Imagine being turned on by Dean in a leather jacket.

“You really should wear that leather jacket more often.” you bit your lip as you rested your weight on the door frame, smiling at Dean as he got dressed.

Your boyfriend chuckled, glancing at you as he fixed it “As much as I love the sound of that- I am afraid I can’t, baby.” he gave you a grin and you frowned.

“I didn’t suggest anything.” you shrugged innocently and he laughed a little more.

“Sure you didn’t.” he said with a chuckle, walking past you but you stopped him; standing in front of him with an adorable put and placing your hand on his chest; your eyes linger on that deep v-neck of his making you weak already. You just loved the way part of his firm chest showed and the skin of his throat just begged you to kiss it and lick it.

“But-” you batted your eyelashes up at him, your hands running up his chest “If I was, would you be such a great boyfriend and do something about you sweet girlfriend’s needs?” you gave him an innocent smile and he laughed with a shake of his head.

“My girlfriend is sweet and quiet honestly the most beautiful one in the world- but at the moment I am busy so I’m afraid I can’t baby.” he chuckled, brushing you off with a kiss on the forehead and with his hands on your shoulders his pushed you away.

“Come on, Dean.” you gave him a look “Not even five minutes?”

“Five minutes I do have but it is not going to be just that with you sweetheart, and we both know it.” he winked at you and you huffed; crossing your arms over your chest.

“Alright then… How about six?” you gave him an innocent grin and he laughed, raising an eyebrow.

“Really now? It is going to be ten times that, princess. And yes I want it to but as I said- busy.” he said as he fixed his hair in the mirror and you bit your lip as you got caught in staring at how his muscles flexed under that damn leather jacket. You loved the way it fit him that well and gave him that bad boy look. IF he was a hard rock singer or musician you would surely be all over him.

You had never thought he would look this good and hot let’s not forget that, in that leather jacket. It almost made you wonder if you were going to develop any more new kinks with this man. The way the jacket moved as he walked around made all sorts of thoughts run through your mind. All sorts of dirty thoughts.

“Can’t Sam just go by himself?” you suggested, going towards him and wrapping your arms around his waist and giving him the best puppy eyes you could.

“Technically-” he shrugged “But for real now- Does this jacket turn you on this much?” he smirked down at you with a raised eyebrow and you nodded your head with a big grin.

“You have no idea how much.” you said in a low voice “You really give your girl all sorts of thoughts with this jacket you know that?” your voice came muffled as you buried your face at the crook of his neck and started peppering kisses all over.

He let a small groan and his hands found your hips were he squeezed “Didn’t know that.” his voice came out strained and you smirked to yourself, your fingers playing with his jacket and shirt as you started licking over his soft spot “You never-” he moaned “-Never told me that.” he shut his eyes and let a deep throaty growl “Baby girl has new kinks?” you could hear the smirk in his voice and if you weren’t this into this look you would have rolled your eyes at his smugness.

He chuckled but then groaned when you sucked on his neck and kissed it afterwards “You really should have told me sweetheart.” he groaned “I never knew about this.”

“No?” you asked innocently “My bad.” you breathed out pulling away for a moment to look up at him “Maybe you should punish me?” you raised an eyebrow and he breathed out a strained chuckle, his grip on your hips tightening.

“Princess.” he said with a clenched jaw and you smirked a little, satisfied with yourself.

“But then again- you always are so affectionate and slow. Passionate and loving.” you whispered in a low voice, your lips finding his neck again “No matter what you wear, bad boy clothes or not- you are such a sweetheart.” you smiled softly when you heard him growl.

“But how about for today- you go rough on me, baby boy?” you kept kissing and sucking at his skin but looked up at him and he gave out a strained sound.

“Sweetheart-” he was really fighting this “I- I would love this, hell you have no idea how much but- I got a job to do.”

“No” you breathed out, pulling away; hands running all over his jacket “You’ve got to do me. Nothing else.” you looked up at him and he gave you a pleading look.

“(Y/n), don’t do this to me. Please.” he gave you a look, almost about to break “You can’t seriously want me in bed right now.”

“Correction: I want you in bed right now with this leather jacket and nothing else on.” you winked at him and let a deep growl “Boy, you have no idea how much I want that at this moment.” you smirked at him and he gave you a look.

“Sweetheart, you’re pulling on my last strings.” he gave you a dirty look and you giggled biting your lower lip.

