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Could you do what the main 3 look for in a girlfriend. Looks, personality, likes, dislikes. Thx boo

So I doubt that looks are really an issue for the main 3. If they’re looking for an s/o, then it’s more of personality and likes/dislikes than with looks.

Victor Nikiforov

  • First and foremost, you probably need to have a good memory because Victor tends to forget things. A lot. But he probably does remember the most important things like anniversaries or doctors appointments so at least there’s that.
  • You should at least have some interest in ice skating, Even if you’re not an expert. Especially because that’s basically a big part of his life so why not. If you’re not too knowledgeable about it then he’ll teach you some things as well!
  • Another thing about being Victor Nikiforov’s s/o is that you should definitely expect PDA basically whenever. Whether it’d be a bunch of cuddling or snuggling at home or kisses and hand holding in public. However just because he’s a big fan, he’ll be willing to accommodate if you’re not as comfortable with PDA as much as he is.
  •  Victor also likes if he’s with an easygoing person because having been coached by a person like Yakov(barely relaxed at all, tense, etc) he likes to basically chill out. But he also lowkey likes it when you scold him to do things/get things done(#exposed)
  • You also don’t have to 100% like the things he does, but he will appreciate it if you do like some things(like shopping or just plain going out and doing random things)

Yuuri Katsuki

  • Dating Yuuri Katsuki is honestly one of the best relationships ever. He’ll be completely dedicated to you in the fact that you’re actually dating him for him and not because he’s a famous skater. Plus you’d probably have to know him for a long time before dating so yeah there’s that, which makes it a lot more emotional and meaningful and oh gosh look @ that I'm crying now
  • Please for the love of all that is good, have patience because you might need to constantly reassure this boy of your feelings. He’s always gonna think that you’re waaaaaaay out of this league (yuuri my darling it’s you who’s out of my league). 
  • Unlike Victor, Yuuri is a lot more reserved with PDA because he’d rather be a lot more affectionate in the comfort of his own home and away from prying eyes. But once or twice he’ll kiss you, which means A LOT since he’s so reserved.pls protect him
  •  If you’re not a huge fan of skating then it’s not really a big deal, (although you’d probably look up a lot on skating beforehand for this pure boy). But his eyes light up whenever you get him to talk about it and it’s honestly something so #blessed. So you make sure to study up on some things just so you can always see his eyes twinkling like that. That also goes for some video games (since he does like gaming a bit it’s one of his hobbies)

Yuri Plisetsky

  • Patience, patience, and more patience. That’s what you really need if you end up being this boy’s s/o. Because listen this boy is a little shit who has an attitude but we all love him anyway. He’ll go headfirst and then think about things after so good luck whenever you gotta leave him alone because you were basically the voice of reason in the relationship.
  • I think he’ll be lowkey happy if you like the things he does (esp animal print) bc similar with Yuuri, he’ll light up and just talk about everything to get you to understand them. 
  • You also gotta support him 100% too, from skating to anything. Because he’ll probably feel self-conscious about the constant comparisons to Victor and he’ll wonder if he’s actually that good. (BOY YOU WON A GPF AT 15 YEARS OLD WYM????) for example

 victor: why is s/o here? 

yuri: they’re my support system

you: you’re doing great yuri!

  • He appreciates your support SO MUCH YOU HAVE NO IDEA. Like this boy probably posts about that and you so much on his Instagram that like even Yuri’s Angels are in love with your love more than they love him. He’s like so protective of you lmao it’s not even funny he’s your ride or die and your his. He’s also territorial (like a tiger lmao get it) like he probably has more jackets with Russia on them because most of the time he’ll give them to you when he performs. 
  • You also gotta be okay with being independent since he’s really busy with practices and because yall are still teenagers around the time you start dating (15-16 ish) because school is still a thing. So yeah.

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Hello! What would the boys' reactions be if their new mom playfully pinches their cheeks in the child au please?

Admin Mawile: (๑>◡<๑)

Shuu: He likes the attention just fine, but you’re reminding him a little bit too much of the old ladies at the balls he had to attend. 

Reiji: Despite insisting that you need to stop treating him so childishly, he’s flushed and struggling not to smile under the affection. 

Ayato: While he usually loves your attention, he doesn’t like this kind so well. The pinching actually kind of hurts. 

Kanato: He always enjoys being in your focus, and he’ll put up with nearly anything, even this, to stay there for as long as possible. 

Laito: He pretends to tolerate it, but the pinching is a little but too much like his mother’s rare bouts of affection for comfort. 

Subaru: Despite the pinching itself being a bit uncomfortable, the feeling of being so wanted more than makes up for it. 

Ruki: He doesn’t like being manhandled, much less being treated like a little kid, and the pinching is not going to go over well. 

Kou: The pinching doesn’t feel so great, but it’s clearly meant to be affectionate, and he’ll definitely put up with that. 

Yuuma: He has vague memories of this kind of thing happening before– and he still does not like it one bit. 

Azusa: He’ll all but beg you to pinch herder, torn between soaking up all of your affection and getting wonderful pain from your hands. 

Carla: He’ll tolerate whatever you feel is necessary, but it’s more than obvious that he’s far from fond of the treatment. 

Shin: He sees the pinching as undignified, and pulls away almost immediately. He’s not a kid, and you don’t need to act like it!

