he leaned toward her — her heart spun again — and pressed his cheek against hers. his lips didn’t touch her skin, but she felt his breath, hot and uneven, on her face. his fingers splayed on either side of her spine. her lips were so close to his jaw that she felt his hint of stubble at the end of them. it was mint and memories and the past and the future and she felt as if she’d done this before and already she longed to do it again.

Never Gonna Let You Go by @cranesinthe-sky

Rating: K

Prompt: Eyelid kiss

Rick was awakened by the gentle movement of Michonne sleeping beside him, feeling the bed shift as she nestled closer towards him. He opened his eyes and was greeted by her beautiful face, her skin practically glowing underneath the soft sunlight peeking through the curtains of the window. She was sleeping a few inches away from him lying on her side, so close he could feel her breath on his face.

She had been through so much. After spending a couple of days in the infirmary to heal from her injuries, she was finally back home, safe in his arms and their bedroom. The swelling in her face had gone down and the dried blood had been washed away. The only thing that remained were the aches and pain the bruises around her eyes.

He reached out to trace his finger along one of the bruises. Anger boiled in the pit of his stomach as he thought of how Jadis’ betrayal led to this. He had almost lost Michonne. He had assured her days ago that if something were to happen, they both would have to go on and to help the communities. But seeing her against that wall after the fight with the saviors and scavengers, fighting for her life and the future of the communities, he realized that he couldn’t do it. He couldn’t lose her now that he had her.

She stirred at his touch and took one long deep breath before resuming her steady flow of breathing, her body still refusing to wake up just yet. He gently brushed a loc out of her face, his fingers lingering against her smooth skin. Having her here next to him was everything and he vowed to keep her in that rightful place to be his partner. His confidant. His love. She wasn’t going anywhere.

He pulled himself in closer to her, wrapping his arm around her protectively. He kissed her bruises. She was still beautiful through her battle scars. The last kiss he placed upon her was on her eyelid, a sign of protection and affection. He would do whatever it took to keep her safe. He was never going to let her go.

Author’s Note: Prompt takes place after episode 7.16. Title taken from Tamia’s “Never Gonna Let You Go.”

Idk what happened but now I can’t stop thinking of a Grisha/ACOTAR crossover.

Feyre and Genya bonding over painting. Feyre is absolutely amazed Genya can use different things to change someone’s appearance so much.

Mor is the first to volunteer for a mini makeover. Just some basics: making her skin shinier, longer eye lashes, maybe some highlights.

Zoya watches Cassian train and flirts nonstop with him. Nesta spends the afternoon looking over her book glaring every time Zoya flirts with him.

David would be very curious about Lucien’s mechanical eye. They’d talk about David’s inventions.

s/o to @lariren-shadow for helping to cultivate this idea!

here you are, a twisted soulmate au snippet

It begins with a subconscious, knowing panic. His bare palm against the skin of her shoulder is searing. Pain burns down through her muscles and to her bones, as if a needle is carving strokes into the hardened tissue. It takes all of her strength to twist her body away, and she, dazed, finds his face a perplexed portrait. His aim had been to startle in a fight, not to maim.

She bolts, back into the trees, into the underbrush, towards the fleet and far from the wide-eyed stare gouging holes into the back of her skull. With purpose, she scrambles up the gangway of the Falcon and screams incoherent directions to Chewbacca, voice cracking, vocal chords fraying. She can hear the anxiety in her own timbre and feel the dull, fire-bitten throb of her fresh burn.

The General’s expression is grave when she inspects the charred wound on Rey’s shoulder. The look makes her stomach sink, makes her limbs numb and her throat cold.

“I feel responsible it’s turned out this way,” Leia says, folding her hands behind her back. “I’m sorry you’re caught in the middle.”

She thinks she knows the answer, the mystery the General is talking around. “The middle of what?”

“You’re wearing my son’s mark. I recognize the pattern.” She frowns, glances away, her eyes down. “The curves and lines are too delicate for what he’s become.”

Her eyes dart to the puffy redness coated in bacta. A soul mark.

