The story of my life told in Castiels

Cas is the only character I’ve been passionate about since the very begining of my art adventure and, oh my, did he change! At least 4 times haha
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You know what I find really hurtful about Solavellan? That fact that when Lavellan reaches out to him in sadness, he wards her off as though his life depends on it.

Even when she is no longer reaching for him, he is guarding himself against her sadness.

But he does nothing to guard himself from her anger.

The most he does is windmill his arms the very first time she shoves him, and after that he just sticks a leg out to brace himself. But he allows her to shove him. Again and again.

He takes her physical attack with nothing but a sad expression.

But her sadness causes him to put up a panicked guard.

Basically, Solas is more afraid of allowing her to touch him in sadness than he is of allowing her to strike him in anger. I firmly believe his resolve would’ve broken if she had managed to grab him. here come the tears


You couldn’t even remember why you had started fighting. But now here you were, both of you having said thinks you hadn’t meant like that but which still did hurt.

The silence after was worse than the fight itself. After everything was said, you could only stare blankly ahead.

You didn’t want to cry.
Always strong, you never had let anybody get so close to you, that they had the power to hurt you like that.

But here you were. Feeling the tears coming up, but you couldn’t stop them. Not even when Jace finally was looking back at you. He clearly saw your tears, your blank stare, but you couldn’t say what he was thinking. Not after that.

So when he started to walk over to you, you didn’t know what he actually wanted. Keep fighting? Leaving you alone? You didn’t expect him to gently pull you into his arms.

“I’m sorry (y/n), okay? I’m sorry.” His voice wasn’t more than a whisper in your ear, but you could hear that he meant it.
“I don’t want to fight. Not with you”, you gave back and his arms tightened around you.

“Never again, okay?”
“Never again.”

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This is literally EVERYTHING I want out of the next Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC. Plus the gear he ran away with. Those were Tier 4 deets! Not to mention those answers he promised. And you know, a cure for the heartbreak.

Feel free to share your Lavellan’s rant to a runaway Solas! I know exactly what MINE has to say!


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Things I want Sanvers to say to each other

1.I love you
2.Im not letting you do this alone
3.Good morning
4.You are pretty amazing
6.ARE YOU OKAY?(Got hurt kind)
7.Are you ok?(warm,worried kind)
8.I know
9.I trust you,Maggie/Alex,I will always trust you
10.You will always be enough
12.You’re cute
13.Come here(cuddle kind)
14.Come here(breaks down in tears kind)
15.Come here(three knuckles deep kind)
16.You’re beautiful
18.Don’t go
19.Can you stay here for the night?
20.Damn it Maggie/Alex
22.I missed you
23.You can talk to me,you know that,right?
24.You surprise me maggie/alex
25.Don’t lie to me maggie/alex
26.I don’t deserve you
27.We’re in this together ok?
28.We’re a team,maggie/alex,I will always have your back
29.You make me happy,maggie/Alex,happier than I’ve ever been
30.You are really quite something you know that?
31.You awake?
32.Do you need some time?
33.Am I letting you down?
35.marry me?

All of this sounds cheesy but when you pour fluff and angst into it you probably want to end me.

Hey Ruby, is Weiss...ticklish perhaps? (asked by anon)
  • Ruby, giggles a bit before tiptoing her way behind Weiss, who's hard at work studying: Heh...maaaybe
  • Weiss, mumbling to herself before jumping in her seat at Ruby's hands, starting to laugh from being tickled: Right right so there's the Beowolf forty meters away and-AHH R-RUBYYY!!!
  • Ruby, laughing innocently as her tickling takes Weiss of her chair and onto the floor, rolling around: Here comes the tickle grimm!
  • Weiss, nearly in tears, squirming and laughing: R-Ruby nooo!!! Ahhhh!!!

Here Comes a Thought

stress relief doodles of winner i did days ago and now i need stress relief again but i’m dying on my biochem books bYE

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Pan: Where do you think you’re going?

Y/N: I’m leaving Neverland, Peter

Pan: Why?

Y/N: Because I’m apparently more ‘trouble than I’m worth’

Pan: You now I didn’t mean that, I’m sorry words like that ever escaped my lips *Tears form in eyes*

Y/N: Come here *Opens arms*

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