ok so i met ethan and grayson last night… o god they r so sweet! i made them watercolor portraits and they LOVED them! before i went in to meet them the security guard was going to put them in the pile of gifts but then he looked @ them and said “wait did you make these?” and i said “…yeah” and he was like “you seriously made these?” and i said “yes!” so he told me i could give them to the boys for special and thanked him big time !! :) and then i turned the corner and handed the artwork to e and gray and they were both so surprised and they were like “oh my god that’s amazing, you made these for us? that’s so cool!” and they had the cutest smiles and claimed i made them look way better than they really look :’) and i hugged grayson and then he showed his mom the art and then i hugged ethan and he complimented my hair. :) and grayson asked if i had fun tonight and i said yes of course. he also asked my name and then held both my hands and was like “hi helena i’m grayson” and i said “nice to meet u” i could barely function in that moment. then ethan and grayson both told me i was really talented and looked amazing :’) and i was so lost for words i didnt tell them anything i was planning on saying but it’s okay because right when we got in the pose for our picture (which i didnt say a pose even tho i had one, i just went with it) ethan held me super close and grayson smiled but went in for the cheek kiss and i swear i can still feel his lips on my cheek o god :’) they are such nice and genuine people. honestly. and grayson hugged me again after the picture and said “i love you so much” and i was surprised but responded and said i loved him back <3 i hugged ethan again and then grayson pulled me in for another hug and told me he was really glad he met me and i agreed, then i had to go so i hugged them both one last time and then said goodbye :) ugh. it was so cute.

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Have you met Simon? How was that experience if you did? Love your blog!

Aww thanks for the love~  :)  I have and they were the most precious moments of my life 😭 😭 😭 😍 

In 2014, I had meet and greet at AOMG LA so I stood next to him and said “Simon D!” and then he made fun of me and kept saying, “Ssam D Ssam D” in a really high-pitched voice rofl  😑   He put his arm around me with his cheek n chin restin on the side of my head so I was like oh my dear lord….  My mind was going blank so I didn’t ask him to sign my SNL League album because I was busy giving AOMG my gifts but before I could give it to them, Simon D decided to muddafuckin outta the blue say: “Oh you, you Youngkae!” 😭 😭 😭  (perhaps he recognized my Tekken bag via IG idk how he knew) but anyways I had another mental breakdown while I was scrambling/handing my gifts to them in the order they were standing (Pumkin, Loco, Jay, Simon, Gray).  But I skipped Simon D because I had a special gift for him and it was hella cute because when I jumped from Jay to Gray, Simon D had already placed out his hands ready to receive my gift like a child  😂  When I said that he had a special gift he said, “oh special special, thank you” (*random* so every time I hear him say “special,” I think of our “convo” and because I don’t think Ssamthing Special was officially established back then).  He was so sweet and kept saying thank you and my bad I didn’t ask but I just went for it and I gave him a little hug and in return he gave me biggest warmest bear hug squeeze that seemed to last forever I thought I was gonna die he was sooooo sweet and cute 😭 😭 😭 ❤️‍

I saw him again at AOMG SF 2016 but it was very rushed and Simon D was super sick during the whole tour so I wasn’t expecting much.   I just straight up said Hi I’m Kellie cuz of snapchat and that I got him another special gift for him and then he said “ah Kellie, thank you” while looking straight deep into my eyes and soul I was so taken aback I almost said “whoa” out loud he can swoon anyone I swear it’s crazy  😳   We weren’t allowed to give hugs but I didddd 😏 and he hugged me back!!  😭  And I didn’t get kicked out of the venue so thank the lords.   Hi-touch was whatever but his hands were nice and warm lol.  

He also gave me super super good fanservice at the concert!!!  He looked at my camera so many times and he even took my phone for a selfie vid of himself during “Success Crazed” before his part  😭 😍 😍 😍  I know he’s so good at pleasing his fans but I think he really liked AOMG SF though because SIVA kept pushing him to get off the stage but all he wanted to do was bow and wave at us even when all of the lights turned off.  I was so happy when AOMG came back for their encore (My Last) and then Simon D came out with their camera to record the fans and he walked towards me to record and zoom in on my sign I was so happy!!  😭 😭 😭  

When the concert was over, my friends and I saw AOMG leave in their Benz…. however………. one of my friends and I decided to run after their car because they stopped at a red light and we did (surprisingly[?] no one else did lol) 😂  Simon D was sitting in the front seat so I waved and he waved backkkk at me!!!  And then I ran into a parked car mirror so I probably gave AOMG some laughs too hahaha 🙈

Morale of story:  Simon D is a real sweetheart and I love him so much and I hope you do too! 😍

Have you guys met him too?  Tell me about it, I wanna know!!

im deeply so in love with luke like i love that he is so needy and just wants attention like he’d give you so many random cheek kisses and always be hugging you and calling you babe and playing with your hair and he’d send u cute lil snapchats throughout the day that say “reminded me of you” and it’d be a bowl of fucking spaghetti or something or like it’d be a dumb selfie of him w his ass in the mirror and it said like “love u babe have fun at work” and stupid shit like this to make you laugh or giggle and he’d always be surprising you with little gifts like flowers or icecream and he’d just love being with you bc you were his person and u always made him feel like home no matter where you were and i couldn’t honestly go ok and on about how much i need someone like luke in my life

Come Let Me Love You (Steffon/Cassana)

They kiss, under the stars. “Marry me,” he says. “Marry me, Cassana.”

