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i have a prompt for you: what if snape hadn't called lily 'mudblood' that day. what if their friendship had stayed strong, unbreakable. would he have grown to be a better person? would lily have loved him, rather than james? would harry just have another godfather? would james and lily have survived?

Okay you have successfully convinced me to write a Snape thing, which is a possibility I have audibly forsworn many times to my loved ones. But I’m a sucker for concepts like “Harry gets another godfather,” so, here we go.

When Severus was seven, he fell in love with the girl down the street. She had long red hair and dirty knees and she offered him half her candy bar one drizzly afternoon, waiting outside the school for her parents to come pick her up.

His parents weren’t coming— dad working late and mum at the pub recounting old Hogwarts glory stories, talking of years when her life was magical– but he didn’t tell Lily that. He was just waiting for the older bully boys who lurked in the empty lot on his way home to get bored and leave.

He ate the candy slowly in neat little bites while she grinned and told him about her big sister’s feud with the science teacher, like her Tuney was some sort of hero in a political espionage drama. She talked with her hands, narrow little things with freckled backs. He watched her wave from the back window of her mother’s car and then he started the long walk home.

When Severus was fifteen, James Potter dangled him upside down in the quad and laughed. Severus landed on elbows and knees. The bruises would stay for a week. The memories would not die with them— James’s cocky grin, the laughter in the spring air, the long whip of Lily’s red hair.

He felt small, bug-like, his knees pressing into the grass. His mother would come home some nights, kick the threadbare carpet, rattle the battered old pans in the cupboard, curse a Ministry that hated purebloods, that sucked up to halfbreeds and Mudbloods, that left the true wizards to rot in filth. He would curl up, make himself small, bug-like, imagine a chitinous shield growing over his shoulders, his spine, the softness of his kidneys. Some days, his father slept through this. Some days he screamed back.

After Severus met Lily, he would curl up under his covers, small, bug-like, and read through the comics she’d lent him with his hands pressed up over his ears. He wanted Professor X to come take him away. He wanted to be someone special, someone saved. He wanted a giant to burst through his door and frighten his mother and offer him a squashed birthday cake and a way out.

When Severus was fifteen, he slammed to his knees on the green Hogwarts quad. Laughter burrowed into his ears, like curses, like the nights his father screamed back, and when Lily stepped toward him he snapped, “I don’t need help from a Mudblood.”

When Severus slouched up to her door that summer, Lily didn’t invite him in. She leaned on the open frame of the door, arms crossed. He had so rarely seen Lily neither smiling or incandescent with rage, but she watched him with snakeskin eyes and a set mouth, still.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I didn’t–”

She twitched a strand of hair over her shoulder, the irritation the closest thing to an emotion he could spot on her. He was watching, desperate– this was Lily, she gave things away. She talked with her hands. He never felt lost, with her. “But why,” said Lily. “Why are you sorry? Because I’m upset, or because what you did was wrong?”

“I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“You did, and it’s not the point. I don’t care if it’s the part you care about, Sev, it’s not the part that matters. That was an awful thing to say– to say to anyone. You were cruel because you were scared and embarrassed, but Sev I could really care less. You were cruel.”

“I’m sorry,” he said again.

“Sorry’s not enough, Sev. Be fucking better.”

He jerked back and tried to turn it into some kind of laugh. “Language, careful, your mum might hear.”

She shrugged, and stepped back through the open door, and shut it in his face.

He spent the summer reading comic books, haunting the local library, then the local park once it’d closed, and then sneaking home when he was hopeful his parents would be asleep. He tried to think about bravery, but sometimes he just thought about Lily’s hair, the way it went more golden in summer. He tried to think about nobility, ethics and grace, but the clouds chased each other, fat and white, across the sky and he wasn’t sure what any of this had to do with him.

His father took him fishing by a dreary brown creek and they sat in silence. Severus could hear every creak of the rods, every lap of the water, every inhale and movement his father made. He thought maybe if he just said nothing, nothing ever, he’d never say anything again that made Lily’s face go so flat and distant. If he said nothing, maybe nothing would hurt.

His father reached back for a beer can in a swift movement and Severus froze himself unflinching. He sat in that silence afterward, slowing his heartbeat, picking apart the sudden rigid shell of his shoulders. His father hummed, cracking the can open like a gunshot.

He sat alone on the Hogwarts Express that year, stuffed in a compartment with a handful of second years who gave him half the seats while they giggled among themselves about the haircut of someone named Gertrude. Every summer’s end, for five years, he and Lily had boarded the train together, pressed their noses to the window glass, and watched the land rush by.

For the first month of school, Severus practiced pausing before he spoke, for seconds, minutes if he needed them. Sometimes he’d add an answer after the conversation had already moved on, bent over his mashed potatoes, weighing words as carefully as he weighed salamander eyes and mandrake root.

(If you crushed firedrake seeds with the flat of your blade, instead of cutting them, they made a more potent potion. The textbooks told you to stir six times counterclockwise to make Sleeping Draught, but he knew–because he had thought, and tried, and tried again–that if you did five counterclockwise and two clockwise the draught would turn that perfect turquoise and the sleep would be dreamless and sweet and deep. He kept notes in his textbook’s margins, because it helped to remember.)

In the second month, he tried to listen. People were starting to think about life after school, a big yawning chasm they were supposed to fill with themselves. People were starting to fall in love, puppyish and petty. People were starting to believe in the war, whispering, dreaming, fearing.

In the common room, one of the kids said something about Mudbloods and Severus’s head snapped up. He tried to imagine a shell growing into his shoulders, over his spine, covering all the soft parts of him. He wanted his covers, he wanted to shrink, he wanted Lily’s boxfuls of comics, but he rose to his feet and snapped back. Sometimes saying nothing hurt people, too. A small Muggleborn in green and silver ducked away to her dorm, clutching quietly at her sleeves.

For the third month, he tried to watch– not for warning sneers or cocky grins, clenched fists and broad shoulders, all the things he’d been watching for since before he could name them– but for the way shoulders might go rigid, the way fists might clench but hide, wishing for something to shield every soft part of them.

Severus was bony and pimply, sixteen years old and graceless in it, but he could be an interruption. He could mock with the best of them, flicking his brows and twisting his nose, and asking pointed questions. He could talk, smart-mouthed and snide, until the focus turned to him, and then he could survive anything they handed out. He could give as good as he got. The pauses were shorter, these days, before he spoke, but they would always be there, an echo offset from the shout, an avalanche that struck late and terrible.

When kids cried in bathrooms or empty classrooms or the library, he didn’t move to comfort them, though he heard them. He didn’t know how. He wrote his own curses, out in the forest where he could scar the trees in experiment, and they all turned out bloody. He loved few things, even Lily, as much as he loved pouring all of himself into his work, until something new and his own grew out of it. He wasn’t sure he’d ever invented something kind.

