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Prompt: Clarke searching on craigslist for a husband and finds Bellamy

Special thanks to @ponyregrets and @reblogginhood for coming through with some details.  Also on ao3.

MARRY MY BEST FRIEND HE’S GREAT!!!  Clarke set down her beer and snorted.  A friday night spent with a six pack and Best of Craigslist wasn’t exactly living her best life, but it was all she felt like doing after the week she’d had at the hospital.  She clicked the link and moved her laptop to balance more comfortably on her knees.


He’s crazy smart and kind of a grump but that’s only because he loves his friends and we’re a bunch of idiots.  He’s pan and really hot, but he’d kill me if I posted a picture of his face so here’s a picture of his chest instead:

Clarke tipped her head to the side and considered the proffered torso while she took a long swig of beer.  He was wearing a grey Arkadia University t-shirt that looked soft and worn, and he did have nice, broad shoulders that stretched the shirt pleasantly.  It looked like he had one arm around someone— a male someone— and the other one held a bottle of the same beer she was drinking.  

She scrolled on.

I’m getting married to my fiance soon and I figured we should just make it a double wedding because he deserves to be as happy as we are and he hasn’t had a boyfriend or girlfriend in too long.  All you gotta do is show up and marry my best friend!!!


Guy, gal, or nonbinary pal

Patience with long, rambling historical anecdotes

Sense of humor because you’re really underestimating how many long, rambling historical anecdotes you’re gonna hear

I cannot emphasize enough how many long, rambling historical anecdotes he has

He hates going out so either you should be a shut-in too or maybe you should be the sort of person who can get him out of the house (I think the first one but my fiance says the second one is best idk use your best judgment there)

Burning hatred of the patriarchy

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Not Right

Marceline wasn’t sure how this had happened. She had been on her way to the Candy Kingdom after having heard of Bubblegum’s sudden disappearance. With Finn off on his voyage with Susan and Jake and Fern being too…new for the Vampire Queen to trust, it was up to her to find the missing Princess. She felt that maybe she should’ve brought along Simon, but the Ice King had mentioned he was too into birdwatching the last time she had come over.

Also something about an exotic toucan asking him out, but that was probably the crown talking.

And then suddenly there was a bright light, and then gum began rapidly taking over Ooo. The Treehouse and surrounding plains had already been overrun when Marceline had arrived, and the gum only continued to grow.

Marceline had panicked. Even when faced with the pure essence of the Vampire King some months before, she had never felt this sort of unease.

And that’s when Bubblegum attacked.

A wad of gum struck Marceline in the face, sending the vampire hurtling to the ground, where she became stuck to the never ending candy. She struggled to free herself, but only succeeded in ripping her arm free and prying the gum off her face when she felt the touch of a familiar hand.


That one word froze her, and the vampire’s gaze snapped to see Bubblegum standing over her, smiling ever so sweetly. But the vampire felt a chill go up her undead spine as she how wrong the princess was, her form continuing to ripple and change and warp into something wrong.

“Bubblegum, what are you doing!?” she exclaimed. “What’s happening!?”

Bubblegum giggled, a rare sound from such a prim and proper 1000 year old ruler. “I’m fixing things, obviously. Ooo is such a dangerous place, and everyone is so volatile and crazy. They need to be helped, so I am.”

“Help them?” Marceline couldn’t keep the accusation out of her voice, but Bubblegum didn’t seem offended. If anything, it amused her. The changing woman pointed to the Treehouse behind them, and Marceline cranes her neck to look.

The gum was already receding, and Marceline gazed in shock. In place of her massive green former home, there stood a large plant made almost entirely of glittering rock candy. The landscape surrounding it was entirely pink, even the sky itself. She saw Fern standing high on the roof, but…no, that couldn’t be him. Fern looked so very similar to Finn, but was made entirely of grass and didn’t seem to possess all Finn’s memories.

The…thing on the rock candy home looked like Fern, but was also not. His head looked like a candy wrapper, and the rest of his body brought to her mind an old children’s cartoon she watched, ages and ages ago. What was stranger was rather than look…conflicted, Fern took one look at his surroundings before breaking out in laughter, summersaulting off the roof and down to the ground.

“What did you do?” Marceline asked.

“I fixed him. He’s a lot happier now than before, and that’s all people want, right? To be safe and happy.”

Marceline looked back at Bonnie, the woman she had respected and maybe even admired for years, and saw only a monster. “Stop this!” she exclaimed. “This isn’t right!”

“Don’t worry, Marcy,” Bubblegum soothed. “I’ll fix you too.”

Marceline immediately put on a surge of strength, ripping free of the gum and shapeshifting into the most powerful form she could think of. She reached out with a massive, clawed hand, preparing to incapacitate Bonnie and stop her before everything became worse.

Bubblegum only smiled, and raised her hand.


“Hey Bonnie, you want to hear the new song I just wrote? It’ll help soothe anyone overwhelmed by responsibility!”

The massive face of the Candy Elemental looked at her best friend with a wide smile. “I always enjoy hearing your songs, my friend.”

