BTS Not Today Appreciation

Let’s all take the time to appreciate how dang good Jin looks in that outfit even though his screening was like a second, how beautiful Namjoon is in purple hair, how cute Yoongi is and that he centers when the song starts, how lit Hoseok is when he raps (those leather pants though) how perfect Jimin is with that bright pink hair, how Taehyung rocks bandannas, and how hot Jungkook is when he’s running.

Because let’s face it. These boys are perfect angels that need to be protected.

Little Things // Boyfriend Taehyung ♥

- Always kissing you unexpectedly.

 Letting you put his hair in a ponytail because he looks hot asf with it.

- Being shy after being apart for so long.

- Always taking care of you.

- Stares, stares, and more stares. He’s always staring at you like you did something adorable. 

- Skyping you when he has free time which is always when you’re asleep.

 ♥  Tries to make you happy even when he’s sad.

- Doesn’t pay much attention when you talk to him at times. 

♥  Never stops talking about you to the members or to his parents.

- Struggling to wake his ass up

♥ Hates getting into arguements with you because he starts to hate himself when you’re mad or sad.

- Cheap dates which are the best dates (video game night, movie night, cooking at home, or walking outside).

♥ Tries to cook a fine dinner for you.

- A lot of annoying/childish teasing.

♥ Public affection! Making out // Holding hands // I love you’s // Him trying to touch under your clothing depending on where you two are. 

- Gets aroused by the smallest things.

-  Tries to fight sleep but ends up falling asleep on you anyways due to his schedule ( he would always warn you though).

- Sending random photos to you like this. It gets weirder each day. 

- Always wanting to cuddle and playfully pout if you don’t want to.

♥ Talks about all the kids he wants to have in the future.

♥  Playful sex // Rough sex // Always wanting to eat you out // Rough fingering // Sex on the counch // Sex on the kitchen table // Sex in the shower // Hickies (he would love them).


some things to consider about andrew and neil showering together -

  • andrew washing neils hair which has gotten very long lately (kevin has told him off because ‘its impractical’ to which neil just looked pointedly at allison who has the longest hair on the team, maybe any team, and still plays brilliantly) and anyway he knows andrew likes it long even if he’ll never admit it  
  • andrew giving neil massages under the hot water when he goes too hard at training and blows his arms out (which is almost always… and this is not discouraging him…)
  • andrew kissing down neils throat and across his chest completely undeterred by his scars (which, over time when neil looks in the mirror, he comes to see as markers of where andrew’s lips have been rather than an awful reminder of his father’s abuse. the memories are still there of course but they’re pale in comparison to his memories of andrew)
  • neil washing andrews hair, on the rare occasion that andrew lets him, and letting his fingers slide down his neck against his very sensitive skin. andrew trying not to shudder too visibly and failing because f u c k that feels good 
  • andrew getting soap in his eye and refusing to blink it out because he’s unshakable, and neil giggling at him because his bf is an idiot 
  • neil gently closing andrew’s eyelids with his fingertips and pulling him under the water to flush the soap out for him
  • andrew opening his eyes to find neil a breath away and asking ‘yes or no?’ 
  • the two of them kissing under the water for so long that it turns cold and they start to shiver. they turn off the water and get out and wrap themselves in their thickest towels before going to bed and getting under the covers still cold, still damp, and still smelling like soap and shampoo 
How I imagine Victor Nikiforov IRL

See for yourself and prepare for hotness

he has the face and the hair 

he has the body (even though maybe a little too muscular?) 

he has a professional, serious side 

and a PDA-showing, goofy side 

and also he looks hella gay (even though he isn’t, but he gives me a similar vibe as viktor kinda) 

So, decide for yourself

i was trying to explain how i imagine the twins are super attractive in different ways a while back and like

vex always looks like a model?? and it’s honestly obnoxious because even if her hair is loose from her braid and five different kinds of wild, she makes it work. she always has to Look Good and sharp enough where she finds the middle-ground of Hot but Intimidating.

meanwhile vax looks like he hasn’t slept in 48 hours and rolled around in a dumpster for ten minutes and came out the other side somehow looking Messy But Aggravatingly Hot. he literally……… he literally wears a smelly featherduster he pulled off a dead guy in a tomb, you guys. and he makes it work.

they’re obnoxious and attractive and everybody in vox machina is frustrated with it

Mrs Hudson bringing up hot cocoa to 221B when she hears John’s Christmas CD playing, because she knows her boys are decorating the flat; John always turns on that music, no matter how much Sherlock might protest. 