“No, no I’m not yet. Because you have no idea how you are pulling on my last strings with this fucking jacket and now that I think about it- the deep v-neck too.” your eyes roamed his chest as you bit hard on your lip “Yeah keep that on too. But nothing else for sure.” you gave him a smirk and he growled with a roll of his eyes. He didn’t say anything though, instead he crashed his lips to yours and almost knocked all air out of your lungs.

You grinned into the kiss and responded back to it just as sloppily. You fisted his leather jacket in your hands and pressed yourself flushed to him. But unfortunately before you could do anything more, such as get him out of his pants because there was no way that leather jacket was leaving, he pushed you away and gave you a small smile.

“Sorry sweetheart, gotta wait after we get done with the hunt.” he pulled completely away as you were too stunned to react “And maybe if you’re still into me, naked with a leather jacket on your bed- then you’ll have me.” he winked at you with a big grin and wore his sunglasses and walked out of your motel room. Leaving you completely stunned to stare at the closed door with your heart hammering in your chest and a feeling of need unfulfilled.


And as that he had left you to think after you recovered from your shock to think of the only way to get him back. You just weren’t going to let him go after making you feel this way by wearing that jacket, promise you things with that look and then just walk away. Well, it was obvious that he didn’t fully understand what he did to you with those clothes. Maybe you should make him realize.

“Baby?” his voice caught your attention as you heard the door slam closed “I’m back!” he said, soon followed by a small sigh.

“Right here.” you said, walking out of the bathroom and standing right in front of him.

The first thing you noticed was his back, the leather jacket making you bite your lip just like before but you got your composure back as he turned to look at you. Only for him to lose his.

“Whoa” he breathed out, his eyes widening as his eyebrows shot up. His lips parted and he seemed lost for a moment as he took in your appearance “What-” his throat felt dry and he swallowed thickly “What are you wearing?” he shifted uncomfortably in is place and you smirked.

“What?” you asked innocently, looking down at yourself “Oh this?” you motioned to the piece of clothing “It’s a leather jacket, baby.” you said with a smirk as he opened his mouth to speak but a shaky sigh left his lips.

“I- I-” he blinked swallowed hard as he walked towards you “Yeah but I mean- where’s the rest of it?”

“Rest of it?” you tilted your head to the side, smiling innocently “Oh, yeah I kinda didn’t feel like wearing anything else.” you shrugged, biting your lips with a smirk as his eyes rather shamelessly roamed your body.

“And- th-that is-?” he stuttered, motioning to you and you looked down at the smallest piece of panties you could find. Black and lace.

“Oh that?” you raised an eyebrow “I kinda liked it, and I thought it matched.” you walked towards and past him, giving him a nice view.

“H-hey (Y/n)- about what you were saying before-” he started saying, his voice low and rough and you turned your head; raising an eyebrow at him.

“What? Oh that?” you scoffed “Forget it. I am alright now.” you shrugged, leaning against the table and watched him as his eyes roamed your body. And there was not much to hide with those clothes. The jacket was not zipped up, it showed part of your breasts but covered enough to drive him crazy. And the panties didn’t cover much either leaving your legs fully exposed and in display.

“Y-yeah I well-” he gave you a nervous smile “Kinda like the idea a lot, all of a sudden.”

“Oh do you?” you smirked walked closer towards him as he swallowed thickly; undressing you with his eyes- although there was not much to take off.

And you smirked, more than pleased with his reaction. It was exactly what you wanted him to feel. This was exactly how you wanted him to be so that he could really understand you how he had you feeling with that leather jacket of his. You saw his eyes linger on your chest for a moment and you placed two fingers under his chin, making him look you in the eyes.

“Eyes up here, baby.” you whispered in a low and seductive voice “So, you were saying you wanted…?”

“What you were saying-” he licked his lips, pupils blown.

“What?” you whispered “About you, naked with only that leather jacket in my bed?”

“Maybe you too there-” he gave you a half smile that fluttered.

“Yeah.” you nodded your head, bringing your face closer to his your lips almost brushing “Sorry sweetheart-” you repeated his previous words “Kinda busy right now.” you let go of his chin and bumping shoulders with his you walked away.



“W-wait- (Y/n)! Baby I’m sorry!” his voice rose an octave and it came out in a slightly high-pitched squeak as he hurried to catch up with you.

new beginnings

Dear @redstarfiction - I am so pleased to be your Secret Santa! You asked for an AU where Jamie and Claire are children together - I hope my wee story meets your requirements! Blessings to you for a joyous Christmas season!

Colum MacKenzie, principal of Leoch Elementary School, looked at his watch for the fourth time and glanced across his desk.