Marshmeline grinned, then strummed her bass and hummed a long, soothing tune. Down below, all her awesome friends stopped playing and listened to her song, relaxing. This felt right, the Campfire Queen thought. No more pain or sadness or fear and awful bad memories to bring down her day.

Now it was all just…fun.

Okay but imagine: Natsu as a gymnast 

-Natsu doing all the chores around the house to get extra money to buy leos, bows, etc.

-Hinata being an amazing big brother and learning how to do all these fancy and complex braids for Natsu.

-Natsu bragging to her gym friends about what an awesome big brother she has and shows off her amazing hair. 

-Natsu getting so many medals (bc she wins like everything).

-Hinata going to every meet to cheer her on.

-When she meets her brother teams she basically gives Asahi a heart attack from all her flipping. Noya and Tanaka think it’s so amazing. 

-The whole team wants to see her compete bc they think she’s amazing so Hinata brings them all along to one of her meets. 

-Of course she wins that meet and the whole team brings her flowers and made signs and all.

-Natsu always using her brother as inspiration to work in something she loves (I mean just look how far Hinata has gotten in volleyball, she wants to be like her big bro).

-Just Natsu gymnast is super cute :>>
Halsey "New Americana" inspired film STAY
This film is based on Halsey's music video “New Americana”. We are all very excited for Hopeless Fountain Kingdom and hope that our film will pass your time ...




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I love your blog so much!!! You're one of the first blogs I've followed and made me ship literally everyone with everyone!!! Have you got any more lesbian percabeth au headcanons? They're my favourite 💙

thank you so much !!!

*reaches down into the very depths of my au* okay… i think…. i can squeak out a few more (THERE WILL ALWAYS BE MORE I WILL SLOWLY BUT SURELY REWRITE THE WHOLE SERIES WITH THEM)

  • annabeth being thrilled and like downright giddy at the prospect of having a best friend even though she will be Damned before she’ll admit it or show it
  • but like seriously she’s like so excited that there’s a girl her own age, unlike clarisse or silena or thalia where she constantly feels like she’s falling behind and she needs to catch up
  • annabeth crashes in her cabin like all the time while they’re growing up because it’s literally just her and her best friend like how awesome is that (and nobody thinks anything of it because Heteronormativity you know and anyway this is mostly before the Feelings anyway)
  • silena gets exasperated bc percy is the only one who is allowed near annabeth with any sort of beauty product
  • and she’s always like “why do you trust her more than me??????” and pouts
  • and annabeth insists that it’s because percy will actually listen when annabeth says she doesn’t want something specific while as silena will just go full throttle if annabeth ever gives her permission
  • which isn’t true because silena totally respects boundaries, but annabeth just uses that as an excuse so she doesn’t have to explain that she just really likes it when percy touches her and their faces are really close together and she runs her fingers through her hair
  • the percy/aphrodite conversation has so much more significance bc aphrodites like “ur gay sweetie” and percy’s like “i know but she’s not that’s the problem” and aphrodite’s like, *wink* and for the first time ever percy lets herself hope,, just a little,,,,,
  • mmkay so the thing is that like annabeth is sincerely not able to work up the impulsive botl kiss quite as impulsively because DAMMIT ANNABETH THAT’S GAY
  • so they both almost die anyway because annabeth can’t make up her mind bc if u add sexuality crisis on top of all the OTHER crises in their relationship, i mean, can you blame her
  • she does kiss her though
  • listen though, like everyone knowing that annabeth has it bad for someone but not being able to figure out who,,,,, (bc heteronormativity)
  • clarisse is the one who has to tell silena that they like each other and silena is horrified that she didn’t notice on her own and then she gets so excited that clarisse has to hold her back from going to talk to annabeth about it
The Hills

Not requested
First mature imagine 🙌🏻

Justin’s point of view

Walking around the club with cigars in my hand . I look around at the people here grinding on each other . I saw Za with some chicks smoking pot . I went to them trying to find company.

“Wassaup dude ” Za said , i can already tell he was high . I chuckled and grabbed it “Good” i grabbed it and inhaled my first in this night . It felt like heaven . Letting go of all the problems and all the work . This was my last party before that tour .

“Oh my god ! I can’t believe this !” She said , I don’t even know her name maybe Lisa ? I don’t know but she got some nice body . They all laughed and i laughed with them , I don’t know why but i just laughed .

Suddenly that girl hoped on my lap . “Why don’t you talk with us ?” She whispered lips nearly touching mine . I glanced at her lips biting mine . I looked up again at her green eyes which were full of lust . Her hands were roaming my body without permission. “Don’t start something you know you can’t end ” . She smirked . She contained her teasing touching places where she shouldn’t. Her lips are on my neck tracing wet kisses . I got up and led her thought the first empty room i saw, i closed the door with the key and threw it on the table .

I held her from the hips and turned us and i was on the top . “Get ready to have it hard” i smirked kissing her neck making her scream my name .i kissed her neck so hard leaving huge hickeys , trailing my lips down till i reached her t shirt . I ripped her t shirt into 2 pieces when her breasts were in view . I kept trailing kisses and till i reached her nipples , i sucked her hard , making her moan my name . I left her i went down to where she needed me the most .