He didn’t try to find Lily, but he came back from the Forest once and almost tripped over her, half-napping in Hagrid’s pumpkin patch. He stumbled back into a gargantuan gourd while she pushed hair out of her face and peered up at him.

“I’m sorry,” he said, after a pause that rumbled and roiled in his gut, that he clung to with both hands, breathing into it and letting his shoulders go soft. “I’m sorry I said it. I’m sorry I made you feel small because I was feeling– small.”

Lily sat up a bit, in the little semi circle she’d built herself of books and scrolls and gobstones and snacks. She had built fairy circles like that, when they were children, of the flowers he’d transfigured for her.

“I’m sorry anyone has to feel that way, ever,” he said. “They shouldn’t. I’m angry anyone has to feel that way.”

“Me, too,” she said, and, fishing around in the detritus that surrounded her, handed him half a candy bar. “C'mon, you want some tea? Hagrid said he’d put a kettle on for me if I finished my Arithmancy.”

When Severus was in sixth year, Remus Lupin almost killed him on a moonlit night.

Severus had wanted answers, had wanted to get them in trouble, had wanted something a bit like vengeance, and Sirius had told him about the Whomping Willow. Sirius had grinned when he’d done it, small and bitter, and Severus had wondered if he was fighting with James again, wondering why else he’d sell out his friends.

“I didn’t think–” Sirius tried, the morning after, watching Remus across dry toast and cocoa, big juicy bowls of melon.

“You never do,” Remus snapped. (A bare handful of years later, standing in the smoldering ruins of James and Lily’s house, Remus would think about Sirius’s erratic gaze, the sharp edge of his voice, his last name, and wonder if he should have seen it coming. What here was premeditated? What was mischief? Sirius had once almost painted Remus’s own hands with red blood.)

But for now, Remus was sixteen and angry; he was sixteen and guilty of things that might have happened. He didn’t speak to Sirius for a month.

James refused to speak with Sirius, too, but he only lasted a week. Moony was sulking and Peter was busy studying his little heart out, and James got twitchy without proper and regular socialization.

“I’ll punch him in the nose,” said Lily, when Severus told her. She shifted where she sat cross-legged on the library table, like she might go off and hunt him down that second.

“Black doesn’t deserve the attention,” said Severus.

“Getting his ass kicked by a girl? That type of attention?”

“Getting his ass kicked by Lily Evans,” Severus said. “It’d be an honor and you know it.”

Reports of violence outside Hogwarts got worse. People were disappearing. People were whispering, fearing. The papers were ignoring the important things, and feeding off the fearmongering, or so Lily announced in the library while Severus was trying to study.

Alice and Lily had spent years sharing hissed rants in humid greenhouses. Over an undulating bed of luminescent deadly nightshade, Alice bent her head close to Lily’s and asked, “Have you heard of the Order of the Phoenix?”

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im going all in bitch

mon-el is not a hero. and it doens’t matter how they try to put it, it doesn’t matter what ‘’great sacrifice’’ he’ll do in the end, he is still not worthy of being a hero. he’s a shit character. honestly, let’s go over mon-el’s story real quick here, bc he don’t even fit the ‘’bad guy who suffered so much and had a hard life so he did bad stuff but in the end redeemed himself’’ trope. nope, he’s not that. he doesn’t have a dark and painful past that haunts him and turned him into an asshole and he doesn’t ruin his own relationships and deliberately hurts people because he is in pain. nope.

mon-el was a prince. he lived it up, objectfied women (which is something that came directly from his mouth) partied and was so bad he was known by a 12 yo in another planet as ‘’the frat boy of the universe’’. he owned slaves, and he can say that he ‘’didn’t agree’’ with it all he wants, he was a member of the ROYAL family, and if anyone had power to change anything it was him. he benefited from the slavery from his planet. he had a great life in daxam with parties and women, a priviledge straight boy. then krypton was destroyed, and daxam also suffered the consequences. mon-el woke up that day and ran away, leaving the girl he had FUCKED the night before, begging him to not leave her behind. he started getting dressed and went, he didn’t look back. a coward. 

he got to the pod while people around him were dying. his people. the people he had a duty with. the people who looked up to their prince. he didnt care he left them behind. there were women, CHILDREN he could’ve put in that pod instead. but no. a coward.

then mon-el got to earth and its ridiculous how easy his life still is. he wakes up and immediately chokes the woman in front of him bc yeah thats a normal reaction and after some events finds out his planet is a wasteland. its scary how he doesn’t care. everything about his culture, his friends, people he should care about,  gone, and he just….doesn’t care. he looks constipated for 3 secs and that all he see from him, someone who just found out millions of his people are dead

anyways he arrived to a place where he suddendly had superpowers and some gorgeous and brave girl forced him to find a job and made him interested in becoming a hero to get in her pants. he slept around for a while, he got the easiest job he could find (where they even allowed him to leave during his first day) and then he fell in love with the girl and after a week of rejection she got together with him. he disrespects her, lies to her, annoys her to no end but he still got her. he still got a easy and priviledged life. when he was presented to a situation where he could show a little bit of a change of character, and go back to his planet to help his people and change how things are, he refused. bc thats not what he wants, and HIS wants will always come first, even if the cost is the pain and suffering of others. a coward.

so yeah, he’s just a priviledged manboy. he ain’t even a ‘‘bad boy’‘. he’s just an lazy, mysoginistic priviledged asshole. his existence is offensive. and he most definetly doesn’t deserve kara zor-el. mon-el is no hero and he’ll never be one.

a thought on Bellarke

Sometimes I think about how soft Bellamy and Clarke will never get to be. Their softness, their innocence, their youth has been stolen from, in an even crueler way than it was from the rest of delinquents. In that way where their edges had to be hardened for them to lead, in the way where the weight of responsibility presses down on you until you’re as hard and sharp as a diamond. 

In another world, Clarke would have allowed herself compassion- she would have cared for people as a doctor, brought beauty into the world as a artist. Clarke was always destined to make the hard calls, yes; but they would have been about rationing medicine or when to operate or an intense vote on the council on the ark. She wouldn’t have to cut her own heart out of the equation to cut out someone else’s. The blood on her latex-clad hands wouldn’t seep into her soul. She would have been free to love and be loved in return and she would have two parents and a whole unbroken heart. 