Six chairs – five of which were occupied. Two by Ellen Fraser and her six-year-old son Jamie, two by Jessica Randall and her eleven-year-old son Jack – and one by Jack’s classmate Claire Beauchamp.

Jack sported a lump that would soon become a black eye – and glared at Jamie.

Claire looked bored and swung her legs absently.

Colum cleared his throat.

“Is your uncle always this late to appointments?”

Claire nodded, dark curls bobbing. “He insists I take the school bus, otherwise he’d always forget to pick me up. He’s a scholar, you know – the classics and such.”

“I love the Ancient Greek stories!” Jamie piped up from in between Ellen and Claire. “Hermes is my favorite!”

“Stop trying to impress her,” Jack glowered. “You’ve proved your point, Fraser.”

Jessica shushed her son just as the door crashed open. A well-dressed but disheveled man stumbled through and removed his fedora.

“Dr. Quentin Lambert Beauchamp,” he bowed to the room. “So terribly sorry I’m late. I’ve been translating an Assyrian manuscript and the time just slipped away from me…”

Colum stood and offered a hand. “No worries, Dr. Beauchamp – may I introduce Mrs. Randall and Mrs. Fraser?”

Lamb turned to the mothers and nodded polite hellos. “My – isn’t that darling boy the spitting image of his mother! Such fiery red hair – genetics is just a lovely thing!”

“Please sit, Uncle Lamb.” Claire’s voice was gentle but firm – evidently used to guiding her uncle back to the main topic of conversation.

“Yes, yes – hello, dear Claire.” He bent to kiss the top of her head, unbuttoned his waistcoat, and settled into the empty chair beside his niece.

Colum sat and tented his fingers on his desk. “Now that we’re all here – I’m hoping this won’t be a long conversation. But I never countenance violence at this school – especially violence that results in an injury. Therefore - ”

“I didna hurt him too badly – it could have been a lot worse,” Jamie interrupted. “My brother Willie showed me.”

“Hush,” Ellen hissed. “Ye canna talk like that, Jamie. Are ye no’ sorry for hitting Jack?”

“I’m not,” Jamie insisted. “He was being mean to Claire. And he wouldna stop, Mam.”

“Rubbish.” Jack balled his hands into fists – and his mother lay a hand on his arm to quiet him. “I was just making conversation with Miss Beauchamp.”

“That’s no’ true!” Jamie’s fair brows shot up almost to his hairline, his small voice pleading. “That *mac na galla* put his hand on her arm and she yanked it away and then he did it again and she asked him to stop and – ”

“Jamie Fraser! Language!” Ellen exclaimed.

“Did you just speak the Gaidhlig?” Lamb turned to young Jamie, whose smart uniform was a bit askew after the events of the day. “I’m so thrilled that it’s making a resurgence – ”

“Tell us, Claire.” Colum, exasperated, wished he was anywhere but in that room. “Your version of events, please.”

Claire nodded and licked her lips. “It was recess. I was outside reading my botany book, and then Jack tapped me on the shoulder. I looked up and he said I was a fair English rose very far from home, here in Scotland. I didn’t know what to say to that except ‘thank you,’ so that’s what I said and I went back to my reading.”

She paused. “And then he tapped my shoulder again and said he had been watching me for a while and thought I was pretty.”

Jack squirmed in his seat. His mother turned to him, dark brows furrowed.

“And how did that make you feel, Claire?” Colum asked gently.

She straightened in her chair. “Uncomfortable, Mr. MacKenzie. I just wanted to keep reading my book, but Jack wanted to keep talking. And I didn’t want to talk to him. Uncle Lamb says that it’s not rude to ignore someone when they’re being persistent – that the other person will understand. But Jack didn’t.”

“Aye, he didn’t!” Jamie interjected. “And then he lay his hand on her a third time and that’s when I tapped him on the shoulder and asked him to leave Claire alone.”

“And just how did *you* get involved in all of this, Jamie?”

Jamie faced Colum directly, chin tilted – proud and defiant. “I’ve been watching Claire, too – but she’s never noticed me, because I’m in first form. But my da always says that it’s a man’s duty to protect women – to keep them safe from harm. And I could tell that Jack wasna listening to what Claire wanted. And he’s bigger than her and she couldna push him away. So I had to step in.”

“But how did ye ken that Claire wanted ye to help her, lad?” Ellen asked gently. “Why did ye have to use yer fists?”

Jamie shifted to face his mother. “I asked him politely to let Claire go. And he laughed at me – said I was just a bairn.”

“You are,” Jack muttered under his breath. “You had no right to interrupt my conversation.”