She finds John decorating the tree, with several Christmas balls hanging off of each fingers as he hangs them and Sherlock covered in garlands, prowling the flat, looking for suitable places. She doesn’t even think he has realised he is wearing a Chrismas hat. Or he does, and simply stopped caring because it makes John smile in that special way that he does. 

They pause their work in favour of the hot cocoa and Mrs Hudson feels her heart swell with affection when she sees Sherlock and John lean against each other. John is humming along with the music and Sherlock has buried his nose in John’s hair, which smells of pine. 

Sherlock hated Christmas before, Mrs Hudson knows, but, John, God bless him, has made his Christmases so much better.

handful of fluff.

Originally posted by laheyxstilinski

derek hale x reader 

warnings: swearing, overused cliches.

prompt: you get a friend while derek’s away.

A/N: i forgot how much i love derek hale so i had to give my mans some love.

the loft was chilly as you laid in your boyfriends bed, wanting nothing more than to have him curled up around you so you could run your fingers through his hair, but unfortunately he’d been gone with the pack for a week. you’d demanded to go as well but one stern look from your boyfriend had you shaking that thought from your mind.

you knew he was protective, he always had been, even before you had gotten together he was overbearing sometimes - randomly showing up where you were or accidentally bumping into you while you were on a date, but you often found it hot. what could you say, you had a thing for dominant men and derek hale was as dominant as they came.

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  • also totally unrelated but i really liked the actress’s performance at the beginning of the episode 
  • look at those HOT GRANDPA SWEATERS 
  • “we’re besties” same, dean 
  • i like how sam is looking at this lady like “man chuck would never do any of this he is way too lazy we couldn’t even get him to be nice to an actual prophet" 
  • the whip cracking noise they made during this episode felt a little too intense 
  • sam’s phone wallpaper that damn nerd. he actually had to make that himself 
  • sam u, uh, u technically were the devil but it’s fine 
  •  if chuck is listening he’s probably like, “shit sam these people are crazy best luck to you” 
  • AW MARY!!!! 



Hour Twelve : Criminals

Prompt : “We can be the new Bonnie and Clyde.“

A/N : This is kind of a short one 😬 12 out of 24

Pairing : Jason Todd x Reader

[•] [•] [•]

Tucking one of Jason’s guns in your boot, you fixed the collar of your shirt and made sure each curl of your beautifully styled hair wasn’t out of place.

Jason walked over to you and kissed your temple. “You look hot, babe.” He said, smiling at you through the bathroom mirror.

You smirked and applied the last of your bright red lipstick, “Nice hat you got there.” You complimented, using the hand that wasn’t holding the lipstick to flick it.

“Why, thank you.” Jason said, tipping it. “Ready to go rob a couple of people? Maybe even kill some of them?”

“You bet!” You said, connecting your arm with his.

“You know, when I suggested we dress up like criminals, I didn’t expect either of us to turn out looking like Bonnie and Clyde.”

You shrugged, “Always expect the unexpected, I suppose. Look at it this way, we can be the new Bonnie and Clyde. Just for tonight. We might not do everything they did, but we can at least act like them.”

Jason nodded in agreement, “Yeah, I don’t think Bruce would be too happy with us if he found out we were stealing and killing just for the sake of the characters we’re dressed up as.”

“Wow, I didn’t know you considered Bruce’s opinions about what you do,” you commented, grinning. It was nice to know he cared about his estranged father.

“Don’t get use to it.” Jason chuckled, “I’m still not giving up throwing low lives off of buildings.”

anonymous asked:

Since you said Niall would be mlt do camping sex can we get a blurb???

It had been two days since Niall ran into the house screaming your name at the top of his lungs.  He’d rented a truck.  That’s all he kept repeating as he told you to get packed.  The excitement on his face was contagious even if you didn’t know what the hell he had up his sleeve.

And now, sitting in the freezing cold, your hair dirty, your fingernails full of grime, your legs starting to grow back the hair you’d shaved off at an alarming rate…you wished you’d asked questions or at least looked outside to see what kind of truck he’d been talking about.

It was a pickup truck, the bed filled to the brim with camping equipment.  It was fourth of July weekend in Los Angeles.  It was hot and sweaty and Niall wanted to head out of the city and do some camping.

