simple as it should be (jane/kurt fanfic + #bspromptchallenge)

project: @blindspothiatusproject 30 day gif/fanfic prompt challenge

day 27. hair/beards

A/N: title from Tristan Prettyman.

simple as it should be

Jane lay on her stomach, her hands folded under her pillow, as she sighed contently. Kurt’s lips kissed a slow path up her spine, stopping every so often for a little detour along one of her tattoo patterns before returning to the center of her back and continuing their way up her skin.

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Why Aren’t You Married Yet 6/

Scott Moir being a doting boyfriend.
Tessa and Scott being each other’s support system during their Olympic SD practice. (x)(x)

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kabby + 20

20. A Massage 

She’s stopped counting on anything going to plan, resembling a plan, or having a plan at all. She never planned on the Ark failing, or Earth being inhabitable, or Grounders. Or on a deleterious AI, or on the nuclear reactors melting down. And she certainly never planned on falling pregnant with a second child in her early forties, let alone falling pregnant with Marcus Kane’s child. 

Her first trimester was tiring, dominated by long periods of time trying to sleep interrupted by long intervals of vomiting. Once his initial panic subsided (which to his credit was within a few days of her discovery) Marcus earnestly spent those days holding back her hair, rubbing her back, and coaxing her to eat bland foods or take small sips of water. Her second trimester brings new and exciting trials, and Abby cannot decide if her pregnancy with Clarke was truly wretched (and she had somehow managed to block it out) or if this is just a gift of being an older mother. 

Everything is sore. 

From the round ligaments in her hips to her lower back to her shoulders and neck – it all hurts. 

Marcus finds her sitting in medical with her eyes closed, rubbing tense circles into her temples. “Again?” he asks lowly, and she doesn’t have to open her eyes to know about the thoughtful frown shaping his mouth. Humming, she rolls her head back and then from side to side, trying to loosen the tight muscles at the base of her skull. 

In her belly, baby protests her slumped over position and pushes up into her ribs. 

“Do you wanna lay down?” 

She sighs. “Maybe.” 

His hand comes to rest lightly on her neck, before he sweeps her hair away and over her shoulder. Thumbs resting just over the knot of bone at the top of her spine, he gently works circles into her skin. 

“That feels good,” she murmurs, dropping her head forward. “Just keep doing that for the next three months and maybe I’ll make it.” 

Shushing her, he leans down to brush a kiss on her cheek. His hands move to her shoulders, kneading the stiffness from her muscles. Where her hands are precise and deft and nimble, his are strong and forceful. Marcus has her melting back against him as his hands chart the tension in her back and then soothe it. Arching her back, she feels a shiver of release as her body begins to relax. Baby stretches out inside her, as much as they can at this point, pressing their feet out against her hand. 

“Is it getting any better?” he asks, moving down to massage her lower back, fingers digging into her lumbar. 

She sways back into him. “If you stop what you’re doing I will make you regret it.” Laughing lightly, he moves onto her thighs, uttering a quip under his breath about how she has more cause for regret right now than he does. “And miss having you catering to my every whim? Had I known you’d be easier to persuade if I was carrying your baby I would have done this ages ago.” 

“Madame Chancellor,” he answers, pretending to be aghast. 

His hands finish their task, one sliding back up to her neck to mollify her headache as the other rests over the round of her belly. As if recognizing their dad’s presence, baby kicks out against his palm. Abby rolls her shoulders, melting into him. Her back to his chest and her head under his chin; he’s the only thing currently keeping her upright. 

“Though you’re the one always with a plan working five steps ahead, trying to know what people are going to do before they do it, so maybe you’re the one who–”

Marcus laughs, more loudly, and kisses the top of her head. 

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Any chance we get a Wimbledon sneak peak? I'm just too excited for it!!!!

“Hello,” he says, like he’s just knocked on her hotel door and not dragged her into a small, smelly closet.

“It stinks in here.”

He frowns but his smile is playful. “We’ve definitely hung out in worse places.”

By “hung out” he means, “had sex”. She doesn’t know why he doesn’t just say it.

“Well I’m putting this high on the list of places I don’t want to repeat any experiences in.”

“Noted.” He pushes some hair back from her face. “How are you?”

She leans back against the wall of the closet. “Tired.”

“I heard you won.”

“Oh, so you weren’t watching?”

“No, I take our rules very seriously, you see.” His mouth and voice is teasing. His hand has come to rest against her neck, thumb smoothing gentle circles into her skin.

So in Love - An Olicity short fic

And should this be the last thing I see
I want you to know it’s enough for me
'Cause all that you are is all that I’ll ever need 

For some reason, Felicity has always thought that the day Oliver and her would acknowledge the feelings between them there would be heavy make out sessions – and more – against the salmon ladder/training dummy/her desk/whatever.

She never expected them to act like some Jane Austen’s book rejects.

Because that’s what the last few weeks have been about : subtle touches, lingering looks, knowing smiles, fingers brushing each other for no valid reason. His voice has that soft quality when he’s talking to her, and her eyes are brightening every time she looks at him.

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