“I had *every* right!” Jamie exclaimed. “When a lady says she isna interested, that means she isna interested. That’s what *my* Mam has always taught me. I dinna ken what *yer* Mam has taught ye. But ye were no’ doing what she wanted.”

“Jamie – ” Jessica Randall’s voice was quiet, but firm. “That still doesn’t make it right to hit someone.”

“But how else would he listen to me?” Jamie’s voice was choked, and the poor lad sounded on the verge of tears. “I asked him to stop. She asked him to stop. And he wouldna stop. And I was – ” he swallowed. “I was afraid he would hurt her in some way. So I hit him, to make him stop.”

“Stop being so bloody dramatic,” Jack sneered. Jessica nudged her son to keep silent.

“That’s quite gallant of you,” Lamb remarked quietly, patting young Jamie on the shoulder.

“I didn’t need the help – but I appreciate it,” Claire said softly.

Colum looked from Claire, whose cheeks were a bit rosy with color – to Jamie, a bit nervous – to Jack, eyes cold and narrow.

“I think you should exercise restraint with young Master Fraser,” Lamb suggested quietly. “He was only doing what he thought was right.”

“I’m inclined to agree,” Jessica added, shaking her head at her son. “How many times do we need to talk about this, Jack – if people don’t want to engage with you, you can’t force them.”

“One way or another, I *will* get a response from you, Claire,” Jack pledged.

“No you won’t,” Claire insisted.

“I willna let it,” Jamie nodded.

Claire smiled at Jamie, and he flushed.

Colum thought for a moment. “I agree to go easy on Jamie – he was only doing what he thought was right. He can’t go unpunished for hitting Jack, but I’ll be very reasonable.”

Ellen nudged Jamie. “Thank ye,” he said softly.

Colum nodded. “And as for you, Jack – I’d like to spend some more time with you and your mother. I want to nip this antisocial behavior in the bud.”

Lamb, Ellen, Jamie, and Claire stood, thanked Colum, and quietly exited the room.

In the hallway, Ellen helped Jamie into his coat while Claire brushed stray crumbs off of Lamb’s jacket. Ellen turned to the eccentric older gentleman. “I’m sorry we had to meet under these circumstances – you’re raising a truly lovely girl.”

Lamb smiled, a bit uncomfortable at the praise. “I’m trying my best, Mrs. Fraser – Claire and I only have each other. And our books, of course.”

Jamie took Claire’s hand and led her away from the grown-ups.

“I’d like to have you and Claire over to the farm for dinner one night – if you’d be up for it, of course.”

“Oh, we’d love to!” Lamb’s smile extended from ear to ear, his heart warmed at the gesture. “It’ll be good to get Claire in a new setting. And anyway, I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of each other in the months to come…”

They turned to see Claire and Jamie deep in conversation – her bent to be at his eye level.

“What do you suppose they’re talking about?” Ellen asked.

Lamb shrugged and put on his fedora. “We can ask them on their wedding day. Come along, Claire!”

Claire straightened to follow her uncle – but not before hugging Jamie and kissing his cheek.

Jamie watched Claire go, thunderstruck.

Ellen shook her head, smiled, and gently guided her son to the car.


Requested by Anon


“You’ll never guess what I have to do for history.” You sighed as Stefan let you in and steered you away from Damon, into a side room.

“Recreate the renaissance?” He asked and you frowned at him. “I assumed you meant for me to guess.”

“No I have to find two historic figures from Mystic Falls and do a presentation on them if I want to pass… where do I find two historic figures that haven’t already been written about.” You slumped down in the chair and Stefan cleared his throat.

“You could use me and Damon.” Stefan offered and you gawked at him.

“Stefan, you go to the school!” You yelped and you heard Damon snicker as he walked past.

“But you could use us as our ancestors, we don’t have the same teacher so… I’ll help you convince Damon to dress in his old clothes.” Stefan pulled a face as if the thought alone should be tempting.

“And I could get him to read one of your journals.” You teased and he hopped up.

“That’s brilliant. That’s brilliant! Let’s do it!” He vanished and you smiled at the thought of Stefan helping you with the project.

 “Oh God, he’s serious.” You groaned when you went to find him and found his sizing up Damon and a frilly shirt.


You and Alec were sitting in your room, trying to find a birthday gift for Isabelle on Amazon, when he did it. That stupid little mouth thing that made him look like an honest to god rabbit.

“Why do you do that all the time?” You said, breaking the silence. 

He started slightly at the sudden conversation and gave you a puzzled look, “Do what?”

