(( OOC: Okay…. Charlie Rowe and Lee Pace as Remus Lupin. I have never had stronger feelings for any fancast in my life. 

I mean look at this kid…

He has the sweetest face I’ve ever seen… AND the sad puppy eyes!? WHAT!?






I rest my case. *drops megaphone* )) 


I give you…Cholo Lance

A cholo, for a lack of a better explanation is kind of like a, well in my case, Mexican gangster, to dress and act like a cholo was a cool thing, the people who did it thought they were so cool.

So I made a crack au about it,

And where you have cholo Lance you have studious nerd Keith 😃 so I guess this is also kind of another ah thing

I might clean this up and color it but that dependS on whether it gets any attention or not idk

Translation: hey pretty boy, how about I show you what a man is like

^he says this cus Keith has an anatomy book lol

i love the dynamics between karen and frank because they’re on the verge of being “something more” but never quite crossing that line and tbh i’m pretty fine with the idea that they would never go beyond anything platonic, as long as i get to see them on screen like that

What Sports Your Child is Playing Preference Pt.1

Ponyboy: Swimming

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You are never able to make your boy come out of the bathtub and even worse the pool! 10 more minutes means until the community pool closes. That’s when you thought that maybe signing him up for classes will be the best for him. Of course Pony wanted to do ‘Daddy and Me’ classes. Now at only age 14, your son is competing nationally; making sure to give his all.

Johnny: Soccer

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Johnny was never a big fan of sports. Sure, he loved to play football every now and then with the boys. But oh how did that change when he found out his princess joined the school’s soccer team on her own. Johnny couldn’t believe how talented his girl is.

Sodapop: Baseball

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Soda always told himself as soon as he has a kid, especially a boy, he would sign them up for baseball. Always having this in his mind, every Saturday is planned with baseball games. Soda is always proud of his boy giving his all. You were satisfied that these two important men were always happy.

Steve Randle: Football

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Steve was tired of watching football games and not actually going to one and you didn’t see the point of cheering for strangers. Since your son always loved to be physical with his dad, you decided to sign him up for football. He’ll sometimes get in trouble on the field, but at least he had fun while doing it.

Ok, so I just watched the Killing Joke today. Long story short, the movie was great, the animation was good and the adaptation from the comics was perfect.

Except for the first 20 minutes of the movie, the part where they “add to bargirls story”. It was a very good subplot, if it wasn’t for the sex. Bruce would never have sex with Barbara! Come on! I’m not saying it didn’t work in the movie. It maid sense in the movie, but if you have ever red a single comic, ITS COMPLETELY DISTURBING! The girl in that movie was A Barbara Gordon, but she was not THE Barbara Gordon.
I can’t believe there are people who actually believe that he only he has so many kids around him would be something like that. Bruce is a parental figure. He has flaws, but he takes care of those children so that they don’t have to go through all that he went through. Like, have you ever read any comic?

I know that’s an interpretation and the writers have the right to change things, but for God’s sake! He is the best friend of her father, he is her teacher, he is her boyfriend’s DAMM ADOPTIVE FATHER!!! And he is the hero, a dark, human hero who makes mistakes, but even though I really liked the movie, I really think that was unnecessary.

okay wait i’m on his twitter and he’s a FOR REAL racist he has all these tweets like “why do the trump kids look like they’re about to drop a fire mix tape/light poor people on fire” and “HAIL TQ THE TRUMP”

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The relationship isn't between a parent and child. It is a parent LIKE figure! You say they are all abusive and only do bad. I'm asking where has he done bad? Also everyone acts like a kid sometimes. You apparently think acting like a kid is bad.

He’s done bad by appointing himself as a “parentlike” figure. He’s not your parent. He’s not your “parentlike figure”. He’s your mate. He’s supposed to do nice things for you and help you feel better. That’s what mates do!

If you don’t see anything wrong with someone you are romantically involved with acting as/calling themselves your “parentlike figure” you are a lost cause.


idk if anyone is online to fckin read this but…someone pls take me out of my misery and get me out of this town

story time: so this kid named Ian made an account to make fun of this kid (depicted above) because he has a rlly douchey personality n shit. ian got called out but got even MORE extra and made a fckin diss track against anthony and called him unathletic n yeah…now the anthony kid is retaliating back by LITERALLY calling the whole school to the highschool field to witness a competition between the two boys thus leading to the pictures shown above

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Crush that has kids from previous relationships? Maybe they bring their kids with them to hangout with him & explains that the sitter cancelled last minute & they hope it's alright if they brought the kids.

Kids with single parents are evil man, I know because i was one.

Osomatsu: Loves the kids! Kids like him because he has that childish big brother aura. He encourages them and everything; He ends up having to play with the kids more than the crush, but his crush looks so happy when he does.