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By: @lahsportsdiary

Rating: T

Prompt: Talking Kiss

“Don’t. Ever. Do. That. Again.” She punctuated every word with a kiss, her lips brushing over his skin, her hands frantically exploring his body. She smoothed her palms over his limbs, taking stock. He was filthy, covered in grime and sweat, but otherwise unharmed. Relief flooded her.

“I didn’t do it on purpose,” he repeated his argument, his fingers digging into her waist, his face pressed flush to her. His heart was pounding against her chest, the adrenaline working its way out of his system.

Michonne clutched at him, holding him tightly, still shaking. Her heart had dropped the moment she’d seen him fall from the ladder leaning against the wall, panic searing through her. “Wait for me next time,” she instructed against his cheek. She began to kiss his face again in earnest, relieved to find him muddy, but unbroken. 

Rick’s arms wound around her, pulling her into his lap. She could feel their group watching them, dozens of pairs of eyes observing her coming undone. It didn’t matter. Rick caught her mouth with his own, drinking from her as though they were in the privacy of their home and not a puddle of mud just inside the perimeter.

“It won’t happen again,” he promised, lifting them both shakily to their feet.

Michonne braced him, quickly getting her shoulder beneath him. “We’re going home now,” she announced.

“We’ll finish up here,” Aaron paused, hammer in hand, watching them limp away.

 She nodded, helping Rick back towards the house. He came willingly, wincing just the slightest.

“Hey,” he paused them just out of eyesight of the group, maneuvering to face her. Michonne looked at him.

“What is it?” she asked, fearing he actually was hurt.

Rick leaned forward, drawing his face to hers. The feeling of his lips on her own chased away the last remnants of her fear.

“Thank you,” he whispered against her mouth.

“You’re welcome,” she closed the distance between them, wrapping her arms around his neck.

A/N: Thanks for reading! We all know Michonne doesn’t like it when Rick gets hurt. Why is it that men never wait for someone to hold the ladder? 😉

Wings and Horns (Katlaska) ~ Mistress

A/N: remember when i had original ideas? Me neither. this is based off of this prompt. Though I did take the idea a little further. Characters are of junior college age and are cis women in this fic. Let me know if i should continue, i have an outline but i havent written anything beyond this point. 4k.

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Hi sorry to bother but where can I find the nose blush, hair, and eyebrows you use on the sim of the baby Marley post?

Hi there! You’re not bothering me! Marley doesn’t actually use a nose blush, it’s just part of her skin and her various skin details, but I have linked the face contour blush I use! 😊