“Already wet for me huh ? ” i smirked , already seeing it wet .
“Y-yes ”
“What do you want ?”
“Y-you …”
“Louder ”
“YOU !” She screamed as I slowly entered her .
“Where are you going man ?” Za asked me while i finished my job with dat girl inside .
“I am leaving ” Za chuckled and went up and touched my face . “What man?!”
“Remove that pink lipstick first dude , paps are outside ” he left hurrying up after a half naked girl .

I wiped it all off with my sleeve , i put on my hoodie and went out , flashlights were on. I hurried till i reached the car. I went inside and told the driver to head home . I reached for my phone from the pocket .

I typed my pass and decided to check my social media . I opened up Instagram and found Y/N posts . She was wearing a dress and she was with her friends , she looked very awesome . She had her thick black hair up in a ponytail showing off her beautiful neck tattoo. She has just moved in her new home . I don’t know where was it . I decided to text her .

Justin:Hey girl
Y/N:sup justin ?
Justin : yo free ?
Y/N : um .. Yass why ?
Justin: i am coming ,I can’t find your house, send me the info

Y/N’s Point Of View .

“So are you dating him?“Lilly asked about me and Justin.
“What no ! We are not dating ! We are just best friends ” i said fed up from it , anytime they come to visit me they keep asking me about him . Sometimes i regret telling them that i ONCE liked him ………. And still liking him tho.
“Then why are blushing ?"Rosie asked and all of them laughed .
"Off” I got up from the bed and went to get some cookies .

I went out when my phone rang , singling a message . I looked down and found it was from Justin . Wasn’t he at a party with Za ? I opened up and texted him back , he wanted to come here . Was there anything ? I texted him my address and hurried to my room .

“Sooo ! I have to wake up early tomorrow, so it was nice seeing you today ”

Justin’s POV

“Here you go sir ” the driver spoke and parked the car near the gate of Y/N . I got out and brought my phone . I walked and entered the gate . Walking through the small garden she made herself , i picked up a few white roses and held them .

I knocked on the door , after a few seconds it opened . Y/N was a hot mess . She had her hair in a bun and she was wearing grey sweatpants with a white crop top that showed off her belly piercing .I just wanna get you out the friendzone Cause you look even better than the photo

“Hey” i faintly spoke , amazed by the sight in front of me . She smiled and let me in the house . I gave her the white roses i got from her garden . Her eyes lit up although she knew they were from her garden . “Thank you Justin ”

“So tell me , how was the party ?” She asked as she was sitting handing me a glass of water . I sipped from it looking at her from above the rim of the cup .

“It wasn’t nice , it would have been better if you were there ” i said looking her in the eyes . She smiled and tried hiding her face . I reached forward for her chin and lifted it up . I got close , our noses almost touching . I looked down at her lips and looked back at her eyes .

“Has anyone told you before that you are so beautiful?” I told her looking her in the eyes . When i saw that blush starting to appear i leaned in and kissed her . I almost moaned in her mouth for the most waited kiss . I tasted that amazing mix of strawberry and cherries. It felt as if it was from heaven . I slowly lifted her and automatically her legs went around my waist . I carried her marching towards the nearest bed . I knew this would end there .

I laid her down on the bed as softly as ever . I began leaving soft kisses on her neck and every now and then sucking on her skin . Her breath hitching every now and then . Her hands reached my belt and began pulling down my pants . I kept kissing her till i reached her shirt . I slowly took it off until her boobs were in view . I stared down on her beautiful body “You are so fucking beautiful ” . I leaned in completing my work down on her boobs while her hand were searching to pleasure me too .

Very slowly i took off her pants and touched her ever softly through her panties . I am so afraid i will hurt her . I bit on my lips and asked her “Do you .. Want this ?” I asked . Personally speaking , i wanted this so bad . She nodded her head and spoke faintly “ i want this more than you think … I have always liked you Justin ”

When these words left her , i went down for her . I got her panties off within a minute . I entered her so slowly and her back was already raising from the bed . Her sweet moans filled the room like melodies to my ears . I gave her my best .

“Fuck ..” This was the last thing i said after i spilled myself inside her . I fell on top of her our bodies covered with layers of sweat making it more sweeter . I held her tight , my head resting on het chest , her arms holding me tight .

“Y/N?” She hummed a response.

“I love you so fucking much ”

So tbh , i got this idea while listening to The Hills by the weekend
Tell me what you think and plz consider that this is my first mature imagine
Don’t forget to send in requests!!

To the anons that sent things to Mamajebbun.

I wasn’t even upset with her. Why are you speaking for me and going to her inbox? You don’t need to defend me espically when I’m not upset in the first place. If you go around speaking for people then you run the risk of damaging friendships. I’ve been blocked now by Mamajebbun and good friend of mine I appreciate and care for very much. Yes I’ve had disagreements with her and there are times when we’d get mad at each other.