Karamatsu: The kids think he’s so cool. Crush has to deal with the fact their kids are saying “mother” like him. He loves them, and his crush a lot. He cries when they tell him that he’s cool, crush will have to deal with a crying karamatsu and their kids worrying about him.

Choromatsu: He worries he’ll mess up. Its more nerve racking to appeal to kids. Crushes kids have to deal with an awkward guy, and choromatsu has to deal with blunt children.

Ichimatsu: he’s okay with it. He watches his fuc- mouth near them. He has a soft spot for kids, believing they cant do wrong unlike his brothers. They’re just loud and excitable so he might lean on his crush tired.

Jyushimatsu: Tires them out with activities, theyre super fun and cute! He minds his strength, and feels bad for tuckering them out. “haha sorry crush! I forgot about you!”

Todomatsu: Clings to his crush a lot more. He gradually warms up to the crushes kids and teaches them how to make flower crowns and to use their cuteness against others.

God bless Steven Universe.

We have the character Greg, who works his ass off at a crappy job to provide for his kid. He lives in a van. He has nothing. But he always makes sure Steven has everything he needs. He never begrudges the fact that he had to give up on his dreams to stay in Beach City. He’s never resentful about his lot in life. He’s just a fantastic guy in general.

So an episode comes up where he, after years of being very poor, ends up with a lot of money. A TON of money.

 Everything in cartoon history tells me that he’s supposed to go nuts spending all the money or he’ll be scammed or tricked or some crazy event will happen that costs a ton of money, or it will turn out it was all fake, and just somehow, by the end of the episode, he ends up back to being dirt poor and learns some cheap message about humility and money not buying happiness. I spent the whole episode “Mr.Greg” waiting for the rug to be pulled out from under him.

But it wasn’t.

He spends money somewhat frivolously, but it’s all to have a good time with his son, which he does, and he still has the vast majority of the money left at the end. It probably only cost a few thousand out of his 10 million at most.

He doesn’t become obsessed with being wealthy. It doesn’t change him at all. He stays in his van instead of buying a big fancy house because it’s where he feels comfortable. He keeps working the car wash because it’s something to do. When he buys a tablet, he decides it isn’t for him and lets Steven give it to someone who would like it more. He buys a car he always wanted, but he buys it used. It’s not showy or extravagant, it’s just a car that he’d always wanted and can now have. 

The only difference now is that, when something happens like someone stiffing him at the car wash, or the gems destroying another diner booth, Greg doesn’t have to worry about it. He can just live his life comfortably and without stressing about money.

It also makes me happy that Greg earned the money through his music. It’s not the way he’d originally envisioned it, perhaps, but he is now an incredibly successful musician. 

There was no lesson about not “selling out”. There was no moral about how money won’t fix your problems. There was no joke about a poor man being totally clueless about money or overwhelmed with greed.

It’s just a great, humble, hard-working guy who becomes monetarily successful and remains a great, humble, hard-working guy who just now doesn’t have to worry about money and can afford to treat himself right after years of neglecting himself to make sure that his son was always provided for.

I don’t know, maybe they will still pull it all out from under him yet. Maybe it will still all go away and he’ll be back to being dirt poor. But for now, I’m loving the direction they’ve been taking with this story line. I’m so sick of seeing shows be so afraid to change anything about the status quo of the show that they have to undo all progress anyone makes by the end of every episode. It’s refreshing to see a show where things change.

Monsta X as Pokémon Go Players

- captures only the fighting types
- ends up with way too many Rattatas
- doesn’t have the heart to transfer them
- always finds himself with zero Pokéballs

- uses game as a way to talk to people he finds cute
- keeps the unique and strong Pokémon to make better conversations
- trash for Clefairy
- Team Valor pride

- “I have a cp 10 Pidgey, cp 45 Pidgey, cp 80 Pidgey, cp 82 Pidgey”
- wishes he could feed the Pokémon
- squeals way too loud when he sees an Abra
- gets into arguments with kids on who has the cutest Pidgey and ignores their claim that tHEY’RE ALL THE SAME

- walks into the trees … and lampposts … and parked cars … and doors
- swears he knows how to figure out the tracking system
- only manages to take on the gyms where no one else goes to
- walked into the ladies’ restroom once, okay, four times

- miraculously opts out of sleep to play the game
- maintains gym leader status only during odd hours of the night
- Squirtle Squad
- once shut the door on a kid who said they wanted to catch a Pikachu in their dorm so he could get it instead

- avid player who wants to be the very best like no one ever was (ever was, ever was)
- to catch them is his real test
- to actually beat a gym is his cau~se
- Team Mystic member who has 12 year olds yell “Team Yellow” when he can’t beat their gym