Bellamy’s life never would have been easy, but there would have been a way, one day, for him to have a life where his love for people could always be rewarded; a positive, healthy, giving kind of love and devotion that doesn’t twist in his gut, that doesn’t inevitably turn into rage or revenge. He could have led a unit of the guard, and formed his own found family and given inspirational speeches without also knowing the scalding heat of a machine gun pumping bullets into bodies. He could have taught a classroom of boisterous children, without a mountain full of dead ones awaiting him in nightmares. His rash choices would lead to mouthing off to a councilman or getting in a fight with a rude boy at school, not bear the consequences of dozens of lives. In another world, Bellamy could hug and touch and love and be held and loved in return- in another world his vulnerability wouldn’t have to be rationed, or hidden, or protected and locked away. 

 And that’s the thing that makes Bellarke both devastating and beautiful to me. They didn’t have a choice in the hand they were dealt, and it’s not an easy life, and it’s not a fair life. They have both been broken down as people: their worst traits drawn out, their best tested to the limits of endurance. As individuals, they feel the weight - the loss - of what they were, of what they could have been. And they didn’t have a choice. But. But at least, in this life, they will never be alone. In this life, they can chose to be together. And, together, they can be whole. 

Together they find those shades of softness they thought had been wrung out of them; together they bare vulnerabilities in defiance of their circumstances, a quiet show of resistance to world that has turned them into monsters. They offer understanding unconditionally, they offer forgiveness for the unforgivable. They make apologies on behalf of the world to each other. They trade the will to live, to love, to press onward between them, taking turns carrying each other to the finish line. If you’re on that list I’m on that list. 

And they didn’t just fall from the sky into each other’s hearts - their love, their trust, their bond - is earned. They fell in love with each other’s ideals before they even liked each other; as that one article said - in the most idealistic way possible.

Bellamy fell in love with the hope and idealism Clarke had about humanity; he wanted to be what she saw in him, wanted to live in the world as she imagined it. He fell in love with a girl who through sheer force of will could bend the world to how she wanted it. He fell in love with her belief that there was a better way, that humanity could and should be good, that goodness can and will prevail. He fell in love with what she saw in him - never is Bellamy more whole than when he is looking at himself through her eyes.

And Clarke… Clarke fell in love with Bellamy’s heart. With the idea that someone’s heart could be both their weakness and their strength, their resilience, their courage. She was inspired by the intensity of his love for his sister - a love like nothing she’d ever seen, a love that changed the way she thought about love. She fell in love with his ability to reach straight into the hearts of people, with just a look, with just a word. She fell in love with his humanity - and with his ability to inspire it in others. And when she’s afraid she’s lost her own humanity, when she feels it slipping, he’s there. He’s there for her but also as living proof: that love doesn’t have to run out, that it doesn’t have to burn you down like fire to a candle. He reminds her that her humanity isn’t destined to be lost.

So after all that has been forced on them, and all that they’ve suffered - there is a measure of innocence, of softness that they will never regain, that they can never have. But what’s extraordinary - what makes Bellarke extraordinary to me - is how jealously and defiantly they have held on to that last measure of softness, of vulnerability, of humanity. They cling to it and share it between them and somehow, through that choice, they turn it into something more. Because when they are with each other, they are not only at their most vulnerable - they are at their strongest. They turn each other’s softness to strength, their compassion into determination. That kind of love transcends desire or declaration, definition or dismissal. And it’s damn well worth celebrating.

My history crush is John Keats.

His quick backstory is that he went to King’s College in London, where he graduated with a medical degree as to his father’s wishes, even though his passion was always poetry. He worked as a doctor for years, before he eventually contracted Tuberculosis, which is when he began writing and publishing poetry.

He then fell in love with a girl in the class above him, don’t worry she did as well, and they became engaged but only because he was going to die soon. He did write her many, many love letters which are all beautifully written and everyone should get themselves a man like John Keats. He’s just the best.

Also his poetry is fuckin lit, even though most of it is pretty sad and centers around the theme of death.

my tribute to the wonderful and legendary jasper jordan

(Disclaimer: English isn’t my mother tongue, so I already apologize for any mistakes)
Jasper Jordan deserves - or rather now - deserved better. 

And you might agree - you might be sad about the fact that Jasper died or you might be unaffected - hell, I’ve read enough comments about people wanting Jasper to die, because they thought he’s annoying. Annoying. Fuck - that’s just - actually that’s messed up. But this isn’t about the people that have hated or still hate on Jasper, this tribute is dedicated to this wonderful fictional character I learned to love and appreciate. 

We got to know Jasper as this funny, dorky guy in S1 - people loved him for being positive, for being funny, for being naive, but brave at the same time. People loved him in S1, because he was easy to love. Because positive, funny people are easy to love - you seem them smile and they make you smile - and what’s there not to love? 

S2 Jasper - yeah, he was inspiring, wasn’t he? He was so fucking brave, he stood up for himself, for his friends in Mount Weather, he took the lead, because Clarke or Bellamy weren’t there - and he was motivating everyone else. S2 Jasper was inspiring people to do something, S2 Jasper was brave and fierce and - and he fell in love with this wonderful girl named Maya - and then everything went downhill from there. Everyone in Mount Weather died, Maya died - and Jasper - Jasper felt so safe in Mount Weather, he felt at peace, safe - ‘till he didn’t. 

Because while we got to know Jasper as this funny, dorky guy in S1 - people tend to forget what actually happened to him in S1. This boy is 16 years old and he was kidnapped by grounders and speared - he almost died. His friends died - and there was danger everywhere - but Jasper continued to be strong, continued to be this funny, dorky guy that people easily loved. He almost died again later, when Murphy threatened to kill him - so Jasper was constantly in danger, he was constantly on the edge of death, but people tend to forget that, because in S2 everything seems to be okay with Jasper - right? Because it didn’t affect him at all - and that’s where people are so wrong. 

Jasper suffered from PTSD - and this is canon - end of discussion. And his portray of PTSD was so real and raw and it’s actually sad that people only view it as annoying. Jasper didn’t suddenly “get depressed”, because of a girl “he just met”. I’ve read this so so many times and I can’t believe people can misinterpret a character and their storyline so heavily. This 16 year old boy went through so much, daily, they were basically at war  - he was on the edge of death - daily - at the age of 16 !!! - and if that’s not fucking traumatizing. But - I think what really affected him was that he thought Mount Weather would be safe. That they could be at peace and safe - that they could eat as much chocolate cake as they want and he could flirt with this cute girl from across the room - but as it turns out - he was never safe. The people in Mount Weather betrayed them and in the end his own people betrayed Jasper - or at least that’s how Jasper felt. And as Jasper said, they went to earth to see if it’s survivable - and from what he’s seen - it’s not. 

