On the past two performances of The Daily Mail, Jonny has played his Fender Telecaster No. 2. Jonny used the guitar both in Olso and in Stockholm. The photo above was taken by ygrrrrr at the second Oslo show.

The guitar itself is a 90′s “American Standard” Tele, purchased in late 1995 or early 1996 and converted to Telecaster Plus specs. In 2006, it was fitted with a Korg Kaoss Pad touchpad. The sticker on the pickguard depicts the character “Ace” from Uchuu Ace, while “WEDNESDAY ‘TIL I DIE” is a catchphrase in support of the Sheffield Wednesday Football Club.

The arrangement of The Daily Mail has undergone a couple of changes as well: Jonny added a new keyboard part on the Rhodes piano during the third verse, and starting at the second verse Thom added some octave doubling in the bass on the piano. Both changes serve to build tension and to better differentiate the sections of the song – in past live performances, the band did not join Thom until the final section.

As at the song’s single 2016 performance (in Amsterdam), Ed played his Gretsch Panther.

Jeff Buckley (17 Nov., 1966 - 29 May, 1997)

For the 18th anniversary of his untimely death, here is audio of Jeff Buckley, performing “Grace”, at the Meltdown Festival, in 1995. Jeff is accompanied solely by his Fender Telecaster, and his own, heart-wrenching vocal chords, in a performance that bleeds absolute passion. The world lost true beauty.

George Harrison with his Fender Rosewood Telecaster, Let It Be sessions, early 1969

“George had a pair of interesting presents to bring into the studio for the first sessions. One was a splendid Rosewood Telecaster guitar from Fender of America. The other was a Leslie Speaker from Eric Clapton. It’s a speaker with two revolving horns and a revolving drum. You can out a guitar or organ through it and with an organ it gives a terrific swirling effect.
The same Tuesday morning George decided to buy HIMSELF a third present and asked me to round up a complete collection of LP records by The Miracles for him.” - Mal Evans, “Mal’s Diary,” The Beatles Book, March 1969 [x]