[hair] [eyebrows] [face blush

Come with me, let yourself go

Does anyone remember that thing I said I would write about the Balsanos hiring the Valentes?Well this is from that universe
He watches her dance, her hair moving around her with every movement, brushing against the bare skin of her lower back, she is laughing, just like the two girls dancing with her but she is the only one he cares about. She moves her hips, making his eyes go to them, soon enough they wander to her legs, the creamy soft skin always enticing for him for some reason he can’t quite catch. He lets himself look at her, he always does, why would he deny himself one of the pleasures of life, he has never been that guy.
She twirls around and her eyes meet his, her cheeks are blushed, sweat is running down her face and he can’t help but to think of the many more entertaining and fun way he could use to make her look just like that, she smiles at him, beams actually, and he smiles back, no being able to help it, her smile has always been contagious.
Matteo raises his glass to her and she shakes her head, she leans in to the say something to her two friends, Jim and Yam nod and before he can process it she is coming towards him, he smiles bigger, seeing her struggle to beat the crowd and get to him, once she does, she does it stumbling, he could stop her fall, but she will crash right against his chest and he really wants to make that not happen? Of course not.
She giggles once she finds herself pressed against him, her hands on his chest to stop her fall, he instantly takes his free hand to rest on her waist and she smiles brightly at him.
“What are you doing here?” She asks screaming over the loud music.
“Drinking.” He says showing her his glass with a smirk and she rolls her eyes.
“That I can see.” She says. “My point was what are you doing here,standing off to the side, drinking alone instead of dancing?”
“Gastón was with me like 5 seconds ago.” He answers, softly drawing circles on her waist.
“That’s not what I asked.” She says. “Why aren’t you dancing?”
“I don’t dance, I never dance.” He explains and she looks at him shocked.
“But you said it yourself that you used to come to parties all the time what did you do if not dance?” She asks, he smirks at her, raising an eyebrow and she blushes, barely noticeable with the red already on her cheeks for dancing. She laughs throwing her head back with a face that’s a mix of disgust and amusement. He resists the urge to lean in and kiss her neck.
“But you are not doing that right now.” She says once she stops laughing and he just hums, he is not, he could but he is not. Why take any random chick when Luna is here? “So you could totally be dancing.”
“I could yes.” He agrees, taking another sip of his drink.
“But you are not.” She pouts softly, she is slightly drunk, not drunk enough that it worries him but drunk enough that he will have to sneak her into the house so their parents won’t see them.Which will be a feat since Miguel is probably waiting for them to make sure they got home safe and sound. “You should be.”
“I should be so many things.” He smirks and she rolls her eyes at him again. She pulls away, taking a step back and his hand falls back to his side, he misses the feeling of her naked skin against his.
“Come on.”She offers him her hand and he looks at it confused. “Dance with me.”
“I told you I don’t dance, little lady.” He says and she glares at him, for a such a small sweet girl she really has a killer look. “I really don’t.”
“Why not?” She asks crossing her arms over her chest.
“I don’t know how to dance.” He lies and he has no idea why because he can already see Luna dragging him into the dance floor with a big smile, the fact that he was going to give up was a sure thing the moment she decided to convince him to dance. Is hard to resist this tiny brunette.
“I’ll teach you.” She insist and he just shakes his head, she asses him for a second, before looking for his hand with her, tangling their fingers together and dragging him into the dance floor, he can hear the whispers of the people as they dig into it, they all surprised that he is dancing or that he hasn’t found anyone to hook up with yet. He shrugs them off, focusing on the triumphant look on Luna’s face once they stop. He left his glass on a table or something when she pull him with her and he is glad because he would have made a mess and he wouldn’t have been able to pull Luna closer by the waist as she puts her arms around his neck while the music changes into a softer, slower rhythm.
“I don’t believe you.” She says with a small smile as they sway side to side.
“What?” He asks confused.
“Elena definitely taught you how to dance.” Luna whispers and he laughs. She certainly did, his mother wouldn’t have left him go by life without what she considers such an important skill, the woman who had been a dancer on her youth was too biased to think anything else.
“Maybe.” He shrugs and she gapes at him.
“I’m so gonna tell her you said that.” She giggle and he looks at her surprised.
“You would never.” He says and she smirks at him, the smirk she picked up from him, he pulls her even closer by the hips, that smirk on her innocent face istoo much for him.
“Try me.” She dares and he leans in closer to her, just so that she can feel his breath against her lips.
“I’m not sure that would be good for you.” He enjoys the way he can feel her shiver against his body.
“And why wouldn’t it?” She asks a little breathless.
“It just wouldn’t.” He mumbles resting, his fingers wandering around her lower back, blessing the second she decided to put on a crop top for this party.
“Just wouldn’t doesn’t work as a threat, Matteo.” She tells him, playing with the hair of his nape.
“You should know me enough by now to know what would happen, little lady.” He says and she smiles even bigger.
“Should I?” She asks, batting her eyelashes innocently at it takes every ounce of self control he has not to kiss her right there. “I didn’t know.”
He shakes his head at her with a small chuckle. The song changed, a much more up beat song is blasting through the speakers now, everyone is back to jumping around, he keeps her pressed against him. No way he is letting her go. He can see they way her eyes glazed over, looking at him, a mix of alcohol and fatigue he is sure.
“Wanna leave?” He asks her a little hopeful.
“Bored already?” She asks. “See? That’s what happens when you don’t dance at parties, you get bored.”
“I usually find other quite entertaining things to do.” He explains.
“But tonight you didn’t.” She says, seriousness taking over her features.
“Tonight I didn’t.” He nods, serious too, he can’t quite process what’s going to Luna’s mind right now, why is she looking at him like this, like she is examining every little bit of his behaviour tonight in just mere seconds, he doesn’t get what she founds out that makes her face and eyes relax slowly and he is not sure he wants to know. “So wanna leave?”
She nods,resting her forehead on his shoulder and he takes off his phone to text the driver to come and get them. He hears a small yawn coming from her. She probably will fall asleep in the car and he will have to carry her home, weirdly enough he doesn’t matter. He doesn’t care of some many things he usually does when it comes to her.
“Do we wait here or outside?” She asks in a small voice and he holds her hand slowly leading her off the dancefloor, he rest his back on the wall he was before and lets her rest against his chest. Both his arms go around her small body to keep her close and standing.
“We wait here.” He says. “It shouldn’t be long.”
She nods softly, hugging him back, he can see Gastón in the other side of the room talking to a guy and sending him a weird look, before he comes to them.
“You leaving soon?” He asks, not mentioning anything about Luna’s position right now, he stopped commenting on their relationship and how weird he finds it long ago, but it’s still visible on his face, he ignores it.
“This little lady is getting tired so soon enough they should be coming for us.” He lets his best friend know and he nods, he feels Luna move a little on his arms and turn to Gastón.
“It was a great party.” She mumbles. “Thanks for inviting me.”
“Whenever you want.” Gastón smiles. “Next time it will be just a movie for us though, this is too much work.”
“That’s fine by me.” She says with a yawn and Gastón laughs.
“Well I’ll leave you guys.” He says. “I have hosts duties here, text me when you get home.”
Matteo nods and Luna goes back to hiding on his chest.
“Did you have a good time?” He asks and Luna nods. “We can start going to more parties if you want.”
“It’s nice, but I still rather just hang out at home with you.” She admits. “I like it better.”
“Yeah I like it better too.”