- has all the rare Pokémon + Mewtwo
- slips his phone into Hyungwon’s pocket so the hyung can walk the eggs to hatch
- the mastermind behind the 12 year olds beating Jooheon
- stares down at his managers on opposing teams when they beat his gym

request for a Monsta X scenario/imagine/reaction! < masterlist >

i hate the myth that bellamy only cares about octavia and protecting her. bellamy cares about ALL THE DELINQUENTS.

he handed himself over to murphy and a potential death to save jasper.

he went on a possible suicide mission into mount weather to save the 47 and was tortured in the process.

he almost killed himself trying to save clarke from roan.

he has consistently put himself into physical and psychological harm for those kids.

sure, the show started off with bellamy only caring about octavia. but things changed. his world expanded. he loves all the 100 now and he would canonically die for them. they’re his family. and they love and respect him in return.

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Neil gets mistaken for Peter Pan by some little kid at Disneyland.

oh jesus this has been sitting here for like a min. of 3 months

  • the foxes go to disney land because, surprisingly, aaron begged them
  • it was Family Vacation Time™ for the foxes and aaron begged for it
  • thus the foxes going to disney land
  • now neil didn’t mean to do this
  • he has literal no knowledge of anything kid like, let alone peter pan
    • though he does make sure to learn the story after this indecent. he approves of the real version.
  • neil is wearing a green shirt (ye it’s long sleeve because my son and his arms in public) and just some black skinny jeans
    • how are you not dying from the heat????
  • and all in all, the green shirt plus neil’s auburn hair caused this little boy to walk up to neil
  • honestly neil didn’t even know the kid was trying to talk to him
  • he figured the kid was just wandering around (he could clearly tell the kid’s parents were on the bench like 6ft from them so it was chill)
  • but then this kid tugs on neil’s shirt
  • neil is Shocked
  • ‘what is this small child doing’
  • “Pan! did Hook get to your face?!”
  • neil is 9999% confused
  • who is this hook?
  • no lola go to my face
  • luckily andrew, standing right there, steps in
  • “For a runner, he wasn’t quite fast enough.”
  • neil is still v confused
  • but at the same time is kind of dismissing it
  • he knows there are a lot of things he isn’t privy to because of how he grew up, and assumes–rightfully–that this is one of them
  • “Ooh! Did you help him, tinker bell?”
  • neil is shocked to see that andrew doesn’t hesitate at this either
  • “Someone has to, he’s helpless without me”
  • and that is the story of how nicky was recording this from second 1
  • that is the story of how andrew’s name is tinker bell in kevin’s phone

p.s. for those of you concerned about aaron having a good time at disneyland

  • aaron wears his mickey hat with pride
  • he walks every inch of the park
  • his phone is filled with pictures
  • disneyland paraphernalia is real with my son
  • they see fireworks
  • there is a cheesy photo of katelyn and him kissing with a firework bursting above their heads
  • and also a cheesy photo with all of the foxes lined up (again with the fireworks in the background)
    • nicky is wrapping his arms around as many people as he can reach while also kissing kevin’s cheek
      • kevin is making a disgusted face, but you can tell he is smiling
    • allison and renee are wrapping their arms around each other in an embrace, smiling as large as they can
    • aaron and katelyn are shoved in the middle of everyone and they are acting Chill ™ per aaron’s way with katelyn in front of the foxes
    • and andrew and neil are off the the very edge of the group. much to everyone’s surprise (and nicky’s death) andrew has his arm wrapped around neil’s neck, pulling him close so that he can kiss neil’s temple
      • andrew’s eyes are shut and neil is smiling
  • it is cute and fun and aaron, my salty son, is very content.

when the whole squad gets back to earth, they all visit lance’s big family all the time (allura and coran included; they’re all family now!) and the paladins’ families are always invited. Pidge and their family come to visit with their dog and all Lance’s little siblings and cousins play with the puppy while Lance’s abuela makes peanut butter cookies. Allura and Coran love playing with the kids, and often can be found surrounded by a circle of children while they tell stories of Altea. Keith, being an orphan, is IMMEDIATELY adopted into Lance’s family (whether or not you prefer to imagine keith and lance dating) and lance’s mama and abuela are always telling him he could use another cookie, or slice of cake, or helping of dinner (lance eventually has to be like MAMA! HE ISN’T HUNGRY!). The kids love to see Shiro’s prosthetic, especially one of lance’s cousins that also has a prosthetic arm! they bond over it. and lance’s mama is always saying how shiro is such a good boy and lance you should be more like him sometimes! and lance is like, yeah yeah i know, mama while shiro just smiles. Hunk helps lance’s parents in the kitchen, or carries the kids around piggyback style and jumps into the pool with a big splash. all the kids give it a 10/10!