The College Years - Freshman Year (Chapter 8) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “The Worst Party Ever”

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, Malia Tate, Isaac Lahey, Cora Hale, Lydia Martin, Jordan Parrish, Hanna Simmons, Sarah Millin, Simon Brewster & Reader/OFC

Warnings: Fluff, underage drinking… if that’s something people care about.

Summary: The pack goes to a house party.

Chapter Seven - Chapter Eight - Chapter Nine

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“Hey Scott, my roommates and I are outside, and Stiles said he went out for ice, can you let us in? I don’t want to just walk in to this person’s house..” You said into your iPhone. “Okay, great, thanks.”

“So is Scott cute?” Your roommate, Hanna, asked.

“Yea, he is, and he’s single too. He’s kind of not over his ex though which actually really sucks, because he definitely deserves better.” You replied.

“And how did you meet all of them again?” Sarah, your other roommate, asked.

“Oh, Scott sits next to me in Western Civ. and we just started hanging out.”

“But Stiles is the one you like?” Hanna confirmed.


“What kind of name is Stiles anyway?” Sarah questioned. You looked at her, furrowing your brow and then shrugged. You didn’t actually know the answer to that question. You intended on finding out.

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Seokjin Scenario: Push and Pull.

Request: A scenario where you & jin are both single parents who meet a grocery where you both unfortunately fight over a meat on sale. Jin gives up upon realizing how cute you looked and you both always “accidentally” met up time to time at the grocery until you guys become friends sharing the same sentiments as single parents. An unexpected love story blooms between the 2 of you through your kids who were daycare friends. Also can the kids be 95z if its okay?Tnx*u*

Genre: Fluff / Family

How dared he? You looked offended at the hand holding the same meat package than you, but the thing was that it wasn’t any meat , it was the last one at the shelf, it was your son’s only favorite, and it was on sale nonetheless. You weren’t about to give it up just yet because you’d promised it to Jimin for dinner, and if he hadn’t insisted in getting one of those little children carts for himself  you would have arrived first than that man, he seemed apologetic but decided and you took a deep breath, smiling charmingly to him with your best friendly smile.

–Hi, I’m sorry, but I really need this for tonight – you told him, his eyes focused on you, he had nice eyes and he seemed like a nice guy too, then he smiled as charmingly as you did, nodding to your words and still holding the meat.

–Hi, I really need it too… – the man said and Jimin who had been holding onto the edge of your dress with one little hand gasped.

–Oh… but it’s my son’s favorite – Jimin was your best played card right there, if the man cared to look down at your son sucking on his lollipop how could he say no to those precious eyes and chubby cheeks? Jimin was a little angel looking from you to the man with attentive eyes.

The man looked at Jimin then and you saw his decision faltering a little. –It’s my son’s favorite too and he’s such a picky boy to eat…– the man sighed and then you saw his son, a lanky boy most probably around Jimin’s age, peeking behind his father’s legs, with his hair sticking up weirdly in some places and mismatched clothes, sucking on a carton of banana milk and inspecting Jimin interested. He was oddly cute and then you understood the man, you’d been trying to get Jimin to eat properly too and that could sometimes become troublesome with a five years old kid.

–Are we not having dinner tonight mommy? – your son tugged at your dress and Jin felt like a villain, you laughed softly and ruffled his hair with a comforting smile.

–Of course we will Jiminie, just maybe not what you wanted –

There was a sad expression taking over your son’s face and Jin sighed once again, it wasn’t like he went around checking out every mom at the super market but you were quite the sight, and if he’d seen you before seeing that meat then he would have most probably stayed frozen somewhere in the path to the refrigerators. Your look combined with your son’s cuteness was a rather strong contender. Your son was cute and Jin was certain that he got it from you, you were too pretty and he felt like a dumbass.

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This crazy thing called love. || 2

Authors Note: Hi!!! I swear this was a lot better in my head, but oh well! I am kinda really excited to be writing this. Enjoy !! Xx

Part One, HERE

I tap my fingers on the bartop, anticipating for the bartender to subsequently give me the time of day as he bustles around tending to everyone else’s needs.

“Ah, finally found ye’,” Harry’s voice takes my attention as he leans his forearms on the bar, cocking his head to look at me with the same green eyes and crooked grin.

I playfully scoff and roll my eyes, I’m very aware he wasn’t trying too hard to find me; I’m ceaselessly at the bar by this time of the wedding. “You weren’t trying too hard to find me… flirting with one of the bridesmaids again, Styles?” I tease, subtly flicking my eyes to the towering blond in a cocktail dress that excellently shows off her flawless, long legs.

To my surprise he doesn’t jerk his head in the direction of the lady, instead, he side-eyes her, not giving her the time of day before his eyes are back to rest on me. “Yeah, I wasn’t trying too hard to find you, but for your information, love, I wasn’t flirting..”

“Quickie in the coat closet?” I smirk, watching him bite his lip, his nose crinkling, brows knitting into a frown.

He gives a bitter laugh, “One time, it happened once… in my defence I was drunk.” He mutters, “and if I remember right, you got me drunk.” He nudges me benevolently, turning his attention to the bartender, flicking his hand to grasp his attention.

“I did no such thing,” I defend unostentatiously.

In my defence, harry and I can’t be left unattended at weddings, one of us perpetually gets on the tipsy side, habitually, it’s him. Again, it’s probably the commitment issue that throws him into the deep end of hard liquor.

“Two Jack and Cokes, one tall and on the rocks, one neat,” Harry orders graciously.

I give Harry a generous smile, “Just what I was wanting,”

He nods, “It’s what we always order,”

“I’ve been sitting here for a while waiting for one.”

Harry lifts his shoulder in a half shrug, “You just don’t know how to work a charm with a busy bartender, you’re too sweet to show force.”

“I am not,” I shake my head, “you’re just cocky,” I respond, pointing out the obvious, as I always do.

He is never too shy when it comes to being assertive and getting what he wants, he knows how to get what he craves, he knows how to be firm, straightforward, and most of all, he knows his power and charm, he uses that to his advantage.

“Mmm, perhaps,” he acknowledges, “or am I just overly confident and determined?” he challenges with a lacklustre smile, one that undoubtedly possesses all the women he comes across.

“Cocky, Harry.”

“Well, cockiness got you your drink.”  He responds, propping his chin on his hand, his eyes beaming brilliantly at me.

I tilt my head in a nod, appreciative of him ordering me a drink the exact way I desire to take it. Harry’s attention is taking by his phone and he gets himself lost in it while I rotate between tapping the air with my foot while drumming my fingers against the bartop, doing my best not to entirely complain about my boredom. Harry isn’t always the best wedding date, he tends to lose himself considerably often at these things, again—commitment— it is a bitch to him. I rest my cheek in the palm of my hand, observing the people across from me chuckle to themselves and share loving gazes between each other, not shy with making it known they’re madly in love with each other… something I hope to one day have in my life— love.

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Helloooo~ Can I get a headcanons for Toshinori with a 20-something s/o who is a university student?

i had so much of this typed up then my laptop CRASHED IM SSHSHND i’m sorry this took so long honey bun o h m y g o d. enjoy <3

> He wouldn’t brag about being in a relationship but he wouldn’t try to hide anything either. If someone were to ask him about his love life he would tell them he’s in a happy and committed relationship.

> To be sure that his partner isn’t ever hurt by anyone or anything, he keeps their identity hidden which does lead to some jokes of course which he doesn’t mind but everyone respects the decision.

> He would not hear the end of it from his students when they first found out he was dating someone because everyone assumed he was single and honestly too old to date. He plays along with them in the moment and fakes a tear before describing how happy he is.

> Some students find it sweet, others are like omg all might pls, and Bakugou is literally pretending to gag in the corner because of how sweet it is.

> For a while it was all the kids would talk about and he would have trouble keeping them on track for class. He would randomly get questions from them about his significant other to figure out who it is and it kind of turns into a game for all of them. 

> They never figure out who it is.

> He would gently remind them that knowing about his love life was definitely not a part of being a hero and get them back on track of whatever lesson they were working on.

> Toshinori would feel a bit lonely sometimes because being a pro hero, a teacher, and even a father-like figure towards Izuku is very time consuming and they can’t necessarily come to him whenever they want to because of uni. It bums him out a lot.

> He’s thankful that they’re able to communicate through phone calls, emails, texts, and sometimes even a video call. He always starts those off with sweet compliments and laughs lightly at his s/o’s reaction. He only does video calls in the safety of his home.