Reasons Why Donnie RULES OOTS:
  • WHEW, lucky Don was on hand to catch Leo - one-armed - and let him just dangle there while the others bicker.  It’s time to go? That’s okay, he’ll just throw his bro into the air. One-armed. Nonchalant badass.
  • “Doitdoitdoit, won’t stop until you do it!” - I think we just had a snapshot into Raph and Don’s relationship growing up. And it’s ADORABLE. <3
  • “I say go, you say Knicks!” - why is it when Donnie leads the cheer I can’t stop myself following?
  • That wiggly little dance of glee he does when they score a goal.
  • Why does he carry around a peashooter? Not just any peashooter, the world’s fanciest peashooter. What’s that about? Why does it need a telescopic sight? Just because he can? Just for giggles? Or was that one of his first inventions, created primarily to torment the hell out of Raph and Mike??? MYSTERIES.
  • Casually tasing Mikey without even looking. More nonchalant badassery.
  • Fanboying over Baxter Stockman. <3
  • But he doesn’t even question April’s claims. He completely trusts her.
  • omg he’s programmed that fucking watch to display his own smiling cartoonified-face when a task is completed ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh his attention to detail is OFF THE HOOK.
  • Speaking of: that fucking battletruck! 
  • That fucking battletruck and yet all he can do is apologise for all the little things he hasn’t finished yet. “When it’s done it’s gonna be amazing!” Donnie you are too cute. You are too precious. You are too adorable. Your fucking battletruck is already amazing and everyone is in awe of you and yet you won’t be happy until you’re sure the job is done. YOU’RE amazing.  DON’T ARGUE. SHUT UP. YOU ARE.
  • Because he’s thoughtfully equipped the rear of that truck with punching bags. He knows exactly what Raph is like and exactly how impossible he’d be to travel with. He thinks of everything. He really is “The Brains”.
  • “Big-ass magnet”. One of only two characters who cuss in this movie. That nonchalant badass.
  • “Appears to be some sort of residue from a teleportation event”. Donnie how exactly is it that you have words for EVERYTHING? 
  • Oh, Mikey’s gonna do an intro reel is he? Okay then, Donnie’s just gonna roll with that. He doesn’t even hesitate, he just plays along! He might be quiet, and studious, and cerebral, but make no mistake, Donnie definitely has a unique flamboyant edge to his personality. Donnie is the most fun, next to Mikey.
  • He tracks Bebop and Rocksteady via “isotopic signatures” HOW I DON’T EVEN KNOW BUT HE DOES IT AND IT WORKS.
  • Then he spends his spare time between hunting crooks and dinner to whip up a whole batch of retromutagen. Okay Donnie, this prodigy thing is getting kinda old, take it down a notch willya.
    Kidding! Do it some more!
  • Hyper-excited Donnie practically hyperventilating as he so-carefully speed walks to Leo: “Leo! Leo! Oh my gosh oh my gosh this amazing!”
  • oh MY GOD the LOOK on his face when Leo shuts him down. The way he bows his head. How he dutifully, obediently responds with perfect logic and rationale to bolster Leo’s position, yet he cannot disguise the utter heartbreak and devastation he’s feeling. This is one of the finest moments in the movie, every gesture and expression and vocal intonation is absolutely perfect and there are galaxies of unbearable emotion in those eyes that leave us all aching and anguished for the generous, loyal, completely self-sacrificing turtle that is the one and only Donatello.
  • He does NOT LIKE that Leo asks him to keep it a secret from Raph and Mikey, he does not like it ONE BIT. But for Leo, he will.
  • “Sorry guys”. I just love that he acknowledges the unfairness of it all to the others.
  • Did he really blind Leo by accident or was that a little pass-agg retaliation cos Leo harshed his buzz about being in the museum? You really can’t tell, and that makes it even more awesome. 
  • Baffling Leo with geek speak. Love. It.
  • Just tasing a couple of cops, nbd. 
  • He bows his head when Raph yells at him about lying to his family, but he does not snitch on Leo, all the same.  You just know Donnie is feeling hella guilty anyway - he never wanted to keep it from them. He’s ashamed and heartsick. But he won’t snitch.
  • “You know the plan.” And then he jumps. He just steps up to the door, and jumps. Without a parachute. Like it’s no big thing. Like he’s just popping up the corner shop for a carton of milk. Donnie is possibly the biggest badass on the team? Eat yer heart out, Raph. 
  • Look at that smug bastard just casually plummeting through the air, swinging around the plane and landing perfectly. Like a badass. A nonchalant badass.
  • “Don’t worry, guys, I’ll level out the plane.” Yeah, nothing to worry about guys! The cockpit is blasted to shreds and the joystick just popped out, but don’t worry! Donnie’s got it all under control!
  • … uhhhhh… and it works! Holy shit, Donnie lands that fucking plane pretty goddamn well considering it’s basically just twisted sheets of metal at that point. Look, there’s no denying it anymore, Donnie is the freaking hero of this movie. And some.
  • “How could you??” The tone of voice says it all: “DO NOT BE A JERK TO MIKEY!!!!!!!”
  • “And boatloads of heart!” You can hear the genuine love and appreciation in his voice so hard I just got goosebumps from thinking about it!
  • Just casually strutting down the street with his super high-tech holograph computer display he whipped up one morning after breakfast from a coffee can and a lava lamp. nbd.
  • And there he goes, just leaping onto the edge of a strut at the top of the Chrysler. It’s how he doesn’t even seem to think about any of this deep-level badassery that makes it just so… badass.
  • I could die for the way he pep talks himself as he does all his sciency-computery stuff. (。♥‿♥。)
  • Oh don’t mind him, he’ll just casually hack the technodrome then casually leap right through the air to just casually stab Krang right through the droid with his freakin’ bo. H E R O.
  • As the technodrome disassembles, in that moment of joy and triumph, he reaches for his bros, seeking their touch, their closeness. <3
  • That humble, sweet, thrilled grin when he’s given his key. DONNNIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE why do you have to do this to me, I’ve got cavities.
  • Jumping for joy up the top of Liberty cos all the nonchalant badassery is taken care of for now and it’s time to be the adorable goof we all know and love so much. <3 <3 <3