“That mouth thing you do when you’re thinking hard.” 

“Mouth thing?”

You rolled your eyes and acted it out for him. 

“Oh.” He said, “I don’t even remember doing it honestly. I think my nose just itches. Why? Does it bother you?”

“No,” you said, “It’s just strangely adorable.” 

A blush spread across his cheeks and he cleared his throat, “Ah thank you?”

“Not a question, you can thank me for being adorable Alec.” You said cheekily. He blushed harder.

“Let’s just find a gift for Izzy.” He said.

You gave him a bold grin, “Whatever you say Lightwood.” 

Talk Me Down

A/N: This is so angsty I’m sorry. It’s also quite long but I wanted to do it justice so that couldn’t be helped. I may do a part 2, and I might rewrite this and make it even longer and put it on Ao3. We’ll see.

(Inspired by this ask and this song.)

Lukas groans as his phone pings from his bedside table, he looks at the clock on the wall before he rolls over. Eight am on a Saturday, this better be good he thinks. Before he can even pick up the phone it pings again. Both messages from Philip, he reads, when his eyes finally manage to adjust to the light.

From: Philip

Can you come over? 

From: Philip

I need to talk to you. It’s important 

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What (probably) happened behind the scenes of the sleeping JK and Jin Twitter post

“Aarghhh Jin-hyung is so annoying!” Jungkook exclaims, plopping on the couch with a loud grunt.

Hoseok eyes him suspiciously from the nearby table, waiting quite impatiently for the dawning rant.

“He’s been picking on me a lot recently, it’s so irritating.” He scratches his temple underneath his beanie and pulls out his phone. “Like, yesterday, we were out shopping and he kept trying to link arms with me,” he makes a noise at the back of his throat. “So annoying. And the other day,” he sighs and shakes his head, “We were walking in the park and he kept forcing to feed me.” He scrolls endlessly through his phone and smiles from time to time before frowning at his own mindless yapping. “He needs to be stopped.”

Hoseok stares blankly at the kid and drops down his own phone on the table, placing his elbow at the back of his chair. “Yah! Are you just trying to brag that you’ve been hanging out a lot with Jin-hyung? Just the two of you?”

“Kookie, you little-!” Jimin shrieks next to Hoseok. “You said you were busy the other day and couldn’t pick Jin-hyung’s gift with me and you two were just casually strolling in the park?” His voice rises higher with each word.

Namjoon’s camera shutter clicks in the background as he takes a selfie, while Taehyung loudly chews a bag of chips inconsiderately.

Jungkook mumbles something about Jin-hyung looking funny while he momentarily stops scrolling through his phone before shrugging at his audience. “Where’s Jin-hyung anyway?”

Yoongi appears from behind a door and closes it gently. “He’s taking a quick nap, so keep it down idiots.”

He sets to leave and Namjoon finally looks up from his selfie marathon. “Won’t you need a jacket, hyung?”

Yoongi rubs the tip of his nose, his face a slight flush of pink. “It’s not that cold.” And he leaves.

There’s a beat and Jungkook lazily gets up. “I’m gonna take a quick nap, too.” He waves his hand before disappearing to where Jin sleeps.

“Doesn’t he remind you of somebody?” asks Taehyung, and they all keep the answer “Min Yoongi” all to themselves with a shudder.

“You gonna say goodbye to Cara?”

Sam glances over at Dean, eyebrow raised as he watches Dean take a sip from the bottle.

“Nah,” he says, his eyes following the movement of his brother’s throat as he swallows, “not interested.” Dean’s eyes catch Sam’s then and he looks a bit surprised, but slowly lowers the bottle, obviously curious.

“You know,” Sam starts, “I didn’t mean any of those things I said back there…” Dean’s eyes are so green and Sam turns to face him completely, leaning against the side of the car. “It was just the siren talking.”

“Yeah,” Dean says too quickly, looking away, “yeah, me too.”

Sam keeps his eyes on his brother though, watches the nervous tic in his jaw and Sam can’t help but reach out, run a thumb over that sharp jaw line. Dean turns, looking a little tired, a little run down, like he doesn’t want to fight about this right now. So Sam doesn’t fight, just takes a step forward and cradles the side of Dean’s face in his hand. He’s always so amazed by how easily his brother sinks into it, every time– his tough, show-no-emotions, big brother– closes his eyes and presses into the touch. Sam makes his move then, leans in just the slightest bit and touches his lips to Dean’s, soft and chaste.