But I still thought of her as an awesome friend and now I can’t even speak with her and she won’t see this now because you anons decided to speak for me and make the whole situation worse. When it wasn’t even bad to begin with

It was a disagreement that’s all and one you all didn’t have to get involved in. I was going to apologize to her and that would have been the end of it….but now I can’t.

Our Deal Ch.4 (Trixya) - Tati

A/N: So sorry it’s taken me so long to update this! I hope you guys enjoy this chapter and haven’t forgotten about this. Thank you to all that read and leave some love, ya’ll are the best. Although this has taken me a month to update, this chapter is longer than the others, I hope that somewhat makes up for me being shitty at updating. Shoutout to that hooker Alex for being my beta, love ya sis!

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She’s in Ireland, guys. He’ll be in Ireland Friday (possibly even Thurs night if he takes a super late flight after his event in Bologna?) So like… will she be staying with his family?? She’s traveling with her friend who’s an awesome photographer btw. But mostly, did he get her this bear? Because omg. How fucking cute. 

This is from her ig story 10 hrs ago ps

Doing My Service.

High school had ended and everyone was going off to colleges and what not, Dani however had another plan. She hadn’t been book smart and even though going to college with her best friend sounded awesome, she knew that she couldn’t. The past few months had been different, she felt different. For some reason she couldn’t stand how guys seemed to bang on her best friends door at all times of the night, wanting to hit her up. Santana was more than that, she deserved better and slowly Dani felt herself wanting to be that better. She couldn’t tell Santana though, knowing there was no way she felt the same. So Dani enlisted and this was her last night home before she had to go, packing up her shit. “You’ll write me?” She asked Santana with a soft smile, packing some pictures of them together over the years.

i have a lot of feelings about the raven cycle mmkay

  • blue sargent is my spirit animal she’s this tiny raging feminist who is having her quarter-life crisis at 17 and is always like (ง •̀_•́)ง but then she looks at her raven boys and is all, *heart eyes*
  • at the beginning i was lowkey frustrated that blue didn’t have any girlfriends but then i realized that she has all of these strong female influences and relationships in her life and maura is her best friend and that’s awesome 
  • gansey is the strangest person like he’s a pseudo-hipster who drives a shitty car and lives in an old factory just because he’s rich and he can, but he also dresses like a dad and never shuts the fuck up about glendower what is with this kid
  • noah my precious cinnamon roll ghost i just want to give him a hug that rivals anything a ThunderShirt can do
  • lbr all of the raven boys are cinnamon rolls even ronan who could kill you with his pinky but prefers holding baby mice to his cheek
  • and adam OMG ADAM has anyone needed a nap and a snuggle more than this kid
  • can we talk about trc ships pls
  • bluesey makes me so emotional i can’t handle the tragedy of it all
  • as soon as blue accepts her fate gansey shows up and she’s like ‘FUCKING DAMMIT YOU RICH PSEUDO-HIPSTER WHO WON’T SHUT UP ABOUT GLENDOWER WHYYYY HIMMMM‘
  • bluesey going for late night drives with so much silent tension and then instead of kissing they have the moment that happens after a kiss, where they’re just pressing up against each other and breathing fast and she can feel his stubble on her cheek
  • #howaboutno
  • blue having her first kiss with noah because she thinks she’ll never have one with gansey nOBODY TOUCH ME
  • that’s the first time the story made me cry man that kiss was just so ugh i can’t even think about it
  • ronan is so in love with adam like he just wants the bae’s hands to feel better
  • i’ve never seen someone so obsessed with hands okay he literally dreamed up a lotion that will make adam’s hands even more desirable and smells just like cabeswater
  • do you all realize that manibus smells exactly how amortentia would smell to ronan
  • like, manibus plus a little gasoline and ronan would lose his shit right there in potions class
  • speaking of harry potter, the raven boys and blue are basically modern-day marauders and lily evans there are so many parallels who wants to talk about them with me???
  • these two give me such feels i mean adam knows all about how ronan loves him and ronan is oblivious to it and that scene at the barns where they’re just circling each other and being all ‘casual’ but adam is all ‘he totes likes my face’ and ronan is internally screaming
  • SUCH R O M A N C E
  • i’ve read every pynch fanfic on AO3 ngl
  • i cried for the second time when adam was in court all alone and convinced he’s gonna lose and then gansey and ronan show up and they’re all ‘nah bro, we got you’ and then adam’s heart gets too big for his chest
  • BLLB was a very emotional reading experience for me okay
  • like these books are the most amazing depiction of male friendship and brotherhood i want every girl and boy to read them
  • how am i supposed to wait until april 2016 for trk i’m having a crisis over here
  • i just need noah to be alive again
  • and a pynch kiss that results in a long-term relationship and a bluesey kiss that doesn’t result in gansey’s death OKAY MAGGIE DO YOU THINK YOU COULD DO THAT FOR US
Meg’s 300 followers celebration!!! :D

Hi lovelies. Thank you all for 300 followers! i never expected to get this many. thank you so much!
This though is more a personal celebration for those peeps who have helped me the most. they are my family.
(gif is not by me btw,the user is deleted sadly) /:

‘’This might look like a follow forever/fewer/whatevs,but i did it in my style, sue my ass’’.

