A Simple Toasting

For @akai-echo inspired by your lovely photo/giftset “{ THG | Aesthetic } The Toasting” for @loveinpanem (un beta’ed all mistakes are mine)

Katniss felt the gold locket resting on the skin of her neck more so today than any other day.  They’d come in from their walk outside, in one hand she held a bouquet of dandelions and wildflowers Peeta picked for her, her other hand was twined with his.  They were content on this chilly spring evening.  Setting the bouquet on the mantle above fireplace she slipped her necklace that contained the locket from her neck.  Peeta stood by the fire stoking it to life.  “Peeta can you open the locket, the latch is giving me trouble.”

Katniss waited anxiously to see what he would do. She’d exchanged the pictures for a simple piece of paper.  It read “Will you marry me?”

Peeta was so surprised when he looked at the message his blue eyes sparkled brighter than the stars that shown in the night sky.  Katniss was relieved at his reaction.

“Yes Katniss, yes,” Peeta cupped her face and peppered small kisses upon her lips.  

His kisses made her feet curl and desire to bloom in the deepest parts of her being.  “Today, marry me today.” She paused in between kisses to desperately plead with him, “Peeta say yes.”

Peeta nodded his lips brushing against her cheeks, nose, chin and forehead.

Katniss gave him her most radiant of smiles.  “Go upstairs and wear something nice.”

Peeta leapt up the stairs eagerly, the noise he made caused her to laugh.  Katniss ran to the kitchen for the bread she set aside for their toasting.  Then she went to the hall closet to where she hid her dress. She donned the sheer white gown she found at the hob, embroidered with lovely white flowers and dots. Underneath she wore a simple satin sheath white gown.  The color was a beautiful contrast to her olive skin.  Katniss looked at herself in the hall mirror as she slipped on her head the crown of flowers, she made this morning in the forest.  This was no a spur of the moment idea, she was ready to be Katniss Mellark.

She turned her head at the sound of Peeta rushing down the stairs. His blond hair was wet, slicked back and he was tucking in his button down white shirt into his dark pants.  His cheeks were red from the exertion and Katniss wanted to gobble him up.

Together they stood in front of the fireplace bread in hand ready to make their commitment.  Peeta toasted their pieces with the skewer, she hugged him from behind, and her impatient hands roamed his chest, her lips brushing against the skin of his neck Peeta turned them so that he could embrace her. He gave her a searing kiss that left her hungry for him.

Finally the bread was toasted and together they ate, pledging silently to twine their lives and souls for an eternity.  They made love, consummating their union well into the early hours of the morning.   Their happiness was only out shown by the rays of the sun, as the beams of sunlight snuck in through the narrow slits in the curtains, and danced carefully across their skin, marking them as them as husband and wife.


Why Aren’t You Married Yet 6/

Scott Moir being a doting boyfriend.
Tessa and Scott being each other’s support system during their Olympic SD practice. (x)(x)

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Best of Wives and Best of Women staging?

Hamilton finished “Your Obedient Servant” and goes to SL where he sits down in a chair and starts writing on his little portable lap desk thing. Eliza comes in upstage of him wearing a house coat/robe/over dress thing and asks him to come back to sleep and he turns to look at her. She comes down to him on “it’s still dark outside” and then on “why do you write like you’re running out of time” she stands behind him and rests her arms around his neck and shoulders in kind of a hug thing from behind. He grabs her hands, which are clasped over his chest. They sing for a bit just like that and he leans his head against her arms and you can tell he’s afraid he might not see her again. She starts back upstage on “well I’m going back to sleep” but he stops her by grabbing her hand as it leaves his shoulder on “hey” and kisses her hand after “best of wives and best of women”. Then she smiles sweetly and faintly and walks into darkness upstage as we segue into Burr and Hamiltons duel.
It’s a really simple scene but it’s so sweet and intimate and you can just feel the love between them which makes it even worse cause we know what’s about to go down. :(