He doesn’t move back, even when Dean flutters those ridiculously long eyelashes and looks up at Sam through them. Sam doesn’t know how that siren got to him, now that he thinks back on it; Dean is… Perfect.

“We… are we good?” Sam asks, softly. The corner of Dean’s mouth pulls up into a crooked smile and Sam can’t stop a smile from spreading on his own lips.

“Yeah,” Dean murmurs, “we’re good.” And he pulls Sam down for another kiss.


The long silence stretched between you both as Jax took another long pull from his dwindling cigarette before snuffing it out in the ashtray.  You let yourself get distracted studying the small tendrils of smoke before murmuring “And I’m keeping it.  I just thought you should know.”

“Okay.”  He cleared his throat before leaning back in his chair, hands folding together on the tabletop.  “We’ll do this right, then.  We’ll be the family the kid deserves to have.”


They walked out of the elevator of the penthouse to see Hiro’s dad standing in the corridor, waiting. Is this where Hiro went when he wasn’t at Eden’s house?

“Dad, you’re waiting?”

“Of course I am, I couldn’t wait to meet this wonderful girlfriend of yours! It’s been a while since you’ve brought one home.”

Hiro cleared his throat. “That’s because I haven’t had one in a while…”
Let's Leave Together (Now I'm Ready): Prologue |  Archive of Our Own
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By Organization for Transformative Works


Yuuri’s fist hovers an inch from the door of Viktor’s bedroom. He’d meant to call his coach’s name, but the absence of an answer tells him he’s choked yet again, lost his courage even as his throat bobbed with the words he’d tried to say. He swallows hard. He won’t turning back this time. Determined, Yuuri steels his will. His eyes blink slowly closed, then open, his fingers curling tight where they float clenched before the door.

He finds his voice, and knocks. “Viktor?”

“Come in,” Viktor’s reply is almost instant, his voice a soft monotone muffled through the door. A pang of guilt prickles hot under Yuuri’s skin. He can tell he’s interrupted Viktor before he’s even opened the door.

Yuuri exhales softly. He pushes the door open and takes a hesitant step inside, cursing himself as his suspicions are confirmed and a focused Viktor draws into view. Dressed in one of the inn’s olive-green robes, Viktor’s sitting cross-legged on his bed, face framed by the wires dangling from his earbuds, his eyes fixed on the screen of his laptop. His hunched form is illuminated by the of the screen of his laptop, casting a cool glow across the pale skin of his chest visible between the loose-hanging folds of his robe. His narrow brow is knitted in concentration, but relaxes quickly as his gaze floats upward, eyes lighting up with a wide grin as he plucks one of the earbuds from his ears.

“Yuuri!” Viktor beams, throwing his arms wide in welcome. Yuuri can’t help the smile that pulls at his lips at the way his coach’s enthusiasm, easy and unashamed, begins to ease some of the tension in his shoulders.

“H-hi, Viktor,” Yuuri’s voice comes out meek, softer than he’d intended. His cheeks fill with heat, averting his eyes as the toes of one socked foot turn inwards, rubbing absently over the textured weave of the tatami mat covering the floor.

“It’s late,” Viktor says, still beaming, but his smile fades, pausing when he notices Yuuri’s fidgeting. “You’re nervous.”

It isn’t a question.

“Yeah,” the word rushes past Yuuri’s lips in a gust of breath. He’s relieved that Viktor’s spared him from saying as much, grateful at least for the moment of his coach’s uncomfortably accurate knack for reading his emotions.

Yuuri’s eyes flicker cautiously up. He’s surprised to see that Viktor’s smile has returned, softer than before but every bit as genuine. His heart flutters when Viktor’s chin tips back in a short nod, beckoning him toward the bed.

“Come. I’ve got something I want you to hear,” Viktor’s voice is gentle, and Yuuri’s legs move automatically in response, moving him towards the bed in spite of the self-conscious heat rippling through his gut at the invitation. Calm and anxious, happy and uncertain, Yuuri feels strangely numb when he reaches the bed and sinks to a seat, balancing almost precariously at the very edge of Viktor’s mattress.

“Listen,” Viktor scoots closer, picking up his loose earbud and pressing it into Yuuri’s ear.

It’s still warm. Yuuri sucks in a soft breath, swallowing the shiver that threatens to course up his spine at the unexpectedly intimate sensation. His eyes flick anxiously towards Viktor, relieved when he sees that he doesn’t seem to have noticed. Those soft blue eyes are still fixed on his laptop, sliding the cursor across the screen to rewind the track.