(My family,some people who means the world too me)(people i would take a bullet for,maybe that’s just me and my ‘’hero syndrom’’ but you get it)

@herolincolln: Moose,Moose is this funny amazing person. who i just instantly clicked with. She’s a sister too me. I love her with all my heart. She’s kind,inspiring,awesome,unique. She makes me giggle on a daily basis.
She’s beautiful in every way. You’re amazing babe. ily <3 also why are you so damn beautiful?

@dropshipbellarke : Liz is my child,she’s an angel send from heaven to earth.
she’s a cutie,she’s is beautiful,awesome and just all around amazing. Though sometimes i feel like i’m more attached to her then she is too me but whatevs.
she’s a precious being. with a big heart. Ily <3 

@glowingbellarke: Abby my other child. Abby is the cutest. she’s adorable,awesome,lovely. she has this amazing personality. also her saltyness slays. she’s just too pure for this world. protect her will all cost. ily <3

@clxrkblake: Meg is my other Sister,she’s sassy,salty,sarcastic little turtle. who i adore. She’s the best. she is precious,cute. SHE’S IS LITTERALLY A GODDESS OMG. a sinnamon roll.  She is unique too.

@raphaelsanteago: Arooj is more salty then anybody in the world. jesus christ.
don’t fight her. she will litterally kill you. saltier then chips. oh my gosh i love this girl so much. she’s the girl i rant ALOT too. or talk about how awesome kol mikaelson is. she’s sweet and just down to earth. and deserves the world tbh.

@shelbywyatt: Fay is a cinnamon roll,she’s cuter then kittens. legit she is.
she’s always so nice. and down to earth. and just the cutest thing on earth.
I love her. she has always made me feel welcome in this huge community.
litteraly a angel

@bravenry: Ciri is my mom. she really cares about her friends and family.
she’s awesome. amazing. and beautiful inside and out. A big heart. whenever you feel like you want to talk,ciara is here. she listens,and understands.
she’s just wow. ily<3

@argentiebae: My European sis, a cutie. she’s adorable. and just overall amazing. i love her so much. she’s also an angel. she’s helps me get in a better mood,when i’m down. precious cinnamon roll who deserves everything in the world. ily <3

@goldenlydia: Litteraly sunshine,precious being. she’s amazing. and HAS THE MOST AMAZING COLORINGS OMG. i think she’s one of first mutual i really like begin talking too. an angel. just overall too awesome for me.

@aleclightbitch: Rhia is a savage, i love her though. jesus this girl has more sass,and saltyness then myself. like wow. sometimes i’m like:  wow! throw the salt over to me please. she’s sweet and awesome. and just incredible.

@sterolinees: Savage Queen, salty and sassy with some sarcasm. and i love her. she’s sweet and kind. and whenever i’m sad/mad about TVD/TO. i rant to this girl. like she gets me. she’s an angel. and just precious. 

@itwontsurvivemee: Cutie patootie Anya, a queen.  I love this girl so much.
she noticed i was feeling a bit down lately. and she just decided to listen to me,ask me how i’m feeling etc.  legit she’s a kind badasss girl(aka like anya from the 100) ^^

@bitchcankeepasecret: Jeny is an angel. she asks me if i’m okay,if i ever need anybody i can always go talk to her. also yeah i rant to her alot. because she understands. and we can then talk about our rage about something. but i adore her. she is awesome.  beautiful

@yoncebanshee: Goals af. this queen,is beautiful. overall. like wow. also sassmaster. sassy,awesome. and down to earth. precious angel. just goals.
kind,lovely. yeah just everything.

@belamygrifin : My first mutual i begin talking too. she’s sweet and kind,and amazing.makes awesome fics! like wow. really down to earth. makes you feel welcome. she’s just super nice. i love her. Goals.

@aerishere: This girl is a sweetheart. Honestly she’s the cutest. makes FANTASTIC videos. like jesus i’m jealous.  girl is awesome. and creative.
just fantastic. LOVELY

@captainsaracold: Lilly is honestly my sis, she’s awesome,amazing,cute,adorable all around just a fantastic person. makes me smile when i’m down just wow.  A CUTIEPIE

@hookischarmed: Emma my twin, Emma is an angel. she’s awesome,amazing,cool, she’s the type of person i wish i had all my life.
She’s great. i love her. she makes my day. ALSO BEAUTIFUL TRASH

@sweetmechanicsmile: Maria, also named my sinfull sister. (cause we sin alot together) she’s my trash sister. cause everytime i’m going deeper in the trashcan,Maria follows with me. she’s precious,amazing and awesome.
i’m really glad to have this girl in my life. i love her. SHE IS GORG.

@bellefrench: Ali is my precious sis. she has helped through alot with how tumblr works,how photoshop works,what i should dowload etc. a treasure to humans. like really she is. and she is so sweet. and just i love her. also my glass sister. cause we’re both girls who need glasses to see.