  • For real though, Donnie gets shit DONE in this movie. SO MUCH SHIT GETS DONE BY THE HAND OF DONNIE. He out-brains, out-manouevers, out-techs, out-cutes and out-badasses literally everyone else in the whole goddamn movie and he’s still too freakin’ humble to even call attention to it even though he COULD and everyone else would be forced to recognise! But nah, Donnie will go on quietly over-achieving and knowing April is always gonna call because, let’s face it, who else is she gonna call? It’s not like Leo can hack the technodrome, track an isotopic signature, engineer a retromutagen, taser some cops, jump out of a plane without a chute, land a plane using only his bo and a whole lotta gumption AND put together an incredible battletruck whilst also being a muscular, agile, ninjitsu-fighting badass who delivers the final blow to Krang and protects his little bro at every turn, can he? Yeah, nah. DONNIE IS KING.
Maximoff Twins Headcanons (Pt 2)
  • Pietro watching the news and whenever they mention Stark suddenly shooting towards the screen and punching it over and over until the screen cracks and breaks. Wanda calmly waiting a few seconds for this to be over and then repairing it again without a word.
  • (Everyone thinks it is Wanda that was effected the most by those two days under the rubble, people say it drove her ‘mad’, made her unstable. Only Wanda knowing truly that it was Pietro that was damaged beyond repair).
  • Pietro, at ten years old curled under the bed with Wanda in the ruin of their apartment building wishing more than anything he had been quick enough to grab his parents too, to get Wanda out. If only he’d been faster.
  • Wanda, at ten years old, curled under the bed with Pietro in the ruin of their apartment building wishing more than anything that she was strong enough to move the rubble, that she could lift the bricks crushing down painfully on her adored brother’s legs, that she could somehow move the Stark bomb without having to touch it. If only she’d been stronger.
  • Pietro wishing he was like their father who was kind, generous, and provided for the family. (Really being more like their mother; loyal, protective, a worrier).
  • Wanda wishing she was more like their mother, who was resourceful and hard-working.  (Really being more like their father: boundlessly optimistic, compassionate, gentle, hopeful.)
  • Wanda’s deepest most secret desire being stability, a home, a family, domesticity, peace.
  • Pietro’s deepest most secret desire being to protect his sister at all costs, be that giving his own life if necessary. To never be helpless again. (He has no real future goals, he can think only in the moment).
  • Wanda being a very good dancer, but shy. Pietro being a very bad but enthusiastic dancer. He’s certainly not shy about it.
  • Wanda wondering if maybe one day she and Pietro could adopt some children, maybe some little twins, so they could bring them up happily, and finish what their mother and father started. She imagines one as a shy brunette, one as a cocky silver haired terror. She imagines enjoying Shabbat together with them. She imagines teaching them to cook. She imagines Pietro taking them to the park. She keeps this dream fiercely private as she knows Pietro would only laugh at her. After all, whoever heard of a brother and sister bringing up a family together? 
  • Pietro getting rather concerned when at thirteen Wanda starts developing crushes on other boys and vowing never to let any of them lay a hand on her unless he’s absolutely 100% certain they aren’t going to hurt or let down his beloved sister. (Which rules out Wanda dating for a loooong time).
  • Pietro not having any time for crushes whatsoever because they are silly and childish and anyway he has a job, there’s only room for one woman in his life and that’s Wanda Maximoff. 
  • Wanda cutting Pietro’s hair for him when it gets too long because he is very particular about it and trusts nobody else with it. (He still fusses as she works).
  • Wanda passing out from lack of food as children as they wandered Sokovia, homeless, and Pietro realising he’s going to have to steal them food. He feels dreadful about it because his father always believed in being fair to people and supporting Sokovian trade, in community. Pietro therefore only stealing enough for Wanda and letting himself get very hungry indeed.
  • The twins always spend Shabbat together. They refuse to use their powers unless it is absolutely necessary to their safety. (This is the time when Pietro gets the most agitated and restless, and ends up staring at the picture of his parents who should be there to spend the day with them).
  • Wanda lighting the Sabbath candles and smiling at Pietro as she does so, because it fills her with peace and reminds her of when her mother would do the same. Pietro smiling back but feeling, deep down, very distressed that it is only the two of them left now. That they do not have a home. That they are cold. That Wanda is in danger. That they are like children playing pretend with no fixed place in the world. 
  • The twins praying three times a day, desperate not to compromise their faith, using this time to draw strength, to be calm. 
  • Pietro being unable to trust because his family were torn from him at such a young age. Wanda being far too trusting because she has always been cared for, first by her parents, and now by Pietro.
  • Pietro’s music taste being absolutely terrible. He loves cheesy Europop. He sings it in a very high pitched voice. Wanda’s music taste being slightly alternative. When she dances she twirls her hands and wrists gracefully. Pietro likes to watch this sometimes. 
  • Wanda being startlingly feminine and Pietro starting to understand that femininity does not equal weakness, because his sister is the strongest person he has ever known.
  • Wanda knowing that she could never love any man more than Pietro. Which is why when she first sees Vision she is confused at how she feels that she trusts him, that she likes to hear what is in his mind. Then it makes sense to her. He can never replace Pietro truly because, after all, Vision is not a man, not really.
  • Pietro first seeing Vision and hearing him talk and thinking: “Oh no, he is exactly Wanda’s type, this is exactly what I did not want to happen, my little sister will not be dating a robot thank you very much”, and then going out of his way to try and make Vision say/do something bad (which does not happen and Pietro gets frustrated).
  • Pietro asking Wanda her opinion on Vision, very casually, a little too casually. And Wanda looking like she’s suddenly been filled with all the happiness, goodness and optimism on God’s earth. Pietro sulking and deciding he does not like this Vision character one bit. Telling Wanda, in an indifferent sort of voice: “I suppose he is okay for a robot.” Wanda either ignores or does not pick up on that massive hint.
  • Wanda picking up English very quickly and helping Pietro to learn it too. She is very patient and understanding, even though Pietro gets frustrated with pronunciation and finds the dialect difficult.
  • Pietro still struggling slightly with his English and Wanda getting furiously angry at anybody who mocks him for his ‘broken English’, and demanding; “Oh, and how many languages do you know how to speak? It is one. And even then you do not understand courtesy or respect.”