Back it Up

Gallya one-shot
Title is a song by Caro Emerald


They were both drunk. Gaby had the giggles and Napoleon had just left to retire to bed. Gaby was dancing to another one those songs she loved on the radio while Illya watched this time. She was a little blurry but he could see her all the same. Her jarred yet still beautiful movements reminiscent of her ballet days.
‘Come on Illya, you know you want to dance with me.’ She called to him from the living room floor. Illya heaved himself up and joined her. She placed his hands on her waist and she rested her hands on his biceps, too short to drape them around his neck. They shuffled around for a moment, Gaby continuously losing her balance.
'Here,’ Illya said, lifting her to stand on his feet so he could spin them around the room.
'Thank you Mr Bolshoi ballerina.’ Gaby joked. Illya couldn’t help but chuckle which made Gaby laugh again; her melodic, tuneful laugh he barely heard. He was so wrapped up in her that he’d forgotten to look where he was stepping. He knocked into the coffee table, causing him to lose his balance, bringing the pair of them crashing to the floor. Illya cursed under his breath and Gaby just laughed again.
'Are you alright?’ Illya asked, laughing now too.
'Absolutely fine my Russian friend.’ She gave him a thumbs up before sitting up next to him. They shuffled over to lean against the foot of the couch as their chuckles subsided.
'Hey.’ Gaby murmured, finally calming down.
'Hello.’ He said back, brush in a strand of hair from her face.
'Can I ask you a question?’
'Anything you want, Chop Shop Girl.’
'Why don’t you ever make a move?’
'What move?’
'You know,’ Gaby sighed, 'on me.’ Illya blushed a little, searching for a legitimate answer. He had no excuse but his own shyness. It was only then that he noticed how close their faces were.
'I did not want to put you in awkward situation.’
'Why would this be awkward?’ She asked, her eyes flitting from his down to his mouth and back.
'I do not-’ Illya cut himself off. He really didn’t know. 'With work, I did not want to make things difficult.’ Illya inclined his head a little closer to hers.
'Wouldn’t it be just as it was?’
'I suppose it would.’ Illya ran his tongue over his lips. In nervousness or anticipation he wasn’t sure.
'So what’s the problem?’ Gaby shuffled ever so slightly closer to the Russian.
'There is no prob-’
'Good.’ Gaby interrupted before closing the very short distance between them with a searing kiss. Illya pulled her into his lap so she was straddling him. He deepened the kiss, pulling her closer to him. Gaby moaned as his teeth nicked her bottom lip. She carded her hands through his hair, mussing it lightly. Illya ran a hand under her pyjama top and she moaned again.
'Illya,’ She said into his lips, 'Illya, we should,’ Gaby pulled away, 'take this next door.’
'That is probably good idea.’ Illya got up, Gaby still wrapped around him and went to his room, ensuring the door closed firmly behind him.

Very short I know, I just really felt the need to write it. Hope you enjoyed. Do let me know! X

                                        she looks up with a grin on her lips after helping a girl with her first layer of warpaint  ;  but it drops fast when the four guards caught her attention with a familiar figure in the middle. sia stands from the log  ;  motioning the girl to stay behind while pushing past a few people.  ❝  murphy  ?  ❞  it’s breathless with confusion and the urge to do something fills her. but she swallows it down. for about five seconds. enough time for the guard to grab his arm and pull him along.  twin daggers comes to rest in her hands    (   prolonged claws of a wolf.   )   and she lash out against the closest guard. a clean cut along the main artery of his neck, before she whirls around  ;  knife finding flesh once more, and the second guard falls to the ground. teeth gritting together  ;  while she turns her full attention to the two men left standing  ;  head tilting to the side, one dagger whirling slowly in bloodied hand.    ❝             gon we o wan op.  ❞         ||  @willend. x

Random idea of a scene with Fitzsimmons in the lab.

*Fitz and Simmons are in the lab

*skye appears at the entrance of the lab and watches them working in peace.

*Jemma leaves her station to gather supplies from the other side of the lab.

*Fitz turns around just in time to catch her by the waist and pull her against him.

*Skye’s jaw drops to the floor and her eyes go wide

*Fitz dips Jemma back and kisses her

*He lifts her back up and she giggles

*Jemma continued on her way to the other side of the lab to grab some supplies

*she returned to her station and laid down her materials

*she walked back over to Fitz’s station and approached him from behind

*she wrapped her arms around his body and rested her hands on his chest

*she kissed the back of his neck and then snuggled her head between his shoulder blades

*“how’s is your project coming?” Jemma asked.

*without any warning Fitz turned around and held Jemma by her waist. He started to walk Jemma backwards. She was forced to stop when she bumped into the table behind her.

*Fitz didn’t stop until he had his whole body pressed against hers and she was leaning back so far over the table that her hair was barely touching the surface.

*Jemma gasped when he finally leaned in and kissed her deeply

*She kissed him back and wrapped her arms around his neck. She laid all the way back and rested on the tabletop.