But you hated camping.  Since you were a kid you’d hated it.  Your mom had tried, unsuccessfully, to get you to enjoy it but every single time you ended up packing up early and going home.

You weren’t a girly girl nor did you hate the outdoors.  Nature was great, in small doses.  But you liked your shower, you liked being able to get the dirt out from under your nails and keep it out for a good portion of the day.  You liked being clean.

Niall, on the other hand, was loving it.  And to be honest it was nice to see him so relaxed.  He was having a good time and after all the hard work he’d put in doing Jingle Ball shows and promoting his single, he needed it.  You just wished your boyfriend could have “needed it” in a five star resort where someone was in charge of handing you fruity drinks every three hours.

You threw down your spatula after the third hotdog you’d tried to cook ended up in the fire,

“Ugh!”  You screamed out.  

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I Really Like You (Requested)

Request:  Would you write a oneshot of the imagine you posted of the reader getting horny seeing stiles in his lacrosse uniform please?

A/N: Sorry I haven´t written smut in a while but I did my best!

Warnings: trash writing, smutty smut, kind of dom!stiles, actually really dom!stiles but in the good way I guess, some fluff

I grinned down proudly at the boy with number 24. Stiles had made 4 goals, by now, he was the hero of the night. I was the loudest to cheer whenever he hit it, and it certainly boasted his self-esteem. I couldn’t help but think about how hot he looked in his uniform… His hair was a mess, his cheeks flushed and he wore that one special grin that made my insides clench. 

He made the fifth goal 5 seconds before the game was over, Beacon Hills won. I jumped up along with Kira and Lydia, even forgetting about the sign I made for him, I just wanted to be close to him. The other players congratulated him by patting his shoulder and shouting out their favorite goal he made. My big smile didn’t leave my face once. I knew Stiles hadn’t been the best player right from the start, but just like I always told him; he was an extrodinary player, he just needed more confidence. 

And to be honest confidence made him look even hotter. Especially in red… The other guys cheered when I jumped into his arms and kissed him. It was an innocent and sweet kiss at first, but it quickly became more heated. Had Stiles been a werewolf, he would’ve smelled my arousal. We only seperated when someone next to us cleared his throat. 

“You guys are coming to the party right?”, Scott asked smiling. 


“Good. You did great Stiles.”, Scott reassured him with his famous puppy eyes. 

“Thanks bud.”, Stiles grinned. We followed Scott and Kira into the locker room, but I didn’t wait outside like usual, and I stopped him from walking towards the showers. 

“Let’s just go to the party okay? You can have a shower afterwards.”, I smiled and he nodded. 


“It was more of coincidence, really. I don’t even know how I made the last one.”, Stiles informed me excitedly. I nodded and bit my lip, pretending to listen. I thought I could simply forget my hormones, but apparently I was wrong. 

“Stiles, can we leave?”, I interrupted him. He frowned and raised his eyebrows at me. 

“But the party? We won  Y/N, why would-”

“Because right now I’m incredibly horny and I need you.”, I interrupted him and didn’t even hide the fact that my eyes were glued to a certain part of him.

“Oh- oh my god. Please let this be real.”, he mumbled when I took his hand and guided him out of the house. He snapped out of his daze when I leaned against the jeep and pulled him against me, bringing him in for a kiss. I enjoyed him taking control of the situation. Stiles was a naturally sweet person, and the confidence he showed didn´t make him any less appealing. 

He licked my bottom lip, asking for entrance, and I refused, just to see his reaction. He growled and bit my lip, my gasp giving him the possibility to slip his tongue in my mouth. I put my hands around his neck and tried to pull him even closer. He picked me up and I quickly wrapped my legs around him, letting out a sigh when he bucked his hips against mine. 


“What was that princess?”, he whispered huskily into my ear as his hand began to fondle my ass. I let out a whimper and desperately bucked my hips against him in an attempt to get more friction. I felt him smirk into the kiss and god, it turned me on. He started to trail kisses down my neck and I finally stopped him just when he was about to reach my chest. 

“Home.”, I managed to get out and he nodded before he reluctantly pulled back and opened the door for me. I smiled and got in, waiting for him to do the same. 

The drive was silent, until I decided to make it a little more interesting. I put my hand on his shoulder first, giving him a smile that he returned. When he focused back on the street I let my hand glide down to is thigh, stroking it slowly. 