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7,17,20 EngLiech (EnglandxLiechtenstein) please?

7. What’s the first thing that changes when they realize they have feelings for the other?

Arthur becomes less critical and more supportive.

17. Who says I love you first?

Arthur was ready to say it early on, but held it back, not wanting to make her feel any pressure. Eventually, Lili did way it, and Arthur promptly replied with an “I love you too”.

20. What do their family/friends think of their relationship?

Most on Arthur’s side don’t mind. Bash, however…Let’s just say that Arthur is much older than Lili, and he does not like that one bit.

Kai : Mine [Scenario]

 “Hey hey hey, keep your hands to yourself, mister.” You pushed his hands away with a cheeky grin but he pouted at you over your shoulder. “But there are no customers yet…” He groaned, arms snaking around your waist again to yank you backwards as he twirled you away from the cash register. “Kai!” You squealed heartily when he lifted you up and down before he spun you around to face him. His hands were firm on your waist, urging you to place your arms around his neck and that was exactly what you did. “You know, I kind of regret choosing the same job as you.” You mumbled at him and he feigned hurt, lips parted with a soft gasp.

“You hurt my feelings, angel.”

You snickered, tiptoeing to peck his lips once before you smiled at him sheepishly, “Does that make it better?”

He thought about it for a while before he spun you around, making you gasp when he was the one leaning against the counter before he pulled you closer until your chests met, “This might.” He muttered quietly as his lips inched closer just so he could kiss you delicately. His lips massaged yours delightfully, exchanging saliva with you as he tilted his head to get a better angle with his tongue poking at your bottom lip – wanting you give him entrance but you shook your head against his lips. He smirked, a hand pinching your waist but you put on a strong stand, making him frown on your lips when your lips didn’t part for him. As he tried to pull away from kissing you to complaint, your lips parted before you yanked him back to crash your lips together. He felt good being able to slip his tongue in, tasting the corners of your mouth and he felt like he was doing the right thing when you hummed in appreciation, letting him lead the kiss.

When a small ‘ding’ could be sounded, you repelled from Kai almost too instantly, turning around where you darted towards the cash register to smile brightly at the first customer of the day who was too oblivious to notice that you and Kai were making out just a second ago.

“Hi! May I take your order?”

The customer smiled at you before he said, “I’ll have a latte to go, please.”

“Alright! That’ll be $3.50.” You held out a hand and he placed the money in your hands before you hit the cash register to open, slipping the money in before you handed him back his change. “Please take a seat and wait, sir.”

“Sure.” He gave a small nod before he moved to sit down on the chair, his back facing you. You looked over your shoulder where you smirked at him, “A latte to go, Kai.”

He groaned and let his head fall back as he walked over to make the guy’s order. With a few buzzes and clinks here and there, Kai had passed you the perfectly made latte sealed up in a paper cup and plastic lid. You wrapped it around with a tissue paper before you called over for the customer just to hand him his latte. “Thank you, sir! Please come again!”

He simply smiled and gave a courteous nod before taking his leave. Just as the man left, Kai spun you around by your waist, giving you his signature smirk when he noticed that no one was around – that customer was simply an early bird. “I’m not done with you, angel…” He growled at you before his lips kissed yours again, making you squirm in his grip when his arms were possessively around them, making it almost impossible for you to break free. When another soft ‘ding’ could be heard at the door, you broke the kiss effortlessly, spinning around in Kai’s arms just to come face to face with a female friend of yours you see around some time in the city.

“Hey!” She smiled at you and you greeted her back with Kai still holding onto you. “Hi, Kai.” She smiled at him politely and Kai gave a monotonous nod, you knew deep inside, Kai could be finding out ways to assassinate her for interrupting the kiss but it wasn’t her fault!

The two of you were at work, for Pete’s sake. And just because the owner of this café was a close friend to Kai and you, that doesn’t mean that you two could slack off on the job. It’s not that you two slack off anyway; it’s Kai who can’t stop getting enough of you especially when there was only the two of you working on this shift today. Another two workers will take over in the evening but as of now, there were only you and Kai.

How could he not take advantage of this especially when literally everyone else around the area knows you two are a couple?

You lightly elbowed Kai’s stomach, making him groan quietly before he faked a bright smile, bowing a little to welcome her, “Welcome!”

She laughed quietly and made her order before taking a seat, causing Kai to mutter a few curse words before he went over to make her order. You simply leaned against the counter, watching your boyfriend do his job while he looked effortlessly handsome – he looked so handsome with the apron around his waist, his hair pushed back with the white dress shirt that hugged his body nicely. When he glanced at you, he smiled by himself when he could tell you were staring at him. “Liking the view, angel?” He cooed as he placed the cup on a small plate before he turned to walk towards you with a grin.

“I love it.” You whispered, lips so close to his and you could see he puckered his lips for another kiss but you simply took the cup from his hands on the plate, dashing out from the counter just to serve your friend. “Enjoy.” You smiled at her before you bent back up, making eye contact with Kai who motioned you over with a finger. “Come here.” His dark voice entered your ears as you took a few steps away from your female friend but you were still a few steps away from Kai, with the counter being your barrier.

“What if I say no?”

His eyes darkened, “Don’t make me come over there and get you myself.”

You laughed in a hushed voice, lightening his heart when you walked around to get back behind the counter. Kai placed a hand at your cheek and smiled at you lovingly, “You have no idea how great it sounds to just push you up against the counter and kiss you all day, angel.”

“I-“ Before you could even reply, a ‘ding’ could be heard, making Kai’s head fall back with a loud groan, “Everyone is so annoying!” He half-whispered, half-shouted irritably. All you could do was snicker before you pinched his nose, turning around as you head back to the cash register to take the person’s order.

Person after person, Kai is trying his absolute best to keep calm in counting the minutes until your shift with him to be over. Many guys that had came to the café had tried hitting on you, until of course, Kai swooped in out of nowhere to show them that you were strictly taken by him.

Be it kissing your cheek out of nowhere before he moved to the other side to ‘take some sugar’ or snaking an arm around your waist as he reached for another clean up or even tilting your head carelessly with two fingers just to give you a solid, breathtaking kiss in five seconds to stun the guy who had tried to flirt with you.

Now it came down to your final customer as there were only two minutes before your shift ends. And need Kai say, he would honorably kill the guy who was trying his best to steal you away from him.

“Finally! I managed to come in the right time.” The guy smiled at you while you gave a small nod. You remember this guy very well as one time you came for the evening shift, without Kai of course and this guy tried to flirt with you. He even asked for your phone number and other details but he couldn’t get them off you as Kai had came just in time.

Heck, even Kai remembers this guy very well.

And he does not like him one bit.

“Yeah.” You smiled politely, “May I take your order?”

His eyes showed a glint of seductiveness but it had no effect on you, “Can I take you to go?”

You faked a laugh before you shook your head, knowing that Kai was probably giving him a death glare that he wouldn’t notice, “In all seriousness, mister. What is your order?”

The guy decided to just come clean and order a cup of white coffee. Just as you had taken his money and wanted to hand back his change, he held onto your hand, “I want you to make my coffee, dear.”