We’re at S3 now - and when I look back, I’ve always loved Jasper, but you know what, if I’m being honest - I really fell in love with Jasper in S3. And that’s pretty ironic, because people hated on Jasper constantly at that point. And why? Because he couldn’t deal with what happened and tried to cope with alcohol? Because he felt betrayed by his closest friends? Because the girl he fell in love with died in his arms and he couldn’t do anything about it? Because this sixteen year old boy suffered from so much trauma and never really experienced safety on earth? Because he suffers from a real and valid mental illness - PTSD? Because all I’ve read - all these arguments are “Jasper should just get over it”, “they all went through something traumatic” - but that’s the thing - Jasper isn’t everyone else. And you should never expect everyone to deal with their trauma the same way you do. You should never expect someone, who went through hell, to just get over it - and you should never expect Jasper to just get over it, because there are people on the show that went through something similar and are not as affected as Jasper was. 

And you might say that S3 Jasper is just “a drunken idiot”, annoying, broken, useless - I don’t care what ugly word you want to throw at him - but you know what? Jasper protected Raven, he actually saved her. Jasper - the apparently annoying, useless mess that you wanted dead - saved and rescued Raven. Jasper was a hero. 

And it’s funny, because people call Jasper selfish, self-absorbed and annoying - and I could never see that. Jasper is one of the most caring and loving people on the show and if you want to disagree - fine - but we saw Jasper, while he was positive and dorky - and he helped people, cared about them and showed bravery - and we saw Jasper, while he felt broken and while he drank himself to unconciousness - and he still cared about people, saved Raven, tried to comfort Octavia after Lincoln died or Monty after his mum died - but so many people still had the nerve to call him selfish. Because he can’t just suck it up or act like he’s fine? Because he’s not like every other character? 

But while you view him as an annoying character and hate him for acting like this - I just love him more. And just as Devon said - you shouldn’t hate on Jasper, because he’s hard to deal with right now - you should love him for that - you should want to help him, try to show empathy, try to understand him and everything he’s been through. 

Because while Jasper might be a fictional character - PTSD and depression are still valid and real mental illnesses. And some people might identify with Jasper - and seeing him - this representation - might help them. There might be many Jaspers out there - and the fact that people have the nerve to call him annoying, because he can’t cope with everything the way the other characters did - well that’s beyond fucked up. 

But you know what? I feel sorry for you. I feel sorry if you can’t love a character like Jasper, if you can’t see his complexity and the beauty of this character and the importance of his storyline. I don’t need to see perfect and well-collected characters on TV - I don’t need to see characters that always do what’s right and I don’t need to see characters that never make mistakes. Because that’s not realistic. It wouldn’t portray the reality. 

Jasper is a good person, he has a big heart, he’s selfless, brave, loving, passionate, open-minded and he cherishes freedom more than any other character. Jasper is someone, who wouldn’t force his opinion onto you - and he wouldn’t judge you for yours. Jasper doubts himself and he’s insecure, he blames himself for not being able to just act fine - and yes, Jasper is suicidal and he suffers from PTSD - and Jasper will probably die tonight - but Jasper isn’t his mental illness and Jasper will always be more than his death, Jasper will always be more than annoying and Jasper will always be more than this dorky, funny guy in S1 that everyone apparently misses. 

Jasper deserves better. Jasper deserved better. And we deserved to see him getting better, we deserved to see him overcome this - we deserved to see him smiling, him being close, best friends with Monty again - Jasper Jordan is maybe 17 years old now and he deserved so much more than that - and I really hoped we would’ve seen more of his journey, because his storyline, his arc could’ve been truly meaningful - but the writers apparently don’t agree. 

But you know what - Jasper Jordan is legendary and amazing nevertheless - he’ll always be a hero and a great character in my view. 

And at this point I also wanted to thank Devon for portraying Jasper - thank you for getting Jasper, for really trying to understand him and thank you for giving 100% every. single. time. - even when you just had limited screen time or too short scenes. Jasper will always be alive in our hearts, because you portrayed him so beautifully and because you tried to truly understand him in a way unfortunately many viewers couldn’t. 

And he might’ve not survived, but that’s not what he wanted - because Jasper wanted to live - and he always will - in our hearts. :)

Jasper Jordan is a legend. See you on the other side, my friend.

amnesia || sebastian stan

word count: 2109

summary: sebastian stan x reader → he’s waiting for you to remember

author’s note: i took a chance on this one. it’s been in my drafts for awhile now and i’m just now posting it. it might be a little out of character, since i didn’t originally have anyone planned out for this. (sorry for any spelling or grammar errors) enjoy :)

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anonymous asked:

I don't understand how Star Wars fans bash the idea that a protagonist loving the antagonist would be a disservice to the hero, lukes unconditional love for his father was the reason for vaders turn away from the dark, is it just because it's a different kind of love that Rey and Kylo would have that turns people off?

I think that’s it. People place less value on romantic love than familial love, and I’ve seen lots of people suggest that it would make Kylo shallow to return to the light side because he fell in love with a pretty girl, when even his father’s love couldn’t save him. I don’t understand that criticism, personally, since Star Wars has stressed the importance of romantic love ever since The Empire Strikes Back. Anakin fell to the dark side because of his love for Padme, so there is every reason to believe love for Rey would be able to bring Kylo back.


Good Morning, Señora Madrileña! (Rooms Of Power) Palacio Linares

The Palace of Linares (Spanish: Palacio de Linares) is a palace located in Madrid, Spain. It was declared Bien de Interés Cultural in 1976 

According to the rumour mill in Madrid, Linares Palace lock up the ghosts of the first Marquis de Linares, like that of a child, their daughter. According to this legend, José de Murga y Reolid would have confessed to his father, the rich merchant Mateo Murga y Michelena, he fell in love with a poor girl, Raimunda Osorio, presumably daughter of a cigarette seller. By knowing your father the name of the young, horrified, he would have sent his son to London in order to make him forget that young lady. The reason for his fear would be given by the fact that humble girl would have been the fruit of extramarital love by Mateo himself and therefore both lovers were half brothers.

The legend places Mateo died and the young newlyweds. In such a situation José would have found a letter from his father addressed to him in which he explained the reasons for his opposition to such a relationship. Jose and Raimunda, aware of the incestuous sin allegedly committed, would have been addressed to Pope Pius IX, who eventually would have granted a papal bull called Casti convivere, that is, to live together but in chastity. However, the love they have made them overlook their relationship half brothers and have engendered a daughter, who allegedly murdered as a child to avoid a scandal. Such daughter, Raimundita would have been walled or drowned and buried in the palace itself and, according to this legend, today, her spirit paces the great halls of the old palace singing children’s songs and calling their parents.

  • [Non-Power AU]
  • Wanda: [looking at present that Tony got from Bucky] Oh, it's so pretty. This must have cost him a fortune.
  • Steve: I can't believe he did this.
  • Sam: Come on--Bucky? Remember back in college, when he fell in love with this pretty girl and bought her that ridiculously expensive crystal duck?
  • Tony: What did you just say?
  • Sam: Ahem... Um... Crystal duck?