“Y/N…”, Stiles warned me with a dark voice and a glance that let me know I´d pay for this later, but right now, I didn´t care.

“Huh?”, I asked innocently. He managed to ignore me for a while, at least until I decided to move my hand again. I put it over the obvious bulge he had in his pants, rubbing soft circles on it. He let out a loud groan and I felt myself getting wetter by the second. I kept massaging his bulge, growing more confident. At the next red traffic light he didn´t hesitate to kiss me roughly and let his hand glide under the hem of my dress. He stroked my thighs softly, but he knew it wasn’t anything close to what I wanted. He moved his fingers up to my wet folds, but never went any further. I gasped surprised when he inserted one finger into me.

“Who made you this wet baby, huh?”, he asked, his voice barely more than a whisper next to my ear. I let out a loud moan as he added another finger and picked up the pace, making me unable to reply.

“Was it me? Did I make you this wet?”, he asked and I managed to nod. He chuckled darkly and stopped pumping his fingers. 

“I think you can do better than that. Who made you this wet?”, he asked again but didn’t let me time to think before he dipped his fingers back into me. 


“What was that?”

“You made me this wet.”, I groaned. He rewarded me with rubbing my clit softly, making me feel incredibly dizzy. He had to stop when the car behind us honked; the traffic light had been green for a while now, we simply didn’t care.

 Once we arrived at my place we hurried to get inside. My mum had a business meeting over the weekend, so we wouldn’t be interrupted. I kicked off my heels and barely noticed him doing the same while I pulled off his lacrosse shirt.

“You do realise you look damn hot in that uniform?”, I asked while letting my hand roam over his chest.

“You do realise you look damn hot basically all the time and I constantly want to fuck you?”

I smiled up at him and turned to let him unzip my dress, and took it off myself. He took off his pants and I couldn’t even say something before he picked me up and threw me down on the couch. 

“Why don’t we go upstairs?”, I asked and looked up at him. 

“We will after round one.”, he smirked back. I licked my lips and pulled him down on me. He immediately began kissing my neck until he found my sweet spot. I turned us so I could straddle him and give him better access to my neck. He sucked on it and I involuntary bucked my hips. 

“How many rounds are there?” 

“You’ll find out.”

 He let out a groan as he took  off my bra. He stared at my breasts for a few moments. 

I took his hands and put them over my breasts, reminding him that he was allowed to touch me in any way he craved. He massaged my breasts until the increasing need I felt was unignorable. I brought my hand down to his boner and grabbed it, massaging it passionately. He threw his head back and moaned, thrusting into my hand. He gently pushed me onto the couch so he could get up and take off his boxers, but once he took them off I was already kneeling in front of him. 

“Oh my God you’re literally the best girlfriend ever.”, he blurted out. I smiled up at him before I licked over his tip. Feeling encouraged by his moans I swirled my tongue around his tip before I took him deeper in mouth, but not very far. 

“No teasing Y/N.”, he growled and I made sure to keep eye-contact as I took him all the way down my throat. He took my hair and put it into a lose ponytail as he guided my head back and forth with his head thrown back in pleasure. It felt even more intense when he started thrusting again. I moaned at how good he tasted and he automatically thrusted harder at the vibration. He pulled me up and connected our lips again, pushing me back down on the couch. 

I felt the tip of his cock teasing my entrance and tried to move against him but Stiles held me tightly, so I couldn’t move without his permission. He slowly pushed inside me, too slowly. I bucked my hips against his and he now fully filled me up. He let me some time to adjust to his size, it was neccessary. Once the pain ebbed away, it started to feel good. It felt so fucking good.

 He pulled out again, very slow and I just wanted to tell him that I couldn’t take his fucking teasing anymore when he rammed back into me with a force that made me bounce off the couch and against him again. 

“Stiles…”, I wimpered and he sighed into my neck. He repeated his slow torture, thrusting back very hard. I gasped, it felt so good…

“Say my name like that again.”, he demanded and I had no problem with obeying him. 

“Stiles… Stiles!”

He picked up the pace and grabbed my hips in order to keep me steady. I arched my back when I felt his balls rubbing over my clit, bringing me closer to my release. I sat up, letting him thrust into me at a whole other angle. We both let out noises of pleasure, enjoying the imtimacy. He sucked on my sweet spot again and I felt my stomach tighten. I closed my eyes to concentrate on all the spots Stiles hit at once, bringing me over the edge. 