> There are times where they both have time off on the weekends and go on a date or two but most of the time they end abruptly due to his hero senses tingling. The poor guy feels bad every time he has to leave but his partner understands and urges him to go save some lives.

> He leaves them with a kiss on the cheek before dashing off to quickly buff himself up then go off to fight whatever villain there is.

> He gets anxious very often when they’re together in public because he doesn’t want to be the reason that his love gets taken by villains but luckily he’s able to stop himself from thinking too far ahead.

> Whenever he’s at his time limit and they have some time off from school they choose to stay in, watch movies, and eat all the worst foods possible. It happens about once or twice a month and he appreciates the time together greatly. He would thank them quite often for staying with him because he knows it’s not easy dating a pro hero whatsoever. He’s extremely happy with them and he knows he can get through anything while they’re with him.

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Dogs Deserve Better - Tom Holland Imagine

The first thing Tom learnt about you was you being a dog person. He knew you were a brilliant actress, you were nominated for Best Supporting Actress award after all, but he didn’t know any other thing about you, until now.

Your best friend posted a photo 25 minutes ago. You, sitting with your dog, big smile on your face. 

Photo caption was; “Ok my girl needs a boyfriend like ASAP. lol” So he learnt you are single too. Your fans were posting a lot of comments under the post. Some of them saying you are cute, some of them saying you should hit them up, some of them were just compliments for your dog. So Tom decided to write a comment too. “Pretty dog, pretty girl”. It was simple, he thought probably you won’t even see it. 


You were on the set of your new movie when your best friend called you. And she was screaming like a crazy person. “You won’t believe just who wrote a comment about you!” You didn’t even understand what she was talking about. “What do you mean ‘comment’? For what?” You couldn’t see it but you were sure that she rolled her eyes at you. “You never check my Instagram page do you? I posted a picture of you with your dog and guess who wrote a comment?” You tried to think someone, “Hmm is it one of my co-stars?” “Nope.” “Is it a family member?” “Nah.” “Is it one of my ex boyfriends?” “Nien.” You were out of patience now. “Ugh just tell me! Who?” You heard her chuckle. She was definately enjoying this moment. “How should I put it, hmm? Let’s just say your celebrity crush is not so clueless about who you are!” Your heart skipped a beat with this. “Tom Holland said something about me?” “Yep! He wrote and I quote ‘Pretty dog, pretty girl’!” You were blushing for sure. You quickly ended the conversation and opened your Instagram. There was the post and tons of comments below it. You searched through among them and found his. 


Tom’s was having a bro time with Harrison at that moment. He heard a *beep* and looked at his phone. There was a notification from Instagram. He opened it quickly. There was a reply to his comment from you. “Thanks for kind words :) Me and my dog D/N say hi!” Tom smiled at your comment. Harrison could tell something was going on. “Having a crush, mate?” Tom quickly put his phone down and turned to his friend. “No no just a notification.” Harrison gave him his “Really dude?” look with a smirk. “Then maybe you should ask that notification AND her dog for a date?” It was Tom’s turn to blush now. But in his mind, he was totally up for that…


After few hours from your reply, you heard the notification sound. “Finally” you thought, looked at your phone and there was a new message in your inbox. “So your dog’s name is D/N? Maybe we should introduce my dog Tessa and D/N to each other sometime? :)”

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hi!! could u do a kim jisoo AMBW smut for me, please?~ (he's a Korean male actor). y/n and jisoo first meet at a khh club and jisoo ends up taking y/n to his place. make it nasty if you can 😝😘 thank you x

just wanna point out idk what a khh club is so i just set the story up to the place of any club– 


You stood there bobbing your head to the beat, the orange, pink, and green strobe lights hitting on your body and bouncing around the walls. Your eyes roamed the countless of sweaty bodies pushed against each other, some kisses, some touches. Everyone was in their zone, hands gripping waist, lips pressing together for those who were lucky. And then there was you, pressed against the bar downing yet again another shot, your vision blurring and becoming fuzzy around the edges of your eyelids. You sighed deeply, pushing out your left leg, planting your foo down in the ground you rolled your head around feeling the tension in your shoulders becoming worse as the night passed. You had been here, for a little over five hours, coming alone to get over your hectic work schedule. Usually, you’d just have your boyfriend fuck it better but it had been some time since you dated, and you weren’t the type who always did hookups, diseases were everywhere and you didn’t need that extra stress. Taking a deep breath, you opened your eyes slowly, lifting your hand up to order your tenth drink for the night, wanting to take it slow to not get plastered but to be tipsy enough to feel good and loose.

“If you don’t stop, someone will need to take you home pretty lady.” A voice called out to you, and you could feel the warmth of his breath fanning across your cheeks, his body heat was felt close to you. You turned towards your left, looking up at him, he gave you a crooked smirk. Your eyes roamed over him slowly, he had on a suit, a class man it appeared. His crisp black tie pressed against his white shirt, his dark slacks, where his shirt was tucked in, and his black dress jacket. As the song changed, your eyes moved back up to his face. His defined jaw, his plump pink lips. The black studs in his ear, the dark hair styled above his head, his bangs falling into his eyes.

“Am I passing your inspection?” He asked after a while, knocking you out of your trance and causing him to laugh as he shook his head, the deep rumble of his laughter causing you to straighten a bit biting on your bottom lip and looking off from the flustered state you seemed to have been placed in.

“I’m sorry, it was very rude of me to stare at you like that.” You admitted combing your fingers through your locks of hair.

“I mean, usually I would be offended but you’re such a beautiful girl I’m quite honored you let me stand under your gaze for so long.” He rasped out leaning on the bar with his left elbow. “Only if I could do the same of course.” He teased causing you to look back at him and raise an amused eyebrow.

“You mean you haven’t been doing it across the room?” You don’t know why you blurted it out but seeing the taken aback look on his face you knew you had guessed right. He composed himself laughing after a while raising his hands.

“That’s true but, now here I am up close and personal. It’s only fair.” He stated, you watched him roam his eyes over your figure and suddenly you felt the skin tight red dress was too short leaving you too naked. The dress hugged tight to your body, resting under your ass it was a bodycon dress, the back dipping low and crisscrossing to show some of your skin. The front dropped down to reveal the peaks of your breast showing how round and plump they had to be. Your black heels made your dress stand out, your makeup was light but it was there.

“So, what are you thinking?” You asked after a few minutes of his heated gaze on your skin.

“Well, I’m thinking a lot but I don’t know if it’s appropriate to say such thoughts to such a beautiful woman whom I just met and I may point out I don’t even know her name. I’m Jisoo by the way. Kim Jisoo.” He spoked bowing his head and you gave him a soft laugh, your lips twitching intriguing the male even more.

“I know who you are Jisoo. I’m a fan.” You told him giving a nod of your head. “I’m y/n.” You introduced flashing your teeth at him as you gave a big smile back. “And I would like to hear such thoughts since you know my name.” You admitted, tilting your head to the side.

“Well..” He hesitated at first only to lean forward pressing his lips against your ear, his soft whispers kissing the flesh of your earlobe as he spoke teasing words to you. “I wanted to say, you look good enough to spoil and eat. Sweet and intoxicating, it makes me want to see how sweet the rest of you is, how you would wrap around me. And then my head dips lower and I can’t help but notice, someone isn’t wearing any panties.” Jisoo teased, his hand staring at the top of your back between your shoulder blades and roaming down your body slowly towards your ass cupping the plump flesh. “Not as good as I thought, I would have to punish you for that, if you were mine of course. Daddy can’t have his girl going outside looking like this.” He sighed dramatically slapping at your ass groaning as he watched the flesh jiggle. You didn’t know why you let this man touch you like this, had he known you it would have been fine but this was a stranger- a handsome deep voiced smooth talking stranger. You couldn’t help but bit your lip again, wanting to take him up on his offer you turned your head to press your forehead against his.

“And what would be so wrong with that? Being yours of course.” You asked watching him. His eyes flickered from your eyes to your chest and back up where he gave a smile backing up.

“Well, you barely know me for one- I could be a dangerous man.” He teased holding a straight face.

“I can see it, most famous people are incredulous. “ You taunted back causing him to laugh as your features broke off into a smile. He shrugged his shoulders watching you as he ordered two shots for you both.

