ask-welcome-to-die  asked:

//Your Reaper headcanons give me life. Please give me more headcanons about my poor dead son. <3//

i love him so much,,, he’s such a precious baby he just needs a hug ok,,,

- i mentioned his curly hair right?? ok well when he was younger, it was only curlier and wild and long. so long he would get brushes stuck in his hair. that’s why he cut it, he was just sick and tired of breaking hair bushes.
- he loves his family so much it’s crazy, even as reaper he still has a soft side and will check up on his mother and siblings. he revealed himself as what he is, and while it’s hard on them, they still love him. but he hasn’t revealed himself as a psychopathic killer.
- he is probably the best cook you’re gonna meet out of the overwatch characters, even better than ana or mercy. he can make some mean traditional mexican dishes, but he can cook a whole bunch of other traditional french, german, italian, even arabic dishes that put everyone to shame. he already had some years on him before he joined the army, what did you think he was doing???
- ok yeah he likes his coffee black. but he’s always down for the most stereotypical white girl starbucks coffee you can get. he usually asks to buy them for him, though. he’s got a scary rep to keep.
- he plays the guitar and he learned how to play at a very very young age and plays in his free time just because he doesn’t want to forget… he isn’t that evil ok.

thank you for the request!!!