*Jemma wanted to show Fitz that he was allowed to do more that just kiss her. So she arched her back and ran her fingers through his hair.

*He ran both his hands all the way up the sides of her body.

*Skye was listening from around the corner when she heard Jemma gasp.

*“No…Way”. Skye whispered as she peeked around the corner and saw that they were kissing…again. Jemma halfway laying on the lab table and Fitz pressed fully against her. She almost screamed when she saw Fitz’s hands all over Jemma’s body.

*Skye decided to have a little fun with them.

*she took a bunch of pictures of them and snuck back to the printer and made at least 20 copies.

*she ran back to Jemma’s bunk and snuck into the room.

*she taped 18 of the pictures to her wall.

*skye took the last two and snuck back to the lab only to find Fitz laying flat on the floor with his shirt half unbuttoned. Jemma was in only a tank top and straddling Fitz. She was leaning down and kissing him while she pressed her hands on his chest.

*skye giggled and taped the last two pictures to the lab doors and wrote ‘out of order’ on each one.

*she took one last picture on her phone and ran away to the lounge. She texted Jemma the picture she just took of her straddling Fitz.

*she heard two loud screams of her name from the lab.

*Fitzsimmons found Skye leisurely sitting in the lounge and called her name once more. They were each holding a picture from the lab doors. They had sloppily thrown their shirts back on.

*Jemma and Fitz walked over to the couch across from Skye and made her promise to never spy on them again.

*she agreed but demanded front row seats to a kiss.

*Jemma and Fitz looked at each other. Jemma watched as Fitz’s eyes drifted down her body. She laughed and leaned in to kiss him. He responded by hooking both her legs with his arm and swinging them up onto the couch. He pushed her back and adjusted himself until he had one leg on each side of her. He laid his whole body against hers and supported his weight on his elbows.

“Um…I think I’m going to go now.” Skye said as she stood up and swiftly left the area.

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"I can't breathe."

ANGST STARTER  meme     (  accepting  )

                    scarcity of words strikes as  FAMILIAR;  the meaning they bear, however,  SOUNDS  oddly uncharacteristic.  &  his divided  ATTENTION  is swift to regroup, hints of growing  CONCERN  readable on strained features as he’ll  SEARCH  for physical evidence of her distress.          cigarette is     (   unceremoniously   )     SEIZED  &  stubbed out in the ashtray:  there is little time for unnecessary manners;  &  the back of his hand will come to rest against her temple, its  PALM  soon to embrace the thin shape of her neck.          ❛  claire,     if this is in  ANY WAY  related to sancorp  &  the fundraising, i can  ASSURE  you:     it’s all taken care of.  ❜

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♚ ♠ ♥

♚: head scratches

giselle smiled to herself, closing her eyes for a momentsto take in the feeling. she nodded her head slightly, not trying to distrub his movements. “that’s nice.” she complimented.

♠: your muse adjusting their jewelry/neck tie/ etc.

giselle looked over her should when she felt hands against the back of her neck. she smiled when she noticed it was malcolm, helping put the clasps together on her necklace. “thank you.” she said, before pushing her hair so that is rested against her back.

♥: your muse crying about something

giselle paused when she realized that malcolm was crying. “ey..” she spoke, her tone soft as she sat herself down next to him. “what’s up?” she asked, looking from the floor back to him.

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[ curls up in bed with him and rests half her body on his, arm around his waist. her face nuzzles softly into his neck and she lets out a little breath. ]


Fingers immediately come up to move through her hair. His eyes are closed but he had known she was coming. The other hand moves to find her hand and he brings it up to press a kiss to the back of it. “You okay, baby?”

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gimme a kiss. B)

Meme || 1/3

     Had he not morphed her over the months would she have found herself
DISGUSTED by his little command; perhaps even gave him a good fist to the
jaw for his words. Yet, a side of her nearly DESIRES to do such an intimate action
with him, finding her moves as lax rather than stiff when she nears him.

     Fragile hands come to rest on his shoulders, gaze lingering over his features for a brief moment before a hand DARES to toy with the dark tresses at the nape of his neck, small smile almost mischievous on her lips.

     “ - Reminder that a part of me still HATES you, darling…”

     & yet, a part of her LOVES him too damn much. 

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♛ -Rosalie

Send in ♛ for a confession from my character on their kinks

Noah rose an eyebrow, a chuckle moving from his lips and a smirk soon forming on his lips, he leaned in towards Rosalie, his hand came to rest against the side of her neck, his thumb traced up along her throat “you’d look so sexy with a leather collar around your neck Rose.”