“Well, now that the gig is up. I would take you back home, but I will be honest I’m not the hooking up type of guy, feelings get involved and that’s not good for my career but looking at you, I don’t think you’re the hooking up kind of girl. Just a woman who’s had a hard day at work and needs some unwinding. I could be wrong though, so why don’t you tell me?” He asked as he pushed your shot towards you. You let your index finger swirl around the top of the glass as you stare at him thinking on your answer and weighing your options. Here was this handsome man, humble, charming and ready to make you forget your hard day at work. He was single, you were too. And if anything, if he never wanted it again at least you’d have a friend- hopefully. Or the bragging rights, but it wouldn’t matter because only your friends would know since you wouldn’t out him like that unless push came to shove. Taking a deep breath, you hummed licking your finger in front of him, your red lipsticks smearing on your finger.

“I am not the kind of girl that hooks up no, but just as you said, I’ve had a hard week and I came here to unwind but I will admit that it is a bit discouraging to see everyone pressed together knowing that the only cock I’m going home to is a fake one. Still, there is something charming about you outside of the limelight and I can’t help but want to see more, if I’m allowed to of course. Daddy.” Your hand came up to grab at one side of his suit jacket, rubbing your thumb soothingly against the fabric he held your gaze taking the shot he had grunting slightly from the burn.

“Is that your final answer then?” He asked you, his hand coming to rest on the dip of your lower back pulling you close to him, both of your chest pressing against each other.

“It is.” You answered without a moment of hesitation bringing the drink to your lips and downing the shout, pressing the glass face down.

“Let’s leave then.” He proposed pulling you from the bar only for you to stop him teasing.

“No dancing?” You asked surprised that he wanted to get you out so quickly.

“You’re already a distraction, I don’t need your bare ass grinding against me little one, I don’t know if I’d be able to not fuck you from behind in front of all these people. If you want to dance for me when we get to my place however, I won’t say no to you.” He pulled back leaving you flustered once again and breathless. He grabbed onto your hand, pulling you behind him and out of the club weaving both of you through the rest of the crowd of people.

Everything else that happened seemed to go into a blur of motion. You were in the back of his car one minute making out in a heated manner, hips pressed against hips, you in his lap with your hands in his hair. The friction of his slacks against your bare pussy had elicited groans and cries of pleasures that he swallowed up with his kisses. He kept you in place, his hands feeling every ounce of you, every curve that he could while his driver got you home. You didn’t know how long it took you to arrive, but in no time, you were breaking apart for breath as he carried you towards his door, pressing you against it to unlock the door his lips found your neck once again giving you a pattern of hickeys as he unlocked the front door almost stumbling. Your hips had been rutting against his so much you didn’t know how you hadn’t ruined his bottoms yet because you were soaking wet. He slammed the door, blindly kicking off his shoes and instructing you to keep your heels on as he led you towards his room. Dropping you on his bed, your lips found each other again, as you got lost in one another.

He was grinding against you once again, trying to get you readier, his hands gripping at your ass cheeks, his nails dragging down the outside of your thighs as your tongues roamed one another’s mouth, the heat of everything causing you to cry out as you finally had one orgasm, staining his slacks with your juices and it only seemed to turn him on more as he bit your bottom lip. He helped you discard your dress and bra, your hand loved pulling on his tie, keeping him close to you while his hands groped your breast, flicking his fingers over your nipples causing you to arch your back. He brought two fingers to your mouth which you sucked on until your spit was covering his digits well enough for him to slip them inside of your wet pussy to stretch you out. Back arching you cried out his name, he chuckled breathing against your ear, pressing his hardened cock against your leg, letting you feel the outline of it through his pants. Your hand went down to cup him, rubbing up and down at the flesh and soon his hips were pressing against your hand until he got impatient. He stood up to go turn on a lamp, not wanting it to be too light but he wanted to see you. You could feel the alcohol still course through your system and mixed with your arousal it was insane how needy you were but you were just glad you were aware of what you were doing and so was he. He smirked at you, undressing himself of everything he crawled on the bed going down on you.

His warm tongue circling your warm wet pussy before he pushed it inside of you, curling it he started to thrust it against your spot, eating you out and trying to drive you to the brink again. He nuzzled your pussy, letting your wetness get all over his face without a care in the world. He moaned against you causing the vibrations to rake through your body, your back arched as your hands gripped at his hair and you called out for him. He pulled back, licking over his lips as he kissed up your body with wet kisses only to press his lips against yours letting you taste yourself on his tongue. You sucked greedily on his tongue, spreading your legs wide for him, he reached over to open his drawer beside the bed pulling out a foil packet. He held it up, about to break the position, but you grabbed it instead ripping it open with your teeth. You took out the condom as you kissed along his jaw and neck, giving him hickeys just like he gave you, listening to him groan and rut his hips against the air was your kryptonite. You rolled the condom onto his thick shaft, pumping him a few times to make sure it was in place, soon you were guiding his tip against your entrance and he pushed in without teasing anymore causing you both to moan in pleasure as he buried himself to the hilt. He gripped at your hands raising them above your head, leaning down he took your left nipple into his mouth starting out a slow grind. He fucked you into the mattress slowly, focusing on just feeling you and having your wet pussy wrap around his cock and mold to him. You felt so warm, so slick and you were so tight. It was amazing, it caused a shudder of pleasure to rake through his body as he wound his hips slowly against yours. Circling his hips to feel every inch of you he groaned picking up the speed slowly. He listened to your moans, your pleas of his name. How you arched your back and rose your hips up to wind against him.

“Daddy fuck, please let me ride you daddy.” You whined out after a while, he stilled his hips giving you one look and letting your hands go, he gripped at your hips turning you both over. Your hands moved to lay against his chest once you were settled, your nails bit into his skin as you raised yourself and slammed back down onto him hitting your spot right on. Your head rolled back, crying out his name you bounced on him, feeling the pleasure of your hips slapping down against his. Your ass bouncing with every thrust and soon he was planting his feet down into the bed lifting his hips up to fuck into you. The whole room became hot, your bodies both becoming covered with a thin layer of sweat. He watched your breast move up and down as he fucked into you. His black hair starting to stick to his face as he moaned out for you. He looked down your body, his hand gripping tightly onto your hips, he moved one hand down to rub against your clit slowly, he flicked his fingers against your wet nub. He snapped his hips a bit faster against yours, he could feel how your hips became a bit slower, you couldn’t keep up with him anymore it was getting hard to push down against his powerful thrust the closer you got to your orgasm, the pleasure was hitting your body just right. Jisoo pulled you off his body, turned you around on your stomach flat and entered you again from behind.

You placed your hands by your head, and he brought his fingers up to lock with yours, grinding his hips against your ass he reached deep inside of you, your slick pussy becoming its own song as the noise was heard throughout the room. He could feel you tightening up around him, he knew you were close. Leaning his head down he whispered dirty words into your ear, holding onto you tighter he pounded his hips against yours. Your warning cry came out letting him know you were in close, he kept going farther letting you reach your high. Your stomach clenched and your toes curled as you writhed under him. You orgasm was a strong one, your eyes rolled back as the warmth spread throughout your body and your pussy clenched tighter onto his cock. He continued to pound into you letting you ride out your orgasm and soon he was spilling his cum into the condom. He slowly his hips down, taking deep breaths he slowly relaxed against you. He kissed along your sweaty shoulder blade nuzzling his nose against the crook of your neck.

He pulled out of you at some time, slipping off the condom he tied up the end and threw it into the trashcan. He pulled you close to him once he got back on the bed, your leg draped lazily across his waist as he cuddled you pressing soft kisses along your forehead, his hands playing in your hair.

“Fuck, that was amazing.” You whispered causing him to laugh softly.

“Was it great enough to convince you to let me take you on a date?” He questioned and it was your turn to laugh nodding your head as your eyes dropped.

“After that, I’ll do whatever you want no problem.” You admitted with a yawn, soon after giving into the world of sleep as the darkness consumed you.

We don’t talk anymore

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader / Sam Wilson x Reader

Warnings: Angstyyyyyyy

Summary: After an awful break up, both Steve and (Y/N) are ready to find love in people that are unfortunately too close to everyone. 

A/N: Not a request, I just had to. Million thanks to @thedoctorlivesthroughbooks for reading this beforehand!

