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[★] B A S I C S

NAME: Dorian Theodore Gray
TAKEN OR SINGLE: Depends on the Verse, basic everyday Dorian is single
THREE FACTS: Knows too many languages to count, he’ll never let but two people top him, he hates the heat

[★] E X P E R I E N C E

BEST EXPERIENCE: Most likely meeting my husband. He’s my best friend, and more than that he saved he from a very horrible situation in the years we first met. He rescued me, gave me a home and a family, and loves me despite all my flaws.  

[★] M U S E   P R E  F E R E N C E S

FEMALE OR MALE: I’m not sure. I suppose females, but I enjoy playing my males as well.
FAVORITE FACE: Oh. Tough. I don’t honestly know.
LEAST FAVORITE FACE: Any FCs that are horrid in real life.
MULTI OR SINGLE: Ha. Both, both is good.

[★] W R I T I N G   P R E F E R E N C E S

PLOTS OR MEMES: Plots. I wish more people plotted.  
LONG OR SHORT REPLIES: You know.. It’s not really the length that matters, but what’s felt. Some days I write long winded gross things, and other days I write baby short gross things.
BEST TIME TO WRITE: When I don’t have the time to actually write, or when I’m about to run out to do something.

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It seems like Yixing has been absent for many if not most of EXO's activities, even comeback stages. He will always have my heart, but I'm not too happy about the choices he's making between single activities in China and being with his members, especially with the Tao upheaval. (Of course this assumes they are his choices!) What are your thoughts on this?

he was present at their comeback stages tho? he started filming ‘oh my god’ before the comeback stage but he came back in between to record exo’s comeback stages and went back to finish his filming, did he just disregard all of exo’s activities altogether in order to pursue his solo activity or something? did he not video call during exodus press conference despite not being there physically because he didn’t want to miss out. did he not ask the director to give him few hours off so he could attend fansign on exo’s 3rd yr anniversary? did he not fly to japan to attend fanmeet straightway from china because he has no time to go to korea in between?  you think he’s such a huge star so can come and go to the filming site whenever he wants or something? im sorry to say this but call me baby promotion was a flop anyways, they started it missing one member, i feel like maybe they thought even if yixing was present at their stages they still have to cover for one more member ,so they might have just told yixing not to bother coming, just focus on his filming, they can cover for him as well. I get what you mean, he has been absent from lot of exo activities but he tried his best to attend the important ones, like fanmeet, fansign, press conference and comeback stages. I think he did a great job. The reason why he was absent is because of his filming. I’m sorry he wasnt able to fly back to korea to record three minutes of performance every week, but this is his first movie debut, this is kind of a big deal for him. By the time he finished filming, exo has already finished promotions. Every member has their individual schedules now, not just yixing, so if you’re about to blame yx for having lot of individual shows and appearances im not gonna let you. He’s been incredibly busy, he’s so busy that he’s flying country to country, city to city every day or two. But he’s on top of everything and whenever, wherever he’s always carrying exo’s name with him. He never misses an opportunity to promote exo, ‘i am Zhang Yixing, exo member Lay’, ‘exo’s song goes like this’ ‘i listen to our group’s songs the most’ ‘please support exo’ ‘if i had a week off i’d fly back to korea and surprise my members’ etc exo is always on his mind. The first thing he does after landing in korea is to go to practice room, because he hates falling behind, dragging his team down. So pleaseee… he’s doing his best to not to disappoint anyone. As much as i miss him with exo members, im happy that he’s working hard by himself, getting his name out there and getting the recognition he deserves. This is a very important time for him. he’s given the chances to grow and expand as an individual, as an artist.I dont want him to miss out on opportunities like this. I want him to work as hard as he can because it will definitely benefit him in the future. Not surprisingly he’s not the only member who is focusing on solo activities, you can see every members challenging themselves in different things, improving themselves. MC-ing, acting, variety, dj-ing, musical etc but why is yixing your only target? why cant yixing do the same as everyone else? is he selfish for doing this? he’s human too. It’s frustrating when some people can be as selfish as they please, but when it comes to zyx he’s a public enemy for not thinking of exo, not sacrificing enough for exo, not doing enough as an exo member. ‘i’m not too happy about the choices he’s making’ so what other choices you want him to make? ‘he’s choosing single schedule rather than being with exo members’ ummm exo promotions are over what is he gonna do with exo members all day every day? its not like they have many group schedules or anything sure they can practice but they’re not attached at the hips and the other members have things going in their lives too. Iis he supposed to sit and wait for exo’s next schedule or something…. 