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The brunette haired girl rushed forward, in a burst of speed, pushing the Herondale back against the wall the second he'd walked in through the front door. Hands were embedded deeply into his hair, and lips were firmly pressed to his. God she'd missed him.

Jace hardly had the time to shut the door behind him, and he was thankful that he had, as he was shoved back against it. At first he was disorientated and no small amount of confused, but when he felt the familiar brush of long hair and the smell of floral spring, he knew who it was. It was Bella, his Bella. He brushed his fingers through her hair, hand hand coming to rest at the nape of her neck his other gripping her waist pulling her closer against him. He kissed her back, needy and desperate not only for the taste of her, but also for her presence. 

Farahs POV

Farah wrapped her arms around his neck, glad hat he was finally back. She missed him dearly,“. “I think the only thing that can fix everything is you Neville. You went through so much trouble to help me and I really do appreciate it.” Nervously, she connected her lips with his, enjoying the sensation of losing herself in then. No doubt he would insist she rest but for now she wanted to savor him. She tangled her hands in his curls surprised when she heard a low sound between a mix and a growl come from him.


“But I do! Every morning when I look into the mirror I’m thinking ‘Oh, what a handsome devil you are, Kim Jonghyun!’” He let out an awkward laugh and scratched the back of his neck; he obviously wasn’t on top of easing the atmosphere. In the end he let out a sigh and leant his back against the wall. “You worry about me too much, Tzuyu-ah.”

Her eyebrows shot up at the male’s response, before she shakes her head, slightly – she’s well aware of what he’s trying to do, since she’s used the same method plenty times before, but no matter. “Worrying is one of my talents, I promise.” She points out, hands coming to lace together and rest in her lap. “Besides, someone’s got to do that, too.”

    he’d been fussing with the bowtie for the better part of ten minutes, fingers fumbling to twist here and tug there, but the end results each time were crooked and sloppy. at this rate he was going to be late for the dinner with his mother. she’d requested that he meet her for dinner straight after he finishes working, which is why he’s standing in front of the mirror in his office, lips curving into a satisfied grin upon completing his task only to curse as the boetie slants to the side again.  he catches movement in his peripheral vision and dropping the stupid thing, leaving it to hang around his neck, he turns, hands coming to rest against his hips.  ❝  thought you’d gone home for the evening? ❞   // @ofdxsires

How this scene from Agents of SHIELD Season 3 Episode 9 should have went.

“Fitz, please just let the kill me,” Jemma pleaded.

“I can’t do that. I won’t,” Fits refuses.

Jemma’s eyes are brimming with tears.

“I lost you once. I can’t lose you again. I’m just… I’m not strong enough to live in a world that doesn’t have you in it,” Fitz says.

Jemma starts to cry as she rests her forehead against the side of Fitz’s neck.

“Come back to me, just don’t bring that thing with you,” Jemma says.

Fitz lifts his hand and rests it on the back of Jemma’s neck.

“I promise I will. Under one condition,” Fitz says.

Jemma lifts her head and looks into Fitz’s eyes.

“When I return, I am going to run to you and scoop you up into my arms. Then I am going to kiss you for as long as you will let me. I will never leave your side for as long as I live.”

Jemma stares deeply into Fitz’s eyes as she tries to process what he just said to her. She slowly stepped closer to Fitz. She put her left hand on his shoulder and placed her right hand on his chest.

“You’re telling me that I have to wait until you come back to get another kiss from you?” She said jokingly.

Fitz smiled and slid his hands around her waist. He looped his thumbs through the belt loops of her jeans and pulled her as close as he could. She blushed when he pulled her flat against him. She was so close to him that she could feel his breath on her lips.

“Only if you want to wait,” he said.

“I really don’t,” she responded with a smile.

He laughed and leaned in to kiss her. She met him in the middle and kissed him softly. Jemma squeaked as he suddenly dipped her back and continued to kiss her. His hands were now in the middle of her back. He slowly slid his left hand down the side of her body to the back of her right knee. He lifted her leg up a little and continued to kiss her.

He lifted Jemma up and separated his lips from hers so they both could catch their breath. Fitz looked up to find Jemma smiling. Her cheeks had turned a rosy pink.

“Fitz, I…”

Fitz lifted a finger to her lips.

“Shhhh. I’m not done yet,” he said.