“I guess this is it then…” your bottom lip trembled and bit had to tug your teeth on it to make it stop for once. “We really don’t have anything else to talk about…”

“(Y/N), no…” Steve pleaded, reaching out his hand to hold yours. “Don’t do this…” It broke his heart to think of letting you go, and the fact that you were actually taking the step tore him apart completely. He didn’t want to as much as you didn’t, but the decision was made and you didn’t want to take more time; you would have changed your mind. “Baby, I love you so much…”

“You said it yourself,” you shook your head, “we are not the same people we fell in love with… just let me go now, don’t make this harder,” you freed yourself from his grasp and turned on your heels. It was hard for you to let go of a man that had seen you fall more times than you had ever expected, and he helped you get up in each one of them.

You never looked back.

We don’t talk anymore,
We don’t talk anymore,
We don’t talk anymore like we used to do.
We don’t love anymore,
What was all of it for?
Oh, we don’t talk anymore like we used to do.

Natasha had you against the ropes, and even though it was just training, she took it very seriously. You tapped her forearm to make her let you go and panted heavily trying to get your air back in your lungs. You propped your hands on your knees and felt the judging stare of another set of eyes. You recognized the heavy steps right away as they were approaching you from behind.

Nat gave you a meaningful look and you stood straight again. She nodded at you and you turned around to see the intruder. It was Steve. You hadn’t stopped seeing him because you were too an avenger, and you weren’t willing to quit that life just because you two had broken up. You moved on from him, and he had moved on from you… with Natasha.

Things were very awkward, and you decided to run away as fast as possible from there before it got even weirder. “I’ll see you guys later,” you waved your hand and both and jogged your way to the gym doors. You shook your head trying to push Steve away from your thoughts. Truth be told, you had really, really moved on from him, just as he had done.

You weren’t sure if you hated him or something, but you just couldn’t see him in the same way. You were not friends anymore and you preferred to keep your distance around him; Nat was the jealous type and especially when she was well aware of how important you were to him.

I just heard you found the one you’ve been looking,
you’ve been looking for.
I wish I would have known that wasn’t me.

Hey Wilson, there’s a party at the Avengers’ tower. I have no date, why don’t you come with me and be a nice lad?

That was the few words you used to tell the newest avenger to join you in your solitude. As far as you were concerned, he was single too and that was very convenient. You had set your eyes on him the very first moment you two met, and he was failing at playing it cool around you, so the setting was perfect. You’d be in your best clothing and he would do the same, so why not?

Deal, but don’t call me a lad again. We’re in fucking ‘murica, get used to it.

Cause even after all this time I still wonder
why I can’t move on
Just the way you did so easily.

You and Sam held hands throughout the night, and in the moment you least expected it, he gently leaned in to kiss you. It felt amazing, it was really all you needed. You felt a bubbly and nervous giggle when his lips parted from yours, and you had to pull him again just to let him know that it was true what you felt.

“This is good,” he whispered against your lips, “this is real good,” he cupped your face and you held on to his wrists, unaware of the person who watched the scene so attentively.

Something inside Steve broke into a million pieces; his heart most probably. Even though he was with Natasha and he was admittedly very happy next to her; he couldn’t deny that he still had some strong feelings for you and you had been the most important woman in his new life.

Don’t wanna know
what kind of dress you’re wearing tonight,
if he’s holding onto you so tight,
the way I did before.

He saw how you two danced together, and how Sam held on to your waist and how you seemed to melt in his arms. You looked so different now to his eyes, it was a whole new (Y/N), but you were still the same person he had fallen in love with and that he couldn’t forget.

That night he wished he had stopped you from breaking up with him; he wished he had said something to make you change your mind, but there he was, with a broken and sinking heart, watching how you finally slipped away from him in someone else’s arms.

I overdosed,
should’ve known your love was a game
Now I can’t get you out of my brain
Oh, it’s such a shame

He shook his head and turned around to look for Nat who eagerly received him in her slim arms. Steve danced the night away with her just to try to forget about you and Sam, because he knew damn well that he couldn’t.

I just hope you’re lying next to somebody
who knows how to love you like me.
There must be a good reason that you’re gone.

You went to the bar for a well-deserved drink. You had danced with Sam almost all night and you were not used to such prowess. Your dates with Steve included watching movies and making out at home, nothing that involved that much movement. As you waited, your ex showed up to ask for a beer too. An awkward silence invaded the scene, even though the music was extremely loud.

“So… you and Sam…” he started. You turned your head to him and nodded nervously; you weren’t aware that he had seen you and you weren’t sure if you feel guilty or not. “He’s a good guy, but I didn’t know you liked him…”

“It just happened, I guess,” you shrugged. “So, how are things with Nat? She must be looking for you,” you looked around to see if she was indeed, but she was dancing with Sam; they were really good friends. “Oh, she’s dancing with Sam.”

“We haven’t talked in a while… I mean, properly.”

“I know—” you shook your head and rubbed your temples—“and I’m sorry, because we’re mates, and we’re on the same team and everything but… I just don’t know what to say…”

“It’s not your fault, (Y/N)…” he assured you, taking his hand to your shoulder and lingering just a second before he quickly pulled away. “I should man-up and say something, I’m the one who’s almost a hundred years old,” he chuckled, and you couldn’t help but to do it too. It had been so long since you two laughed together so naturally.

“I’m really glad you found Nat,” you said in an absent minded voice, “she really loves you…”

“She’s good,” he nodded, just as absent as you were.

Every now and then I think you
might want me to come show up at your door,
but I’m just too afraid that I’ll be wrong.

“Yeah, so is Sam…” you replied, “but he’s nothing like you, Steve. I love you, I still do, and I don’t think I can ever forget you. Can we please try to go back to what we were? We can find ourselves again, or we could fall with who we are now, but please don’t let this die. I can’t bear the feeling of being without you…”

The music still blasted loudly, and everything that was in your head was the sound of the words you’d never say. You saw Steve walking away as both Nat and Sam walked closer to you; the last one walked a few steps more just to wrap you in a warm embrace that could almost fix your broken heart together.

Don’t wanna know
if you’re looking into her eyes,
if she’s holding onto you so tight the way I did before.

But there they were; Steve and Nat held one another as if their lives depended on it. You cupped Sam’s face, pulling him closer to your lips. You did like him, your feelings for him were real, but so were your feelings for Steve. It was like having your heart torn into two people, two very different people.

I overdosed,
should’ve known your love was a game
Now I can’t get you out of my brain
Oh, it’s such a shame

You shook your head and looked at Sam; you could’ve sworn he had heart eyes just by looking at you. In the end, it would all get better in time, for all of you.

Sherlock ESTP?! Why?

For me Sherlock from movies is Very xNTP. He’s thinks before act, not inverse. Just because Sherlock is a good fighter that dont makes him an Se user.

You are correct, it does not.

However, he is mostly focused on sensory interactions and awareness. He is extremely tuned in to his environment and not afraid to interact with it on a confident sensory level with no forewarning (NPs have really poor Si / external sensory confidence; they are more into theorizing / abstracting than swift and confident sensory reactions).

More importantly, he is much too single-minded / focused in his opinions / disinclined to change them to be a high Ne type. I have seen a Ne type change their entire perspective / belief / opinion / argument in the course of a single paragraph. Holmes zeroes in on one idea until he discovers it’s wrong and then switches gears; there’s no multi-dimensional approach to concepts. He has zero doubt in his singular intuition. This is extremely common in ESXP types.

*flashes back to endless arguments where Se-dom said THIS MEANS THIS and I said, BUT WHAT IF IT MEANS THAT? OR THIS? and Se-dom laughed and said NO, THIS MEANS THIS and shot down every alternative idea I had*

It’s important not to commandeer awesome sensor characters into the intuitive camp. Doing so makes sensors believe the lie (which sadly, many inuitives fall into) that the only brilliant, awesome, or cool people are intuitives. Holmes is a “super hero” genius with good Ni; that does not make him an intuitive type. If you take away his supernatural ability to read into things what is his cognition? Where is his focus? On abstract concepts / psychology / theories or on sensory interaction / absorption of facts / sensory awareness and interaction? Is it 100 different ways to interpret this or one? Se/Ni.

- ENFP Mod

Game Day | Oh Sehun

Rating - Fluff, Slight Angst

Word Count1k

Summary - In which the star player of Slytherin -who also happens to be your boyfriend- is intently waiting for you to watch him at his Quiditch game, but you’re unsure whether to go or not.