You know what I love? You know there’s that whole stereotype that the girl with the glasses and the ponytail is a nerd but when she lets her hair down and takes the glasses off all of the guys swoon over her and suddenly everyone is in love with her? Well, Winn fell in love with the first girl. He fell in love with the ponytail and glasses girl for who she is, before even knew there was anything “super” about her. I just really really love that.

i love steve harrington’s character development and i think it deserves more praise

yes yes, this is something everyone talks about, but trust me. it took me so long to convince my mom and the people i talked with about stranger things that steve harrington was not just some dumb douche character that saved his friends by coincidence and would fall back on his own development as soon as nancy left him for jonathan. back before s2 was really hyped up, it was difficult when you liked steve more than jonathan because everyone thought steve was the worst!! they all flocked to jonathan’s character because he was relatable and you could tell he had something with nancy and everyone was rooting for the caring older brother who was socially awkward.

i love jonathan, do not get me wrong, but he has character traits that i see in myself that come with isolation. so trust me. i’m not doing this to bash on a character, i just want to explain some of the reasons why jonathan has more depth than just sensitivity. firstly, jonathan byers is completely isolated, and this has led him to have a skewed view of everyone who isn’t as isolated as him. when you are so far removed from your typical high school life, of course you’re gonna see the faults in it- he’s so self conscious that his brain tries to put others down just to make him feel less lonely. an important scene for this is when he and nancy are fighting in the woods- he says “i thought you were different”. the implications of this are that he liked her because she wasn’t high school-y and boring teenage girl-y.

when you start to get to know someone, you can see them as more of a person and less of a conforming hive mind, which is kind of what he sees a lot of people as. especially the way he said that she wasn’t herself at the party just because he fell in love with the idea of a girl who /would/ feel uncomfortable at a party. of course it took nancy a while to get used to parties and that sort of stuff, but from what i saw, she was enjoying herself!! she was having fun but jonathan couldn’t see that because he didn’t expect her to have fun. it’s something very typical of people who don’t feel like they fit in to imagine people that they want to get close to as not feeling like they fit in. jonathan hasn’t had much character development because his character has been pretty good from the start, save for the thing i talked about, which is important but nothing something his character is based off of. a healthy dislike for large groups of meddling teens is fine.

the reason i included this part about jonathan is because i wanted to contrast steve with this. jonathan went through a lot as a kid, and it made him stronger, but lonelier. steve, on the other hand, was probably a stupid kid with a fragile ego who surrounded himself with friends just to realize that he felt even more alone with people around. rich and dumb and an asshole. the seemingly best life to live. but steve harrington’s character goes deeper than that.

he started off as someone we all kinda disliked. there wasn’t much reason for it, but he probably reminded us of some dummy we knew in real life that was “popular” and liked girls and thought he was “all that”. pushy asshole boyfriend, an understandable target for hatred. then he showed us that he cared more about his parents’ opinions than barb. then he broke jonathan’s camera- something expensive and prized at the time and difficult to replace. this was when people started to really rag on him. and then he further proved himself by letting his friends spray point rude shit about nancy and jonathan, and though he wasn’t the culprit, he let it happen and he seemed to be okay with it. he spent most of the season being annoying and rude and then flat-out like a bully.

so this is where steve shines!! he started off as a hated character and, despite amazing character development, ended up as a mostly disliked character. he gets in the way of one of the main couples, he’s an asshole, he’s a douche, he did mean shit, he paled in comparison to the other two in the “teens” trifecta. but his character development, especially among the teens, is unparalleled. first off, the duffer brothers commented on his character a bit, saying he was originally meant to be an antagonist but joe’s portrayal of him changed their minds (thank you so much joe). they also say that steve comes from a background where he was never a priority- a kid whose parents ignored him and treated him poorly. sure, sure, this isn’t an excuse, but it explains a lot about his character.

ysee, when i first watched st, i kept thinking ‘what is steve doing in that friend group with those assholes?’ because he seemed so… awkward?? like the way he talked and carried himself seemed very unlike the charismatic characters we usually know as the douchey popular kids. he just didn’t fit in. i think steve was raised by cold, unloving parents that led to him trying to be someone like them- having fun when he can by just hanging around and being a general douche to people, never opening up to anyone. and then, see, he meets nancy. this smart, nice, kinda outsider girl, and finally he has something that makes him happy. i wanted to save this for later, but the time when he calls his friends out for being jealous or something “because she’s not miserable like you”? i think a lot of people overlooked that when it really tells us about steve’s character. these are the kids he’s hung out with throughout high school. these are the kids he probably ended up hanging out with in a time where he felt his worst. these kids probably helped him in a time when he was miserable. he’s been miserable. but nancy, she brought him out of that, and i think that’s why he was so affected by seeing her with jonathan. i think he finally had someone he opened up to, or was going to open up to, found someone who made him happy, and then he saw that and realised that he had put his trust in someone who would just let him down again.

and the parents thing is shown in the conversation with nancy about barb. he was a complete douche during this exchange, but there was a reason for it. barb was missing, but she was also a level-headed teenage girl, so if someone told me someone like that was missing, i would have assumed that they were fine and just probably ran off or played hooky. like i know that’s dumb but if i had stupid parents who never paid me any mind and were probably not exactly nice to me, i think my brain would jump to that. but, still, dick move steve.

breaking jonathan’s camera. okay. heavy thing. yes, DICK MOVE, STEVE, but not without reason. done in a terrible, terrible, awful way that would make me dislike anyone, but not without reason. if i found pics like that of my girlfriend taken by the notorious “weird kid”, i’d be super angry. not angry enough to break a rare commodity, an EXPENSIVE commodity, but enough to do something. everyone hated steve after this.

the graffiti….. the dickest steve move in the series. yes, he didn’t do it, but he followed his friends around as they did it and allowed them to do it. even if the one person you began to trust breaks your heart, that’s still an absurd and awful thing to do. but it also brings one of the most important scenes. i mean, yea, steve and jonathan fought, steve ran away from punishment and left jonathan to be punished, like the awful spoiled boy he is, but the scene at the gas station where they get him like a cola or something to put on his wounds?? that’s an important scene. of course i already mentioned the most important part (the “miserable” part), but the fact that he calls them out?? the only people who seemed to have stuck by him for all these years. he’s finally had enough of being this thing he doesn’t want to be, and he yells at them and drives away (run away like you always do).

steve is a coward. steve is an asshole. steve is a douchebag. steve is a man-child. but steve also had a rough childhood. he also had difficulty opening up. he also spent a lot of his life as a miserable, dull, asshole.

