads, some in their ass *eye emoji* but i was wondering where does luke's live? I think his lives on the tip of his nose, or where his shoulder meets his neck. (this is such a weird question i hope you get what i'm saying)

this is cute! what if it’s in his fingers with all his talent? or in his throat with his voice? you know with everything he puts on stage? probably in his eyes, though? you know, with all the things he sees and experiences and that lil sparkle when he’s on stage and the crinkles by them when he’s happy and he smiles and they’re so bright and soft and they pay so much attention like when he looks at you he really Looks at you :’)

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The thing I'm looking forward the least to with this whole plot is all the Killian hate from fellow CSers that's going to happen, because when he gets angry at her for lying to him you KNOW people will jump at his throat. Also not looking forward to all the passive-aggressive posts against those of us saying Emma is doing something wrong here, ugh... it's going to be 3B and Dark CS arc all over again

People have their favs. But yeah, when there is this kind of conflict, people tend to take sides and defend their fav (if you favor one side of the couple). It’s a fact of life.

Personally, I love both. I absolutely understand why Emma is doing this, why she feels it’s best. But it’s not. Lying isn’t the answer and it never is. It wasn’t okay when Killian lied in 4B about Ursula. It wasn’t okay when Emma did it as the Dark Swan. And it’s not now. This retreating and trying to fix things herself is a bad habit she needs to BREAK COMPLETELY or she’s never going to be the person she wants to be, the person people who love her character should want her to be. If you’re an Emma stan, you should be dismayed at this setback for her. That she still feels this way, that it’s best to rely on herself. It’s not healthy. Even if you understand why. Understanding why doesn’t mean you agree. You can love Emma and want her to be a better version of herself. I love Emma because despite everything that’s happened, she does want to be her best self. She does want a home and love and everything. 

But she’s still her own worst enemy in getting and keeping the life she wants. Calling out your fav’s character flaws doesn’t make you a bad fan of that character.

Edland entered the Hotel quietly. He smirked when he saw that he had to wait at the back of a 12 person line. He peeked around the lane of people and looked at the receptionist. Figures, a small 18 to 19 year old woman, to busy flirting with the handsome man at the front of the line.

Sighing he turned around just as someone came up behind him. His eyes widened as he took in the striking image of the man standing before him. For a second, he imagined him without any clothes on, and for once, Edland blushed.

Clearing his throat, he smirked. “Hello, sir. I do believe this is going to take a while. Have we met before? I seem to recognize you.” Edland wanted to grab him and fuck him then and there. Holding out his hand, he said “Edland Dalmen, pleasure to meet you, Sir.”

@ idiosyncraticdaydreamer1317

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And you'd slowly slip your pants off and smile at the two of them and Zack would clear his throat a bit and just keep taking pictures

And you’d step out of your pants and smile and stretch before going over to the coffee table and lean on it right in front of Zack

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yesterday's topic: shaving today's topic: I WANT MATTHEW TO SHOVE HIS DICK DOWN MY THROAT

Ahaha I know!!! You guys always surprise me but it makes me laugh so much 😂😂