Stiles!”, I screamed as my orgasm washed over me. 

“Look at me.”

I tried to, but I couldn’t handle the intensity. He thrusted into me even harder and I seriously started to wonder if he was still human with a power like this. 

“I said look at me.”, he repeated with a firm voice and my eyes snapped open to meet his dark gaze. He moaned at the sight of me in pure pleasure. When I was about to come down from my high, I felt him twitch inside me before he filled me up with his warm cum. I sighed at the amazing feeling. We remained like this for a few seconds, until he pulled out and flipped us over, me lying on top, so I could lay down more comfortably.

“You really like this uniform.”, he chuckled breathlessly.

“I really like you.”



“I love you.”

“I love you too, Stilinski.”

“Can we eat something? I want to be strong for round two.”, he grinned and I giggled and slapped his chest. 



Say It Again - Johnny (M)

Requested: Johnny x Reader having sex for the first time in a motel after a fight (?) | SMUT • ANGST. Thanks, love ur blog!

A/N: I hope you like it^^ angry Johnny is so hot gdi (fyi the “make you cry again” that is also brought up near the end is meant as crying from too much pleasure)


Word Count: 1,635

“Say it again” he breathed, his jaw clenched as he glared down at you.

“You’re full of bullshit” you said, this time slower, enunciating every word to his face.

He threw his car keys across the room, causing you to flinch. He didn’t even bother to look where they landed. He turned from you and ran his hands through his hair, something he did when he was frustrated. Your previous defiant and confident attitude faded with time. Your eyes began to sting and you quickly marched to the bathroom, locking yourself inside. You silently cried to yourself, frustrated with everything. You heard to door rattle as he tried to open it.

“Open the door” he ordered.

You let out a muffled sob and his tone immediately softened.

“(Y/n)… open the door” he said again.

You took a few deep breaths, cleaning up your face with a few tissues before opening the door, quickly sliding past him. He caught your arm, pulling you back. Still mad at him, you wretched your arm from his grasp.

“I’m sorry” he quickly said, stepping closer to you.

He enveloped you in a hug and you hated the fact that you loved it so much. He rested his chin on the top of your head and closed his eyes.

“Baby” he murmured quietly, trying to get your attention.

“I’m sorry” he repeated, pulling away from you and settling his hands on your shoulders, bending down to look into your eyes.

You avoided his gaze, bringing a hand up to wipe at your cheek. His hand gently tilted your chin to look at him. He kissed your cheek then planted a few more kisses over your face. He was being over-the-top, pecking all over your face to get you to lighten up. It worked; he pulled away with a small smile on his lips. He brought his lips close to yours, his eyes closing. His lips didn’t touch yours though, he was waiting for you to close the gap, for you to forgive him and give into him. You couldn’t help yourself, you melded your lips with his, wrapping your arms around his neck. All your pent up frustration and feelings being relayed to his soft lips. Both of you were blind, kissing each other feverishly. He walked with you back to the bed, landing on the soft mattress. His hands wandered along your body above his, eagerly touching all the soft skin he could. You pulled away from him and yanked your t-shirt off, tossing it to the side. You stood between his legs as he sat on the bed, his hands instantly went to your waist, his large hands pulling you closer. His lips landed on your chest, kissing the soft skin furiously as your hands wove into his hair.

“Johnny” you breathed, starting to feel nervous.

You had never been sexually intimate with him before and your nerves started to worry you. Your previous sexual drive was now diminishing as your cheeks heated up.

“We’ve never- I-”

“You don’t want to?” he asked, slowing his kisses.

“I-I do.”

With that he pushed you away by your waist and stood up before you. His tall figure made you gulp as you wondered how big his member would be. He roughly pulled off his jacket and dropped it to the side before pulling his t-shirt off as well. Your eyes raked over his toned stomach and biceps, his sturdy chest. He stepped closer to you, your nose gently coming into contact with his chest. You looked up at him as his hands gingerly worked your shorts off. You took in a deep breath and he leaned down, his lips colliding with yours. He shoved your shorts down and they fell to your ankles. You stepped out of them and he smiled when he looked down.

“You were planning to wear stuff like that and not show me?” he asked, quirking an eyebrow sarcastically.