he went to jonathan’s house in the middle of the night to apologise to him. he went out of his way to go to JONATHAN’S HOUSE FIRST!! he wanted to redeem himself to other people besides nancy, so don’t you dare pull the ‘he did it all for her’ card. even after they told him to run, to leave, he came back. it’s so much harder to run away from danger, turn around, and run right back into it than it is to stay and fight. it takes courage. steve broke away from being a coward who always runs away (run away like you always do) to a man trying to become someone better. he’s trying his best to be someone he’s always wanted to be. it’s such a shame he gets put down as the token asshole. remember, he’s not trying to flaunt either. he probably paid for most of that camera, but nancy gave it to jonathan and said it was only from her anyways. he doesn’t care that he doesn’t know it was from him as well, because that’s not the important thing. he wants to redeem himself TO HIMSELF. he wants to be a better person because it’s making him happier, and i feel like dating nancy was a bit of a gateway to that, but not as like a… not like he tried to better himself for her, but more like she showed him that he /can/ become better.

i love steve harrington and in the new previews he’s hanging out with the kids and everyone is like “he was a good guy after all!!” but i am here as his #1 fan to show you guys that it has, in fact, been like that for a minute.

How to describe Gold Saints to your friends :
  • Aries Mu : The beautiful and innocent face who lived as a hermit with a child during 13 years and the one who gonna kick your ass.
  • Taurus Alderan : The big teddy bear always forgetten and who had his ass kicked several times. But we still love him.
  • Gemini Saga : The badass one with a split personality who use a Galaxian Explosion towards his enemies. He doesn't kick your ass, he blows it.
  • Gemini Kanon : The drama queen with a brother complex who's gonna become your favorite because he is badass and fabulous.
  • Cancer Deathmask : The sociopath who used to put his victim's face on walls but he fell in love with a cute girl and now you just can't hate him.
  • Leo Aiolia : The lion king with a brother complex. He seems he is the only straight male in the Gold Saints. Oh, and he also has the kitty stare.
  • Virgo Shaka : The snobby bitch who sleeps, oops, meditates all day long. Oh and DON'T LET HIM OPEN HIS BEAUTIFUL EYES.
  • Libra Dohko : The old master who returns young and hot with a YOLO philosophy.
  • Scorpio Milo : The other drama queen who loves manicure and french guys.
  • Sagittarius Aioros : The kitty's big brother who died at the beginning of the story. He appears like Mufasa too.
  • Capricorn Shura : The spanish whith the legendary british weapon excalibur in his arms who works for the greek goddess Athena.
  • Aquarius Camus : The cold French guy who pretend he doesn't care but actually care of lot.
  • Pisces Aphrodite : He uses roses to fight and is the most gorgeous saint of Athena's army. Anyway, he is just FABULOUS !
  • Send me your own description of saints !
Saudade (9)

Bucky x Reader

Summary: She’s willing to do anything to keep Bucky out of harm’s way, that’s why she’s so expendable, and expendability is dangerous.

Word Count: 1.6k+

Warnings: swearing, angst, violence



Originally posted by b-n-a-o

After careful observation, the disassembled team, excluding Steve and Bucky, concluded that Y/n wasn’t a threat. They heard about the heart wrenching break up (everyone in the Royal Compound did) and it was plain as day that it’s eating her alive. Her eyes were red and glossy from all the tears that she shed and she always felt like puking. She had ripped her own heart in order to save Bucky’s, but it was worth it. It always was.

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Imagine | Carl G.

Carl Gallagher imagine | Unedited

Note: This is one of the many ways my “the same yard.” fic was going to go. Decided to turn into an imagine. It was supposed to be a small one but I have trouble knowing when to stop. Will eventually turn into actual story when I have time.

Warning: Mentions of drugs, typical shameless warnings

Y/N lived across the road from the Gallagher house with their sister and mother. Fiona and Y/S/N were best friends in high school and so the two families knew each other. Being the around the same age as Carl and Debbie, Y/N became both of their friends but leaning more towards Carl as he acted more like a kid than Debbie.

Y/N and Carl did everything together, steal from the grocery store, smash car windows, bully kids out of their lunch money. They did it all. They trusted each other with everything and were very close…until the Bonnie incident.

There had been other girls that had taken the attention of Carl, but none like Bonnie. Cool and mysterious Bonnie had stolen Carl away with her Bonnie and Clyde act, leaving Y/N with only herself.  There were many stupid things in her life that she was willing to put up with, but robbing stores at gunpoint were definitely one of the things she was not going to condone which is what put a rift in Carl and Y/N friendship.

Carl changed, whether it be from the puberty and hormones of a 15-year-old boy or remnants of the pain he felt that followed Bonnie’s disappearance, he was different, to say the least. Girls and getting laid was now his number one priority along with his street cred when he started to deal drugs, which Y/N was unaware of at the time.

Carl was still pretty fresh in the game, so not many knew what he was doing, least of all his family (minus Frank). When the time came that Carl had to deliver a package of heroin to Michigan, he decided to follow Franks plan plus one.

Carl didn’t want to go to Michigan alone (Chucky was nothing but a carrier to him), and so he decided to involve Y/N. Y/N found it hard to refuse Carl after all they had been through and accepted only because he had begged that their family needed the money urgently. Carl explained what the job was, who he worked for and then told her the plan of strapping Chucky with pounds of heroin, going to the bus depot and catching a bus over to Michigan. Sounded easy enough, until it all went wrong.

Y/N was told that there was nothing to worry about, but if she had been a little more alert she would have seen the cops before their sniffer dogs had cornered her and Chucky, lifting his shirt and catching them red handed. Carl was nowhere to be seen.

When she was taken into custody, she refused to give up Carl’s name or any of his contacts, though every part of her wanted to for the betrayal she felt from him abandoning her. Even when Sammi, someone that Y/N had barely known, came in and did her own interrogations, Y/N wouldn’t snitch. Y/N knew that Sammi was just looking for more people to back up her claim that Carl was the mastermind so as to get Chucky out of going to Juvie, which was definitely going to be the case with both of them.

Carl was brought into custody that night, interrogated and then put into a cell between Y/N and Chucky, who was still so naïve as to what the situation was. Carl didn’t look so happy, and it stayed that way until the court hearing. After many consultations between Y/N’s lawyer and infuriated sister, it was agreed that if Y/N sucked up to the judge, that a lesser punishment may be given.

The day of the court hearing started off with Chucky, who received 120 days, 60 on good behavior which Sammi was somewhat pleased with. Carl came out with his attitude and landed himself a maximum sentence of a year in juvie, which he was actually proud of. Then came Y/N sentencing, which thanks to a lot of ass kissing from the lawyer and records of recent improvement for both school grades and behaviour in the past year, she was able to avoid juvie on the count that Y/N attends military school and if she behaved, she would be allowed a holiday pass to go home in a year time.