These are my thought and i have no intention to offend anyone. Im sorry if i offended you. 

“Oops, wrong apartment..” A Gajevy AU

A.N.: So this was a prompt I found on a prompt list that I really wanted to write! The prompt is: “WTF you’re not my roommate, how did you get in here? Oh shit you’re really drunk and NOW YOU’RE CRYING okay okay it’s okay shhhh, you can stay here i guess??” This is set like in today’s time, and they are all of drinking age of course! I hope you like! I kind of wrote it when I was going to sleep, so I’m sorry if my writing isn’t any good!

Gajeel sure was enjoying having the apartment to himself (well almost himself except for his cat Lily). His roommate had said something about taking a girl out and was trying to get him to come along for a double date, but there was no way in hell he was going to be hitched to some girl. He was enjoying the single life too much.

He took off his shirt, with just his boxers on, and set to doing his usual workout routine, turning his music on full blast. Luckily he didn’t have his annoying hothead of a roommate, Natsu, interrupting him. After doing his regular for an hour long exercise routine, he cooked himself a plate of food and settled down on the couch with Lily next to him, checking the channels to see what’s on, Cops caught his eye. He always loved when they caught the bad guys! He settled comfortably into the couch, sipping his beer, watching the show, stroking Lily, when about 30 min later he was out.

Levy had no idea how she got there standing in front of the door to her apartment, all she knew was she just wanted to curl up and bed and drown out this headache. From what she vaguely remembered, she went out with Lucy and her boyfriend, expecting it to be a double date, to find out Natsu couldn’t get his roommate to come along. She was pissed after that, she dressed extra nice to impress just to be stood up. She started downing alcoholic beverage after beverage. Even Lucy tried to get her to stop, but Levy just kept at it. When it was time to go, Levy vaguely remembered falling as they walked to the car, scraping her knees and hands, but not feeling it. Her hair was a mess, and she looked like garbage, she knew it. She curled in the backseat regretting her life choices at that moment while Natsu drove them back.

She didn’t remember the car ride at all, she just remembered Natsu saying gibberish and some number. She knew her apartment was on the second floor, she managed to stumble up the stairs and was at the door. She was trying to unlock it but the key wouldn’t work. Fuck! This was not her night. She twisted the handle and the door creaked open. Lucy left it unlocked, thank god!

As she stepped in, she tried to reach for the light with no luck. Dang, she realized then she really must be wasted. She stumbled along the hallway, when all of a sudden she felt something soft under feet and a load “MEEOWWWW!” of pain. “Fuck!!!” They didn’t have a cat, where did it come from? She heard a load deep male voice “WHO’S THERE?!” coming from the other room. Her eyes went wide. This wasn’t her and Lucy’s apartment? Shit!! She needed to sober up and fast!

Gajeel was having a wonderful dream of being a cop and catching all the criminals when he heard his cat screech from the hallway and female voice yell out a curse.

“WHO’S THERE?!” he blared out. He was met with silence. He got up quickly, forgetting that he had no shirt on, and was going to apprehend whoever was trying to come in and steal his stuff. When he was there, he was not expecting what he saw. A woman with a bright blue mop of hair half his size, scratch that, less than half his size. She looked worse for wear, but he didn’t miss how the dress she had on made him do a double take. Her eyes went wide at the sight of him, and he realized then, that he didn’t have a shirt on. Well, it wasn’t like he was supposed to have visitors. His eyes narrowed though, it could all be rouse, trust no one.

“Who are you, and what are you doing in MY apartment?” He said walking closer to her. She backed up, fear evident in her eyes. “I- I- I’m sorry, wrong apartment,” she managed to slur out as she kept backing up towards the door. He could hear her slurring and could smell the alcohol from a mile away.

As she backed up, she managed to trip on his cat (again) and was falling before he moved quickly to catch her. He grabbed her waist and caught her from falling down. It took her a second for her to realize their close proximity and before he knew it she was pushing him away, clawing like a she cat, “No! Get away!!”

He let her go, and watched as she fell on her butt, her back against the wall. “Damn it woman! I was trying to prevent you from falling and getting hurt and this is the thanks I get?” he yelled at her, the scratches on his chest and arms hurting like hell. He glanced down at the scratches he gave him, damn it all to hell. As he glanced back up, he saw her in the corner in a little ball, knees to her face, crying.. fuck.. He didn’t deal with women crying. He didn’t deal with women in general.. He breathed in and out.