Hello world! This new mommy is back and ready to sim again! I’ll be jumping on this berry pastel rainbowcy band wagon since every time my computer has an update my regular rainbowcy gets deleted somehow…

Our founder is Hibiscus Pancake and our two lovely ladies are Papaya Grapefruit made by @sinfulwunders and Ester Lovelace made by @cuteplumbbies (I just changed her skin and hair color)


Artistic (Family Trait) ♥ Flirty ♥ Perfectionist ♥ Family Oriented ♥ Neat

►Lifetime Wish:
Surrounded by Family

In any world build a starter home: One bedroom, One bath vacation bungalow and move your founder into it. Over the gens you can build on, but you must keep this lot in the family through the entire challenge. Can be as elaborate or bare bones as you like to start. Larger lot is ideal since it will grow quite a bit over the generations.

►Master Painting Skill
►You can make money selling paintings, but (Do not join painter Career)
►Paint 5 masterpieces
►Mate’s Career: Law Enforcement
►Paint portrait of your heir to hang proudly in the family home. (This will be a requirement for each generation)
►Have a total of five children with two different Sims (Pink Sim & Purple Sim). No adoptions for this gen.

Prompt #1

1. “For gods sake, guys! We’re NOT dating” for

The first time Alec meets Catarina Loss, it’s because he’s meeting Magnus at Taki’s and the woman is sat at the bar with her old friend.

They’re both chatting enthusiastically and they’re sipping pale pink cocktails as Alec approaches them, slightly nervous to meet The Catarina Loss and he’s also totally lost because, was he supposed to meet Catarina? Magnus had said it would be a “casual date”, but he never said anything about Catarina and this potential meeting, letting Alec wonder if this was planned beforehand.

He always feels underdressed next to Magnus, but now looking at his boyfriend and his friend, he feels downright ridiculous.

Magnus is wearing a golden shirt with floral embroideries and black leather pants that holds all his curves perfectly. His eyelids are decorated with sparkling black eyeshadow and mascara, making his brown eyes shine. Catarina is gorgeous next to him, her blue skin is put on display under her black backless dress. They look powerful together and Alec feels very small.

Magnus looks up from his cocktail to meet Alec’s hazel eyes. He smiles and puts his glass down as he stands up to greet the Shadowhunter.

“Alexander !” He says happily, “You’re right on time.”

