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Admin, seems like you got lots of nice messages. Hope you're wrist is doing okay. Your fans are nice~ Who is your OC's best bud outta the field.

You’re so right! I have gotten a lot of really wonderful messages today and I’m kind of still in denial - like, it totally could have been the same person, right? A really sweet, enthusiastic person? 

I dunno - but my wrist is feeling better, and I’m so honored to say that my followers are outta-this-world-awesome. 

As for Cage, I think her best friends would be Zenyatta and Zarya. Very different, and it would come about for different reasons. (She and Zenyatta would do a lot of meditation and yoga together, I think.) 

Alternatively, I love the idea of her and Bastion being close because she loves Omnic technology, and to find a bastion unit still functioning would really tickle her fancy. 

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Hey Mana,god I just say all the Anon hate you got and ugh I just need to get this out: Mana's OCs are GORGEOUS. I love them all and they are really cute and interesting.She puts her heart and soul into them and I am really amazed by that ! She is an amazing artist and friend.I love her. ALSO HER SISTER IS A SUPER AWESOME ARTIST TOO ! Both of them are great! Their art is amazing and unique.I could look at it all day. Mana,don't let you get down! You are amazing! ❤️❤️


Thank you so much Jessy…really thank you..❤️❤️


Redditor IQuoteWhatILaughAt recently shared these photos of terrifyingly awesome Cthulhu pie that her friend made. Do not look into its blackberry eyes, for it will devour your sanity and then your soul before you can savor its sweetness. And be sure to make the Elder Sign before carving out a slice.

Want to learn how to make your own madness-inducing Cthulhu Pie? Click here for a tutorial video.

Cthulhu fhgtagn.

[via Bored Panda and Reddit]

You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?

Majora’s Mask is probably one of my all time favorite games, and also probably favorite LOZ game (it’s a tie between OOT and MM, but I also loved Wind Waker so I can’t decide ;XD ), and I can’t wait until college is over so I can play it again! :D

That’s another belated birthday gift, for the amazing and talented Emma AKA vasirasart !! Everything she makes is beautiful and cute so whenever I feel all moody and gloomy I just drop by her blog and immediately feel better ^_^
Go follow her now! And also check her commissions!! 

Thank you for being an awesome tumblr friend and inspiration!!! ♥♥♥


We’d like to introduce you to our awesome new friend Yuna. She loves all sorts of things including science and rockets, outer space and art, Korean food and travel, and her little kitty friend Kamata. She’s also the very first character in a fantastic new line of toys called the Dream BIG Friends.

Yuna and her equally awesome friends are the creations of Uglydolls designers David Horvath and Sun-min Kim, and Klim Kozinevich, the Bigshot at Bigshot Toyworks (previously featured here). After many years of working in the toy industry, these friends - who had since become parents - set about designing a toy concept beyond the realms of superheroes and super models and geared towards encouraging imaginative play. The want to make toys that empower kids to be creative, do the things they love best and, you know, dream big.

Yuna is the first in a diverse line of 10″ tall, fully articulated Dream BIG Friends dolls with real fabric clothing and accessories (did you notice those spooky-cute bat barrettes she’s wearing?). And don’t forget her kitty friend. Kamata goes everywhere Yuna goes.

Today Yuna makes her big debut at the 2015 DesignerCon in Pasadena, CA and in the form of a Dream Big Friends Kickstarter campaign.

Head over to Kickstarter to learn more about Yuna and her awesome friends and maybe even invite her into your own home or give her to someone you’d like to inspire.


Pride and Prejudice Meme: Favorite secondary character
↳  Charlotte Lucas

You know all those movies that have a scene where the woman leaves work and goes home alone to make herself dinner? And she’s all alone with her single portion and maybe a pet? And she either watches tv or reads a book while sad music plays in the background and the audience is clearly supposed to feel bad for her and all her loneliness?

I’d love to see that scene at the *end* of a movie and without the sad, pitying music. Like, a whole movie of a woman learning to be really great at her job and making friends and being awesome, but then it ends with her at home alone, perfectly content at a job well done because her solitude is not a problem that needs to be fixed. That’s what I want.

So this is a thing that happened this weekend. I was freaking out in line for this op afraid I wouldn’t be able to explain it in time, but as soon as Jensen waved me over I instantly calmed down. Staring into those gorgeous green eyes was such an overwhelming experience that will probably never be topped. As soon as we left the photo op room, my heart was racing and I couldn’t quit crying. This op and this fandom mean so much to me, and I love it so much!


Request sketches I did at Japan Expo!!! The first one was asked by another exhibitor, the second one by 2 amazing narusaku cosplayers and the last 2 makoharu drawing were gifts for racyue and her friend! I am so happy I got to meet such awesome people!!!

I haven’t doodled Monster Falls in a while

I was thinking since Pacifica is a unicorn in my version of the AU, what if they went to her for her hair. They tell her about the whole “pure of heart” deal and upon Mabel confidently telling her about OBVIOUSLY being that, Pacifica feels nothing different as a unicorn so decides she somehow must not be pure enough. Since she’s not naturally a unicorn, she doesn’t know it’s all fake either, and her new inherent superiority as one (topped off with already dealing with superiority issues as human) makes her believe she is 100% in the right and they aren’t entitled to her hair even if it makes Mabel upset. Eventually they have to find the other unicorns where they discover it’s all fake and the unicorns probably degrade Pacifica for ever believing it true and being around “unworthy” creatures. This makes Mabel stand up for Paz and her friends and possibly still punch C Beth because that was awesome. Eventually Pacifica apologizes to Mabel and lets her have some of her hair.



You just don’t know you know it.