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2 B Chat (preferably Marichat but thats me being greedy) for the Falling in Love meme ^_^

Kitty ears are very sensitive and Marinette is going to use that in her advantage.

Blush meme

I’m not taking more requests im finishing the ones i have

ryden 31/365
this is not just an ordinary hug. you see how brendon buried his head in ryan’s neck and how he curled up his fist into ryan’s shirt. that is an “i lovd you so fucking much” hug

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Even's mom is a huge Evak shipper, and the first time she met Magnus they spent the whole time talking about how they end each other's sentences or talk at the same time. Magnus even told her about how their group of friends sees them as the 'it couple' and she teared up. Isak couldn't find a place to bury himself and Even refused to let him hide behind him.

Okay this just made me smile so bright and made me so damn happy so thank you my gorgeous anon <3  ahhhh this is the cutest thing ever. <3 <3 <3