1996 50th Anniversary Fender Telecaster Plus.

“Hi, I have read some utter crap about these guitars from self appointed Tele experts; The photo’s are of a stock standard 1996 50th Anniversary Version 2 Telecaster Plus. It came standard with 3 lace pickups, the bridge is red, mid & neck are blue. The bridge and mid originally had stickers on them but they came unstuck after about 3 years or so, the stickers were black with gold script Fender Lace Sensor… sum such. And yes it does have the gold oval ‘coin’ sticker on the back of the headstock. The only thing non-std on this is the control plate which I rotated through 180 deg as I kept spanking the pickup selector which is 5 position, the wiring didn’t need alteration. The small switch between the two pots is a coil splitter or something, I never use it. Rather than use the height adjusting screws on the bridge I stuck a 2 thou feeler gauge under there. A lot of Tele players state they can’t get the 'twang thang’ out of these guitars but I have no trouble. It will blow a Strat off-stage… it was a new voice in the Fender range that never got a chance to speak. The lace pickups have eliminated the 50 cycle hum associated with other pickups. I run it through a 60 watt Marshall Combo, strings are .009 on up, the action at the 12th is 3/32 with no buzz anywhere; it is brilliant. I got it brand new in late 96 from Manny’s Guitars in Smith Street Collingwood in Melbourne Australia, I swapped a Gibson Herb Ellis Signature clean for it. I paid a guy AUD$2,000 for the Gibson and the Tele was listed new at AUD$3,750.” - Bob S.