Harry Potter AU


Originally posted by wooyoung


The rays of sunlight lightly shining through the large tinted windows of the mostly quiet library, I sat at the long oak tables absorbed in my third book for this morning. I heard Yifan clear his throat and groan in annoyance for the hundredth time in the past hour. He’d been my accomplice who’d decided to keep me company whilst I avoided the event which most of the school was now attending

“It’s your owl again” He huffed as the fluffy creature flew towards me

with yet another letter between its beak. I smiled at it before taking the envelope and dropping it onto the growing pile of identical ones. “Would you at least open one and see what it says?” He suggested, reaching for one. Already knowing who they were from, I decided to ignore the persistent efforts of a certain someone who was determined to get to me to attend the game.

“You promised… Sehun” He read out with a quirked eyebrow. I sighed in defeat as I grabbed the paper off of him, looking over the writing. “He really wants you to be there” Yifan pointed, leaning back against his chair

“And I just really don’t want to go” I hissed, slowly closing the book in front of me

“How long has it been since he’s confessed to you?” He inquired as he got up and readjusted his cloak

“A few weeks” I admitted, picking at the stray pieces of leather from the old book.

“And you’re not going to the game to support your boyfriend because…” He motioned and I let out a small groan at his sudden inquisitiveness.

“Because everyone in the school now knows about his confession and now almost every girl in my house and the others are ready to kill me” I finally ranted and Yifan couldn’t help but scoff at my excuse

“Is that it? Is that really why you’re gonna let him down on the one incident in which he expects someone to be there for him?” He contented and I slowly nodded my head, even more disappointed with myself as I felt when I was convinced that I had no significance in his life. Obviously he wanted someone who would truly be proud of him when he won yet another game for Slytherin, as opposed to people simply cheering him on for the sake of it. He wanted me there for a reason, but I was the one who’d decided to let him down simply in the fear of being eaten alive by only the mere scowls the girls would send me.

“Yifan I need to go… I need to be there for him” I tried to convince myself more than just telling him what I was going to do. I quickly collected my belongings before rushing out of the library and making my way to the quiditch pitch. Yifan followed closely behind me with an accomplished smile plastered on his face as we strode across to the Slytherin stands. A proud grin spread across my face as I saw him smoothly manoeuvre himself across and around the players, easily scoring our team conservative points against Ravenclaw. I couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable under the much expected gazes of the girls in my year and others, but none of that seemed to matter as I caught the eye of the only person I was there for in the first place. Oh Sehun. He decided to send me a cheeky wink from across the field, almost falling off of his broom in the process but he obviously managed to regain composure in a matter of seconds. A few chuckles and giggles were emitted from the crowd at his antics, but it was all part of his charm he claimed to me whenever I teased him about it.

Effortlessly scoring the winning point, he flashed the crowd his award winning smile causing them to go even wilder than they were about the goal. I gave him one last reassuring smile before deciding to slip out from the booming crowd and making my way to the small shade under the stands of the houses, knowing at it would be the place where he’d find me. It hadn’t been long before I felt the velvety material of his robe wrap around my waist and slightly lift me off of the ground, eliciting a surprised giggle from me.

“You came! You came, you came, you came!” He beamed, placing small pecks all around my face in excitement.

“I did, but in the last ten seconds. I’m so sorry I didn-” I was cut off by the sight of him still grinning ear to ear “Why are you still smiling like an idiot?” I couldn’t help but wonder about his persistent joy, why he wasn’t mad at me for only watching the last part of his game when I promised to be there the whole time

“Because you came even though you didn’t want to. You came even though you knew the girls who have been talking about you for the past few weeks we’re going to be there. You came for me…” He concluded by pulling me to his chest, enclosing me in his sweet embrace. I sighed in relief of the fact that he wasn’t annoyed at me showing up at the last minute. “Thank you so much” He mumbled into my hair before placing a soft kiss against my forehead, something he’d done every single time he was too happy to express his emotions through words. We stood there in each other’s arms, finding warmth and comfort against the biting breeze passing through the field. Maybe the judging eyes of people didn’t matter at all; not when it stopped me from witnessing the happiness of the people who actually mattered to me.  

A/N: I hope the anon who requested liked this :) This was my first ever ‘Harry Potter AU’ (as if you couldn’t tell tbh lol) and I’d really appreciate it if I got some feedback on how I did and what I should improve on for future text posts. Other than that, I hope you guys had as much fun reading this as I did writing at (Whilst watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix mind you) and I’ll see you later Loves

~Shazz xx


Jon Snow

Charity, Stop using stereotypes of functions to define skills. Jon Snow is clearly an INFP, he is always looking to the future and obviously has a strong Si. INFPs can be good fighters using Ne and Si as Riku, Cloud and Soujirou.

I did not type Jon Snow based on his fighting abilities. I typed him on his tendency to react with confidence in his sensory environment with an eye on impacting or influencing his vision of the future – which is Se (immediate action) and Ni (distant future). He is far too single-minded / focused on a single outcome to have Ne high in his stack. The way he has gone after the White Walkers from the start, his far-reaching intuitions about the decisions they make, etc., are good enough I can see why some people argue he’s a Ni-dom (tho, the actions of the last few episodes IMO convince me of Se/Ni, since he’s putting immediate action ahead of ‘how this might pan out’).

I suspect, if he’d had more Ne, he would have held more intuitive Ne/interaction and theoretical conversations with Tyrion during the time they spent together. Jon is much more like Arya in this respect than like Tyrion.

Telling them Apart


Suho is the leader, you can tell who is he by looking for the person who is almost all the time ignored and looks like he will cry if he’s made fun of one more time. Most likely when he’s seen with the rest of the group he has the “don’t mess with me or i will ground your ass in no time” look. Suho can sometimes look like the word “daddy” personified or he can look like a 30 year old man who’s given up on life and there is no in between. Can be squishy and cute. $uho’s wallet is thicker than his eyebrows.

Baekhyun is the little black haired shit the one who looks like an adorable puppy that makes you want to punch yourself. Most of the time he’s on screen and when he’s not…no actually he’s always on screen, it’ll be easy telling who he is because he talks a lot and makes stupid jokes that you laugh at because he laughs at them as well. In a performance or a music video you can tell who he is by waiting for the high notes and looking for the person who looks like a baby lion trying to roar for the first time and has neck veins more popping than your booty. A way of finding him is throwing a cucumber into the group, whoever runs away and cries is Baekhyunnie

Chanyeol is the giant, he’s basically a Korean yoda-fairy-elf-puppy. 90% legs, is on screen a lot if not he’s humping fawning over Kai (I’ll tell you about him later) Sometimes makes jokes but most of the time is the one who’s laughing over baek’s jokes cos he has a thing for him. Can be spotted by looking for giant ears that make him look like Dumbo or something. He’s the one with the deep voice, the vibrations from his voice will get your panties wet, trust me I’m a scientist. You can also spot him by looking for the one who’s whoring out on the ‘V’ sign, V standing for virgin.

D.O. i don’t even know how to describe him, he’s either super handsome, super squishy or super satanic, you can never tell which one he’s gonna be.50% eyes 50% lips. His eyes are big enough for you to see the trapped souls of fangirls, the number 1 fangirl being Kai. His lips will give Angelina Jolie a run for her money and her husband cos D.O. brings the boys out, he brings the gay out in everyone. Whenever Baekhyun is around he is the one who looks like he can kill someone, looks like he’s given up on life and doesn’t know who the other members are. When he smiles sun shines check it out using lyrics but honestly his lips are perfect for smiling, but before he smiles he has this little smirk that makes him look like he knows all your dirty little secrets.

Kai is hot as fuck i don’t care, let me hold onto my panties cos shit. In a performance or a music video he is the one who is always, alWAYS hot. He’s on the taller end of EXO. His jawline is sharp enough to cut through diamonds i am not lying. Kai’s lips are like D.O.’s but not as plump. It’s easy to tell him apart he’s the one who either has dark brown/black hair or a greyish blond colour. Either looks like a 5 year old boy or a 20 year old model. Off stage he is cute and looks like a ball of fluff, almost childlike. Like Chanyeol he laughs at jokes but it’s not really a laugh, it’s more of a opening his mouth as wide as he can and shouting “HA HA HA HA” ya feel? Also when he laughs you can spot him by the one who hits people who are next to him. He makes you want to cuddle him but also do very inappropriate things, will hip thrust his way into your heart fuck you kim jongin.