You gulped and took your hand back. “I-I don’t do the coffee here…”

Before he could come up with another cocky and flirtatious reply, Kai noticed that your shift with him was over and just in time, the owner of the café, Lay had walked in. Kai ripped off his apron before he threw it on the counter and Kai spun you around, pressing your hip lightly against the cash register before his lips crashed against yours. Whilst sucking onto your bottom lip, leaving an evident sucking sound to be heard, Kai’s hands undid your apron to take it off you. Just like that, he broke the kiss and tossed your apron to the side where he held onto your hand to tug you away just so Kai could come face to face with the customer. “I’m afraid that our shift is over. Someone else will be doing your coffee – not my girlfriend. Good day, sir.”

With that, Kai dragged you away from the cash register and snatched an apron with his other hand to press it against Lay’s chest. Lay simply snickered when he had already saw all of this take place. He was rather impressed that Kai managed to keep it cool and not bite the head of the guy off. “One white coffee for the bastard over there – try to poison him if you can.”

Lay laughed and took the apron, “I’m afraid I’ll go the jail, Kai.”

“We’re leaving…” Kai grumbled, storming out of the door with you in his hands.

Although you didn’t want to admit it, having the same job as Kai wasn’t that bad after all.

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May I ask for a head canon? ^^ If so the what about Rfa + V & saeran with a mc whos usually very happy and positive but has been acting a bit depressed for whatever reason(u can chose the reason if u want ^^) but is trying to hide it because she dosent want to bother or worry them with it? If you do this or not, either way thank you have a nice day!

(Hi! Hope you have a nice day too! Not sure if this is what you’re looking for but I hope you like it nonetheless!)


Zen knows somethings up. He knows. He’s dying to ask what’s wrong but is afraid that he might be making you uncomfortable by confronting you head on. Instead, he will bring you little gifts to prove that he listens to you and doesn’t judge for example, if you liked cats (even though he can’t handle them) he’d bring you a cute little plush kitty! He does everything humanly possible to make you feel better without pressuring you to tell him anything you aren’t ready to tell him. He understands and is more than happy to make you happy again!


Yoosung would probably ask straight away if you were feeling blue. He wouldn’t beat around the bush but he wouldn’t be harsh about it either! In an uncharacteristicly serious move, he would sit you down for a talk (or maybe a cry) to figure out what’s wrong and how to help. All he really wants to do is help, after all. Lots of cuddles take place after!


Jaehee knows what it feels like to be lost and alone. She would make you go out to places even if you didn’t feel like going. Her favorite places to take you are to parks, public gardens, museums, and live theater. It does cheer you up quite a bit! Sometimes going out even if you don’t feel like it is the best thing to do to feel better. She’s very gentle about it; not forcing you to go, but convincing you to go. You both know what she’s doing. You can’t hide anything from Jaehee for long! You’re only fully aware of another person when you love them, and Jaehee always puts your feelings first!


Oh boy. Jumin can tell that you’re hiding your feelings from him and he does not like it one bit. He would confront you head on, interrogating you for a coherent answer. Although his actions aren’t the least bit considerate, he is very effective at finding out what’s wrong and fixing it. Sometimes his interrogations end in tears, but no matter what, he’s always adamant on making you happy in the end. He pampers you relentlessly afterwards.


Seven, master of hiding true feelings, can see right through you. He has a silver tongue, and through casual conversation he can make you confess what’s bothering you without feeling like you’ve exposed yourself. When he knows what’s wrong, he will have a heartfelt conversation to help you get through it and feel better. He won’t even eat junk food after! For at least a day, the two of you only eat healthy because what you eat can affect your state of mind. Like Jaehee, he would take you out to do things outside your house. Most of the time it’s just window shopping and making fun of serious businessmen and ridiculous advertisements!


Though V can’t SEE you that well, he isn’t slow to recognizing subtle changes in your voice; tone, octave, and volume. He would ask what’s wrong and if you didn’t feel like talking about it, fine with him. He doesn’t want you to feel pressured. With warm cups of tea and comfortably silent days where you lean on each other on his couch, he slowly but surely guides you out of your funk.


Saeran doesn’t talk about feelings. He probably wouldn’t notice at first, but nothing can escape his keen eye for long. When he recognizes how you feel, he would show more affection than usual and be more protective of you. He may even step out of his comfort zone to have an honest conversation about your feelings and life at the moment. Although his methods aren’t ideal, he truly cares about you and tries to show it in his own unique way.

Luke//Babysitter Y/N smut (requested)

Okay so I’m another new writer for this blog, I’m Shannon and this is my first post here, hope y'all enjoy! :)



“Are you sure you don’t mind watching Sam for the whole weekend, Y/N?” Mrs Hemmings asked over the phone. “I know that you’re young and would probably much rather go out.”

“Of course it’s fine! I love watching Sam, he’s always brilliant for me and I’m sure he’ll enjoy having me there for the whole weekend,” I laughed, holding the phone between my shoulder and my ear to wipe down the counters. My lectures were done for the week and I wanted my apartment to be clean if I was going to be staying at the Hemmings’ for the weekend.

“Oh Y/N, you’re a star! You’ll be able to get here early tomorrow morning right? We’re leaving at nine.”

“That’s no problem, Liz! I can get there for eight thirty.”

“Brilliant. Thank you so much sweetheart! I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Bye Liz!”

I ended the call and placed my phone on the counter, letting out a deep breath and put my hair into a messy bun. I glanced around the room, the kitchen was clean and the lounge was clean, so I put my phone in my back pocket and headed upstairs to pack all my stuff for the weekend. I didn’t need to take much, mainly just underwear, makeup and my toothbrush. Liz always let me use the washing machine if need be and anything else I may need to use, so I wouldn’t have to take much clothes with me. I grabbed two pairs of leggings out of my drawers, two tank tops from the wardrobe, which were Iron Maiden and Slayer, a few pairs of underwear and socks and placed them all in my rucksack. I glanced at the time on the digital clock, 10:36 p.m. Deciding sleep would be good, I shimmied out of my jeans and slipped my bra off, plugging my phone on to charge and climbed under the covers. I heard the faint buzz of my phone so I checked it.

1 new text: Liz Hemmings, 10:41. Just a warning, Luke will be there all weekend. I’ve told him to make sure he behaves but you know what he’s like. See you tomorrow Y/N.

