Ling qi chapter summary: 220

“What did you say?” Xi asks. “Duanmu.. I.. Will work hard!” Jinghua replies.

Jinghua thinks to himself, “I don’t know when that day will be.. A day that I will be able to keep up with you..” He’s following Xi after they left the ancestral hall, he rests his head on his back and asks Xi, “When you didn’t really care about me at first and allowed me to do whatever I want, it was actually to stop me from getting involved too much and bring myself into trouble, right?..” He thought to himself again (didn’t say out loud), “From the very start, everything you did was to protect me. What happened to Zhangxuan already caused you to become stressed, right.. And you had to spend time to take care of things on my side.. When can I.. Understand you well like this. Be taking care of you, giving you something back, stopping you from saying something so cold like earlier.

“At this moment, Yang Jinghua didn’t actually realise, that right now he works harder than any moment from the past.”

“Is it confirmed?” Some guys dressed in black answers back, “Yeah, after Duanmu got injured yesterday, he never came outside after going into the second madam’s yard.” “After the sacrifice ended today, he went there again.” The person asking was Shenlong Xiren, right now the Shenlong family are discussing where Zhangxuan is located. “The secret chamber is in the second madam’s house!” Xiren tells them. A lady we’ve seen before squeals out, “They must have used little young master’s blood! Otherwise, how could Duanmu Xi finish the sacrifice today successfully with those severe injuries?!” 

Xiren is furious, hearing that the Duanmu family really did hide his brother. The lady speaks again, “The little young master did so much for their family and didn’t even care about losing his life, yet they do something so lowly and shameless! They can’t be forgiven!” The guys in black mentions to them, “But they used a weird spell formation to block the entrance, it seems that only those who have gone in before can go back in again, like wifi with a password added. Even if we know the location we can’t get in.” “I know what spell formation it is..” Xiren tells them. “Didn’t that old guy suddenly go blind? The time adds up right as well.” The lady realises it too, “Yeah.. So that’s why!” 

Xiren gathers his stuff and prepares to leave, along with the other members. “I’ll go break that spell of his! Call over all the tribe members. Get ready, tonight, we’re bringing Zhangxuan home!”

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yeah could you recommend any mod for origins?




Is it just me or are Chanyeol's eyes amazing


so before i knew anything about yakuza i saw a screenshot of majima and only remembered him as “that eye patch yakuza”

then i remember seeing a scene from yakuza 4 in the flashback scene with majima and saejima and since that was before majima lost his eye, he didnt have the eyepatch

so for a good 2? 3? months i thought majima didnt actually lose his eye and was just wearing an eye patch because he thought it looked cool