Sehun the maknae. The one with the hair that always stays in shape yet never the same colour, you can tell who is he by looking for the strong eyebrows, he’s the tall hot shit that you really want to do even if he isn’t your bias. When he’s not around all the members he looks really cold and arrogant but in reality he’s a softie. Sehun’s voice is also deep and his dancing makes you want to scream. When he talks he does this eyebrow thing, you’ll know what I’m talking about when you see it. Ways to find him: shout yehet and he will be obligated to shout ohorat and you shall find him. Almost always has his tongue sticking out of his mouth and if by chance that’s not happening he’s making the ( -  /\  - ) face, is basically 97% legs.

*takes a deep breath* time for EXO-M 

Xiumin he is your bias even if he isn’t your bias, he used to be chubby and adorable but now he’s xiuman and hot. He’s small but his arms aren’t, you can tell who is by the one that Luhan is clinging on to, it’s kind of hard pointing him out in performances or music videos, or even at all because he’s small and quiet but whenever he does talk you’ll find him because all the attention will be on him. He’s hot and cute at the same time. Sometime he looks like the youngest but then he does the eyebrows and BAM you’re on the floor crying over a 24 year old Korean who has too much power. He can make the boom boom’s in your heart go BADOOM BADOOM with just one look, i want to marry him and that’s that. He’s a real life Disney prince, the end.

Luhan is the finest piece of China available, constantly looks good. If you’re trying to find him in an interview or show wait for a joke to be said and look for the one who looks like they have no chin, he has delicate features and flawless skin which make him look girly but he isn’t, he’s not okay. Looks like Bambi, sings like an angel and dances amazingly well. His thighs are big and muscly so just look for those and you will have found Luhan! Most of the time he is around Xiumin. Luhan is utter perfection, literally idgaf he’s better looking than anyone and it makes me angry and sad because i love him so much. I have so many feelings for Luhan and you will too

Kris okay I know he’s not part of EXO anymore but he’s been in every single era okay so imma do it. Let me explain to you a thing, he is incredibly handsome, incredibly tall, incredibly talented. Whenever EXO wave at the camera or whatever look for the big yaoi hands, who’s hands are they? Kris. This is gonna be short, Kris is hot, tall, fantastic hair, deep voice. His voice is deeper than the ocean and will make you cry, imagine him calling you baby and you have an automatic breakdown why? It’s too good to be real. You can easily tell who he is by looking for someone who looks cool but then he ruins it by saying something stupid. his eyebrows can sometimes make him look like an angry bird The End.

Lay is the angel, the pure heart, the unicorn. A distinct feature is his dimple, it’s deep enough for you to cry into and then drown yourself in it because he’s too perfect to be real, his bottom lip is cute and pops out, why? Cos he bites it so much it’s probably swollen, poor thing. He is incredibly handsome and cute. In Korean interviews he doesn’t say a lot but in Chinese one’s he’s the one who always makes everyone laugh and smile, Changsha’s Pride; that’s what he is. Every member of EXO loves him and he loves every single member too. On camera he’s the one who spends about 60% of his screen time bowing. He’s very forgetful and can seem lost and confused so that’s how you find him. He’s extremely precious and kawaii. Even if you don’t love him, he will love you. His smile will give you diabetes

Chen is the one who you forget is actually talented. All the time he is trolling people, teasing them and mocking them it doesn’t matter if the member is his hyung or dongsaeng he will fuck you up with his words and laugh about it till the world ends, his laugh will echo in your ears at night leaving you with no sleep and you shall shout out his motto “WAEEE”. ChenChen is the one with high cheekbones, just as high as his notes and a kitten like smile and a cute adams apple. There’s something about his forehead that you’ll like, I can’t explain it. In music videos and performances he’s the one who does the high HIGH notes and does a little kick after he finishes. 

Tao: looks like an assassin but is actually a 12 year old girl. He’s one of the giants of EXO. Long ago when Tao’s teaser came out everyone thought he would be the cool mysterious one but boy were they wrong, whenever Tao tries to be cool or cute it fails, but when he doesn’t try it works. Looks like the Asian Miley Cyrus with blond hair. Always, I mean, always with Sehun cos he’s a raging homo for him or bickering with Baekhyun. Basically look like a cat/assassin who sleeps a lot. In airport pictures he’s the one constantly on his phone. Doing what? Looking at his nudes cos he loves himself like that. If you ever hear about an idol being very sexual with the fans, it’s Tao. 

now comes the hard part of deciding which one of these shits is your favourite, it wont matter cos in the end you will cry about all of them at 3AM. Enjoy the ride but even if you don’t they will cos they ride each other till the sun rises

it doesn’t matter because you’ll love all of them equally :)

What Are You To Me? || Part 1

Hoseok // Soulmate AU

Based on this post where your Soulmate’s name is on one wrist and your Enemy’s on the other.

Word Count: 2,669

You wake up to your annoyingly loud alarm on Valentine’s Day feeling as you have for the past few years - empty, alone, but somehow a little bit hopeful.

Why you felt hopeful, you weren’t sure. It wasn’t like you had anything to look forward to on Valentine’s Day. But maybe it was because, deep down, you were hoping to meet your soulmate today.

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i can’t write, i say as i write 8 pages on Word

I discussed this simple little idea i had with @adelmortescryche from 2AM to 5AM and now it’s not a little idea. A lot of ideas thrown mostly randomly together on the same fic idea i will never write cause i write baaaad.

I call it : EdRi!!! On Para-Ice

- When Yuuri arrives at Wayne State to major in buisness and become a pro skater, he meets the four people with who he’s going to share lodging.

- Ling is his age, he’s a Xingian diplomat son that want to keep it low-key, and he’s majoring in political science. He’s a funny, eccentric kind of guy, and he makes Lan Fan mad.

- Lan Fan is « totally not » his body guard, and she’s majoring in chemistry. She’s a strange blend of calm and hot-temper. He likes her.

- There’s also Phichit, ; he’s younger, but so nice and enthusiastic ; he wants to do photography. (he’s Thai and doesn’t speaks much english, but everyone helps him and stick colored notes cards to everything and he learns quickly).

- And there’s Edward Curtis, who is half cyborg, hot tempered, foul mouthed and full of shit and loyalty. He’s younger than him, but more advanced than him in his studies. (« He’s a genius », explains Lan Fan.) They got on like a house on fire.

- Strangely, even if they’re so different from each other, they share the apartment fine. Lan Fan and Ed go run in the mornings, Ling cooks, Yuuri and Phichit go to the ice ring… They fit.

- Ed is a bit hyperactive, and when Lan Fan is too occupied to spar with him, he gotta finds something to do. (« No Ed, you can’t punch people in the face. ») He visits Yuuri and Phichit at the ice ring, and he tries a bit of skating ; it’s challenging, he likes it.

- Yuuri starts to teach him simple figures : a single-toe-loop, a sit-spin… Ed spend his time falling on his face because the automails are destabilizing him, but he’s tired and happy when he masters a new move. From there, you can’t stop him. Skating becomes the escape to his problems, and the guilt he feels.

- He comes to every of Yuuri’s event to cheer him on ; he manage the panic attacks like it’s nobody’s buisness, and Yuuri starts to feel more confident. It’s great time, they have fun.

- But one day, there’s an accident ; the huge score board fall on Yuuri that just finished his routine. They have to amputate his arm.

- Ed has lived this before, and acts quick. He’s there through everything, the hospital ride, the hospital stay, the therapy. With the others, he persuades Yuuri to get an automail (« Hey, we match now. ») He never let him wallow in his depression, and he puts him back on his skates with his therapist acceptance.

- They fight, with all the others, through Yuuri’s terror of the ice, and slowly, slowly, he finds back his love for the ice ; he starts to skate again, to being confident. Ed does it all with him, he’s his crutch. (« I miss two limbs. If i can do it, you can do it better. » And Yuuri does.)

(beware of the cut)

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Thoughts on Bi Javi

(So in celebration of pride, and Javi’s bisexuality 👌👌, I had a lot of Thoughts and needed to get them out… Of course, it ended up as a full blown Thing once again (why am I like this???) And yeah, I thought I’d share. Might post this somewhere else but it’s here for now so yep).

To be frank, Javi had thought it would be somewhat more manageable in the apocalypse.

He supposed that in a morbid way, perhaps it would be easier to find acceptance in a world where the majority of the population consisted of the brain dead, and the rest too preoccupied with one thing, and one thing only- not dying.