You secretly thanked your morning-self for choosing the lacy navy panties you had thrown on in a rush as you got ready. Your hands went to his jeans, unbuttoning them quietly as he looked down at you passionately.

“Do you have one?” you asked timidly, referring to a condom.

He hummed and you looked back up to him as he finished pushing down his pants. He kicked them to the side and brought one of his hands to cup your face. His thumb stroked under your eye, a serious expressing taking root on his face.

“I hate seeing you cry.”

You stared up at him and he stepped away, going to the door.

“What are you doing?” you asked, cocking your head to the side.

He grabbed the “Do Not Disturb” sign and opened the door, hooking it on the door knob. You smiled when you saw him turn back around, a smirk on his face. You crawled onto the bed and he swooped down to his pants, fishing his wallet from his back pocket and pulling a condom out.

“You had that in there the whole time?” you asked, thinking back to all the times you had seen him pay for you.

He didn’t answer you, and crawled on the bed. You backed up to the headboard, biting your bottom lip.

“Turn around” he said, his eyes dark.

You did as he said, and removed your bra. Your hands gripped onto the top of the headboard as you looked over your shoulder. His large hand smoothed over the soft skin of your ass as he kissed your back.

“I might make you cry again” he whispered.

Before you could even ask what he meant a harsh slap sounded in the room, the skin on your ass burned and you gasped against the headboard. You would have never pictured him to be that kind of guy. His nimble fingers peeled down your last article of clothing, you helped him kick them off and closed your legs, the cool air hitting your heat. He made you spread your legs and you closed your eyes feeling bare in front of him. One of his hands landed on the headboard next to yours. You felt his breath on your shoulder and looked at him. His lips met yours in a slow and passionate kiss. His hand went to your heat, a couple of his fingers sliding over your folds. You opened your mouth and he easily slipped his tongue inside making you moan. He toyed with your clit between his fingers and swallowed all of your moans and whimpers. His sweet touch was replaced by a slap, directly hitting your clit. Your lips faltered against his, a small yelp escaping. His teeth pulled on your bottom lip as he pulled away. A couple of his fingers entered you and slowly pumped in. His slick fingers soon pulled out, going back to rubbing your folds. His middle finger abused your clit as he cupped your sex, his slick fingers putting pressure on the sensitive bud. You just wanted to have him inside you. Your knuckles paled as you held onto the headboard tighter.

“More” you whimpered, feeling closer to your climax.

He gave you what you wanted, your sex clenching as you crashed into your high. His hand pulled away, cutting your bliss short. One of your hands instantly went down, rubbing yourself to prolong your high. He watched, palming himself through his boxers. You slumped to the bed, your breathing ragged. He had already discarded his boxers and was spreading the condom over himself. His gentle hands coaxed you to turn over. Your chest heaved as you opened your eyes again.  He was in between your legs, erection in hand. You lazily wrapped your legs around him as he started pushing into you. His hips were still once he eased in. You pulled his face to yours, mashing your lips together as he rolled his hips into you. His hands scrunched the sheets as he his hands formed into fists.

His thrusts were shallow at first, causing you to beg him for more. Johnny gave in, his hips snapping sharply. His length slid into your depths, gasping every time your hips collided. It was bruising yet sensual and passionate. He wasn’t aggressive, rather thorough and timely. His dirty mouth whispered to you as he grunted, your arms wrapped around his neck. His thrusts were hitting you there… Just a little more and you would reach your peak. You cursed as he gave a particularly hard thrust. He let his face bury into the crook of your neck and reached one of his hands down to rub your clit.

You came, yelling his name, sounds of pure bliss leaving your lips. He pulled back from your neck, your arms releasing him. He rapidly bucked his hips into yours. With your mouth open you stared into his eyes, no words leaving you.

“Fuck-nghh” he cried, his face contorting.

He came into the condom, his thrusts slowing to their original pace.

He left the bed, going to throw his condom away. You snuck into the bathroom, swallowing thickly as your feet came in contact with the cool tile. Your legs felt weak. You quickly cleaned yourself up and wrapped your tired body in one of the robes. When you came back out he was spread face down on the bed. You grinned at his cute butt and climbed onto the bed clumsily.

“How was it?” he murmured into the bed, his eyes still closed.

“You didn’t make me cry again” you said smiling.

“Next time” he breathed, making your laugh at his weirdness.