@idontgiveaneffie: Angel is queen,no sometimes i’m scared of how salty she can get. where i’m like ‘’you okay?’’ no but honestly. she’s a badass. she could kill you with just a look. she’s cute though. i love her. she’s amazing

@allgrownpup: Paige is an angel send from heaven,honestly she’s INCREDIBLE AMAZING,AWESOME, she’s the sweetest thing on earth. i love her so much
also she’s a model goddess.

(For the peeps who i love,but have just gotten to meet recently)

@elizaslane: well this girl is more trash then myself,love her though.
she’s a sweetheart,just lovely. she’s amazing. <3

@folieadunit: She’s so cute. she’s just amazing, and really down to earth. just lovely. + she’s beautiful.

@helpbellamyblake: salt squad ofc, a lovely and salty type. i love it.
she’s a cutie.

@hedakhaleesi: sometimes i think we’re twin,cause we have so much in common. Love her. all around amazing and cute.

@ravenous-octavia: more trash, but i love her. a cutie. she’s awesome and cool. and just sweet.


(My trash mutuals,who i also love)

@bellamyslady: Avery is just precious. i will protect her will all cost.

@yourmarvelhighness: Ruby is a badass. and is just the queen of marvel.

@killianjonez: Dana is trash. (jk)as much as we argue about ships. i adore and love her.

@hugsbellarke: Lau is a treasure,she’s adorable and cute. and just incredible.

@griifinclarke: Amazing, and made me get all these wonderful peeps as friends.

@rashaka: Lovely rash, she is awesome. just all over adorable. and has amazing sass.

@bellamyblakeprotectionsquad2k16: April is amazing. lovely. and just wow.

@singinglikeapenguin: One thing: better then your fave. awesome.

@alec–magnus: other amazing babe who deserves everything

@kira-ning: Beautiful princess who i love.

@roanofazgeda: Rach is goals. i love her. she’s amazing. just wow. get her a damn trophy.


for other peeps who i also still love, and adore the hell out. but wanna get to know better:

@thelovelylights @blakessibling @clarkeswalkabout @clarkesfreckledking @damnbamon @barryallensbutt @queenclarkegriffine @uselessbisexualcylon @rebellamyking @the-ships-to-rule-them-all @spiderdoctor67 @lydiahstilnski @rayven-rayes @slayyourdemons-101 @wandamaxmioofs @big-phonies @simplyslc @asweetdeception @bellohmyblake @bellsqueen @bellslarkes @stylesblake @dropshipp @pandafreak32 @vigilantewives @holladnroden @hollanddylanstydia @scottymccall @bellamysprincessa @royalblakes @borisblakes @queenclarkegriffine @kindclaws @bellarnyblakc @clarkebellamy 
@raivensreyes @bravnlarke @issomethingsupposedtohappen @bisexualbellamyblake @oftheskyepeople @prosciuttoe @ofhobbitsandwomen @raincityruckus @freckledrebelking @lydiasfears @lydiamcrtinski @blakemedown @uhstydias @dire-consequence @bisexualgriffin @drop-shipped @darkk-light @bellarke-please @platoniceyefucking @farklematthews @lyydiamarttin @ohwheresmylove @reytrashqueen @runninginmoonlight @scottsmcclls @stilinskilis @trashstydia @ravenreyed @cuteclarke @alec–magnus @bellsgriffinss @holycavill @ohennig @jazziisms @effingtallgirl detectivloki @lindzey-morgan @bellvenlarke @queendanvrs

I’m so sorry if you’re not tagged. i might have missed you. but if did i’m sorry. it’s not because you mean nothing too me i promise!!
I love all of you guys.


- Megara

also this took forever.
so i know it’s not in alphabetic order but like come on.

legit sue me if you will.

Ichigo is happy. He smiles… he f#@$ing smiles my friends. Orihime finally has a family. Ichigo and Orihime have a son, Kazui.

They’re all very happy. So why do others want to say that Orihime deserves better or that Ichigo doesn’t really love her/will cheat on her? Why?

Can’t we just be happy that our favorite main character is finally happy? With no scowl in sight?

And Rukia. She is so happy. She’s married to her love and her best friend, Renji. They have awesome and adorable Ichika together. Why belittle that? The other main character is f@#$ing happy!!!

And here’s the other thing… they’re fictional characters. So why are some people wasting time arguing? I’m just happy that all my favorites are happy. Elated in fact!

Indy to Tumblr

Hey everyone~ Now before you start strolling past this post I want to tell you something. This has been on my mind for the past hour and I want to let it out. 

I love you guys! 

Since I’ve came to tumblr, like most people, I didn’t know how it worked, I didn’t know how to talk to people or if it was even safe to do so.

@amaranth121 was the main reason I found tumblr, because of her amazing Gajevy fanfic Gold and Iron on (Totally recommend you read it). I saw she had a tumblr and I wanted to become her friend because she’s super awesome and inspirational. And from there I met @aya-eisen @fairytailpeach @ottottatertots @kiss-me-khaos and @neofeliis aka @neen-writes (from her awesome now completed Gajevy fanfic Iron Heart) and so many others

I met @makeithayle after an awesome release of @amaranth121‘s Iron and Gold chapter. (We were doing a count down and everything on tumblr, it was amazing, everyone was going crazy XD). Me and her became friends not to long after. She’s amazing and im so happy i met her. 