Carl didn’t take the news of her (partial) release well, thinking she had been the one to snitch on him or G-Dogg as a plea bargain to get out of juvie. Y/N wasn’t too pleased to find out that Carl didn’t actually need the money to help Fiona and the rest of the family, but for his own selfish goals, his loyalty remaining to his new crew of friends and his street cred.

The last time the two saw each other was in the hallway, right before they were both escorted down separate corridors, tension running high as they both glared at each other before turning their backs. Carl was loaded onto the juvie bus, while Y/N was put into the back of a police car that was ready to take her to her reform school.

Almost a year passed by and Carl was released early, a couple of month before Y/N was due to leave Military school.  Y/S/N was still a bit salty about Carl’s role in having her sister taken away but still showed up to his welcome home party. The boy stayed true to the game, with the help of his friend Nick as they continued the gangbanger’s way and somewhere along the line he fell in love with a girl called Dominique. He was living the life until summer arrived and with it came Y/N, matured after her stint in her Military reform school. Things between the two were still as intense as before when they had separated at the courthouse, but this time there was another type of tension added to the mix.

anonymous asked:

Would you do an imagine with Bucky from his POV where he fell in love with a Girl who works at the compound but he thinks she sees him as a Monster so everytime he sees her he gives her a shy smile before hurrying away. What he doesnt know that she also likes him. So one day she surprises him with self-made Muffins after his Training and they finally talk and are totally comfortable around each other. Then Buck asks her out on a proper date where they also have their first kiss? Hope it’s ok :)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Fandom: MCU
Warnings: minor language

A/N: thank you so so much for this request my love! i hope this is what you wanted (it’s honestly such a cute request, I loved it!).


It’s been this way for weeks and every time it happened, he immediately wanted to slap himself.

When did he become such a coward when it came down to girls?!

This area had never been a problem for him!


He could’ve blamed it on becoming the Winter Soldier all those years ago, but he had been on dates ever since he started working with Steve and the others and they all were okay. Not particularly good, but okay.

He certainly wasn’t shy or anything like that.

But when it came down to you, he behaved like a teenager trying to ask his crush out to prom.

It was the same damn procedure each time.

He’d see you from afar working in the lab, stare at you for a little, then you’d spot him do so, he’d smile at you, you would only stare back like he was the devil himself, he’d think you hated him or were even afraid of him and he’d scurry away.

Every. Damn. Time.

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In Defence of Seiya

So, one, because I’m currently writing him, and two, because he’s one of my most favorite characters, I wanna break a lance for Seiya, today. You’re still allowed to hate him afterwards, obviously, but maybe just hear me out, ok?

Yesterday I had a wonderful conversation with one of my dearest friends, a die-hard UsaMamo shipper just like me, but, other than me, the beauty of the Seiya x Usa BROTP still alludes her, and Seiya has a bit of a bad rep for her, but she gracefully allowed me to sum up our conversation, here. So, there you go!

(Also, I’ll be referencing to Seiya as a “he”, here. This is Stars arc, 90s anime, we’re talking about, and there he’s, at least to me, quite obviously portrayed as a guy, in his civilian form.)

Seiya was an ass for impersonating Mamoru toward the end. It deliberately hurt her, even when he KNEW how much she was hurting. Yet he still did that, and then even gave her that inappropriate “am I not good enough” line, after she broke down.

So, the scene meant here is this one, of course.

And I think it’s important to keep in mind that Seiya had no chance knowing that he was inadvertently impersonating the guy that Usagi misses so much.

He’d just, upon remembering their good times, made peace with her and the situation, was about to say goodbye for good, as he saw Usagi’s desk (with that adorably cute Mamo-chan doodle on it) and placed the rose, which is always in his performing outfit, on it as a goodbye token, when he was interrupted by Rei who was in frantic search of Usagi.

So, he came up, saving her by distracting the enemy, and just threw the damn thing he just so happened to hold in his hand.

He had no way of knowing what that image would do to Usagi. He’d never heard of Tuxedo Mask. Or that he threw roses. He was just the guy to the rescue, coincidently happening to have a rose at hand. He wouldn’t know to do this on purpose.

And yes, he says that line, but he’s breaking down with her, as he does. But it’s not a “take me”, it’s not a self-serving opportunity he sees to cut in and steal the girl…. Remember this is JUST after he’s sighed and smiled and been thankful for the time he did have in her vicinity. It’s more a … you’re hurting so much, I feel your pain so much, god I wish I could take that pain away from you, and damn if it were me I’d never do this to you, you’d never be in this much pain because of me, I promise I would never do that to you, I don’t treat you like that, I don’t want you to hurt, why can’t it be me, all I want to do is make you feel better, why can’t it be me?

He loves her, in the selfless way that he wants what’s best for her, and he’s not allowed to give it to her, and it’s frustrating!

Seiya was an ass for telling Mamoru he needs to protect Usagi at the very end of Ep. 200. Like, he really needs to be told that?

So, again, Seiya doesn’t know the guy. He knows nothing but that he was now apparently not so bad as he thought, and instead dead all year, and now appearing in some sort of armor, as he was revived. Personally, I never understood it as a way of Seiya telling Mamoru off, but instead it was stepping back, acknowledging that it was Mamoru’s place to protect her, be by her side, and not his. I understand it as a message solely intended for Mamoru; I’m not in your way, I know she’s yours, but damn take care of her cause she’s worth it.

(Excluding the part where I really don’t like it when men talk over women’s heads over their protection, especially when we’re talking about the girl who JUST saved all of the friggin’ universe, but ah well…)

I still feel like Seiya should have respected the boundary line that was implied by Usagi’s relationship.

The way I see it, to him, Usagi was in somewhat of an abusive relationship, albeit emotionally. She was in a relationship with a guy that upped and went and left her hanging without a word, so much that she skidded into depression. Personally, I myself would be MAD at my friends if they saw me in one and didn’t at least try to act like he’s maybe not the best choice in the world.

And as someone who’s in love with her, who adores the ground she walks on, only wants what’s best for her (which in the end, is what love is) I wouldn’t want her to be in a relationship like that, REGARDLESS of if she’ll be with me afterwards, then, or not,

and, like, this was his view, and still he really didn’t try anything (at least in the 90s anime version, but Manga!Seiya and 90sAnime!Seiya are so different, with different motivations, different feelings, different genders, I really don’t compare the two at all.)