She has dreamed of him saying those very words, but now she recoils actually hearing them said out loud.

Princess Rhaelle would have wanted a grander match for her son. Would she think it a betrayal, if Cassana and Steffon –

She has never been anything other than caring and kind to Cassana. To the motherless girl sent to be a companion to the Lady of Storm’s End.

“My son tells me he wishes to marry you. Is that your wish as well, Cassana?”

Coyness has never been one of Cassana’s gifts. “It is, my princess,” she replies directly.

“Why? Why do you want to marry Steffon?”

“Because I want what you and Lord Ormund had,” she says, boldly.

“There is a price for loving,” Princess Rhaelle replies, her voice gentler now, full of compassion. You know the price, her eyes are saying. You have seen me paying it.

“Better to mourn a lost love, than to mourn never loving anyone at all, that’s what you told me.”

EXO reaction ; They forgot to bring you a gift for Valentine's day (pt. 3)

Chen - “Kim Jongdae, what’s wrong with you? You’re laughing endlessly! The people were judging you for real,” you said but it made him laugh harder. He was actually laughing against the wall while holding on to the edge of it, as if his life depends on it. “Should I call the mental hospital?” He suppressed his laughter as he leaned towards you. He kissed your lips before whispering, “I forgot my gift for you.” Your eyes widened before you both bursted in laughter. “Same.”

Chanyeol - “You’re weird,” you told him while you were taking a stroll at the nearby park. He was extra sweet that it was a little excessive. “Tell me Yoda Park, is there something you want to tell me?” you asked him. He shook his head in response. “I just extra love my aegi. Nothing’s wrong with that, right?” You nodded your head but your suspicion was still there. In your peripheral vision, you saw how Chanyeol’s free hand cover his mouth while looking at the couple who were exchanging gifts then it hit you. “You forgot your gift?” his eyes widened. “Don’t worry Yeol, I won’t be mad as long as you won’t too.” His forehead creased and you smiled sheepishly. “I forgot mine too.”

D.O - “You go ahead first. I’ll just look for my bracelet here,” he told you the moment you arrived at the restaurant where you’re going to celebrate Valentine’s day. You waited for Kyungsoo inside and the waiter asked you for a couple of times if you’re going to order or not. So, you decided to check on D.O who was still at the parking lot. He looked tense and then it hit you. With a smile, you approached him and said, “You forgot your gift, right?” you asked and he looked like a kid who was caught sneaking some cookie from the jar.

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Emmett turned around to face his girlfriend. <<The studio was a gift, Alina. You don’t pay for gifts and you don’t barter for them, either. I don’t want your money>>, he insisted.

Alina sighed. <<It is your money, Emmett. I don’t feel comfortable taking it>>.

Emmett giggled. <<I know you didn’t study finance, my love, but you exchanged goods for that money. It is yours now>>, he argued.

Alina threw her head back and inhaled deeply. Why was he so stubborn? How could he not understand how uncomfortable it made her feel to have him shower her with money like that?

She looked him in the eyes and tried a different approach. <<Emm, the things you do are sweet and romantic and I know you’re doing them out of love. But when it’s all said and done, and I’m sitting here with a studio I could never in a million years afford, or money from paintings I would have never sold, it makes me uncomfortable. It makes me feel like you are paying for me>>, she admitted.


So today’s july 11th and that means the Sweet Anon event is over :(

@shambled-metal I was you sweet anon -StarQueen~. I had a lot of fun reading your answers and I truly enjoyed sending my questions :p

And i made you a gift as well. I gotta say that I thought Law was your favorite so I drew him first; and I don’t know why, but he was the hardest [maybe because you just drew Kidd’s half face?!?]. HAahah, but anyways, have a peek of Kidd because he’ll be done today [hopefully i won’t run out of red ink xD]


I really hope you like them because my family tried to stole them several times hahaha >:(

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I went to a fob concert earlier this year (wintour) and I had gotten seats on Joe's side. between songs we would look at our side and make hilarious faces. he is just so adorable and I love him. he makes the world happy :)

Joseph Trohman is literally a gift to this world he is so under appreciated and he’s truly hilarious.

I made Set It Off sign a piece of paper that said Suck It Julia because my best friend (Julia) told me I wasn’t going to meet them and while I was telling this to Dan, Cody leaned over and started laughing and screamed “that’s awesome” and turned to Zach to tell him the story and that was the happiest I’ve ever been because he has the most contagious smile ever

//send me a concert story for a concert story