You coaxed him under the covers with you and he complained about you wearing the robe. You both fell asleep quickly, thinking about the new step your relationship had taken.

spa day

warnings: none 

a/n: i had this idea the other day and i feel like it could make a pretty funny scene if it was actually in the show. we all know that deep down, sam is a yoga loving, smoothie drinking, nature geek. he cares a lot about his health, so who’s to say he wouldn’t use some anti-aging cream to keep those lovely young looks? (even though he’s aging like fine wine.) enjoy!

“and… perfect. okay, i’m gonna set the timer for 15 minutes,” you say, running the dirty brush under hot water. sam stares at himself in the mirror, tucking a loose strand of hair back into his bun.

“are you sure this stuff works, y/n? it smells kinda weird,” sam asked, reaching up to touch the mud mask on his face.

“nuh uh,” you corrected sam, “no touching. and i promise, it works like a charm. your face will look wrinkle-free and radiant, trust me,” you assured him, drying off the clean brush. 

“whatever you say,” sam sighed, pulling out his phone from his pocket. 

“any word from cas?” you question and lift yourself up on the bathroom counter. you pat the spot next to you, and sam takes your hint and slides beside you. 

“no, not yet. but hey, are you in the mood for a smoothie? i found this really great recipe that-” sam started, but was interrupted by dean’s shouting.

“sam, y/n? are you home?” dean hollers over the familiar sound of his boots clunking around the bunker. 

“we’re in here!” you yell back, pulling out your nail file from the bathroom drawer and picking at your uneven nails. sam’s eyes get wide at the sound of dean’s footsteps nearing the bathroom.

“y/n! why’d you tell him? if he sees me with this shit on my face he-” sam was once again interrupted by dean.

“hey, you guys, do you know where,” dean started, then he looked up at your covered faces. “oh my god,” dean uttered, staring at the both of you in pure horror. “what the hell is on your face?”

“it’s uh, um, dean, i can explain, its-” sam stammered, but your cut him off. 

“anti-aging face mask. real good for wrinkles. want some?” you ask, holding out the tub to dean. 

he shakes his head, looking back up at you and sam, covering his mouth. “you guys look absolutely ridiculous,” dean choked out and began howling with laughter. 

you saw sam tense up and shift in his spot next to you. “whatever, dean. y/n, do you want a smoothie? i’m going to go make one,” sam asked, hopping off the counter and giving dean a dirty look.

“strawberry banana, please,” you say, smiling at sam, “and don’t forget, wash your mask off in, “ you check your phone, “12 minutes!” he nods, then walks out of the bathroom, shaking his head and mumbling to himself.

dean pulls himself next to you, bumping your shoulder. “does that stuff really… work? i’ve been told that i look like a dad way too many times this year.” 

Being You (M)

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» (sub!)jongdae x reader
» 1.6k
» hello, could I please request a steamy Chen smut where he wakes up with morning wood, so you decide to give him a handjob? ;)
» warning: smut (& kinda femdom)

Jongdae just had to look like this when he was sleeping. He just had to look like the one of those male models even with his eyes closed and with his lips slightly agape (he slept like that even though you told him countless times spiders were probably going to crawl in there) and hair tussled all over the place.

It was most likely the after effects of the night before that had you gawking at your sleeping boyfriend. Those performances for the new Lotto release meant that Jongdae was looking so, so hot and you just couldn’t resist him last night – and the same could definitely be said about him for you.

He’d been hard for so long last night that you could only imagine he was still hard under the covers right now.

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i am so fricking tired of people saying namjoon is ugly, so, here’s a spam to prove that he’s hands down handsome.


are you fucking blind???

the sMILE

did i mention his cuteness??


what about his proportions?? are we all just gonna ignore that he’s fucking model material???






do i really have to keep going


all i can see is beauty



and goddamMIT HE’S HOT AF



he’s so precious i can’t live


i’m gonna end this here but SERIOUSLY WHERE IS THE UGLINESS 

(all photos don’t belong to me) 

but I mean

  • Abby’s leg
  • Abby’s messy post-sex hair
  • the tank top Abby’s bare arms ahhhhhhhh
  • Marcus’ smile as he watches Abby get dressed because YO I FEEL YOU KANE YOU AND ME BOTH HOT DAMN BABE

like…I know y’all are thirsty as fuck for Marcus and I’m happy for you because he was looking damn fine but LORD HAVE MERCY I THINK THAT EPISODE MADE ME EVEN GAYER