Javi knew that even in times like these he could not be that single minded. He was too charming,, and crucially too foolhardy to let something as minor as the walking dead break his spirit.

Because of course Javier Garcia, the baseball extraordinare who fucked it all up and laughed it all off, who scuffed the dirt with his shoes, lived in his father’s pocket and his brother’s shadow, was too senseless to understand the real world. Was happy in a foolish sense. With the delighted indifference of a child who smiled at thunderstorms and plucked red roses fresh, baby fingers curling around the thorns without a care.

But Javi, like everyone, had always had things which he held close to his chest. Had always felt the thorns pressing against his fingers. Things which he’d believed for a long time would marr the perfect Garcia image.
He was allowed to be a fuck up, he thought. It was acceptable, if not ideal, and sometimes Javi wonders if he fucked up as a compromise to himself.
To give himself just a taste of the rejection he’d feel if his family could’ve seen through the charming boy stood in front of them.
Perhaps you’d think him masochistic, and yet Javi knew that he was.
What kind of gambler isn’t?

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HxH Pokemon Go Headcanons


Would definitely be Instinct.

Loves egg hatching and goes on long hikes with them. He knows the eggs can’t see where they travel, but he wants to take them to beautiful places anyways. Is sad that Pokemon don’t spawn as much in rural areas, so he sticks to parks as a compromise.

Has to be persuaded to transfer even one Pokemon and feels bad if he does. He names every single Pokemon, too; each of his friends has an eeveelution named after them. 

Yells out a Pokemon’s name like it’s right in front of him when it’s actually just on the radar. Leorio has almost crashed their car on multiple occasions because of this.

Throws berries at everything, even 30cp Weedles. Will stare intensely for awhile at a Pokemon before throwing even a single ball, which annoys Killua to no end. But Gon almost always catches it in one ball- insists it’s all the love in the berries.


Was thinking about being Mystic, but saw how excited Gon was about Instinct and low key joined it. Killua later tells Gon he joined because of the electric theme. 

They often work as a duo and spend hours on hunts, taking backpacks and supplies. When Gon isn’t around, he will just camp at a gym and fight forever. It gives him immense satisfaction to steal gyms and claim them for Instinct. 

Takes it as a personal affront when it takes more then 2 balls to catch a Pokemon. Only ever hatches 2ks and 5ks because he’s too impatient for 10ks, but tries saving up from his gym battles for extra incubators.

Would hop fences and do borderline illegal things for Pokemon. Is clearly the most invested in the game despite trying to act like he doesn’t care. Is always online looking up tips and making memes.


Actually teared up at the idea of Pokemon being warmhearted and having a lot of strength, so he joined Valor. He would never admit that, so he brags on the outside that being Valor makes him the toughest of them all. 

 He never spends real money on coins and can’t fight gyms well, so he works very hard to up his levels. Visits every pokestop he can, so he often reaches a full pack of items. 

Impatiently evolves his Pokemon the moment he reaches enough candies, so almost none of them are above 1000cp. Has awful egg hatching luck, getting an eevee in every 10k so far. 

Excitedly mass texts his friends pictures of the Pokemon he catches. He and Gon like swapping photos at all hours of the day.

Is always the designated driver on Pokemon hunts. Kurapika just shakes his head and ends up in shotgun, playing for Leorio. He is always hassling Kurapika throughout the drive, but at the end of the trips he always claps Kurapika on the back and thanks him.


Joins Mystic because he likes the message behind it, but mostly because blue is his favorite color. 

Unlike Killua, he ACTUALLY doesn’t care. Casually plays it on his long walks alone, but it’s always on battery saver mode. Often forgets to put another egg in the incubator after one hatches. Often forgets he even HAS the app.

Turns off augmented reality because it’s a little disorienting.

Only has one of each Pokemon because he transfers religiously. Is secretly paranoid about pokestops with modules and actively avoids them.

Likes listening to his friends stories about their catches, but shrugs and says he doesn’t find much when asked. One day, Leorio gets cheeky and looks at Kurapika’s phone to prove that his Pokemon are stronger. He almost drops the phone in shock at the 2000cp Gyarados Kurapika never told them about. 

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Harry always gets jealous and upset when Y/N gets hit on in front of him cause people expect her to be single cause he looks too young for her. How about a role reversal? Harry gets hit on by some pretty youngins cause Y/N looks too old to be his gf?

I was already drabbling stray lines with this, and this was my motivation to polish and finish it. It’s not exactly a blurb, it’s… it’s basically a full, if shorter, one shot. Part 4? Whoops. I hope it delivers. x. 

P. S. Erm, smut.

003. More About Jealousy

“You’re drunk.”


Harry grins at you with flushed cheeks and slightly unfocused eyes, but despite that you know he’s not as bad off as he could be.

He’d wanted to take you out tonight (“Lemme show yeh what it’s like,” he’d dragged his hands up your thighs and then sensually across your stomach to get his way. The memory still makes you shudder) and he had delivered. You think he rather enjoys showing you something outside of the boy you’d known for so long. He’d asked you to pick a club, any club, and you’d purposefully picked a very new, very posh one that had all the buzz about it and a waitlist that could be rolled through the city twice. He’d seemed so arrogant, as if name and capacity were no objects, and you’d wanted to see him eat his words.

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Marriage Is Why We Gather

(A married Adrienette for you…… With a surprise I guess. I was inspired by this post  Wedding Adrienette  by @ceejles. I hope you enjoy!!)

Thinking back, back when they were only teenager; Marinette would have never believed that she would be married to Adrien… Back then, Adrien was someone that was unreachable, untouchable to her. To her? He was perfect and she though that she could never live up to his standard. She used to be so flustered around him, unable to make a coherent sentence. She would always be tripping over herself, making her look like a complete idiot. 

Teenage Marinette could not fathom the idea of Adrien Agreste marrying her, at least in reality. So it was a strange feeling for present Marinette to come home to her blonde husband, sitting at the table and reading the newspaper like he did every afternoon. 

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Luhan : I'll Find You [Scenario; Request]

“Aha! Look at that!” One random guy nudged you by your arm and you tilted your head to blankly stare at whoever that touched you. He gulped nervously and hurriedly patted your arm with a small frown, “S-Sorry, I mean, look over there.” He pointed again and he sighed in relief when you did, turning your head to face forward where you saw a girl on the ground with her books everywhere, her glasses somewhere on the ground and it seems like she couldn’t find it.

You stared at the girl from a distance and as you narrowed your eyes, you could see that there were a group of people surrounding her, making fun of her eyes and the way she looked.  Teasing and definitely playing around with her as if she was a new toy.

No denying that she was the new girl here but that doesn’t mean she’s a new play toy for dogs to chew on. It wasn’t a pleasant sight as well. You sighed deeply, shaking your head as you pushed yourself off the lockers with your hands shoved into your pockets before you walked towards the group of people down the hall.

The girl was still on the ground pitifully while you stood in front of her, having this strong and cold aura around you but it easily dissolved when you crouched down before the girl. Everyone’s breaths hitched.

It’s you, everyone thought.

The school’s well-known rebel, the school’s sort of ‘ice princess’ – whatever they called you here. You lived by one simple rule which is not to let anybody treat you like crap unless you allow them to which leads to the reason why they never dared to mess with you. They didn’t even dare to mess with your group of friends who never got picked on as long as they knew you. You never really thought of yourself as a rebel but you’ve thought yourself as someone who won’t take bullshit from anyone and with that, you lived up to a very spine shivering name along with a very strong and bold image; in which only one guy in this school found attractive.

You lifted the girl’s chin up and she winced as if you were going to break her (which you could) but you simply smiled at her when she saw that look in your eyes. A look so sincere to help, a look so loving as you whispered only for her to hear, “Can you see without your glasses?”

With a gulp, she shook her head frantically.

“Wait here, alright?” You whispered softly and even though people had warned her about staying away from you, she nodded once diligently. She felt as if you were going to protect her – and that was exactly what you did when you got up to glare at the guy ahead of you who was standing behind her. The leader of the whole pack of monkeys who was messing with her.

“Where are her glasses?” Your voice was low and dangerous that it made him waver as he weakly pointed at the side of the hallway.

Your eyes followed his finger before you met gazes with him again; one that he was very afraid of.