Remember this is the story/show where Usagi gets kissed by people left and center, without her consent? In the anime, he wasn’t one of those. He picked her up on a friendly date, they had chemistry, and he kissed her on the cheek as a goodbye. These are all things you’d do with your friends, his only fault here was that he happened to be in love with her at the time, at least the way I see it.

Shouldn’t Seiya have asked about Mamoru, then? At least try to find something out about the guy?

well, for one…would you have? I wouldn’t want to hear the praises of a guy you know has left her without saying anything. Also, I mean… He’s not in her life. She’s depressed. And he’s mad at him for treating her that way, he even says it out loud to his photo; He doesn’t say “Ugh I hate that you exist” he says “I don’t like the game you’re playing with her” - I don’t like the way you treat her. He’s legit MAD at Mamoru for doing this to her.

This is an amazingly protective, friendly gesture, if it were true. This is how I would want all of my friends to react if it happened to me, and if it were actually the case – and Seiya has no way to think otherwise. It wasn’t, of course, but he had no way of knowing that. In fact, if he had dug further, asked about him, he’d have found out Mamoru has NEVER ONCE written back and his standpoint would have only gotten clearer. And if he’d dug even further, the story he’d have gotten wouldn’t have helped Mamoru’s case in this instance, either.

No matter the praises Usagi would have sung… I mean… what would have come out? He’s my lover from a past life, we have a miracle romance, then he was brainwashed and turned evil and almost killed me, before I killed him, instead, and then our future daughter turned up, and he left me because of dreams, and I cried myself to sleep, and then later he was kidnapped again, and right when I had him back he left me for America and now he’s never written back… It doesn’t SOUND so good.

Seiya wouldn’t have learned anything that he wouldn’t have interpreted in that exact way that he did.

But, then, the moment he realizes he was wrong, that Mamoru was dead, actually, his heart breaks for her. How could Galaxia have done this to her?

And then the only thing he does is try and make sure Mamoru treats her right, tell him to. He steps away without any fight whatsoever. Seiya loved Usagi. He loved her despite the fact that he had no chance. Just because she didn’t love him back, and was in a relationship with someone else, doesn’t make him a bad guy. In fact, I think he was an incredibly decent guy.

So many people lash out when they are in an unrequited love. It’s an incredible sort of heartbreak, and it’s understandable that so many do, but it’s also pretty harsh. The people they adored get devalued and degraded to bitches and asshole who are fools for not wanting them, get faulted for making them fall in love in the first place, and get left behind so the person can go and heal and forget. And, sometimes, the other party isn’t so innocent, either (which obviously isn’t the case, here), but even without that it’s really hard to just take yourself and your hurt back, and simply adore that person, while staying in their lives, no gain whatsoever.

Seiya does that. He adores her. He doesn’t blame her once, only wishes it were different. He takes himself back, and simply becomes the awesome friend that she really needs in that depressing time. And that is pretty damn selfless.

I mean, he didn’t choose this. He didn’t decide, oh, I’m gonna fall in love with this ditzy girl who has someone else; it just happened to him, and he dealt with it in a pretty heartbreaking way.

I mean… he repeatedly risked his life for her, this girl who will never be his.

And I understand that. I mean… I adore that girl, too. We all do, right?

Someone Like You (Bucky x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys!! So I have nothing much to say about this one except enjoy!!😊

Request: Would you do an imagine with Bucky from his POV where he fell in love with a Girl who works at the compound but he thinks she sees him as a Monster so everytime he sees her he gives her a shy smile before hurrying away. What he doesnt know that she also likes him. So one day she surprises him with self-made Muffins after his Training and they finally talk and are totally comfortable around each other. Then Buck asks her out on a proper date where they also have their first kiss? Hope it’s ok :)

Bucky walked past the training room twice in an hour, purposely walking slower as he passed the entrance, looking in to find you. He had been doing this for the past two months and he felt stupid every time he did it, but yet he couldn’t help it.

Ever since the first time he saw you, he couldn’t seem to look away, you were beautiful and the way he saw you interact with others, you looked kind and attentive to what they said. However, Bucky didn’t dare to go up to you, knowing that you’ll see him how everyone else sees him. A man who can’t control himself. A monster.

As he walked past this time, you happened to look up, noticing him. Bucky gave you a small smile before quickly walking away, unconsciously pulling his sleeve down to cover his metal arm.

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Say it Back

Anon said: 

Could you do 8,16,45,49, and 55 where the reader and Harrison are dating for a year, but she notices he’s been acting strange so on their one year anniversary, Harrison tells the reader he fell in love with another girl. So before they part their goodbye’s, the reader tells him to get her(45). Months later, Harrison goes to the reader’s apartment(8) begging for forgiveness(49) but the reader tells him he needs to move on(16) so he tells her he’s so in love with her(55

8. “What are you doing here?”

16. “Please get over me, we can’t get back together.” “how can i get over you when you’re my entire world.”

45. “If you love this woman, go get her!”

49. “I know I don’t deserve you”

55. “I’m in love with you!”

Originally posted by spideysosterfield

To say you were surprised when Harrison had actually agreed to meet up with you for your one year  anniversary was an understatement. He had been M.I.A. for weeks, rarely answering phone calls and text messages, seeing him only once for a brief meet up at your house. It was as if he had fallen off the face of the Earth. You knew he was busy, always helping Tom or acting in a short film, so you shrugged it off.

You had finished setting up your dining room, deciding that the two of you deserved a quiet night in rather than something big and extravagant. You smiled to yourself as you finished lighting the last of the candles, the music was on low, setting the mood for the evening.

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Peter Pan Fic Rec

Okay so since I’m the one who’s been complaining about soft hearted OC or Y/N, I think I owe y’all this. I keep track of every single fanfiction I read on a rec blog (but it’s in French and not on tumblr) so I figured I should make the same thing here.

Echo by PurpleLady

I just had to be her. The one he fell in love with, the girl who was taken away from her brother, got aged back to being sixteen- forgetting my memories for 28 years in the process, and then having to jump into a giant portal not knowing where I would be taken. “He thinks I’m Robin Hood’s twin sister who got kidnapped by Peter Pan for two decades.”

It’s over 300k long and it’s mindblowingly good. The author recreated the way the episodes work, she swtiched between past and present scenes that intermingle really well and everything is perfect. She did incredibly well with so many characters and the OC has depth and is relatable. Also, she’s a ‘bad guy’ technically.

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fandom-quote  asked:

Could you do one where if Maya never crawled through rileys window as a child and what she would be like/what her life was like and is like ? ❤️

Sorry this took me so long to write, but I’ve been working on it for a little over a month and it’s the longest one shot I’ve ever written. Thanks for the prompt, here it is!

title: girl next door 

word count: 5153

ship: rilaya (riley matthews x maya hart)

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