@levymcgarden17 was my first friend on tumblr that I started talking to regularly, ironically we came together through a friendship zodiac post (yes i still remember) and it said that our zodiac signs were meant to be best friends and now I talk to everyday (or aleast try to XD). We are such awesome friends now. She’s the one that talked me into making Shalily. Just literately one day we started talking about Shagotte and Pantherlily and about this awesome story they were in called Hard Liquor by Mugole (i know i spelled her name wrong ^^’). And everything just kicked off from there. We just started a post about Shalily and everything just feel into place. Honestly I couldn’t have gone this far with Shalily without her help. She’s awesome.

Now @emmyhippo, Let me tell you about Emmy! She is my hippotastic partner in crime (We robbed Cold Stone once XD JK JK) She makes me smile and laugh and i will love her the grave and back. She’s is one of my administrators (along with @levymcgarden17 )for @shalilyweek. She’s actualy the one that came up with the idea of having the first shalily week. She helps me a lot with it and she’a super SUPER HILARIOUS without even trying XD! She helps me a lot and she’s one of those main ppl i talk to everyday, I appreciate her a lot! 

Speaking of @shalilyweek My wonderful weird friend @goldxnfairy is the reason the blog even came to be. She suggested it and that’s the reason it’s even alive today. She’s a crazy Gajevy fan and also the writer of the amazing Gajevy  fanfic Kissed by the Sun on (she’s know as ro-blaze on there). Even though we live far away from eachother and live in different time zones, we find ways to keep in contact, we both agreed that the world needs werid ppl like us to keep it moving round XD.

@xxgajevyloverxx is one of my first friends. She is awesome and beautiful. Me and Emmy ship her with eating-iron XD! She’s so sweet and caring not to mention a PHENOMENAL artist (I couldn’t draw like her for the life of me). I love her to death and i care a lot about her. I know she has a lot of followers and im only one of the tiny ones but she is amazing and she means a lot to me. 

@rae-tan and @little-miss-heartfillia! These girls are absolutely the bomb! They have made 2 of my top favorite long one-shot fluffy shalily fanfics, Shot at Love by @rae-tan and Ink and Petals by @little-miss-heartfillia. I now talk to these 2 every day and they just are so so amazing and they are so fun to talk to!!  I’m so glad to have these 2 as my friends! 

I would just like to thank @little-miss-heartfillia for being the best writing partner ever, I know we haven’t gotten finished with our shalily fanfic Sneakers on Pointe (SoP) but just know I couldn’t have gotten nearly this far on it without her. She is AWESOME.

@peoniespoppiesandowlsohmy @nuithine are amazing artist! They made wonderfully amazing shalily fanarts for me and now i talk to them a lot and now my friends too! They are so sweet and also amazing people with @peachpurin who made is the artist of the VERY BEAUTIFUL AWESOME AMAZING Shalily fanart that is now the blog profile picture of shalilyweek and my blog cover and also my laptop and cellphone screen save. And its an amazing and inspirational and perfect replica reference for SoP. 

@gcat-enthusiast! She is also super cool awesome and beautiful and my lovely friend! She’s gives me amazing feedback when it comes to SoP and other stuff. She has helped out with songs to that could be awesome references for SoP, and also deals with me tagging her on numerous of times on aesthetics when i post them XD

@nightlockedx3 @xternel @appendsweets @aarekusandoraa @ellenhasarts @approvesport @watermelonomnom @strike-back-fairy-tail @chello8893 @teekayeh @joannaangels @sallteas @strike-back-fairy-tail SO many others

ALL THESE PEOPLE ABOVE  ALL THE WAY TO THE BEGINNING OF THIS POST IS AWESOME! Even if I didn’t tag you on anything you are still awesome!  Some of these people I don’t talk to a lot, I just started talking to, I’m just too shy to talk to, or they are super busy with stuff  and I’m not able to talk to them that much (which I completely understand) or that I talk to a lot, like the amazing @nightlockedx3 (he’s a awesome guy, wonderful to talk to).

I love you guys! You make my experience on tumblr epic! So whenever you feel like you’re not that great or ppl don’t care about you, just know that I care. You guys are the greatest. THIS IS ALSO TO THOSE I DIDN’T TAG!! YOU ARE THE BEST! AND DON’T YOU EVER FORGET IT and I hope someday we can be friends. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I appreciate it, A LOT

God bless you all and have an amazing rest of your day (or night)

Indy aka 


If there are any typos I truly apologize 

oh and by the way~


:3 ~~

Drawlloween Day 14. Bat.

Beatrix is a demon-bat girl who screen-prints all her own T-shirts. With her own screen-printing studio, she’s proudly entered the entrepreneurial world with her own start-up clothing branding, Eye Don’t Care and usually gets her friend Benny to photograph her awesome products. And she’ll always give free shirts to her homie, Raven when she make them.

