#i hate them so much #everything about these two pisses me off #willhelm’s floppy stupid hair #noora’s flawless dumb face #the lame ass nose bop #willhelm rubbing at his nose after the nose bop #noora scrunching up her face after his ridiculous remark #fuckin hate these two 


Can we all take a moment and appreciate Steve “flower-wearing-shirt” McGarrett and all of his faces in S07E08? In this shirt, he’s the ridiculous goof Danny knows him to be.

But threaten his family, that shirt comes off, and he’s Steve “I’m-gonna-fuck-shit up-Navy SEAL” McGarrett.

(Props to Alex this epi for having some fun with it.)

BONUS: let’s not forget Shimmy!Steve.

Could you imagine Tony Stark stumbling downstairs in nothing but a filthy tank top and sweats, the only thing keeping him upright being willpower and the remains of the coffee he downed 4 hours ago, barely even registering anyone as he wanders toward the coffee-machine.

And then Steve, watching him with a look of such utter adoration on his face as he meets his ridiculous boyfriend in the middle of the room and wraps his arms around the other man’s waist, feeling Tony just melt right into him, the exhaustion making him nothing more than a puddle under Steve’s hold.

And now imagine Steve pressing a kiss to the mess of curls under his chin before lifting him into a full bridal-style carry, chuckling at the muffled complaint that gets whispered into his shoulder, despite the arms that wrap around his neck and the contented sigh that’s breathed into Steve’s collar bone as he carries Tony up to bed


OP asked what Jun thought about getting chosen for the member who’s most different on and off camera, and he said it’s kind of true. Because he doesn’t really make an effort to keep his appearance, OP said he looks good even if he doesn’t make an effort, and he said it’s not like that, but he likes to use his face inappropriately (as in make ridiculous facial expressions). In order to joke around or get a laugh out, sometimes he overdoes it. Jun also said that the other members often say “If I had a face like hyung’s, I’d use it coolly” and stop him from making weird facial expressions.

harry at the superbowl would be so great all decked out in his packers gear and it’s hot in houston so maybe he’d even be showing off his tattoo and he’d be cheering real loud and maybe he’d paint his face and wear a ridiculous hat or something and he’d be super hyped and he’d be smiling so big whenever they get a touchdown and i would get at least a new 5 year lease on life

This little dumpling is your boyfriend and he’s always getting into trouble doing ridiculous boyish things. This is his face when he finally admits to another embarrassing thing he’s done. He doesn’t want you to be mad, but he also thinks whatever he did was pretty hilarious. But, obviously you can’t stay mad at him. Look at his puppy face!