I groaned, dealing with Luke Hemmings all weekend is not something I’d like to do with my time. For some strange reason he does not like me one bit, and hates seeing me in his house. Well, he’s going to have to man up and deal with it.


“Have a lovely trip guys! We’ll see you Monday morning! Bye!” I held Sam in my arms as he waved at his parents, smiling at the blue eyed boy. He was always so pleasant, rarely difficult. I shut the door once they’d pulled out of the drive and looked at Sam. “What do you want to do now?” I asked.

“Spongebob!” He shouted excitedly, wiggling out of my arms and running into the lounge. As I started following him I heard the sound of the toilet flushing upstairs and groaned, it was far too early to deal with Luke. I sat on the sofa next to Sam and his favourite monkey teddy and watched the TV, but I was listening intently for Luke. He walked into the living dressed in nothing but joggers riding low on his hips and I rolled my eyes.

“Ugh, you’re here already,” he commented.

“That I am,” I replied dryly, not taking my eyes off the yellow sponge on the screen.

“Marvellous,” he added sarcastically, walking past the sofa to go to the kitchen.

“I’m hungry,” Sam mumbled. “Can you make me some pancakes please?”

“Of course petal.” I patted his head as I got up, slipping my phone into my bra and heading to the kitchen. Having been babysitting for Sam for two months, I knew where everything was and exactly what he liked. Opening the cupboards I began collecting the ingredients while I felt Luke’s eyes burn holes into the back of my head.

“Why do you have to be here?”

“Because I’m looking after Sam, which is something I rarely hear that you do,” I replied. I wasn’t in the mood for him this early.

“Don’t be so harsh, Princess.” I could hear the smirk in his voice. He knew how much I hated pet names, but never failed to use them to get under my skin.

“I’ll stop being harsh when you stop being a dick, Luke.”

“Touchy. Maybe if you weren’t a major bitch then I wouldn’t be a dick to you,” he snapped. I turned around, raising an eyebrow.

“Please inform me on how I’m a major bitch.”

“You just are. You’re a bitch, simple. And I bet you don’t even listen to Maiden.”

“Not that it’s any of your business but Maiden are my favourite band. Tell me, Luke, if I didn’t listen to them then why have I seen them live twice?”

I smirked at the silence that followed, using the spatula to get the pancakes out of the pan and onto the plate, spreading Nutella over them and slicing some strawberries to put on the side: just how Sam likes them. I took the plate into him then returned to the kitchen, where Luke was now sat on the counter.

“Don’t show off, it’s not attractive. Then again, you aren’t attractive anyway so it doesn’t matter.”

I bit my tongue, I refused to cause a scene with Sam in the lounge. It’s not exactly fun when someone comments on your appearance and tells you that you aren’t attractive. Oh how I’d love to wipe that smirk off Luke’s face.

“Prick,” I muttered under my breath, putting everything back in its place.

“What was that, Princess?” Luke muttered from behind me, his hands leaning on the counter each side of me. That boy really knew how to get under my skin.

“I called you a prick.”

I watched as he gripped the counter tighter, his knuckles turning slightly white.

“Watch your words, Princess.” Luke spoke lowly, leaning his head forward to whisper in my ear. Oh boy, this was going to be a long weekend.


“Come on, Sam, it’s bed time!” I smiled at the small boy who was curled up on the sofa, his eyes droopy.

“M'not tired,” he mumbled. I let out a giggle, scooping the boy up and carrying him upstairs. He nuzzled in to my shoulder, one hand holding his teddy and the other hand curling into a fist so he could suck his thumb. Thankfully he was already in his pyjamas so I could just place him in bed and leave him for the night. As I passed Luke’s room I could hear his music playing and I made a mental note to ask him to keep it down. I looked around Sam’s room, he had lots of Scooby Doo posters and his toys were all placed on a shelf, the floor completely spotless. For such a young age he did not like mess, and always spent a good hour cleaning his room everyday without even being asked. He’d had a long day and I’m not surprised he was as tired as he is. I decided it would be nice to take him out for the day, plus it meant I would not have to be around Luke for a few hours. So after Sam had eaten breakfast, he went up to get dressed and I began making him a packed lunch, as Luke had retreated back upstairs for the day. I took Sam to the park, bought him ice cream and took him to choose some new colouring books and pencils. He seemed to have really enjoyed himself. Once he was settled in bed and fast asleep, I quickly decided to send a text to Liz.

To: Liz Hemmings, 20:39. Hi Liz, Sam is in bed and sleeping. Everything here is fine and I hope you’re enjoying yourself.

I slipped my phone back into my pocket and left Sam’s room, closing the door but leaving a gap so the light outside would provide enough light in his room in case he woke to go to the toilet. I stood outside Luke’s room, taking a deep breath before knocking. I waited patiently, biting my lip before knocking again. Either he was blatantly ignoring me or he just hadn’t heard me, so I knocked once more before grabbing the handle to open his door. Luke was sat on his bed wearing nothing but boxers, his Xbox controller in his hand and his phone plugged in to his speakers. He still hadn’t noticed me.


“What?” He somewhat snapped, pausing the game and looking at me with annoyance. Suddenly I got really defensive.

“I was just gonna ask if you could turn down your music, Sam’s in bed and I don’t want to disturb him.”

“Oh,” he mumbled, pulling out the aux cable from his phone so the music silenced immediately. “Sorry, I didn’t realise the time.”

“It’s fine,” I breathed out deeply, standing awkwardly under Luke’s gaze. I stayed for a few moments before turning around to leave.


I froze, standing still in my half-turned around position. I heard shuffling from behind me so I glanced over my shoulder to see Luke sitting on the edge of his bed putting his joggers back on. “You don’t have to leave, Y/N.”

I must’ve looked confused because he let out a chuckle before standing up and making his way over to me. His hand gently touched my arm in a comforting way, although it had the opposite affect. Luke furrowed his eyebrows.

“Why do you look so skeptical?” He asked, almost offended.

“Why are you being nice to me?” I countered.

“You make out like I’m horrible to you,” he trailed off, the almost offended look staying on his face.

“Well you usually are, Luke,” I sighed.

“Just stay for a while, please? I wanna hang out.”