He leaned forward and kissed her lips again. She closed her eyes as she melted into him and kissed him back. He tilted his head and deepened the kiss. When she moved her one hand from his shoulder to the back of his head, he started walking backwards. When he bumped into the stone wall of the old castle he flipped around and pressed Jemma against the wall.

Fitz put one hand on the wall beside Jemma’s head for support and wrapped his other arm tightly around Jemma’s tiny body. He pulled her as close to himself as he could. He began to kiss her jaw, then down her neck. He eventually reached the lowest point of her V-necked shirt.

She Inhaled sharply and tilted her head back. Fitz moved his hands to her hips and pressed them against the wall. He continued kissing as much of her exposed skin as he could reach. She continued making noises and throwing her head back with her eyes closed and mouth open. Fitz found this to be extremely hot.

She wrapped her fingers around his biceps and pulled him up to her face. He nodded her eyes were darker as she looked at him. He stepped back slightly and looked at Jemma. She was pressed against the wall and her chest was rising and falling as she breathed heavily.

“Oh Jemma. How did I ever become lucky enough to fall in love with the most beautiful woman in the world?” Fitz said.

Jemma’s blushes again but doesn’t bother hiding it. Fitz just told her that he was in love with her. She reached out and rested her hand on Fitz’s shoulder. She pulled him closer and gave him a gentle, slow kiss.

“I have always wondered how I ever managed to find a man who became my best friend so quickly. Then I started to fall for him more and more. Then I realized… that I was in love with him.”

“Who is this man?” Fitz said jokingly.

Jemma rolled her eyes as she flipped around and pressed Fitz against the wall. She pressed her body against his and kissed him. He pulled her closer b putting his hands on her waist. She stood up on her tippy toes to reach his lips better.

He slid his hands from her waist to below her butt and lifted her off the ground. She wrapped her legs around his body. Her hands were on the back of his head, fingers tangled in his hair.

Jemma separated her lips from Fitz’s and looked deeply into his eyes.

“Don’t die on that planet, okay Fitz. I am excited that we can do this now. Of course we’ll have to keep it hidden from the team. I will be waiting for you.” Jemma says.

“I won’t die on you. Don’t worry sweetheart.” Fitz says.

Fitz sees Jemma’s eyes begin to water. He lifts one hand to tuck a loose chunk of hair behind Jemma’s ear.

“Oh Fitz, I love you so much.” Jemma says.

She drops her head to his shoulder and hugs him tighter. He hugs her back and sets her down. They hear footsteps coming from the hall as Jemma gets pulled to the opposite side of the room.  

Ward enters the room with four other men behind him. They are all wearing tactical gear with guns and goggles.

“Let’s get this show on the road.” Ward says. He looks at Fitz and sees him staring at Jemma. Jemma is staring at him too.

“I hear you two have a thing for each other. You should have made a move when you had the chance Fitz.” Ward says.

“I have made a move.” Fitz responds.

“He did. He pined me against one of the tables in our lab and kissed me.” Jemma said.

“That sounds like a lie. You should know better than to lie to me Fitzsimmons.” Ward says.

He turns around and talks to Malick about the mission. That’s  when Jemma runs to Fitz and jumps onto him. She wraps her legs around his body again.

She kisses him until Ward turns around and catches them.

“Whoa guys. Save it for the bedroom.” Says Ward

Fitz and Jemma both turn and glare at Ward. He turns around for a few more seconds and that’s when the door swings open and Coulson comes in with the rest of the team behind him. Coulson is the first so shoot. He hits and kills Ward on point and then shoots Malick. Fitz backs away from the gunshots with Jemma in his arms as soon as the first in one is fired. The rest of the team kills all of the Hydra soldiers before they can even raise their guns. Daisy runs over to the computers and turns off the portals scheduled opening and shuts down the machine.

“Fitz, Simmons, are you guys alright?” Coulson asks.

The whole team was looking at them now. Jemma was still in Fitz’s arms with her legs wrapped around his body and him hands were on her butt, holding her up.

“Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss!” Daisy chants.

“Daisy!” Jemma says.

“Please!” Daisy pleads.

Before Jemma can respond, Fitz leans in and kisses Jemma  right on the lips. After a few second of being surprised, Jemma kisses him back. That both freeze when they see a cameras flash out of the corner of their eyes.

“Daisy!” Jemma says.

“Alright you two, let’s go.” Says Coulson.

Fitz sets Jemma back down again and they follow the team out, hand in hand.