And then Viktor clicks play, and this time Yuuri can’t suppress the shiver that grips his core as a choir of gentle voices crescendo from silence, filling his ears with a sweet, haunting harmony. His eyes drift shut, lips spreading into a languid smile as he abandons himself to the melody sinking deep into his bones.

Viktor’s eyes stay locked on Yuuri. It’s indulgent and he knows it, how much he’s enjoying watching Yuuri’s enraptured oblivion, the way the magnificent complexity of the music provides the perfect serenade for such a simple, private scene. His plan is working, and Yuuri’s lost, hopelessly submerged in sound, just as he’d known he would be. He’d known, because inside Yuuri resides a soul, radiant and rare, inspired and captivated by music in a way that’s precisely like his own, the same soul he’d first glimpsed from thousands of miles away as he sat in his living room, entranced by the tiny figure of Yuuri Katsuki twirling across the screen of his phone.

Viktor shivers, recalling in perfect detail the way he felt watching Yuuri’s rendition of his championship program, so gripping he couldn’t blink, couldn’t risk missing even a fraction of a second of that emotion, that feeling born so obviously of his own and blossoming into so much more… He knows he’ll never forget the moment that brilliant spark of inspiration hit him, the guiding light he’d been yearning for to pull him from the darkness of endless malaise.

And now, he’s never felt so lucky. Even off the ice, Yuuri’s beauty is unmatched, and Viktor can’t help but smile as he’s transfixed by the tiny, flowing movements Yuuri makes in time with the music. It’s raw and graceless, and yet somehow it only adds to Yuuri’s innocent allure. Here, alone on his bed, hair mussed and dressed in sweats and a t-shirt, Yuuri’s beauty is candid, intimate, and Viktor knows he’ll never be able to get enough.

By the time the song draws to its end, Viktor’s cheeks are ready to combust.

“Wow…” Yuuri whispers in awe, breathless, wide eyes trailing up to meet Viktor’s gaze. “Who… what is that?” he asks, squinting at the Cyrillic letters scrawled across the screen of Viktor’s laptop.

“Oh!” Viktor exclaims as he’s pulled from his daze, realizing Yuuri’s squinting wasn’t for lack of his glasses. “It’s Lauridsen. O Magnum Mysterium. Beautiful, isn’t it?”

“Yeah,” sighs Yuuri before sucking his lip between his teeth. He’s not used to this. He’s not used to this sort of natural understanding, this connection he feels humming between them like electricity, gripping him like a magnet and urging him closer. He resists the compulsion, but he still can’t stop the sudden twitch in his fingers where they rest atop Viktor’s sheets, as if his body is trying to reach out against his will, to draw closer to the man sitting beside him. The same man who’s proven time after time that he’ll neither push Yuuri too hard nor shy away, but meet him precisely where he is… even if he himself hasn’t yet realized where that is.

“Yuuri,” Viktor coos, raising a hand to Yuuri’s cheek. The skin beneath his fingertips is impossibly soft, and the warmth there growing as Yuuri’s cheeks burst into color. Viktor huffs a small breath. His palm glides over the curve of Yuuri’s cheek and back, fingertips brushing over his temple to tuck a strand of loose hair behind the shell of his ear.

Yuuri’s stomach lurches at the sudden, tender touch. His conscience screams on instinct for him to break the contact, but he’s frozen in place, startled by the unmistakable presence of something stronger, something deeper keeping him rooted to the spot. It swells inside him, and the mood shifts, the noise in his head fading to silence. His breaths shorten to shallow little gasps, and suddenly all he knows, all he feels is the warmth on his cheek, and Viktor’s gorgeous smile dominating his field of view.

The last of Yuuri’s shock is blasted to bits by the sweet, electric touch flooding his body, his soul with the same love, the same faith Viktor’s had in him all along. And Yuuri yields to it. Shyly, he tilts his cheek, nuzzling cautiously into the palm cupped against his skin. His eyes flutter shut, and a tiny puff of air sighs softly from between his lips.

He isn’t afraid anymore. The realization comes out of nowhere, so sudden and simple it makes Yuuri laugh.

It was the kiss. Has to be the kiss, the kiss he knows will live on in infamy forever. The kiss they shared on the ice, on live television, in front of hundreds of thousands of people. That one, single kiss that turned out to be the wrecking ball he needed to smash through the last of his walls. And he knows there’s no way he’d have survived it if it hadn’t  been for Viktor, his idol and his coach, sweeping him into his arms and anchoring him to earth as the dust settled around them.