“Why all of a sudden, Luke? I’m sorry but you’ve been nothing but horrible to me through school and uni, when you’re with your friends or when I’m looking after Sam, so why now?” I was getting worked up, and there seemed to be no way to stop it.

“I just- I don’t have an excuse for my behaviour, and I’m sorry. I want to make changes to my life and I thought I’d start by making amends with you.”

The sincerity in his voice made me do probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever decided to do, but no more than 10 minutes later we were sat on his bed with snacks and Netflix on the TV screen. I mean, it was either stay with Luke and have company or sit downstairs on my own and I knew which one I’d prefer, being alone is not one of my favourite things.

I wasn’t even entirely sure what Luke had put on, I was so exhausted from uni the past week and taking Sam out that I felt myself slowly shifting until my head was on Luke’s shoulder. He did something to my surprise then, wrapping his arm around me and pulling me in. It felt nice, it had been a while since I’d had someone to cuddle with. I wasn’t exactly the most social person and I didn’t go out much, so the only chance I’d have for cuddles would be if I was in a relationship, but my last one ended months ago and I was getting lonely, I just missed cuddles. And Luke seemed more than happy to provide them. I draped my arm over his hips and got more comfortable, Luke’s fingers tracing patterns on my arm. I let out a contented sigh.

“You alright?” Luke asked, his other hand coming to my chin to lift my face so I was looking at him. I’d never noticed how blue his eyes were before, they were like the ocean and I felt myself getting lost in them.

“Mhm,” I replied, still looking into his eyes. His eyebrows furrowed and he bit his lip ring, before muttered a ‘fuck it’ and leaning his head forward. His hand cupped my cheek and I responded immediately, moving my lips with his. As his tongue gently touched my lower lip, almost as if he was asking if he could continue, my hands moved up to his hair. He moved the hand that was cupping my cheek down to my hip and pulled me so I was straddling him. I let out a groan which he seemed to like, as his grip tightened on my hips and he pulled me into him more. I could see where this was going and I had no intentions of stopping it.

Luke let out a low moan as I bit his lip, and he grabbed my ass roughly to show how much he liked that, so I did it again. He pulled away and kissed along my jawline before moving down to kiss my neck. Placing open mouthed kisses until he found the spot that made me moan, and then he bit roughly. I tilted my head to the side and he continued to bite and suck, moans escaping my lips. My hips involuntarily ground down against Luke’s, a low groan escaping his lips once again. I repeated the action, smirking at the reaction I was getting out of him. His hands grabbed the bottom of my top and pulled it up over my head, immediately dropping his own head to bite at the flesh of my boobs that wasn’t not covered by my bra. My head dropped back and moans left my mouth, causing me to bite my lower lip not to risk waking Sam.

“Princess, you’re so hot,” Luke groaned, and as much as I hated it when he called me princess, in our current situation it did nothing but turn me on. I pulled at his top in a feeble attempt to remove it, thankfully he got the hint and pulled it off. Before I had time to comprehend what was happening he’d flipped me over so I was laying on my back and he slipped my bra straps off my shoulders. His head dipped down to kiss along my breasts as his hands pulled at my leggings, leaning away from me to completely remove them. Luke’s eyes scanned my body hungrily and he climbed off the bed to remove his joggers. My eyes stayed firmly planted on his body as I arched my back to unhook my bra, throwing it somewhere off the bed just in time for Luke to climb back to hover over me again. His lips met mine in a heated embrace, and the kiss was nothing short of sloppy and rushed, but neither of us cared.

“Luke I need you,” I moaned against his lips, feeling him smirk.

“Patience, Princess.” He smirked at me once more before kissing down my body until his mouth was hovering over the crotch of my lace panties, and the feeling of his warm breath made me shudder. He pulled my panties down my legs at an antagonising slow pace, placing his hands on my thighs and spreading my legs open so he could get where he wanted. He placed a gentle kiss on my clit before licking slowly, my hands finding their way to his hair immediately. Once he was sure I was going to keep my legs open he brought his hands up to grab at my boobs, causing me to arch my back. He sucked harshly on my clit, then moving down to lick my entrance, sliding his tongue into me. My grip on his hair tightened and I felt him chuckle against me.

“Mm Princess, you’re so wet,” he moaned. I couldn’t take anymore; I needed him. I pulled him up and pressed my lips against his own, moving my hand down to pull his boxers off. I managed to get them around his thighs before he pushed my hand away, grabbing himself and rubbing his head against me. He leaned down to press his lips against mine gently as he pushed himself in, capturing my moans in his mouth. He stayed still for a little while, letting me adjust to him. I was thankful for that, it had been such a long time since I’d gotten laid that I was filled with a feeling of discomfort for a short while.

“Fuck me, Luke,” I moaned once the discomfort had subsided and he responded immediately, pulling his hips back until he was barely in before slamming them forward, filling me entirely. Continuous moans left my lips as he pounded into me mercilessly, my nails scratching down his back. He let out little hisses of pain each time I dug my nails in particularly hard, but that just resulted in him fucking me harder. I bit down on my bottom lip to avoid making noise, but my attempt proved to fail. I wrapped my legs around Luke’s waist to allow him to get deeper which he seemed like, as he let out a loud groan. He kissed me roughly, his hands grabbing all over me, from my hips to my boobs to my face, then pulling my hair, then back to my hips. He moved his lips down to bite my neck again and I moaned loudly, my eyes clenching shut at him hitting my g-spot. I felt his thumb begin to rub my clit and I got breathless, panting quickly.

“Cum for me Y/N,” he ordered, quickening his pace until he pushed me over the edge. His thrusts got sloppy at the feeling of me releasing over him and I lifted my hips to change the angle slightly. He pulled back away from my neck, grabbing my hips and lifting me up even more. Each time he thrusted into me he pulled my hips towards him allowing him to get deeper. He fucked me hard until he got close, my moans urging him to finish, and he suddenly pulled out and pumped his length until he came, shooting his load over my stomach. I lay there breathless, eyes firmly planted on Luke’s post-orgasm face.

Luke collapsed next to me, grabbing a t-shirt off the floor to wipe me clean which made me giggle. He looked exhausted as he threw the dirty tee back on the floor and wrapped his arm around me, pulling me close. He placed a small kiss on my temple.


p>“Stay here tonight princess.”