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my-insanity-is-an-artform  asked:

(If you're still doing the Reverse Crush!au prompts: A class disscussion about Ladybug and Chat Noir causes Marinette to go a little over-board when gushing about Chat.) I love your Reverse Crush Au! and I can't wait for more! HAVE ALL THE LOVE!!!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

(This has been in my inbox forever. I am so sorry this took so long.)

The topic of Ladybug was common in paris ever since she and her partner Chat Noir had appeared. Every student wanted to know all about her.

Marinette was starting to get a bit bored by the conversation. It felt weird to her talking about her alter ego, but at the same time, it was kind of flattering. And when you have a best friend who runs a blog dedicated to her heroine identity, the topic comes up more then she would like.

So it wasn’t surprising that Marinette walked into her classroom to see her reddish brown haired best friend, showing the class the latest Ladybug pictures.

The blogger noticed her friend walk in.

“Marinette! You have to see these recent pictures of ladybug and chat noir.” Alya exclaimed as she pulled her friend to the desk in a rather comedic fashion.

“There is no need to yank me, the pictures can’t be that amazing.” The blunette stated calmly, fixing her hair from her friend’s sudden pulling.

“Come on Alya, show us the next slide!” one of the classmates exclaimed impatiently, the class nodded in agreement at the comment.

Alya smiled as she clicked to the next picture. It was of Ladybug using her Yo-yo to wrap one of the recent akuma to a light post. The class commented on the awesome photo just before alya swapped to the next slide. Ladybug being launched in the air by Chat noir while holding a bike wheel pump.

“What does she have a bike pump?” the pink haired teen known as Alix questioned.

“For this next pic.” Alya answered as she turned to the next picture which showed The akuma stuck in a large inflatable tube.

“OHH!” The class exclaimed in surprise.

“And thats all until after class.” Alya says as she stood up and closed her laptop. The rest of the class groans in reluctant acceptance as they shuffle to their seats since class was going to start in a few minutes.

Alya sat back down to talk to her blunette best friend.

“Awesome pictures right?” Alya said rhetorically. her friend nodding, only half interested. Alya quickly picked up on her friend’s lack of interest.

“Did you not like the pictures?” Alya asked a bit surprised.

“No, no. They are good pictures. Great actually. It is just… well there aren’t a lot of pictures of chat noir. He was doing some cool stuff there and the only picture of him was… him helping Ladybug do something cool.” Marinette confessed.

In front of the two teens, a certain blonde model happened to catch Marinette’s mention of his cat hero alter ego. His curiosity peaked decides to focus in on what his blackish-blue haired crush was saying. 

“I suppose you do make a good point. But the photos I got were mostly submissions from people who like the blog. I honestly didn’t get that many chat noir pictures. People seem more focused on Ladybug.” Alya admitted. “He is a hero of Paris, though he is treated like an after thought for ladybug.”

Adrien silently sighed at the comment. He knew this was the common consensus for what people thought of chat noir. Some people outright hated him, some loved him, but most were indifferent. Guess you rack it up to bad luck.

“Well that is unfair.” Marinette exclaimed a bit louder then intended. “Chat noir is a hero in his own right. Sure he can’t cure the akuma, but he is the reason Ladybug is able to capture them in the first place. If it wasn’t for him, Ladybug wouldn’t be able to fight them by herself.”

Adrien felt a blush grace his face as he heard Marinette’s praise of him.

The class overheard Marinette’s comment. Most of the class nodded in agreement, but a certain Mayor’s daughter had a very different opinion.

“Oh please, That cat isn’t capable in the slightest. He is clumsy, reckless, and most of the time makes everything so much harder for Ladybug. The only reason the villains are difficult for her to fight is because she has to carry the cat while dealing with the akuma.” The blonde teen remarks coldly.

Adrien feeling a bit of shame at the comment. ‘Was he really a burden to Ladybug.’

The class was taken aback by the statement, but Marinette was ready to fire back.

“If you have watch Ladybug and Chat noir fight the bad guys. You would notice how hard they both work together to fight them.  Lets pick a recent example. Remember when that crazy photographer akuma trapped most of the class and citizens in photos. If chat noir didn’t break out with his power, most of the city would have been trapped, and no one would have been able to save ladybug or jagged stone from the photographer’s wrath. Chat noir isn’t reckless, he would never endanger anyone’s life and is strong enough to keep fighting even when people like you say he isn’t need. He is just as important in protecting the city as Ladybug. So don’t bad mouth him.” Marinette preached passionately, that the class cheered. 

Chloe kept silent after the tongue lashing and Alya high fived Marinette.

“That was awesome. You really defended him. He really is a great hero.” 

“Yeah, he is also strong and funny, and of course he has the most amazing green eyes, their like emeralds.” Marinette gushed. “And of course his hair is so ruffled but still stylish. He also looks really good in that costume…”

“Marinette? Earth to marinette.” Alya attempted to snap her friend out of it and failed. “And I lost her.”

Alya turned to Adrien and Nino. She quickly noticed that Nino was nudging his blonde model friend who was laying his head on his desk, doing his best to hide his blatantly red face.

(Again, Really sorry this took forever.

@my-insanity-is-an-artform I hope you enjoy this late fic.)