“Hi.” Whispers the younger man and Magnus can feel the tension in the air as Catarina’s eyes meet Alec’s.

“Cat, meet my friend Alexander Lightwood.” Exclaims Magnus, “Alec, this is Catarina Loss, one of oldest friends.”

“Quit introducing me as old, Bane.” Says the warlock as she extends a hand to shake Alec’s. “Nice to meet you Alexander.”

“Call me Alec, please.” Answers Alec as he takes a deep breath, his lungs are frozen in his chest but he tries to smile through it. “And the pleasure is all mine.”

The rest of the night is a blur, Alec sits between Magnus and Catarina and is mostly silent,only humming when Magnus asks him a question about the food on his plate.

My friend Alexander Lightwood, my friend Alexander, my friend, my friend, my friend, friend, friend, friend.

Magnus offers to take him back to the Institute by portal and Alec accepts, the night is still young and he wants to talk to Magnus. Alone. Where he can feel at ease.

He needs to talk to Magnus because the word friend is chanting in his mind, haunting his thoughts and making him shiver from the cold in his veins.

Which is why he feels suddenly angry when Izzy, Jace and Clary are just waiting there. Interrupting Alec’s plan with amused looks and giggles of “Awww, had a nice date?” Izzy is always the worst when it comes to her big brother’s love life, she can probably see how embarrassed and mad her brother looks, but she keeps pushing.

“You two are the cutest boyfriends ever.” She laughs and Alec feels Magnus move next to him before he snaps.

“For gods sake, guys! We’re NOT dating.”

Silence fills the room as Alec feels his blood boil, his vision red because they’re not dating, they’re friends, friends, friends.

“We’re not?” Asks Magnus, almost offended as he stares at the man next to him. “You go on dates with all your friends, Alexander?”

“No!” Shouts Alec, “But apparently you do!”

The three other Shadowhunters look absolutely horrified to be there, Clary his playing with her hair like no one is there and Jace plays with his stele as Isabelle twists her hands with embarrassement.

“What is that supposed to mean, Alexander?” Says Magnus, his eyes narrowing with anger. “Is this about my bisexuality?”

“What?! No!” Shouts Alec, “This has nothing to do with that.”

“Then what are you on about?”

“You said I was your friend.” He cries out, unable to keep looking at Magnus. “You told Catarina I was your friend, not your boyfriend. Your friend.”

The High warlock stares a few seconds, Alec can feel wheels working in Magnus’ mind and he can see when it finally sets.

“Oh, Alexander.” Breathes Magnus, “It was just by force of habit, my dear. I haven’t had a boyfriend in years, almost centuries. I am a bit rusty with all of this. The word still feels a bit strange on my tongue.”

Alec feels like his heart can finally beat again as Magnus caresses his cheek with his fingertips. 

“But I will gladly use it for you, boyfriend.”

anonymous asked:

Many people write William in fics as having red hair but wouldn't it make more sense that he has brown hair since red hair is a recessive gene and it's not likely that mulder carries a red hair gene? It's such an insignificant detail lol but I think about it every time

I guess they assume he has red hair because in the episode Existence, Mulder mentions that William has Scully’s coloring, which I took to mean her hair, skin, and eye color. But the William in my head has darker hair, maybe Mulder’s brown with a touch of auburn, and Scully’s blue eyes and lighter skin.

To be honest, I don’t give a shit what he ends up looking like, so long as his story arc is dealt with in a way that makes sense. Bonus points if he’s the catalyst for Mulder and Scully getting back together.

Lonesome Tonight

For @imagine-2d, I know you didn’t ask for it but hey, Happy Birthday! I know my post was about Murdoc but I also know you love 2D more. 

Just a quick 2D one-shot. Enjoy!

Are you lonesome tonight?

He placed the cigarette to his lips, holding the photo of her in his hands. It had been so long since the last caress of her hands, the last taste of his lips upon hers. He often craved her late at night, her soft skin comforting and warm. He’d brush a single finger down her bare side, enjoying the curve of her body as she slept peacefully next to him. She would never love him as much as he loved her. She would never even love him as much as he loved the single moment it took to lay his arms around her and fall asleep, something he struggles to do without her. He craved her touch, her soft hands cupping his cheeks as she kissed him, lips pressed to his forehead. His cheeks. His lips. He missed the gentle touches of his skin against her when he held her close. He took another drag of his cigarette. 