Burgerpants doesn’t have to babysit Brigitte and Stella often, but whenever he does, he does not like it one bit. The girls get a kick out of pestering him most of the time, much to his obvious dismay. Not to mention that Mettaton would likely fire him on the spot (or worse) if he didn’t take good care of them. 

dialoverwaifu  asked:

The brothers trying to apologize to their partner after seeing her getting very mad for the first time.(sorry for my English > 0 <)( S&T)


Shu stare at you with shocked look on his face. He never expect you to be mad at him for first time

“I-” You glare at him and he sigh

“Such a troublesome women” He grab your arm and pull you toward his chest

“I am sorry” He hug you


Reiji glare at you as you started to yell. Reiji always though you won’t get mad ever but I guess he was wrong for once. Reiji pushes up his glasses and sigh

“Instead of yelling you can just least calm yourself down before you be punish for your action against me and I apologize for what I done”


“Heh Chichinashi look cute when she is mad” Ayato laugh before slowly realize that this is first time he see you angry and he does not like that one bit

“Oi Chichinashi I am sorry” You turn away from him and walk away from you

“Hey I say I was sorry!” He grab your arm pulling Yuma against his chest

“Look I’m sorry for real this time”


“[Name] chan better be quiet or else I sew her lips together” Kanato giggle but soon he begin to cry

“[Name] chan don’t love me anymore!” You stare at him for few second before hugging Kanato

(“I don’t hate you”)

“Then can you go make me a pudding? Also I’m thirsty so let me drink your blood”


“Bitch-chan.. I’m sorry please don’t be mad at me” you turn away from him and he look stare at you regretting on what he did to make you mad at him. Laito walk over to you and hug you

“Instead of you being mad at me how about we talk this over in my room?’”


Subaru stare at you as you grew mad for first time. He never though you be mad over something he did. It somehow make him feel bad

“I’m…sorry” He hug you tight while he keep saying he sorry for what he did


Carla glare at you as you begin to complain to him. He actually admit he never though you would be mad

“Look I won’t apologize for what I did but if you’re going to complain do that somewhere away from me or else you be sleeping in dungeon tonight”


“Wow I never though you be mad at me” Shin smile

“It cute to see you mad but I don’t want Nii san to hear you so I suggest you be quiet or else”

Can we talk about episode 38 I think we need to talk about this

It is seriously messed up how shaky Pride made Hawkeye, for God’s sake she was momentarily petrified in fear that he was in her house (good thing it was only Hayate). And then she just hears her phone ring and oh good God is that Homunculous really calling her? 

…but let’s take a look at just how relieved she is that it’s Roy. She no longer looks as shaken up as she was before. Of course Roy asks if she wants some flowers, and Riza just doesn’t feel like any games and is feeling something that she hasn’t felt in quite a while. Pure. Fear.

It’s seen that she’s only silent for no more than 2 seconds when:

What’s wrong?" 

Roy doesn’t know any context to the situation, but by that beat of silence, he knows that Riza is in danger, and he does not like it one bit.

I mean really, Riza, how are you so shocked? 

She proceeds to deny that anything is wrong, and thanks him for offering flowers.

And it is clear, he’s not falling for it.

I have so much love for this scene you don’t even know. Just those two i s2g

anonymous asked:

You're my absolute favorite writer! Prompt idea: maybe Killian and Emma are hanging and drinking with Snow and David making the loft look festive and everyone is education Killian on what christmas is and he feels apart of their family ☺

Oh,wow, thank you so much!!

So this is set after the S3 finale ‘cause I needed slightly insecure Killian, also baby Charming’s name is Leo because denial is a thing. Hope you like it!

This Christmas Thing; ~ 2, 500 words; also on

Killian considered himself a confident man. He was Captain Hook, for crying out loud, the most cutthroat pirate to sail the seven seas.

It’s just that… well, it’s much harder to be confident, cutthroat pirate or not, when you are in an unfamiliar land that is becoming less familiar with every passing day. Just when he started to think he was getting used to the Land Without Magic, all the citizens of Storybrooke decided to wrap their dwellings in wires (ones that sparkled at night he discovered), populate their front lawns with figures of dwarves (much happier than the ones drinking at The Rabbit Hole every night), stags  (which seemed to all have a nose infection for some reason) and fat men with white beards and red clothing (some of which had even been possessed so as to sing or jiggle their hips).

Then there was the music. Killian already found this land’s take on melody perplexing but now everything had become so much more… jiggly. Or jingly was perhaps the preferred word? Since it seemed to be featured in most of those overly cheerful and increasingly repetitive (and thus annoying) tunes.

Then there was the food. Granny had changed her entire menu overnight. Adding ginger and peppermint and cinnamon to everything that could take a dose (or a dozen!) of the stuff. Little booths seemed to pop up every day on the sidewalks: some selling drinks featuring all the aforementioned flavours (sometimes all at once, much to Killian’s dismay), some – baked goods, some – gilded apples (that he was half-convinced were Regina’s doing) and miniature walking canes stripped in red and white (that he was absolutely convinced would be of any use only to the cricket back in the Enchanted Forest).

He wasn’t even going to start with the trees they kept bringing inside. They did realize that they’re basically tree corpses once cut off, right? Right.

Killian was right back to square one where understanding the Land Without Magic was concerned.

And that wasn’t even his most pressing concern. No. That title belonged to a certain blonde sheriff.

They had kissed. And they shared some manner of drink (be it coffee, Emma’s treasured hot cocoa or an alcoholic beverage) at least twice a week. They had shared a few meals as well, with Henry joining them once before the mayor showed up and whisked him away with a half-exasperated, half-amused smirk for Emma and Killian. He had also gone sailing with the lad a couple more times and another with him and the prince who had claimed that his presence was needed to “supervise the pirate’s influence on his grandson”.

Overall, he thought he was handling himself tolerably well where Emma and her family were concerned. Her mother excluded, perhaps.

Then the whole Christmas nonsense hit.


It starts with Henry, hopping on the barstool next to him and giving his coffee (a beverage he was merely fond of and in no way ‘addicted to’ despite what Swan claimed) an almost disgusted look.

“This is not festive enough!” the lad shakes his head and makes Ruby a sign to double whatever he ordered before deciding to come and pass judgment on Killian’s morning beverage.

Keep reading