He feels safe with Viktor, Yuuri realizes, and the smile on his face shows it, languid and content, framed by glowing, petal pink cheeks.

“Viktor…” Yuuri’s voice is barely a whisper as he reaches up, fingers lightly tracing over the back of Viktor’s hand before slipping between Viktor’s own. He turns his head, eyelids falling shut as he presses a feather-light kiss to the center of Viktor’s palm. “Thank you.”

Viktor’s heart swells full enough to burst.

“You’re welcome, Yuuri…” Viktor’s voice wavers as he beams, unashamed, grinning like an idiot. He knows there’s no hope of hiding just how smitten he is with the man seated on the edge of his bed, and yet even if he could, hiding how he feels from Yuuri is the last thing he’d want to do. He loves Yuuri, he realizes. He’s loved him since the moment he’d first watched him skate his routine.

And now he knows, feels, that Yuuri just might love him too.

Flu season was the worst time of year to be in Matthew’s line of work, all he did was shake hands and meet with old people and babies, it was all part of the job and normally he was happy to do it, but now it was feeling like more of a burden than anything else.  Following his service on Sunday, he made his way to a small coffee shop near his church, he’d hoped to find a quiet table in the corner to sit with some tea and try to stave off the fever that had been building since he woke up that morning, but the place was packed and he had to find a table that had some space.

Approaching the first table that had some space, he cleared his scratchy throat and asked, “Hi, are all these seats taken or can I sit? It’s a little busy in here.”

I’m Yours, You’re Mine

Summary: The wedding is over and it’s time for Corinne and Sebastian to go home

“Seb, can we go home yet?” I whispered as we sat at the table, the sky growing dark around us. Speeches had all been given, plenty of drinks had been had, and everyone had danced. So much dancing and drinking. I was more than ready to leave and be alone with him for the first time all day.

“Mireasa mea frumoasa. Come on. We’ll tell everyone goodnight and then we’ll go home.” He whispered in my ear and kissed my neck before standing up. He cleared his throat and got everyone’s attention.

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Here is Part 1 of this imagine (x)

Requested by Anon #222 (Part 2)

Jim: Just go talk to her Ed.
Ed: But how…how do I talk to her?
Jim: Like you normally do but just let her know you have to tell her something.
Ed; Okay. I can do this.
Jim: Go for it.
Ed: *walks over to you* Hey there Y/N.
Y/N: Hey Ed what’s u…
Ed; Did you know that houseflies hum in the key of f?
Y/N: Oh um…no I didn’t.
Jim: *tries not to laugh*
Ed: *clears his throat* Y/N.
Y/N: Ed.
Ed: I want to say…I mean I need to…I have something to tell you. That’s it! I have something to tell you!
Y/N: *laughs* Okay what is it Ed?
Ed: Um…I have a riddle for you. This very thing you were born with pleases us all. It’s even capable of making men fall, while only experienced by few it’s treasured by all.
Y/N: Oh. I don’t know that one Ed sorry.
Ed: It’s quite alright Y/N. Do you want to know the answer?
Y/N: Of course!
Ed; Your beauty.
Y/N: *blushes* Aw Ed.
Ed: I was wondering maybe, if you want to, would you like to go out? With me?
Y/N: Sure.
Ed: Really?
Y/N: Yeah *kisses him*
Jim: *sighs* About time.

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stiles has a convulsion while hes home alone and their kid calls derek and derek tells the kid what to do? help :(

@booksandanime says it’s this one.

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Seized by fear by iantosgal

(1/1 I 6,131 I Teen I Sterek)

Derek was saved from the conversation as his phone began to ring insistently in his pocket. He fished it out and checked the caller ID. He frowned slightly when he saw it said Home. Stiles didn’t normally call him at work.

“Hey Stiles, everything ok?”


“Caleb? What’s up kiddo?”

“Papa fell down.”

Derek felt his breath catch in his throat and his heart thud in his chest.

“What do you mean he fell down?” Out of the corner of his eyes, Derek saw Boyd look up, his face etched with concern.

“Daddy, he’s shaking.”

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span you are invited to come and join a christmas party sleepover if you want to bring a friend then I don't mind and so is my little creations, so I hope you come that we will welcome you with open arms ^^

“I would, but for the moment I’m waiting for Lolli and Sweetheart to come back.”

“I got news that there was a dangerous person in the candy void right now and that I wasn’t allowed to go there. It’s really worrying me right now, especially when I ju-” He cleared his throat, fiddling with his sleeves.

“I don’t want Cherry to get hurt. Or any of the others. They’ve been like a family to me…”