“Go get it.” You kept a monotonous and stable tone, that it made him flinch as he scrambled to reach for it on his own, not daring to call his other friends to help him get it when he easily could. He handed it to you, but you simply pointed at the girl with your head, “Put it on her.” You kept staring at him and he couldn’t even move a single inch – he was too petrified of what you were capable of doing that he didn’t want to do move. If it was possible, he wanted to get out of here but he knew you’d come to find him personally to finish things.

You scoffed and snatched the glasses, almost making him faint from how swift and quick your movements were. “Idiot…” You mumbled, crouching down where you smiled at how adorable and fragile she was.

She reminded you of your little sister.

A sister… that you’ve lost when you were young.

Maybe that’s why.

“Hey,” You called her softly, causing her to emit a soft “Huh?” as she lifted her chin to eye you. Her doe eyes definitely reminded you of your younger sister. “Stay still.” You warned her carefully before your hands reached up to put the glasses on her. She smiled like a little kid for doing something right; even though she could sense that you may just be a year or two older but she felt the very loving and warm aura you had just for her. “Let’s get out of here.” You told her with a small pat on the shoulder before you got up. You smirked when she was hurriedly trying to reach for all her books but you called her out again, causing her to freeze with her arm extended to reach for a book. You motioned her to come closer and the moment she did, you yanked her up with her gasping until she stood up. She blinked at you rapidly while you motioned her to the side.

She obediently went over to the side where people made space for her, while you glared at the monkeys that messed with her. “You have five seconds to pick all the books.”

You saw how flustered they became that even before you started counting, five boys had scrambled to pick up all the books in less than three seconds before they handed it to her but you motioned them to hand it over to you. You held the books in your arms as you peeked at the name of the girl, ‘Lu Mei’.

Pretty name, you thought with a small smile before you lifted your chin to let it fall, going back to sending a death glare to all these boys. “Mess with her again, and I can gurantee you won’t be able to walk from the immense pain from your little junior. Beat it.”

With that two words you gave, they ran off down the halls, making a left turn to head back to the cafeteria. You then noticed how everyone was looking at the two of you that you cleared your throat, silently telling them to resume what they were doing and that was exactly what they did. You looked over your shoulder to see her still standing there, with an awkward look of not knowing what to do.

“Hey, Lu Mei.” You called her quietly, causing her to look at you carefully, “Y-Yeah?”

“Follow me.”

“Luhan!” Xiumin hollered down the library, causing Luhan to scrunch his nose at the sound of his friend’s booming voice. A chorus of hushes were given to Xiumin but he only grinned out of apology. He then yanked Luhan away from the bookshelf, “I heard a few punks messed with your sister today.”

Luhan’s eyes grew wide, a dark look sent shivers down Xiumin’s spine, “Who?”

“I-I don’t know, Tao told me about it and I came rushing to you.”

Luhan hissed, shoving the book away with a death threat ready to be sent but, “But I heard that someone helped her.”

Luhan’s eyes widened a little out of shock, his heart skipping a beat when he was sure there was only one girl in his mind to be able to help in this situation, “I-Is it-?”

Xiumin smirked slyly, “Yes, Luhan, I think it’s her.”

“Where’s Lu Mei?” Luhan asked, making his sister a priority when Xiumin could easily sense that this other girl was also important. “People say she’s out by the garden, do yo-?”

Before Xiumin could say anything, Luhan had already dashed out of the library.

“Such a sensitive idiot.” Xiumin chuckled, shaking his head at his friend who was now gone from the library.

“So where’s your brother?” You asked quietly as she was now tapping her feet on the ground, sitting in front of you as she was down on the bench while you chose to stand in front of her. “I don’t know…” She muttered adorably, bringing a small smile to your face as you looked down to notice her shoelaces were untied. You let out a soft “Hold still…” before you crouched down.

Luhan’s eyes stopped scanning the garden when he saw that you got down on your knees just to tie his sister’s shoelaces. His sister didn’t even budge as she remained still calmly – she didn’t even put up a fight as she obeyed your orders as if you two had a silent connection.

How does she do it? Luhan thought, wondering how his sister could connect with someone like you so easily when if he were to try, he bet you’d shove him away like a piece of branch even though he’s considered as someone important in the school.

“There.” You breathed out quietly, head lifting up to smile at her when she was staring at you in awe. When your hand reached up to rake your hand through your hair, she noticed how pretty you were. How your hair complimented your eyes, how deep behind that mask you put up, you were actually a very nice and caring, warm, person. Luhan had his breath taken away too when he was merely a few steps away from you and his sister but he chose to remain quiet when he saw his sister was going to say something.

“Thank you, Unnie.”

You felt your heart stopping with your eyes staring at her. She simply give you a smile when your lips parted in adoration, wanting to hear her call you that again. “W-What did you call me?”

Luhan saw how you stammered, how endearing you actually were to his sister’s eyes.

How endearing and fragile you actually were.

“Unnie.” His sister obliviously repeated her calling for you, making you smile widely as you got up, shaking your head at her. You shifted closer to pat her head, “Take care, kid.”

“Lu Mei!”  Luhan gathered his guts to shout, causing his sister to whip her head at his direction with you following her gaze. She shot up almost instantly just to run over to her brother where she hugged him tight. You stared at them in awe as they hugged and the way that he wrapped his arms around her waist, the way he checked whether she was alright, whether she was fine, it made you feel warm at the sight; not until his eyes met yours.

“Oppa, that’s the girl that helped me! She’s really nice…” His sister commented quietly, causing Luhan to smile at you as he nodded at his sister before he resume to make eye contact with you. He wanted to drink in as much as he could from your image just so he could remember to find you again in the school.

“I can see that, Lu Mei.” Luhan chuckled lightly, patting his sister’s head with a grin.

But just as Luhan looked up again to meet your eyes or to take a glance at you, your figure was gone.

Just wait, I’ll find you. Luhan made a mental note before he returned his attention back to his sister.

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Please list everything you know about Aoi Shouta ~!! >w< *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・* Onegaiiiii

You asked for it! Don’t regret it later!!

  • He is born on August 11, 1987. So he will be 27 this year. He is a Leo. He is 172cm tall. His blood type is B.
  • His hometown is in Fukui, Japan. 
  • His roles includes Ai from Utapri, Rui from Tsukiuta, Ryunosuke from Kimi to Boku, Yuki from Manshin Sou Secret Service, Daiki from Shonen Hollywood, etc.
  • He was known as SHOWTA before debuted as Aoi Shouta.
  • H e was also known as Ryuugaki Noboru. 
  • He has an older sister who is 10 years older than him.
  • He also has a nephew who calls him Oyabun (Boss).
  • He has a sweet tooth. His favorites are probably shortcakes and mont blanc.
  • He goes to Starbucks on Saturdays to order frapuccino.
  • His hair grows scaringly fast so he learns how to cut his own hair.
  • Before, he had his hair too long was mistaken as a girl and had a stranger guy hitting on him.
  • What insipired him to be a singer is Kouda Kumi.
  • He first sang one of Kumi’s song “So Into You” in karaoke during in middle school.
  • He loves corgi. He always talks to them whenever he sees one.

  • He considers himself an Ame otoko (Rain man).
  • He loves dancing and choreography. Just look at him! Gif from here.

  • He has a complex with his feminine voice before and was bullied and had skipped school because of it.
  • But he doesn’t have a complex of it now because people actually likes this kind of voice. 
  • His outfit during the Utapri 3rd Stage!

  • He’s the assistant in a radio show called Hiroraji with Sato Hiromi. 
  • He has his own page column in a magazine called Pash!
  • He joined the tennis club in his high school.
  • He’s actually pretty good at drawing. See!

  • He can play piano and trumpet too I think.
  • He has composed his own songs like Kimi no Tonari de and Yume no Tsuzuki. He’s going to compose a new song on his new single too!
  • He used to be an utaite. Known as N◎B◎っと(Nobotto). He sang this and this. (Links goes to nicovideo!)
  • His list of songs I did before.
  • Here have a picture of him with Piyo-chan.

  • Here’s a gif of Kishow and a dinosaur spanking Shoutan. Gif from here.

  • He’s pretty close with a fellow seiyuu Ono Kensho and has suggested to the Tokimeki Restaurant staff that he wants OnoKen to be cast with him.
  • He even sang Are You ready!? together with Kensho at a Tsukiuta event!!

  • And now to leave some pictures of him.

  • Oh I almost forgot this. Just look at how cute he is!! Gif from here.