Do you miss me tonight?

He knew she wasn’t his, not completely. He knew there was someone else but never bothered to address it. Something about it was too difficult to admit, addressing it would only make it true. He’d rather listen to a thousand lies from her sweet, sweet lips than that one single truth. He often wondered what they were like, the other lover. Was that all he was to her? Was he the lover or the partner? He felt as if he knew the answer to that question, too. She didn’t blink an eye when he saw her after the split. He was a mess, unkempt and boozy from the night before, eyes red and cheeks stained with tears. She would never love him the same as he did. 

Are you sorry we drifted apart?

When did it happen? He was so happy. He thought she was happy. She said she was happy until the end. Another lie.

Does your memory stray to a brighter summer day
When I kissed you and called you sweetheart?

He remembered the day he realized he loved her. She was walking with him through his favorite park, the sun shining through her hair, the golden light reflecting from the sun in her eyes. She spun to face him and everything he had ever felt for her was suddenly right in front of him, gleaming and there for the taking. He kissed her and told her he loved her. She kissed him back with no response. He should have known.

Do the chairs in your parlor seem empty and bare?
Do you gaze at your doorstep and picture me there?

His walls were grey, his curtains dark and brooding. Dust settled through the blinds as the moonlight threatened to bring life to his dark and musty room. The ceiling fan turned as if the life had been slowly draining from it. He stares at the dull light from the end of his cigarette, rolling it in his fingers. He tosses it at the ash tray below his feet. It missed, scattering ash into the carpet. What did it matter? She wasn’t there to see the mess he’d made. She wasn’t there to see the mess she’d made, either.

Is your heart filled with pain, shall I come back again?

She would never love him the way he loved her. She may never love anyone the way he loved her. He may never love anyone the way he loved her. He may never love again. 

Tell me dear, are you lonesome tonight?

she was tall and skinny, like really tall, like 13ft tall, and abnormally skinny, you could see her bones under her skin which that i think about it was not a normal shade of blue, and her teeth were really long too. hmm 

Hide Her Smile

Hide Her Smile // paraphrased poem by @barbaranestor read by Conner Slade

Through the serpentine flame she screamed his name
Obstinate buffoons pull back her skin
Hide her smile, her smile so out of place here
Cold loving bimbos suck on the winter needle alone
Unfaithful eyes break up the marriage
Now we are memories silence pressed pure
Now we are enemies that lead us caged and alone
Soon hate and madness will be forgotten
Dramatic scenes will linger on along hypnotic
Nightmares muttering Ahem in the abyss
This time we are coaching tears of love like brothers

Soundtrack: “Sound and Variations” by Estas Tonne

She is always smaller
than I remember,
when I’m not looking;
her skin like milk
spilled and drying
over blue cloth.
I take her hands in mine:
must love always ache
like my joints before
rain? I anticipate so much.
She tells me she is
afraid. What do I say?
“I know.” The quiet
strength of her hands
consumes my heart -
mine will never know
life the way they have.
I should be grateful.
I am.

We dance in the kitchen
the way we did when I was
the small one.

It’s a comfort.



Shades of crimson red,
Are the hues of my mind.
They transform when I go to bed,
Into a hell of some kind.


Sleep has a gatekeeper,
That looks in a way or another,
Like the Beelzebub of a sleeper..
It’s almost as if he’s his brother.


Right after I’ve blinked a final blink,
And I’m swinging on the edge of sleep,
It feels as if I’m standing on the brink,
Of hell, devils begging me to leap,
Into the arms of flames, like whips,
Whipping streaks of black and red,
Like an abusive lover, burning kisses with her lips,
Onto skin reeking of the stench of dread.