He squatted on his knees inches away from her. He stared at her and realized how small she looked in her ball crying. He hadn’t noticed he had had patted her head until he heard her squeak and stiffen, and could feel her soft light baby blue locks against his fingers. He pulled his hand back quickly while she ventured to look up at him, tears still rolling down her face.

“Look, I’m sorry I scared ya,” he said, his hand running this hair. “I just thought you were a burglar or something. Look, it’s really late and you really shouldn’t be out there in your condition. Um.. You can stay in my room for the night.”

Her face flushed bright red, glancing down at his torso. He realized what that could be implying, especially in his state of dress. “I mean not in with me! I can sleep on the couch!”

“Howw can I trusst you won’t try anyything?” she managed to slur out.

Even in her drunk state, he gave her props for still thinking logically. “Believe me or not, I don’t take women by force. Not only that, Lily would kill me if I tried.”


On que his cat came meowing running his head against her leg.

He pointed to his black cat while she petted him, “Lily.”

Her eyes narrowed at him again, “How can ‘Lily’ kill you?”

“Trust me, he keeps in me in place. I’ve had too many scratches from that damned cat whenever I’ve fucked up..” he said narrowing his eyes at his cat.

She giggled in response, and it sounded so nice and she looked so pretty with that smile on her face. He couldn’t stop the smile from his face in response.

He glanced to her side finding her purse and keys. Wait a minute, those keys looked familiar, especially with that fire breathing dragon keychain. He leaned close to her to grab the keys from where they fell on the floor. “Hey, wh-what are you doing?”

“Calm down,” he said as he pulled back. He examined them.. that fire brain of a roommate’s keys. “Well, that explains it.”

“Explainss what?”

He glanced at her, and her eyes were getting droopy, like she could pass out on the floor if she wanted to. Shit..

“Wait here shorty!” he said as he got up, walking to his room.

“My name’ss nott shortyy! It’s Levvyyy!” she managed to drawl out at his retreating form.

“Gihihi,” he said in response.

As he got to his room, he tried to tidy up a little bit and grabbed a shirt to put over his head. He was gone no more than a couple of minutes, but by the time he came back out, the blue haired pixy was passed out on his floor. Dammit!

He shook her to wake up, “Hey! Wake up, shortstack!” She just mumbled in response, her head falling forward. He grumbled.

He picked her up, her shoulders in one hand and her legs in the other. She was so light, and for some reason it felt so right to hold her like that. He set her down in his bed, and pulled the covers up to her chin. He glanced at her face, reached out and moved some hair from her face. His hands have a life of their own tonight. He needed to get out of here and fast. His cat went and snuggled up to her side.

“Damn Lily, thanks for rubbing it in my face,” he said glaring at his cat.

His cat meowed innocently at him.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m going..”

As he lay on his couch, trying to get some shut eye, he couldn’t stop thinking about that blue haired woman sleeping in his bed. “Dammit!” He yelled out! He racked his arm over his eyes. He is going to kill Natsu when he gets back. He looked forward to seeing her dazed face in the morning. “Gihihihi.” He chuckled as his thoughts were filled with a sleeping shrimp with blue hair.


Simon has dreams about it,
memories maybe. It wasn’t
him, not really. He wonders
if Robb has the same dreams.
He never…asks. He can never
bring himself to say the

It doesn’t matter now,
because it was in the
past. Memories from
a past life. Him and
Robb are too different
now. Like the sun and
the moon. If they were
supposed to meet
up to redo whatever
love they had in
the past…it wouldn’t
happen. Simon was
too different now.

It’s strange. There’s flashes of memory
every now and then during the day. 
And at night it’s every single dream. He
remembers them clearly too. Him and
Simon — laughing. Kissing. Together.

He’d like to blame the fact that he spends
a lot of time with the other, but even then 
it’s downright strange. So desperately he’d
like to speak to the other about it, but he’s
not sure how he’d take it. They… get along
well. But their interests, friends - lives are
different. So, instead, he’ll give a kind smile
as he approaches the other in the coffee shop.

      “Hey — sorry I’m a little late. My father held
      me up for a bit.”