When I take shelter in my slumber,
And shut my eyes to unlearn,
The earthly hell with a scent of umber,
I sway into a hell with a certain burn.
One with a scent of lava and smoke,
And flames with the same color of my thoughts.
Halos of smoke around my neck, I choke,
Tightened, secured with several knots.

by @ambiguitiesromanticized

Originally posted by lilpieceofmyworld

Water lapped at the shores of the Ruby Sea, washing rocks and shells against dark sand to litter the edge with natural debris. It was peaceful. Mixed eyes rested half lidded as she stared at the expanse of blue that seemed to go on forever, drinking in the tranquility of the moment. Jayley could scarce believe that soon this place was going to live up to its name; that the sands were to be stained with the blood of a long brewing feud. Excitement bubbled under her skin, held down only by comfortable trepidation.

A breeze rolled off of the sea, rustling short onyx strands as Jayley straightened her posture. That was enough of a break. She reached for a shovel, dislodging it from the sands to get back to digging. Her carefully laid out plans had been shattered when R’Khena’s memory was wiped for the second time, and so they stole her away here. Spicer would come soon to try and retrieve her, and while the others seemed content to deal with him as he came, Jayley wasn’t convinced that playing the situation smart was impossible. Plans fall apart all the time, after all. It was how one adapted to make it work that made a strategist so powerful.

With a dull clink the shovel’s set aside as she dropped to a knee in front of the hole. Rough hands reached for a canvas bag that sat not too far, opening it up and rummaging to carefully grab a dull looking pot no bigger than the size of her palm. She had planned for these explosives to be set in buildings, but they’d still do well enough here. She set the pot into the hole cautiously, checking the wiring around it. A small square of cloth gets laid over it, ensuring the sand wouldn’t jam any of the connections before she began to scoop the pile of dug sand back over top of the hole with her hands. She filled it in, trying to make it look as natural as possible while leaving a bit of displaced sand about a fulm in front of it. It was a trick, after all. If they thought it to be closer than it is, then stepping over would land their foot right atop of the trap.

Jayley lifts to her feet with a small huff, swiping her bare forearm across her forehead to wipe away sweat. She’d not put her face paints on yet today. There was no point if it was all going to be sweat away before the battle. “Rights.” She mumbled to herself, turning to look out over the beach, “Tha’s the lasts ones.”

Scarred lips drew a thin line under her mask, squinting over the area. She couldn’t help but feel she was at a disadvantage here. Sand wasn’t her preferred battleground. A huff escaped her as she leaned down to scoop up the bag and shovel, laying the handle of the tool overtop of her shoulder while she lumbered back towards the wooden shacks.

Near the deck she dropped the shovel and bag, exchanging it for a large metal club that looked as though it could smash through any armor. She hefted it with a grunt and made her way across towards one of the larger rocks that protruded from the beach. With a swish of sand she sunk the mace into the dirt beside the stone, laying it horizontal. She dug through the sand with her hands, making a long trench deep enough to sink the massive weapon into before pushing the sand over it. It was only a small layer, but it’d be enough to conceal the weapon from sight.

Back to the decks she went, scooping up the last weapon. An odd looking revolver that looked magitech in nature. She lumbered towards one of the few trees nearby, pulling one of her belts from her satchel. With a hop she grabbed onto one of the gnarled branches, scaling the tree with practiced form until she was halfway up. Her eye flicked between the sea and her position, finding just the right amount of needles to tuck the revolver behind. She wrapped the belt that was similar in colour to the bark around the branch, using it to pinch the weapon there and strap it in.

Feet sunk into the sand after jumping down, wiping her hands together while scanning the beach. Good. Everything looked normal. Natural even. She hoped it’d be enough, but as of right now there was just no telling. Her nose wrinkled at all the unknown variables. They had no idea what Spicer had in his arsenal, but Jayley was certain it was nothing good. She let out a rumbled sigh, exhaustion creaking in her bones as she turned back towards the deck. Bags and shovels go snatched up as she makes her way towards the shack.

The others may have promised R’Khena that killing would be a last resort, but she certainly didn’t. Anyone that worked under this man’s banner had it coming, she thought. There was no room for mercy here. Anyone who came to this beach in search of R’Khena wouldn’t be leaving alive.

She needed to sharpen her blades.