If that was true
he must have felt that he had lost the old warm world,
paid a high price for living too long with a single dream.
He must have looked up at an unfamiliar sky
through frightening leaves and shivered as he found
what a grotesque thing a rose is
and how raw the sunlight was upon the scarcely created grass.
A new world,
material without being real,
where poor ghosts,
breathing dreams like air,
drifted fortuitously about…like that ashen,
fantastic figure gliding toward him
through the amorphous trees.
—  F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

omg omg, so I was at faisals tonight. we started it off by taking a walk in the woods behind his house to smoke. then we went swimming and ate pizza at his pool with some friends. his mom had been up all nig by drinking wine because she found out that he’s leaving for college earlier than she had thought. She is just about the cutest asian mom while drunk. she was so happy yet emotional yet hilarious but wise. It was so great. and wen’s dog pooped on his carpet. I can’t get over how adorable she was. oh and we ate watermelon n pineapple which was gr88888. then on the ride home faisal and I had a deep heart to heart about me and my emotions and bonded ❤❤❤ faisalsdope

I have an idea that Gatsby himself didn’t believe it would come and perhaps he no longer cared. If that was true he must have felt that he had lost the old warm world, paid a high price for living too long with a single dream. He must have looked up at an unfamiliar sky through frightening leaves and shivered as he found what a grotesque thing a rose is and how raw the sunlight was upon the scarcely created grass. A new world, material without being real, where poor ghosts, breathing dreams like air, drifted fortuitously about … like that ashen, fantastic figure gliding toward him through the amorphous trees.
—  F. Scott Fitzgerald
Interviews // J.G.

requested by anon

The Jack’s sat in the brown loveseat, side by side, the lights bright on their faces, cameras in every angle capturing their single move.

To keep himself from getting too nervous, he would start thinking about the recent memory he had of you, laying down in his bed in just sweats watching Netflix on his flat screen.

Jack smiled at the memory, memorizing how your nose crinkled when you saw weird or unusual, or something that made you laugh.

“And what are you thinking about Gilinsky? Y/N by any chance?” the interview would ask. He would let out a chuckle and blush a little.

“Maybe,” he says, smirking. “Well in that case, she’s just in the other room. Bring her in guys!” the interviewer said. Jack, with a shocked look in his face, straightened out his outfit and then smiled at the sight of you walking in. You waved at the camera and then gave a soft smile at Giinsky. You then sat next him nervously, being the shy person you are. Jack then grabbed hold of your hand, intertwining his and yours together. “Hey,” you said quietly. “Hello Mrs Y/LN, I hear that you two are together and I must say, you two are the cutest,” the lady said, scrunching his shoulders together at the end, causing the both of you to blush. “Right. Whenever she’s not over Jack makes me cuddle him the was Y/N does and sometimes I just want to sleep by myself,” Johnson commented, causing you to laugh. “I can’t help it I get lonely,” Gilinsky defends, shrugging his shoulders. You laugh again, looking at the two of them. The interview then starts asking you questions; making you extra nervous. You would feel Jack squeeze your hand every now and then and lean into your body, keeping you warm as you answers questions. “Is Gilinsky as a great kisser as he says he is?” The interviewer ask, causing you to blush. “Well…” you start. “Hey!” Jack says, letting go of your hand. You laugh once
karasuno’s cooks

can cooksuga, daichi, yamaguchi

  • suga: being a mother hen gives him a lot of practice (and he really likes cooking tbh).
  • daichi: he feels that he should be able to cook, since he’s captain aka it makes him feel really manly.
  • yamaguchi: he likes cooking and baking strawberry shortcakes for tsukki. anything for tsukki. 

couldn’t cook even if their lives depended on it: hinata, kageyama, asahi, noya, tanaka, tsukkishima

  • hinata: he eats the ingredients mid-cooking process and ends up having nothing to cook with. bby boy then wonders where the ingredients all went.
  • kageyama: he tries too hard. rip.
  • asahi: he’d get surprised every single time he turns on the blender or mixer and gets panicked and struggles to turn it off and really he just wants to lie down and cry. also rip.
  • noya&tanaka: who let them in the kitchen they should not be allowed in a room full of sharp objects and hot appliances someone sTOP THEM.
  • tsukkishima: wouldn’t care enough to try to cook/too lazy tbh. but if his life did depend on it, he’d probably be like ‘idc i still won’t cook shit for you.’ and ‘if you ask one more time, i s2g i’ll throw you into a pot of boiling water just try me.’ 

can we talk about how I’m going to see Queensryche three times this year? and how I never even did that for Crue? and how disgusted that makes me?

There’s not enough talk about Mick Taylor in the classic rock fandom. He is widely regarded by the Stones and critics as the best guitarist to play with the band, and he is an absolutely incredible musician. Yet he hardly ever gets the same recognition as Brian or Ronnie. His guitar solos, especially the one he used to play live on ‘Love In Vain’ completely melt my heart every single time. He is a gem, and he’s gorgeous too. ;)